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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. california tonight. and it could make a mess of from bay area rain to sierra snow the latest blast of wintery weather is a blacking its way through northern california tonight and it could make a mess of your morning commute. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. the latest hi-def doppler radar shows today teas rain has moved out. look at all the -- today's rain has moved out. look at all the thunder and lightning strikes, a sign of things that may come tomorrow. tomorrow night the resulting rain will dump as much as 1 inch in the higher terrain. in fact, flash flood watches are posted for burn areas. mud flows are possibly if strong downpours do materialize.
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chains are required tonight along parts of i-80. a lot of drivers were caught off guard. >> we just couldn't believe it that the traffic came to a standstill. >> we just hit bumper to bumper and they wouldn't tell us exactly what's going on. >> caltrans is warning drivers to take it extra slow. back in the bay wet weather is blamed for this deadly wreck in sonoma county and with more rain on the way there's concern the morning commute could be ugly. kpix5's maria medina is in fremont with a warning from the chp tonight. >> reporter: julia, you can see -- juliette, you can see we're not busy right now. >> i think it's great. we really need it. >> reporter: no matter who we asked everyone seemed grateful for the rain today. >> nice to get a little rain, helps with the grass. >> reporter: along with the
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rain come a few warnings including expect delays on tomorrow morning's commute. >> i plan to go to work about 7:00, so hopefully i miss most of it. >> reporter: the other warnings from law enforcement. >> we've had some bad collisions today because of water on the roadways. >> reporter: rain played a factor in two accidents in sonoma county today, one of them deadly. >> she didn't have as good of traction and that caused her to go sideways. >> reporter: sergeant towns end said the driver of this car lost control and hit an oncoming car and died not from the impact but because she wasn't wearing her seatbelt directly. >> it looks like if she was wearing it properly, she problem would have survived. she was a 27-year-old female. >> reporter: the driver of there vehicle slammed into a small truck. everyone in that accident survived. with another round of rain ahead of us, he hopes drivers play it safe. the driver who died was from
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dixon. chp expects to see more accidents into the rainy season. live in fremont maria me tina, kpix5. -- medina. kpix5. dozens of people in the bay area are spending the night in shelters after two huge fires forced them out of their homes. the largest fire was in a tire shop in san francisco's mission district this morning and quickly spread to nearby apartments. joe vazquez has the story there tonight. >> reporter: firefighters and police are still on the scene here. 13 hours after this fire started it's still wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. >> get out now! >> i yelled at them to get out. there's a fire. >> reporter: larry marroca slot this video with his cell phone always -- shot this video with his cell phone as the fire started. >> it was horrific. it was really, really bad. >> reporter: as the fire
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spread apartments next-door started to catch on fire. >> the windows were extremely hot. we knew we needed to get out. >> reporter: 23 people were burned out of their homes with only seconds to bring valuables with them. >> grab your computer, grab your computer, grab those things that are expensive to replace. >> reporter: the fire department said the tire store roof collapsed. two apartments next-door were gutted by fire. several others had considerable smoke damage. the apartment building is red tagged which means it sun inhabitable for now at least -- is uninhabitable for now at least. it may have to be torn down. the sunday fire visible from miles away is now out, but officials are worried about hotspots and the possibility that parts of the building could still come tumbling down, a danger to the public. >> i mean there's been a lot of fires in the mission and it puts more pressure. housing is a big issue. that's 23 more people that need to find a place to live. it's really been very difficult in this type of market of. >> reporter: nobody was hurt. arson investigators are still
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trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire. in the mission i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. the other big fire tore through an apartment complex in the south bay. it started at 3:30 this morning on walnut blossom drive in san jose and quickly grew to three alarms. residents say they heard an explosion moments before the fire started. if the flames raced through several -- the flames raced through several apartments on the top floor destroying them. water and fire did major damage to the apartments below. firefighters say the flames were shooting through the roof when they arrived. one woman said she heard a knock lower door and screamed to get out. >> -- on her door and screamed to get out. >> i opened the door and all i saw was flames. >> reporter: did you think your apartment was going to catch fire? >> i thought. so. >> one firefighter suffered very minor injuries, was treated and sent home. a total of 37 people were displaced. streets were flooded in fremont. a water main burst on paseo padre parkway before 8:00.
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police are asking drivers to avoid the stretch between mission boulevard and south grimmer, no word how long repairs will take. water mains sometimes break in that area because of creep on the hayward fault. blaine gabbert has his first win as a starting 49ers quarterback tonight and the end could be near for colin kaepernick. gabbert led the team to an upset victory over the atlanta falcons. kaepernick came in briefly for him after gabbert took a wicked hit in the 2nd half, but listening to 49er fans they have their doubts about who should be the quarterback. >> gabbert is not the exact answer, but we appreciate the w today. >> they didn't look that much better really. i was impressed that they won the game, put it that way. is he our new guy? >> he's the new guy right now. >> tonight cbs sports is reporting the 49ers will likely part ways with kaepernick before next season. more than two dozen football players at university
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of missouri have benched themselves tonight. the team did not hold practice today. they say they won't play again until university president tim wolfe resigns. they're angry about recent incidents of discrimination on campus, most recently a swastika found in a residence hall. at least two students also reported having racial slurs yelled at them. protesters say wolfe is not doing enough to address their concerns. issues.' butt to o understa >> we have seen so many incidents of racism on this campus, of sexism, of home nokia, sexual -- homophobia, sexual violation and a black of our administration on how to address the issue -- and a lack of our administration on how to address this issue. >> i want to talk and find out how to make progress on these issues. >> another student is on a hunger strike tonight. he says he is willing to die unless wolfe steps down. a year from today we will be electing a new president.
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in the mean time the candidates are getting used to life under the microscope. >> there's no question i'm getting special scrutiny of. >> reporter: making the sunday show rounds ben carson defended himself against a string of reports poking holes in his personal tale of a troubled kid turned neurosurgeon. >> for people who try to take this and twist it and make it seem like something dishonest seems like dishonesty itself. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate spent last week deflecting questions about whether he truly was a violent child as claimed and whether he was offered a full scholarship to west point. over the weekend the wall street journal said it couldn't corroborate stories carson told in his 1990 autobiography about his years in high school or at yale. >> every single day or every other day or every week, you know, they're going to come out with oh, you said this when you were 13 and you did this. >> he's going to have to explain a lot of thing away. >> reporter: with carson surpassing donald trump in some poles on sunday the bill --
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polls on sunday the billionaire businessman said the questions are fair game. >> when you write a book you have cured a pathological disease. maybe it's right or wrong, but those are pretty tough charges. >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry davis. what are you doing, larry? >> reporter: trump made light of his own criticisms appearing on saturday night live. >> i heard if i yelled that, they'd give me $5,000. >> as a businessman, i can fully respect that. >> trump and carson face off tuesday night in milwaukee in the fourth gop debate. meanwhile the democrats will square off next saturday right here on kpix5. the debate starts at 6:00. still to come a bay area football star makes it all the way to the super bowl and then takes a vicious hit, tonight how this play forever changed the game. >> plus fire in the sky, tonight we're getting our best look yet at the mystery light that had the bay area buzzing. us >> and this is not what they
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meant by all you can eat. the ground opens up and swallows the parking lot at a pancake house. stay tuned. >> closed captioning is sponsored by mercedes-benz of san francisco and mercedes-benz of oakland. better think twice before you toss that boarding pass. we learned its barcode can easily lead identity thieves to your personal information. hundreds of microcell towers popping up across san francisco, we found some residents are fighting back. >> there could be effects like cancer. >> plus the inner city school that inspire over 80% of its students to attend college. expect original reporting from kpix5 news, expect more. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed.
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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? certain a bomb brought down russian jet that crashed ov the sinai last weekend. data from the flight records shows: the tonight investigators say they are 99% certain that a bomb took down the russian jetliner last weekend.
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the voice recorder picked up the sound of an explosion 24 minutes into the flight. investigators think the bomb may have been smuggled aboard by isis and if that's true, the u.s. house intelligence committee says the extremist group has eclipsed al-qaeda as the gravest terrorist threat in the world. ght. glow was seen u we're getting our best look yet at the navy test missile that streaked across the sky and lit up the bay area last night. it was seen up and down the california coastline and peter dowd found one photographer in the right place at the right time. this is what much of the south land saw, a mysterious bright light that moved slowly over the pacific. this new video comes from professional cameraman mark tebow. his camera was rolling on the beach in santa monica when the light caught his eye. people tried to guess what it was. >> i thought it was aliens. >> neighbor a light from an airplane or ship -- maybe a light from an airplane or ship of some sort. >> i was getting ready to duck
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and dodge from an explosion. >> reporter: we now know it was a tried and true missile test flight conducted by the u.s. navy. the missile was not armed and they generally don't announce missile testing. stargazers at griffith observatory say it lasted up to 10 minutes. >> once it reached about level with us it kind of started to expand and there was kind of a blue tail behind it and it started to light up the sky a bit and dimmed as time went on. >> which is consistent with a rocket or missile launch. in fact, you can even make out the tip of the missile. for many it was a night to remember. >> it was really strange. i've been out here three years and never saw it in my life. >> i saw it. it was eye catching. the pentagon said it will try to give some warning next time. these guys in australia could have used a rocket to get them out of this mess. one of the men slipped off the top of this 165-foot cliff landing on a ledge below. then his buddy got stuck
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climbing down to help. it took rescuers several hours to get them to itself so. more than a dozen cars -- to safety. more than a dozen cars disappeared when the ground gave way in an ihop parking lot in missouri. the hole is 30 feet deep and more than 400 feet long. here's another picture we found on twitter. 49ers running back reggie bush may sue over the injury that ended his season and possibly ended his career last week on this play against the st. louis rams and it doesn't look that spectacular. bush was returning a punt, ran out of bounds, but he slipped on the concrete and tore a ligament in his knee. tonight says bush plans to sue the city of st. louis which owns and operates that stadium. he's hit hard. here comes a flag. phillip wheeler. >> late this afternoon 409ers
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quarterback blaine gabbert took a brutal hit in the 4th quarter. while he jumped back into the huddle a new nfl result pulled him right back out. the rule is nicknamed for a bay area football star and it all began with super bowl 49. hammer was a vicious hit" >> reporter: patriots quarterback tom brady throws a pass to redwood city's julian eddleman who promptly gets hammered. >> it was a vicious hit. >> reporter: eddleman pops up, runs several yards, falls. what the league wants to do to protect players, tn i e rule allows - fo gets up on one knee, then stands up. and immediately stop the game doctors then evaluate the player. the de ft up to the team. a teammate and a ref appear to ask if he's okay. eddleman stays in leaving some in the record tv audience to wonder. >> was he going to be okay? >> reporter: after the drive edelman is evaluated for concussion and cleared to return to play, but that hit turns out it was the hit heard around the nfl. after the super bowl based on this and a few other hits, team
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owners unanimously passed a players safety resolution unofficially dubbed the edelman rule. the rule allows for the first time medical timeout. if the nfl spotter in the press box sees a possible concussion, he can push a button, talk directly to a referee and immediately stop the game. doctors then evaluate the player. the decision is not left up to the team. >> there's some people that have grave concerns about this in terms of what it may do to the flow of the game. >> reporter: stanford doctor tim mcadams is team physician for the san francisco 49ers. >> we will have to see how it works out, but i know it's the right thing to do because things happen so quickly. >> reporter: according to the cdc, players dying from a brain disease risk is tripled because of the blows to the head. >> the rule is critical in at least making a dent in this because the basic nature of
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players is that they're in denial. >> reporter: famed sports agent leigh steinberg says bypassing the team is important because it can lead to trainers and coaches. >> they're all part of the system which is that real men play with pain. real men hang in there. real men under all circumstances remain on the field. >> reporter: the evaluation is done not just by the team's physician, a second doctor, an unaffiliated neurotrauma expert is also involved. at levi stadium that job falls to an expert, ucf neurosurgeon dr. mitch berger. >> we're just another set of eyes to help them completely independent of the people as a specialist of. >> reporter: players we spoke to like the new -- specialist. >> reporter: players we spoke to like the new rule. >> i know always a player i don't want to come out of the game sometimes in the state of mind they're in. i think it helps. >> they're just trying to look
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out for the players' best interest after football and trying to make sure we can walk and enjoy the family thing we can do once we leave football. >> reporter: the head football coach at woodside high said the nfl is sending the right message. >> kind of that old school mentality where you feel like you have to bash the kids apart to turn them into football players and that's not the case. >> under the edelman rule the player is removed and evaluated at least one play. gabbert was cleared to return to play. this rule has been used at least two other times this season. come up tonight on gameday dennis o'donnell shows us how doctors could soon be able to test football players' blood for evidence of concussions. that's right after this newscast. i'm going to basically start where we left off and show you the kpix5 hi-def doppler because there's a lot of lightning showing up offshore. you can see those thunder
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bumpers into the south in cape mendocino, quite a few of them and those are legitimate lightning strikes. there's a lightning detection network that feeds into the computer and gives you an accurate display where the lightning strikes are happening. so it would not be a surprise to see some of that lightning work its way into the bay area tonight and tomorrow. it's developed in the last 90 minutes or so. concord 51 degrees, san francisco 55, unstable air under the influence of low pressure sinking toward the bay area will bring rain tomorrow, up to an inch in some of the higher terrain and we have an unstable day, get some sun, rain, maybe some thunderstorms as well if that time lapse is any indication. futurecast is tracking this pretty well. it's an indication of what should be happening overnight tonight. by 4 a.m. you see up by santa rosa some fairly good cells beginning to come in. let's roll the loop on. especially moving through
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midday tomorrow you can season it's not one distinct front coming through, bands of showers dumping rain, heavy at times before we begin to dry it out tomorrow night. we should see mostly clearing skies in the north bay by this time tomorrow night, but flash flood watches are posted as a result of all this in the areas vulnerable to really heavy rain because of the burn areas. thunderstorms are possible as well. heavy rain means fast runoff and debris floes are possible with fast runoff like this. winter weather advisory in tahoe south, 40 inches at lake level and 12 inches above 7,000 feet. more rain tomorrow, heaviest amounts from 1/2 inch to 1 inch and clearing tuesday. it will be dry into the weekend, but the next chance comes in next sunday. travel weather forecast, there's no escaping rain from redding down to fresno tomorrow, snow in the mountains and overnight lows tonight from the upper 30s, it's getting chilly, to the upper 40s,
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sunrise tomorrow morning 18 minutes before 7:00. for the high temperatures tomorrow we'll all be in the 55 to 62-degree range. down in the south bay scattered showers, some coming down good at times. east bay the threat of thundershowers, a real one for tomorrow morning and late night tonight. up in the north bay more of the same, thundershowers a possibility, rain and mid-50s. it will be distinctly cool tomorrow, readings for highs very winterlike and the extended forecast, turbulent take monday. tuesday through saturday look okay with the sun coming out, temperatures slightly warming and the next chance of rain is coming in by the latter half of the weekend. so paul deanno a lot to talk about tomorrow and robert a gonzales will have the latest for your morning commute. still to come it was once a road to nowhere and a magnet for blight, but tonight an oakland neighborhood is fighting back by planting the seeds of change. >> and i'm den den, coming up
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next on -- dennis o'donnell, coming up next on gameday, a chance to take another step towards the playoffs. >> and for the 49ers will a new quarterback make a difference. >> and will a new test put an end to uncertainty about concussed football players. >> do i have an objective test that seems to measure what might be happening in the brain that, would be terrific. >> gameday is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a rundown roadway in oakland is completely transformed tonight. >> homeowners near 43rd and dover were tired of troublemakers in their neighborhood. so they planted some seeds of change. >> you are the city. look to yourself, look to your neighbors and the resources you have. >> reporter: rob selma used his to transform this space, this 1 block stretch of dover street near 43rd , which has been a magnet for about blight, crime and illegal dumping. >> the dumping happens near freeway land because it's secluded and has an abandoned field and people don't think they'll get caught of. >> reporter: the roadway east of 24 which he calls bad urban planning was seen as the road to nowhere owned part of by the city and part by caltrans. >> we said hey, we'll maintain it. let us take it over and we'll take care of the space of. >> reporter: it took three years and 50 -- space. >> reporter: it took three years and $50,000 in donation
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and it didn't hurt that selma is a land use attorney able to navigate the red tape. today neighbors have access to about 20 wooden beds and an informal cooperative and the planting process has galvanized the community. >> i think this project is really neat and i could get to know the neighborhood and it's cool to know neighbors. you feel like you can knock on their door. >> reporter: and plant a seed for something good. >> the more of these kinds of thing happen where people take it upon themselves to make their neighborhoods better, the better the whole city will be. still to come practice is well underway for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, but flying these big balloons isn't always as fun as it looks. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt.
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it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. [door bell ringing]
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balloons will be taking flit for the 89-th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. volunteers did a practice r today in new y thanks giving is right around the corner sort of and the balloons will be taking flight for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. volunteers held a practice run today in new york. >> it takes dozens of people to fly the balloons and that can be a hazardous task including strong gusts of wind and getting over tall buildings. volunteers say it's a once in a lifetime experience and it is well worth it. fun. >> and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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