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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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monday. it is a wet monday. november 2. i am frank mallicoat. >> we have been tracking the rain. a bit of a messy commute this monday morning. >> all over the bay area, this is westbound 580 all over the bay area, this is westbound 580 near greenville rd. they have the westbound lanes shut down for now. we will get to traffic in just a minute but first let's go to roberta gonzales who is tracking our first big storm. finally? >>finally. if you have the luxury of staying home until about 9:00 it would be so advantageous and advisable because the heaviest rain is pushing through the bay area right now. our live high-def doppler radar is all lit up. when you see the areas of yellow that is moderate rainfall. the orange is heavy downpours and we have seen significant rainfall as a direct result of elvis heavy rain. in fact so far san jose has picked up 6/10 of an inch of rain. we have seen more than that in danville and pleasanton as well.
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right now the north bay is getting slammed with moderate to heavy rain, as is the east bay. again right you that 580, 680 quarter. a pocket of heavy rain pushing in within a minute -- within minutes. in the san jose area we have pretty light to moderate rainfall. look at the helm of rock area as well. temperatures in the 50s. with the passage of this front, a lot of instability so we cannot rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm. you'll still have some spotty scattered showers with temperatures under 70 degrees. we will tally this all up and tell you how much rain has fallen so far. snow in tahoe. just minutes away. crews are keeping an eye on the wet and busy commute. kiet, how are things looking out there? >> yes it is raining off and on. here it is. rainfall again in fremont.
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the morning commute looking pretty good right now. 680 northbound -- we had steady rain overnight. that has turned into a shower and now it is kind of a splotchy sprinkle if you will. so it looks like the worst of it has moved past our location. at least for now. westbound 580 just before grant -- greenville, a big returned on its side. at first all lanes are blocked but it looks like they have traffic creeping by in the shoulder for now. we have video from frank mallicoat -- 2:15 right now. some spots of the bay area were supposed to get a half inch or more and not certainly happened. on the bay bridge, footage of a significant crash involving a semi truck. this is the first significant rain of the season so roads are slick out there and this was the scene in the 3:00 to 4:00 our. steady rain falling while streets were mostly empty. a lot of it dried up quickly as the ground sucked up the
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moisture no problem. all in usual -- all the usual flooding. patches of rain coming up, slowing down that morning commute. live in fremont, kiet do kpix 5 let's get more on the floppy roads. >> yes definitely a busy ride as you work your way through livermore. we have new trouble spot along 880 but the good news is, north 80 and 980, a traffic alert was issued but now law -- all lanes are open. just past that, a second accident reported at grand but that is also in the clearing stages. still a big backup. once you get past the mess, it's actually kind of light. conditions as you get toward the toll plaza looking a little better than normal for a monday morning commute. coming up the east shore freeway, that accident at 780 has now been cleared. let's get you updated on the traffic on westbound 580 at greenville.
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chp has opened one lane so you are squeaking by on the right shoulder and in the right lane, but again traffic is a nightmare. you're backed up all the way through there. in fact [ inaudible ] that's on time this morning but again westbound 580 at greenville, only the right lanes remain open. i will get you reports of a new accident, two lanes blocked to make north -- heading north. this is where we're getting a lot of rain so we may see a few extra delays or trouble spots in and around this area. once you get past their, you have to rainy conditions but traffic is light from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza. lookout for the accident on san pedro. and westbound highway 4, coming out from the antioch bridge, coming up back to --
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and back to guys. jury selection begins today for the chinatown later chow. it was delayed by a week because his main lawyer was involved in an unrelated murder case. the jury selection process is expected to take two days with the trial getting underway november 9. he faces racketeering charges, ask -- conspiracy to commit murder and dozens of counts of money laundering. tomorrow is election day. in san francisco the election includes proposition d, that would raise building height limits in the mission bay area. that's for the giants want to develop some property. 28 acres of parking lots would be replaced with parking lots -- would be replaced with public parks and housing. and proposition f would limit short-term home rental to 75 days a year and require regular reports of how units are being used.
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opponents say prop f would hurt people who rely on rental income. and there is a highly contested race for sheriff in san francisco. last month a kpix 5 poll showed ross mirkarimi trailing vicki hennessy. she is a 30 year department veteran. she also served as interim sheriff when ross mirkarimi was suspended over a domestic violence charge. counselors will be on hand at pleasantville high school after a week and accident claimed the lives of two students. the accident happened yesterday morning on franklin county rd. near martinez. kpix 5 jackie ward is life with more on that story. good morning. good morning frank. it's anticipated to be a very sad morning here in pleasant hill. were students are -- where students are trying to overcome grief over losing two fascinates. the 16-year-old driver and soul survivor tells investigators
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she fell asleep at the wheel as she was driving on site -- franklin county rd. near martinez. the car slammed into a tree, killing teenagers marlee smith -- laura smith and marlee heintz. driver's name has not been released. she is suffering major injuries. the last thing she remembers was being at 60 miles per hour. >> yesterday friends visited the crash site and last night a local church honored the lives that were cut far too short. those who knew the girl say that the three of them were the very best of friends. of course chp officials are investigating this crash but right now they say alcohol and drugs were not a factor. in pleasant hill. jackie warren, kpix 5 . mayor agnos will have quadruple bypass surgery. he will have surgery in ohio. as soon as it can be scheduled . doctors say the prognosis for him is very good. in recent years, agnos has been a harsh critic of mayor ed
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lee. he is packing supervisor aaron peskin. moore's law allows for outpatient treatment for court- ordered mental health care. mayor -- mayor ed lee calls it another option for those hoping severe -- severely mentally ill relatives. and they will be celebrating a tradition in mexico -- mexican culture. a procession and festival of alters is planned for dia de los muertos also known as day of the dead. the colombian tradition is dedicated to remembering lost loved ones and offer -- honoring the cycle of life and death. it starts at four clock in garfield park. baseball season is over. the royals are the world series champions for the first time in three decades. [ cheering and applause ] it's fun but i have to tell you that campaign hurts the ice. you've got to have goggles.
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-- that champagne hurts the eyes . you have to have goggles. they came back and took game five in new york. we will have highlights later in this morning's sports section. >> we know how that feels. >> yes we've won three times in the last five years. >> was it mechanical failure or something sinister? the latest on a commercial plane crash in egypt. and halloween celebrations get out of control in uc berkeley. how they attempt to keep things under control. and from the very busy weather center, we have our first storm of the season and we will track it together. and that storm causing big problems on the roadways. your big trouble spots coming right up. >> closed captioning sponsored by mercedes-benz of san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone. your time check now is six deck 12. -- 6:12. you can expect the heaviest rain falling right now in and around the bay area. we will fire up our life high- def doppler radar and show you when the rain should without. okay roberta, thank you for that. actor and former us senator. fred thompson has died . the tennessee republican served in the u.s. senate in -- from 1994 to to -- to 2003. he ended his run in the senate in 2007. his family says he died in nashville yesterday after a recurrence of friends -- of lymphoma. he was 73. this morning us intelligence sources say it is not likely that a missile or rocket propelled grenade brought down a russian jetliner over egypt, but they are not ruling out a
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bomb on board the plane. don champion has the latest on the investigation. the bodies of victims of the russian metro get crash in egypt were flown to st. petersburg this morning. russian officials say flight 9268 broke apart 23 minutes after takeoff saturday over the sinai peninsula, killing all 224 people on board. at a news conference today, an official from the airline says there was no distress call before the crash, a direct contradiction of egypt report that the crew reported technical problems and wanted to land at the nearest airport. metro get also says only an external impact could have caused the crash, but would not give details. raising even more questions into what happened to the airliner. as a precaution a growing number of airliners, including lufthansa, is avoiding airspace
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near the crash. >> we don't know what happened and as long as that's the case it's a -- it's prudent to avoid the area. >> reporter: the wreckage is spread over 6 mi.2. they said the black boxes have been examined and are in good condition. >> analysis of the black box recorders and a thorough recovery an examination of debris could take a month or more. police are looking into what led to a post how the malay near use -- uc berkeley's fraternity road. -- fraternity row. 4000 people spilled onto the streets. social media users claiming -- clinic routes formed after campus parties were shut down. three people were arrested. one of silicon valley's pioneering companies is splitting into two palo alto- based hewlett-packard decided to split in an effort to be more competitive. they will focus on pcs and printers while hewitt packard enterprise will focus on data technology. worldwide about
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60,000 workers are being moved to new locations. some analysts estimate each spinoff company could produce more than $50 billion in sales next year. when the opening bell rings, each company will trade separately on the new york stock exchange today. starting today another airline is offering service between the bay area and hawaii. the first flight from san francisco to honolulu is set for later this morning. the carrier plans to add service to now we next month. book away. >> that's an inspiration. [ laughter ] >> i have to say i am blessed with a wealth of friends but i have to put it out there -- you don't need me -- you don't need to text me to tell me it's raining. i know. [ laughter ] >> you have been tracking the storm since friday and he's got it spot on. >> they don't always come this way but this one has been right on track.
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we underestimated the rain though because the estimated nearly an inch of rain in many cases. just as it started raining this morning alone, so we will have those totals for you coming up. i'm going to get you to work safe and sound. let's get a live look at conditions westbound near greenville, we got the big rig accident we've been monitoring all morning long. it is a traffic alert. crews are still trying to operate -- upright and overturned the grid. things are backed up all the way to trace. -- trace -- right now you are probably best if you wait a little bit. saying at least 7:00 until lanes are open. elsewhere once you get past the mess you will see some delays at the dublin interchange. the rest of the area, hotspots along the 101 to the north bay as well as the short freeway. let's get a look at conditions here. southbound 101, 2 left lane.
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still blocked for an -- accident. once you get past that traffic moving okay. but it is pretty slick. give yourself a few extra minutes. we had an earlier trouble spot right at 980, all the read here -- they can see 580 as well, very still. once you get past that though, it's okay as you make your way to the topaz -- plaza. it's backed up a little bit but not as bad as usual. and pretty busy to antioch. and northbound to 80 at guadalupe parquet -- parkway. heaviest rain moving through the area right now. all associated with the front -- front. according to our live high-def doppler radar when you see the shade of yellow, that's a moderate downpour. orange is heavy rain and we have seen that all morning long.
6:19 am
in the north bay. right now the heaviest pressure -- precipitation is along highway 101 as you make tracks toward the cold gate bridge and then once you get off the golden gate bridge it is pouring in san francisco. southbound san francisco has the heavy rainfall as well as millbrae. just heard from rich word -- richard in west broo. so far we have picked up over 6/10 of an inch of rain in the pleasanton area alone. it is raining in san francisco. it is cloudy and we do have some areas of fog. temperatures holding steady in the -- and winds have been light but they are going to increase up to 20, some gusts up to 30 miles per hour especially along coastal areas and that is when this front passes, which should be run on a clock or 10:00. so behind that front, spotty showers and then a lot of cool area -- so that's when we have
6:20 am
the possibility [ inaudible ] we see a full inch in the mount st. helena area and around the coast up to a half- inch in some locations. winter storm warning in effect for up to a foot of snow above 8000 feet. we're losing two minutes and seven seconds off of our daylight hours. not much daylight, in the 50s and 60s for the most part. lots of sunshine from tuesday through the weekend. be safe on the roadways. time now 6:20.
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they will head to the polls tomorrow. why one race is being billed as a fight for the heart and soul of san francisco. coming your way.
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f-l games this season. good morning everybody, and good morning raider nation. it may be time to start thinking playoffs. as the season -- if the season ended this morning oakland would be in the playoffs as a wildcard. the jets lost rain for -- fitzpatrick to a thumb injury but the raiders --. carr had the hot hand. -- derek carr had the hot hand. carson with for touchdowns -- four touchdowns but the raiders are now four and three in the driver seat.
6:25 am
bush injured his knee when he slipped in st. louis. they say he may have torn his acl. we will have more on that tonight. i can do quarter, san francisco leading three to to but not -- to 2 but they are awful and lose 27-6. how about world series game five. the royals tied the series -- the game in the top of the ninth. christian:, his first at-bat of the playoffs, gave tacy the lead. they would score 4 more in the inning and win 7-2 to win their second win -- world series in franchise history and the first since the reagan administration. of course the 49ers will have a news conference this afternoon as they typically do. we will find out more about reggie bush, how serious was that injury, and were just san francisco go from here? as for the raiders, looking good as they had from pittsburgh to try to make it five and three.
6:26 am
and we have giants, new orleans, and one of the wildest games of the season. >> we certainly thought it looked like a good catch. back to brees -- to the end zone -- willie sneed touchdown. >> they did that a lot. a little flea flicker helps the saints to the 52-49 when, the combined third-highest score in history. drew brees through for a career- best seven -- seven touchdowns and 511 yards. eli manning had six touchdown pass -- passes. if either of those cornerbacks was on your team, you one. -- you won. republican contenders still fuming over last week's debate and they have a list of demands before they agree to another one.>> and i am live in fremont were rain is falling across much of the day area right now. as we speak.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. good morning everybody and happy monday. it's a wet one. i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am anne makovec. michelle has the morning off. it's been raining all more -- on the lawn. take alive look at the golden gate bridge. you can expect a messy commute when you head out the door as the rain continues to fall. >> as to trouble on the road, if they greg causing trouble in westbound 580 near greenville rd. traffic backed up for miles in that area. we will get you traffic conditions in a moment, but first let's bring in roberta and find out more.
6:31 am
we've got up to an inch in some spots. >> we've already seen up to 6/10 of an inch. we've seen over 6/10 of an inch it in san jose and up to an inch in the other areas and it continues to rain. it's our live high-def doppler radar and it is all of -- lit up at this hour. check of the areas of yellow -- it's a pretty moderate downpour and when you see the areas of orange -- that's some pretty heavy rain on your rooftop at this hour. you can see the backside of the green in santa rosa area -- it's the backside of the front so i would say the heaviest rain is moving to right now up until about 9:00 this morning. look at petaluma all around 101 as you make tracks toward the golden gate bridge. that five 8680 corridor -- 580 -680 corridor. and there you have the heavy rain from san francisco all the way to -- san bernardino. mostly cloudy skies, sure looks
6:32 am
dark out there doesn't it? staying under 70 degrees everywhere today. behind the front, spotty showers possibility -- a possibility. we will talk more about rainfall totals coming up in 40 minutes at the our -- after the our. kiet, how are things looking out there? >> things are looking pretty good. we have been talking about el niño for months and excited that the rain is finally here. we have a decent rain although it is just a light sprinkle now. check out the city northbound. we do have some video of the crash on 580 westbound just before greenville. if they greg flopped over on its side. at first all lanes are blocked -- were blocked but now they started to open lanes up and letting traffic through on the shoulder. and thanks to roberta for
6:33 am
shooting this video around 2:15 this morning. some spots in the area, we should get a half-inch or so. as a 5:30, -- as of 5:30 -- footage of a crash on the bay bridge involving a semi truck. this is the first significant rain of the season so roads are slick out there. this was the scene at san jose. steady rain falling were streets were mostly empty. most of the rain was sacked up in san jose with no reports of major problems. there were reports of localized flooding but that when out quickly. so patchy rain coming up. live in fremont, kiet do kpix 5. let's get it to gianna.>> we just checked in with chp, within westbound -- monitoring westbound 580. all lanes were shut down, we're now hearing at least two rains have -- lanes
6:34 am
have been reopened. it will take times over traffic to recover. were still seeing slow and go conditions through the altamont pass beyond tracy. altamont road also very slow this morning. once you get past that, traffic is bogged down as well near the dublin interchange. southbound 101 at san pedro, two remains -- lanes remain blocked. traffic backed up to 37 now. once you get past that it looks pretty good from 580 that it looks pretty good from 582 the toll bridge plaza. live look at the -- westbound 880 and 101. also northbound has just been a big problem. 35 minutes to 38. in your approach to the bay bridge
6:35 am
really bogged down this way. i will show you a live look at the bay bridge coming up. it will be a difficult day at the high school in pleasant hill. two high school students died after a car accident yesterday morning on franklin canyon road. kpix 5 jackie ward is live in pleasant hill were planted -- help will be available for the girls classmates and teachers this morning. good morning. >> reporter: morning. buses will started just a little bit here in pleasant hill, and grief counselors will be available for any student or teachers, or staff member who feels they need to talk after losing two very young community members. it was late halloween night around 3:00 in the morning when the 16-year-old driver and soul survivor of the crash told investigators she fell asleep at the wheel as she was driving on franklin canyon road. it killed lawrence smith and marlee hinds. the driver scene is -- name isn't being released. friends
6:36 am
of the girls who died say the tragedy is still sinking in. >> i just can't believe i'm never going to see her again. i just talked to her. >> yesterday, friends visited the crash site. many of them say they heard the news of their friends death through social media. those who knew the three girls say they were very best friend and right now -- best friends and right now chp is still investigating the crash but they say alcohol and drugs were not a factor. jackie ward kpix 5. a battle for the seat on the city supervisors is being called a fight for the heart and soul of the city. joe vasquez explains why the race is so closely watched. >> from one building to the next people have different feelings and the feelings are intense. >> the race for supervisor is white hot. for supporters of the challenger, former supervisor aaron peskin the race is about providing a voice against tech money, bigger buildings and the displacement of renters. >> want to make sure they contain -- can continue to age
6:37 am
in apartments that their kids can afford to go to school here and grow up your and that this is not just a town who is controlled by a handful of tech billionaires. it's about whether big money can come in and tell us about the quality of our lives. >> i think that is overblown. >> for supporters of julie christiansen it's not about demonizing developers. >> instead of denying the fact that growth is happening we need to find ways to work to accommodate that growth. >> reporter: christiansen tells me the race has less to do with fighting for the city's sole and is more about the character of her opponent. >> he has a reputation for being muscle. for being a hammer. he has fought this campaign with the idea that he is going to go in there -- and pound on the table and get what he wants. they want to know that the person who represents them there is fair and honest and respectful. >> this is a fight between change versus more of the same.
6:38 am
>> political analyst alex clemens to the character of the race depends on whether you feel the city is serving you well right now for leaving you behind. >> that can always be put forward as a struggle for the city. but that is usually the folks that are feeling left behind as they try to get start -- traction with the undecided voters. >> joe vasquez kpix 5. and the money is far -- flying. this is the most expensive race ever for a seat on the board of supervisors. not only have republican -- has the rnc dumped nbc, a partner of telemundo, from partnering -- posting its february debate, now they have a list of demands that include mandatory 32nd openings -- 30- second openings, equal speaking time and graphics -- approved graphics displayed during the debate. >> i was very disappointed in the moderators. i think it was one gotcha question after another, one
6:39 am
personal low blow after another . >> they threatened to keep media out of the debate process if they demands are not met in favor of social media outlets. it is 6:39. more than 239 people died in the crash of a commercial flight in egypt players -- in egypt. ,,
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good morning, let's take a look at the live camera. we picked up roughly 4/10 of an inch of rain and areas of fog, but ladies and gentlemen let's look at our high-def doppler. it is pouring around the day area. the heaviest rain moving to right now in the northern
6:43 am
portion of the bay area. should be easily out of here by about 9:00 with spotty showers in its wake. livermore so for -- far has picked up a -- an inch of rain already. it continues to pour. complete details and four minutes. thank you roberta. only external impact could have caused the crash of a russian plane in egypt. that's what a south carolina official is saying after 224 people were killed when flight 9268 broke apart 23 minutes into its light. they have also ruled out a tech echo problem or pilot error. the russian government says it is far too early to make the claim. isis has claimed it brought down the aircraft but russian officials say that is very unlikely too. but if -- a growing number of airlines are avoiding the airspace around the crash. >> we don't know what happened here and as long as that's the case it's prudent to avoid the area. debris from the wreckage is spread over 6 mi.2. the bat --
6:44 am
black boxes have been recovered and are in good shape. they are now being reviewed. >> it is the end of hewlett- packard as we know it. >> jason brooks has the latest on this historic day in sultan valley. he jason. >> hello. this is a big deal. they are splitting into two companies today. this is been in the works for a long time. meg whitman run the opening bell on the stock exchange for hewlett-packard enterprise company -- that's the one she will lead. for networking and consulting. hewitt packard enterprise is seeing as having the bigger close -- growth prospects were hp will continue to focus on pcs and printers. hp will be led by ceo deion weissler. visa is making a big bet on europe. they bought back europe for $23 billion. visa europe went independent back in 2004.
6:45 am
boston city-based visa would like to get back in new york where mastercard currently dominates the credit card business. stock market opening up after a big october, the strongest month for the sole -- stock market in four years. so far a decent start to november. let's see how we're doing, so far the dow is up over 60 points. nasdaq gaining 13 and the s&p up by seven. ann and frank, back to you. >> thank you jason. 6:45 snow believe it or not in the higher elevations of the sierra. >> sean bennett gives us a closer look from donner summit. >> reporter: a welcome sight -- the first significant snowfall of the season out here and it's really starting to come down. donner summit, which is just over 7200 feet -- you can see the snow can -- snow starting to accumulate. take the what -- look at the headlights off the truck, you
6:46 am
can see these flurries coming down. that's a good look at the eastbound side of interstate 80 right there. not sticking so much. caltrans did drop salt on it. they are ready to put down the metal onto the snow to push it off in case it gets too sick, but that probably won't be for a couple hours. you will no doubt be using your windshield wipers for the snow and once you get to donner summit you will use them just to get over the summit with the snow that is starting to fall out here right now. a lot of rain in the valley and bay area. you will actually start to see the snow approaching donner summit. sean bennett, kpix 5. it is 646 -- 6:46. >> update on the trouble spot we've been following all morning long, 580 at rainville.
6:47 am
chp has opened a couple more lanes. here is a live look. once again earlier all lanes were shut down within a greg on its side. three rate lanes are now open. -- three rate lanes are now open. let's show you our map right now. to see the backups. as far as dry times, delays of about 35 minutes on altamont pass through 680. down to 5 miles per hour in some spots. a lot of those get -- delays originate out of tracy. north of san pedro, an accident blocking two right lanes. blocked past 37 at this point so very slow conditions. looks better as you make your way to the toll plaza in oakland between 580 into san francisco. 14 minutes on the southbound side of 101.
6:48 am
25 minute drive between 80 -- 880 and 101 as you work your way from hayward into foster city. north 880 at davis in the clearing stages but slow in both directions. westbound east shore freeway has just been a law -- crawl this morning. six minutes, metering lights are on. looks like that 80 -- 880 approach doing a little better toward the toll plaza. southbound 680, walnut creek cutting over to 24, rick likes there as well. plan for that. a couple accidents near san francisco. southbound 280 getting word of wreck -- a wreck in the north lane. reports of an accident in the right lane. that may slow you down there. only two lanes in that area. and if you make your way to the south -- northbound 880 -- anyway you shake it it is busy out there.
6:49 am
48 minutes after the hour, let's call in our weather watchers so they can report in some of the rainfall totals. john miller says over six -- 6/10 of an inch of rain. over 3/10 of an inch and over a quarter in napa according to dave. thank you gentlemen. i have been trying to add up some of the totals in and around our microclimates and we see up against the peninsula we're starting to see the totals stack up. check out -- san jose, approaching 7/10 of an inch. another one that's surprising, nearly a full inch of rain in livermore. and nearly a full inch just since midnight in the st. helena area. this is our live high-def doppler radar. this is the back side of the front, so we are starting to see the rain ease up in the occidental and could still areas. we will see the heaviest rain this out by about 9:00 or 10:00's morning.
6:50 am
heaviest rain right now around highway 101 making tracks -- and being inundated with moderate to heavy downpours in the peninsula. east bay has been hampered all morning -- hammered all morning. heading down towards oakland. fremont, light rain at this particular time in sunnyvale with light rain drops on the rooftops. it's a live camera looking out toward the day -- bay bridge. we will see some spotty scattered showers throughout the day today and a lot of instability. therefore we cannot rule out the possibility of an isolated thunderstorms. again the heaviest rain moving through. behind this front we will see some cooler air mass. right now looking at our future cast and again by lunch hour, just mostly cloudy skies with occasional spotty, scattered showers. again that cool air mass just
6:51 am
filters into the bay area so we will keep a watchful eye to the sky for that potential. about 2/10 to 3/10 of an inch of rain in the pleasantville area. for tents around the santa cruz area. winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight for the high sierra. a foot of snow above 8000 feet. about 1" to3" down at lake level. under 70 degrees everywhere. 10 to 20 mile-per-hour winds. and look at this string of sunshiny days tuesday through the rest of the week. >> the rain is so refreshing. the lawns and yards are saying thank you. hopefully more to come. a whale is back out in the open water this morning. and no doubt feeling better. is freed from fishing lines off the coast of la jolla. crews began working to free it on friday but it wasn't until saturday when it finally broke free.
6:52 am
it is on its own but there is still a fishing line stuck in its mouth so there is concern about how well it might survive . >> similar to the way a fisherman would pull in a big fish they pulled in a humpback whale. this whale i believe in the end knew we were there to help and it allowed us to cut the carefree. >> since january at least 50 whales have been caught up in fishing lines off the california coast. that's because the food they eat is being drawn closer to shore because of warmer ocean temperatures, a result of el niño. time is being -- a month after a cargo ship vanished, promising developments in the effort to figure out why. >> and were live in fremont where we have steady rain falling. in fact rain is falling over much of the bay area as we speak. we have live report -- we have a live report coming up.
6:53 am
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morning over t conflicting reports this morning over the cause of the passenger jet plane crash in egypt. the russian airliner is blaming an external factor but the government says it is too early to rule out human error or mechanical problems. 224 people were killed when the plane broke apart in midair. they believe they found the -- remains of the el faro, which they believe landed upright on the ocean floor. in baseball is over. the royals are celebrating their first title in 30 years. they beat the mets in game five last night in queens. the royals an improbable comeback with five runs in the 12th inning and they are now your world series championships -- champions. and hewlett packard officially splits into two police today.
6:57 am
hp incorporated will focus on personal computers and printers while hewlett-packard enterprise will focus on data center technology. worldwide about 60,000 workers will move to new locations. and jury selection begins today for chow. he has been painted as the leader of a gun trafficking organization in san francisco's chinatown. he says he was set up by undercover agents determined to put him behind bars. >> and i and kiet do, we are live in fremont were we've got a pretty good rain falling. i know it was heavy overnight and check it out, this is at 680 northbound just before mission boulevard and traffic is moving well at this hour. i cannot say the same for 580 overnight. this is video of a crash on 580 westbound just before greenville. up big rig flopped over on its side on the downhill stretch of the road. at first all lanes were blocked but now a few lanes open. and check out this video shot by our very own roberta
6:58 am
gonzalez at 2:15 this morning. that's where some of the bands -- heaviest bands of rain were making their way through. danville had .39 inches. on the bay bridge, footage of a significant crash involving a semi truck. this is the for significant rain of the seasons are roads are slick out there. this is the scene at san jose in the 3:00 to 4:00 our. -- all the usual flooding spots were pretty much clear. looks like patchy rain coming up here. i'm kiet do, live in fremont kpix 5. definitely take it easy out there. westbound 580 at greenville, two left lanes remain blocked. three remain open. backed up all the way to 205. southbound 101 and n. san pedro rd. looks like they are taking this
6:59 am
off to the right shoulder. backed up beyond 37 at this point. very slow and go to the bridge. northbound a lady crawling along as you work your way from 238 to mays. also westbridge -- westbound -- slow and go conditions there and a little bit rainy as you work your way through the peninsula this morning. for more on that here is roberta. >> did you say a little bit rainy? we have seen up to an inch of rain in livermore alone this morning. you can see that boundary indicated by the yellow and orange, now slicing across the city of san francisco, digging in a southerly direction toward san francisco -- toward the peninsula. heavy rain in the east bay, also in the south bay. so far san jose with nearly up to 7/10 of an inch of rain just since midnight. peninsula, you are being hammered at this hour.
7:00 am
it is raining in san jose and currently air temperatures in the 50s. a cool day under 70. i hope you have the chance to enjoy some of this wet weather. >> grab it -- and umbrella. good morning to our viewers in the welcome to "cbs this morning." the royals became the king of baseball as they clench the world series over the mets. and new clues overnight about the deadly russian plane crash. and the latest from chipotle on an e. coli outbreak. but we begin with "your world in 90 seconds."


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