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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hills, richmond, mill valley, tiburon and sausalito and a few showers in san francisco. i want to bring you this winter radar. a snow fall is coming down with the snow level dropping to 5500 feet. how much rainfall today? a lot. san jose with more than an inch of much needed rainfall today. castro valley still raining, 8/10 and saint hulena 3/4 of an inch of rain for you. the snow level dropped to 5500 feet. it is snowing at lake tahoe right now. we have cold coming. >> thank you. a look at the fall out from the storms that moved through concord this afternoon. sections of roadways nearly underwater. cars had to move slowly.
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the rain was coming down faster than drains could carry it away. a flash flood watch in effect for lake, yolo and cuclusa counties. the burn areas are what they are concerned about. heavy rain could cause mudslide. [ audio difficulties ] look at i-80 at castle peak through donner pass. this ie sight people have been waitg months for... kpix 5's juliette goodrich live near echo summit. with what people hope will be the first of many winter storms. juliette? track : the hills are aliveh the sight of fresh snow - mr natures first storm of the season - nats...... it's an anniversary to remember fors bay area couple - the gift everlasting snow ..hopefully (jacob anglos- san jose ) "the 's awesome ... san jose doesn [ audio difficulties ] ski resorts couldn't be hapr - kirkwood ski resort measu more than ten of inches of at the summit ...with a pla opening ski season of novemr 21st if not sooner ... "thi a ton of snow and we just we up happy " at sierra at tah ski resort off highway 50 - mood is "stoked " super : thea hardy sierra at tahoe ski resort "last year we op december 12 but if things continue like they are now could open as early as who s next week. did you say next week? haha maybe...hahah " standup :: juliette goodrich
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"what a difference a day mas ....there was no snow here yesterday if we measure it w ...8 and a half inches of s" nate .... and watch out fors pair .... they will hit anye in sight with a snow ball or two - ( david hernandez liv in placerville ) "i hope th niño forecast comes true an finally have some snow this winter" on our drive along highway 50 there were chain controls near echo summit - nats.... chain installers gearing up for what is expe to be a busy winter season d ski resorts are ready to map for lost time ! " "much different from last year - is an el niño winter ... we hoping it brings a ton of s" juliette, thanks. this storm got rolling befo >> reporter: couldn't be happier. kirkwood measuring 10 inches of snow at the sumwit a planned -- summit with a planned owning of november 21 -- opening of november21. off highway 50 the mood is stoked. >> last year we opened december 12. we could open as early as -- who knows, next week. as long as we get enough snow. >> did you say next week?
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>> maybe. >> reporter: there was no snow yesterday and take a look, if we measure it, this is a dream, here we go, 8-1/2 inches of snow in just one day and watch out for this pair, they will hit anyone in sight with a snow ball or two. >> i hope the el nino forecast comes true and we have snow for the winter. it would be great. >> reporter: on our drive along highway 50 there were chain controls near echo summit. chain installers gearing up for a busy winter season and sky resorts are ready to make up for lost time. >> el nino winter. we are hoping that brings a ton of snow and it keeps coming. >> reporter: if you are heading up highway 50 bring your days. we had to buy smulong the way.
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-- some along the way. take a look, it is upon us. >> welcome sight. one storm at a time. one storm at a time. >> reporter: sounds good. >> thank you so much. >> the storm got rolling before dawn making for a rough ride to work in the bay area. traffic cameras told the story of the morning commute. sloppy and snow. the rain caused countless accidents. one of the worse a big rig over turned on 580. the truck spilled 80,000 pounds of frozen chicken just after 2:00 a.m. in the morning and took 12 hours to clean up. and on the dumbarton a crash caused nails to spill. kpix's kiet do on the hectic morning. >> reporter: the first big wet storm of the season made for
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slow going all over the bay area. in fremont crews cleaned out storm drains. the rain began in earnest after midnight. this was the scene in prisonten with rainfall coming through at -- pleasanton with rainfall coming through. 3:00 a.m. san jose getting soaked. the ground sucked up the moisture with no problem. >> reporter: you know they have umbrellas? >> yeah. i forgot. >> reporter: 7:00 a.m. rain slammed the bay area, filling drainage ditches. it took an hour and a half to get from fremont to east palo alto. in fremont parents walked thir kids to school despite the cold -- their kids to school despite the cold rain. >> reporter: is it fun walking to school in the rain?
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>> no. >> i like it, if we need it and i have to stand out here in it so we could have rain, it is worth it. >> welcoming gift from god. >> reporter: and we have chp accidents to tell you about. on a typical monday they usually get 140 calls of accidents. today they got triple that number. kiet do, kpix 5. >> a live right now at sfo, last check there are delays of 45 minutes for arriving and departing flights. delays will last till 9:00 p.m. tonight. and pg&e tell us 6200 customers in the bay area are without power right now. most of them therein north bay. crews are work -- them are in the north bay, crews are working to restore electricity. students remember two classmates today. they died in a car crash over
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the weekend. kpix's maria medina with where the girls went to school. . >> the principal distraught this morning. he made the announcement about the crash yesterday. and then again today to students but nothing could prepare them for the emotion. >> sorrowful. you feel the sadness and intensity of the loss. >> difficult day for students and staff. >> lost two of our kids yesterday. and it is effecting the staff, the kids, the community. >> reporter: yesterday they died when their car crashed into a tree. the 16-year-old driver survived, taken to the hospital with severe injuries. the three were best friends. >> just stunned me.
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i get these reports every once in a while. >> reporter: the mayor says his thoughts and prayers goes out to the community and the parents. >> hopefully we can use this as an example, parents can show their children how dangerous it is to be out late at night. >> reporter: they were likely celebrating halloween. contra costa county has a curfew law that says minors must be home between 12:01 and 501 and have a licensed driver in the car 25 years or older. >> life is short and life is freshes. >> reporter: the loss -- precious. >> reporter: the loss felt by many, his teacher was heartbroken. >> he couldn't go, he wanted to honor her memory. >> it is a tough time here at college park. >> reporter: and the driver says she fell asleep behind the
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wheel. she remembers going 60 miles per hour. drugs and alcohol were not factors. kpix 5. an uber driver's fair turns into a fight for his life. >> the next thing i know he is whaling on me. >> the fall out for the executive busted in the beating. why the driver isn't satisfied with an arrest. >> the shake up for the struggling 49ers. what the coach didn't say about his star quarterback that is adding new uncertainty. >> and more stores asking online shoppers to pay by gift cards. how it could end up costing you.
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driver... 32-year old benjamen golden is an execu with taco bell his violent assault...all caught on cam a man accused of attacking an uber driver. he assault caught on camera. because of the beating one driver has had enough of uber.
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>> reporter: it was one of his last rides of the night from these bars in newport beach. you can see the man on the dashcam falling over. police identified him as a 32- year-old, ben golden, a senior associate manager for marketing at taco bell. >> refusing to put on his seatbelt, becoming aggressive. >> reporter: that is when he had enough. >> too drunk to give me directions. i am kicking you out. nope. >> reporter: when he pulls into a shopping center he started throwing punches. >> all of a sudden there is a smack on my head and the next thing i know he is just whaling on me. >> reporter: he eventually graped his pepper spray. police were called and golden was arrested. he said this happened to him
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too many times before. and uber hasn't done enough to protect drivers. >> uber doesn't tell these people anything, every man for themselves. >> i think the drivers should have more leniency. >> decision he won't have to make anymore, he is done driving with uber. the passenger ben golden has been banned from uber services. and he has been fired from taco bell. activists stormed airbnb headquarters today. videos on twitter show dozens of people in the lobby about noon. advocates said they wanted to show airbnb what sharing is about. it comes one day before votessers decide on proposition -- voters decide on proposition f, it could alter how the market is regulated.
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and opponents of the golden state warriors new arena plan held a meeting today. a key vote set for tomorrow on the environmental impact of the product. critics say the city released the report 10 days before the vote leaving no time for public review. opponents maintain the proximity put patient safety at risk and the needed transportation plan will divert money from other city needs. >> does pay a lot in city rev news but doesn't provide an economic boost for anybody else. >> ucsf signed off on a plan to mitigate patient impact and the warriors plan for a light rail system and a parking lot. volkswagen caught cheating again. the epa says they installed the same emerges software on its --
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software on other cars. tests found they were emitting 9 times more pollution than allowed by epa standards. volkswagen is blaming engineers for the problem. a warning about using gift cards to buy online. more people are doing it but you could get burned. >> they say this is one of the best barbecues on earth. >> reporter: so he googled the grill and decided to buy it. the website with the best price and good reviews. >> everybody says positive things. >> reporter: when he placed his order there was an unusual requirement. >> we cannot accept credit cards. [ indiscernible ] >> we only take gift cards from amazon. >> reporter: but the price was so good so he figured it was worth the effort. he logged on to amazon and
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purchased a gift card, it lets you send amazon credit. but after he sent his he never heard back. >> i got 15, 20 e-mails and they never answered. >> seasonal, but it is not new. >> reporter: he says it is a common scam around the holidays, crooks create fake websites demanding gift cards as payment in return for discounts. the ftc issued a warning. >> you just mail them an envelope full of money. >> reporter: he says amazon refused to put a freeze on the gift card or refund the unspent funds. >> forget about it. >> reporter: but he paid with a credit card so he convinced his bank to refund the money that amazon would not and now amazon
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placed a hold on his account. >> bottom line, never pay for anything with gift cards. credit cards offer the best protections. amazon says it does have the ability to put a stop on a gift card and refund but couldn't explain why that didn't happen in this case. and remember, if you have a consumer problem e-mail us, consumer watch . >> we couldn't find any warnings on mamzahn's website but -- amazon's website but they create fake reviews and have the best lowest prices. [ talking at the same time ] >> is the website locked at the top -- >> i don't think so. that is something good to look at. the stock market kicking off november with a nice rally. the dow is up 165 points. turning positive for 2015. the s&p is up 24 points.
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closing above 2100. our storm coverage now. a hail storm on highway 29 this afternoon. it is from a thunderstorm that blew through the area. that storm generated a number of lightning strikes. san jose, the river, there is water in it now. earlier this summer it was dry. now at least enough water for wildlife. chief meteorologist paul deanno back to show us what the storm is up to now. >> still active. meiny east of the 680. -- mainly east of the 680. rainfall stretching towards the south, livermore, pleasanton, dublin, san ramon. heading to the south and east. pleasanton, if it is not reign yet it will be pouring within 5- 10 minutes. just a really active day.
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thunderstorms to the norm. we have rain -- to the north. rain and snow in the sierra. we can be thankful for that. winter storm watch continues till 10:00 p.m. tonight. the first significant snow fall. 5500 feet. mayive 20 inches of -- may receive 20 inches of rainfall. san jose had the most rain since february 6, 9 months ago. temperatures chilly outside. san francisco 61 degrees. san jose 58. santa rosa 61. oakland 62. livermore 54. the rain leaves tonight. 7:00 p.m. it is gone. look what comes. chilly. fremont 48 degrees. san jose 49. napa 44. it will get colder tomorrow night. the front moves through first, gave us rain this morning and then the low pressure is over us right now, over the east
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bay, that is why we had rain and thunderstorms. all of that moving out by tomorrow. we are dominated by high pressure, a north wind wrapping around it. a chilly breeze for the next couple days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. not hitting 70 degrees. cold night, chilly, brisk afternoons. rain ends this evening. leaves clear skies after midnight. sunshine tomorrow, 30s tomorrow night in the north bay. fremont 66 tomorrow. concord 67. san rafael 65 degrees. lots of sunshine. is this a change? no. no rainfall for the next 7 days. highs will be in the 60s and 70s through the weekend. is this a el nino storm or not? this came from the north so this has nothing to with el nino which means we still have
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all of that rain to come. all right. another cheesecake up for the -- shake up for the 49ers. the team pulled off a major trade and questions on whether colin kaepernick will be benched. dennis o'donnell is here. is this a shake up the 9ers need? >> you can see they are experiencing two storms -- you can say they are experiencing two storms today. shake up is coming. by trading vernon davis i think the 49ers admitted this team is in transition. the trade deadline is tomorrow and the 49ers are sellers. vernon davis has been shipped to denver for a 6th and 7th round pick. that is a low return. but he is a free agent and his productivity has been in decline. san francisco's first round pick in 2006. the longest tenured player on the roster and holds the record for most touchdowns by a tight end and the changes are nots likely to stop there -- not
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likely to stop there. >> reporter: is there a decision on who your starting quarterback will be sunday? >> we are evaluating everything. >> this is the first time he has not backed colin kaepernick as his starting quarterback. my guess, blaine gabbert could be the starter sunday when they host the falcons. the 49ers troubles go beyond the quarterback. they are ranked dead last in the nfl on offense. 28 in defense. there is no quick fix for the 49ers. >> any quarterback needs an offensive line. >> bingo. no o-line. you don't get that with one trade. >> thank you. more than 60,000 people sign a petition to make them the super bowl halftime show but looks like metallica has other plans. they will do a show the night before the super bowl.
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they will appear with cage the elephants and tickets go on sale sunday. mom watches as her dadder bit by a shark -- daughter bit by a shark, the brave beach goer that helped her get away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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road. there's a police
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ac . breaking news from the east bay. all lanes close on westbound i- 80, there is police activity there. we are trying trying to confirm reports of a shooting on the freeway. if that is the case you can expect major days. we will bring you another update at 6:00 p.m. a colorado woman is recovering after being bitten by a shark while vacations in florida. >> cocoa beach yesterday moments after she got into the water. the photos show the moments after she was attacked by the shark. another beach goer saw it happen. she helped pull the woman to shore. she suffered injuries to her hand. a bite on her calf. she will have to undergo surgery. >> she is just -- she is just hurting. it will take a while to heal. but we are just so blessed to
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have her. >> lucky. in may a 14-year-old was bitten by a shark at the same beach and she survived as well. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he doesn't have competitionn high-profile elect . i am ken bastida, new at 6:00 p.m. tonight he doesn't have competition tomorrow but you will find out why san francisco's mayor is at the center of several issues and tens of thousands of acres burnt, tonight the new threat of rain and flooding to areas devastated by wildfires. we will have those stories at 6:00 p.m. thank you for watching us at 5:00 p.m. the cbs evening news coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: russia in mourning. can these flight recorders solve the mystery of the air disaster that killed more than 200? also tonight, a condemned killer tells the supreme court he's the victim of prosecutors who kept blacks off the jury. obamacare year three. some are saying no to signing up. >> it's hard to factor in the cost of an extra bill. >> pelley: and grand larceny on a football field. >> it was a legal play. touchdown. >> pelley: no, it wasn't. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we'll start tonight with breaking news. we have learned that a u.s. spy satellite detected a flash of heat over egypt's sinai


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