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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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his way. he is pushing to open a new medical marijuana dispensary at fisherman's wharf and kpix 5's da lin found out neighboring businesses aren't high on the idea. da. >> reporter: veronica, this is the spot right there. it's a vacant storefront now but a man wants to turn that into a medical marijuana dispensary. and he is coming under attack from all different directions not just from the businesses out here but also from many visitors. it's an icon recognized around the world. people come here for the food, entertainment and the views. ♪[ music ] >> about 3,000 square feet. >> reporter: now this man also wants people to come to the world's famous fisherman's wharf for marijuana and healing. >> i got into this business because i watched my father die of cancer. >> reporter: ray connolly is trying to open a medical marijuana dispensary between the cable car turnaround and this sign. >> i definitely think it would start to erode our image.
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this is a place that families can come. we want businesses that fit. >> reporter: almost all the businesses here oppose what would be the first medical marijuana dispensary at fisherman's wharf. may lynn owns the shop next door. >> all the customer all the customer i think that's a crazy idea you know this is the first there's a lot of peoples with the families, kids. >> reporter: but ray says he is not here to get people high. he is in the healing business helping those dealing with cancer, aids, and other illnesses. he says there are no dispensaries on this side of the city. it would give them additional foot traffic. >> not another t-shirt or knicknack shop. they want a reason to come to fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: while ray has gotten thousands of signatures in support, many visitors think it's the wrong place. >> you might lose some tourism here. >> i don't want my children or grandchildren to be exposed to it. when they become adults that would be their choice. >> reporter: both ray and the
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opposition will be allowed to make their sides of their case to the planning commission on december 17. ultimately the commission will decide whether or not to give ray that permit. live at fisherman's wharf, i'm da lin, kpix 5. questions tonight about the special commission that's looking into the beating death of an inmate at the santa clara county jail. the first meeting is set for tomorrow. but kpix 5's len ramirez says the chairman thinks it's a waste of time. >> reporter: this blue ribbon commission set up to look at the practices at the jail may come off the rails. commission members say this process which they say was supposed to be done in full disclosure apparently wasn't. >> all our meetings will be held in public. >> reporter: when the commission was set up to
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investigate the santa clara county jail they promised everything would be carried out in full sunshine. >> this process will be transparent because transparency leads to accountability. >> reporter: but commission chair and former judge ladoris cordell called the commission's purpose into question after she learned that the county had already started a parallel investigation with a private consultant to help the county avoid lawsuits from inmates and their families. >> there was never any secret about it. it was to get the chair up to speed on what was already going on so there wouldn't be any sense of, you know, redundancy or anything like that. >> reporter: the board president dave cortese says the contractor had two previous contracts with the county for compliance with the americans with disabilities act. he said the county planned to publicly offer it another contract this month to look into liability exposure following the alleged murder of inmate michael tyree by three jail guards last august.
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the company is headed by michael brady who has also worked with the state department of corrections and is a recognized expert in jail reform but kpix 5 also learned that brady has a checkered past including being disbarred from the state of california as an attorney because of two felony convictions 17 years ago for receiving stolen property and auto theft. now, i tried to contact mr. brady this afternoon but my phone call was not returned. county officials say they knew all about his past, that he had been fully investigated and he was hired because he is considered to be the best person for the job. the blue ribbon commission will get started amid all of this tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the county board of supervisors headquarters. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> a vigil began the past hour to remember the four people stabbed on the uc-merced campus. these are some photos just getting in just posted by uc- merced a large group of students holding candles as you can see there.
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this one even showing the school mascot joining in. this has been an emotional day as you can imagine. students returned to classes earlier. they were back inside the same building where wednesday's rampage began. but the classroom 209 was closed. students and faculty still coming to terms with the stabbings carried out by freshman faisal mohammad. extra security is on campus tonight and so are counselors who met with students especially those who worked closely with mohammad. >> three people were put off to the side to talk to one specific psychiatrist from uc- berkeley. they were in labs and partners with faisal. >> blue and yellow ribbons were tied near the bridge where mohammad was shot and killed by police? >> authorities said he had angry he had been kicked out of a study group. middletown is celebrating homecoming tonight.
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it's been a month and a half since a wire tore through the community. -- a wildfire tore through the community. it killed 4 people and destroyed 1200 homes. despite that, people who live in middletown say the town is rallying back. kpix 5's emily turner on how tonight's homecoming game is a way to say thanks. emily. >> reporter: it is, veronica. in fact, everything that you just said you can see on the back of this t-shirt. still standing, still fighting, middletown strong. some of it is still standing. they are still fighting and tonight middletown certainly is strong. today purple and gold are the only colors that matter. it's homecoming for the middletown high school mustangs after the "valley fire" almost ruined it. >> i could fill a whole room -- i could fill a whole room with people that lost everything. >> reporter: middletown's homecoming is supposed to happen september 18 six days after the "valley fire"
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started. but the flames took football equipment cheerleaders uniforms foot and the floats. local insurer california casualty replaced it all and is paying for a barbecue for the community to say thank you to local first responders. >> we thought homecoming in a town like middletown might be a wonderful opportunity for everybody to come together thank the police and the firefighters the other first responders that helped save the school save so many of the structures in town. >> reporter: but just three blocks away are the remnants of structures that didn't make it. some of the lots have been cleared and there are signs of progress but for many, it's been frustrating. >> it's not as quick a bounceback as i hoped. >> reporter: but bounce back they will, they say, because even though it will still be months or more before their homecoming truly happens, tonight is a step in the right direction. >> i think it will be a celebration that we're all still here. that's what it's going to be. >> reporter: the students say this is a homecoming unlike any other that they have had. in fact, the teacher even says it's the homecoming.
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and for the folks who are here experiencing it they say that's what it is. kickoff at 7:00. they say they can pretty much garn teen a win. emily turner, kpix 5. the owner of a san jose restaurant shut down after customers got sick is starting over. marisco's san juan number 3 restaurant is closed october 18th when nearly 200 people contracted the shigella bacteria. after a thorough scrubdown, the health department gave the restaurant the okay to re-open. business at his other two restaurants is down 70%. >> not a change just start all over bring new food, new everything. all the food that i had before all the [ indiscernible ] i had before i just throw away. >> the owner sergio cruz says he is still not sure where the bacteria came from. he believes it was not an employee but someone from the
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outside who brought it in. he says his employee got sick after customers did. late this afternoon we learned state officials delayed the start of commercial dungeness crab season. health official had been running tests on dungeness crabs after finding domoic acid levels way too high for people. kpix 5's don ford on the people who lost thousands of dollars within minutes of that announcement. >> reporter: a small city of trailers campers and trucks is assembled in the parking lot above the half moon bay pillar point harbor. sport crab fishermen and their families who, while disappointed, are staying put. >> we have been set up for four days and when they closed it on thursday, we make do what we can do. >> reporter: now instead of a crab feast -- >> that's good stuff. >> reporter: -- shishkebab. next door they are making fish stew. >> it will be our dinner. >> reporter: and for these folks as they say, the road
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goes on forever. and the party never ends. but down on the docks for the professional fishermen it's not play time. tom is skipper owner of this boat. >> the day it was announced $15,000 in cancellations right away. and people just dropping off the books like crazy. >> reporter: juan came down from alaska for this year's crab season but he is running out of time and money. >> this season is just took a big hit by the domoic acid and i can't wait around that long so i'm going back to alaska. >> one of the fellas aid off a crew of nine and himself laid off. >> reporter: thousands of crab traps are stored in the parking lot waiting for the moment when the crabs are safe to catch waiting to be tossed back into the pacific. while the parking lot is full of crab traps the harbor still full of boats that's one vessel that sees this whole thing as a
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golden opportunity. >> whole shrimp. >> reporter: the captain imported shrimp, cod and salmon from alaska and is selling it from his boat. business is brisk. >> we need the crab revenue as well. >> reporter: folks believe the season may not open until january. in half moon bay, don ford, kpix 5. >> you might be wondering about the money involved in crab fishing. department of fish and wildlife data shows dungeness crab fishing brought in about $60 million to california last year. >> wow. police say she hit bank after bank. tonight, a south bay robbery suspect is locked up. the crime spree they hope is finally over. >> lifts running for the first time this season. snowboarders and skiers couldn't wait and word there could be more snow on the way. >> it is not snow but it is rainfall in the forecast for the entire bay area. live at homecoming in middletown tonight, the kpix 5
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mobile weather lab tracking rain moving in. lets you know when coming up. ,, [announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon.
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behind bars tonight in san . police say she's the woman o pulled off three brazen is week. kpix five a female bank robbery suspect is behind bars tonight in san jose. police say she is the woman who pulled off three brazen robberies this week alone. kpix 5's maria medina on how she was caught. >> reporter: and police released the identity of the suspects as 22-year-old yvonne roland. police say she was able to blend in with the crowd but she didn't get very far from police. it's the video you will see only on 5. the suspect in a bank robbery spree handcuffed hiding behind investigate as she is arrested 48 hours after police releasing these surveillance pictures. >> she said in her note she is armed but no gun has been seen.
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>> reporter: on tuesday, chase bank workers on almaden expressway say a woman walked into the bank with a note demanding money. 24 hours later police say this same woman walked into the bank of the west on camden and union and then 90 minutes later hit the u.s. bank inside a grocery store on snell avenue. in all instances, the tellers game the bank robber money. police believe she would strike again and released the surveillance photo. >> the concern is she will continue to do this and she possibly would become more aggressive or more violent. >> reporter: before that could happen, police say they tracked down the woman this afternoon in san jose. without the movie shades and yoga pants, she allegedly wore to the robberies that allowed her to fit in the with crowd so well. >> able to walk in pass the note obtain the money and walk out without being detected. >> reporter: and police did not say how they were able to track her down and how much money she was able to get away with.
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in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. colin kaepernick speaking out tonight after getting benched this week by the 49ers as the starting quarterback. listen to what he had to say when asked if it's tough knowing he won't be the starter this sunday. >> that's selfish. i support my teammates because they have been good to me. >> blaine gabbert will be the starting quarterback for the 49ers when they face off against the falcons. much more coming up in sports. so dust off the skis and snowboards. the lifts started running today at one northern california resort. sean bennett shows us people couldn't wait to check it out. >> unbelievable. >> incredible. >> reporter: boreal is officially open. >> we put a lot of energy and excitement into the entire summer preparing for this. >> reporter: the waiting for snow is over. >> last five years we haven't had anything. been going to idaho and montana skiing.
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>> reporter: this year northern california got an early break. mother nature dropped 10" of fresh snow last weekend to smother and cover the hillside. >> it's awesome. been waiting forever for something like this. >> reporter: boreal used 35 snow guns to create snow for 75 hours leading up to opening day to go along with the storm that dumped double-digit inches this week. >> the conditions look good. i see they got the blowers going. i mean, they have a fresh coat down so it's looking good. >> reporter: boreal says despite this historic four-year drought the state is facing, the resort is following strict guidelines when it comes to water and making manmade snow. >> the beauty of snowmaking is we use the water put it on the mountain as snow in the spring it melts and runs back into the water supply. >> i think a lot of people were curious wondering what happened and how are you able to do this but i know you guys are following the strict restrictions and the guidelines from the state? >> absolutely. yeah. we want to take care of the
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drought we consider this very drought friendly. >> reporter: and it's become a friendly atmosphere on opening day. >> i have been waiting for four years like this. finally got snow and opened this early. i'm pumped. >> that was sean bennett reporting there. this week's storm meant a ski resort in southern california could also open its doors. mountain high resort in wrightwood is ready for you. but the resort says it really expects its slopes to be crowded once stronger el nino weather hits. that's going to be something. paul deanno is live in midtown. paul, i'm pumped! >> sunday night it's going to drop snow level to 4500 feet. more snow this weekend in the resorts. we'll have more beneficial rainfall throughout the bay area. we are live at a special homecoming game tonight. it's clearlake the visiting
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team playing middletown high school. middletown all summer long we talked about it on the news because of the devastating fires in lake county middletown in the middle of that. now we are seeing a return to normal see. it's in the gold helmets and purple shirts and we have ourselves a football game going on tonight. a lot of community support up here as temperatures today topped out around 70 but were cool in the mid-50s right now. highs throughout the bay area santa rosa warm spot 72. oakland 70. upper 60s fremont san jose san francisco and concord. 9ers game this weekend. 1:00 on sunday hosting the falcons blake bortles quarterback of the 9ers partly cloudy. rain-free by the afternoon 63 degrees the kickoff temperature. the ice rink at union square is open tonight if you want to go. this weekend, we are talking a chance of showers on sunday with high temperatures in the low 60s. a better day would be saturday if you want to head into the city and ski. finally tahoe if you are heading up to ski there, mainly
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sunny skies. 53 degrees on saturday. cloudier sunday and late day flurries with high of 48 degreesful all these changes because of our ridge of high pressure which kept us dry but chilly all week long hanging out for one more day am rain colder weather will arrive on sunday so enjoy tomorrow if you want the sunshine upper 60s san rafael, 66 vallejo. san francisco 65. and santa rosa 69 degrees tomorrow. extended forecast look at the change on sunday. showers mainly in the morning only the low 60s. many of you will not even hit 60 on monday with a better chance of a widespread rainfall. up to .25" of rain on monday. and then even when the sunshine returns tuesday through thursday, highs will stay in the mid-60s. it feels like fall and more rain and more mountain snow coming to the bay area. notice the mustang sign over there. the crowd is building as we head for kickoff. it's a festive atmosphere. these folks deserve some normalcy and tomorrow homecoming for the local high
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school team. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, uncovering clues from the past. a rare look at the digging and discovering that's happening every day at yosemite. >> plus, changing the way we all fly. tighter security coming to airports across the country as we get ready for the holiday travel season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's also cascading over the cliffs. recent storms have fall isn't just in the air at yosemite national park. it's also cascading over the cliffs. recent storms have brought yosemite falls back to life. wow. they are usually still pretty dry this time of year but as you can see, they are full and they are flowing right now. park visitors obviously are loving it. but yosemite isn't just a world class attraction for tourists. >> our juliette goodrich found out that archeologists dig it, too. >> reporter: hidden under
6:24 pm
yosemite's natural beauty awaits historic treasures of the past. unearthed meticulously by yosemite's archeologists who spend their careers digging and discovering historic sites in the valley. >> sometimes you find a lot sometime nothing. but no data is good data, too. it's important. >> reporter: we were invited along during a morning dig near the south entrance of yosemite with archeologist clay newton and scott carpenter. >> this is on the old wawona road through the trees is the old wawona stage road which is over 100 years old. >> reporter: they are looking for remnants of past lives, tools, obsidian, cooking utensils, even trash. >> this is right after prohibition. >> reporter: they are clues of the past providing valuable information for the future. >> if we to that a site was occupied 5,000 or 8,000 years ago we can understand about the environment, plants, water and the drought conditions. >> reporter: the goal to find
6:25 pm
out if this site should be deemed historic before construction linked to the mariposa grow restoration project can begin. >> anytime we dig in the ground we have to do the archaeological monitoring. >> reporter: he showed me the process. sifting through mounds of dirt carefully looking for tiny pieces or flakes of obsidian. >> see that? >> reporter: they are volcanic glass left over from making or sharpening tools dating back thousands of years. and on this dig an archeologist jackpot. knudsen finds little pieces of it. do you get excited? >> especially exciting. we didn't know the prehistoric component was extending out this far so it's interesting to know that it's below the surface. >> reporter: it's hands on and on my third attempt of sifting and breaking apart pieces of dirt, a flake of obsidian appeared. history in my hands.
6:26 pm
how many years ago? >> um, well, generally in this area, it could be anywhere from 5,000 years ago on up. >> reporter: artifacts can tell us about history in yosemite but they are protected by federal law so if you find something leave it there and let a park ranger know because it may contain valuable historic information. >> these are a couple of food cans probably large food cans for beans or peaches and this one is probably evaporate milk. these are from right around the turn of the century early 1900s. >> reporter: while today's dig was quite revealing about the park's history, only 25 new sites per year are discovered. thousands of sites filled with artifacts lie waiting. all in a day's work. >> i guess. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> yosemite is such a special place. our half-hour special yosemite, challenge & change, airs tomorrow night at 9:30 right here on kpix 5. >> we'll be watching.
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coming up in our next half- hour, step up security as we head off this holiday season. the security gap prompting new rules. >> and caught in a lie. the personal story this republican candidate now admits he made up.
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wharf. the owner wants to sp our top stories tonight. a push to open the first-ever pot dispensary at fisherman's wharf. the owner wants to set up the new store on busy taylor street but many neighboring businesses think it would tarnish the wharf's family-friendly image. middletown is starting the rebuilding process after a wildfire ravage that community a month and a half ago. tonight, the middletown high school homecoming game marks a milestone. it was supposed to take place back in september. but the fire destroyed much of the football equipment. and insurance companies stepped in and replaced the gear needed for the evening game. a one woman crime spree has come to an end in san jose. police say this woman's low key look helped her pull off three bank robberies in 24 hours.
6:31 pm
surveillance video helped investigators catch the suspect this afternoon. >> new federal report on u.s. airport security is showing there are still plenty of gaps big enough to get a weapon through. kpix 5's devin fehely on what that could mean as we head toward the busy holiday season. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> we're going to work on getting that tape up and running for you. in the meantime investigators are convinced that a bomb brought down the russian passenger plane that crashed in the sinai saturday according to reports from french media. they say investigators analyzing the plane's black boxes heard the distinct sound of an explosion in the flight's final moment. u.s. and british officials also think a bomb may have blown up the plane but that's unconfirmed. california's looking to change how it administers capital punishment. the state is proposing using a
6:32 pm
single drug lethal injection instead of the current three- drug cocktail. the change comes after a federal judge sent the current process -- said the current process could lead to suffering if the chemicals don't work. executions will not start soon. public comment will take months and voters could see ballot measures in the next election. after years of debate, the obama administration squashed the proposal for the keystone xl oil pipeline today. it would have shipped 800,000 barrels of crude oil from canada to refineries on the gulf coast. the president said it wouldn't lower gas prices and wouldn't make a contribution to america's economy. republicans criticize the decision and say they vow to fight on for the pipeline. the supreme court has agreed to hear more challenges on obamacare. the latest case involves objections by faith-based hospitals, colleges and
6:33 pm
charities over insurance coverage for birth control. 7 nonprofit organizations are against it citing their religious beliefs. this is the second time in three years the so-called contraceptive mandate has come before the court. tonight, a defiant ben carson defending his claim he was once offered a full ride to west point. the gop presidential candidate wrote about it in his autobiography and repeated the story dozens of times. the trouble is west point doesn't off scholarships. tuition is free in exchange for military service. carson admitted today he never really applied to the academy but his rotc advisers offered to help get him in. >> it was an offer to me. it was specifically made. i interpreted it as -- i interpreted it as an offer. >> carson also wrote that he overcame a violent temper in his youth and once tried to
6:34 pm
stab a friend. but no one has been able to find any evidence to back that up. carson says that is because he has chosen not to reveal the friend's name out of respect for his privacy. the retired neurosurgeon is running against donald trump. they will square off on tuesday in the next gop debate on the fox business network. the main event will feature the eight top polling candidates. back to our story on possible stepped up airport security this holiday season. kpix 5's devin fehely on the federal report exposing major security gaps. >> reporter: the numbers on the tsa failures are truly staggering on average 19 out of 20 times test years tried to slip something past security checkpoints they were able to do so successfully. a fact that has raised alarms in the halls of congress and in airports across the country. the report describes tsa supreme court failures as, quote, disappointing and troubling. but east bay congressman mark desaulnier who sits on the house oversight and government
6:35 pm
reform committee has another word for it. >> those are beyond failure. those just are completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the inspenter general found security at the country's airports so poor and porous that contraband like weapons and explosives slipped passed tsa screeners more than 95% of the time. congressman desaulnier says tsa must ramp up security and quickly as we approach the busy holiday travel season. >> those kind of numbers you can't have a high level of confidence. it's good we do these things to understand whether we're failing or succeeding but as a person who now travels a lot and is a person who is on the oversight committee that's unacceptable. >> reporter: many passengers weren't aware tsa had performed so poorly on the internal tests and that the results eroded their confidence in airport security. the defense department announced today tightened security measures after the airports across the globe hoping to shore up security on international travel and
6:36 pm
prevent future terrorist attacks. the congressman says what's needed now is not more money or manpower or new equipment although he says all of those would help the situation. but he says what needs to change is the culture within the tsa an agency charged with ensure air travel is safe. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5. coming up, the latest bay area company getting ready for its stock market debut. >> plus, hard work at school keeping this bay area student safe. how good grades are helping her rise above in a tough neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,
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starting tonight there could be complete gridlock on some streets in san francisco. it could be like that for several days. tonight, we are going to check it out for you and see how bad it really is. come join us tonight for bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab live in middletown tonight. clearlake the visiting team getting ready for their big homecoming matchup against middletown high school. why this football game is unlike any other and we are talking rainfall as well. that's coming up. >> straight ahead this friday. >> i don't believe that. >> embattled quarterback colin kaepernick set the record straight. these guys may be all wet. they look good. >> i believe that our second string this year could have won our league. >> did you hear? nobody does sports on friday like we do. >> i had heard it. >> coming up in a jiffy.
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stick around. ,,,,,,,,,,
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for one bay area student fore had become part of her life with gangs running her neighborhood. coming up in a few minutes, see how she is rising above and finding the courage to tell her story. first, let's get to our weekend weather forecast. paul deanno is live in middletown tonight. paul, they are doing something special, huh? >> reporter: they are. getting back to normal which sounds so normal but for lake county it is not. 250,000 acres of lake county burned this summer including most of middletown. having a great homecoming game with a lot of community support which is what's happening
6:44 pm
tonight is exactly what this town needs. kickoff is in 16 minutes. clearlake will take on middletown, the mustangs the home team on homecoming tonight. take a look at the golden gate bridge which is clear, san francisco 57 right now. chilly in santa rosa down to 55. mid-50s in middletown. oakland 64 degrees. clear skies tonight, chilly, livermore, napa, 30s. san jose 43. fremont 44. san rafael tonight 44 degrees. a ridge of high pressure hanging on for one more day. saturday will be sunny and brisk tomorrow but rain and colder weather is coming as a low pressure area comes from the north like last weekend. by the time you wake up sunday morning there will be showers around. more significant rainfall sunday night into monday morning. futurecast no clouds, no rain
6:45 pm
saturday afternoon. showers sunday morning at sunrise. monday morning heavier rain, a steadier rainfall between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. we are clear and cool tonight with some patchy fog. we'll be sunny and seasonal tomorrow. but sunday changes cooler cloudier showers back and monday some of us will struggle to even make it out of the 50s. highs tomorrow close to average near the water. below average away. fremont 68 degrees. union city 67. benicia 67. pittsburg 69 degrees. oakland and san rafael checking in with a high of 67 with sunshine and clearlake your high tomorrow 70 degrees. there's sunday showers low 60s monday upper 50s. slight chance of thunderstorms monday away from the water especially the north bay mountains and even when the sunshine returns, more cold nights more chilly afternoon with highs only in the mid-60s. off in the distance we have the middletown high school football team. a number of the players lost everything. they lost their homes and all
6:46 pm
their possessions. a number of cheer loaders lost their homes and possessions. the principal of the school lost his home and all his possessions. so just seeing them out there playing football it's so great to see everybody together. there are so many stories. they lost everything. but they still have each other. back to you. >> thank you. our student rising above tonight is a life-long a student and all that hard work did more than keep her grades up. >> it kept her safe. wendy tokuda has that. >> reporter: you know, it is not often that you see a memorial shelf in the hallway of a school. but it is a perfect reflection of what the students deal with every day in east oakland. and it took a lot of courage for our student rising above tonight to talk about it. >> reporter: marlene is truly a straight "a "student student. have you ever gotten a b?
6:47 pm
>> yes, one b in sixth grade. >> reporter: it's a college prep charter school in fruitvale oakland. marlene calls school the real world where she can see beyond her neighborhood. >> at school i feel like my words matter. i feel like i am someone and what i'm working for has a purpose. >> reporter: but her other real world is right outside the door. 77 murders in oakland so far this year. almost all in west or east oakland where marlene lives. >> i live with fear in a way. i don't show it. you're not allowed. >> two weeks ago they murdered two young kids 22-year-old, 24- year-old. two blocks away from marlene's house. >> reporter: but the real fear for marlene is that two of her brothers are gang members. you can't stop it. >> no. >> your parents can't stop it.
6:48 pm
>> no one can except themselves. >> and yet every day, your family feels this fear? >> yes. >> reporter: marlene has been shot at twice drive byes. in the hall bay at school is an altar where the kids put pictures of loved ones who died. >> shot in oakland by a drive- by. >> reporter: here the gangs and violence are a part of daily normal life. >> the older brothers [ indiscernible ] in gangs. >> if you are not a part of a gang, you are not protected. you are a target. >> reporter: marlene has had to struggle to find a new way. >> familie or gangs. >> reporter: she interns with a group called youth brigade and they talk about ways to improve their community and arise high is vibrant with learning and
6:49 pm
change. marlena sense is leading the charge. >> if i don't keep working for what i want, no one else is going to give me what i want. i have to work for it. >> what marlene is working towards is creating a new normal. >> education will get me to where i need to be. it will get me to where i want to be for my future. >> reporter: she wants to be a doctor. this is a perfect time to help her and students like her because students rising above is having its annual giving campaign right now. if you go to, you can help out. 110 high school seniors in this new class including marlene. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
qb... ...head coach jim tom said wednesday.. 49ers up top and why not. it's all colin kaepernick today. not even the starting quarterback. head coach jim tomsula said wednesday he wanted his quarterback to step away from his struggles to breathe. >> i'm not out of breath. so i don't understand that reference. >> kaepernick spoke to the media for the first time since
6:53 pm
announced benching for blaine gabbert. 49ers offensive coordinator jeep crisp suggested yesterday that kaep's struggles come from him being too afraid to make mistakes. kaep responded. >> no, i don't believe that is accurate. every time i step on the field i step on the field to make plays. so that's just a matter of opinion. >> yeah. falcons favored by a touchdown to beat the 9ersin santa clara. college football stanford, man, their biggest opponent saturday at colorado might be the mascot. ralphie! coach david shaw told his horie story about the buffalo yesterday. today running back christian mccaffrey's turn. the son of former broncos receiver ed grew up in colorado. he recalls a recruiting trip to boulder that nearly got ugly for his mom. >> she was just blind standing on the field just like clueless of what's going on.
6:54 pm
they let the buffalo loose and buffalo almost trampled her. so some guy had to come and, like, get out of the way! freaking out. scary but looking back it's really funny. all right. the phrase, practice makes perfect, is traced back to the mid 1500s. did you know that? >> i didn't. >> yeah. well, it's nice to see that it still applies at times. let's take you to san anselmo. forceful aggressive sometimes combative and that's just the water polo practices at drake high school. >> we are going all out game time speed. >> the most competitive practices we have ever had. >> reporter: it translates to the game. by the time they were done with redwood for the marin county athletic title, they tossed a 13-0 rout in the books a team so deep. >> i believe that our second string this year could have won our league.
6:55 pm
>> hold it! go, move the ball, move the ball! . >> reporter: drake wants more than league titles. they have plenty of those. it's all about winning the north coast sectional. if they do that according to the records drake will become the first time since 2002 with a perfect record. so far the pirates are 27-0. secret to their success? the system. >> we have been playing together since we were all about 8 years old. we're all at the same level. we all play together so well. >> reporter: they bought in to a developmental program called sleepy hollow aquatics. they feed into drake high school and high level water polo is creative. he was a two-time player of the year as a goalie for the
6:56 pm
1995-'96 ncaa chap champion ucla. >> the pirates got off to a good start yesterday at the ncs. they took deer valley like a piece of paper and tore them apart. 23-1. next round will be tomorrow against monte vista, also at drake. back in 2002, ken, it was de la salle that finished the year 28- 0. and boy, drake, boy, they are getting ever closer right now. >> they have been playing together since they were eight. >> absolutely. >> that's practice makes perfect. >> that's a dynasty. >> that's right. for news throughout the evening we're always on it t. whatever.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing? how's everybody? thank you very much. i appreciate you. thank y'all, now. yeah, i do. i appreciate it, folks. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, with a total, unbelievably, $20,000, from lincoln, nebraska, it's the hilger family. [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, georgia, it's the minner family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a state-of-the-art ford edge.
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let's go meet the minner family. hey, tamika. what do you do for a living? tamika: i have the best job. i'm an elementary school teacher! you know--you know the best part about my job? steve: what's the best part? tamika: summer vacation! ooh, ooh! steve: let's have a good time. let's play for some money. let's get it on. give me jackie. give me tamika. ladies, here we go. got the top 8 answers on the board. name an occupation for which a man greases himself up. tamika. tamika: mechanic. steve: mechanic. pass or play? tamika: we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. derrell, let's go, man. name an occupation for which a man greases himself up. derrell: boxing. steve:


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