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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> dickerson: new jersey us now. sir sten gillibrand. talk a little about the news of the day. president obama said it might have been possible that there was bomb on this russian airliner that went down. perhaps terrorist act what do you know about that as member of the armed services committee? >> well, we have no intelligence beyond certainly what the president has. it is interesting that u.k. intelligence think more likely than not that it could have been a bomb. it's a serious issue. obviously this issue of terrorism really weighs on the american people. i think it's important that we fully investigate it. that we know all the answers. and understand really what was at play. >> dickerson: if, this is a big if, if isis was involved, what
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does that tell you about their changing profile and the u.s. fight against isis? >> it would seem to be a change in profile. it would seem to be a different level of capacity that we've not seen in the past. and obviously that would cause grave concern for many of us who focus on national security, as new yorker we are often the number one terror target we've been table to avert attempts in the past. it's very important that we do this whole investigation so we are knowledgeable. >> dickerson: what is your feeling about the war against isis. particularly in syria the president has 50 special operations troops in there, what did you think that have note? >> well, i think he needs an authorization from congress. he would need -- if he wants to put troops on the ground in syria he does not have authorization to do that. i did not support his strategy to arm the rebels, i didn't think that would work. i thought those arms would end up in the hands of isil i was very concerned about that the and voted against the armed
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services bill because of it. i do think he needs to come back to congress if he wants to create this new strategy of radio 1/5 advisors who will be on the ground in some mission, i think it's important that he get permission of congress to do so. >> dickerson: what is the underlying choice that have strategy? >> i think it's -- i don't think it's a strategy that will work long term. i think isil is great threat. i think what we could be doing more of dealing with humanitarian crisis. i wish we were focused on how we can create relief for millions of families that are streaming out of syria. i see our european partners pick up the pace and take significant responsibility for these families, what germany has done is outstanding. america should be doing more. >> dickerson: does it mean no fly zone to protect them? >> that is something that the administration has been considering. no fly zone require, if it's humanitarian no fly zone require boots on the ground. that's not something that i support right now.
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not something that the american people want to see. thousands of troops in seary we need to do something about the humanitarian crisis. i think we should be stepping up, we should be receiving more families, we should receive them before 2017, be doing it now. i see pictures of children dying, crying, suffering, we should be doing more. >> dickerson: let me talk to you about thing you've been working hard on getting funding for the 9/11 first responders, what is the state of the legislation and funding for those who rushed in after the attack? >> it's more outrage that we're not standing by our first responders. these are the men and women who reached the towers when everyone else was coming down did awful hard work looking for responders then looking for remains. if you remember the days after 9/11 the toxins were streaming out of the site. they were breathing in these toxins for weeks and months. unfortunately these men are now dying. more police officers have died since 9/11 than on 9/11.
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over 200 first responders have died since 9/11 from these diseases. they are thousands that are sick. tens of thousands who are being treated today in every state in the country. i think it's a moral outrage that members of congress are not doing the right thing and standing by them. we need to reauthorize the program, it needs to be permanent, we've had this program up and running for five years, it's been fluent. we've seated cancers and other diseases now directly caused by 9/11 toxins it's been proven. there's no reason that anyone should stand in the way, if they do they're putting politics before people. and i think it is a grave mistake to not support them. >> dickerson: let me ask you about wall street. your constituent in the democratic party there is a big conversation about the role of wall street. a lot of democrats, lot of liberals say, we got to go right at wall street to tilt the economic field, but also because it's an important symbol we need as a party to be tough on wall street, because it shows all
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across the country that we are for thed 9% not for the 1%. what do you make of that? >> i think there's a huge issue in the country about income equality and lack of community. if you're talking about inner city with more likely that young african american male is going to go to jail than graduate from college, that's a huge problem. we have to fix that. there is injustice throughout our economy. throughout opportunity, throughout access to education. the fact that young kids aren't getting universal pre-k in too many cities aren't getting universe call kindergarten. access to affordable daycare is harming the future for our children in every part of this country. in terms of wall street, worst thing in the world for america to have another financial collapse. legitimate issues that need to be reviewed to make sure we have the right oversight and accountability over our banking institution. to make sure that the way the agencies are being held accountable for how they will play in the financial class. we want the financial markets to
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always be there for us to fund our businesses, to fund the economy. and i think both sides of that coin are legitimate areas for debate and discussion. >> dickerson: do you think there is a little over doing it in going after wall street as the heart of this inequality that you describe? >> i think it's shorthand for the larger picture. people will target wall street because they're talking about income inequality because lack of opportunity. that dough don't have paid leave in this country. that more often than not women are -- can't reach their full earning potential. those are issues that trouble people. so, oftentimes summarized into some negative talking point about banking or wall s. but i think substantive issues are very legitimate. we do need more reform to continue to keep our markets stable. >> dickerson: donald trump is constituent of yours do you think he'll get the nomination
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in the -- >> you are the pundit is, not me. i have no idea. >> dickerson: all right. senator gillibrand thanks so much. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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>> dickerson: we're back with our political panel, molly ball is with the atlantic. david ignatious columnist with the "washington post." ben domenech and ed o'keefe covers politics for the "washington post." ed, i'll start with you. ben carson in stories about his autobiography is this a threat or a natural to be swatted away? >> he thinks it's a natural. his opponents as mr. trump planned to seize on it. i'm fascinated with you his response to all this. the idea that presidential candidates especially those suddenly start to do well don't get vetted, don't get scrutinized lot more. he's clearly struggling with this. the suggestion that others have not gone through this, ignores history. gary hart, joe biden, bill clinton, certainly president obama. can they change the subject or
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ultimately derail their candidacy. >> dickerson: in the case of his back story, though, this isn't a central claim at the heart of it. his story is from poverty to famed neurosurgeon. west point is a little bit of side show. >> it is. i think ed is right that idea that candidate would be vetted not at all outrageous but ben carson has won this round. there is no doubt. the fact that he had a plausible explanation for the west point thing. even if there was maybe minor exaggeration, original story did not hold up to scrutiny. frankly i think lot of people want to see ben carson be tested. because he hasn't been in politics before. even if you support him for his story and for his belief you want to know that he can handle a little bit of scrutiny. so far he has handling it i think pretty defendantly. you got under his skin, started to seem a little irritated but for the most part this is man who keeps his cool. >> dickerson: ben, he's raised a lot of money off of this. you could argue that you
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basically couldn't design better thing as primary candidate. gets to say the press is after me, which keeps him from being asked questions again. gets to raise money off of it. as molly says looks like he's won this round. >> i make it general policy not to disagree with molly unless i think about it very seriously. i agree. absolutely benefits ben carson. he is the candidate of course who is basing his entire campaign on his biography this narrative about his life. the one problem for candidates like that is that when that is the only basis they have, when they don't have the political career and record to shift the conversation to whenever questions are raised about the biography it gives them less of an alternative point to make. i think in this case the mistake was going after candidate basically saying that he was lying about something that he had never said exactly in those terms, i think it was there for over played. certainly came to his benefit. >> dickerson: i talked to
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dr. carson about experience. he wrote his supporters said, the planners of the declaration of independence didn't have lot of experience from, a national security perspective, we're having a conversation in this campaign about as senator have better experience, does a governor now two people running, three i guess if you include carly fiorina without any of that experience, give me your sense of what the test is. can they just walk in to the job of the president. >> they shouldn't. the purpose of this period in the campaign for hard questions to be asked in debates, in pieces of journalism that really dig. of these candidates unfortunately sometimes becomes the gotcha primary, instead of asking the fundamental question, is this person qualified do they have vision or anything else we instead focus on small inconsistencies, gaffs, things we dig out 20 years ago. people getting angry at.
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that the fundamental work of asking what would this person do as president. what really are their views. that's what we need to really he can focus on. won't be pushed back by ben carson complaining about our questions and vetting because that's key job. >> it's not so much due to the media as to the priorities of the people themselves. right now we just saw donald trump go on demonstrate qualities that one needs to be commander in chief which is ability to dance to drake and send out particularly funny tweets. frankly if your attitude is fine, you might as well hire the guy who seems like barnum and bailey. as much driven by demand of the people for entertainment than media actually asking questions. if you want to dig into policies related to what ben carson thought about tpp or trade, about foreign relations or the like that's probably going to get lot less attention than anything something about the pyramids. >> in the end comes down to
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voters. if they are satisfied with the kind of huxterism, to be great reality tv star that is going to be decisive. we'll see the numbers. we've never had primary season quite like this. is. >> dickerson: one of the candidates who hopes will move back towards serious business of governing to jeb bush. he is guy been trying to reboot this week. he's had a bus tour, done a lot of interviews, talked compellingly about his daughter's struggle with addiction. where -- debate coming up with the republicans, where does the bush campaign stand and is this debate make or break for him? >> i think it is another make or break moment. the last one certainly broke him a little bit. and he stood farther back, he's no longer center stage, he's in single digits nationally despite
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depending millions of dollars. this week is even more critical because, can you keep to this new theme, can you remain disciplined with unmessaged as you were last week. his campaign downsized. there's no doubt that the staffers have taken pay cuts, parted ways with others, reassigned others. but still a guy who wants to be everywhere as much as possible. the question will be, can he really focus relentlessly solely on places like new hampshire, maybe south carolina, a little bit in home state of florida. just keep doing that circuit. john kasich, chris chris tree proved if you focus on one place, your numbers will rise potentially sparks will fly. but the other thing that was stunning about this week, that book that came out about his father, the idea that one former president is critiquing another former president in tell all is unprecedented to begin w. fact that they're both related to someone running. creates new questions about his family what he believes, whether he agrees with his brother or dad. just creates another headache at
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really tough time. >> dickerson: what did you make that have book? about george w. bush. >> captured fundamental dilemma for jeb. is he with his brother, bush 43 or dad bush 41. his dad was so critical the knew o'connor servetive advisors, people around bush 43, those are the very people that jeb has brought into his campaign as advisors. you have to say bush family primary jeb is voting for his brother over his father in recent months. >> dickerson: the rest of the republican field, chris christie not making debate stage. as i mentioned gaining ground in new hampshire, not making, is that a big deal,. >> this is deal for him for mike huckabee who got kicked off the big stage. we are seeing narrowing maybe forced narrowing, people aren't dropping out it's remarkable that no one has dropped out since scott walker saw the writing on the wall. we do have the debate now coming
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down to eight people, jeb as ed said moving farther from the center of that stage. only so far you can get out to the wings. i think trump is still in the middle that have stage. he is still the front runner this has been a durable phenomenon. part of what you see happening is that his support has solidified. people have wandered about from him. saw a dip for him. then went back up because people didn't find anybody else that they liked. i think we see voters who maybe once just glommed on to trump because he was interesting now hardening because they don't see anything better out there in the field. >> there's an effort on the part of backers of michael rubio to make a push at this moment, to push forward the endorsements and backers and push jeb bush and others out. realize he needs to slit file that support in order to position himself for the long haul. >> dickerson: alternative person to the trump, carson side.
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we'll pause there. we'll be back with our panel in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> dickerson: we're back with more of our panel. david, talk to you about this russian plane and the claims of responsibility by isis, what is your take? >> as evidence grows that this was a bomb that brought down the russian plane over sinai, i think it's causing some fundamental concern, the analytical view of isis that they were so focused on building their fate, not seeking external actions, not other than low risk attacks isolated not all that damaging. going after the big targets all i could da style. this shoot down of the plane if that is what it proves will change that assessment. as michael morell said, the demonstration for other groups and for other branches of isis look at the uproar that it's causing, cancellation of flights. say we want to get in that game, too. that is a real problem.
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>> dickerson: change response from the u.s. in terms of -- >> u.s. in very tricky position. i was told this morning is seeking to be helpful to russia, and to equip in this investigation providing intelligence. but u.s. does not want to signal to russia that it's back to business as usual. there's insistence, as long as you have troops in eastern ukraine, long as crimea is resolved. >> seriously situation where you have the russians have an opportunity to demonstrate to once again that they are more reliable patron in the middle east. which is real danger that the stage. we've seen it happen before it's going to continue. obviously there are risk for recruitment in terms of domestic as michael morell mentioned. just a western nation experiencing blow back. the president really should be talking to the egyptians i feel like demonstrating that we are going to be patron. >> dickerson: we'll switch back to politics now.
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molly, "des moines register" has headline today that means, as iowa debate approaches, clinton seems inevitable again. is that where the democratic race stands? >> she is in commanding position. there are only three candidates left, hillary clinton and bernie standers and martin o'malley -- completely -- bernie has fallen back since hillary has had run of good news. debate performance if she pulls off another performance like last one just going to be more of this narrative i think that she is on top by a wide margin and nobody seems to be able to knock her off. and i think looking ahead, obviously unexpected things could happen. we in the media get bored when there's no conflict, we try to start some trouble, i think that's part of what this bernie
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has gone negative scene has been about. just the desperate desire for some kind of real contest. but barring something unexpected, potentially she wins iowa the whole thing is over. >> dickerson: bernie has gone negative. he's gone there in slow steps. somewhat reluctantly i think. it's on the margins. what is fascinating, too, is the pushback he's gotten either suddenly or explicitly from the clinton camp with the idea of sexism. i think very interesting to see how he rides that out. but also how republicans handle that. there is -- lessons to be learned from previous campaigns. rick lazio has the wounds to remind of how you campaign against a woman like her. but it will be very interesting to see if sanders comes up with anything that sticks and raises fresh doubts with liberal voters about her. because so far in the last few weeks. also part of the reason why republicans are getting anxious, oktad about consolidating the
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sooner they can do that, focus the fire on her not be squabbling among themselves and potentially blow an opportunity. >> i feel like in this situation bernie sanders has enormous opportunity to be more critical of hillary clinton to the fusion that she did sign this non-disclosure agreement related to the materials to her e-mails this is situation where if bernie wand to be more critical as commander in chief, potential president he could be. fact that he isn't sends the message this is more about ideas that he wants to espouse. >> dickerson: david, a quick clip from president obama here. talking about the republicans and their debate. anger at the cnbc moderators. >> it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. [ applause ] if you can't handle those
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guys -- you know, then, i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> dickerson: i play that because it seems like he's in a sweet spot before nominee gets named where he can have fun at the republicans expense. what did you make of it? >> i thought a great line. i thought there some was truth to it. the republican debate may have been a disaster for the media asking the questions, but i didn't think the bulk of the candidates came out very well. and all the squabbling, media so mean, they're asking nasty questions. i think that makes republican candidates diminishes them. if they stay on that, may work with some republican primary, but i can't imagine effective with the electorate as whole that people are looking for someone who can be commander in chief that's not the person who whines about media coverage. >> dickerson: we'll have chance to see tuesday night. have to end it there.
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>> dickerson: neat all we have time for today. be sure to tune in next saturday for democratic debate break university in des moines, iowa. live at contract p.m. eastern 6:00 pacific. plus "face the nation" will be broadcasting from the debate site the next morning. until next week for "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. captioning sponsored by cbs
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francisco: a column of thick, black toxic smoke -- flames . a rude awakening for some people sleeping in san francisco. a column of thick, black toxic smoke, as flames tear through a tire shop. tonight, nearly two dozen people are not allowed in their homes. good evening. i'm juliet goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. the picture from a viewer gives us a better idea how big the fire was. the thick black smoke could be seen from miles away. people from as far north asthma written county could see it. it started the the rolling stock tire shop at 16th and shotwell in the heart of the mission district. this is a live look at what's left of the tire shop. firefighters are still out there and plan on spending the night to keep


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