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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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of road rage incident that ended in a shooting. that w lead to a detailed investigation... with investigators searching for evidence on the freeway. that could take some time. the back up from this now streches for miles. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you an update when we learn more. now to northern california's first storm of the season... rain, snow, hail... even lightning. let's begin our coverage wi chief meteorologist paul deanno... who's been watching this storm track through the bay area. paul? (((weather))) (((weather))) (((weather))) ski resorts in the sierra a the second punch thunderstorms this afternoon, that second punch is now
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leaving. you are clear in livermore and dublin. let's take a look at what happened. that is a lot of rain from napa and american canyon, concord, antioch, martinez, rain, lightning strikes. that has pushed to the south and east. flash flood watches in effect, heavy rain is finished for you. oakland and richmond parts of san francisco and marin county, the western edge of the rainfall. lot of rain fell. more than what forecast, clayton, dublin, inch and a third. that is a lot. santa rosa inch. cobb .7. san francisco .5. thunder rain finished by 7:00 p.m. tonight. breezy and chilly. look at this, the snow continues to fall in the
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sierra. a winter storm warning till 10:00 p.m. tonight additional snow fall is likely above 5500 feet. it is stormy in the state of california. we will talk about what is next with the weather in 10 minutes. >> thank you. >> the snow there, sky resorts dreaming of an early open. sending us photos and videos trying to prove there is snow in the high country. juliette goodrich is live. >> reporter: yeah. we are in a winter storm advisory right now and yes, it is snowing. it has been snowing all day long. the governor was here at the same spot that i am standing 7 months ago and there was no snow and that is when he made the announcement of water restrictions. hopefully that won't be the case this winter.
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>> reporter: snow, and a good start at that. take a look at this meadow off highway 50. covered with the sneezen's first -- season's first snow back. but it was a different day april 1. >> a different world. we have to act differently. >> the first time in 75 years the area had no signs of spring snow. 70 months and one day later and -- 7 months and one day later and i am in the same meadow. today marks the start of the snow season and this is a key factor in the future of california's water supply. el nino can't come soon enough. kirkwood plans to own thanksgiving week, if not sooner and sierra at tahoe says ski season could start a month
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earlier than last year. >> last year december 12. if things keep persisting like this we could open -- who knows, next week. >> reporter: i think next week might be too soon but if it continues like this they will be own next week. it is continuing to snow. snowing all day long. if you are planning on coming up here, bring chains. we didn't need them but there were chain controls on and off today and just be careful. it is beautiful. in the sierra, jewel yet g, kpix 5. -- juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> concord took a pounding this afternoon. certain roads were nearly under water. the rain was coming down faster than the storm drains could
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carry it away. in napa this afternoon hail. hail. this was the scene around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. when a thunderstorm blew through the north bay. that system also generated a number of lightning strikes. in san jose, the river flowing again. at a pretty good rate. pretty sight. early this year it was so dry you could walk on the river bed. >> the storm bringing a threat to the north bay ravaged by wildfire. a flash flood watch is in effect. kpix's jojoe vazquez, acres of land could be washed away -- joe vazquez, acres of land could be washed away. >> the rain storm arrived in middletown today. now it is adding insult to injury and causing major concern to officials who worry
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about flooding and mudslide. >> worried about erosions and the trees coming down. and going into the creeks and stuff. >> the public works director said they have road crews on stand by and the rains subsided without major problems. officials say they are expecting it to be a long winter as el nino is sending more storms this way. the hillsides are the biggest trouble maker as they lost the vegetation that absorbs the rain. the fire cooked the ground, turning the soil into a slippery mush. >> it is tough. we have had floods before but the fire is a new thing for me. there has been other fires that i wasn't involved in. >> reporter: for now folks are reveling in a rainbow that
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marks the hope. the sunset a reminder of the fires that have devastated their county. no problems this time, officials say they will be ready as more rain is expected this winter. not much you can do to prevent a mudslide but they will be ready to communicate about what is going on. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the weather service issued a flash flood watch for the areas effected by the rag fire. and you can track winter storms on the kpix 5 weather app available for download on -- download. election day is tomorrow. some of the fascinating races are in san francisco and they center around a man who isn't even on the ballot. new at 6:00 p.m. kpix's phil matier with why the vote could be a referendum on mayor ed lee. >> reporter: that's right. mayor ed lee is running unopposed so he will be a
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winner. but the question is, in the casino world of politics, look at san francisco 80 city -- san francisco city howl, how is the may -- hall, how is the mayor going to do? here is the story. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he is asking taxpayers to pony up $310 million in bonds to pay for more affordable housing. a tough sell, one that needs a 2/3 majority. >> that is why we are out here. >> the fight over airbnb controls and the moratorium on building new market rate housing in the mission district. >> people say it will be a referendum on you. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is saying it is well.
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>> it is on people's minds. who is the city going to be for? >> reporter: ross mirkarimi is known for having been suspended after his domestic -- domestic violence conviction but his wife was by his side. >> i have to speak up. >> reporter: another test the supervisors race. >> the city needs a very hard working board of supervisors. not one that is saddled with political debates. >> it is about whether or not we will have a board that is independent, that will stand up to the billionaires. >> character. >> you have a lot on the line in d3. >> d3 is a close race. >> reporter: they are already on the streets, hitting through the districts, trying to get
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the vote out because this is a big money, and big politics at play today and tomorrow. phil matier, kpix 5. >> activists decided to make noise about proposition f at airbnb headquarters. dozens of them filled the lobby at noon. their message to airbnb this is what sharing looks like. activists blame them for contributing to san francisco's housing crunch. history tomorrow in san mateo county, the first all mail ballot election. ballots can also be dropped off at city hall or a poling station -- polling station. super bowl 50 expected to generate big business for the bay area and that created a hiring blitz as companies look to staff up. kpix's len ramirez in san jose with a look at who is hiring.
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>> reporter: when you talk about super bowl related jobs you are talking about those directly connected to the game and then those in the outlying areas like downtown san francisco or here in downtown san jose. but for anyone looking for a job right now these are boom times. >> reporter: from a san jose teenager looking for her first job -- >> levi stadium. starbucks. >> reporter: to a retired grandmother. >> they would be happy if i got a little job. >> reporter: they would among the hundreds in hopes of getting one of the new jobs corrected by -- created by super bowl 50. >> anything that is associated with super bowl 50 at the stadium they are looking to hire. >> reporter: super bowl 50 will bring 1 million visits for the
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bay area -- visitors to the bay area for a week. . >> security, crowd management. >> food. cooks. merchandise. warehouse. different positions. >> reporter: at this job 36 companies were offering 200 full and part time positions. not all were related to the game but many came with opportunities to keep working after super bowl sunday. >> one of the companies that levi stadium is starting a traffic control position, they are above minimum wage. >> reporter: she was laid off from her job, she is expected for the -- excited for the chance to get back in the work force. >> right now i am looking for anything. super bowl related, i spoke to the table that are looking for event planning, as far as the super bowl is concerned. that is one of my interests as well. >> reporter: in addition to all the paying jobs, the committee is also looking for 5,000
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volunteers so if you are looking for a pay check or just be connected to the super bowl there are plenty of opportunities available. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. tonight students are remembering two of their classmates killed in a weekend crash. how the school and the mayor are helping them cope and trying to prevent tragedies like this. >> attacked by raccoons. what the city is doing to keep people safe. >> and can you hear me now? cell phone companies want to make sure the rush of super bowl fans have a signal when they come to the bay area, but why their plan isn't sitting well with people living here. ,,,, i am totally blind.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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martinez.. two of their classmates were killed-- in car accident on halloween. e 16-year-old driver... was t . an emotional day for student. two classmates were killed in a
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car accident on halloween. the driver was the own lee survivor -- only survivor. kpix's maria medina is live where the school held a moment of silence for the teens. >> reporter: you just feel for the students here. the principal distraught this morning. one student says it was such a tough day one of the teachers didn't go through with the lesson. >> one teacher was heartbroken. >> reporter: one day after the loss students and staff at college park high school mourned together. >> loss two of our kids yesterday. and it is effecting the staff, the kids, the community. >> the teens died when their car crashed into a tree. the 16-year-old driver survived. she fell asleep behind the wheel. the last thing she remembers she was going 60 miles per hour
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before 3:00 a.m. a law says teens must be off the road between 12:01 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the dmv has similar rules including having a licensed driver 25 years or older. . >> hopefully we can use this as an example of -- so other parents can show their children how dangerous it is to be out late at night. >> reporter: investigators say drugs drugs and alcohol were not factors. maria medina,. >> reporter: police stepped up paroles in a neighborhood after a patrols -- patrols in a neighborhood after a home invasion robbery before midnight on halloween. two people were assaulted. the suspects demanded money and took off. police are trying to figure out why the house was targeted. in san francisco a scramble to reign in aggressive
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raccoons. a visitor had to get rabies treatment after an attack. kpix's mike sugerman went to see if there sasolution in the work -- is a solution in the works. >> reporter: not really. it is not illegal to be a rack cune in san francisco -- raccoon in san francisco and the city is trying to solve the problem but they live here. they are part of the landscape. what is different this year is where we are finding them. >> it was like this. >> reporter: wow! >> it was like that. >> reporter: she couldn't believe her eyes. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: the landscape she shares with the raccoon could not be more urban. in the south of market district. but there he was. walking on the fence and disappearing into the dusk. others seen the critter and the management put up a warning. earlier this year a raccoon
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attacked a dog. saved when the owner picked it up and chucked it down the stairs. >> you care so much about an animal. >> reporter: a pack last week attacked a couple, tourists walking their dog in the richmond district leaving cuts that resulted in stitches. >> raccoons attacking people is not common. >> reporter: she says the department will trap problem raccoons but otherwise it is your responsibility if it is in your yard. she suggests hiring help. >> they can say this is the path of travel, here is where the raccoon is living. >> reporter: what can you do? well, cover your trash. that is the first thing. and don't leave pet food out because raccoons will eat it. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. the storm that rolled through the bay area had
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everything, including lightning. check this out. chopper 5 catching this action above the east bay. there have been dozens of lightning strikes reported with the system. paul? >> thunderstorms around here. snow in the sierra. everything when it comes to weather. every drop of rainfall, there were many today. interstate 80, yes, there it is. not the best if you are traveling but that is the price to pay for what we hope will be the first of dozens of storms this winter. wondering, was this el nino? no. it came from the north. alarm will enhance the subtropical -- el nino will enhance the subtropical jet stream. concord, walnut creek, pittsburg, antioch, vacaville, napa and that quickly the rain dove off to the south and east and it is gone. one lightning strike there
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along interstate 80. north and east of sacramento. this storm is finished. cloudy skies today. temperatures well below average. concord 64. morgan hill 58 for a high. oakland 66. san jose 65. tonight chilly, redwood city straight. fremont straight degrees. 43 in santa rosa. -- 48. fremont 48 degrees. 43 in santa rosa. things pick upped this morning, the -- picked up this morning, the low-pressure system picked up. what is next? the ridge over my shoulder here. we are getting not a northwest wind, a north wind. tomorrow sunshine comes back, it will be chilly, breezy, highs in the mid-60s. we will stay chilly for the next couple days. temperatures below average.
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fremont 66. san francisco 62. won't feel that warm because of the breeze. sunny. temperatures below average through the weekend. one thing absent is rainfall. we had plenty today but the pattern hasn't changed, sunny and dry for the next week. >> all right. a lot of people moved to the bay area for the gorgeous views. coming up plans to build a home that will block the way and what may be putting the breaks on the bay bridge bike path. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the most scenic spots in bay area. the pr a battle brewing over a plan to build a dream home at one of the most scenic spots in the bay area, the problem it would go on the edge of a national park. new at 6:00 p.m. what would happen if the home got built. >> the headlands, the tower
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above it. the views from here are spectacular and that was on the minds of the people who brought this property. >> it is called wolf back ridge. >> reporter: he is a attorney who joined a famous legal battle in the 1960s to saver the headlands from becoming a city of 30,000 people. >> lawyers won and the land became part of the golden gate recreational area except for a few lots. >> and they did not get acquired because the park offered fair market value and the owner said take a hike. >> reporter: now those who take hikes here are upset new owners are planning to build on this site. there are homes up there but this would be more prominent. >> you would see it from the ocean, from the golden gate bridge. you wouldn't be able to miss
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it. >> the superintendent called the house plans a visual intrusion on the mark. especially to visitors waiting for the light at the tunnel. but he says the owners may not be able to build whatever they want because of a 1990 agreement between the previous owner and the city. >> the rules say you must build with respect to the terrain and the views of other people. [ talking at the same time ] >> very subjective. >> reporter: there is a good chance whatever gets built here will be a compromise which means no one will be completely happy about it. >> he says sausalito would be stud they tried to stop -- sued if they tried to stop construction. wireless carriers setting up thousands thousands of cell towers in bay area
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neighborhoods, why the people who live there say it may not be safe and one of the biggest banks paying up. the settlement that is sending millions of dollars into customer's pockets.
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still closed on westbound i0 at san pablo dam road.
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we have an update on breaking news. two lanes closed on interstate 80 at san pablo dam road and an on ramp is blocked by the chp. traffic backing up for miles. reports of a shooting on or near the freeway. we have calls out to a number of agencies to get more details, including whether anyone was wounded. the weather our other big story. bringing rain, hail, thunder and lightning to the bay area. roads flooded and power outages. when there is rain in the bay area there is usually snow in the sierra nevada and it is still coming down tonight. a winter weather advisory in effect till 10:00 p.m. sky resorts rejoicing. as you can imagine. some of them say they may be able to own early -- open early this year. super bowl expected to draw
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a million visitors to the bay area. on 5, julie watts has more. >> i think the box will be there. >> reporter: unless he can convince the city to block verizon's plan to install a mini cell tower outside his window. >> the antenna is in front of my house. >> reporter: wireless carriers are putting up thousands of antenna systems because they say demand for data doubled over the last year. the industry says they are safe, he is not convinced. >> people believe there could be effects like cancer. >> reporter: but he is not allowed to talk about that. he cities and states can't consider house concerns when regulating the placement as
6:32 pm
long as companies follow radiation guidelines. based on science from 1996. he is one of 215 scientists who are calling on the u.n. and world health organization to develop stronger guidelines for radiation exposure. >> many researchers would argue it is carson oyenic. -- carcis in oogenic. . >> reporter: due to the law the only way residents can protest one of these, just feet from their window, is to ignore health concerns and focus on the way they look.but he says that doesn't mean the view from your window. the city can only deny a permit if it obstructs the public view
6:33 pm
of a historic land mark. >> how many time dos residence win? >> the most recent example was central and page streets. >> reporter: safe to say once? >> yeah. >> reporter: that is out of 249 protests over the past two years. >> appeal number -- >> reporter: when he lost his protest he kept fighting. where for 300 bucks you have the right to fight cell tower installers in person. he presented slides of how the tower would obstruct views of golden gate park. and even brought up the subject of health comparing safety assurances from the industry to propaganda about cigarettes in the 50s. >> more doctors smoke camels
6:34 pm
than any other cigarette. today we laugh about that. >> reporter: they can't consider health concerns. >> you heard many times now that is not a matter that you are allowed to take into account. >> reporter: when he figured he wasted 300 bucks a surprise twist. with our cameras rolling.they upheld an appeal for the second time ever. siting a technicality with the permit. >> motion carries. >> reporter: verizon is appealing the appeal. they are considering reexamining exposure limits and the world health organization says so far there is no evidence of adverse health effects from the stations. julie watts, kpix 5. artificial turf may become a new standard for california schools and cities. a bill is proposed that would require them to consider using
6:35 pm
non-toxic alternatives. the tires are used to fill in around the fake turf. there is concern it could be a health hassed for children. -- hazard for children. . the bay bridge bike path, it was sladed to open by the end of the -- slated to open by end of the year but they are reporting the new section will be delayed couple months. the paper sited issues with the design, manufacturer and shipping of steel deck pieces. the bicyclists will have to wait years before it connects to downtown san francisco. chase agreed to pay $100 million to celt claim tase use -- settle claims they used illegal practices. it settles a lawsuit filed by kamala harris. they have also agreed to halt
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practices that violated law. volkswagen caught cheating a section time on emissions tests -- second time on emissions tests. they designed software on four cylinder cars in the u.s. and also on larger six cylinder diesel engines. volkswagen is blaming a group of engineers. the campaign trail now. new details after the republican presidential debate. how each campaign wants to take more control in the next face- off. >> reporter: aids for most of the republican presidential candidates metane virginia hotel sunday night -- met in a virginia hole ho tell sunday night. -- hotel sunday night. >> we should use more leverage to get more objectives -- [
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indiscernible ] >> reporter: in the letter they specify 30 second opening and closing statements with an equal number of questions for each candidates. marco rubio is getting a boost in the polls, he is now in third place behind donald trump and ben carson. cbs news, washington. still ahead, not in school yet but already quick on an ipad, the children logging on to gadgets and a treat in one halloween basket. the sweet surprise that has one family thanking a stranger. ,,,,
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my name is mark amann. ,,,, i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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as two seperate companies. the split -- announced mont ago -- created "h-p n hewlett-packard spent its first day operating as two separate companies. the split announced months ago created hp incorporated. the company's stock finished the day up 13%. and the markets all closed up.
6:40 pm
the dow is in positive territory. the s&p is up 24 points. in the past parents often use the tv as a babysitter. we did it. a survey shows kids as young as three are left with tablets, smart phones and ipods. the survey was conducted in philadelphia. it shows by four 3/4 of children in the area had their own smart devices. 70% of parents say they let the kids play with the devices while they did house work or to keep them busy in public. garbage is piling up at a bay area beach, how a plan to reduce little back fired. i will have that on bay area night beat at 10:00 p.m. on our center station. still ahead excitement building over all the fresh snow in the sierra. the lengths some people went to
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check it out today. it is wonderful news see. it is wet around here. we are looking at our weather watchers. 1.5 inches of rainfall. skies are clearing, beautiful shot of the city of san francisco. looking from the oakland airport. there is something new coming in. it will make you need a jacket. we will talk about it next. coming up, the 49ers shake up has begun. with a major trade and possibly more. maybe he should have take an page out of kobe bryant's book. >> i suck right now. >> did you see this play over the weekend? why were the officials of the play suspended? we will tell you why coming up. halloween one east bay man d
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out trick-or- treating when man passing out candy dropp something in the girl's bagd said, "this is for wheelcha maintenance." it wasn't unt they got home that they read the man had dropped a 100- dollar bill in the c a man dropped something in the girl's bag and they got home and realize heed dropped a 100 -- realized he dropped a $100 bill in her bag. plenty of excitement today. some people were so amped up they got up before sun rise to make the drive. they had plenty of company. plows were busy clearing i-80. but the snow is a welcome sight as we deal with the four year drought. >> nice. going to be nice. start of a busy winter. >> i was excited. got up at 4:00 a.m. to check it out. >> if you are planning to make the trip make sure you have the right chains and tires. the rain didn't stop firefighters for training for
6:46 pm
the california international marathon. the guys from the sacramento fire department will run from folsom to the state capitol on december 6 to raise money for two charities. the pants, coat and helmet weight 15 pounds. >> that steady rainfall heading into the central valley, this is the weather our kpix 5 weather watcher love to report on. san francisco, .66. same amount in pacifica. petaluma half inch of rain. brentwood the thunderstorm, an inch of rain for now. walnut creek an inch of rainfall. 2 inches of rain in pittsburg. whispering pine, .86.
6:47 pm
cool pictures. napa, the flooded parking lot. heavy rainfall there and the beautiful sunset. peggy showing that. and she also had a rainbow. lots going on throughout california today. we got some rain. two rounds moving through. the second round is leaving. it is drying out in tracy. livermore had rain an hour ago but moving out. all the activity in the river valley, sacramento valley and sierra. this evening, it is getting breezy and it is chilly. livermore 54. san bruno 58. 30ss and 40s tomorrow. what happened? well, something that avoided us for four years. a front came through that did tap into the jet stream. a kick from mother nature. that is why it rained this morning and this afternoon it went to stormy because the low- pressure system, the unstable
6:48 pm
air was over the bay area. first the front, then the low. unfortunately both are gone. there is not anything that will replace it other than high pressure. but it is november. notice where the arrows are coming from. canadian air. in the wake of the low. it will be chilly tomorrow. breezy despite the sunshine. we will stay on the chilly side. the ridge stays to the west. winds with us for the next 2-3 days. rainfall wrapping up. clear skies after midnight and a sunny day tomorrow. night tomorrow lows in the 40s and upper 30s in santa rosa, and napa valley. 66 degrees tomorrow. that is it for napa. fry mont 66. -- fremont 66. sunny and chilly. 70 thursday, for an hour or
6:49 pm
two. that is it. weekend mid-70inizeland. low 70 -- mid-70inizeland, low 70s -- mid-70s inland, low 70s by the bay. 49ers, we have all that with dennis coming up next. ,,
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trade to denver? quote, "i l could think about was peyton manning." and that about su it up.. the 49ers get only 6th and h vernon davis' reaction when he learn offend he is -- learned of his trade to denver, all i could think about was peyton manning. that summed it up. he will be a free agent after the season. vernon davis was san francisco's first round pick in 2006. the longest tenured player on the roster. he holds the record for most touchdowns by a tight end. but he hasn't scored since week one of last season. colin kaepernick's future with the 49ers also may be in doubt. it was a month ago jim was firmly in his corner. >> everybody here knows how i feel about him. i am happy that colin kaepernick is our starting quarterback. i had no thoughts of him not being the quarterback. >> i believe in the quarterback. i believe in him. i believe in colin kaepernick. >> after his failed to get the
6:53 pm
49ers into the end zone for the second straight game and plummeting to the bottom of the league in offense he changed his tune in records to his starting quarterback. >> reporter: is there a decision on who the starting quarterback will be sunday? >> we are evaluating everything right now. we are in the middle of it right now. i don't have any comments on any position right now. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: in the past you stated clearly colin kaepernick is our quarterback. >> we are evaluating everyone. >> running back is also an area of concern. reggie bush is done for the season. san francisco today signed shawn drone who was cut by the browns and jerold hane resigned to the practice squad. the 49ers and raiders are trending in opposite directions. you know what raider nation is
6:54 pm
talking about right now? >> playoffs. >> playoffs. >> believe it or not the raiders are the top wildcard team and could create separation with a win sunday at the steelers. >> i am just geeing to be excited -- going to be excited about where we are at but know there is lot of work in front of us. >> this is a big win against a very good team. we are gaining respect. those who aren't ready, that is fine too. >> steph curry named the player of the week. averaged 39 points per game. golden state warriors host memphis tonight. kobe bryant's first three
6:55 pm
games, the lakers are winless, she shooting 31% from the field and 6-29 from beyond the arc. he was excused from practice today to clear his head. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> well, if i make a shot that will help. i suck right now. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. it is -- 200 best player in the league right now. i suck. >> hard on himself. if you were busy trick or treating this weekend you may have missed the play of the year in college football. >> lateral. practiced that on wednesday. time is going to expire. this goes or it doesn't. the ball is -- >> going to be a backwards
6:56 pm
lateral. still alive. block. they got blockers. they -- down to the 20. the band is on the field. he will go into the end zone. oh, my god. the most amazing, exciting, thrilling finish in the history of college football. >> wow! magic. miami knocks off duke 30-27 but today they admitted the officials botched the play. and they have been suspended for two games. you can see. and even after the review player's knee was on the field. i wonder if they had official review back in the day of the big play what would have transpired at that point. >> duke still loses. [ laughter ] save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve h [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [indistinct chatter] steve: how y'all doing? how's everybody? how's everybody now? i appreciate you. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from columbus, ohio, it's the cornett family. and from austin, texas, it's the mcphail family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving
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out of here in a brand-new, bold ford edge right there. let's go meet the mcphail family. hey, elizabeth, how you doing? elizabeth: i'm doing well. steve: introduce everybody. elizabeth: this is my lovely sister kristin, our token brunette of the family. steve: token brunette. elizabeth: our token brunette. yes. hilary, my cousin. she loves roller derby. my high-school senior cousin-- caroline. and our recent college graduate cousin--meredith. [mouths] steve: hi, caroline. you in high school? caroline: i am. senior. steve: well, that's good. what school? caroline: westlake high school in austin, texas. steve: westlake high school. so you do realize that after this appears, you're going to be a major star. caroline: oh, yeah. for sure. steve: are you, like, in the in-circle of girls? no. caroline: no, not really. steve: but after this, though-- caroline: after this show, i'll be walking down the halls, and it'llt


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