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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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next chance of rain very light little chance, will be on monday. >> all right. thank you for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." stunning new conclusions about the shooting death of an illinois police lieutenant that left a community living in fear. new details of vatican insiders fighting reform and pope francis. elizabeth palmer talks with the author of an explosive new book. and first on "cbs this morning," forbes magazine reveals a list of the world's most powerful people. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> authorities will only say they'll lay out all the details this morning. >> the fox lake cop shooting investigation takes a turn.
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>> sources telling cbs news in chicago that joe gliniewicz was not murdered. it was a suicide. >> we don't need ben carson. he's never employed anybody. maybe a nurse. >> donald trump on the attack again as he falls out of the number 1 spot in a nationwide poll. >> he's run for president twice and quit. do we have to talk about donald trump? >> voters in kentucky elected a republican governor for only the second time in 40 years. republican matt bevin. >> voters rejecting a ballot measure for marijuana medical and recreational use. >> the storm system will bring a foot or more of snow to eastern utah and much of the colorado rockies. >> fayetteville, arkansas, former walmart ceo bill simon had to pop an emergency parachute. >> we looked up, there was a plane that was free falling. >> airbag maker takata slapped with a $70 million fine for concealing that its devices are prone to exploding.
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>> a travel nightmare for thousands of tourists on 2 indonesian islands. >> all that. >> nothing to it. >> a collision between wildlife and an automobile in finland. a moose runs straight into the car's path. >> all of that matters. >> downtown kansas city was shut down as an estimated 1 million people showed up for the parade. i'm not a politically correct person. >> on "cbs this morning." >> could russia be planning on an attack on undersea cables? >> repairing those cables would be a slow process. can you imagine how long it would take time warner to show up at the bottom of the ocean? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning" as you wake up in the west. a stunning turn in the deadly police shooting that terrified an illinois community. cbs news has learned in about an hour officials will announce lieutenant joe gliniewicz took his own life. >> his shooting death in september launched a massive police response. the fox lake community feared cop killers were on the loose. schools were cancelling classes to keep children safe. dean reynolds has more on how the investigation turns. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there were questions from the start of this case. where were the suspects, for example, and why was the local coroner here unable to say publicly whether this was a suicide or a homicide. we're expecting answers this morning. after the initial report that he was killed in the line of duty, after the funeral that drew
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thousands of mourners and cops from across the country, after his wife's tear-filled tribute, and after the media reported a story in way that further the narrative of cops under fire. >> when an instance like this happens, it victimizes not just the police department but the whole community. >> reporter: the truth emerged. and it failed to support any of it. sources have now confirmed to cbs news that officer joe gliniewicz's death was a suicide, not a homicide. the story went like this: the 52-year-old lieutenant was on patrol when he was gunned down with his own weapon while pursuing three suspects on foot. >> the investigation into the death of lieutenant gliniewicz has been nothing short of extremely complex. >> reporter: but after a massive manhunt and an investigation which cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, police failed to make any arrests or
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identify any suspects. the only clear thing of that the 30-year police veteran was shot twice with his own .40 caliber pistol, once in his protective vest and once in his torso. but who shot him? >> we're considering it a homicide investigation. >> reporter: have you ruled out a suicide? >> nothing is off the table. >> reporter: but what might be off the table for the gliniewicz family are the officer's full pension and benefits. under illinois law, if an officer is killed in the line of duty, a spouse is entitled to 100% of his salary. but if the officer takes his own life, that sum could be greatly reduced. >> dean, a very surprising turn there. thank you very much. a new republican presidential poll this morning shows a virtual tie at the top. donald trump has 24% support in the quinnipiac university survey. ben carson, who led 2 other polls in the past week, is now at 23%. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are next. book buyers lined up to see
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trump on tuesday. major garrett is in washington with the latest. tough talk from the billionaire, major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump unveiled his new brook, "crippled america," published by simon and shuster, a division of cbs, then said almost nothing about the book itself. he called on many of the republicans in the presidential race to drop out. he dismissed others running close to him and called the obama economy a bubble waiting to burst. >> our country has no spirit. >> reporter: donald trump began his book tour in a spirit of spite for the gop establishment. >> it's called really the failed establishment because the establishment has let us down. we need a person that has tremendous personal energy. >> reporter: and many of his republican rivals. >> do i think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates drop out? yes. there are too many people. >> reporter: paying special attention to florida senator >> i think that really marco is overrated. all you have to do is look at his credit card.
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he is a disaster with his credit cards. >> reporter: and questioning the staying power of ben carson. >> when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. >> reporter: trump said carson, a renowned neurosurgeon, lacks experience. carson responded at his own book signing at tampa. >> what would you expect him to say? would you expect him to say, yeah, ben carson has a lot of experience? >> reporter: a new poll shows bush has dropped to sixth. he found himself running from the frontrunner's attacks. >> i actually have good energy every night. >> reporter: trump said federal obama has ordered federal research chair janet yell een t lower interest rates to keep a bubble aloft. >> when those interest rates are raised, a lot of bad things will happen.
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>> reporter: that's an economic observation from somebody who has some experience in real estate. >> and somebody who has declared bankruptcy several times too. >> reporter: companies within trump's empire have filed bankruptcy and trump subsequently sued them for damaging his brand. trump says part of his success springs from knowing how to sell himself and manipulate the media. >> thanks, major. ohio voters said no to legalizing recreational medical marijuana. tuesday's vote was 2-1 against the measure. it would have made ohio the most populated state to allow general pot use. adriana diaz is outside the statehouse in columbus with reaction to the vote. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. voters here in ohio overwhelmingly decided against the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana. the decision came after months of controversy and debate about the group backing the legislation.
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>> this is a bump in the road. >> reporter: supporters of issue 3, an initiative to legalize recreational and medical marijuana in ohio, are regrouping after voters strongly shut down the measure on a tuesday. >> never have we seen a proposed amendment this detailed for a small handful of people. >> reporter: state representative mike curtin and other lawmakers opposed the bill, saying it would create a marijuana monopoly in the state, giving control of production to a small handful of wealthy people. the financial backers of a pro legalization campaign called responsible ohio. the law would have allowed them to grow marijuana exclusively at 10 privately-owned locations. >> my issue is not using the state constitution to carve yourself a business exclusive. >> reporter: even some supporters of issue 3 were concerned about its economic model. >> i was really unusually excited about the amendment until i researched it and
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realized i'm not a fan of the monopoly situation. >> reporter: responsible ohio is made up of 24 known investors including a former pop star. the group outspent opponents 20-1. >> we have to assess what this means and see if there's a will on the part of folks to go forward. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich applauded the decision, saying in a statement, at a time when too many families are being torn apart by drug abuse, ohioans said no to easy access to drugs. responsible ohio says the only reason they went the route of investors push to it this on the ballot is because marijuana bills here at the statehouse have stalled for the last 19 years. they said they might try again next year. >> adriana, thank you so much. kentucky voters have elected a republican voter for the second time in 44 years. matt bevin has never held
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office. he promises to end a program that allows people to sign up for medicare benefits. this morning an author is defending explosive allegations against the vatican. his new book accuses powerful members of the church hierarchy of greed and financial mismanagement and claims they're fighting reforms wanted by pope francis. elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: good morning. allegations of financial mismanagement at the vatican are not new, of course. this book does provide detail on a whole variety of murky dealings and she does some light on how the current pope has reacted. revered by millions of catholics around the world, pope francis emerges in the book as a lonely crusader, battling against powerful vested interests to
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clean up financial corruption in the vatican. the author of "merchants in the temple." was there 1 thing in particular that shocked you more than anything else you discovered? >> translator: the shock was ongoing. >> reporter: this pope is trying to make sweeping changes and it's going to take a long time. that's because the mess is a big 1. according to the book, it includes a real estate portfolio that's worth seven times as much as the vatican shows on its books. and donations intended for the poor, which actually went into a slush fund to pay vatican running costs. the revelations are based on in part on secret recordings of meetings the pope held with senior cardinals, recordings which were then leaked. in a statement, the vatican said such actions are a serious betrayal of trust granted by the
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pope. but in fact, pope francis's request for transparency and accountability may have been given a huge boost by all this publicity. and we have heard from the pope indirectly on this through a tweet from his chief of staff. his words simply, onward with determination and serenity. >> thanks, elizabeth. this morning the wreckage of the russian jet liner in egypt is yielding new clues. the debris points to a catastrophic event bringing down the plane. all 224 people on board died. investigators are expanding the search area. allen pizzey is in couldairo wi the investigation's new focus. >> reporter: good morning. officials involved say the final result will take some time and they're urging patience. the search area has been widened
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again to 15 square miles. russian officials said the effort will continue for at least two more days and can be extended if necessary. yesterday's search yielded some small parts of the plane, passengers' personal belongings, and fragments of human remains. 35 bodies have been identified. russian media are reporting that bodies of passengers from the rear section of the plane have different injuries than those sitting in the forward section. the tail section was found three miles from the main fuselage, reinforcing the theory that it broke off in what's known as a tail strike, the tail hitting the ground before the wheels on landing. a bomb could have the same effect. but with no firm evidence of an explosion, other than 2 flashes picked up by a u.s. satellite, russian officials are warning against speculation.
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an isis affiliate in sinai continues to claim responsibility. they tweeted, we took it down so die in your rage. final judgment on what happened must include experts from russia, egypt, france, germany, ireland and airbus, all of whom have vested interests of 1 kind or another, norah. >> allen pizzey in cairo, thank you so much. breaking news from east africa where a russian-built cargo plane crashed along the nile river. the plane had just taken off from the airport in south su sudan's capital. honda says it will no longer buy takata-made airbags, after the u.s. find takata $70 million. that fine could grow if takata doesn't abide by a safety
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agreement reached by the government. the airbags killed seven people in this country, all in honda vehicles. nearly 100 others were hurt. they're facing a federal criminal investigation. porsche is stopping sale of some diesel suvs after u.s. regulators accused the auto maker of cheating on emissions tests. porsche says it's indefinitely that you thought sales of diesel cayennes. porsche's parent company volkswagen group admitted yesterday it understated carbon dioxide emissions results on about 800,000 vehicles including some gas-powered cars, in addition to 11 million vehicles already under scrutiny. health experts believe they're close to finding the exact source of the e. coli outbreak in the pacific
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northwest. 35 of 37 confirmed cases are linked to chipotle restaurants. they closed 43 restaurants in seattle and portland. vladimir duthiers is following the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. it's the second time in the past five months chipotle has been forced to close stores after customers became sick. investigators are still trying to track down the source of the contamination in each case. the recent news that sent the company's stock to its lowest level since july. >> i think that there's a very good chance that we're going to end up with more cases. >> reporter: washington health officials urged anyone who 8 at the 43 impacted chipotle restaurants after october 1st and have exhibited symptoms of severe intestinal illness to see a doctor immediately. >> symptoms can potentially are severe. >> reporter: while the exact source of the outbreak is still unknown, investigators do not believe it was a meat product. >> we think the most likely explanation is a product that was used at these locations that
7:18 am
was an uncooked product like lettuce or cilantro or tomatoes or onions. >> reporter: this is at least the fourth food safety issue for the chain since july, when five people became ill after eating at a seattle chipotle. another incident occurred in minnesota, and another in simi valley, california, with some at the beginning of the day positive for norovirus. when asked about the multiple incidents involving chipotle, washington health officials said a broader investigation would have to be done at the federal level. >> i think that in a broader scope, perhaps cdc would be a better agency to look at those kinds of things and determine if there's a pattern associated with that. >> reporter: chipotle said it is bringing in two safety
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consulting firms to improve standards. the company says they will push themselves to enhance their already high standards for safety. ahead, a closer look at the technology credited with saving a former top cor,, announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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temprapedic. nothing feels better. movie director quentin tarantino defends himself after calling some police murderers. >> ahead, why he says he's not going to back away from that controversy. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
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dogs are dying from an ingredient humans use all the time. ahead the warning from veterinaria veterinarians. inside the church where a teen was beaten to death weeks ago. >> the kind of control that you describe that these people had over the church members, it sounds to me like a cult. >> it is
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voters rejected a proposal t airbnb and other short term rentals to just 75 night at this hour, a big win for airbnb in yesterday's election. voters rejected a proposal to limit airbnb and other short- term rentals to just 75 nights a year. airbnb spent $8 million fighting that plan. oakland raiders defensive end aldon smith is scheduled to appear in court in santa clara county today. he was cut from the 9ers after being charged with hitting a parked car while drunk. he pled not guilty. and straight ahead on "cbs this morning," forget chocolate. there's another common product that is much more toxic to man's best friend. what every pet owner needs to know. got that story and a little traffic and weather locally and it's all coming up next. ,,
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if you haven't checked out covered california in awhile, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit
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big problems for the san jose commute northbound 101 before capitol expressway accident with big rigs blocking two lanes of traffic. it'sammed up solid leaving blossom hill road. meantime if you plan to make the i-80 commute west won't traffic is jammed up solid from beyond highway 4 towards berkeley and emeryville. bay bridge toll plaza over one- hour delays where traffic is backed up through the maze. >> if you are waking up in napa this morning, you're saying what cold weather? what a difference a day makes. yesterday at this time it was 39 in napa. this morning, 53. it's all because of the breezy winds. we have visibility unlimited looking out towards the golden gate bridge right now. 40s and 50s out the door. later today, temperatures topping off in the 60s.
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occasional gust of winds to 35. chance of rain returns by monday.
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this video shows scary moments for these three sky divers. one tries to open the chute but the cord is snagged on the camera on his helmet. he rips off his helmet and the chute opens and the jumpers all land safely. >> is this on your bucket list, gayle? >> not even kind of. i will watch you, missy. it's on your bucket list. oh, no. i'll be here with my water going, go, norah, go! charlie wants to play too. coming up this hour is our parachute section from that parachute story to this. the parachute that saved an airplane and former top business
7:31 am
leader inside. the emergency in the sky comes to a dramatic end where the airport is looking at the life saving technology. >> thank you, missy. >> the question of what is on her bucket list. >> i know. plus movie director and writer quentin tarantino stands his ground responding to growing calls to boycott his movie. why he is not apologizing to police who say his story put them at risk. "usa today" reports on the irs audit rate. it is hitting a new low. this fiscal year the rate of federal tax returns examined by the agency fell to the lowest level in more than a decade. individual audits were down 22% from 2010. audit collections dropped to over $7 billion, the lowest since 2002. the declines come amid irs budget cuts and a rise in the number of tax returns. "the san francisco
7:32 am
chronicle" reports on a big victory for air b&b. voters rejected a measure. backers of the measure said it scarce housing to year-round hotels. airbnb spent years fighting this proposal. a fire broke out on a dynamic international airways flight last week at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. investigators discovered a disconnected main fuel line. all 101 people on board used escape chutes to exit the plane. the aircraft had been in storage for more than two years. until it was leased in september. the "los angeles times" reports the pentagon suspended a missile defense system after the crash of a blimp carrying a powerful radar. the unmanned blimp broke loose and floated more than 100 miles from maryland to pennsylvania. the nearly $3 billion system is designed to detect cruise missiles heading for the nation's capital. two airlines will be taking
7:33 am
holiday cheer out of your travel planes with the higher fees this year. spirit airlines checked baggage surcharges back this year adding $2 for baggage from december 18th to january 4th and they say it's a busier time of the year. frontier baggage rates are increasing 5 to 10 dollars for checked bags from november 19th to january 5th in time for the problem.
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as he was losing altitude, he made a split-second decision and it saved lives. witnesses watch in maamazement. a single-engine plane suspended by a parachute gliding to the ground. >> there is a plane coming down with a parachute. >> a plane down. man down. >> reporter: it landed on this stretch of road. the entire aircraft still visibly intact. >> looked up. a plane free-falling for a second and popped a parachute. >> reporter: seconds before touching down the plane struck a pickup truck. those three people in the truck and including the people on the plane, including ceo bill simon walked away with just minor injuries. >> they were losing engine and altitude so they popped the
7:35 am
emergency chute on the plane which brought them down slowly. >> reporter: that emergency ballistic parachute is built into the plane's fuselage, a standard feature on this type of aircraft since the 1990s. >> the idea this aircraft of the brothers who designed it was there should be another option, that the penalty for -- for bad judgment, for bad luck shouldn't be death. >> reporter: james fallow is a pilot who flies a sirus plane. >> i think people on other planes should not need these and shouldn't because those planes are safe. the smaller planes, i think the evidence becomes clear. why would a plane not have this kind of safety system. >> reporter: in janna pilot landed this sirius after it landed in the pacific after it ran out of fuel in hawaii. another faa are looking
7:36 am
into yesterday's incident. >> an important story. >> amazing video. i wish we would have heard the next part of the 911 operator. sir, there is a plane coming down with a parachute. sir, have you been drinking? what is your location. glad everybody is okay. >> we are hearing from movie director quentin tarantino for the first time in public following his controversial comments on police. law enforcement groups called for a boycott of his new film "the hateful eight" after tarantino called some officers murderers. elaine quijano of cbsn is outside of the police department in new york city. >> reporter: tarantino knows his comments put him on the radar of police nationwide.
7:37 am
he told the "los angeles times" on tuesday, i'm not a cop hater. >> i am a human being with a conscience! >> reporter: oscar winning writer and director and now activist quentin tarantino is standing his ground. >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by! and i have to call the murderer, the murderer and i have to call the murderers, the murderers! >> he is completely owning what he did that day and what he said that day. >> reporter: glenn whip is a staff writer with the "los angeles times." >> quentin tarantino. >> reporter: whip says the director told him he is not backing away from the controversy regarding what ed at a new york rally in october about unarmed citizens killed by police. tarantino told the "l.a. times," quote. instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country, better they single me out. >> he felt he was bearing witness to their stories and he
7:38 am
said it changed him, just being there. >> reporter: but his comments unleashed a barrage of criticism from multiple police groups. the national association of police organizations called on officers to stop providing security, traffic control, or technical advice for any of tarantino's projects. and los angeles's police union said tarantino's speech makes police officers even bigger targets. l.a. police chief charlie beck. >> mr. tarantino lives in a fantasy world. that's how he makes his living. >> get i'm, boy! >> reporter: several police unions also called for a boycott of tarantino's upcoming film about bounty hunters. tarantino told reporters the threat is to shut me down, it's to discredit me and it's to intimidate me and it's to shut my mouth. >> whether or not you agree with what he said, you can certainly respect the conviction that he has for what he said.
7:39 am
>> reporter: tarantino asserted his first amendment right to protest. as for the studio backing his new movie, the weinstein company told the hollywood reporter. we can't speaker for quentin. he should be and is allowed to speak for himself. millions of dog owners are learning about a deadly threat to their pets. coming up next, the new warning about an ingredient that you may be carrying in your bridget moynahan will be here in studio 57 coming up. she is bringing a book. we will be right back. ed when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. veterinarians are increasingly worried about an ingredient that could killed
7:44 am
your dog. xylitol is safe for humans but extremely dangerous for dogs. chip reid is at a dog park in washington with a rising number of cases. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. if it says sugar-free a good chance it contains zi xylitol. it's in everything from chewing gum to peanut butter and a couple of dog owners want to make sure nobody goes through what they went through. this is gunner. his owners said he helped heal their hearts after their 2-year-old lna died in april after she is got into a chewing gum that contained xylitol. >> she loved everything and she listened to well and she was pretty much like our first child. >> reporter: she started vomiting. they rushed her to the vet but it was too late. >> that day, we ended up going back down and having to put her
7:45 am
down in our arms. >> reporter: in charlotte, north carolina, last year, this labradoodle barely survived after 5,000 in medical costs. the number of products containing xylitol is on the rise and so are the calls about dogs that have been poisoned to the aspca poison control center. an increase of more than 4,000 percent. at this dog park in north virginia, hardly anyone had even heard of xylitol, including bruce bettsle. >> scary. we have two or three packs of gum around our house all the time. now we know there's some danger there, we will keep them in drawers or on out of their way. >> reporter: some people are calling for warning signs on ingredients that contain
7:46 am
xylitol. this vet says vigilance is key. >> dogs are always hungry and looking for a treat so you have to really watch them. >> reporter: sam and jordan go candyeeeee know people know about chocolate but this is a new one for a lot of people. they love their dogs. >> thank you, chip and buster. coming up, "forbes" reveals its new list of the most
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♪ this morning, the air force is trying to figure out what went wrong with this space rocket after it was launched from hawaii. the experimental rocket is designed to be ready quickly but it broke up mid flight. it was carrying 13 small satellites on a mission for the department of defense. this was the first time a space rocket was launched from hawaii. i woned wh >> hopefully, they will figure out what happened there. china hopes the end of its one one-child policy will solve its
7:52 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. today we'll get the results of a strike authorization vote for cal state university staff members. the faculty union is seeking a 5% pay hike but school officials are offering 2%. big changes are coming to san francisco's busy powell street. starting friday, only mass transit taxi and commercial vehicles will be allowed on powell near union square. it's part of an 18-month pilot program. and on "cbs this morning," forbes magazine reveals their list of the world's most powerful people. find out which controversial people made the cut. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
7:57 am
dude, dude, dude!ing) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to like talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (elevator bell dings) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck?
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." if you plan on making the silicon valley commute, it's been very slow this morning. an accident still out there involving a pair of big rigs northbound 101 at capitol expressway. two lanes are shut down. traffic has been backed up clear out of blossom hill. and the eastshore freeway continues to be a slow spot, as well. westbound 80 still recovering from earlier problems. so that commute begins beyond highway 4. it doesn't get better until you get through the macarthur maze. heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, over one-hour delays now leaving oakland heading into san francisco. roberta? good morning, everyone. let's go ahead and head outdoors and take a beautiful look of san jose where we have wind-swept blue skies. it is a little bit breezy this morning. san jose is relatively calm but around the remaining portion of the bay area, we have been picking up some north and northwest winds gusting up to 24 miles per hour. now, as we take another view right now, take a look towards the bay area, again, lots of
7:59 am
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good morning to our viewers on the west coast. welcome back to cbs this morninmornin morning. here's look at today's eye openers at 8:00. >> there was a question from the start, why was the coroner unable to say whether this was a suicide or a homicide. >> he dismisothers running close to hem. >> marco rubio's personal finance, all you have to do is look at his credit cards.
8:01 am
>> officials involved say the final result will take some time. >> investigators are still trying to track down the source of the contamination, the recent news that septembnt the company stock to the lowest level since july. number one, we're the best team in baseball. hold a report reported -- he says he only got it to cover up his president lincoln chafy tattoo. a major development this morning police shooting that shook -- will now this hour, lieutenant joe
8:02 am
glenowitz took his own life. >> he was found after a road call that he was pursuing three suspecteds. police launched a man hunt and -- officials are holding a news conference right nw to reveal that the death was in fact a suicide. the newest republican presidential poll this morning shows ben carson and donald trump are neck and neck, but the poll shows carson is still picking up up voter support. he also took aim at jeb bush and marco rubio. >> we need tremendous energy. ben carson does not have that energy. i think marco is highly overrated. he doesn't have it. marco is overrated and frankly had bush been a better messen r messenger, he has a better message. my jeb impression? i don't want to do that, i don't
8:03 am
like showing a person sleeping at a podium, you look at marco rubio, very, very weak on immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration. marco is a sitting senator and he doesn't show up for the people of florida. he has a very bad record of finances if you look at what happened with his houses, he certainly lives above his means, there's no question about that. i think i'm going to win the hispanic vote. i think i'm going to get the nomination and i will win the white house. one of the images show jeb bush next the to a swas sticker. t-minus eight hours until another young intern was fired. that was when trump blamed -- protect gay and transgender people from discrimination.
8:04 am
the city's mayor who is gay says the fight is not over. the measure failed 69-91% yesterday, after a year and a half battle in the country's fourth largest city. opponents used a slogan no men's and women's bathrooms. they say it would put girls at risk for predators pretending to be transjechbder. . a volcano blasted ash and debris nearly 12,000 feet into the air, causing the closure of three airports. the closing of the airports affected 700 national and international flights. at bali's airport, many travelers complained about a lack of information about their flights. a long lost disney animated
8:05 am
film has been rediscovered. a researcher at the national archives stumbled across the 1928 film slay bells. it features oswald the lucky rabbit which is believed to be an early version of what became mickey mouse. the film will be shown early next month. water is running again at the vatican's -- tossing a coin over one's shoulder ensures a return visit, that is something i made sure to do when i was there two years ago. i don't have a coin. pick a coin, whatever you want. >> i'm good for it. on three, one, two, three. i will return.
8:06 am
an italian actor took me on a tour of rome. >> and i want to go also. you're a very delightful traveling companion. he's too cool to be wearing grandpa jeans, they're now gone from his closet. but that was a very hot letter jacket. okay, rugby's world cup champions got quite the welcome when they returned home to new zealand this morning. [ chanting ] >> whatever gets you going. air new zealand workers on the tarmac performing to the
8:07 am
traditional war match the all blacks perform before every tournament. >> i'll say it again, first on cbs this morning, we'll reveal forbes new top list of the most powerful people. the amazing people making the list for the
8:08 am
in the lone star state, jeff glor meets two in the lone star state, to the big men of baylor. >> very big, coming up on cbs this morning. ♪
8:09 am
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kansas city is feeling blue this morning, these royals fans could not be happier. some 800,000 people packed the downtown streets and saluted the world champions. hall of famer george brett was there. he told the crowd, this is the greatest team in royals' history. >> that was huge for him to say. he was an icon there in kansas city, talk about supporting the home team, that's nice. how about this forbes story? >> should i saturday retart rea now? >> forbes has released its list of most powerful people. we're bringing it to you first on cbs. 73 names make up this career's pick. number 5, chinese president, number 4 pope francis, president obama comes in third, and
8:14 am
topping the list for the third straight here, russian president vladimir putin. we're please to have the managing editor at forbes. >> make the case as to why vladimir putin is more powerful than president obama? >> i think a lot has to do with how he exercises his power and his influence, whether it's in crimea or the ukraine, he's not afraid to go out and exercise his power. there's no checks and balances. >> it's not a question of being more powerful, he's simply using it. >> that's -- obviously barack obama has more checks and balances because of the way the u.s. has been set up in a more democratic fashion. >> and more freedom to use it. >> the president of the united states wasn't even in the number two position. >> that's actually only the
8:15 am
second time that the president has fallen out of the top two spots. i think that's due to the fact that this is his last year in office, he's a little bit more hamstrung both nationally and internationally and it's just a nod to his decreasing power. >> the u.s. economy is five times larger than to the russian economy, we spend ten times more on the military than the russians do. how do you define this issue? >> it's money, it's the use of power, it's the atmosphere of influence and the number of people. obviously it's also a subjective list, and you have to look at the fact that there's 30 americans on this list, by far more than any other country, there aren't many russians, we're not saying that the u.s. isn't powerful, we're definitely the most powerful country, but in terms of the number one person in the way that putin
8:16 am
exerts -- >> let me talk about number two on the list. the president of canada, trudeau. and number 72 is donald trump. >> he's a controversial one as well. he's just inserted himself into the dialogue of this country to such an extreme, he has money, he increasingly has power and influence, i think it will be interesting to see if he's just a one hit wonder. >> hillary clinton is number 58, she's described as a presidential candidate. he at number 72 is described as an entrepreneur personality. >> we're revealing our take on some of this stuff, clearly he is entertaining, he is a personality, he is a very wealthy entrepreneur. >> you said he would not have made the list six months ago. list six months ago. >> why not?
8:17 am
>> he clearly is not influential enough. he has used his political candidacy to insert himself into the country's dialogue and he's gotten a huge amount of attention. >> there is nine women on the list. >> angela merkel, she's been the most powerful woman in the world for a decade, she moves back to number two. that's her second time that high in the ranks, it's talking about her huge influence in europe and her role, weather it's the refugee crisis, she's taking a very active role in inserting herself again, whether or not that, you know, what happens with that, you know, time will tell. >> very interesting. >> thanks very having me. up next, a nation's family tree finally gets to branch out. but some are asking, is it too late? you're watching cbs this morning. rning."
8:18 am
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china is preparing to implement a change in the last 35 years as they have shown you here. the government will allow married couples to have two kids instead of just one. this move comes as china grapples with an aging work force and gender imbalance. seth doane remains how
8:22 am
many more chinese couples will really have a second child? 10-year-old wongshuba wished she had a sibling. i feel lonely. since i was little, there haven't been many kids i could play with. for years her mom and dad fought to have a second child, even publicly protesting for the right. when i heard the news, i couldn't believe it, chow told us. i read the official document over and over. it was always in our dreams but also beyond our dreams. china's rubber stamp parliament still has to formally approve the change to this controversial
8:23 am
policy. my husband works for a state-owned company. if we had a second baby, he would have been fired or forced to quit, she said. for you, the penalties of having a second child were pretty significant. yes, that's true, wong added. the fine could have been nearly $50,000! cbs news videotaped these beijing billboards in the 1980s. one child policy was designed to combat a booming population and to lessen the financial burden on families and the state. health official at least 400 births were averted and sometimes forced abortion and sterilization. some parents preferred male children and aborted female fetuses. today there are 33 million more men than women in china. china's work force is shrinking. its population aging. and chow worries about the stress on her daughter. when we get old, she will be the
8:24 am
only one taking care of us, she said. they are ready to start trying to have another child and their 10-year-old has already given some thought to the brother versus sister question. why a little sister? >> because little brother is very naughty! dem graphers say this change may be a little too little, too late. >> may take a long time to feel the effects of it. >> i was struck by how that 10-year-old was speaking english and playing the piano. >> staggering with so many more member than women in china. >> good odds if y're a woman. >> that's true.
8:25 am
you get lots to pick from. family is at the cen today on the future of poli body cameras in san francis. commissioner g i'm frank mallicoat. a key meeting today on the future of police body cameras in san francisco. commissioners are wrestling with a key question, though, should officers be allowed to look at videos of incidents in which they are accused of misconduct? >> the dungeness crab season is on hold because of a potentially deadly toxin. california department of health says crabs have tested positive for poison from santa barbara county to oregon. ahead on "cbs this morning," an actress is in studio 57. the co-star of the hit cbs show "blue bloods" shares recipes from her new cookbook inspired by the show. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
8:26 am
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." we do have an accident delaying traffic for the dumbarton commute. now we have heavy traffic for many bridges but this crash west 84 just beyond the toll plaza a motorcycle accident blocking a lane. traffic is backed up clear to 880 with heavy traffic all the way across the span. if you plan to take the san mateo bridge instead, watch out
8:28 am
for delays there, as well. westbound traffic is backed up from clawiter approaching the toll plaza with slow traffic across the span. meantime this morning's accident? san jose has just been cleared from lanes. the "sig alert" has been lifted but still north 101 jammed up solid beyond blossom hill road approaching capitol expressway. commuters have bright sunshine this morning. good morning, everybody. heading on outside, actually we have a little bit of wind-swept blue skies out there. winds are breezy out of the north at 12 miles per hour currently in oakland. gusts up to 21 in concord. northwest at 7 in san jose. san francisco right now at 53 degrees. not as cold this morning as yesterday. later today under 70 degrees everywhere with a northwest wind 10 to 20. an occasional gust up to 35 miles per hour along the coast and in the higher elevations of our mountains. tomorrow we'll call it partly sunny due to a trough to the north of the bay area. full sunshine friday through saturday increasing clouds late sunday a chance of rain monday. i am totally blind.
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, do you ever watch the family dinner scene on cbs" blue blood." and wonder what are they eating? it always looks good. actress bridget moynahan knows and she's in our toyota green room. she has a cookbook inspired by the hit series. plus two of football's giants do not play for new york but they could help bring baylor university championship glory. jeff glor shows us how they are creating a sizeable impact on the field. >> which one is jeff?
8:31 am
>> that story is next. right now it's time to show of some of this morning's headlines around the glob. history made in yesterday's race for kentucky governor. earlier we told you republican matt bevin won. his running mate lieutenant governor elect jeannine hampton will be the first african-american to win statewide office in kentucky. she is a retired air force officer. "usa today" reports on jon stewart heading to hbo. the retired "daily show" host signed a deal with hemoglobin. he will work on digital short projects that will stream on hbo platforms. i guess that is what he meant when we were at his house and said he had some things cooking. >> liberal arts students are found to earn less than others in their careers. half of the top liberal arts colleges reported median salary ten years after enrollment below
8:32 am
$50,000. google will read e-mails and offer suggested plreplies. if you're invited to thanksgiving dinner you can tap one of the suggestion at the bottom. it will apparently improve as the program learns your personal quirks. >> that's intelligence. all right. i like it. >> i like it. the new york daily news reporters kurt cobain's cardigan he wore during an unplugged taping can now be yours. ♪ bidding opens at $20,000 to the jacket belonging to nirvana's lead singer. >> they predict it could go for
8:33 am
$60,000. i think that is leaa lot of mon for a sweater. guinness beer is becoming vegan. they will stop using animal blaeders in the processing next year. a new filtration system is expected to be complete. the move came after pressure from guinness loving vegans. "blue blood" is back for a another season. bridget moynahan stars in the series. her father is the police commissioner played by tom selleck. here is a preview of this friday's episode. >> i have nothing but respect for you and this department. >> you have a hell of a way of showing it. >> the dach.a.'s office and thi particular d.a. has a license of duty and the full support of rule of law to call it like we see it even if they wear blue and hide behind the old skirt of a long and cherished tradition!
8:34 am
>> you know, i never thought i'd say this, but i heard contempt in your voice. >> no, dad, you hear your daughter unable and unwilling to see it your way. and i don't enjoy it either, but there it is. >> i don't really understand. >> so good! the family doesn't always fight, right? in every episode, they sit down and reconnect over dinner and those gatherings take center table in the "blue bloods" cookbook. welcome to our table, bridget. >> thank you. so excited to be here. >> this is so great. the sixth season now of "blue blood"? >> that's right. i think when we started this we had 111 dinners on set together already. that is a lot of meals. >> it is. how close is the whole cast now? >> we are close. i mean, we have been through a lot. we have gone through marriages and births and, you know, it's been a lot, you know? >> you also said the dinner scene is one of the most popular
8:35 am
signatures of the show that that sort of anchors the show that people love that. why do you think? >> i think it's a moment that people, a, get to see the characters as real humans and the most vulnerable because you're with your family. but i also think it's a moment that they reflect and think, gorks i wish we were able to do that or maybe looking back on memories and yearning for that. i think it's a little bit of all. >> this good was fun because you point out people's techniques. i never thought about this because it's not polite to eat and chew and talk at the same time, but everybody has their own technique. >> uh-huh. >> i learned that when i was a little kid. everybody has their own technique when they are filming. talk about tom selleck and what you do. >> tom got a good one right off the bat. he but theers his bread and that is kind of really good because you can think, you can talk, and you can butter that bread for as long as you want. there is no issues with food getting in your teeth and everything. i cut it up for a long time. now my thing is eating mashed potatoes which i don't think will be good in a costume by the
8:36 am
end of the season. >> tell us about the favorite recipes in this book. >> there is a lot of recipes from my family of what i grew up on. there is some that were inspired from the dinners that we actually had on the show and then some from wendy and every cast member gave one. >> swedish meatballs! >> family favorite. >> bring it. >> it's that meal we have every christmas eve and it's one my son just craves for on a weekly basis which i don't do every week. it's impossible to do. but it's a good one. >> you cook for him often? >> i try to cook every single night. >> do you? >> yes. we rarely, rarely order out. which is unique for the city because it's so easy just to pick up the phone or, you know, use an app. >> are you a good cook? >> he's not complaining! >> gayle and i get ready to go in the makeup room and gayle goes, norah, look at this!
8:37 am
look at this! >> i said it just like that, too. >> it was the bacon almond butter toast. >> look at that on the screen! i wanted to lick the book! but this is the thing, bridget. i said, norah, look at this. she went, u hurks. don't you think it's great? there were cricket in the room. >> she knows i don't like bacon. >> i have not had it yet because it feels so filthy, i have to have that special moment. >> filthy rich? >> filthy rich just like, you know, just decadent i guess is the right word. >> talk about donne wallbeie wa wahlberg. >> we had done a pilot called "bunker hill." it did not get picked up. he said would you look at this? let's work together again. i'm not sure the creators and the writers of the pilot were so
8:38 am
enthusiastic of having -- >> they weren't, bridget. as legend goes. this is what i heard. they said, oh, she is a model. what can she do? >> well, i -- >> you've heard that too. >> i've heard it. i think it's a very natural instinct to have. but i guess i did something right. >> yeah, sure. >> the show is a hit. we should say congratulations, mrs. frankel. i love that you did this. you recently got married. you kept it a secret. >> i did. >> you kept it a secret. how did you do that and why did you do that? i'm thinking you got really great friends who didn't betray you. >> i do have great friends. i was in the limelight for things i didn't really want to be in the limelight for, so i'm very private and so if i want something, i'd like to do it on my terms. >> just doesn't happen in the social media world. >> i know. i know. so i feel blessed for that. >> beautiful picture. congratulations. thank you so much for being here. we love "blue blood."
8:39 am
i want to come back on the show. >> come back! >> thank you, bridget moynahan. you hear that, donnie? the cookbook is on sale now. catch a new episode of "blue bloods" friday night at 10:00, 9:00 central on cbs. a power house pair is giving a college football team a mighty boost. they are more than 65 and weigh more than 400 pounds! >> what do you call each other? >> i call him big sexy. >> i don't
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ the first college football ranking playoff rankings of the season are out this morning. the top teams include clemson, that is for colby who works here. lsu, ohio state, alabama, notre dame and undefeated baylor which comes in at good old number six. the 7-0 baylor team is very much a contender for this year's championships. it's powered in part by a pair of massive ginormous players who were talk of the lone star state and they are proving it's bigger
8:44 am
in texas, knorr. jeff glor met them at practice. >> reporter: good morning. baylor's football program is better than ever. it is also bigger. literally. >> he's got it! that a baylor touchdown! >> reporter: watch the field in waco for a minute and it doesn't take along for two towering talents to stand out. seniors laquan mcgowan and shawn oakman. >> he buries him behind the line. >> great people playing a great game. >> reporter: their coach is art briles. college football players are getting bigger across the country. they may be bigger here than anywhere else. why is that? >> we have the two guys. okey-doke you talk about and la qun. they are abnormal in a great way. >> reporter: mcgowan is 6'6", 400-pound offensive lineman turned tight end. he rumbled for this touchdown
8:45 am
last season at the cotton bowl. >> wide open in the milled of the field for the touchdown for the big guy. >> reporter: before the coin toss of the same game, his teammate 6'9" defensive end okmin loomed over the position and means about his signature stature. >> been doing it 37 years and never seen anybody like this. not like this, no, sir. they don't exist now except at baylor. >> reporter: we met both men on baylor's campus where mcgowan comup commutes in this ford ford taurus. >> there are pictures of you getting in this car. >> my ford taurus. >> reporter: you're bigger than the car. >> yeah. i bought that car for like $1500. i haven't had any problems with it. >> reporter: is it tough to get in and out of that? >> it is. i'll get a truck one day. >> reporter: how do you guys refer to yourself? >> i call him beg sexy.
8:46 am
>> -- big sexy. >> i don't know where that name game from. >> reporter: mcgowan is a gentle giant and tries to be smaller. you're a size 20 but you wear 18? because? >> they are lighter. >> reporter: doesn't it hurt? >> it hurts but i want to be fast. wear lighter shoes. >> reporter: oakman is fast and more combustible. a very high pick in next year's nfl draft. he talks constantly about dominance but he also dealt with demons. he was recruited by penn state and dismissed from the squad. this year sitting out by baylor. he is ordered by the ncaa not to roll up his jersey during games. you had trouble at penn state and kicked off the team and trouble here? >> not true. >> suspended first game? >> politics.
8:47 am
>> what don't they get? >> politics of it. ncaa rules. you got a bunch of guys that run our program that never played football. how do you tell a kid he can't play with swag and can't roll up his jerseys. >> reporter: yeah, but they are rules. >> exactly. for what? those rules are made to do what? to prevent individuality. >> reporter: oakman has publicly apologized for his dismissal at penn state but still says his individuality can't be contained. it's not clear if baylor wants it to be. art briles teams are a collection of overflowing talent on the verge of breaking through. >> we don't feel we are accomplished anything. >> reporter: you're not map yet? >> not not map we want. >> reporter: what is being on the map then? >> we want to win another big 12 championship. that is a big, big deal for us and get in the college football playoffs and win a national championship. it's pretty simple and that is how we operate. >> reporter: that means pitting mountains of men against each other all the time. is there a point when players
8:48 am
get too big? >> basically? >> reporter: and they can't -- no, that doesn't happen? >> no in my mind. no. we will adjust and find a way to use the big ones. >> reporter: bigger, faster, stronger? >> that's the name of the game. >> reporter: baylor is suddenly dealing with a big challenge. starting quarterback seth russell was hurt in the team's last game so baylor will now start a true freshman at quarterback as they try to win their first national championship. >> what a great story. >> fun. dynamic between them is interesting to watch. so coach briles calls laquan 2035 because he says in 20 years, many more football players will look just like that, which is hard to believe. >> that is hard to believe. >> they must eat a lot of vegetables! >> laquan says he eats an oreo and it shows up right away. shawn oakman says he can eat anything he wants and never gains weight. >> i like their motto, bigger, faster, stronger. that's what i believe. >> baylor, yes. >> great piece, jeff.
8:49 am
>> big sexy is locked with that name. >> i'm not sure where he got that name and i'm not sure i want to know. listen to this. it was a top ten night for the aurora borealis. the northern lights light up ,,,
8:50 am
with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go?
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how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
8:52 am
♪ the sky really put on a show in nebraska on tuesday. this time lapse video from lee, nebraska, northwest of omaha. forecasters say a powerful storm made the lights on tuesday and monday night. a million people in the midwest had a chance to see them and so did others all around the world. >> how beautiful is that? >> do you think we have a new nickname for charlie looking at that piece? >> big sexy. >> why is john oliver when i need him?
8:53 am
>> you are our big sexy! >> be,, [announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon.
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the results of a strike authorization vote for cal e ty staff members. th i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:55. here's what's happening at this hour. today we will get the results of a strike authorization for cal state university staff members. the union seeking a 5% pay hike, the school offering 2%. a win for airbnb in yesterday's elections. voters reject a proposal to limit "airbnb" and other short- term rentals to 75 nights a year. airbnb will make a statement on the results in about an hour from now. only november 4, but ski and snowboard season begins today up in the sierra. the early start is thanks to this week's storm which brought nearly two feet of snow to some of the higher elevations. mount rose, by the way, has one lift open today and a ticket is only ten bucks so you want to
8:56 am
be an early bird, head to mount rose. more snow? >> a chance on monday. but boy, can you imagine how fresh and clean that air feels and smells in the high sierra today with a high temperature of 36 degrees? this is our version of the high sierra. [ laughter ] >> we're looking towards mount diablo. wind-swept blue skies winds out of the north at 12 and gusts up to 21 in the tri-valley. not as cold this morning because of the wind mixing the air mass. temperatures in the 40s and 40s. today in the 60s everywhere. northwest winds 10 to 20. gusts up to 35 near the coast and higher elevations of the local mountains. under 70 again tomorrow under partly sunny skies, sunny friday and saturday through sunday. chance of rain monday. traffic is next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." this morning, busy commute continuing with this accident on the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 just beyond the toll plaza. a motorcycle blocking lanes. traffic slow approaching the toll plaza there. and just north of the dumbarton, over at the san mateo bridge, traffic has been crowded from end to end nearly 30 minutes now is the drive time between hayward and foster city. meantime, at the bay bridge toll plaza, those backups continue over one-hour delays between oakland and san francisco.
8:59 am
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