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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the handgun from the clerk. he said i don't want any money. i just want the shotgun. he said if you do anything, i'll shoot you. i'm suicidal. we thought it would not go well and there was a shootout. >> reporter: that's what happened. police say lopez garcia fired at them and the cops killed him at the construction site next to the hospital. police say he almost decided not to give up the weapon. >> he is trying to talk to them and make sure the gun was real, not a fake gun. he didn't want to give a real gun to someone who has a fake gun but he realized that it looks real me to and this guy, he is serious. he is not going to mess around. >> reporter: a lot of drama. i mean, he was suicidal but here's what's so confusing to investigators. why would he come down here gets up on the roof and fire at
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the hospital and cops? that's unclear. live in san francisco, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> another detail that linked the gunman to the big 5 robbery, he had a tattoo, a black rectangle on his face. so far investigators don't know the significance if any of that symbol. developing news in the south bay where a police confrontation leaves a man dead. sunnyvale police say the man charged at officers with a knife inside an apartment complex on ayala drive. kpix 5's len ramirez at the scene with what led up to this deadly shooting. len. >> reporter: crime scene investigators are still on the scene here after some tragic circumstances for a family here on the 1200 block of ayala in the city of sunnyvale. this all got started around noon today when a woman called police reporting that she had been sexually assaulted by her half-brother. police say when they arrived, three officers approached the first floor apartment and tried to make contact with the suspect inside the residence. but police say the man came out
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from behind a doorway and charged at the officers with a knife. >> three officers used their department weapons to fire at the suspect at close range. the subject was struck, transported to a local hospital where he later died. >> reporter: police say all three officers fired at the man. several bullet holes can be seen in the sliding glass door where the man stood. none of the officers was hurt. they are being interviewed by investigators. police say the female assault victim is also being attended to. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. len ramirez, kpix 5. this was the end of a wild ride over the carquinez bridge. the chp says officers in solano county spotted two bikers flying down i80 at 100 miles per hour this afternoon. the bikers split up when a chp
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helicopter started to follow them. a few minutes later one of the riders tried to get back on the bridge in crockett going the wrong way. he hit a green honda head on and the impact as you saw sent his bike over the side of the ramp to the street below. the rider would have gone over as well if the concrete barrier hadn't stopped him. he is in the hospital with major injuries tonight. the driver of the car we're told is okay. that second biker got away. a home invasion robbery attempt ends with an unusual twist after someone who lives in the house pulls out a samurai sword. kpix 5's da lin says that's not the only weapon that scared the intruders off. da? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. it was a violent fight here in this hallway and in the living room inside this house. aside from the samurai sword that was used, another roommate also used this compound bow to fend off the robbers. >> i looked out and the guy says, i think i've got the wrong house. i was like, okay.
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i closed the door, get to this point -- >> reporter: before kyle could close the door, three men in their 20s pushed their way in and started punching him. >> i got hit in the face a couple times. i got hit in the arm. the only thing that really hurt on me was my arm. they got me a good charlie horse. >> reporter: he punched one of the guys back and forced them out the front door and then went after the two robbers already in the living room. >> i picked this thing up over my head like this and i went and i just boom, just threw it as hard as i could at this guy. and he ended up going down. >> reporter: kyle says that's when a female roommate came out with a samurai sword and a nine inch knife. another roommate came out with a crossbow and arrow. >> she took it out and threw this thing out of here. she was just like get this out of here and she was holding it like this and she had the other knife in her hand. >> reporter: the two robbers ran out the backyard. by the time hercules police got here, the three robbers and a getaway driver were gone. >> we have no reason to believe
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that these people were targeted at this point. it may have been a wrong house. >> reporter: kyle and his four college aged roommates live here. he says the samurai sword is an heirloom passed down to the female roommate. they don't have money here so he is really surprised those people tried to rob them. >> i still feel a little uneasy about the whole situation. i still feel a little bit less safe that that happened. >> reporter: yeah. the samurai sword here is about 2.5 feet long. by the way, when we were putting this story together, a neighbor said that she believes that the same three robbers actually ransacked her house about three weeks ago. live in hercules, i'm da lin, kpix 5. firefighters managed to save two dogs from a house fire in san jose. when crews arrived on scene, flames and smoke were shooting from the home on east williams street. a car in the driveway was burning. no one was home at the time. there was still a rescue to make. take a look, two dogs were
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overcome by the smoke. this photo shows how firefighters trained in k-9 cpr resuscitated the animals. and later at the vet this guy was no worse for the wear. he even got a souvenir from the firefighters. good job. well, some delays on caltrain to tell you about this afternoon. two cars got in a an accident at a crossing in sunnyvale. one of them spun out and took out a crossing gate at mary avenue. the accident caused about a 30- minute delay. california's death penalty has survived a major legal challenge. an appeals court reversed a federal judge's ruling that found the death penalty unconstitutional because of long delays. more than 900 people have been sentenced to death in california. 13 have been executed since 1978. no executions have been carried out in nearly 10 years but today's ruling doesn't mean they will resume right away. the state's new lethal injection method is likely to
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be challenged in court. it's looking more likely by the day that the coming el nino will live up to the hype. the band of warmer ocean water in the specific covers 8 million square miles. paul deanno is standing by with the latest outlook for a wet winter. >> that's what everything is pointing toward around here. this is el nino right here. that line is the equator that red you see is above average ocean temperatures in the eastern half of the pacific ocean right along the equator. i have some numbers to show you on my weather computer. this el nino is now literally off the charts. two months ago tentherred very strong category -- it entered very strong category. now it's 3 degrees celsius above average making it in early november the strongest el nino we have mean? modern history. el nino itself does nothing. what it does to the jet stream is a big deal for us and the latest outbreak not for this month, not for december, but for january, february and march that's the bull's eye for us.
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much above average rainfall is forecast for the majority of state of california including the entire bay area. look for a lot of rainfall and hopefully a lot of mountain snowfall january february and march. this is video from the last time we had a very strong el nino. if you lived near 1997, how can you forget? it's been nearly 20 years. we had a tremendous amount of rainfall then. some problems to go with the rainfall. now we are sitting at a four- year drought. we want the rain. we don't want the flooding. but all signs point toward very wet weather coming up this winter because of a very strong el nino. back to you. >> thank you. wires standing in the way of super bowl city. tonight the million-dollar face- lift before the festivities can start and how it could mess with your commute. >> pilots blinded by bees. a laser strike spree around the country. 20 planes hit in one night. the extreme measures some pilots are taking. >> it's a war to get rid of your wallet and apple is jumping in. how it wants to make it easier
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to send money to your friends. ,, ,,,,,,
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coming from the ground. this is a live look at oakld international... one of six airports nationwide where ps reported being targeted by a ust last night. pilots blinded by beams of light from the ground. oakland international airport is one of 16 airports nationwide with you pilots reported being targeted by lasers. just last night. in spite of tougher federal penalties, the numbers keep climbing. reports of laser strikes nearly doubled since 2010 to more than 5300 this year. >> there it is again. >> a laser illumination event at dallas love airport. >> three pilots were hit by lasers overnight in texas. and in new york and new jersey three news helicopters were targeted. police made two arrests there. in los angeles, nearly 200 laser strikes this year alone have prompted police pilots to fly with special protective glasses. a nationwide movement took over college campuses today.
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it's called a million student march. participants say they want to call attention to affordable education and against the student debt crisis. a march was held at uc-berkeley around 2 p.m. at sproul plaza. >> we want a robin hood test on wall street. we want a change in this country. we want everyone to go to college. >> other march locations today were uc-santa cruz and uc- davis. the university of missouri has a new interim president. michael middleton is a long- time law school professor. he retired in august after 17 years as deputy chancellor. middleton takes over for tim wolfe who resigned on monday amid student-led protests over the university's alleged mishandling of racial complaints. mizzou's chancellor announced on monday he would quilt at the end of the year for a new role at the school. a super bowl city power play. before the fan village goes up, the wires have to go. the costly muni makeover that could cause a hassle for your
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commute. >> it wouldn't be black friday without all that chaos, the pushing, the shoving. now a major retailer is ditching the famous doorbusters. what you're going to have to do instead to score the deals. ,,,,,,
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... a power struggle is taking place as san francisco is about to host part of super bowl 50. some muni power lines are in the way. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the issue and, more importantly, who should pay for the fix. mike? >> reporter: well, veronica, the super bowl is said to be the most wired of all of them in san francisco this coming year. but as you say, it is wires that are getting in the way. super bowl 50 planners may think they have this town wired. but they are getting some push- back on wires they don't like. >> i know that there's a proposal out there, um, to remove the overhead muni wires on market street during the super bowl festival, which i think would be a tremendous, um, imposition. >> reporter: these are the wires in question and these are the buses they power. super bowl organizers weren't ready to talk about it, but -- word leaked out that they want to take out those wires around
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justin herman plaza for several blocks around what will become super bowl city. >> nothing has been decided yet but we are working with the mta to make sure that any overhead wires don't interfere with any of the installations that may be there at the super bowl 50 super bowl city. >> reporter: they are talking about stuff like games and activities at the fan village set to run for eight days before the game in santa clara february 7. wires may get if the way and they don't look all that good, either. wires may get in the way. >> i haven't got an estimate of removing them and replacing them. it could be seven figures. >> reporter: that would be more than a million dollars. >> that better not come from public taxpayer dollars. >> one of the things that we are committed to as the host committee is minimizing any extra expense for the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: although there was no commitment, this particular expense would come from privately raised money -- >> i would rather see those dollars go towards howing or homeless families and adults during that time -- housing or homeless families and adults during that time. that's a lot of money.
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>> reporter: it may be the question who has the power to take down muni's power. again, nothing set in stone. we should know more in the first week in december when this issue comes up in a city hall committee. mike sugerman, kpix 5. there are already plans to reroute some muni bus lines an historic streetcars away from super bowl city. and that plan would be in place for more than a week during the festivities. oakland's mayor is getting some high marks for her presentation to nfl owners aimed at keeping the raiders in town. her 23-page slide show featured the city's finest points from its booming business climate and plans for a massive coliseum complex to its die- hard fan base. owners were impressed. but it may be no match for disney's ceo bob iger hired by the raiders and the san diego chargers to help them build a stadium near l.a. we'll hear what the mayor has
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to say tonight at 6:00. in san jose, volunteers teamed up with former homeless to clean up a site that's been very popular among people living out on the streets. the jungle encampment was closed last year but squatters keep coming back. volunteers worked all morning to clear it out. they hope to transform it into a recreational place. u.s. warplanes are fighting isis in iraq. the u.s. launched at least 20 air strikes at the same time kurdish troops moving to cut off a key isis supply line. the goal is to prevent the group from moving fighters and weapons to its strongholds in syria and northern iraq. today at the white house, a retired army captain was awarded the medal of honor. president obama presented florent groberg with the medal. groberg was severely injured in
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afghanistan when he tackled a suicide bomber. his actions saved many lives. groberg said today the honor belongs to his fellow soldiers who did not make it back. wall street had its worst day since september. stocks closed more than 1% lower following sharp declines in oil prices. the dow was down 254. the nasdaq was down nearly 62. the s&p was down 29. apple wants in on peer-to- peer payments. it's the growing practice of sending money using your smartphone. consumerwatch reporter julie watts with the details for us. >> reporter: peer-to-peer payments aren't new both square and paypal let you send money directly to people now with just a few clicks. but now apple is muscling in. the company is reportedly developing a competing service that will let you take money directly out of your bank account and deposit it into someone else's something that could come in handy say if you are dividing up a dinner tab on sending money to a kid in college. it will be part of apple pay the company's mobile payment
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system. it may reportedly be available next year. several banks are also developing peer-to-peer payments. and ready or not, retailers are announcing significant holiday changes this year. black friday will look different at walmart. it's doing away with doorbusters hoping to avoid crazy scenes like this. instead, it's sparking a mad rush by slashing prices on a limited number of big ticket items, but it will make the special deals available for anyone to lines up between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on thanksgiving. more civilized. meanwhile, we could see a lot of sales and discounts this holiday season thanks in large part to sluggish fall sales at macy's. the retailer announced it will mark down inventory to make room for the new stuff. that's bad news for retailers but good for consumers. competitors will probably match the deep discounts. analysts expect this holiday season will be highly discount driven because americans just aren't shopping
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like they used to. instead, they are spending more on eating out, on phones and entertainment services like netflix. >> that's interesting. rei said we are not going to be open on black friday. >> i wouldn't be surprised if somebody else jumped on that bandwagon, as well. >> in the meantime there's a guy who is going for the record. he has already started camping out. 33 days before black friday. >> what's he camping out for? i bet he is sponsored by the store -- >> i think he is trying to raise awareness for a cause. talk about good. how about spectacular? the weather today? spectacular. really nice. >> it was a nice day. a little rainfall is coming. the timing is impeccable. we have lost the sunlight so we are going to start getting
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cooler and we have already cooled to the 50s in oakland, livermore and san francisco. san jose currently 60. santa rosa 63 degrees. where do we go tonight? napa, santa rosa no frost advisory but it will be chilly. cold in fairfield and vacaville. 30s for you. livermore, concord, alamo 30s. san jose 41. kind of a trend so far this morning. san jose especially is 4.5 degrees colder than you typically are in november. contrast that with san francisco which is barely below average so it depends where you are but everybody running colder than average so far this month of there's a big developing weather story to our north. we are talking about flooding rainfall which likely will last three days in the pacific northwest. some parts of the cascades and olympics may receive 10 feet of snow! 120 inches of snow over the next couple of days above 6,000 feet in elevation. notice all of that is being steered by this ridge of high pressure to our south. that's the reason why we will stay dry despite the fact they are going to get a ton of rain. flooding is likely.
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perhaps too much of a good thing. as that ridge moves out, the front that's up there will sweep very quickly through the bay area. we are going to get a nice little burst of rainfall up to half inch of rain and here's the best part. the timing, the rain is going to likely begin after you go to bed saturday night and be finished before you get up on sunday morning. so most of the weekend when you're out and about will be rain-free but we'll get the much-needed rainfall coming in saturday night and sunday morning. look at the rainfall totals. 5 or more inches of rain for almost the almost entire half of western washington state. the one inch line been over mendocino county. south of there including the bay area a quarter to half inch of rainfall saturday night and sunday morning. we are chilly again tonight, dry and mild for the next two days through saturday with that rain arriving late saturday night. highs tomorrow a little milder closer to average. concord up to 66. san jose a very comfortable sunny 68. san mateo 66 degrees tomorrow. you will hit 70 in dublin. get close to it in fairfield.
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vallejo 66 with sunshine tomorrow. cold start mild in san francisco. mill valley 66. novato 68. low 70s for lake county, mendocino county and north sonoma county. a little cloudier by saturday afternoon. that rain races through saturday night. it will be heavy at times. but it will be gone well before lunchtime and next week mainly drive with 60s and 70s. eventually we'll need more than one day of rain per week. but for now, it's a good start. camera loves riley. now the adorable daughter of steph curry has found a new way to steal the spotlight as a model. ,,
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cuteness game. tonight we're getting our ft the daughter of warriors mvp steph curry is stepping up her cuteness game. tonight a first look at riley curry's official modeling career posing with her family's puppy showing off the moccasins from a company called, freshly picked. >> oh, look at her.
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>> the company's founder says the 3-year-old is a natural in front of the camera. tell us something we didn't know, right? >> yeah. >> she is cute. well, tonight jill schlesinger has some surprising tips from recruiters that can help you in your job hunt. reporter: when you send a resume' off to a potential employer, have you ever wondered how many other people have applied for the same job? it may be fewer than you think. recruiters report that almost half of the positions they post attract 50 applicants or less. the jobs that attract a lot of attention 250 applications or more are typically in marketing, finance, government and hospitality. a survey turned up other interesting tidbits. for instance, when on the hunt for job candidates, 92% of recruiters use social media at some point while linkedin is the most popular resource, facebook is a solid second. 55% of recruiters report using it. the top thing they are hoping to learn from your social media feeds? how long you typically stay at
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a job. and once you get in the door for an interview, several surprising factors are likely to leave a lasting impression and they have very little to do with your job qualifications. instead, recruiters are impressed with a candidate's enthusiasm, industry knowledge and conversation skills. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars and this special financing offer - ends sunday. - ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new at 6:00 tonight: after neighbors complained. police crack down i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, after neighbors complained police cracked down in san francisco's haight. a first look at what they have taken off the streets. plus burglars ransack a house and stop to raid the fridge.
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how their snack break could end up getting them caught. that and more at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: today, u.s. air strikes and kurdish troops pound isis in iraq, while at home, an alleged isis sympathizer is charged in a plot to murder u.s. service members. also tonight, a judge orders a baby removed because the foster parents are lesbians. tornadoes ripped through the midwest. >> seeing that we have nothing, it's scary. >> pelley: and, an army captain is awarded the medal of honor for an extraordinary act of heroism. >> i would turn that right back in, right now, and say, no thank you, bring my guys back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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