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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. set your alarm a little early because your morning commute could be messy. some much need rain is on the way tonight. good evening to you. i'm juliette goodrich. >> hi-def doppler shows only light rain mostly focused on the bay, but the computer model enhanced shows by 4 a.m. heavy cells will dutch up to 1/2 inch of -- dump up to 1/2 inch of rain in parts of the bay area and by sunrise the brunt of the front will be in the south bay. the rain will turn to the first decent snow in the sierras where winter storm warnings are posted tonight for as much as
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7,000 feet. cold raindropped in vacaville and more is overway in a few hours as this enhances overnight of >> reporter: the first big storm of the season may -- overnight. >> reporter: the first big storm of the season may have been a surprise, but all joking aside he welcome every drop. kaiser is a pilot, but as tom smith knows you don't have to see the drought's impact from above to appreciate the rain on the ground. >> going to start greening again. the flowers are going to grow. >> god gave it to us and now everything will turn green. >> reporter: fear of floods has many taking precautions. >> we're ready to go. >> reporter: not this woman after living in auburn after hurricane sandy. >> because i know i'm not at sea level i'm okay with a little bit of flooding. >> reporter: for kaiser el
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nino isn't much of a threat either. >> i hope el ninos for a couple years so we can catch. >> reporter: here in the foothills we're expected to get more tonight and overnight, so expect it for your morning commute in. placer county tonight, kpix5. >> i'll have a complete look at the forecast, too including major changes midweek in just a few minutes. a martinez teenager is the sole survive of a car crash that ill canned -- survivor of a car crash that killed two of her best friends. she fell asleep at the wheel early this morning. her car slammed into a tree on franklin canyon road and martinez near highway 4. into into is live where friends of the victim prayed for them -- maria guerrera is live where friends of the victim prayed for them tonight. >> reporter: they describe the
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victims as funny and the best of friends. friends say lauren smith and marley hine were out for a night on the town. they slammed into a tree around 3:00 this morning and her friends died. she told investigators she fell asleep behind the wheel. >> the last thing she remembers is being 60 miles an hour, so with no braking. >> reporter: tonight friends visited the crash site and a local church honored the girls. they say the three college park high students were the best of friends. this is video of marley a couple years ago uploaded on facebook. today a family member wrote don't send your prayers as there is no god when this girl has been taken away. >> it's really bad. it's my whole school. >> reporter: lauren's friends say they learned through social media she died in the crash. >> she was a really, really sweet person. she's very caring. >> reporter: they say the reality of the tragedy has yet to sink in.
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>> i just can't believe that i'm never going to see her again. i just talked to her and i just saw her. >> reporter: investigators say drugs and alcohol were not factors. the sole survivor, the driver, is in the hospital with severe injuries. investigators say she survived because of her air bag and seatbelts. a lot of finger pointing tonight over what some people say was what amounted to a halloween riot in berkeley. police say as many as 4,000 people spilled out onto the streets near cal's fraternity row early this morning. a car got smashed up as the crowd grew unruly, but students say don't blame them for the mayhem. ate last >> but honestly a lot of those people weren't even cal students. they were just, you know, like kids probably from oakland who had no affiliation with the school. >> police shut down several halloween frat parties at about the same time last night which may be why so many relative humiditiers ended up on streets
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-- revelers ended up on the streets at the same time. they are celebrating in the streets of kansas city tonight after falling to the giants in last year's world series, the royals finally capturing the crown. here's how it all ended in new york tonight. >> the one, two, and the 2015 world champions, the royals! >> this is the royals first world seer retitle in 30 years and it took a -- series title in 30 years and it took a serious late inning comeback for them to clinch it. the highlights are coming up in gameday. and we will have a better idea wetter the raider will continue playing in oakland. the financing plan for a new stadium has been unveiled. the team has its eye on the no. 2 media market in the country, los angeles, but there are those who think no matter how serious the raiders are about moving, they could be forced to stay. >> the raiders may be blocked
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from los angeles. >> the st. louis rams and san diego chargers also want to move to los angeles. teams have to apply and get approval from the nfl to relocate and the earliest that could happen is january. a city commission will vote tuesday on whether to certify an environmental impact report for a new warriors arena in san francisco. it calls for the creation of a transportation improvement fund along with two new parking lots and a light rail platform near the propose venue. the warriors hope to break ground on the project sometime next year. one of the hottest political races is nearing the finish line in san francisco tonight, the heated battle that could shake up city hall. cbs5's joe vazquez on what some are calling the latter and soul of san francisco. -- heart and soul of san francisco. >> across the bay area a lot of people are watching this election it. could determine the future of san francisco. it could swing the ballots of the moderates versus progressive and it's pitting
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neighbor against neighbor. >> from one building to the next people have different feels and the feelings -- feelings and the feelings are very intent. >> reporter: two days before the election the race for district supervisor are white hot. former supervisor aaron peskin says the race is about having a bigger voice. >> people want to be able to age in their apartments that, their kids can afford to grow up here and this is not just a town that's yowled by a handful of tech billion -- controlled by a landful of tech billion nears. >> it's about the heart and soul of san francisco -- billionaires. >> it's about the heart and soul of san francisco. >> reporter: for supporters and of supervisors julie christianson it's not about demonizing deforms. >> instead of denying the fact growth is happening we need to find ways to accommodate that growth. >> reporter: christianson tells me the race is more about
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the character of her opponent, not fighting for the city's soul. >> he has a reputation for kind of being muscle, for being a hammer. aaron has fought this campaign with the idea that he's going to pound on the table and get what he wants. they want to know the person who represents them there is fair and honest and respectful. >> this is a fight between change versus more of the same. >> reporter: political analyst alex clemons says the character of the race depends on whether you feel the city is serving you well right now or leaving you behind. >> that can always be put forward as a struggle for the soul of the city, but that's usually the folks who feel left behind as they try to get traction with the undecided voters. >> this district race is expect to be the most expensive in san francisco history. it's expected to be very close. another high profile issue on tuesday's ballot could make or break the giants big
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expansion plans. the team wants to transform 28 acres of mission bay parking lots into a whole new neighborhood complete with public parks, affordable loving and high rises. to do that voters will -- living and high rises. to do that voters will have to vote for prop b. then there's prop f, the so-called bnb initiative limiting short term rentals to 75 days a year and also require regular reports to the city on how units are being used. supporters say short term rentals are sucking up housing in an already difficult market. opponents claim prop f could hurt people who rely on rental income to stay afloat. and boaters could also choose a new sheriff for san francisco the our exclusive kpix5 poll last month showed ross mirkarimi losing his reelection bid to 30 year department veteran vicki hennessey. hennessey was interim sheriff in 2012 when mirkarimi was
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suspended over a domestic violence charge. a former san francisco mayor art agnos is going to have quadruple bypass surgery in ohio as soon as it can be scheduled. in repeat years he's been a harsh critic of mayor ed lee and backed supervisor ross mirkarimi. doctors say the prognosis for him is good. a former u.s. senator turned actor fred thompson has died. he had a recurring bought of lymphoma. he retired when his term expired in 2003. he ran for president in 2007 but dropped out of the race. some may know him better as arthur branch from the tv show law and order. thompson also appeared in several movies including hunt for red october and die hard 2. he was 73 years old. a warning tonight for frequent flyers. your boarding pass says a lot
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more about you than you might think. >> well also could see her home address, her personal telephone number and personal e-mail address. >> the information you can't see and the simple app this gives identity they've a way in. >> plus uber driver attacked, the secret weapon that turned the tables when an angry passenger started throwing punches. >> another whale gets tangled up off the california coast. tonight we learn why they keep swimming closer and closer to shore. it's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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drunk passenger. the driver recorded the friday night ride through newport beach. at one point, you can see the passr slump over in the backseat the driver makes a turn. the passenger hiccups a few times and has difficultly gg directions. when the driver decided he had enough and e the ride... this happened. "swearing as passenger attas driver" bu a passenger hiccupped and when the driver decided he had enough and ended the ride, this happened. >> let me tell you something, you little [ bleep ]. get the [ bleep ] out. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> but the driver was prepared. he grabbed his pepper spray and started spraying the driver and attacker in the face. the man then stumbled out of the car and fries to flee, but he didn't get far. he -- tries to flee, but he didn't get far. he was arrested a few hours later. investigators are looking
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at technical failure and terrorism as two possible causes of this russian plane going down. more than 100 workers are searching for victims. aviation officials say debris is spread over 8 square miles. 224 people died in the crash. most are from st. petersburg. a plane carrying 160 of the bodies left cairo today for russia. police think a driver who plowed into a group of trick-or- treaters in new york city may have suffered a seizure. last night's crash in the bronx killed three people including a 10-year-old girl. the vehicle struck a fence in front of a home where families were celebrating halloween. the crash killed two men, one of them a 65-year-old grandfather. house speaker paul ryan is ruling out comprehensive immigration reform while president obama is in office. the new leader of the republican controlled house said in several interviews sunday he won't work with the president. he said obama can't be trusted on the issue of immigration reform. ryan's decision pushes off any
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comprehensive overhaul until at least 2017 when president obama leaves office. a historic split in silicon valley tomorrow when tech giant hp will officially become two $50 billion companies. hewlett-packard decided last year to create two separate entities in an effort to become more competitive. hp incorporated will sell personal computers and printers while hewlett-packard enterprise will focus on the commercial business. starting tomorrow each will trade separately on the new york stock exchange. by dividing lp into roughly equal halves analysts estimate that each spinoff should produce more than $50 billion in sales next year. next time you fly here's some advice. be careful where you put your boarding pass. only on 5 check out what betty yu was able to find out from a co-worker using one simple app. ve it in the bin in the back o me, in the was >> reporter: it's the first order of business when you get
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to the airport to catch a flight, but once you go through gate your boarding pass is likely the last thing on your mind. >> i normally just leave it in the bin in the back of the seat in front of me. >> i might have tossed it also in the trash in my hotel room and not thought about it. >> reporter: people leave them on the plane or toss them at baggage claim. thousands post them on on instagram to both about their trip. here's why you shouldn't do any of -- to boast about their trip. here's why you shouldn't do anything about that. besides the printed information, there's something much more revealing, the barcode. it's easy decipher. all you need is a good scammer. healed it over the boarding pass and up -- hold it over the boarding pass and up pops your information. we landed it over to cyber security -- handed it over to
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cyber security consultants. while some scrambled the information on the barcode, others like united don't. >> on the ticket itself it's blanked out, but if you look on the car body, the entire numb -- barcode, the entire number is listed. >> reporter: with permission from the owner winston and his team went to work and found it all too easy because unlike other airlines that send a link to your e-mail for password recovery, united just asks for an answer to your security question. >> we simply had to guess our favorite sports team. >> reporter: once in. >> we could see her prior flights, her future flights, her air mile status. we also could see her home address, her personal telephone number, her personal e-mail address. you know, all great stuff for further attacks if we wanted to try and get into her bank account. this would have been a great start. >> reporter: in a statement to kpix5 the international airport transportation association says
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each airline makes its own decisions with regard to security protocols for accessing member frequent flyer accounts and confirmed there is no industry requirement that frequent flyer numbers are included in the barcode, although there is a data field to include it in the airline's option. for passengers it's a wake-up call. >> i think that's a real scary thought that someone could find my information that quickly, all of it, pretty personal, where i l, everything. >> reporter: and maybe like for -- where i live, everything. >> reporter: and maybe like for this passenger a good reason to go mobile. betty yu, cbs5. >> a spokesperson for the airline told us the airline takes a passenger's privacy seriously and takes an alert when a password is changed. the spokesperson wouldn't comment on why united chooses to put the full account number on the barcode. time again to revisit the topic of weather, kind of a big
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deal. this would be a garden variety storm in the middle of winter, but it could finally promise maybe a big chunk out of the drought with el nino in full swing. it's big news. the rain is beginning to work its way south over the central peninsula and stretch into the east bay, but the brunt of the front is still north of the bay area, should enhance as it gets closer tonight. there's more on the way. first let's check out the numbers. there's been nothing much more than drizzle in san francisco tonight and the numbers are mild, but the 64 you see in concord will probably be close to its high tomorrow. we'll get this cold front going past us and we've got cooler air filtering in behind it, so a distinctly cooler day monday as this low pressure sinks south out of the gulf and the pacific northwest. showers and cooler tomorrow and then clearing later in the day and tuesday, wednesday, thursday sun comes out, visibility fantastic, but we've
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got the rain to deal with in the meantime. later in the week sunny and warm by the weekend. futurecast, let's freeze it again to show you what's happening. 4 a.m. some especially heavy cells move through the bay area, but the small hours of the morning some stuff that could wake you up. by the mount the brunt of the rain has headed south over 17 toward the santa cruz mountains and in the south bay as well, but behind this front as per usual there will be pop up showers happening throughout the day tomorrow. so some rain, sun and clearing by the end of the day tomorrow. again, tuesday looks sunny. winter storm warnings are posted in the mountains, snow above 5,000 feet this time tomorrow night, up to a foot of snow above serve thousand feet. the heaviest snow is coming down monday morning and the winds could be gusting about 50 miles an hour, so long delays if you're headed towards the mountains. golden gate bridge, a little patina of rain there.
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rain will spread south tonight. cold, will by, wet early monday and clearing tuesday and dry the rest of the week. if you led for the hills, expect some snow. travel -- held for the hills, expect some snow. travel weather forecast shows thunderstorms towards eureka and mostly the northern half of the state will have a little shower activity tomorrow before drying up monday night and tuesday. temperatures baywide mostly in the low to mid-60s tomorrow. south bay tomorrow morning will have more of a messy commute than the north and central bay. that's where the front will have just exited and the road will be especially wet and there will be more rain activity there tomorrow morning than, for instance, here in the east bay where you'll get some pretty good rain coming down overnight, amounts .1-inch toho inch, probably not more than that except at the higher elevations.
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-- .1-inch to 1/2 inch, probably not more than that except at the higher elevations. extended forecast, tuesday through the weekend things get sunny and warmer by the time we get to friday, saturday and sunday, back into the mid-70s and it's the only rain on the horizon, but nevertheless it's not a bad look for the first time in a while. still to come dramatic new video of a whale rescue off the california coast and why it's happening so often lately. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on gameday, raiders nation got a halloween filled with treats. 49 earn fans, all you got -- 49er fans, all you got was a walk. >> and wayne walker's dramatic story about his life in the nfl. >> i got knocked out totally and went back in the same game. >> how wayne is now paying the
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price for playing a very violent game. gameday is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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th t -- will sur tonight rescuers are hopeful at least that a whale found tangled up in fishing lines off the southern california coast will, in fact, survive. >> the whale first got caught in the lines off the coast of la jolla. crews worked to untangle it
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friday, but it wasn't until yesterday when rescuers were able to finally help it break free. >> similar to the way a pusherman would pull in a big fish they pulled in a humpback whale. this whale i believe in the end knew we were there to help and allowed us to cut the gear free. >> the whale is on its open now, but there is still concern about the fishing line still stuck in its mouth. at least 50 whales have got caught up in fishing lines off the california coast this year. scientists say el nino is at least partly to blame. they say the whales are following their prey into the warmer waters closer to the coast. >> it all comes down to el nino. coming up what to do with all those leftover halloween pumpkins? well, if you have a crane, you can have a lot of wasteful fun. we'll show you in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"5, 4, 3, 2, 1... woooooo... boom!" now that halloween is over what can you do about that pumpkin? >> smash it, of course. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> wow, that's a terrible waste. a farm in michigan held its annual pumpkin destruction today. a crane sent one 350-pound gourd to its demise from 100 feet up. another wearing 1,000 pounds was launched into a pool of water. juliette said she could have
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made 100 pumpkin pies. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,


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