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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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working overtime, the rain falling pretty much overtime. some parts of the bay area could receive up 2.5" of rain. -- up to .5" of rain. >> the storm has stayed on track and kept its momentum. this is a bona fide storm. we're seeing over an inch of rain today in many locations in and around the bay area, and over a foot of snow at the highest elevations. this is the have is -- where the heaviest rainfall is occurring. this is the heaviest rain we will receive all day long. moving through petaluma, heading towards the golden gate bridge. we will zoom in on that right now. you can see the heavy precipitation around golden gate bridge heading toward the sunset strip -- district. huge raindrops on your rooftop at this particular time. we have already seen over a half-inch of rain through the
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tri-valley. temperatures in the 50s throughout the door -- throughout the area. than the rain begins to taper off by the lunch hour, scattered rain showers throughout the day and with the cooler air mass slipping in, temperatures in the 60s, we can see the possibility of a thunderstorm. we will look at all of that together as the storm cast continues. looking out for trouble for bay area commuters, this is fremont near 680. 10 -- kiet do live. >> yes they have the is off for now -- this is the scene right here in 680 in fremont just a little bit south of mission. it went from a steady rain to a shower to sprinkle so at least the worst of it appears to have moved past our location for now. check out this video shot by her very own roberto gonzalez in pleasanton around 2:00 15 this
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morning. some spots of the bay area supposed to get a half- inch or so. definitely looks like that happened here. we have crash on the bay bridge involving a semi truck. it's the first significant rain of the season so roads are slick. please be careful. steady rains falling, most of it rained pretty quickly with the dry ground sucking up that moisture no problem. so it looks like we've got more patchy rain coming up. we will monitor the situation and bring you the latest through our broadcast but for now live in fremont. how is the commute looking out there? >>we've got two or three major traffic alerts. two of them are in livermore. big accident on the westbound side of 580. multiple big rates actually may be involved in this wreck so
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three left lanes blocked until further notice. it will take some time to clear altamont road -- clear those. use alternate -- altamont road as a backup. it's just a crawl as you work your way through there. big accident there as well, three left lanes blocked off, hoping to get that cleared in the next the minutes. altamont pass to 680, traffic improves as you work your way through. possibly a new accident just reported. let's take a look at the big rig accident on the bay bridge eastbound red for treasure island. and oil spill has lanes shut down until further notice. on the flip side was company bridge still doing okay but new reports of an accident on the freeway right at 780. looks like a vehicle spun out. now blocking things. and you might skip the roadways and use mass transit.
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if you're trying to avoid delays -- use the train. two students were killed in a weekend car crash. the crash happened yesterday morning on franklin canyon road near martinez. kpix 5 live in pleasant hill with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: it will be a hard day for the students and that is why the grief counselors will be here on hand for the students who lost two of their friends. it was late on halloween night around 3:00 the morning when a 16-year-old driver and the sole survivor of the crash told investigators she fell asleep at the wheel as she was driving on the road near martinez. the car slammed into a tree, killing lauren smith and marley heinz. the driver's name isn't being released but she is suffering in the hospital with major injuries. >> the last thing she remembers was being at 60 miles per hour. so with no breaking --
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>> reporter: yesterday friends visited the crash site in last night a local church honor the lives that were cut far too short. those who knew the girls say the three were the very best of friends. of course the crash is under investigation but at this time chp officials do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. lies in pleasant hill, i am jackie warren kpix 5. jury selection beginning for a chinatown later -- leader . the trial was delayed because his main lawyer was involved in an unrelated murder case. the jury selection process is expected to take two days, with the trail getting underway on november 9. he faces racketeering charges, conspiracy to solicit murder and dozens of counts of money laundering. former san francisco mayor going to have quadruple bypass surgery. he has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. you will have surgery in ohio as soon as it can be scheduled. doctors say the prognosis is
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good. in recent years he has been a harsh critic of mayor emily. five days later -- the hits keep on coming. the outrage between the republican national committee -- >> i was very disappointed in the moderator. >> i think it was one gotcha questions or personal low blow after another. >> those words from rnc chairman priebus after the debate. the rnc pulled out of cnbc's republican debate scheduled for february and the campaigns coming together sunday to draft a list of demands for future debates. convened by ben carson's campaign manager barry bennett, the 14 campaigns sought greater control -- sought greater control in setting the parameters for the debate. >> i think they all should have
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a chance to speak. >> reporter: in a sign of dissatisfaction with the republican national committee the campaign specifically did not include the rnc in sunday's meeting. instead they invited republican lawyer and the negotiator than ginsburg as an impartial facilitator. >> after the meeting these demands emerged: a two hour time limit, 30 seconds for opening and closing statements and speaking time for each candidate. and if those demands are meant, something -- met, something of a failed threat to cut the media out of the park -- process. facebook, twitter, google, they could all host a debate. >> a new mental health program, laura's law assists outpatient treatment for court-ordered mental health care. the mayor
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called it an option for family members to help severely ill relatives. a beach vacation takes a terrifying turn when a woman is attacked by a sharp. how witnesses described her fight in the water. and let's take a live look: the golden gate bridge. it is wet. roberta has you covered in here she is. >> looking at our live high death doppler radar -- high definition doppler radar. i will tell you how long it takes to get to work. are heaviest rain is pushing to the bay area right now. i will tell you just how much rain you can expect. ,,,,,,
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good morning, it is a wet monday. it is a nasty morning commute. the heaviest rain showers moving to the bay area right now. all the way through menlo park. take a look at 101, that some heavy rainfall. over a half-inch of rain over the livermore area. san francisco is getting doused. we have the complete forecast in minutes. a shark attack off the beach in florida. as cbs news dawn champion reports,
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witnesses helped save the woman's life. >> video shows the frightening one -- moments after a 28 world was bitten by a shark on sunday. it is a moment her mother -- her mother wanda won't soon forget. >> we were there 10 minutes. >> the family vacationing from colorado had just gotten to cocoa beach when it happened. ali peterson was in the water and helped rescue joe. >> i looked over at her and she said somebody help me and i saw the film come up and slap in the face. she said it got me so i dragged her hand -- grabbed her hand and dragged her after -- back to the shore. >> joe was bitten in the calf and is now recovering in the hospital. witnesses put pressure on the wound until help arrived. >> she is just hurting. it will take a while for her to heal, but we're just so blessed to have her. >> family members say she got stitches and may have to undergo surgery on the area
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where the shark bit her. dawn champion, cbs news. if that doesn't freak you out we have vacation inspiration for you. starting today another airline is offering service between the bay area and hawaii. the first flight from san francisco to honolulu is set for later this morning. they are set for maui next month. and right now that sounds just about right because we're going to take you outside, highway 680 in fremont where the rain is coming down a little bit and will be most of the morning. some of the highways are bit of a mess. let's check in with jana and get the commuter -- gianna and get the commuter update. >> we will have an update on the traffic alerts. as you work your way through the dublin interchange eastbound 580 -- 680 just getting onto 580 there, you can see flashing lights on the right-hand side of the screen. a brand-new accident blocking the right lane causing a backup
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in that area. westbound we have delays anyway. two separate traffic alerts. first of all westbound 580 right at greenville, they have completely shut down all leads to hear to upgrade a big rig that overturned. several accidents happening one involving a big rig. that is causing the delays there. again they shut down all lanes until the get that done. so what that means is you are really starting to see a big backup. it was already dipping into the seven mile-per-hour range. westbound backed up all the way to trace. to a five has been delays there. on the eastbound side of altamont, we have an accident with a big rig that hit another vehicle, three lanes blocked there. so 50 minutes, westbound 580 altamont pass. drive times out toward the bay bridge as you work your way westbound toward the toll plaza on the flip side, we have an accident eastbound. they did move that out of the lanes. we have report of an oil spill their. they still have three
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lanes blocked their until the get that clear. another accident reported, this one on the east shore freeway right at 780. also blocking lanes. we're starting to see delays building. very busy out there. let's get an update on the rain. >> good morning everyone. i am moving very quickly this morning we have are weather watchers and every person has been reporting rainfall around the area. oh, we don't want to go to that anyway. this happens when you have showers in and around the bay area. this is our live high death doppler radar -- high-def doppler radar. this happens to be of highway 101 moving out of the area as you make tracks toward the golden gate bridge, extremely messy out there with heavy downpours. we have this frontal boundary pushing to the bay area. this is where we will see the heaviest purchase -- precipitation around the bay area.
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we have the pocket of heavy rain. you can anticipate delays. rain right now across the bay area. looks like for the most part temperatures in the 50s. wins have been increasing out of the northwest and expect occasional guests up to -- gusts up to 30 miles per hour. the heaviest rain is occurring right now. so we have a very slick roadway and the possibility of hydroplaning. on the backside of this, -- front which should be around 10:00, we see showers moving and then with the instability of the atmosphere, we could see that thunderstorm pop at any point of the day. winds will increase with the passage of this front with highs under 70 everywhere. so we have this cold front generated out of the gulf of alaska. it's a snow maker as well. but first let's talk about the rain. or future cast clearly illustrates were on the backside by about 11 a clock in the morning.
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but then it's hit and miss scattered showers and again with the cooler air mass that will befuddling in, we can't rule out the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. all right. how much rain to expect? 1.5" across the valley where we have already seen up to .5". winter storm warning -- it is in effect above 6200 feet about 1" to 3" of snow and lake level. 7000 feet, 4 to 7 inches. that's a whole lot of powder all at once. temperatures today into the 60s. northwest breeze up to 20 with gusts up to 30. there you have a rain event today followed by high pressure building in on tuesday and then we will keep you in that seasonal weather pattern through the weekend. first major rainfall of this in season game. >> okay roberta and as roberta
5:18 am
mentioned the weather is quickly changing to snow at some higher elevations of the sierra this morning. >> sean bennett has a closer look from donner summit. >> how quickly conditions can change. it went from brain to snow at the snap of a finger. about 15 minutes and it all change. take a look at this at donner summit which is just over 7200 feet. if you are making your way up to the bay area this morning, currently no chain control in effect, just lots of rain in effect and snow as you make your way to the highest points of the summit. you see this is the eastbound side of a -- i-80. wind pushing the snow sideways right now. they are out with their plows on the eastbound side, making sure that the snow -- they plow the roads to make -- keep the roads clear as it starts to accumulate. be advised, take it easy, carry those chains. as they say, wet
5:19 am
conditions turning into snow appear. at donner summit, sean bennett kpix 5. >> sean thank you. today people across the bay area will be celebrating a big tradition in mexican culture. the festival is planned for deity lows were close, -- dia de los muertos is a tradition dedicated to honoring lost loved ones and the cycle of life and death. they celebrate with sugar skulls, marigolds and other items to celebrate those who have passed away. hundreds of tickets to an nfl game arrive in a man's home but did he pay for them? -- he didn't pay for them. why he still has the legal right to them. >> and the 49ers win their first road game of the season. and the raiders face one of their biggest tests and the chance to climb above 500 into
5:20 am
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it's a messy monday morning, let's get you updated on these two accidents. always remain shut down as the upright ape the great. delays beyond mountain house. on the flipside, eastbound 580 all lanes open. delays are thinning out there. a new record reported. -- a new car wreck reported we will have more details coming up. he got a certified ticket from the rams and inside, hundreds of tickets to a december game that he never bought. >> my wife pulled out her cell phone and calculator app and said that's over $25,000. >> the federal trade commission says if you receive merchandise you didn't order, you still have the legal right to keep it but he returned the tickets to the rams. team officials have not explained how the mistake happened. good morning everybody and good morning reader nation.
5:24 am
it may be time to start thinking playoffs. if the season ended this morning, oakland would be in the playoffs as the wild-card. quarterback ryan fitzpatrick -- the jets lost coach ryan for pet -- fitzpatrick on the opening injury. 59 yard touchdown, carson four touchdowns yesterday. the raiders one and are now -- won and are now 4-3. 2nd quarter san francisco leading but not anymore. 49ers were awful and lose 27-6. how about world series game five? royals tied the match in the top of the ninth. the game went to the 12th when the royals christian cologne -- gave kc the lead. they would score former runs in the inning. they won the game 7-2 to win
5:25 am
their second championship in history and their first since reagan nation. we will find out more on reggie bush, how serious was that injury? and where to san francisco go from here? as for the raiders -- looking good as they had now to pittsburgh to try to make it 5- 3. see you tonight. >> thank you dennis. play of the day -- maybe the game of the day -- giants in new orleans, one of the widest -- wildest games you've watched. >> looks like a good catch. tucker -- to the end zone. touchdown! >> take a look, the flea flicker helped the saints to a 52-49 when at home. the combined score was the third highest in our -- nacelle history.
5:26 am
drew brees through for a career- best 511 yards and seven touchdowns. eli manning no slouch either, with six touchdown passes. if you had either of your cornerbacks on your fantasy team, guess what, you won too. >> it is 5:26. today, and historic moment for a sotelo a silicon valley tech giant. how the hewlett-packard split will impact sales. and we are live in fremont, the rain is falling all over the bay area. live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> overnight storms intensify, creating havoc on bay area
5:30 am
roads. the impact it is having on the morning commute. >> it sure is a messy monday morning commute. i will have the traffic trouble spots in just a few minutes. >> from the kpix 5 weather center it is live in high-def doppler radar. i will show you where it is raining the hardest. >> good morning everybody is monday, november 2. >> i am in -- in for michelle this morning. let's take a look at the high- def doppler. the rain has been falling overnight and this is where we are. you can see plenty of patches of yellow and even orange. roberta, you have been tracking this for some time now. we could get up to what. .5"? >>we got a storm. >> i've got to tell you something, i am learning that i'm rusty on this because i'm operating six different systems right now. it's like you can't catch up fast enough. >> it's been what 11 months? >> good morning everybody it is live, it's our high-def doppler
5:31 am
radar. this is it. you see the patches of yellow -- that's a pretty moderate -- pretty good downpour. race orange, it is just dumping? >>is that an official weather word? >>it is. you can see we have they have is purchase -- precipitation although we in towards richmond . we have very heavy rain as you approach the golden gate bridge. as we zoom in, you have it from waldo into chinatown. pretty moderate to heavy rain. east bay has already seen over .5" of rain in throughout the pleasanton area. also 680 heading out of pleasanton over the -- rain showers right now according to our live weather camera, looking out towards the bay bridge camera. you can just hear the rain pounding against the windows. temperatures are in the 50s. we will have's body afternoon showers. the heaviest rain right now
5:32 am
still about 9:00. we will talk about more accumulation. franken ann. >> -- frank and ann. >> thank you. the barometer -- >> yes, the hooded sweatshirt is back on. don't curse the rain in the middle the drought. but again falling steadily back here in fremont. check out the scene here, this is at 680. northbound going just before mission boulevard. and yes we've got decent rain out here. it looks like the worst of it has moved through the steady rain has picked up. we've got video of a crash on 580 westbound. a big rig flopped over on its side on the downhill stretch of road. at first all rains were blocked, -- all lanes were blocked. a
5:33 am
big thanks to roberta for this video, this is an pleasanton right around 2:00 15 this morning. some spots of the bay area getting a half inch. now we are getting reports of an inch of its relation or more. a significant crash on the bay bridge in for -- and this is the first significant rain of the season so roads are slick out there. and this is the 3:00 to 4:00 hour, steady rain falling for much of that our. a lot of it trained up quickly in the dry -- and the dry parched ground sucked up that moisture no problem. looks like more patchy rain coming up, slowed down -- slowing down the morning commute. live in fremont, kiet do kpix 5. it has been messy. >> it sure has been in we will go back after 580 near greenville. we have live look it conditions there and as kiet just mentioned, at least one lane
5:34 am
of people squeezing through there. a crash involving a couple of big rigs, one on its side. they are working to upgrade the big reagan certainly -- all lanes completely shut down on the side of i-80. you can see a big backup on our -- all the way back into tracy. mountain house to 205. give yourself extra time. that may help. on the flipside, right at 680 that accident still stuck in the right lane. getting word of delays. i will have that in just a few minutes. it will be a very tough day at a high school in pleasant hill. two students died, and a third is badly hurt after a car accident yesterday morning. that was on franklin county rd. in martinez. kpix 5 jackie warren is live at the school. good morning jackie. >> reporter: good morning ann. in just a few morning -- hours students will begin to come to
5:35 am
class dealing with sadness after losing two of their classmates over the weekend. it was halloween night around 3:00 the morning when the driver , the 16-year-old driver and soul survivor told investigators she fell asleep at the wheel as she was driving on franklin canyon road near martinez. it killed teams teenagers lauren -- lori smith and marley. friends of the girls say the tragedy of all of this is still sinking in. >> i just can't believe that i'm never going to see her again. i just talked to her. >> yesterday friends visited the crash site. last night a local church honored the lives that were cut far too short. those who knew the three girls said they were all the very best of friends. right now chp is still investigating the crash, but don't believe that alcohol or drugs played a factor in this. in pleasant hill, jackie warren kpix 5. wreckage of the cargo ship
5:36 am
found -- may have been found. the national transportation safety board says it appears to of landed upright on the ocean floor. investigators are using sonar, so they are still waiting confirmation that the wreckage found is the el faro, which went down with 33 crew members on board. more questions are being raised today about the crash of a russian airliner in egypt. and airline officials is only something slamming into the plane could have caused the disaster and they are ruling out technical issues. or pilot error at this point. the emergency situation ministers says he examined both black boxes and they are in good condition. saturday's crash killed all 224 people on board. police are investigating what caused post halloween chaos near uc berkeley's fraternity row. up to 4000 people spilled out onto the streets early yesterday morning. some people say crowds formed after police shut down campus halloween parties. there were reports of fights and property damage as you can see there.
5:37 am
three people were arrested. one of the silicon valley's legendary companies is putting into two. hewlett-packard decided to split months ago becoming more competitive. hp incorporated will focus on personal computers and printers, while hp data enterprise will focus on data center technology. 60,000 workers are being removed they should are being moved to new locations. sun city spinoff company could produce more than $50 billion in sales. mixture alone. starting this morning each will treat separately on the new york stock exchange. >> tickets today begin a new month of trading on the stock market. >> jill wagner has more on that and on self driving cars. good morning jill. >> good morning. we will see the market can keep up on -- october's momentum. on friday a down day, the dow fell 92 points. the nasdaq fell 20. google and other companies that
5:38 am
make self driving cars say they are safer but researchers at the university of michigan found that they can produce up to five times as many accidents as regular once. in fairness though researchers say they only looked at a tiny pool of vehicles. and you know those annoying robo calls, well, they seem to be coming to your cell phone. provision in the federal budget let's auto dials -- autodial debt collection calls through on cell phones. only on debt owned or guaranteed by the federal government. that would mean for things like student loans, mortgages and taxes. frank and ann. >> what i say is you just say never mind if you don't recognize the number. >> don't hit ignore, right? >>we see things like coupons and online deals but it turns out america is still using those old-school paper coupons. >> that's right a new survey
5:39 am
from credit finds that 85% of people still use paper coupons from newspaper flyers and mailings. 18-24-year-olds even say they are twice as likely to use paper coupons as online discount codes and other online coupons. frank and ann. >> if you can save a buck, why not? >>hard to argue with. jill wagner, thank you. it's 5:39, dramatic rescue video for whale off the coast. we will talk about why it's happening so often. coming up. and traffic is moving, but plenty of water on the roadway. we will keep you up-to-date on all the traffic conditions and the rain that keeps coming down. we will be right back. ,,
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it's live in high-def doppler radar is just lives -- lit up this morning. right now, this happens to be from the santa teresa -- santa rosa area. rain moving all the way into chinatown but if you're making tracks toward the goal to break -- golden gate bridge, give yourself extra time. heavy rain now across the peninsula. east bay has plenty of heavy rain and we have cloud cover in the 50s. >> >> a whale had to be freed from fishing line over the weekend. the wheel first got caught up in the lines of the coast of la jolla. crews began entangling it on friday but it wasn't until saturday until it finally broke free. the whale is on its own now but there is concerned as to whether it will survive because the fishing line is still stuck in its mouth. >> similar to the way a
5:43 am
fisherman would pulling a big fish, they pulled in a humpback whale. this will i believe in the end knew were there to help and it allowed us to cut the gear free. >> since january at least 50 whales have been caught up in fishing lines across the -- off the coastline of california. the food they eat is being drawn closer to the shore because of the warmer ocean temperatures as a result of el niño. it may be an off year for elections but there is a hotly contested race in san francisco. kpix 5 joe vasquez reports on the seat for city supervisor. >> from one building to the next people have different feelings and they are very intense. >> the race for district 3 city supervisor is white-hot. >> for supporters of the challenger, the race is about providing a voice against tech money, bigger buildings and the displacement of renters. >> people want to make sure they can continue to live in a place that their kids can afford
5:44 am
. and that they are not just a town that is controlled by a handful of tech billionaires. >> it's about whether or not the big money from out of town can come in and tell us about the quality of our lives. >> i think that is a little overblown. >> for supporters of julie christiansen, it's not about demonizing developers. >> instead of denying the fact that growth is happening we need to find ways to work to accommodate the growth. >> christiansen tells me the race has less to do with fighting for the city's sole and is more about the character of her opponents. >> he has a reputation for kind of being muscle. for being a hammer. erin has -- aaron peskin has the idea that he will pound on the table and get what he wants. they want to know the person who represents them there is fair and honest and respectful. >> this is a fight between change versus more of the same. >> political analyst alex clemens says the character of
5:45 am
the race depends on whether you feel the city is serving you well right now for leaving you behind. >> that can always be put forward as a struggle for the city but that is usually the folks that are feeling left behind as they try to get traction with the other voters. >> joe vasquez kpix 5. >> and this is also the most expensive race ever for a seat on the san francisco board of supervisors. and there are other hot button issues as well. propositioned the would raise -- propositioned d would develop 28 acres of parking lots to be replaced with high-rise buildings, affordable housing and public parks. prop f would limit short-term home rentals to just 75 days per year. it would also require regular reports on how it unit is being used. supporters say short-term rentals are worsening the housing crunch in the city. opponents say prop f would hurt
5:46 am
people who rely on rental income. there is also a close race for sheriff in san francisco. last month a kpix 5 poll showed incumbent ross mirkarimi trailing vicki hennessy. she is a 30 year department veteran and has served as interim sheriff when ross mirkarimi was suspended . >> taking a live look in alameda county were an overturned big break is causing the trouble. this is westbound 580 near greenville this is westbound 580 near greenville rd. no word on the exact cause of the crash but it certainly is not helping the situation. >> gianna has a busy day. roberta has a busy day. >> when that accident happened we were having the severe downpour in the eastern portion of our bay area. it is remarkable because we have already seen up to 6/10 of an inch of rain this morning alone. and where we are seeing ponding in hydroplaning, that has to be problematic for you today. >> especially 580, for the morning drive you can see where we get more cars out there, the delays. it is really causing a big
5:47 am
mess. let's go back out to that area. westbound 580 at greenville. they are letting cars through on the shoulder. they are trying to operate one of the big rigs involved in the accident. that's causing a bit of a backup and i will tell you how bad on our maps right now. you can see westbound eight miles per hour. fact all the way to trace. you want to use altamont road as an alternate or eight. or avoid the freeways altogether. once you get past that things are a little slow heading toward the interchange. eastbound 580, right at 680. that accident at greenville. another accident at the shoulder. i will take you to the bay bridge now. westbound 580 parking -- you can see traffic backed up a bit but not as bad. a couple of accidents on the commute toward the bay bridge. one of them is northbound 880.
5:48 am
lanes are blocked through there. causing delays in that area. also westbound eastern freeway, eastbound -- a couple delays on 580 also westbound near 780, look at the backup there. traffic very slow. good news though on the lower section of the bay bridge, everything is cleared. on the eastbound side -- side -- things have now been mopped up in traffic is looking okay there. we do have a report of delays. boy it is wet out there roberta. if you have the luxury estate home until after 1:00 in the morning, that is advisable. the heaviest rain is pounding the area -- right now. it's live, it's high-def doppler radar. it is all it up. when you see the areas of yellow, that signifies really a moderate downpour. when you see the areas of orange that is heavy precipitation and we're seeing that in the north bay. all across the bay bridge into
5:49 am
chinatown. also into the san bernardino area. east bay you too. have seen some very heavy rain. look at the pockets though. boy, that is severe rain falling at this time. just around the 580 and 680. and the eastern portion of the bay area. rain has fallen in san francisco under mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s. winds will increase. with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. heaviest rain right now tapering off towards lunch hour and then spotty rain showers during the day with the possibility of a thunderstorm due to a cool hermas that will filter into the bay area with the passage of this front. you have to keep in mind, this generated out of the gulf coast of alexa as it slices in the southerly direction. we also have the rain the snow the higher elevation of the tahoe area. right now here is your time -- lunch hour, still a spot a shower with heavy downpours that this continues to saguenay southerly direction.
5:50 am
again chance of a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours but you can put the umbrella so we for the most part after the lunch hour. we have already seen over one half of an inch. but could see up to 1.5" east bay and south bay has been hit the hardest so far. we have snow up to 3". at seven -- 7000 feet, could see even more snow than that. we've got the rain. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. lots of sunshine from tomorrow through the weekend. be careful and please drive safely. >> okay thank you. it is 5:50. tens of thousands of runners hitting the streets yesterday 40 45th annual new york city marathon. there is the winner right there. both winners out of can you. mary khatami took the women's title for the second straight year.
5:51 am
you may have an old pumpkin from halloween left over. here is one way to get rid of it . >> [ cheering and applause ][ laughter ]the department of michigan holding its annual pumpkin destruction day, one 350 pound court dropped -- word dropped from a crane and dumped into a pool of water. >> that's a lot of hype [ laughter ] >> we will be right back. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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good morning, as you take a look at your tv, this is one of the hardest hit areas, golden the ridge area toward chinatown. the complete forecast minutes away. and checking your roadways right now, we have trouble spots along the 580 as you work your way westbound for a traffic alert. always still blocked at greenville. northbound 880. lanes blocked there as well and
5:55 am
you can see the bay bridge also backed up westbound as you work your way on the east shore commute. all that coming up. police are investigating whether a driver had a seizure before plowing into a group of trick-or-treaters. it happened in the bronx saturday night, killing -- three people including a 10- year-old girl. families were celebrating halloween. the crash also killed -- two men one in -- one who was a grandfather. the new plan for the stadium is expected to be unveiled. the group also has its eye on la but inside sources say of the three teams looking to relocate in the la area are -- the raiders are coming in last place so they may have no better option to -- than to stay put in oakland. >> the raiders could be blocked from going to los angeles and then definitely i could see a good deal happening. >> the rams and chargers are the other teams wanting to move
5:56 am
to la. after the by the got approval. the earliest back happen is january. >> and they will vote soon on whether to certify an environmental impact report. it calls for the creation of the transportation improvement fund along with two new parking lots and a light rail platform near the proposed new venue for the warriors arena. they hope it will open in time for the 2018-2019 nba season. 5:56 in the area. a community still trying to process the loss of two students killed in a horrific crash. i am kiet do, were live in fremont with the first significant rain of the season falling as we speak. we have live report coming up. ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news . good morning everyone it is monday. it is a wet monday.
6:00 am
november 2. i am frank mallicoat. >> we have been tracking the rain. a bit of a messy commute this monday morning. >> all over the bay area, this is westbound 580 all over the bay area, this is westbound 580 near greenville rd. they have the westbound lanes shut down for now. we will get to traffic in just a minute but first let's go to roberta gonzales who is tracking our first big storm. finally? >>finally. if you have the luxury of staying home until about 9:00 it would be so advantageous and advisable because the heaviest rain is pushing through the bay area right now. our live high-def doppler radar is all lit up. when you see the areas of yellow that is moderate rainfall. the orange is heavy downpours and we have seen significant rainfall as a direct result of elvis heavy rain. in fact so far san jose has picked up 6/10 of an inch of rain. we have seen more than that in danville and pleto


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