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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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but after bailing out of jail painter told the "mercury news" that it was a cast of self- defense. he said the man shoved him into his car and struck him in the face before he pulled out his folding knife. >> the man stabbed here was lay bleeding in the street but was taken to thehospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. he is expected to survive. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a woman says she was afraid for her life what her lyft driver went the wrong way, wouldn't stop so she jump out of the car and broke her ankle running for safety. maria medina reports. >> reporter: that's right. that driver turns out could not and did not hear his passenger but that woman says when her driver wasn't responding, she decided to bail out when she could. it was the ride one woman will never forget. a lyft ride that ended on the street where larry lives. >> i heard a woman kind of
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yelling or screaming like she was in pain. >> reporter: he said he heard the screams and sirens, ran outside his home last night, where san francisco police say the woman jumped out of her rideshare car at a light breaking her ankle. >> the driver was going in the opposite or wrong direction from the address she gave him. >> reporter: investigators say the driver picked her up yesterday sometime before midnight in the corona heights neighborhood. one detail the passenger didn't notice, her driver was hard of hearing. when she kept telling him to stop because he was going away from her home, she believed she was being kidnapped. that's when she says she jumped. >> i would have jumped out if he wasn't listening to me, too, that's scary. janelleous lyft and never felt unsafe. turns out the passenger who thought she was being kidnapped was wrong according to police. >> had the driver name usually have the picture in the car so you should know who is driving you. >> i mean, it's just one incident. that's not enough to get me
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worried. >> reporter: a lyft spokesman says she did not have anything to add to what police said. live in san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. southbound 680 open again. but most of the day, what a mess. chopper 5 over a crash involving a big rig tanker and a tow truck just before 9:00 this morning. hazmat found it leaking ethanol and closed southbound lanes. the result, traffic stopped dead backed up for miles. it extended more than 7 miles at one point to pleasanton. the california highway patrol started diverting traffic off 680 at highway 84 which created its own backup. the highway finally reopened at 3:00. no one was hurt in the crash. a deadly accident in milpitas this morning claimed the life of a man in his 20s. it happened on north milpitas roadle. the driver that hit the pedestrian stayed at the scene.
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that ac transit bus driver who witnessed the collision also pulled over to give investigators video from his on board camera. a toddler is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car yesterday morning. it happened around 11 a.m. near the corner of parker and euclid in san francisco's laurel heights neighborhood. the 2-year-old was being pushed by her mother in a stroller when the car ran into her. the girl had major injuries to her head and face. a weekend warning for students at cal. don't get tricked this halloween. kpix 5's anne makovec on the dangers. >> there are people out there that will put drugs in your drinks and try and drug you. >> reporter: the uc police department got an anonymous report this week that one or possibly more students may have been drugged recently at a fraternity. >> i think it's definitely something you have to watch out for. >> reporter: but most students we talked to on campus hadn't yet gotten the warning. >> yeah. i did not get the memo. >> reporter: there was a
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similar report last year an anonymous letter sent to the campus police saying a woman was drugged and sexually assaulted by a fraternity at a halloween party. common symptoms of the date rape drug dizziness, memory loss, trouble moving and acting disproportionately intoxicated relative to the amount of alcohol consumed. >> a lot of times the drugs don't stay in the system long enough to do a actual analysis. >> reporter: the best advice? watch your drinks. >> at parties guys will get you a drink and you have to just, like, not -- if you didn't see them pour it you don't do it. >> reporter: cal does have a free program where students who have had too much to drink can get a ride home. police also want to remind students to watch out for their friends. at uc-berkeley, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the family of a bay area man who went missing in london is now fearing the worst. police there are looking into the disappearance of 24-year- old josh sanchez-maldonado. they discovered a body
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yesterday near some train tracks. no official identification yet. but we understand the family has been informed it may be josh. sanchez-maldonado had worked as a financial trader in san francisco and was in london for an interview. some big news from the white house today. president obama is doing something he once said he would never do, put u.s. troops on the ground in syria. ken bastida has more. >> reporter: that's right. not a huge deployment. it's a special operations force of fewer than 50 ground troops. but it represents a major policy change. >> they do not have a combat mission. they have a training, advising and assist mission. >> reporter: the white house says the special forces team is there only to coordinate the fight against isis. the u.s. soldiers are being sent to assess the situation on the ground. the white house insists this is not a shift in policy. >> this is an intensification of a strategy that the president announced more than a year ago. >> reporter: but many remember the president's own words in
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2013. >> i will "not" put american boots on the ground in syria. i will "not" pursue an open- ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> reporter: the u.s. has been relying heavily on kurdish fighters to carry the war against isis. there has been progress but the administration is reportedly frustrated by the glacial pace and coalition air strikes seem to be having little effect. >> dozens of villages like this one that were liberated from isis months ago are now still completely deserted. now, that's partly because many people here aren't convinced that isis won't be coming back. >> reporter: meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in austria trying to negotiate a cease-fire deal in syria. 19 countries are at the table including for the first time iran. >> i believe the diplomatic situation is today more promising than it has been in some time because all of the stake holders came to this table. >> reporter: well, just like everything in washington, the
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president's plan is getting resistance even from inside his own party. and republican critics are calling it too little too late. >> 50 troops? boots on the ground? >> not a change in policy so they say. high bridge arms general manager says the store is being pushed out of business by a new city ordinance that would require every gun sale to be videotaped. so they are going out of business. that's one regulation too many for gun buyers who already have to fill out a detailed form, go through a background check and a waiting period. >> the idea was just announced, the following two weeks, sales just dropped like a ghost town here. nobody came in. >> the legislation was introduced by mark farrell a member of the city's board of supervisors back in september. it passed unanimously earlier this week. even with el nino on the
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horizon. californians are working hard to save water. statewide we cut back by 26% in september. that's down slightly from 27% reduction in august and 31% in july. however, not everyone did well. for the first time, the state is penalizing four communities that fell short of the governor's mandatory 25% conservation goals. dollar fine. overal just the districts will pay a $61,000 fine. overall the bay area just kwqc by with a regional 25.1% reduction, they just squeaked by. san jose smashed the mark. the contra costa water district was down 41%. menlo park a whopping 56% saving. a live look right now towards san francisco bay. it's been nice, hazy, but there's a big change in store
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for part of the weekend. meteorologist paul deanno is live in vallejo looking at more rain on the way. right, paul? >> reporter: yes. thankfully not, not, for halloween. we have an outdoor event in vallejo which we'll talk about in a second but we are going to talk about the perfect weather for that outdoor event. it is 78.9 degrees at super fright night in vallejo. it is absolutely gorgeous outside. as we look toward the halloween forecast gorgeous is a phrase you will use tomorrow. if there's one night throughout the year you might not want rainfall, even in the middle of the drought it would be when tens of thousands of children go out trick or treating. we don't want them to get wet and they won't tomorrow even though we'll see a increase in cloud cover. partly cloudy skies skies, 50s good for trick or treating. as we look at hi-def doppler, some rain is going to move in. not that far after the kids are done trick or treating as soon
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as sunday. rain is moving in. it's going to usher in a significant weather change with temperatures dropping 20 to 25 degrees. the super bowl trophies are here in vallejo tonight as well as tomorrow. the weather is fine for now november starts monday. it will feel like december. >> thank you. pet owners are being warned to keep their cats indoors. tonight, a plan to get rid of stray cats may not be what it seems. the flyer fraud that has animal lovers concerned. >> plus, you can forget the advice you have heard before about airfare. the two words that could save you serious money on holiday travel. >> and it's the season for colds and allergies. and drug companies are cashing in. but tonight, the surprising new science just how well do they really work. ,,,,,,,,
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out how a problem-free airplane-- suddenly caught fire. the fire broke out yesterdas
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a boeing ntsb went to south florida today to figure out how a plane caught fire. that fire broke out yesterday as a boeing jet prepared for take-off. an air traffic controller told the pilot fluid was leaking from his left engine. soon that engine as you see was on fire and krauze rushed to help. 21 people were injured and two people are still in the hospital. the republican national committee is suspending its presidential debate with nbc news. the rnc chairman says it's because of the way nbc's sister network cnbc handled its wednesday debate. republican leaders say that the moderators' questions were offense and designed to embarrass the candidates. nbc is trying to resolve the matter with the rnc. chevron announced it is cutting thousands of jobs over the next two years. the san ramon-based company says profits have plunged more than 63% compared to a year ago.
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in all, about 7,000 jobs will be eliminated. the company didn't say which areas will be affected just that the area working to reduce costs through the company. don't let the numbers fool you. stocks were lower on the last day of trading in october but for the month as a whole a huge bounceback. >> big gains for the s&p and do you the biggest since 2011! it's a surprise given the big drop-off in the stock market we saw the prior two months. >> jason says central bank moves around the world is what's helping. china cutting interest rates, the european banks promising more stimulus, and the u.s. holding rates low. time to start thinking about your holiday travel and airfares are about to go sky high. julie watts on the two scene strategies for the best deal. >> reporter: how do you keep your ticket prices down. >>expedia or something like that. >> we looked for days. >> likelihood of going up, down. >> they go up and down. >> try to listen to that.
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>> we heard that tuesday and wednesday are the cheapest. >> reporter: it seems everyone has an airfare plan whether it be the best day, time or website to buy their tickets. but according to the experts, the trick to airfare savings could be summed up in two words. the first one, alerts. >> google returns airfare alerts and sign up for as many as they can stand. >> go to these price shopping engines like kayak and hip monk subscribe to the news letters from airlines and travel agencies. >> reporter: airfare watchdog and travel blogger both say the key to cheap airfare is signing up for airfare alerts. simply enter your destination and sit back and wait. email and text alerts will let you know when prices drop. the second word, pounce. >> look every day and pounce when there's a good deal. >> pounce on it. there will be very few seats or rooms at the cheapest price and there are a lot of people looking for it. >> reporter: both men say they raise and lower rates on routes every day based on capacity and
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projections. it's possible to snag discounts up to $700. but they may only last a matter of minutes. >> there's no magic to this. it's all luck. >> reporter: as for the wives' tale about a special day or time to buy, the experts say, they're bogus. >> it was never true that buying on a tuesday is the best day. the best airfares pop up any day of the week any hour of the day. >> reporter: some other ways to save, you should be flexible with which airport you fly into and out of as well as the day and time you're willing to fly. don't rely just on the aggregate sites. some airlines say the best fares for customers go directly to their website. if you have a consumer question, email us at >> the whole thing about holiday travel, be flexible. >> right. >> apparently tuesday isn't the best day to buy. >> good to know. >> thank you. an east bay city has a real problem with feral cats but the town is divided on how to deal
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with it. as kpix 5's don ford tells us, one solution has pet owners worried. >> reporter: an ominous flyer warned residents of this peaceful neighborhood that feral cat trapping is about to begin. it asked folks to keep their pet cats indoors so as not to be accidentally trapped in the operation allegedly being done by the city. >> i was alarmed. we were surprised because it said city of antioch animal services. it was their address and phone number. >> reporter: but there's a problem. animal services says not them. they never produced the flyer. they claimed it was a hoax. still, cat rescue folks are very alarmed that someone may be planning to trap the cats. >> you also have the fear that people are trapping cats because they use them to train their fighting dogs. >> reporter: there are a lot of feral cats in antioch. here at the animal services building itself -- >> what is that? >> a cat.
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>> oh, i love it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: -- nearly a dozen live in the bushes. but not everyone thinks that's a problem. >> leave them alone. you're not going to see no mouses or no rats running around like that if you got those cats running around. >> reporter: but back where the flyer first came out on mellon court some folks say the neighborhood is overrun by feral cats and something must be done. >> at least come and teach me how to trap 'em. i want them gone. >> reporter: here the neighbors say yes, there is a cat problem. but the solution is to work through the legitimate county animal services. in antioch, don ford, kpix 5. >> the homeless animal response program is working with the city to find a way to properly deal with feral cats. the issue is scheduled to go before the council on november 10. we want to get you to a breaking story out of southern
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california. pictures of a whale in distress near laguna beach in orange county. we have been watching the last few moments -- apologies, we lost the helicopter there for a second but the whale was possibly entangled in a buoy and the lines attached to the buoy. people on boat nearby you saw one of those boats there trying to help. they may have been able to do that. the last pictures we saw the whale showed it moving freely and as you saw the whale was spouting so hopefully, it's a good ending to that. >> yeah. hopefully. all right. time to check in with paul now. he is in vallejo with a super bowl 50 tour stopping by fright night where are those trophies? >> they are right there. they are right there. they are the popular attraction. it's super fright night. eight super bowl trophies part of the super bowl 50 tour. isn't it awesome they are on display? looks like they are doing a couple of events every week and it's super fright night tonight
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and tomorrow in vallejo and the weather is fantastic. hundreds of folks here already. they are expecting a big crowd into the thousands coming up tonight. 71 degrees in san bruno right now. a little breezy west winds 17 miles per hour at the airport. very warm. this may turn out to be the last warm day of the year because we will see temperatures drop a bit tomorrow. but significantry as we head into november i'm not sure if they are coming back to the 80s for a while. 50s tonight san francisco 58. 54 in vallejo. oakland 56. santa rosa chilly 49 degrees. high pressure giving us a sunny dry weather for the past couple of days will for one more day tomorrow then it is gone. it is moving out. what's moving in is a low pressure area but not just the low. it's the low coming down from british columbia. this time of year, the air in canada is cold. and when you get a front coming from the north not from the west it can drag down cold air so yes, we're going to see showers sunday and monday but the more widespread impact and what we'll feel for several
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days is cold weather. highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s. that is for much if not all of next week. let's look at futurecast. by 6 p.m. tomorrow kids are trick trekking, we'll see an increase in cloud cover. the rain holds off until midafternoon on sunday hitting the north bay first. then by 8 or 9:00 sunday night, a pretty good chance of showers throughout the entire bay area. so we're clear tonight. we are sunny and mild for most of tomorrow. trick or treating weather will be fabulous and then rain will arrive late on sunday bringing with it some cooler air. one more day in the 80s for napa tomorrow. san francisco 69. vallejo 77. fremont tomorrow 77 degrees. 10 degrees cooler on sunday showers late. look at the change on monday highs in the 60s with some showers. once we get to the 60s, we will stay in the 60s. all the way through next thursday. it will be a very fall like or early winter like week for the entire week next week.
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back out here live in vallejo, folks are taking pictures of these trophies and this is a historic event, guys. no two teams have ever brought their super bowl trophies together. we happen to have two very good football teams that have eight super bowl trophies and once the super bowl thing is over we may never see these trophies together again. now we can city them and photograph them and it's in -- now we can see them and photograph them and it's in the area until super bowl 50. many of us turn to over-the- counter medicine for relief from colds and flu but you will want to hear this. >> reporter: a contra costa county homeowner called out as a huge water waster. he is embarrass, but fighting back. why he says we need to rethink the shame campaign. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first sign of sniffles. but you may want to save yo money. in healthwatch many of us buy over-the-counter cold medicine when we sniffle. but safe your money. a universities of florida study found the active ingredient in many nasal decongestants is not effective. pharmacists changed ingredients in 2005 because it contained the ingredient to make meth.
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tonight jill schlesinger looks at the job benefits to help pay off your college debt. reporter: forget nap rooms and foosball tables. the newest employee benefit that companies are using to attract and retain great workers? help repaying student loans. in california the average student debt in 2014 was more than $20,000. accounting firm pricewaterhousecoopers is the largest company to date to offer this benefit. in 2016, it will begin paying $1,200 a year towards a young employee's student loan debt for a total of 6 years. according to the society of human resource management, only 3% of companies currently offer this form of debt relief. but that number could grow. that's because employee turnover costs american businesses as much as $11 billion a year. so it's no surprise that companies want to keep employees happy. and with 71% of undergrads leaving college in debt, offers to lighten the load appeal to a lot of employees. in the meantime, there are other ways to get some help with your student loan payments. a career in public service can typically result in a portion of your debt being forgiven.
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you can learn more at i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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he was named as one of the district ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at clock, he was named as one of the district's -- new at 6:00 he was named as one of the drink's worst water wasters -- district's worst water wasters. but tonight this man wants to set the record straight. he said the numbers don't tell the whole story that and more at 6:00. thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> pelley: but two years later, he's doing just that, as the war against isis escalates. also tonight, severe storms. the water's deep in the heart of texas. the search for the cause of this near disaster. >> one interesting thing is that going inside the cabin, you can't tell there was a fire. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a high school football player going for the exclamation point in a coach's career. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. president obama is putting u.s. forces on the ground in syria, somethg


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