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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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but the homeowner says don't let that green lawn there fool you because he has evidence to prove he is not a water hog. a pool, a green lawn and a nice front yard. but homeowner mike carvin says it doesn't take 9,000 gallons a day to maintain his alamo home. >> i care. and from the publicity the way the media came across i have people livid at me that something they don't know the facts about. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. release a new list naming 1,000 water wasters people who used more than 1,000 gallons a day. mike carvin is second on the list. his latest bill says he used 9,066 gallons a day! penalties in all the bill $6,300. >> i was blown away. and i hurt wasting water. that was my pain wasting the water more so than the bill. >> reporter: he blames a broken
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pipe which he fixed back in september. he shows me his june statement $110 for two months averaging 266 gallons a day. his use an even smaller in the winter months, 80 bucks, 150 gallons a day. he owns a construction business and worries the public shaming will ruin his reputation. >> it's not right and it's painful. >> reporter: he says east bay m.u.d. shut check people's previous water usage instead of relying on a single statement before releasing their names. east bay m.u.d. said they sent an appeal letter to all violators. those who appealed didn't make the list. here's what a spokesman said two weeks ago. >> we certainly don't think that drought shaming is the way to go. we would rather have customers do the positive thing and make the changes themselves. >> reporter: mike admits even without the leak he probably would still go over 1,000 gallons a day especially during the summer months during those hot months where it can be 100
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sometimes 90 degrees around here. but he says he has been cutting back the last two years, about 25% cutting back each year here. live in alamo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> overall california is still doing a good job cutting back. the state reduced its water use by 26% in september. that's the fourth straight month we beat governor brown's mandatory 25% goal. but not everyone did well. for the first time, the state is penalizing four communities that fell short. beverly hills, indio, redlands and the coachella valley water districts will pay a $61,000 fine. meanwhile, people in parts of the south bay say their water tastes like dirt. the santa clara valley water district says because its reservoirs are more shallow there's more algae giving it a different taste but the district says it is safe to drink and the taste should go away once the weather gets colder. uc-berkeley police warning students to take care this
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halloween weekend. they say that they got an anonymous report this week that a student or students may have been drugged recently at a frat house. it sounds similar to a tip last year. a woman was drugged and sexual assaulted at a frat party on halloween. >> i think it's definitely something you have to watch out for. >> a lot of times the drugs don't stay in the system long enough to do a actual analysis. >> campus police say the best advice, watch your drink. and watch out for your friends. [ indiscernible ] crews can get rowdy on halloween but people are making sure that typical crimes come with hefty crimes. kpix 5's devin fehely reports. >> reporter: it's a costume or uniform you really need to pay attention to. if you are planning on celebrating halloween in santa cruz this year. >> we have all hands on deck this weekend.
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we'll have well over 150 officers present in the city. we want everybody to have a happy safe halloween. >> reporter: the real police officers will be handing out fines for anyone who gets out of line during the celebration. >> fines are expensive and we use them as a deterrent to model good behavior for our santa cruz visitors. >> reporter: the santa cruz police department released a public service announcement to help get the word out encouraging revelers to celebrate the holiday but responsibly and those 150 officers will be out writhing triple fine tickets where the amounts you pay are three times the normal rate. littering will be $288. having an open container of alcohol nearly $500. graffiti, urinating in public and trespassing will cost $576. santa cruz resident olga says the fines should keep people in line. >> i don't know how many people know but if you're aware it's going to cost you, i think you
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would think twice. >> reporter: last year the police department says they arrested 32 people and handed out 45 citations. many of them for public drunkenness. but they are hoping that this year's celebration is more of a treat that the a trick. in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. the san francisco police department will be putting extra officers on patrol for halloween weekend. expect to see more cops than normal in neighborhoods that get lots of families and party- goers. >> on halloween there's nothing indicate that crime rises on halloween but a criminal element takes advantage of situations so with that being said, you know, criminals take the opportunity to victimize people because of the fact it's easy blend in. >> the san francisco police department hosts a halloween bash for the public tomorrow at their headquarters. there's a new push tonight to give california teens the right to drink. portola valley residents are
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backing a measure to lower the state's current drinking age from 21 to 18. one calls it a civil rights issue pointing out that 18-year- olds can fight for their country in the military but can't buy a beer. he will need to collect more than 365,000 signatures to get that measure on the november 2016 ballot. two native american tribes have filed a lawsuit against caltrans claiming that it destroyed cultural sites during construction of a highway 101 bypass. the 5.9-mile project is rerouting the highway near the city of willits in mendocino county. >> it's as if caltrans was going to bulldoze your church and then come afterwards and ask permission from you. your church is desecrated. that's the way these tribes have been treated by caltrans. >> the coyote valerie band of pomo indians and round valley indiana tribes say construction has destroyed an end as central
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village site and blocked a salmon passage used by their tribes for century. the tribes want a judge to stop the project and award them damages. caltrans is denying any wrongdoing. help is coming tonight for the victims of two california wildfires. $20million in fema money has been approved to help residents rebuild. the "valley fire" in lake county killed 6 people and destroyed 1300 homes. the "butte fire" in calaveras county destroyed another 500 homes. ten million dollars has been set aside for housing and another $10 million is for low interest business loans. a live look outside tonight in san francisco. clear and dry throughout the bay area right now. but you may want to dust off that umbrella. paul deanno is live in vallejo with the chance of rain for part of the weekend. paul. >> reporter: ken, what umbrella? we threw them out. we have to go buy a new one. i'll tell you what, it's going to be a significant weather change coming up this weekend. sunday will feel nothing like saturday but saturday is going to be a beautiful day to get
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outside. we are live in vallejo now for super fright night and tomorrow night, as the kids go trick or treating the weather is going to be perfect. mid-50s to mid-60s. we'll be rain-free coming up on halloween night. all throughout the bay area the weather will be just about crystal clear and perfect. let's look at the radar because it's dry right now. but kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar will begin to get active as soon as sunday morning in the far north bay working its way south throughout the day. there's a chance of rain on sunday. it will be cooler on sunday. it will be cloudier on sunday. wait until you see the high temperatures next week. you won't only not need an umbrella but a heavier jacket. more coming up in 7 minutes. >> thank you. a former congressional candidate is out on bond tonight after admitting she lied to the feds about death threats she sent herself. now derek shore reports there are new questions about a case she was involved with that put a man in prison for nearly two decades. >> everybody makes mistakes. i did. >> reporter: released on bond
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last night, karen matthews davis admitted she mailed death threats to herself then lied to the fbi about it during her failed 2014 congressional campaign. >> this is clearly harassment. >> reporter: this was matthews davis back in 1998 speaking to cbs13 in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a man named roger steiner claiming he was falsely accused. steiner served 18 years in prison for allegedly attacking matthews davis in her garage hired allegedly by an anti-tax group but steiner has maintained he was never there. >> i had a question of her credibility 20 years ago. and, in fact, the fact that she testified to then did not match the physical evidence. >> reporter: today in light of her admitted lies we spoke to steiner's then attorney over the phone daniel harrelson who said he still believes his client is innocent and believes matthews davis lied back then, as well. >> today is a happy day because now it's confirmed that this woman i believe fabricated
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these charges because she admitted to it but, um, i also have an opinion that the charges 20 years ago were also fabricated. >> reporter: steiner who was unreachable today was last known to be living in a halfway house. at the time of the attack, matthews davis was serving as the stanislaus county clerk recorder and had become controversial for resisting tax protestors. she eventually wrote a book about the alleged attack called the terrorist in my garage. steiner's attorney now working to contact his client and figure out what may be next, possibly re-opening the case. >> i'm certainly going to look into it and see what we can do. >> that was derek shore reporting there. steiner's attorney is going to try to get him a new trial. still ahead, road rage goes to the extreme. a father stabbed right in front of his young son but tonight, the suspect gives his side of the story. >> a whale in distress off the coast of california. the effort to get the massive
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animal out of danger. >> and is autopilot steering us wrong? drivers test out tesla's latest feature. we'll show you the close calls. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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spiraled out of control in n jose... when a father was stabbed right in front of h youn an apparent case of road rage spiraled out of control in san jose when a father was stabbed in front of his young son. kpix 5's len ramirez says the suspect is claiming self-defense . >> reporter: he is. that will be decided by a judge and jury. this is what we know so far. this incident got started when one of the drivers cut the other driver off just a very short distance away from where it ended, apparently not enough time and distance for either driver to cool off. police arrested 21-year-old travis painter on charges of assault with a deadly weapon
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after he allegedly stabbed a 36- year-old man several times after an apparent road rage. it started near redmond in almaden valley. police say victim followed the audi sports car a short distance to his home on mojave drive where the two started fighting. police say painter stabbed the victim with a knife and then the man retreated to his car where his 5-year-old son was sitting alone. painter allegedly followed the man and stabbed him several more times in front of the child. police say painter's father begged him to stop while his mother called police. neighbors on the quiet comfortable street were shocked. >> tragic because so many innocent people can be harmed by somebody else's rage but to bring it into our neighborhood which is really a very nice neighborhood established neighborhood is kind of scary. >> reporter: no one at painter's home would talk to us but after bailing out of jail, he told the "mercury news" that it was a case of self-defense. he said the man shoved him into his car and struck him in the face before painter pulled out his folding knife.
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and according to police, that man who was stab the was down here in the street bleeding, his 5-year-old son was not hurt. the man was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. already some big changes to the special commission looking into inmate abuse at the santa clara county main jail. the panel was announced just monday. its mission to look into trouble at the jail including conditions that led to the death of an inmate back in august. an experienced correctional deputy will now join the panel. but also, word today that county officials on the commission will not get to vote on any recommendations. instead, outside experts will have a greater voice. some other bay area headlines tonight. the man accused of stealing a police cruiser in the marina saturday and leading officers on a wild chase has pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges. randall [ indiscernible ] fled to treasure island where officers fired at him. he was caught when he jumped
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from the upper to the lower deck of the bay bridge. among the nine felonies that this man faces assault on a police officer, and carjacking. meanwhile, in san pablo, a man crashed into a house after suffering several gunshot wounds. he was shot just before 5 a.m. while driving. he was found unconscious in the driver's seat. he was taken to the hospital. deputies are still searching for the shooter. it is the end of an era as an early pioneer of the tech industry moves to split itself into two smaller companies. hewlett-packard is slated to make the move this weekend. the palo alto-based company says hp, inc., will sell personal computers and printers while hewlett-packard enterprise will sell tech services, software and commercial computer systems. tesla is calling it a step towards the self-driving car. it rolled out its new autopilot system in the model s a couple of weeks ago and since then,
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drivers have posted some pretty frightening results online. cbs reporter john blackstone tried it out. >> what should i do? oh!!ha. it would have taken out the codes. >> reporter: autopilot is a good way to get a thrill ride while pushing technology to its limits. >> whoa! oh!! hello. austin meyer here. >> reporter: when austin meyer posted a video of himself driving while reading a paper he ended with an admission that he was on a private road with someone else looking ahead. but he realizes others may not be as careful. >> it feels like the wild west to some degree because tesla is releasing an autopilot before it's completely bulletproof. but to me, this is absolutely wonderful. because it lets us see where the technology is going. >> reporter: director of communications. >> should you have taken more measures to tell people what they should not do when they
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switch this on? >> we have been very clear with our customers what the intentions of the features are. he expect our customers to be responsible. >> i should do this, do this. >> you should keep your hands on the wheel but i think you're still paying attention to the road. your hands are by the steering wheel. >> reporter: get too close to a car in front the brakes go on automatically. that showed up in a youtube video when a tesla stopped itself preventing a collision on a wet seattle road but what happens if a tesla in autopilot fails to stop an accident? >> by marketing a system that does some but not all of the driving, they could be setting themselves up for liability first if the vehicle malfunctions but second if the driver of the vehicle misuses or abuse the system. >> somebody is going to get in an accident. will tesla be liable?
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>> the driver is in control of the car. >> adding autopilot to a tesla costs about $2,500. and that right now is about the closest you can buy to a self driving car. owe carmakers -- other carmakers are offering features like crash avoidance. passengers on a whale watching boat in southern california spotted a 35-foot humpback off newport beach this afternoon. it's tangled in lobster pots and line attached to buoys. witnesses say the whale looked tired like it had been struggling. a team of experts is at the scene to free it. let's take you outside now to chief meteorologist paul deanno live in vallejo for fright night. a little taste of football. that's a good combo. >> hey, paul. >> reporter: we have the super bowl trophies here but that's not the main attraction now. just wrapping up was a zombie flash mob and some of zombies
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saw the tv camera, ah!! what's going on here, hello, zombies! >> ah! >> reporter: we have hundreds of zombies here, folks having a good time. temperatures if the mid-70s off a high of 81. 80s highs today. san francisco 77. but there are changes coming after a beautiful day tomorrow look at the raiders forecast on sunday taking on the jets trying to get that winning record watch it on kpix 5 at 1:00. mainly cloudy and a chance of showers on sunday with afternoon temperatures only in the 60s not the 80s we are talking 60s. and the forecast for tahoe, mainly sunny, breezy tomorrow close to 70. rain is likely could be heavy rainfall for tahoe on sunday with a high of 57 degrees. here's what's changing. high pressure moving out giving way after one more dry day tomorrow. this low is not coming in from
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the west. it's coming from canada dragging canadian air with it and it's going to be a different ballgame with a feel of the weather next week. high temperatures tomorrow one more mild day before this significant change. halloween in san jose 79. mountain view 79. vallejo 77. oakland 73. san francisco 69 degrees. extended forecast, there will be some evening showers as soon as sunday. much cooler and then monday through thursday of next week we'll get some showers on monday and highs only in the 60s. so the zombies are here! ken, veronica, they are coming for you! >> oh!! >> oh!! >> whoo. >> watch out, guys. >> watch out. they're coming. [ laughter ] >> it's all happening tomorrow night in vallejo on the waterfront. >> cute. still ahead oakland's mayor on a mission to help more inner
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city kids go to college. we found a group taking action now setting the bar high for young students. ,,,,,,,,
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families to finish college. we found a small oakland's mayor announced a new mission this week to help dozens of kids to become the first in their families to finish college. we found a small high school moving toward the same goal and kpix 5's john ramos found out what's working there. >> reporter: in the state of the city address, oakland mayor libby schaaf made a commitment to help 50 kids become the first college graduates in their families. but to do that, she need not look any further than this small building on east 17th street. >> over 90% of our students are the first in their families to go to college. >> reporter: this is alternatives in action the public charter high school that for 15 years has been quietly defying stereotypes about inner city education. originally in alameda, aia relocated to east oakland last
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year. the students come from typical low income neighborhoods in fact a quarter of them former dropouts. but that's not used as an excuse to lower expectations. >> when you are in college in your jobs, there's not going to be anybody on you telling you to getter work done. >> reporter: the students are given a greater say in the running of the school. the idea for it was invented in 1998 by a group of kids working on a social action project. leadership is stressed here and students help each other to succeed. and the small class size makes a huge difference. >> in other schools you just go there they probably don't even know your name or anything. here they know who you are. >> reporter: the result is that 83% of these students kids who might otherwise be ignored will go on to a four-year university. asia ligo has come back to the classroom aide. she is about to graduate with honors from usf. she says the reason this school succeeds can be found in the new garden the environmental
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science class is building out back. >> the students are the ones who created that. they are not going to want to damage it. they are going to want to -- they are invested in it, something that they built with their own hands. >> reporter: this place was created as a way to give kids a sense of confidence in their own abilities. >> and that would also allow them to lead so they can transform their own lives, community and the world. >> reporter: in east oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> that's john, yeah. the school is small about 170 students and there is a waiting list but they are looking for more space in the area to meet the future growth. coming up in the next half- hour a familiar face to long- time bay area viewers known for his work for tv sports and on the football field. tonight wayne walker shares his story about the game and how it's left him with one of the biggest challenges of his life. >> plus, panic on board a lyft car. why a woman jumped out during her ride.
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an alamo man on east bay m's list of top water- wasters. our top stories this friday a $6,300 bill landed an alamo man on east bay m.u.d.'s list of top water wasters but he
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says a leaky pipe is to blame for his bill. mike carvin of alamo says he fixed the pipe in september. he is now questioning the water district's shame campaign. an apparent case of road rage led to a stabbing in san jose. police say 21-year-old travis painter stabbed the victim several times in front of the victim's young son. painter is claiming self- defense. he says the other driver hit him first after following him to his own home. the victim is expected to be okay. santa cruz police are cracking down on common halloween crimes. they are tripling the fines for littering, public drinking and other behavior. the steep sum is designed to keep people in line. tonight an outpouring of support on social media for ayman that you probably most of you remember. he was one of the most popular people on bay area it. he work here at kpix 5. he tells caitlyn jenner kate kelly
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that his life is forever change because of football. >> reporter: wayne walker played pro football for the detroit lions as a star linebacker and kicker for 15 seasons. >> wayne walker was there helping to call the shots. >> bad news for the raiders tonight. >> reporter: when he retired from the nfl he spent the next 20 years at kpix 5 as our sports director. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: from racing cable cars up steep hills to engaging top athletes in competition, wayne would often take on a daunting sports challenge. but now my friend and colleague is facing what could be the biggest battle of his life. and it has to do with football. the game he loves to play. here's wayne in his own words. >> five years ago i was diagnosed with parkinson's which is a result of multiple concussions when i played. >> reporter: according to the
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cdc, playing in the nfl triples the risk that a player will die from a degenerative brain disease. this is especially true if the athlete played a speed position such as a linebacker. the evidence suggests the cause is day to repetitive blows to the head. >> i would get up after a lot of plays after a collision of some sort usually with your head, um, and i -- i would look like i was looking through frosted flash for a while. >> reporter: wayne played 200 pro games. by his count, he had at least 20 concussions and was knocked out cold twice. >> reporter: i got knocked out totally and went back in the same game. >> reporter: we caught up with wayne during a visit with his family. he told us his medical expense are now covered in part by the nfl's 88 plan. the 88 plan is jointly run by the nfl and the players union.
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it's for eligible players withdrawallic brain with brain injuries. as to whether he would have played football knowing what he knows now? >> i would do it again. i know by now i'd have a better chance of a better medical advice than we had back in my day. better medical help than we did back into my day. and all those things go into making it an easier choice. >> reporter: while wayne can only speak for himself he is concerned about the younger players now taking the field. >> it's tough to give it up. it's tough to give up the celebrity and something you're good at. and -- you love the game. >> kate kelly, kpix 5. >> messages of support having flooding in on social media: lori g weeted:
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ne walker has parkinsons money's on the sportscaster who acked down. remember spo challe and "conway osted : "prayers and ngs to one of the best." the n-f- ing a number of steps to red ad injuries on i can tell you working with wayne was an absolute pleasure. that is one tough dude right there. he is a tough guy. >> i was getting tweets about him last night, too. so definitely loved. >> just want to pass on wayne our best wishes and continued good luck to you. the nfl by the way is taking a number of steps to reduce head injuries on the field. the league says that in the past three years wayne was right concussions are down 35%. helmet-to-helmet hits are down by more than 40%. so that's good news. a san francisco woman jumped for her life from her lyft car because she thought the driver was trying to kidnap her. but it turns out it was all a big misunderstanding. the woman told police she told the driver to stop when he started heading in the opposite
6:35 pm
direction of her home last night. but investigators later discovered the driver is actually hard of hearing and didn't hear her. thinking she was being kidnapped the woman jumped out on corbett avenue and broke her ankle. >> i heard a woman kind of yelling or screaming like she was in pain. >> i would have jumped out if he wasn't listening to me, too, scary. >> we reached out to lyft for a comment. the company didn't have anything to add to what police released on the incident. governor jerry brown has declared the most unusual state of emergency. it covers california's trees. tens of millions are at risk because of a bark beetle infestation. the situation is being made worse by four years of extreme drought conditions. some 22 million trees have already died off. the governor's declaration could mean federal money and help for homeowners to remove dead and dying trees. stocks closed lower on october's last day of trading the dow down more than 92,
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nasdaq and s&p also off sharply but for the month, the markets actually saw their biggest gains in four years. we asked our kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks what's up with that. >> a main reason for investors feeling better about stocks central bake moves around the world -- bank moves around the world including china which cut interest rates again with a slow check. the european central bank saying more stimulus could be on the way there and, of course, the federal reserve in this country has delayed raising interest rates. and that's led investors back to the market. >> what a comeback after the market dipped. most of the gains over the past month have come from the largest publicly traded companies including big moves from apple, google and em son. tonight a major shift in the u.s. strategy in syria. for the first time, the united states will deploy special ops troops to the region. reporter stacy cohen on the goals once they are on the
6:37 pm
ground. >> reporter: in syria, the term war-torn is insufficient. landscape is divided between areas seized by isis, syrian government strongholds and multiple rebel groups. coalition and russian bombing campaigns aimed at eradicating the advance of "islamic state" fighters are ongoing. now in a dramatic policy shift, the white house announces plans to put boots on the ground in northern syria to assist and advise kurdish and arab forces fighting isis. >> we are going to be better off in terms of intelligence having forces there but on the other hand, it's extremely dangerous and the question is, are we getting drawn into the syrian quagmire? >> reporter: a senior administration official says fewer than 50 special operations forces will be sent to syria but is this just the beginning? >> it would not shock me if we ended up sending more in the future. but i think this is a very good step to have a much better feel for what's going on. >> reporter: the white house insists, this is not a step
6:38 pm
toward war. >> the core of our military strategy inside of syria is to build up the capacity of local forces to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> reporter: a noncombat mission in one of the most dangerous places in the world. i'm stacy cohen. still ahead, move over starbucks. how the bay area's own coffee brand is stretching its reach. >> plus some would call it a pretty sweet deal. a decked out motorhome in a prime location for under $1,000 a month. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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acquired, chicago-based, "intelligentsia coffee." it's the second such purcha made by peet's just this mo. earlier, the coffee company pete' coffee and tea has acquired a company from chicago. it's the second purchase made by them this month. earlier the coffee company bought stumptown coffee roasters. the terms of the deals are not released. we have seen our fair share of offense ever halloween costumes but walmart has a special task force to weed out the bad ones. which ones slipped threw the
6:41 pm
cracks? we'll show you tonight on our special edition of bay area nightbeat. come join us for our special halloween edition at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. the largest collection of super bowl trophies anywhere on earth is live tonight in vallejo. it's going it be here this weekend, as well. big weather changes coming. we'll talk about the chance of rain and good likelihood you will need a jacket coming up. >> hey, straight ahead, eve of halloween a 49ers hideout a raiders keeps a fan close at heart. >> like a brother to me. >> and wouldn't we all like this kind of respect? >> we're opening a can of awesome in sports coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rent in one of l.a.'s hippe neighborhoods. and just 850- dollars a month will put you
6:45 pm
there. at least a new party. for rent in one of los angeles' -- there's a new apartment for rent in one of l.a.'s hippest neighborhoods and $850 a month will put you there. but jeff nguyen shows us there's a catch. this comes on four wheels. >> reporter: l.a.'s hip echo park neighborhood may be a tough place if you're looking to rent. he thinks he has a creative alternative. how big is this? >> it's about 110 square feet. >> reporter: he is offering his winnebago motorhome for $850 a month complete with wi-fi. the real estate website says a one-bedroom apartment in echo park averages more than $1,600 a month. he posted his ad on craigslist two weeks ago. the rv is parked in the backyard of a triplex. the renter will have access to the building's laundry room, a localler dealer telling us a $100,000 rv with a 10% down payment would run you about $600 a month over 15 years.
6:46 pm
the l.a. department of building and safety says you have to have a use of land permit and certificate of occupancy to live in an rv here and the department will investigate any complaints it gets. deegan says he checked with a city officials and believes what he is doing is okay. >> as long as i don't, you know, take this out on the road without it being registered and insured it can be back here and as long as you're doing the appropriate, um, sanitation. >> reporter: which he also says has helped him from flushing money down the drain. in echo park, jeff nguyen, kpix 5. >> there you go. >> not a bad idea. time for a look at our weekend forecast, paul deanno live in vallejo with the mobile weather lab. what's going on with fright night now? [ laughter ] >> do we have any more ghosts or goblins? >> reporter: there's music, food trucks, i don't know where the goblins are. >> we had zombies.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: but it's 73 degrees outside. it is perfect. there is no wind which is rare right on the beautiful vallejo waterfront. the party out here, folks. couple of thousand people lots of folks waiting in line to get a picture and to witness a little bit of football history here all eight bay area super bowl trophies of course three from the raiders five from the 49ers you can get within a couple feet. people are taking family pictures getting the kids up there. this is something you may not see again. getting all of these trophies together. it the largest collection in the world is in vallejo today and tomorrow. let's talk some weather. we are looking toward the beautiful bay bridge. they are getting the bay lights ready for the super bowl this year. we have cooled off considerably in the past hour. 70s in livermore and oakland. san jose 75. santa rosa 79 degrees. 50s tonight good sleeping weather. fremont 55. san francisco 58. vallejo tonight 54. and 49 in santa rosa. we have changes coming this weekend. it's not going to stay this clear this warm this dry for
6:48 pm
much longer. high pressure moving out after a dry day tomorrow for halloween trick or treating will be rain-free but rain does move in. we'll see some scattered showers as soon as sunday evening and colder weather too because this low pressure area will drag down some cool canadian air. futurecast 6:00 saturday, here comes the cloud cover. you notice a little bit of increase in cloud cover by this time tomorrow when the kids are out trick and treating and mom and dad you're with them. rain in the north by early sunday afternoon. showers throughout the bay area, that shower chance will be its greatest between 5:00 and 10:00 sunday night. so we're clear tonight. we're sunny and mild for the majority of halloween. but rain arrives in the north bay first but everybody gets some rain late sunday. take a tour around the bay area.
6:49 pm
>> much cooler sunday in the seven-day forecast there's your chance of showers as the actual low passes overhead on monday another chance of showers with highs only in the 60s. once we get cool we are staying cool through thursday we are talking about highs not hitting 70 degrees. it's a beautiful night in vallejo. we are having a party on the waterfront on halloween eve. we have sports coming up next.
6:50 pm
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getting off the good foot... ...the running game sunday st. louis the 49ers not getting off the good foot. the running game sunday in st. louis will go without running back carlos hyde with a stress fracture in his foot since this play against the ravens. he has been playing with a pain level of six on a skate of one to ten. next up is reggie bush, mike davis and jared haines. 7.5 to 9 point underdogs. jim harbaugh back on the sidelines saturday since the first time since this happened the bobble punt turned touchdown by maine state on the last play of the game -- by michigan state on the last play
6:53 pm
of the game. they stunned harbaugh's wolf wolverines who were in position to win. the buckeyes michigan's biggest riehl by the way. now, news of the raiders 3- 3 record and successes is going around the league but unwith of the raiders' dangerous offense weapons is wide receiver amari cooper. he doesn't talk much but others are talking about him. the rookie is coming off last week's game in san diego. he had 130 yards receiving and touchdown. look at this leaping ability. he has hit one three times this season. the jets slight favorite. they come in sunday. marshall a 10-year veteran recognized coop ever's game. >> i been a fan of amari cooper
6:54 pm
since college. he's a stud. i never really seen this type of player before. he is fast and smooth and can run routes so smooth i can't explain it. i'm a fan. >> the raiders looking for a 4- 3 record. game is right here with the jets at kpix 5 at 1:00. after the game, it's the "5th quarter" post-game show with dennis o'donnell, jeremy newberry in studio. i'll be trolling for player interviews in the locker rooms. here's a young member of raider nation who made a big impact with one player and this one is close to heart. he has a pacemaker. he has had reportedly 14 heart surgeries. but it hasn't stopped 8-year- old macio alvarez from playing
6:55 pm
football. and hanging out with raider defensive back dj hayden before the charger game. it's a tighter bond than you might think. >> this is my dude right here, this is my guy. >> what makes him special? >> man, because he kind of went through something i witness through. >> reporter: on the left, hayden through years ago in college practice ripped a vein near his heart on this collision. he was given a 5% chance to live and got lucky. once hayden found out about alvarez he became his biggest fan. >> he is like a brother to me. >> keeps him fighting, keeps him going for what he wants to do most which is being an nfl player. >> i kind of see a little bit of me in him of what he going through and adversity he going through and he a fighter man he going through it and he making the best of the situation. >> he will be smiling for a week. he will talk about this every minute. he will tell everybody on the street everybody at the stadium, he got to come on the field and to see dj and the
6:56 pm
raiders and he will just be glowing. >> reporter: it's tough for him to travel because of the constant demand of heart treatment at children's hospital in los angeles. >> me and him been friends on facebook, instagram and, yes, he's nice and, me and him are kind of the same. >> reporter: the two are 17 years apart. the hero worship goes both ways. >> how about macio? he has hayden on speed dial and it doesn't stop there. macio at holiday season raises money for kids other friends at the hospital. >> amazing little boy. captions by: caption colorado their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [indistinct chatter] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate that. thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank y'all very much. thank y'all. all right now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. got a good one for you today, folks. we got a family here returning for their second day from marietta, georgia, it's the champs, it's the sullivan family. and from columbus, ohio, the 614, it's the cornett family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new,
7:00 pm
state-of-the-art ford edge right there. let's go meet the cornett family. teria. teria: there you go. steve: what do you do, teria? teria: i'm teria cornett and i'm a recent graduate from north carolina agricultural and technical state university. steve: ok. all right. teria: now i'm working at one of the largest banks in america, and i am a fulltime mother. steve: really? all right. that's good. that's good. let's play "feud," everybody. let's get it on. give me phillip. give me taria. teria. here we go, guys. top 7 answers on the board. name something a bad grandma carries around in her purse. phillip. phillip: a switch. steve: a switch.


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