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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  November 8, 2015 6:00am-7:31am PST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning. i'm charles osgood and this is sunday morning. a fighting chance is all anyone battling a serious disease could ask for. and a fighting chance is exactly what those with one such disease are now getting. this morning, lesley stahl has
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what for her is a very personal cover story. >> reporter: that's my husband aaron latham. he and everyone else in this boxing class has parkinson's. >> come on, boom boom! >> reporter: it's a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly a million americans. what does boxing do for you, then? >> it kinda gets your physical courage back and your mental courage seems to kinda come along. >> reporter: later on sunday morning, parkinson's disease sufferers fight back, in the ring. >> osgood: accomplished photographer has been reaching new heights lee cowan went along for a ride. >> for vincent laforet getting to new heights is only way to really capture a view of something different. no daredevil. >> i'm nervous when i take the escalator up. for some reason in a helicopter hanging out 12,000 feet totally
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fine. >> what our lives down here look like officer a camera way up here. later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: actress jennifer connelly spends plenty of time in front of cameras she picks up on one particular feature as she tells tracy smith. >> it's real. >> ask jennifer connelly why she plays so many serious roles the answer you get is, actually pretty funny. >> i tend to get cast more in dramas,. >> that's okay? >> my eyebrows. they're very serious. look very stern. >> those high browse get a work out in her latest film. jennifer conly ahead this "sunday morning." >> osgood: carved in stone is the story about skill and tradition told this morning by michelle miller.
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>> you can find a work on some of our most beloved national monuments from the john n. kennedy gravesite to washington d.c.'s world war ii memorial. everywhere on this memorial, everywhere we see a word, you do? >> yeah, i did all these. >> ahead this "sunday morning," a family whose legacy is carved in stone. >> osgood: tim axelrod talks with bernie sanders. seth doane is dispatched to corey a. steve hartman has case of lost and found. those story and more the headlines for this sunday morning the 8th of november, 2015. investigators in egypt are now 90% sure that a noise heard in the final seconds of cockpit voice recording is an explosion caused by a bomb. russian jetliner crashed last
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weekend flying over the sinai. all 224 people on board were killed. as you may have heard republican presidential candidate donald trump hosted "saturday night live" last night. here is small sample of what went on. >> mr. president. the president of the members ha cois here to see you. >> that's great. send him in. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david what are you doing? >> i heard if i yelled that they would give me $5,000. >> osgood: outside real demonstrators were protesting because of one called his racial demagoguery. two police officers in louisiana are facing murder charges in the
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shooting death of 6-year-old boy. the first grader died after a car chase on tuesday. he had been in the front seat with his father who was wounded. california got a sunset surprise yesterday. when a bright light streaked across the sky. law enforcement agencies got a flurry of calls reporting the light which turned out to be a missile test fired from the u.s. navy submarine off the pacific coast. sunday's weather. rain will fall along the gulf coast and up into the carolinas also be wet in the pacific northwest. wonderful most everywhere else. in the week ahead stormy in the southeast and ohio valley. cooler in the northeast. but still lovely and mild. ahead, a bird's eye view.
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but first fighting back against parkinson's.
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>> osgood: for a fighting chance against disease, people sometimes go to unlikely places.
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even it turns out to the boxing ring. our cover story is reported now by less see stall of ""60 minutes." >> come on, aaron. >> that's my husband aaron latham with his boxing coach. he and everyone else in the class has parkinson's. >> give me all you got. come on! >> it's a grow says sieve neurological disorder that affects nearly a million americans. you don't her about very many with the disease getting better. >> i think of parkinson's as being incredible striking disease, it doesn't strike itself. >> i want to you reach up. >> aaron and fellow parkinsonians are part of this new program that aims to stop the shrinking if not reverse it. >> together. >> each exercise works on a symptom. >> give me ten.
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>> stretching is for their fitness. it works for balance. punching to steady their tremors. shouting to counter their soft voice syndrome. and sparring for coordination. >> what does boxing do for you? >> boxing is the opposite of parkinson's. everything is designed instead of the strength to puff you up. first of all you get to put on these great shorts. different attitude toward the world. you get your physical courage back and your mental courage. >> the program called rock steady boxing, uses professional
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boxing techniques. maybe a little more gently. developed tin 2006 spread to over 50 gyms worldwide. when eye tannian born first saw rock steady at a medical conference. >> i just thought it was genius. why didn't i come up with it. i thought it was an amazing program. >> when she's not coaching, roberta is a reedge at the weill-cornell medical college in new york work on gene therapies for parkinson's. >> my main goal always been the quest for a cure. finding a cure. lately the last couple of years i found this program i thought it was something that i could go to right now in the present. >> two years ago she and her husband, alex montaldo, an actor, went to indiana to learn
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how to teach rocksteady. >> good job. >> they then approached the folks at gleasons in brooklyn a kind of grungy, no-frills old-school gym where muhammad ali trained and deniro trained for "raging bull" gleasons donates a ring for them three days a week. >> it's kind of curious. i heard that muhammad ali got parkinson's from boxing. >> it's kind of counter intuitive. the difference is this, we do noncontact boxing. they don't fight against each other. they can fight against alex in the ring and they love it. >> they don't get it. hurt. they don't get hit. >> but what about alex? >> i notice that you wear body armor. you get yourself all protected? >> i'm glad i have to. >> you're afraid they're going to hurt you? >> one of our boxers
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specifically, he's the very reason why i had to buy that. >> he hurt you? >> it was good pain. because that showed me how -- >> honkie became. >> i hit him a little bit too hard in his ribs. and he got home and decided that it was time to get some body armor. >> you really smacked him one. >> more. >> was your right upper cut? >> the left. >> when les mills a new york teacher and gym coach was diagnosed with the disease it hit him hard. >> he was not in great shape. both physically and psychologically. he was pretty depressed. didn't really want to do much. well, you should see him now. >> when i first started coming in i was not able to walk straight to the ring. i would have to wobble to the
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ring. it was very hard to walk. now it's a piece -- i don't want to say a piece of cake, physically made a big difference. >> everyone we spoke to in aaron's class said they have seen an improvement. part of the secret is camaraderie. and competition and getting pumped up. >> harder! crush him! >> that's why the trainers act like drill sergeants. >> knock him out. >> they make you do what you're supposed to do not what you want to do. they push you so hard. a good habit. >> she particularly is a slave driver. come on, aaron don't quit on me now. >> we're going to do push ups. >> like in the army. >> come on. jump aaron. >> does she yell at you? >> constantly. >> it's okay with you? >> well, i'm not sure about that. but it's not going to help me to
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complain. >> when he's not boxing, aaron is a novelista screen writer and playwright. >> how bad is it to be interviewed by your wife? >> it gives you the creeps. normally this hand is perfectly steady. >> because i'm interviewing you? >> yeah. >> don't just go -- you really work them. i could not believe how arduous the hour is. >> we need to show them how much they can do. because they don't know. >> come on. with me. >> what about watching your wife acting like she's a sergeant in the army shouting at these guys, what do you think of that? >> i like it. >> when they step in the gym being yelled at beta coach they nor longer a person with parkinson's disease. they're a fighter. they're a boxer. that's the difference.
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they didn't feel that disease any more. >> stephanie combs-miller is the director of research at the university of indianapolis' college of health sciences, she conducted the first major study on the effects of boxing therapy on parkinson's. we studied people over a two-year period who participated in boxing and we didn't see any progress of the disease in the people that boxed. >> it arrested the disease? >> right. in fact in some cases they were better after the two-year period of time. their function was better. >> the theory is that boxing generates a renewed growth of the kinds of brain cells damaged by the disease. >> high intensity type exercise can what we call neuroprotective. that it enhances the up take of the dopamine in the brain. it can improve growth of neurons. >> and you're saying it enhances, it goes to what the problem is? >> right. all the evidence we have shows with exercise, particularly high
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intensity exercise we can improve strength. we can improve their walking ability and balance and quality of life. and likely we're also see can changes within the brain as well. >> she says one of the patients she study tom timberlake shows what rocksteady can do. >> he had parkinson disease about six years, had declined in health. almost a recluse. found rocksteady, started in, this gentleman nine years later you wouldn't recognize him. he is a fighter. and he is better today in 2015 than before he was diagnosed with parkinson's. >> he's really better now than before he was diagnosed. >> it saved his life. >> nobody's saying boxing is a cure just that people seem tim proof. feel more optimistic about your
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disease? >> yeah. my left arm used to shake all the time. my whole arm. >> wow. >> that's just from punching a bag and doing exercises. >> so do you get a sense of actually slowing the progression? >> well, it's certainly showing the symptoms. >> are we ready? >> what aaron is doing is something inconceivable a year ago. >> get 'em! >> you did great. i always wanted to shake your hand. >> the inner! >> osgood: coming up. what do you see?
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and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. >> osgood: november 8, 1848. 131 years ago today the day her mann rorschach was born in zurich switzerland. he grew up to become a psychiatrist and creator of the inc. blot test that bears his name. rorschach would show his subjects ten inc. blots one at a time, and asked them to describe what the images looked like to them.
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he believed their answers might provide a window into their social behavior. although he died in 1922 at just age 37, rorschach's inc. blot test lives on. it became a staple of psychology and of popular culture as well. artist andy warhol created series of inc. blot-like paintings in the 1980s. and the test played a bit part in the 1995 film "batman forever" when star val kilmer talked with a police psychiatrist played by nicole kidman. >> you have a thing for bats? >> it's a rorschach mr. wayne. an inc. blot. i think the question would be do you have a thing for bats? >> >> osgood: the test has been the subject of controversy as well. many practitioners objected when the original ten inc. blogs were posted on wikipedia back in
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2009. >> what do you see? >> i really don't know. >> they argued the images would lose their effectiveness if future test subjects saw them in advance. on another front some skeptics question whether there's scientific proof that the test is even valid. here is the inc. blot test. as dr. rorschach, all depends how you look at it. i'm always there for my daughter. for the little things. and the big milestones. and just like i'm there for her, pacific life is there to help protect me and my family so i can enjoy all life's moments. pacific life. helping families for over 145 years achieve long-term financial security with lifelong retirement income.
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talk to a financial advisor today to grow your future with confidence. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was a doer. then the chronic widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash hives, blisters muscle pain with fever tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica.
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fibromyalgia may have changed things. but with less pain i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. >> osgood: behold the alphabet carved in stone. vermont red slate. master craftsman nick benson. michelle miller has story of unique american family.
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>> with a mall lot and chisel the slowest writer in newport rhode island, averages just two letters an hour. even when nick benson breaks out his power tools, he's not much faster. but for some stone carvers it's not about speed it's about stapping the test of lime. >> you get into a runner's high with it, where it becomes this out of body experience. at the same time it's really cerebral. >> you can see his work across our country from headstones to war monuments to presidential memorials. >> it's so who i am that it runs the gamut. i love it. i hate it, it drives me crazy. it is all. it's everything. >> his craft is among most ancient known to man. so perhaps it's fitting that the johns stevens shop where he
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works dates back to 1705. tucked away on this quiet street for the last 310 years it has changed ownership only once, in the 1920s when nick's grandfather bought it from the stevens family. who is that guy? >> that's my grandfather. all the time i'm working he's looking down on me to make sure i get it right. >> do you always get it right? >> no. not always. >> to ensure that nick gets it right, he begins each job with calligraphy designing the letters free manned on brown butcher paper. >> and this is really the way the romance used to layout all of their lettering. >> can i try? >> absolutely. >> without any experience. >> whatsoever. twist a little bit. there you go. that's good. i like that. let it out a little bit. i love it. >> a third generation carver, nick began his apprenticeship under his father at the age of
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15. what was it like to have your dad as your teacher your mentor? >> just like work, work, work, work. when i got further and further into it i realized, okay, i'm really capable of doing this well. >> so well that in 2010, he received a prestigious mcarthur foundation fellowship, a so-called genius grant. the first and only stone carver to earn that recognition. >> pretty tight. >> john benson is nick's father and mentor. at 75, he is now retired. but in his day, he was a superstar. his work can be found everywhere from rockefeller plaza in new york city, to the national gallery of art in washington d.c. >> a tremendous emotional appeal about a carved letter. it par takes of the substance of the building.
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>> aimed architect im pei commissioned benson to work on the museum of fine arts, boston. they didn't always see eye to eye. >> i remember having argumensome lettering would go, we argued for 20 minutes. he wanted it in one place. i moved it. then he wanted to move it again. i dug my heels in. >> who won? >> i turned to him i said at the end when i knew he wasn't going to budge, i said, well, youing. he sai work john.nedysite attonnaleryce oftin the979nalrks."his is thegest jfe hasseen.e toook at t as afngeref or. >>tdimerets.
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7:25 am
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7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, i'm anne makov . from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> good morning and it's 7:30 it's going to be a little wet one around the bay area this sunday morning thanks for joining us. >> i am mark kelly we have a lot to get to in the next hour. >> california high speed rail project is coming under fire again. and it's going cause a lot more than we were originally told. >> that's right and the chair of the project is standing by in the studio to talk about these accusations. and he might have his own representations. >> and giants ceo is also here his team is celebrating a win on the san francisco ballot. >> and other teams look to build stadiums and


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