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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> see what you got. the number of people saying the quality of life is better is doubled, 37% now up from 15% in 2014. crime remains the top priority for most people here. but at 36%, it's dropped quite a bit compared to last year when 71% of those surveyed put crime as the number one problem. >> people are committing more crimes here. people are getting robbed in broad daylight. so yeah, no, i don't feel safer. >> reporter: housing is emerging as a major issue. reports oakland's median rent in august it was $2,650. >> scary thing when people are getting kicked out of their homes and you can't find a place for, like, you know, under, like, $2,000. that's crazy. >> i don't want this to turn in san francisco. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you libby schaaf's approval rating and how it compares to mayor jean quan's numbers. that's coming up at 6:00. i'll send it back to you guys. >> we'll look for that, da. thank you. we are learning new details about the shooting of a 9-year-
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old south bay boy. he was hit by a bullet while asleep in his bed at an apartment on almaden road in san jose. len ramirez found out more about the man who fired a rifle from an upstairs apartment apartment. reporter: the 9-year-old boy was asleep on this complex on almaden road. at 5:45 a.m., 43-year-old eric smith was handle a loaded rifle pointed down this morning. somehow the gun went off. >> the suspect shot himself on one of his feet. that round goes through his foot through the floor and it comes out of the ceiling right where the little boy is sleeping in, you know, in his bedroom. and that bullet, that round, struck him in the leg. >> reporter: the boy had surgery on his leg and was listed in serious condition and both he and smith are expected to survive. but police arrested smith and a felon in possession of a
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firearm and ammunition and for negligence. >> our investigators are still looking into it, why was he handling a weapon, um, that type of a weapon, and also, why was he in possession of that weapon? >> i just can't believe this is happening. [ crying ] >> reporter: the shock of the shooting brought neighbors to tears. a friend of the mother of the boy who was shot said there have been incidents between the couple in the upstairs apartment in the past but nothing like this. >> i don't know if one thing led to another and then all of a sudden there's the gun and now someone's hurt because of that. [ yelling ] >> reporter: people in smith's tmt did not answer the door. >> it's very sad. >> reporter: but a neighbor and friends of smith's called it sad and unfortunate. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. san jose police say they are working new leads in the case of a man shot by a band of home invasion robbers. kpix 5's maria medina on why police say it's just a matter of time before they catch these guys.
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malia >> reporter: they have received tips since media aired the surveillance video. now they believe the suspects are laying low. >> these people are dangerous. reporter: surveillance cameras catch these men allegedly breaking into a home before walking out with stolen goods. >> fleece suspects are connected -- these suspects are connected with multiple residential burglaries in the general area. >> reporter: san jose police say these men are behind several home break-ins including a home invasion where police say they shot a homeowner who came home and interrupted the burglary proving these guys are getting braver and bolder. >> these guys were prepared for the unexpected. they were armed with a handgun. >> i thought it was horrible. terrible. >> reporter: terry christiansen has lived in this neighborhood for more than two decades and says crime in the area in the last two years has been on the rise. >> homes being broken into, cars burglarized, vandalized and it's just really depressing to hear about it in our neighborhood. >> reporter: he says he is not surprised these guys are allegedly behind nearby burglaries. >> and it's just sad.
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we are retired so we are home all day so we can keep an eye on things. i think that's what neighbors need to do. >> reporter: the neighbors know everyone is on the lookout for them and want them behind bars before they strike again. >> they are scared and laying low and it's a matter of time before someone gives them up. >> reporter: these suspects were seen in a blue honda. the victim is expected to be okay. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. a heartfelt thank you today from ireland's president to first responders in the city of berkeley. handshakes and hugs as president michael his beginnings thanked rescue crews -- higgins thanked rescue crews and other workers who helped in the last summer balcony collapse. six students died at a birthday party when the apartment's balcony buckled. higgins was grateful to those who sprang into action. >> i'm truly honored to stand here this afternoon to pay tribute and give thanks for your extraordinary work and service to members of our irish family at a time of great
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tragedy and distress. >> later investigations concluded the balcony collapsed due do severe dry rot. other bay area headlines. the family of a woman killed by emeryville police plans to sue. yuvette henderson allegedly pulled a gun on store security guards when she was stopped for stealing knives at a home depot last february. witnesses say she pointed the gun at a driver during an attempt carjacking. officers fired when they say she pointed the weapon at them. the man wanted for a deadly bay area shooting is suspected in two other killings in northern california. livermore police say jason brown ambushed two people outside a strip mall last saturday. one died and the second critically wounded. police in fresno and sacramento say brown is wanted for murders in their cities last month. a suspect in a string of car burglaries is behind bars in san francisco. 24-year-old shawn gibson was picked up last week. since then, investigators say they have found evidence that links him to 22 auto burglaries
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in the city. figures out last summer showed an 87% spike in auto break-ins in the south of market neighborhood. it's going to cost a lot more to compete in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. registration is open for next june's event and the fee is $750. that is a 67% increase over the this year's cost. many triathletes are criticizing the steep rise. organizers say it has to do with safety and increasing demand. well, did you get any rain? today's weather kind of a color in contrast. check out the pictures from petaluma. a downpour for some drivers in sonoma county this morning. heavy rain creating some slick conditions in situations like this. the driver spun out on a curve on calistoga road and hit the hillside and flipped her van, minor injuries there. other parts of the bay area, though, a beautiful fall day, some clouds hanging around, some sun busting through even a rainbow here and there. chief meteorologist paul deanno checking for the rain remnants.
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>> yeah. that front kind of wimped out. the north bay got up to .25" of rainfall. aside from that nothing much. let's check the totals. calistoga .2." sunnyvale .06." that's a lot less than we thought and what we expected. vallejo .04." fremont, san francisco and antioch .02" or less. the front oned out as it passed the -- the front wimped out as it passed the bay area. dry right now but south and east showers and thunderstorms down towards mammoth and oakhurst leaving the greater lake tahoe area and some of that falling above 9,000 feet is snowfall. let's compare the past 3 very strong el ninos. back in is the 82 in october got nearly 3" of rain in 1982. in 1997 we got a little less than average one inch of rainfall. so far officially in san
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francisco we have not seen any measurable rainfall. so this el nino winter if you will is off to a slow start. but there are other chances of rain. there's two actually to talk about. we'll have that coming up in the seven-day forecast in about 8 minutes. thank you. the sheriff's deputy seen on video violently arresting a student is out of a job. >> my first thought was, oh, my god! that's the same guy. >> tonight, hear from other parents who say they too have had issues with that officer. >> a new warning about car seats and we are not just talking about the ones for children. a major cbs news investigation uncovers the latest danger that can result in injury even death. >> contra costa county deputies get another eye in the sky. coming up, the multi-million dollar aircraft that goes way beyond your average chopper. ,, ,,,,,,
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department says it's already seen action. new at five... kpix five's don ford on what a new rescue chopper is patrolling the skies above contra costa county. the sheriff's department has already seen action. new at 5:00, kpix 5's don ford
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on what this aircraft can do that others can't. >> ready? go! not your normal rescue helicopter. william duke - captain special operations sheriffs, "we can get on sce y because it's reporter: this isn't training. it's a complicated rescue last month near castle rock in contra costa county. a rescue that took the sheriffs minutes to do instead of hours. they have a new helicopter called star 3 and it's not your normal rescue helicopter. >> we can get on scene quickly because it's a fast helicopter, it can carry a lot of cargo and gear and it provides a emergency response that's really unparalleled in the region. >> reporter: the $4.5 million helicopter can be anywhere in the county in about 10 minutes. and unlike most helicopters, star 3 carries a paramedic and has the latest most sophisticated equipment available, enhanced infrared for high definition video. it also is used for
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firefighting seen here putting out fire on bradford island last month before the main firefighters arrived. in one of the largest counties in the state, is an advanced helicopter like this really needed? the sheriffs call it a force multiplier and reaches places and sees things that only helicopters can see. >> we could be on a car pursuit in richmond to a missing, you know, 4-year-old in alamo to a rescue to a fire all in the same flight. >> reporter: the new helicopters will also respond to mutual eight calls in the region. in concord, don ford, kpix 5. >> the county is selling one of the older helicopters in its fleet to help pay for the star 3. the south carolina officer videotaped violently removing a student from the classroom has been fired. at least three students recorded deputy ben fields overturning the student's desk and dragging her out of the room. the sheriff said today that fields went too far. there have been past complaints and at least one lawsuit filed
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against the man the kids call officer slam. one woman says her autistic son got caught in a confrontation too. >> my first thought was, oh, my god, that's the same guy. the people that are supposed to be protecting my children, i have to worry if they are being hurt by those people. >> the deputy's lawyer says his actions were justified given the circumstances. the justice department is also investigating whether the student's civil rights were violated. in sacramento, three students were arrested after an on campus fight led to the principal getting thrown to the ground. cell phone video shows the violent lunchtime brawl at florin high school. you can see a student wrestle and then body slam the principal in the school's cafeteria. investigators say he was trying to break up a fight between students. he was not seriously injured. a big day in washington. a major budget crisis was averted and republicans named paul ryan as their top pick for speaker of the house. ryan is launching his tenure in connection with the house agreement on that budget deal
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that relieved some market worries over a possible default. some republicans aren't pleased they call it a back room deal that gives in to president obama. despite the conflicting opinions, members hope ryan will reestablish a cents of unity among the party members. >> we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. >> the full house is scheduled to formally elect ryan as speaker of the house tomorrow. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert could end up in prison after pleading guilty to lying to investigators about a plan to pay hush money. under the plea agreement, the 73-year-old admitted that he agreed to pay more than $3 million to an unnamed individual to hide past misconduct. prosecutors recommended a sentence of up to 6 months in prison. sentencing is set for february 29. republican presidential hopefuls facing off right now in their third debate. it started with that so-called
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undercard about an hour ago in boulder, colorado. it's for the candidates not in the top 10 in the polls. south carolina senator lindsey graham decided it was the perfect time to take a dig at the democratic candidates. >> good god, look who we're running against! ! the number one candidate on the other side thought she was flat broke after her and her husband were in the white house for eight years. the number two guy went to the soviet union on his honeymoon and i don't think he ever came back. if we don't beat these people, who the hell are we going to beat? >> the main debate is just getting going. we'll have highlights at 6:00. the federal reserve won't raise interest rates keeping them at record lows. two reasons why. low inflation and a slowdown in job growth. right now, short-term rates are near zero. the fed isn't saying when an increase could be coming but many analysts believe it won't take place until next year. and investors liked the news a lot.
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stocks shot up more than 1%. the dow rose nearly 200 points. nasdaq gained 65. the s&p, 24. well, even if your car has a five-star safety rating, a new cbs news investigation reveals that your car's seats may break if you're rear-ended crushing the passenger who is sitting behind you. consumerwatch reporter julie watts details the potentially fatal problem. >> guys did a great job. >> reporter: from the chp to the cdc, experts advise placing your children in the middle of the back seat whenever possible because it provides more protection from side-impact collisions. but a new cbs news investigation reveals that is not the only danger to back seat passengers. experts say in certain crashes some car seats can break and collapse leading to injury and death. crash tests like this one show what can happen when a seat collapses. the driver is launched backwards and slams into the child's face.
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drivers can also be injured or killed when their heads crash into the back of the seat. and nearly every major american and japanese automaker has seen similar recent cases. this crash expert has been examining seat back failures since the 1980s. cbs news hired his lab to test the strength of seats and the standard that's low enough even a banquet chair makes the grade. despite promises from this to look into the issue dating back to 1992, the standard has remained the same. for its part, nhtsa says it didn't have the data to support changing the standard since cbs news began investigating, however, they found 9 children killed in accidents like these. that's more than the number of people killed by faulty that kach that airbags. one of those children was 16- month old taylor warner. >> happy birthday to you ♪ >> they had changed the government safety standards to where, you know, the seat back wouldn't fail, then we would still have a 6-year-old running
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around. >> reporter: now, the warners settled a lawsuit. automakers say their cars are safe, meet or exceed all federal safety standards and have improved over the years. kris van cleave will have more of his investigation tonight on "cbs evening news with scott pelley." >> obviously, we want our kids as safe as possible. everybody in the car but the kids especially. is the safest spot still the back seat in the middle? >> yes. we talked about this once before. >> whatever we do we do a car seat story, yes, the center middle is safest. in fact, studies show that children are 50% less likely to be injured when they are in the middle of the back seat. another alternative and one that the warners still have two children, it helped them, they now put one child in the third row seat and the next in the middle. >> my fear was the child would go through the windshield if they were in the middle. >> it's important to have strong seatbelts and a good car
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seat and put it in correctly. it's like getting the keys to the car for the first time and being told to go get grocery. scott kelly took his first ever spacewalk making 7 hours of space work on the international space station. he arrived on the international space station last march and will come home last march, the longest man in space ever. >> incredibly clear picture. that's coming from -- >> amazing. >> in high definition. >> he is doing that on purpose. >> one day they plan to send people to mars. that would be a multi-year trip. thank you, scott kelly. >> i'm reading the book martian right now. it's scary. what happens to him. >> let us know how it ends. >> no, no. it's a movie. [ laughter ] we had rain but not as much as we were hoping for frankly disappointed with the rainfall
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totals but there are more chances of rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. a peek outdoors taking you to the beach because now through tomorrow afternoon the surf is going to be rough. don't let the kids go in the water the next 24 hours. there's not a high surf advisory or warning but seas will be up to 12 feet mid- morning tomorrow. livermore today 73. san jose 69. santa rosa 75. the front has cleared our area. showers and thunderstorms to the south of yosemite in the sierra. they are receiving showers. we are finished with our rainfall. in its wake a cooler night with clear skies tonight. santa rosa 48. vallejo 53. fremont 55. let's talk more about that rainfall and the beautiful rainbows that were outside earlier. did you see some of these? they were fantastic. this came in from nathan porter. there's kris richard son with the shot. double rainbow.
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a quadruple rainbow. , the jet stream which supports heavier -- the jet stream which supports heavier rainfall did not come in. so we didn't have flooding rain. that's up in the pacific northwest. that's the case for this particular front. there's another one coming but between now and then, three days of this. big strong ridge of high pressure tomorrow and friday and saturday. the three final days of october will be 6 to 12 drags warmer than average. mid-80s on saturday away from the water. sunday changes. we are cooler and cloudier and another chance of rain on sunday and monday. minimal amounts of rainfall totals but behind the front it's going to be chilly, afternoon highs in the 60s. in the north bay overnight lows next week in the 30s. partly cloudy tonight. some fog along the water. sunshine warmer tomorrow. we will stay dry and mild through halloween but we'll see changes coming up november 1 which is sunday. tomorrow back to 80 in concord. 75 in san jose.
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redwood city 75. 79 tomorrow in danville. sunshine in pittsburg 81. 77 for san rafael. sonoma 80. and cloverdale tomorrow sunshine 80 degrees. so we're warm through saturday. look at the change on sunday. 10 degrees cooler. look at monday, mid-60s. now, the rain a little bit, the chilly air is going to be a big bit. its going to feel like fall even early winter next week. >> it's been cold in the morning. i can barely get out of bed. >> wait until next week. you will need a second blanket. super bowl 50 organizers in the process of boosting security ahead of the big game a job fair held today in salinas for security officers with experience. peninsula security is looking for bag checkers, crowd control, tailgate safety. it pays $11 to $14 an hour. super bowl 50 is in santa clara
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101 days away. you can catch the game here on kpix 5. >> 101 days. set the clock backs sunday one hour. one man's penny pinching pays off after more than 40 years. why he is finally deciding to cash in with his stash of cents. >> new at 6:00, a possible toll hike for bay bridges? we'll tell you what's behind the deal, where the money might go, and how soon it could be happening. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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collecting pennies for moren all right. so you've heard the expression, a penny saved is a penny earned. >> a louisiana man has been collecting pennies for more than 40 years. and he is cashing in on it. he started collecting pennies in the '70s. this week he hauled away 15 giants water bottles full of those coins. i guess his insurance company told him, we're no longer going to insure those. >> [ indiscernible i would pick up the penny and keep it. and i tell you if this was a quarter i'd give it back to you. >> kids, you can do this because all the pennies fed into the coin counting machine and the grand total more than
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$5,000. >> whoo. >> in pennies. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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bridges? only on 5 -- new talk about another toll paying more to cross the bay area bridges? only on "5", new talk about another toll increase and they are already fighting about where the money would go. >> plus, a man tries to turn himself in for a murder but he gets turned away at the jail. why an officer sent him back on the street. >> more local news at 6:00 and the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
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>> pelley: a military blimp goes rogue across two states, knocking out power along the way. also tonight, the deputy who roughed up a teenage girl is fired. >> what he should not have done is throw the student. >> pelley: an investigation into potentially deadly automobile seats. >> i looked and i realized that there was blood coming out of her face. i knew that something else was wrong. >> pelley: and finally tonight, we'll report from the indian ocean, mozambique island, with a story of slavery you've never heard before. what does a black man see that i can't see? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we spent much of this day


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