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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and this morning she had to go into the backyard to take her dog about 10 minutes to 8:00. at that time, the tree became a rocket.>> the building pieces exploded into the sky. it took a second to come down. >> reporter: she was not in her bed when this piece of bread would shot through the window and landed where she would have been lying. she was not in her bed he cut she was taking care of the dog.>> i was right here taking my dog to the bathroom. >> reporter: what would have happened if you had been here. i would be gone.>> reporter: she just landscaped her garden last week. it is now a mess. the firefighters told her to make sure that she bought a lottery ticket today. coming up at 6:00, she's not the only one biting lottery ticket. what happened to the neighbors is just as amazing. another
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lightning close call this morning was in presidio in san francisco. look at this eucalyptus tree that was nearly split down the middle. grounds keepers were working yards away in the cemetery when it happen.>> this blast was about three times as bright as the sun. i looked over and lightning just obliterated the tree. it totally destroyed it. >> reporter: the groundskeeper was not hurt, but he said it was so loud that his ears were ringing for a long time afterward. heavy rain and lightning caught on camera in palo alto. this is from the palo alto light -- open space where there were a number of lightning flashes this morning. you can see how hard the rain was coming down. albany got an inch and a third of rain. doppler is not completely rain free yet.
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still a couple of showers out there. the thunderstorms are finished for the day. still isolated showers and one is about to move into wet side. redwood city -- woodside and redwood city is after that. you may get it in livermore in the next half-hour. the story of the hour is the snowfall coming down heavily. the second winter storm warning is in effect through the evening. snow is down to 3500 feet. at that level, there could be up to 8 inches of total snowfall and double that along the crest. how much rain actually fell? about one third of 1 inch actually fell which is a good soaker for daly city, pittsburgh and redwood city. nearly half an inch in dublin. it is kind of settling the soil in for what will likely be a wet winter.
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wonderful news. more rainfall with 600 lightning strikes in the bay area today. the cold is coming and it will get frosty. i weep -- i will tell you when and where. it is bringing more early- season snow to the sierra. this makes it back to back monday snowstorms. slow going on i ate and headed to tahoe. -- i-8 and headed to tahoe. this follows a poor season last year. >> we were not able to open until january 17 which was green.>> reporter: this is just the start -- which was graham -- grim. this is just the start. the first call came in at 2:18 this afternoon at the 3400 block of camden avenue office
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highway 83. signs were telling drivers to stay away from the area. a man was in a single-family home at gunpoint. he fired two rounds into the ground before they got through the front door. san jose officers are trying to get in contact with people in the home. they know it last two people are inside -- at least two people are inside, a man and woman. they are trying to talk down the suspect. >> anytime you have somebody firing shots into the ground. we are dealing with a dangerous person and we are going to take the proper precautionary measures to make sure everybody is safe.>> reporter: at this point, san jose city is evacuating the area around. officers do not have a firm number of blocks and homes they need to evacuate at this point. they are trying to assess the
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situation inside between a man and the woman and figure out what is going on. as soon as we have more information, we will bring it to you. live in san jose, kpix 5 you can see quite a bit of smoke going up which can be seen from highway 17, we are told. the houses on cherokee trail. this is another angle for you. they say it appears the fire started in the kitchen. there are no reports of injuries, but it looks like the house may be destroyed. @-- at san jose international airport, taxi drivers are refusing to pick up passengers leaving them stranded.>> reporter: they are still sending a message right now. the strike is in full effect. they are not picking up stairs at san jose international -- fares at san jose international
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because there is no agreement with uber and lift. that left people out in the cold and wet. >> right now i don't know how i will get there.>> we are being denied taxi service.>> reporter: it was a morning surprise for those flying into san jose international. taxi drivers went on strike leaving drivers to scrounge up their own transportation or pay the price for a limo which was the price for some. >> it is the latest in the bitter dispute over how the city regulates taxis and ride services like uber and lift.>> the taxi levy does not want fair competition. they are leaving customers standing at the curb stat -- soaked in the rain.>> reporter: the drivers you must be fingerprinted and background
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checks is angry that the same requirements are not required for uber and lift. there are also random inspections of vehicles and the city charges them more for airport pickup than other companies.>> we welcome the rideshare companies at the airport. let them follow the rules that we follow.>> reporter: representatives from the mayor's office spent the day negotiating with the taxi drivers. there is still no agreement yet . this promises to be a difficult situation over the next day or so. tomorrow, the city council meets to discuss the option of what to do about the ridesharing companies and the taxis. it promises to be a raucous meeting tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, kpix 5 a police officer was sentenced to three life terms in prison.
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henry smith junior -- henry albert smith jr . he was accused of bank robbery and being a possession of a gun. a campus president forced out after -- after student -- over student rage. it all started with a football team refusing to play. so long shall move. a major change to the iconic attraction at seaworld. how the park is caving to public pressure. caught on camera stealing your stuff. a bear air -- a bit -- a bear -- a bear the -- bait area solution to give you -- bay area solution to give you piece regarding packages. hundreds of micro cell towers popping up across san francisco. residents are fighting back.
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>> there could be effects like cancer. the inner-city school that inspires 80% of its students to attend college. expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. expect more. thierently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. investigating whether the dr in a deadly crash ran a red light. the driver hit a woman in a crosswalk on treat boulevard near the pleasant hill bart station. it happened just before eig o'clock this mor police in walnut creek investigating whether the driver in a deadly crash ran a red light. it was never pleasant hill barts nation just before eight at -- bart station just before 8:00 this morning.
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the victim was sent into another car. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. a driver was killed and passengers injured when a truck careened off the expressway into a tree. there is no word yet on what caused the crash. under pressure from student and faculty protest, the president for the university of missouri resigned today. tim wolf was under fire for not addressing racially motivated problems on campus. a swastika was found in a dorm and there has been racial tension on the predominantly white campus for years.>> i take full responsibility for this frustration. i take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred.>> reporter: wilf's departure ends a student weeklong hunger strike and puts the football team back on the
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field.>> reporter: -- we are learning more about the police shooting in louisiana the claim the life of a six-year-old. video from a police video camera shows the father with his hands in the air before the police opened fire. the officers, norris greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford are facing second-degree murder charges. they fired when the boy's father backed his car into the police car. jeremy mardis was buried today in hattiesburg, mississippi. allocations of a notorious crime and murder. a big surprise in a -- in a long legal showdown today. when you are not at home, your packages are sitting ducks on your doorstep. what is being done to stop thieves from getting your goods. ,,,,
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it's life care. laid out their case against raymond "shrimp boy" chow. the trial for the chinatown figure got underway bringing up the movie the godfather as they laid out the case. the trial for the chinatown figure got underway in san francisco. how the case began was a surprise.>> reporter: it has taken a couple of years, but the trial to begin today with
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opening arguments. the surprise you were referring to was that shrimp boy's attorney said that his client will take the stand in his own defense. the prosecutor's opening statement about raymond shrimp boy child was complex -- chow was complex. he is on trial in federal court for racketeering and money laundering along with murder charges. it is said that he killed a man in 2006 to take over the chinatown family. it was a hit like something straight out of the godfather ordered by that man over there, raymond chow. there are a dozen defendants who have played guilty to racketeering. jurors were shown pictures of shrimp boy and it is said he is
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no killer. look at that face. he told the jury that his client is innocent and that the agents were trying to lower shrimp boy. he said, i'm not saying my client was entrapped because they waved money in front of him, i'm saying that they waved money and he never went for it. the government disputes this figure, but it is said that the -- that they spent more than $1 million on the case including a trip to vegas and undercover apartments for the officers along with a lot of food.>> it is one small aspect of government overreach and overkill. government in essence creating crime and funding the
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criminality.>> reporter: now, late today, the government put on several witnesses regarding the murder as this trial could go for months. in fact, it is said that other defendants could be taking the stand including the mayor. in san francisco, reporting live, i am joe vazquez. a state oil regulator has filed a wizard blowers -- a whistleblowers defense against the governor. he researched gas and oil at his 2700 land -- acres. it is on -- is is not allowed for state your stash state resources to be used. the company ceo of seaworld cited customer feedback as a move for the okra -- the orca exhibit. they will focus on the natural setting and behaviors.
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seaworld has seen revenue drop since the documentary black first -- blackfish which criticized its treatment of killer whales in captivity. there used to be an orca in vallejo and it was relocated to seaworld san diego in 2012. we all know the feeling of buying something online and then wondering when or if it will ever arrive. >> san francisco is trying to deliver a better experience for people waiting for delivered packages. >> reporter: it's a familiar scene. stealing packages from people who are not home are often caught on camera and rarely caught i police. now with a san francisco startup, there is a solution. >> i figured there had to be a better way.>> reporter: he is a doorman at amc delivery.
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>> the snow that if you go to a residential neighborhood around 4:00 p.m. that there will be a stack of free stuff at the front doors.>> instead, a specific box number is assigned at the warehouse. the deliveries or schedule with doorman when they are home seven days a week from 6:00 p.m. until midnight.>> it keeps packages from being stolen. >> reporter: many users were simply sick of missed deliveries.>> it is unsafe in san francisco.>> reporter: the doorman is not the only one working on solutions. 30 much every carrier is looking -- pretty much every delivery service is looking for away. they are looking for access point locations which are businesses near house that stay open late. options that may deliver peace of mind considering that porch
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pirating is up as much is 50% this year.>> people don't live here. really? it is really great. >> reporter: the doorman charges $3.99 for one package. you can do it for 19-$29 per month. right now they are only doing it in san francisco, chicago and new york. rain in the san francisco area. we needed it. rain peppered the city four hours bringing the occasional thunderclap and lightning strike.>> it gave way just enough to let her brain but the way -- peak its way through the clouds and the missed. we got the shot earlier today. is there anything left of this thing?>> couple of showers and a rainbow. aim -- the majority of heavy rainfall is finished.
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here we go again with another beneficial rainfall setting the stage for what will likely be a wet winter. this is good news to get rain that is a lot, but not too much. thankfully no flooding concerns today. it is 53 and a beautiful sunset past sunset shot in san jose. 56 degree as and a lot of activity to our north and east. it is snowing heavily in the sierra. off to the west there are showers that will have to rotate through. the heaviest rainfall is in napa valley between napa and youngsville, we are seen some showers. if you are headed that way, chances are you will encounter showers between now and 6:15. let's look at san jose, about 99% of your rainfall has fallen on mondays. an inch and a half of rain. every other day of the week, only five 107 inch. wait until you see -- five 100
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-- 5/100 of an inch. wait until you see what is next. a widespread frost. it will be slow to exit and there will be 4-8 inches additional snow in the sierra. that is after four horrible years when it comes to skiing. they are likely to have a busy winter which they have earned. just like last week, in the wake of the storm, i north to staff -- in north to south wind. clear skies -- a north to south wind. clear skies and every day of the week we will fall shy of the upper 60s and low 70s. 30s at night. sun sign, chip -- sunshine, chile and burst through the day. -- chilly and breezy through the day. frost is likely in the north and east bay valley tomorrow
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night and into wednesday. san jose should be in the upper 60s and fremont 61. it will be 60 in concorde for the high. martinez 61 and richmond 61. you name it, only the low 60s with sunshine. lake worth 58 four a high tomorrow. in the seven-day forecast we will get milder by friday and saturday. you may have heard this before, increasing clouds on sunday and rainfall on monday. that is the only chance of rainfall in the extended forecast. it will be next monday which makes three mondays in a row with rain. we will be right back.
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with an update on a standoff invovling an armed man holda woman hostage. volkswagen is offering a back to sue breaking news coming out of san jose. >> a standoff with an armed man holding a woman hostages. test hostage -- a woman
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hostage. what is the latest?>> reporter: we are hearing there may be movement in this case. as soon as we know it, we will bring it to you live on kpix 5 news . cheated by the end missions scandal. the german automaker offering gift cards and credits to u.s. owners. some of the omissions were 10- 40 times above what is legally allowed. new era on the road. the first hydrogen fuel cell sold locally to a man in roseville. it has a range of 300 miles. california the first state in the nation to get the mirai
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because the fuel stations are already in place. the vehicles are expected to roll out in the northeast later this year. now for a look at what is ahead on the cbs evening news.>> this is with scott pelley. the university of missouri's president resigned today amidst a cannabis was bold -- a campus result -- campus revolt. changing that stands on school bus seatbelts. seaworld announces the end of an era. we will have those stories tonight on the western addition of cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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one on one with oakland's mayor... we get a preview or pitch this week to the n-f- to keep the raiders in town. plus: "i'm maria medina. the city claiming pg&e lied to them. bitter fight over trees, co up at 6." and a closer look at what's making california crabs tox. the culprit that's delayingb season. join us for those stories tonight at 6. thanks ken. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news with s pelley is next. remember more local news rit back
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here at 6pm. see you then! >> we support each other. >> pelley: with his campus in revolt over racial tensions and the football team threatening a boycott, a college president is forced out. also tonight, a six-year-old boy is laid the rest as two city marshals accused of his murder go before a judge. in a first, the government is calling for seat belts in school buses. >> seat belts save lives. they should be on every school bus for every kid. >> pelley: and shamu's final bow. seaworld under pressure from animal rights groups. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the complaints had been mounting for years.


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