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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 1, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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turned into thousands that caused some damage. good evening, i'm brian hac. and i'm juliette goodrich. a crowd caused a big disture at channing way and piedmont avenue last night. that's where cal's fraternity row . many are calling it a riot. police are downplaying that. but they say they had reporf guns, knives and a lot of fights. kpix 5's mark kellyh what some witnesses saw go . as many as 4- thousand. that's how many people berky police estimate took over ft row.. bite alex huber, witness--"this was bigger. was definitely bigger than a normal saturday." from his window....alex huber saw the halloween night mayhem growo the wee hours of the mornint one point....someone did so serious damage to this lexu bite alex huber, witness--" of them were climbing on ca, some of them were dressed in costumes kind of rallying pe up." bite kendra berning, witness--"seemed like peop . it was just a . >> this is bigger than a normal
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saturday. >> reporter: he saw the mayhem grow into the wee hours of the morning. at one point, someone did serious damage to this lexus. >> some of them were climbing on cars, some dressed in costumes, kind of riling people up. >> people were grouping up. there was a big group. >> some aspects of the riot definitely. >> reporter: police arrived around 12:30 this morning. >> we received a report of a gun, people carrying knives, that sort of thing. >> reporter: he says 30 officers responded, made three arrests and got one person to the hospital. police could not confirm if the arrests were cal students, but did say this. >> party goers, and like i say, converged all into the same area at the same time. >> reporter: but several students say blaming solely the fraternities for this would be wrong. >> honestly, a lot of the people aren't cal students. they had no connection to the school. >> reporter: in fact, some say police are partially
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responsible for the massive crowd in the streets because it formed once police started shutting down the frat parties. in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the crowd dispersed by 3:00 in the morning. coming up at 6:30, berkeley police on what made this chaos different from past disturbances in berkeley. a horrific car crash has taken the lives of two teenagers. the driver of the car they were in is severely injured. it happened when the car crashed into a tree early this morning on franklin canyon road in martinez near highway 4. the car was a mangled mess. you can see the tree that it barreled into. the chp did talk to the driver who survived the wreck. investigators say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. the girl had annex nation for what went wrong. >> we talked to her and she said she fell asleep and the last thing she remembers was being at 60 miles per hour. with no braking, the car came off the road, hit a tree.
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>> the names of the victims have not been released. it appears all three teens went to the same high school. we've got a reporter gathering more details. we'll have much more on the story at 6:30. well, it's been determined a halloween night fire at a home in danville was set by an arsonist flames broke out at the home on west linda mesa avenue. witnesses tell police they saw someone throw an object at the home and then speed off. the fire was put out in about 30 minutes. it caused an estimated $210,000 in damage. the house was empty at the time. no suspects have been identified. from fire to rain, which has already begun falling in northern california. even at vacaville, a pretty good downpour this afternoon. for the first time in a while, windshield wipers were pressed into service. there's more on the way tonight, as a hesitant cold front will plunge south into the bay area, mostly after midnight tonight. rain will begin in the north bay, and spread from north to
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south. by monday night, totals will reach a half inch of rain and gusty winds will blow up to 30 miles an hour. the rain will turn to snow in the sierra, above 7000 feet. it could be slow going if you're headed that way tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll have the complete forecast for you in a few minutes. well, a little bit of a halloween scare for the east bay, courtesy of mother nature. more earthquakes rattles san ramon. first, a 3.0 hit at 11:32 last night. six minutes later, there was a 3.1. the quake has been going on for about three weeks. there have been dozens of quakes, all centered in and around san ramon. the largest was a 3.6. a new financing plan is expected to be unveiled this week to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. now, it comes on the heels of a town hall meeting that saw raiders learn about the possibility of the team moving to l.a. kpix 5's anne makovec with some of the reasons why the raiders
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may be forced to stay. >> couldn't bring them down! touchdown! >> reporter: as the raiders played for another sold-out crowd at the oakland coliseum, their future in the bay area remains up in the air. >> so we might be stuck with the raiders. or the raiders might be stuck with us. >> reporter: kpix 5 anchor phil matier sat down with the coliseum authority's chris dobbin. nfl sources say of the three teams looking to relocate to the l.a. area, the raiders are coming in last. so they may have no better option than to stay put. >> these are complicated things. >> reporter: nfl leaders got an earful from raider fans last week at a town hall meeting in oakland. >> we hear mark davis saying he wants to stay open, but we haven't seen the body language. it's like we are pawns in your little game of evil chess. >> reporter: in the meantime, reports that the team is already buying office space in
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the l.a. area. >> we didn't come here to offer a solution tonight. we came here to hear you. but if this were a waste of time, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: dobbins says they are working with a consultant to see if a deal is even feasible on coliseum property and he's optimistic it is. >> where else in the bay area can you find 700 acres with that kind of transportation to the airport, to bart, to freeway access-- >> perfect location. >> they can't leave. >> two teams will do better in oakland than are now being successful. >> in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> teams have to file for relocation in order to move. they then need the owner's approval. the earliest they can aplay is january 1. coming up, a car slams into a group of trick-or-treaters. tonight, what investigators think caused the driver to go out of control. >> and a day of mourning in russia after a deadly plane crash. new questions tonight about what may have caused the plane
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to go down.
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egypt yesterday. tonight questions over how it happe investigators now say the p broke apart in mid-air. but some say -- the plane w . twisted metal is all that's left of a plane that broke apart in mid wear over egypt
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last night. some say the plane was shot down. brian webb has the latest. >> reporter: russia's top aviation official says the airbus 321 broke apart at high altitude, but the cause remains unknown. the wreckage is scattered over a 6-mile area of the sinai peninsula, an area where egyptian security forces have battled local islamic militants for years. recently, they pledged their allegiance to isis. the metro jet carrying 224 people was on its way from the red sea resort to russia. at 31,000 feet, the pilot reported technical problems. 23 minutes after take-off, the plane disappeared from radar. family and friends flocked to st. petersburg airport looking for answers. this man's wife was a passenger. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: russian search teams have arrived to help retrieve the bodies of victims
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and help find the cause of the crash. the black boxes have been recovered, but not deciphered. a spokesperson from the airline says they have no reason to believe there was any error by the crew. sunday is a day of mourning in russia for one of its deadliest air disasters. brian webb, cbs news. >> several airlines are steering clear of the air space where it happened, including qatar, lufthansa, air france and emirates. the investigation could take months. investigators believe a medical condition may have caused a driver to lose control of his car and plow into a group of trick-or-treaters. three people were killed, including a 10-year-old girl when the vehicle jumped a curb in the bronx. the car struck a fence in front of a home where families were celebrating halloween. a 65-year-old grandfather was also killed, as well as another man. police believe the driver may have suffered a seizure just moments before the crash. and overseas in romania, a
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growing memorial for the victims killed in a nightclub fire in bucharest. 27 people died and 180 were injured when the blaze broke out during a concert friday night. mourners lit candles and left flowers outside the club today. witnesses say the fire started on stage during a pyrotechnics show. hundreds of people were inside the club at the time, which reportedly had only one exit. this is the deadliest nightclub fire in romania's history. well, harsh words from the new speaker of the house. paul ryan says he will not work with president obama. why he says the president can't be trusted. >> there's rain on the way for tonight. what's happening the rest of the week? forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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lymphoma. he was 73 years ol . former u.s. senator-turned actor fred thompson has died. he had a recurring bout of lymphoma. he was 73 years old. thompson represented tennessee and retired when his term expired in 2003. he also ran for president in 2007, but dropped out of the race. some may know him better as arthur branch from the tv show "law & order." thompson also appeared in "the hunt for red october" and "diehard 2". the new leader of the republican-controlled house paul ryan said in several interviews sunday he won't work with the president. he said mr. obama can't be trusted on the issue of immigration reform. ryan's decision pushes off any comprehensive overhaul until at least 2017 when president obama leaves office. well, one of the silicon
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valley's most respected tech giants will officially split into two tomorrow. hewlett-packard decided last year to create two smaller companies in an effort to become more competitive. hp, inc. will sell personal computers and printers while hewlett- packard enterprise will focus on the commercial business. starting tomorrow, each will trade separately on the new york stock exchange. by dividing hp into roughly equal halves, analysts estimate each spin-off should generate $50 billion in sales next year. vacaville had a turn today to look at the super bowl history of the 49ers and raiders. besides the trophy display, there were plenty of interactive exhibits. children could try to navigate the obstacle course and it's part of the nfl's play 60 health initiative. the 50 tour is making its way around the bay area as part of the buildup to super bowl 50.
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get this. there are 97 days until super bowl 50 kicks off at levi's stadium. you'll be able to watch it february 7 right here on kpix 5. a big tradition today in mexican culture, the day after halloween known as the day of the dead. but it's not as morbid as it sounds. deiah de los muertos focuses on family. we're going to examine the kpix 5 high-def doppler for any sign of rain on the way. we'll find it, albeit most of it is north of santa rosa at the moment. it will spread south as the night wears on. you can see toward the end of the loop there's a little bit up in the north bay. most of it is north of santa rosa as we head towards healdsburg. as for us, the wee small hours of the morning, the brunt of
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the front comes through. we look at the pyramid, its nose buried in the fog. 70 degrees, still fairly mild in con cort. the number you see right now, nearing 6:00 at night, warmer than we'll reach all day tomorrow in concord. forecast highs for much of the bay area tomorrow will be about where we are now, mid-60s. future cast gives us an idea of when we can draw a bead on the brunt of the rain. this is 5:00 tomorrow morning. you see that swath that's really the cold front pressing south, that swath of heavy rain is pressing from livermore out to the east, toward santa cruz. by the time of the morning commute, it will be down in the monterey bay area, leaving us with scattered showers. we're going to be looking for a bit of a showery monday, but much of this is going to be falling overnight. what's happening is low pressure that's over the california-oregon border sinking south. we'll be showery and cooler tomorrow. temperatures managed mid-60s. and then the latter half of the week, time for something
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completely different. yet we've grown used to it over the summer. sunny and warmer by tuesday. looks dry for the rest of the week after tomorrow. but our rain turns to snow in the mountains, where winter storm warnings are posted, with snow expected about 5000 feet by tomorrow morning. 4 to 12 inches of new snow, the heaviest snow monday morning. wind gusts with this up to 50 miles an hour. so if you're headed that direction, give us time because there are long delays possible. there's fog coming through the golden gate bridge at this hour. headlines, rain spreading south tonight. the brunt of it after midnight. cold, windy and wet for early monday, then clearing tuesday. it will be dry for the rest of the week. head now to the bay area, snow in the sierra. sacramento, eureka. redding gets thunderstorms. fresno gets some rain. for tomorrow, everybody will be in the mid-60s for the most part in the bay area, including the south bay. over in the east bay as well, the numbers manage no more than 67 degrees in some of the warmer spots. up in the north bay, rain begins toward 11:00, midnight
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tonight, then spreads south. already raining by clear lake. in the extended forecast, a showery monday will give way to a mostly sunny tuesday. then for the rest of the week, it looks sunny and dry. toward the end of the week, looks as if it will even become warm. expect to get wet, but don't expect it to last long. that's weather. could collin kaepernick and the 49ers win their first road game of the season? and the raiders face one of their biggest tasks and the chance to climb above .500 and into the playoff picture, next. toss to dennis... raider'd bettere a seat...if the season,,,,,,
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ended today, the raiders wod . lot of sports tonight. >> yeah, you know, talking about changing a culture and turning a loser into a winner, the raiders are definitely headed in that direction. they are winning right now. raider nation, you better have a seat. if the season ended today, the raiders would be playoff-bound. their latest victim came into the coliseum with a 4-2 record and were the best defense in the league. new york jets starting quarterback ryan fitzpatrick went out early with torn ligaments in his non-throwing hand. here comes geno smith. joe namath probably couldn't keep up with derek carr. raiders lead 7-3. second quarter, carr to a wide-open michael crabtree down the middle of the field. check out the awful tackling by the jets.
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three attempts in the secondary. crabtree into the black hole. 36-yard score and it was 14-3 raiders in charge. and later in the second, the derek carr show continues. perfect pass to hall. 39-yard touchdown. 21-3, second career multitouchdown game for holmes. geno smith looking for brandon marshall. old man river, there he is, charles woodson, legally the fifth pick of the year. now in the third, jones, watch the missed tackles pile up. four whiffs by the typically sound green defense, a 59-yard score. 28-6. deer valley grad's first career score. carr's fourth touchdown of the game. 34-20, raiders with under 3 to go. geno smith can't find a receive, sacked by khalil mack. that's an 11-yard loss. jets try to rally, but come up
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short. raiders win their second straight, 34-20. >> we beat a playoff caliber team according to everyone. so i wonder what the narrative will be now. >> we're having a lot of fun. playing relaxed and doing what we're supposed to do. that was a good defense for us to play and it was a good challenge for us and we have many more. i'm excited today and we're going to get to the next target. >> it's a little premature to be thinking far, that far ahead, playoff-wise. but there's no reason why you can't think of yourself as a playoff team. >> i can't say it enough. if the season ended today, the raiders would be in the playoffs as the top wild card team in the afc. but there's no time to celebrate. they head to pittsburgh next sunday. talk about two teams going in opposite directions. 49ers hoping to avoid dropping to 2-6. rams looking to go 4-3, which would be the first time they have done that since 2006. practice squad runningback
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gaskins in the lineup. reggie bush, out, carted off with a knee injury. reported that bush tore his acl. could be career-ender. mike davis also left with a hand injury, but when he was in there, he struggled to get out of the end zone. that, folks, is a safety. 3-2, san francisco still leads. two of the lowest scoring teams in the league. still 3-2 in the second quarter. todd gurley, a 71-yard touchdown. rams went for two and they had a 10-3 lead after that number. it was 13-3 rams later in the second. here's a micro microcosm. rams lead 13-6. final minute of the first half, austin. 20-6 game at the intermission. kaepernick struggled all day, didn't take them long, down he goes, sacked, one of three in the game. and the rams put the game away, thanks to austin's second score of the game.
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makes the catch inside the backfield. gone. 66-yard score to make it 27-6. it was ugly from start to finish. the 49ers are now 2-6. >> what we did today was not good enough. and that is me, 100%. >> the offense struggled. does that say you want to see changes coming? >> i can't comment on the offense, man. i wish i could just go right to running backs or something. that's not how the business works. shark fans still celebrating halloween today in denver. second period, tied at 1-1, avalanche. but the sharks take a 2-1 lead. taking it to the third period, tied at 2-2. san jose takes a 3- 2 lead and go on to win 4-3. that, folks, just their second win in the last seven games. how about nascar,
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martinsville, logano looking for his fourth straight win. 47 to go. logano in the league, but spun out by matt kenseth. logano would finish 37th, dropping from 1st to 8th. logano called the wreck a coward move by kenseth, allowing jeff gordon to take the lead and he would hang on for his first win of the year. gordon is retiring after the season, but clinches a spot in the chase finals three weeks from today. good for jeff gordon, trying to go out on top. not good for the 49ers. >> yeah. >> one more game before their bye week and you saw the coach taking the blame, as he does every week. >> he does. >> jim tomsula, lot of speculation, should they make a lot of changes at the bye week? i'm not sure what they could do at this point that would improve the team. >> if you were to say the 49ers' biggest problem is what? >> how much time we got? >> we got to get going. >> 9 seconds. >> all right. we'll continue that. thanks for watching. see you back here in half an
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hour at 6:30. thanks for watching. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: officials say it broke apart in the sky, not on the ground. we're in cairo with new details on the russian air disaster. sign up time for obamacare, with rising premiums and penalties. the vote to legalize marijuana in ohio and give a small group of investors a pot monopoly. >> if there is one lawyer alive in the state of ohio, there's going to be a lawsuit. >> glor: why some analysts predict ho-hum sales this shopping season. and, it's not just one whale's tangled tale, it's a frequent problem on california's coast. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and this is the western edition of the broadcast. they were mostly young families on vacation. today, russia held a day of


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