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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news. at least four people are dead after a shooting spree in colorado. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm betty yu in for juliette. the crime scene stretches for several blocks in downtown colorado springs. witnesses say the gunman walked down the street, carrying a rifle, killing people. then he got into a shootout with police. tonight the gunman is dead. it's not clear how many people are hurt. the motive for this shooting is unclear. tonight investigators are trying to determine what caused a russian passenger jet to crash in egypt. cbs reporter brian webb tells us all 224 people on board were
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killed. reporter: a russian airbus 321 like this one took off around 6 a.m. saturday morning from sharm he will sheik egypt a red see resort city popular with russians. the pilot of the st. petersburg- bound flight radioed and said the plane was experiencing technical problems. russian state media is reporting the metrojet airliner changed course toward cairo. it disappeared from radar about 20 minutes into the flight and all contact was lost. military search helicopters spotted wreckage of the plane in the sinai peninsula, the same area where government and "islamic state" militants have clashed. isis has claimed responsibility but provided no evidence and are not known to have the capability to bring down a plane at those heights. a caravan of ambulances transported the dead to a morgue in cairo. victims' family members gathered at a hotel near the st. petersburg airport where grief counselors were on hand
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to help them cope. secretary of state john kerry sent condolences from his trip to asia. >> we extend our sympathies to the families and all those concerned. >> reporter: investigators have recovered the plane's black boxes. the data holds critical information that will help determine what caused the latest air disaster. brian webb for cbs news. >> in light of the crash several airlines have decided not to fly over the sinai until further notice. back here in the bay area, a teenager is dead after a hit- and-run crash in east oakland. this car got crushed around 12:30 this morning at 106 avenue and macarthur boulevard. police say the driver of a mustang convertible blew through a red light and slammed into another car. a 19-year-old passenger in the convertible died. the driver of that car is under arrest. officers nabbed him after they say he tried to leave the scene. police say alcohol appears to be a factor. at least one man is dead
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tonight after a shooting in concord. police found his body in a parking lot on frisbee court. they found a second man shot on lacy lane near monument boulevard. investigators say it appears the two victims were together at the parking lot. that's when the gunman walked up and shot them. police don't have a motive and so far there are no arrests. well, if you are planning on serving up dungeness crab at the holiday table this year you might have to think up a plan b. crab catching season could be put on hold maybe even called off. mark kelly tells us why. hi, mark. reporter: hey, betty. so there is a large toxic algae bloom out in the pacific and fishermen here at pier 45 are concerned that it could be doing serious damage to this season's dungeness crab catch. trace travels all the way from alaska to take a crack at catching dungeness crab. >> it's fun. i like fishing. >> reporter: but he might have to head back north empty- handed. >> a little worried but i think
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it -- i hope it will be all right. i'm not trying to think too much on it. >> reporter: state officials are testing for a neurotoxin which the crabs pick up from algae blooms. >> this one can't be boiled out. you can't cook it and get rid it. it will make you really sick. it can be potentially fatal. >> so as a precaution, the california department of public health is doing extensive testing in the ocean and the crab beds just to be sure that nobody harvests any crab that could be dangerous to public health. >> reporter: but while those test continue, fishermen are getting antsy to get on the water. after all, crab season is slated to start next weekend. >> hopefully it's only two weeks. but they say it could be a month. >> if we don't get the fish then i make no money. >> reporter: trace hoped to make a quick $30,000 off dungeness crabbing but if this season's catch is off limits, he will set his sight on more
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bountiful waters. >> go back up north and go crab there up to washington. >> reporter: so if the tests come back this week and the crabs are in fact safe, recreational crabbing season would start next saturday and the commercial folks they could hit the water the following week. live at pier 45, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> california fish and wildlife is working with the public health department to get fishermen the information they need. >> well, it is halloween night and tonight bay area police are beefing up patrols. san francisco police opened stores at 3rd street today. kids got to pose with picture with the men and women in blue. san francisco police department also had free food and safety reminders. >> what we really want to emphasize to drivers is be safe. we have so many little ones around. and slow down especially when you're turning. >> officers will be out in full force patrolling the streets making sure this halloween is a safe one for everybody.
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well, just in time for halloween, a spooky space object. nasa just released images of the so-called halloween asteroid flying past earth today. it's actually a tiny defunct comet shaped like a skull. it flew 300,000 miles from earth at speeds of more than 78,000 miles per hour. >> i want to see how it is shaped like a skull. coming up, storms and chaos in texas tonight you will hear from a man trapped in his car as it floated in the floodwaters. >> and trouble at chipotle. tonight we'll tell you why some customers are suddenly getting sick. >> only on "5" one year after "black lives matter" protests in oakland, we ask, did they make a difference?
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an e-coli outbreak in oregon and washington state... that apparently started at chipotle. twenty-two people health officials are investigating an e. coli outbreak in oregon and washington state that apparently started at chipotle. 22 people got sick over the last few weeks. no deaths are reported but about a third of those sickened have been hospitalized. chipotle closed 43 restaurants in both states while health officials work to pinpoint the
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source of the outbreak. in texas, emergency officials tonight are warning trick or treaters to avoid flooded streets. cbs reporter omar villafranca tells us at least six people are dead after the storms pounded that state. >> reporter: residents of this austin neighborhood only had a few minutes to evacuate as raging waters began flooding the streets. [ sirens ] >> reporter: teresa got her three dogs before leaving. >> oh, my goodness! a little overwhelming to have the police coming down your street ordering out of your house. >> reporter: these brother and sister went into the house to get their kids and pets as the floodwaters crept closer and closer to their doorstep. what are you going to do? >> i'm not sure. call friends and find a place to go. >> reporter: in san marcos outside austin, texas officials called in armored trucks to evacuate students from an elementary school. in san antonio roofs and homes
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were destroyed. the same strong gusts damaged century old brick buildings and tossed this tractor-trailer on top of a hotel. >> the fire department building is damaged. and then as you can see behind us the old jailhouse is gone. >> terrifying. >> reporter: the storm damaged several homes in the town of geronimo texas where a tornado is believed to have touched down friday morning. one husband threw himself on his wife to protect her. >> thank god for being alive. >> so it's flooding here. >> reporter: near austin, kerry packer shot this video after calling for help while still trapped in his car swept away by floodwaters. >> so you can see i'm floating down some sort of creek. >> reporter: omar villafranca, cbs news, austin. one year after "black lives matter" protests in oakland, we ask, did they make a difference? only on "5" tonight, frank talk from a cop. >> how long has it been since you heard the phrase, increasing clouds leading to a
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chance of rain? it's back! and it's bigger than ever. the forecast coming up as we look live over san francisco after a break.
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flames broke out on stage during a rock concert and pyrotechnic a nightclub fire in romania left 27 people dead and 180 hospitalized with injuries. flames broke out on stage during a rock concert and pyrotechnic club pyrotechnic events. the fire started from some of the fireworks used on stage but officials are still investigating. it's been a year since "black lives matter" protests swept through the streets of
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oakland. tonight, we ask, has anything changed? christin ayers has the new numbers and gets frank talk from a cop. reporter: ask the captain about the legacy of police violence in the poorest sections of oakland and he doesn't mince words. >> there's a long history in west oakland, um, related to the relationship between the police department and the community. i think that's well documented obviously. and i think that we have a lot of work to do in this community to gain trust. >> reporter: armstrong oversees the work of beat cops in this area. >> are they, you know, making lawful stops? are they, um, being fair in the way they treat people? and are they taking the time to communicate to people why they have been stopped? [ sirens ] >> reporter: new numbers suggest the stops oakland police are making are not always fair. in the first six months of 2015, oakland police made more than 17,600 stops. 60% of those stopped were
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blacks. even though blacks make up only 35% of oakland's population. and blacks were no more likely to be carrying something illegal than any other race. >> i don't feel like there's a racial profiling problem. i do feel like we find ourselves in a situation where the numbers are what they are. and that these stops are real. that these are people who were stopping and having interactions with but i think if we take the extra moment to really explain to people why they are being stopped -- when people don't trust the actions of law enforcement, it's easy to say that that was based on race. race played a role in why the officer made contact with me. >> reporter: it's a bold and controversial assessment in a city that saw a rash of sometimes violent protests in the past year and the birth of the oakland-based "black lives matter" missouri. one activist with the ella baker center for justice says racial profiling abounds here. >> folks in other demographic
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groups actually commit crimes either depending on the crime at the same rate or at higher rates yet the communities of color are overwhelmingly targeted. >> reporter: but it's a problem she doesn't expect police to solve. >> in a lot of these communities the trust has never been there to again with. and what we like to emphasize is focusing on, um, the community really being the primary agent of providing public safety. >> reporter: but nationwide, other departments are looking to oakland police. this week in washington assistant chief paul figueroa trained on the use of body cameras. change is slow but it's happening. >> let's grab it and look at this issue and see if we're providing the most fair and equitable policing that we can. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the oakland police department is working with stanford university on an even more in depth study of law enforcement and racial bias. that report could be released
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as early as december. ladies and gentlemen, the first sign of a change in the weather is pouring through the golden gate bridge right now. an increased onshore flow, means fog and low clouds are pouring through the golden gate and there's a beautiful vantage point from the transamerica pyramid the first sign of a cold front on the way. it will spread rain and showers over the bay area tomorrow. boy, what a difference a day will make. with temperatures right now mostly in the 60s and 70s around the bay area, and tonight halloween does look to be a treat with partly cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the mid- 60s. it will be dry tonight. so it will be a nice night to be out gathering candy. here's what we're expecting though to happen over the next 24 hours. look at that low pressure that's spinning out there just off british columbia sending fog and low clouds into our area. but rain up in the pacific northwest. again for us, mild and dry tonight as high pressure is still in command. but in the next 36 hours, low pressure begins to sink south
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from oregon into northern california. it will bring chilly air with it. the first fairly chill blast of the season by california standards, it's still going to be in the mid-70s in livermore tomorrow. but it's freezing compared to what we have had lately! then might get wait -- we'll have wait for the wet later tomorrow. futurecast shows we have boy clock in the morning, increasing clouds over the bay area by 4:00 in the morning. that's what happens tonight. we'll see an increase in clouds. but as far as rain, we are going to have to wait for a few showers to work their way in by tomorrow afternoon when the first wave comes into santa rosa. about 24 hours from now. and that will spread south as the evening wears on. that's tomorrow night. at the same time, they are anticipating snow out in the mountains sunday night monday morning. so winter storm watch already posted for the first time this season snow above 5,000 feet with 4 to 12" of new snow. the heaviest snow will be early on monday. winds could be up to 50 miles an hour with this, and if you head up just expect that you could get long delays on 80 and
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on 50. and now as we look live low clouds develop tonight. cold and windy and wet later tomorrow -- well, cold. it will be windy and wet later tomorrow. what we're expecting in terms of totals, about .10" to a half inch of rain by late monday. heading out of the bay area we are going to be looking for still sunny conditions for much of the state tomorrow, except way up north, and in the bay area don't forget tonight we fall back with sun setting tonight at 6:12 p.m. and tomorrow at 5:11 p.m. as we fall back setting clocks back tonight one hour. the forecast for the bay area just again expected to get wet. and expect things to warm up by the latter half of next week. but between now and then we get our first dose of a few showers moving into the bay area tomorrow afternoon and evening linger into monday and then we'll go sunny for the rest of the week. now as the batmobile has pulled into the station, ladies and gentlemen, i don't know where vern glenn is. but i know where this man is. >> crime is going to have to take a break, a time-out.
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citizens! we have sports moving pictures. a little smattering of it all. we'll take you to berkeley first to see if cal could do something about usc.
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...people of gotham... stanford, under the lights tonight... ....local headliner...usc at cal... cal needed a big day from jared goff, college football up top. stanford under the lights tonight at washington state. but the local headliner usc at cal. big game from jerry goff.
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play fake, and a first quarterback flip to bryce. they get on the board. but oh!! man, sc, they can do it on fourth down, too. trojans ran the ball 50 times. madden crashed in. he extended the second half lead to 17-7. first play of the next drive, i bet goff wish he had this on a string. picked off by jackson! and he took off like somebody was chasing him! 46 yards and he gone! touchdown! it's 24-7. the bears didn't quit. we're near the four minute mark. goff for steven anderson, the lead cut 27-21. the bears needed a stop on third down. madden, yeah, not today. he picked up the first down and sc ran out the clock and won the game 27-21. and the bears after starting off 5-0, they have dropped to 5-
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3. goff nine interceptions, 7 in the three losses. how about ucla bruins hosting colorado. 4th quarter, ucla imploded. picked up the rock and he gone! bruins had to work for this one. still behind at the eight minute mark, before soso jamobo banged his way in from inside the 5. put the bruins back on top. they had to hang on to beat the buffs 35-31 to improve to 6-2. and in raleigh, north carolina, the tri-city area, hello ladies, halloween spirit. how about this fella? nc state trying to knock off clemson. 2nd quarter, looked good here. jacoby and samuels shook a man! they walked in. wolfpack led by one, 20-19. but the tigers offense, man, they would answer and then
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some. watson going to roll out and a strike to ray mccleod. one of his five touchdown passes. clemson beat nc state 56-41 to remain undefeated. hey, nfl, the 49ers they made a move before their game at the rams sunday. australian sensation jarryd hayne the team says that's enough today. they waived him for. hayne was the feel good story. if he clears waivers he could come back on the practice squad. as for the raiders, they will host the jets, jets, jets, jets tomorrow! at the coliseum. you can see it right here on kpix 5 at 1:05 followed by the "5th quarter" post-game show. mounted police with no horse! high noon in dallas. former
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shark niemi playing for the sharks. the stars 2-0 on san jose. back came the sharks. later in the second, down 2-1, tommy wingels goal! second goal of the year for nieto. tied at 3. couldn't stop it again. antwan russell swooped in. the stars would add an empty netter and win 5-3. san jose dropped five of the last six. breeders' cup! breeders' cup! that's triple crown winner american pharoah. what a way to go out! ahead by over six lengths. american pharoah became the first horse to win the triple crown and the breeders' cup. wraps up his career. water polo with drake and everyone falling in line. they just ripped them. 13-0 to win the marin county
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athletic league title to stay unbeaten at 26-0. dillon woodhead one of three players who scored three goals if the game. the pirates at the power in san anselmo. >> you have some superpowers, vern. excuse me, batman. [ laughter ] >> i'm still recovering, though. >> i'm going to put a little maintenance on the batmobile. come back in an hour. >> i'm still recovering yesterday when you, uhm, appeared suddenly in the -- >> snuck up on her and she turned around and boom there i am. >> he almost fell off my chair. >> who is your favorite batman aside from you? >> my favorite? oh, -- >> are you an adam west man? >> i did like him. >> robin was played by -- >> burt ward! >> that's a tv show forever ago. >> 1966 to-'68. those were the days. >> you remember them well, don't you, betty. >> only because you tell me about it. >> "cbs evening news" is next. see you at 6:30. captions by: caption colorado
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no survivors after a russian jet crashes in egypt with 224 people on board. investigation into the cause is wide open. >> everything around me is water as you can see. >> intent away in a texas flood to tell an incredible story. >> 23 if i didn't have my phone right now, nobody's going to find me. >> axelrod: 14 years after 9/11 the billion dollar air market program. in the spirit of not kids on halloween, he built a happy haunt. >> is it scary. >> no, it's just really cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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