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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 12, 2015 3:12am-4:01am PST

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contests involve skill not luck. but after investigating the two companies, new york attorney general eric snyderman is calling a foul. >> it's not some new variation on the traditional fantasy
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sports. it's just variation on illegal online gambling you can't do that in new york state. >> reporter: fantasy sports players like this man believe snyderman has gone too far. >> to make the whole thing illegal. i think he giis going to get backlash. >> reporter: six states have banned fantasy sports for money. new york state has more daily fantasy players than any other. >> this sort off gresive marketing. instant payout. the fact you can do it on your phone any time. this is a very tempting venue for anyone who has gambling addiction problems. >> reporter: in a conference call, nigel echols said the company will pursue every legal action. >> reporter: draft kings and fanduel have five days to respond to the cease and desis orders. both companies plan on challenging the order, charlie.
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until then the ceo says they'll offer paid contests to their new york customers. >> we were reminded this week that cell phones can be dangerous in the hands of young people. there is a new case that involves sexting, which is sending messages of of a sexual nature. the case is on long island in new york, but it could happen anywhere. >> when i got the video i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: 15-year-old a.j. fenton and kieran failin were suspended from schools for opening a sex video on their cell phones sent in a group text message. in all, about 20 long island students were suspended for up to five days for forwarding the video or simply receiving it. two students were arrested and charged with felonies for distributing child pornography. parents thomas failin and andrew fenton are fighting to overturn their sons' suspensions. >> nobody knows what is coming
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to their phone the if he is 18. colleges are going to say suspended from school. he giis going to say yes. next question is why. according to what the administration was telling me on friday, child porn. was on his phone. >> reporter: this month officials in colorado reported at least 100 students at canyon city high school used a secret app to exchange nude photos on their smart phones. police in ohio are currently investigating a sexting case involving 14 children ranging from 11 to 17. computer expert and cnet editor dan ackerman says with modern technology there is no way to guarantee your child's safety. >> the one thing we discovered over the years is that anything that you put out there on the internet something you are posting publicly or sending privately exists in digital form. can never truly be deleted. >> kieran and a.j. admit there is one thing they could have done differently.
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>> good chance on not opening it. deleting it right away. >> reporter: a lesson they didn't expect to have learned in school. coming up, debt from student loans could ruin retirement plans for millions. the out of this world offer for the blue moon diamond. >> and one small panda takes one giant step.
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40 million americans have combined student loan debt of $1.3 trillion. a financial burden surpassing credit card debt. for many, paying off college could mean putting off retirement. here is anthony mason with tonight's eye on money. >> some body read the title for me. >> reporter: when jess sanchez got his masters in education, the fifth grade teacher finished with more than $90,000 in student loan debt. his first thought when he saw the bill -- >> crap. what did i do? the 35-year-old southern for retirement and help pay for his 10-year-old son's college one day.
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but sanchez says half his $50,000 a year salary will go toward paying off his loans. >> i have no budget for retirement right now. right now just trying to keep afloat financially. making sure i keep a roof over my son's head. >> reporter: the average student loan debt of $35,000 can cost graduates nearly $700,000 in lost retirement savings over a 50 year period. >> your fate is that you are not going to retire until 75 which is pretty sobering. >> reporter: a personal financial expert with nerd wallet. if you are faced with the choice of paying down your college debt or put money aside to save for the future what do you do? >> don't look at this as either or. >> reporter: she advises them to modify or stretch their lens while cutting back on expenses. even a small savings now will pay off hugely down the road. >> albert einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world. i think he was right.
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>> reporter: if a 23-year-old earning the median salary who has $35,000 in student debt saves 6% they can expect to retire at 75. but increase that to 10%, and the retirement age drops by five years. the average student debt is now 5,500 higher than it was just three years ago. if that rises in some how slowed the student loan crisis could become a retirement crisis. >> thank you, anthony. >> a major retail chain apologizes for an inappropriate holiday ad. that's ahead. welcome to cbs this morning. >> we're following breaking news. >> the busiest amtrak corridor shut down. no trains. that's the derailed cars. >> on the front line behind me
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the police have fired stun grenades. >> the wind is pushing the flames up the hillside away from the highway. >> this was so devastating, charlie. >> how are you doing, mom? >> i'm okay. >> the largest storm to ever hit the united states. >> just one of the many areas that will likely be lashed by sandy. >> would you take the country in the next four years? >> everything takes longer than you look. >> do you think you are the last? >> i will never, ever forget the last 48 hours. >> you have said a strong centralized government is in the dna of russia. >> in less than a month, the president of syria, president of iran, prime minister of israel. who does he think he is? charlie rose. >> i've got you. >> you don't have me. >> in fear and panic, people stepped up to help one another. >> good morning from the top of the new one world trade center. >> we are going to give you the first look at the spectacular views from the tallest building
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in the western hemisphere. >> people always say they love their fans. but there really is something special about you and your fans. >> you and i have been friends for a while. >> no. >> i'm thinking so far, so good. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. >> i said it was going to be a good morning. >> best ever. >> love being on the show. >> i'm just star struck to be here. >> we are very good. >> that's fantastic. >> be here every day. >> good company with us. >> ha-ha. >> whoa. >> cbs, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> cbs in the morning, so y'all keep watching. ♪ ♪ once in a blue moon someone pays a record price for a gem. it happened today at sotheby's in geneva.
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the rare 12-carat blue moon diamond sold to a collector from hong kong for $48.5 million. they threw the ring in for free. well there was no gem. we have a new entry in the catalog of regrettable ads. bloomingdale's put out a holiday ad. showed a young man looking at a young lady with the caption "spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking." after an uproar on social media, bloomingdale's admitted the ad was inappropriate. the panda-cam at the national zoo in washington captured a milestone. beibei took his first wobbly steps on monday. he its just shy of 3 months old. his mother may zhong was there. >> for veterans, stresses of war melt away when they catch a lift. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on this veterans day we asked facebook friend to share pictures of veterans and families. photos from all over the country. here are just a few. some served during world war ii, or korea, others more recently in iraq and afghanistan. for many vets the wounds of war are invisible. but some are on the road to recovery inspired by fallen heroes. here is chip reid. >> reporter: every time former marine john danzinger hits the treadmill and retired soldier pumps iron they say they feel transformed. >> if you are not physically fit. you are not mentally fit. if not mentally fit, you will not be spiritually fit. >> both were diagnosed with psd
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and said working out may have saved their lives. >> i'm sweaty. >> reporter: the men say lynn coughlin and her brother chris made it possible. >> my brother was my best friend. >> reporter: corporal chris kauffman was killed in 2009 in afghanistan. he was a lifelong fitness buff. every time he went to the gym, he said he was going to catch a lift. >> after he died, i felt like i wanted to do something to capture him and his spirit. >> reporter: she was surprised to learn there was little in the way of exercise programs for combat wounded veterans. she created catch a lift, a charity that provides free access to gyms anywhere in the country. even equipment for those who want to work out at home. >> had you given up hope about life? >> when i got back, yes. >> reporter: the two started their workouts a year ago. >> the science behind exercise and releasing of endorphins and health aspect behind physical
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fitness makes you feel brand new person some times. >> reporter: since 2010, catch a lift sponsored 2,500 veterans. some have lost more than 40 pounds. many others have gone from more than 20 medications down to two or three. it also helps them reconnect. >> when you get back, everybody from the military separates and goes their own separate way. all across the united states. and, you know it's hard for them to find that camaraderie again. and catch a lift has built upon camaraderie. >> the gym also remind him of coughlin's sacrifice. >> some times i feel like he died so we could all live. >> my brother would really be proud to know that he helped do that through whis death. pain to purpose. is what he used to say. >> reporter: veterans pushing through the pain to rediscover purpose in life. chip reid, cbs news, baltimore. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning
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news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm charlie rose. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. the battle over daily fantasy sports betting is just getting started. fanduel and draftking say they will fight back after being ordered to stop taking bets in new york state. fanduel says 10% of players are in new york. and the state attorney general has no right to declare their business an illegal gambling operation. vladamir duchlt thier reports. >> after claiming the contests are a game of skill. with recent accusations of of ads, investigators and legislators are changing the rule book.
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this is the fantasy football season that could change it all. >> reporter: a crackdown on daily fantasy sports, unregulated game play. after eric snyderman ordered the two fantasy sports come pans to stop accepting bets in the state. >> daily fantasy sports which we've been looking into over a month concluded is not some new version of fantasy sports. it is really just a new version of gambling. >> reporter: snyderman sent notices ordering the online companies to cease and desist concluding their contests are neither harmless or victimless. >> it really does lure in people most prone to gambling adiction. >> fanduel responded saying fantasy sports is a guam of skill and legal under new york state law. draft kings called daily fantasy sports a game of skill. we strongly disagree with the reasoning in his opinion and will examine and vigorously pursue all legal options. s to day's notice could further
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implicate major sports which have anti-gambling policies and investments in daily fantasy sports. major league baseball has undisclosed stake in draft kings. national basketball association has undisclosed stake in fan duel. >> could create a lot of drama going forward and also going to cue things up for a lot of states looking at this at the same time. >> reporter: six other states have declared that daily fantasy sports is gambling. but according to industry research new york state has more daily fantasy players than any other. last night on twitter, both come paend asked daily fantasy fans to sign petitions against the order. >> there is a lot to play out right now. because, this, this will be challenged in court. in the meantime, i's, a pretty crushing blow for the companies. >> draft kings and fanduel have five days to respond to tuesday's notice. although draft kings is headquartered in boston. unclear how the order wail fekt fanduel in new york. >> the republican presidential
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hopefuls back on the campaign trail after their fourth primetime debate. this one centered on economic policies and showed real differences between the candidates. afterward, marco rubio, sat down with charlie, nora and gail for cbs this morning. first major garrett has a recap of the debate. >> certain their candidates have won. means all of them. conceded if the evening did little to upend the fundamentals of the race. good news for ben carson and donald trump and presents the challenge to the rest. how to skilled politicians catch up with the front running first timers? hold it. they blew up. wait a minute. donald trump clashed with john kasich and jeb bush on deporting illegal immigrants an issue that could loom large in the general election and divided the republican field. >> for the 11 million people, come on, folks, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across, back across the border. it is a silly argument. it's not an adult argument. it makes no sense. >> trump dismissed kasich.
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>> let me just. unbelievable company. worth billions and billions of dollars. i didn't have to hear from this man. believe me. then made room for bush to weigh in. >> thank you, donald for alug me to speak at the debate. that's really nice of you. really appreciate that. >> reporter: even having this conversation send a powerful signal. they're doing high fives in the clinton kaccampaign. >> maushg > how is it conservat add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? >> i know the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. >> reporter: ted cruz who like rubio is gaining on trump and carson unveiled a plan to eliminate five federal agencies but named only four. >> five major agencieagencies, , department of commerce, department of energy, the department of commerce, and hud. carson briefly confronted
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questions, raise add but parts of his life story. awe thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. carly fiorina looking to regain momentum argued she is better equipped than trump to handle russian president vladamir putin. >> i got to know him very well because we were both on 60 minutes. >> i would not be talking to vladamir putin. i met him, not in a green room for a show, but in a private meeting. >> reporter: trump drew boos when carly fiorina followed the lead of others to claim a piece of the conversation. >> why does she keep interruption everybody? >> to clarify one point about putin and trump they did not meet in the green room. their interviews on the newsmagazine merely ran side by side. carly fiorina did meet putin in a conference room attic nomic conference in asia. a setting she described,
3:36 am
charlie, as a green room. >> thank you, major. marco rubio is with us from milwaukee. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> you participated in the debate last night. there was much talk about immigration and a debate about deportation. some suggested that you might have wanted to wade in more on that because you oppose deportation. should you have? >> well i don't oppose deporting people that are criminals. i don't oppose deporting people that haven't been in the country for a very long time. i do think we have to have a realistic policy about people that have been here for a long time and not otherwise criminals. before you do an of that. begin with two steps. first step. you have to bring illegal immigration under control and prove to the american people that happened. then you have to modernize your legal immigration system. after you have done those two things can you move to the third step which is to conduct background checks on everyone here illegally. if they're criminals they have
3:37 am
to leave. if they're not pay taxes, pay a fine, have to learn english and a work permit. all they have for ten years. i have the most well defined plan. an issue we need to confront as a country. my position on it has been well stated and repeatedly stated. >> senator, let me ask you specifically. the administration apeld to the supreme court yesterday to block the deportation of 4 million immigrants after a court of appeals upheld an earlier injunction. i know you know about the case. headed to supreme court potentially. are you for deporting the 4 million immigrants who are the parents of many legal residents here? >> this is a tough issue. talking about human beings and real lives. flip side, you are talking about the law. the country has a ragt to have immigration laws. it needs to enforce the laws or you didn't have laws. no one has a right to illegally emigrate to the united states. so this is an issue very difficult. >> up next, cbs news will be hosting saturday's democratic debate. coverage at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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yesterday was veterans day. a time to honor all those who have worn the uniform of the u.s. armed forces. and to remember their service. that includes the veterans of what is sometimes called the forgotten war in korea. america's sacrifice is not forgotten by the nation our troops fought to save. seth doan reports for sunday morning. >> korea a crowded little finger of land expending out of asia's mainland. a nation not much larger than the state of minnesota. >> reporter: june 30, 1950, five years after world war ii ended. america went to war again. u.s. ground troops were sent to korea where forces from the communist north aided by the soviet union and then china were
3:41 am
threatening the pro western government in the south. the three-year conflict overshadowed by the second world war is often called the forgotten war. and these are its forgotten victims. the families of nearly 8,000 men still classified as missing in action. >> mia is a very difficult term to live with. not knowing. it's hard to -- put closure where you don't know. >> felt like an orphan, was an orphan. they called us orphans. >> this man's father. air force captain disappeared flying a night mission in 1952. >> he wasn't known to be killed in action or died in prison camp.
3:42 am
he is just missing. >> reporter: a fate shared buy many men lost in areas difficult to access. some inside north korea. in may, the siblings, spouses and children of two dozen u.s. service members who never returned from the battlefield were invited as guests of the south korean government to visit the country where their loved ones were last seen. for most, it was the first time they had ever come here. the trip was organized by volunteer sunny lee who was born near seoul during the war. why does the south korean government spend this sort of money to bring the families of veterans here? >> to pay back, to show them how much we appreciate it. and to introduce korea to the families who sacrificed so much. showing off its music, its
3:43 am
dances, even its fashion. families paid for half of the flight. everything else was picked up by the south korean government. >> suzanne shilling's dad, marine pilot whose plane was shot down over north korea in 1952 was honored as a hero. >> we all thought it was a tour of korea. we would see battle fields. see memorials. had no idea that they were going to celebrate us at the level that they did. >> memorial services were held at the national cemetery. at a military base. and near the demilitarized zone that divides north and south. at the war museum, families found the names of their loved
3:44 am
ones inscribed on a wall. robert warren's father disappeared during the reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. >> i have never seen him memorialized or commemorated or, or anything of that nature. in the united states. and to come all the way to korea and see his name on the wall was -- was a -- a shock, a surprise, and something i was not emotionally prepared for at the time. >> reporter: he was also not prepared to see south korea's appreciation for america's role in a war fought more than 60 years ago. >> the authenticity of their gratitude is astonishing. i mean, they could not possibly fake what we are experiencing from people here. it just, there aren't that many good actors in south korea.
3:45 am
>> reporter: when you look at the names, you know some of the families? >> oh, yes, many of them. >> reporter: sunny lee who now lives in utah first pitched the korean government a trip for the families of those missing in action. >> why do you take this so personally. why do you feel so deeply. it's like, you know if you are in a car somebody can't save your life, to feel your hero. pay back with the rest of your life. i feel like that. >> we have stopped the shooting. >> reporter: when the armistice was signed in july, 1953, south korea lay in ruins. people were starving. millions were dead. but within 60 years and with the help of foreign aid money. south korea transformed itself. into the world's 14th largest economy. and 6th largest exporter. in part due to the popularity of
3:46 am
korean brands including samsung and lg, kia, hyundai. economists refer to it as the the miracle on the han river, a miracle that south koreans insist in part resulted from the american sacrifices that earned them their freedom from communism. this trip was a celebration of that sacrifice for what john zimmerly calls war orphans. >> i'm here with other war orphans. and all of a sudden we all have camaraderie, seen all the pictures. just kind of, arose, in one line behind me. it was look all the guys were here. all the guys that were missing had come back. it is the most -- it's -- the most emotional i have gotten about this whole issue. and i have had emotional moments over the past.
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jake, put that downten up! point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. in china, tens of millions of packages are flying down belts and on to delivery trucks. the chinese took advantage of singles day, the biggest online shopping day of the year. five times bigger than cybermonday here in the u.s. seth doan has the story.
3:50 am
>> the packages are already piling up in front of the shipping facility for singles day started as a sort of anti-valentine's day. november 11, 1111. all the single ones. get it. now it has been co-opted by online retailers. all about shopping and deep discounts. it is show time today at online retailer, which has already seen a record number of orders. china's government figures and all singles day will generate 760 million shipments. jd is dispatching tens of thousand of saying? chur red trucks red chelers across china, to satisfy capitalist urges of the communist country. >> it is sort of manmade holiday, right. >> reporter: retailer made. a jd executive explained
3:51 am
logistics behind managing so many orders. >> we prepare for this for a long time. and we have the plans for unexpected. what if one warehouse, and the orders exceed our expectation. a pretty complicated math problem for us. >> reporter: a complicated math problem with very big numbers. in 2014. online shopping on singles day reached close to $10 billion. compare that to america's cyber monday, with just over $2 billion in sales. at jd's high tech warehouse on the outskirts of shanghai, we watched as everything from diapers to computer equipment almost magically whipped into place on a conveyor belt. this warehouse system the most sophisticated sorting technology in the word it has capacity to sort 16,000 passages in an hour with accuracy of 99.99%.
3:52 am
all of this sorting and shipping and promising in most cases to get it there in 24 hours, is to lure folks like this woman on the other side of the order form. days in advance, we found her filling her online cart. buying shoes? >> yes. >> they offer big discounts? >> yeah. >> sing, who incidentally is single assured us this is not retail therapy it is just smart shopping. why do you wait to shop on single's day? >> because the the price is cheaper than the other days. >> you get a good deal? >> yeah, i got a good deal. >> reporter: more than 90% of single's day sales, $9 billion went to alibaba last year. the internet giant, more of a marketplace along the lines of e-bay. alibaba threw a va ray tee show to mark the day. cameos with daniel craig and kevin spacey, playing house of
3:53 am
card president, frank underwood. >> if i were allowed to shop on your singles day. i wind how cheap i could get a new burner phone for example. >> reporter: in the fierce rivalry for online shoppers, jd hopes to cut into alibaba's bottom line. jd filed a complaint. china's government is investigating alibaba for pressuring come pans to sell only on its platform on single's day. overall jd sales are growing almost three times as fast as alibaba's. using a different model. buying from suppliers and shipping to customers. >> in a lot of ways we are similar to amazon. what is different between us and amazon is we have our own trucks. and our own delivery employees. >> the idea is the delivery person at your door is a company employee. who can answer questions and manage returns. in this high stakes bid for business, companies try every angle to get ahead. >> we have loud speakers.
3:54 am
in these warehouses. we play very inspirational music. >> songs. >> yes. >> work faster. to get that, to have that spirit. >> reporter: because this is such an important shopping period? >> yeah. >> reporter: one popular musician played over the speakers is this man, these lyrics in chinese are about achieving more in life. on this day that apparently translates to a very capitalist concept. shopping. jd tells us compared to last year, they tripled their sales in the first half of the day. one of the big sellers, imported wine. up 500%. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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retired navy seal spent veterans day fighting to help families who lost loved ones in america's wars. bringing attention tugs their loss by swimming the entire length of the mississippi river. dana jacobson has the story. >> reporter: he spends six to eight hours a day six days a week swimming the mississippi river. chris will go down as the first american to swim the entire mississippi. but he says it is those gold star families and the memory of their loved ones that made it happen. though he is a former navy seal, chris doesn't kid himself a strong swimmer. every day except sundays since the sixth of june, this decorated combat veteran zips up. jumps into the mississippi river. and proves otherwise. >> that fst little chill going
3:58 am
up your back. >> i couldn't imagine any better thing to do than to really raise awareness and honor the fallen heroes. >> chris' swim was inspired by a cross-country hike last year by army veteran mike vitti whose legacies alive organization, offers support for gold star families. >> hello. >> hi, chris. >> the survivors of fallen soldiers. >> thank you for coming out here. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: like jenny smith. and her husband eddie. jenny's son marine staff sergeant jason rodgers was killed in action 4 1/2 years ain afghanistan. >> he loved the marine corps. very friendly, young man. he loved basketball. he loved transformers. they never get rid of that, right. >> a kid at heart. it is very moving. learning about the loved ones. who they were as a person. stories, people like to avoid.
3:59 am
conversations need to happen. gives the family the opportunity to say their loved ones name. and share who they were. >> whoo. >> they fear the most the day that people forget. he has met nearly 200 gold star family members. many sign the kayak that lead chris through the water. two kayaks are filled with messages to the fallen. >> thank you very much. >> lot's go, baby. whoo. >> reporter: it's been 157 days where he started, where the mississippi river begins. the 2,350 mile swim will go through ten states. chris hid the 2000 mile mark tuesday in mississippi. his journey will end in the gulf of mexico. at a pace of 14 to 20 miles per day he expects to finish in early december.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 12th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking news in the battle against isis. u.s. and kurdish forces launch a major offensive to retake an iraqi town controlled by the terror group for more than a year. wind, rain, and snow whips across the midwest and the powerful weather system threatens to hit millions more with severe storms today. death in police custody. a new investigation and lawsuit following the death of a virginia man repeatedly tasered by police.


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