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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. shots fired, shots fired! >> a rooftop gunman on a building under construction takes aim at a bay area hospital and at police officers. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat.
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that crime spree ended when police opened fire near st. luke's in san francisco's mission district. the suspect has just been identified as a 25-year-old man from san jose. kpix 5's anne makovec has the latest. >> reporter: the coroner's office has identified the gunman as javier lopez garcia. and this construction zone by st. luke's hospital is still considered a crime scene today. crime scene investigators collected more possible evidence this morning at the site of the eventual new st. luke's hospital. a construction zone which was the scene of a police shooting last night. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: police say lopez garcia had stolen a rifle from this big 5 store in san bruno robbing it with a handgun yesterday afternoon. then they say he headed up to san francisco and into this building shell. >> then i saw the construction workers running. running. >> reporter: chopper 5 shows police throwing a flash-bang
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grenade toward an orange elevator shaft. that's where lopez garcia was perched. they say he had a gun pointed at st. luke's hospital which was placed on lockdown and then police say lopez garcia pointed the gun at them. >> three officers fired killing the suspect. >> reporter: nobody from st. luke's hospital spoke on camera. they say they are making counselors available to all patients and staff. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. federal appeals court today rejected a challenge to the state's death penalty. the move reversed a lower court ruling that found california's death penalty unconstitutional because of long delays. more than 900 people have been sentenced to death in california. 13 have been executed since 1978. no executions have been carried out in the state since 2006. new at noon, a group of former homeless people and youth volunteers teamed to up clean up a san jose encampment.
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the coyote creek camp dubbed the jungle was shut down last year but squatters keep coming back. volunteers worked to clear the area. city planners hope to transform it into a recreation space. a beautiful day around the bay area. look at that pristine look at san francisco. but it is a little chilly out there. changes are coming over the weekend. >> wall to wall sunshine right now visibility unlimited from the university of california in berkeley i think you know that school well, frank. >> go, bears! and here's the scene from mount ham where we have blue skies, sausalito to san francisco, know the a cloud in sight. we have crystal blue skies currently temperatures right now rebounding nicely after dropping down to 32 degrees in santa rosa. it's currently in the upper 50s and 60s in san jose. 62 in santa rosa. tonight it won't be as chilly
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as it was last night overnight dropping down to the mid-30s to the high 40s. the big story is the rain. we'll track it together coming up later. the hot button topic of immigration has been an issue among presidential candidates. republicans are trying to thread a needle between tough enough on immigration to win the primaries while being open enough to win the hispanic vote in the general election. donald trump wants to build a wall. other candidates say that's not the answer. >> it's just not possible. i think there's a better approach, a practical approach, a conservative approach. >> hillary clinton is likely to be the republican's opponent. a new poll shows her with 52 per support among those polled ahead of bernie sanders and martin o'malley. president obama awarded a medal of honor to a retired army captain at the white house
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today. captain florin growburg was recognized for his actions in afghanistan when he confronted a suicide bomber. the white house says the captain is the tenth living person to be awarded the medal of honor for combat in afghanistan. also happening today, the university of missouri set to name a new interim president within the hour. the announcement comes three days after their former president tim wolfe stepped down. he was accused of mishandling racial tensions on campus. 20 schools nationwide are planning marches today to address racism on campus. a local community college plans to hold a march and rally today protesting what they call unfair labor practices. faculty and students at city college of san francisco say the school has been downsizing and intents to dramatically reduce the number of classes available. this also say the school hasn't been bargaining in good faith in teachers contract negotiation. college campus across the country are planning a million student march today. organizers say it's a national
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day of action for affordable education and against the student debt crisis. the march at uc-berkeley is set to begin at 2 p.m. at sproul plaza. other other locations are uc- santa cruz and uc-davis. teen suicide in palo alto is five times the national average and now the cdc is stepping in. kpix 5's keit do finds out what they are doing to save young lives. >> reporter: we are here at the santa clara count department of public health and this agency officially invited the cdc to come here with this investigation. now, the palo alto unified school district had been trying for years to prevent teen suicides with no success. the superintendent even going as far as calling suicide a contagion saying that one spurs another and another and so on. there have been several so- called suicide clusters over the years. last year, four students from palo alto high school took their own lives within six months. another suicide cluster back in
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2009 happened when four students from gunn high school killed themselves also within six months. palo alto suicide rate is up to five times the national average. paige parsons took her daughter out of gunn high school after 2.5 years. >> it has a wonderful reputation for academic excellence but there's so much tutoring behind the scenes, there's so much focus on nothing but academics, that the kids have no life. >> reporter: the cdc team will try to identify risk factors looking at everything from media coverage of the suicides to academic pressure and also be working with local suicide prevention groups, stanford university and will compare palo alto data with neighboring cities. now, this investigation should be done quickly with an executive summary to come in just a few weeks. the entire report should be done in a few months. at the santa clara county department of public health, i'm kiet do, kpix 5. >> palo alto provides year round resources for teens including project safety net
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linked at next, disturbing video as the moments of the arrest in virginia takes a violent turn. how that man's family is responding. >> revamping black friday. a major retailer announces major changes of the holiday shopping season. we have details when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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released videos show office using a taser on a man in m 2013. less f pegues is allegations of police brutality in rural virginia. newly released video shows officers using a taster on a man in may of 2013. less than two hours later he was dead. jeff pegues is in washington with reaction from the victim's family. >> reporter: this violent confrontation was caught on police cruiser and hospital surveillance cameras in south boston, virginia. police say they picked up 46- year-old lynwood lambert, jr., for causing a disturbance at a motel. >> they placed him in
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handcuffs. they did not put him under arrest. >> reporter: the officers brought him to halifax regional hospital for medical evaluation. but when they arrived at the hospital, lambert kicked out the window of the squad car and bolted toward the emergency room doors. three officers responded by tasing him multiple times and he fell to the ground. [ screaming ] >> they are saying it's justified because they have no other answer to why they used so much force with a man who was already restrained. >> while he is on the ground, um, he was repeatedly tased again. >> reporter: he was placed under arrest, charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property. >> instead of being brought into the emergency room, they put him back into the police cruiser. >> reporter: an officer tased him again in the back seat of
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the car and wasn't done. >> he was obvious under respiratory distress, breathing heavily. >> reporter: an ambulance transported him back to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. an autopsy said the cause of death was acute cocaine intoxication. lambert's sister has filed a $25 million civil lawsuit against the officers, the chief of police, the deputy chief of police, and the town of south boston. her lawyer says the amount of cocaine in lambert's body was low. and the actual cause of death is now clear. >> the man who was tased repeatedly going to cause him to have cardiac arrest. >> reporter: jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. construction is under way at the marina intersection where two 2-year-old boys were struck last week -- 12-year-old boys were struck last week. stop signs have been added -- or will be added at bay and buchanan. the lane configuration will be
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changed to slow traffic. the two boys were walking to school when a suspected drunk driver plowed into them. the boys flew into the air and landed the cross the air. the driver kirsten anderek pled not guilty facing four felony charges. her lawyers say the unsafe intersection not the fact that she was under the influence, allegedly, at the time. it's a setback for hopes of keeping the raiders in oakland. disney's ceo bob iger is joining efforts for a proposed football stadium in los angeles county that would house the raiders and san diego chargers. kpix 5 insider phil matier says oakland fans are getting weary. >> reporter: the feeling in oakland is in a raider owner -- that raider owner mark davis appears to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. he says oakland is his first choice for his new stadium but then hires carmen policy formerly of the 49ers and the cleveland browns, to work on a carson stadium with the chargers and now he brings on
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the head of disney. the question is: does mickey mouse play going to go or not? >> davis says plans to build a new stadium in oakland have gone nowhere. the iger announcement came yesterday as mayor libby schaaf was arriving in new york to make her pitch to nfl brass to keep the team in oakland. in a statement yesterday, mayor schaaf said, my focus continues to be on forging a partnership to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland that will be successful for the fans and the team and responsible for the city and its taxpayers. sierra ski resorts are getting a jump on the season. alpine meadows opened today a month ahead of schedule thanks to the storm that dumped 9" of snow on the summit. squaw valley will open this coming saturday. a huge weather system slamming the midwest. 10 tornadoes have been reported. powerful ef-1 hit in iowa. the howling winds toppled trees, tore down power lines,
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flipped over a semi truck. same powerful system dumped more than a foot of snow in the rockies. >> sounded like -- >> you don't mess with mother nature, that's for sure. it's been a relatively mild tornado season as it comes to an end. we are going to take a look at our weather watchers. look at everybody checking in at this lunch hour. i want to take a look at that particular reading at 63. so ss vallejo. he says he just got back from a hawaiian cruise. good for you, charlie. san jose 60. sonoma 63. in sonoma you're the warm spot even though you were one of the cooler spots this morning at 32 degrees. right now blue skies looking out toward the bay bridge where we don't have a cloud in sight. livermore 61 degrees. west wind up to 8 in san
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francisco at 60. so it's a little breezy side this afternoon. blue conditions as far as the skies are concerned. sunny and bright through saturday. and then the rain should be arriving in the far reaches of the north bay by saturday evening. satellite-radar, i just love it! this is a textbook perfect area of low pressure. it's already banging up against the pacific northwest bringing us rain showers there. otherwise, we have high pressure that's our key component sunny and bright today and slightly warmer than yesterday but this area of low pressure is going to try to erode that ridge of high pressure each and every day. check out our futurecast. i really like the timing of this now. it places the cloud cover over the far reaches of the north bay by the early evening hours. and there is the front as it wants to slide through the north bay during the nighttime hours. everybody wakes up on sunday morning with damp and breezy conditions. and then behind the passage of that front some scattered showers during the day. so for the most part, your sunday will be salvageable as far as going out and doing what you need to do but we could see
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up to an inch of rain in the wettest locations. it's going up to 62 in sacramento. 48 today in the high sierra. our sunset is at 5:01 p.m. boy, sunset getting earlier and earlier. and by then, we'll have realized temperatures in the 60s everywhere. our outside number is 69 degrees. that's in windsor, also the saint helena area, lakeport. tomorrow we'll tag a degree on to that and then here comes the rain in the north bay. by the evening hours rain on sunday morning, maybe a splash of rain just a lingering shower for the raider game. but generally speaking mostly cloudy skies with the temperature in the upper 50s as they host the vikings. by the way the road to 50 tour the eight vince lombardi trophies will be on display there. 87 days until the super bowl. >> 87. we are seeing the clock every day!
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>> i'm excited. >> yeah. >> it is exciting. all right. well, facebook's coo sheryl sandberg will have the unusual honor of christening a navy submarine. navy ships are traditionally christened by women usually relatives of military leaders. recently more women are chosen because of their own accomplishments. but there's a catch. they will have to wait until 2022 because the u.s.s. massachusetts isn't even built yet. well, a bride-to-be accidentally flushes her engagement ring down the toilet. >> along with a pair of diamond earrings, as well. she says she was cleaning her jewelry and when she finished the job, she picked up the tissue she had been using to polish them and tossed it in the toilet. it took 30 seconds to realize it. in panic she called her fiance for help. >> my heart dropped. i kept reassuring her, babe, it's okay. things happen. accidents happen. everyone does something kind of like that. [ laughter ]
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>> i guess so. well, the two called the riverside community service department and a crew came down the next morning after setting a trap in the sewer two doors down. all of the items were recovered and cleaned by the way. happy couple plans to tie the knot sometime next year. >> a beautiful ring. glad she got it back. >> no kidding walmart is revealing plans for its annual black friday sale. they unveiled deals for the post-thanksgiving shopping bonanza. it includes videogames for as little as $8 and a "star wars" drone for $25. walmart will open at 6 p.m. thanksgiving night. the company will give additional pay, free dinner and discounts to employees who work on black friday. let's take a look at the market see how it's doing today. down 196. >> think we need friday. >> i think so. >> we do. hey, if you are buying a new car, check for the spare because they are becoming a thing of the past. up next, we'll tell you why. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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says.. only about one in the most people assume a spare tire comes standard when you buy a new car. but aaa says only about one in three new cars has them. which means millions are stranded each year in their
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car. drivers say it's not safe. automakers say it's to lighten the load for better mileage. aaa advises drivers to check the car for a spare and have some sort of emergency plan should you get a flat out on the roads. they are a must have in omelettes and salads. you can stuff them, too. >> you can. talking about portobello mushrooms. here's tony tantillo with tips. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with portobello mushrooms. i love them. eat them like a steak. the texture is out of this world. the flavor, ah, delicious. but selection and storage is important. light brown all the way around when you buy them, very important. and nice and thick. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator right away. now, if you have a chance ask the produce manager for a brown paper bag because all the mushrooms in the refrigerator will last longer. a plastic bag, it will decay faster. now, i have put these in the broiler with olive oil and salt and pepper for about 3 to 4
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minutes. and at the end, i make a nice sandwich with some bread, peppers, mozzarella. it's beautiful. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ine.. consumer watch at cbs-sf dot com. or call the 88 5 - helps - a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, email our hotline or call the hotline. 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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they raid a bay area home--n go straight for the fridge. hungry home invasion suspec caught in the act. that sto and mo they raid a bay area home that goes straight for the fridge. the hungry home invasion suspects caught in the act, that and more at 5:00. i guess they were thirsty. >> looks like orange juice. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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♪ >> ridge: there's nothing for you to be concerned about. >> caroline: but i know my cousin. >> ridge: so do i. i talked to him. i told him about the vasectomy and that i had it reversed and now -- now you're having a baby, so there's no story. >> caroline: yeah, but if he mentions it -- just even mentions it. >> ridge: he won't. he won't mention it. i talked to him about it. >> liam: thought we had a meeting. >> ridge: yeah. just wanted to see you, uh, before we got started. >> liam: oh. why? >> ridge: i wanted to make sure you heard me the other day when i talked you about the things that brooke told you. >> liam: yeah. ridge, i -- >> ridge: because i don't want people to gossip about it. i don't want the press to hear about it.


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