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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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how their snack break could end up getting them caught. that and more at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: today, u.s. air strikes and kurdish troops pound isis in iraq, while at home, an alleged isis sympathizer is charged in a plot to murder u.s. service members. also tonight, a judge orders a baby removed because the foster parents are lesbians. tornadoes ripped through the midwest. >> seeing that we have nothing, it's scary. >> pelley: and, an army captain is awarded the medal of honor for an extraordinary act of heroism. >> i would turn that right back in, right now, and say, no thank you, bring my guys back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.
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u.s. warplanes hammered the forces of isis in iraq today, opening an offensive that the pentagon hopes will be a breakthrough against the islamic extremists occupying much of syria and iraq. iraqi kurdish troops, backed by 36 american airstrikes, moved to retake the town of sinjar, and they cut a highway used by isis to carry supplies from raqqa, its stronghold in syria, to mosul, the largest city that isis holds in iraq with more than a million residents. charlie d'agata is with the kurdish peshmerga forces. >> reporter: the battle to reclaim sinjar began in the air. u.s. air strikes pounded suspected isis targets throughout the day. thick smoke hung over the city as isis fighters lit banks of tires to try to block the bombers' visibility. dug in on the mountainside, kurdish peshmerga forces searched for targets, passing the coordinates to u.s.
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advisers. this is one of the forward fighting positions where they're helping to pick targets for air strikes. soldiers here told us with aircraft overhead all the time, sometimes it's just five minutes from the moment they call it in, to the time it's delivered. kurdish fighters are so close to isis militants, they can hear their conversations on simple two-way radios. "there's an airplane in the air" the voice said. mtop, hide." sniper mazan maraq is watching. "they're inside houses," he told us. "they move from house to house. they're behind the rubble." maraq and his family fled sinjar when isis militants overran the city 15 months ago. tens of thousands were uprooted in the terror that followed as isis murdered, raped, and enslaved members of the yazidi sect. today, the 22-mile stretch of
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highway that kurdish forces took control of, breaks a key isis supply route from syria. but the fight is only starting. as the day wore on, kurdish soldiers spotted more isis militants on the move and scrambled into position. maraq says he hopes isis will be defeated and his family can return home. and when do you think you will liberate sinjar? "hopefully tonight," he said. this fight is going to go house to house, scott. and peshmerga soldiers told us they expect to face snipers, car bombs, and booby traps, not only roadside bombs, but inside buildings, as they push further into the city. >> pelley: charlie d'agata on the battlefield tonight. charlie, thank you. an ohio man accused of being an isis supporter was arrested today and charged with trying to recruit people to kill u.s. service members. jeff pegues is following this. jeff.
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>> reporter: scott, based on what investigators say terrance mcneil posted online, he was the type of troubled soul that they are concerned about, someone easily influenced by isis' social media propaganda. prosecutors say 25-year-old terrance mcneil, shown here in hospital scrubs, got the f.b.i.'s attention this year when he promoted what was essentially an isis hit list of members of the u.s. military. isis' so-called "hacking division" published the list, complete with photographs, names, and addresses. prosecutors say in late september, using his tumblr account, mcneil reblogged the list and tried to solicit others to kill the service members, "wherever you find them." his twitter account was suspended numerous times but he often opened another account using the words "lone wolf." scott, we reached out to his attorney for comment but we have not heard back. >> pelley: jeff, thank you.
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in an extraordinary move tonight, the secretary of defense has fired his top military adviser, a three-star general, over allegations of misconduct. ash carter fired lieutenant general ron lewis, who before his pentagon assignment, had been an attack helicopter pilot in iraq and afghanistan. carter did not spell out the allegations, but he said the defense department is investigating. today, the university of missouri appointed an african american as interim president. michael middleton takes over for tim wolfe, who resigned on monday after students protested that he was insensitive to racial complaints. as other campuses joined the protest today, police are now investigating a threat at howard university in washington, d.c., and here's anna werner. >> reporter: additional officers were sent to checkpoints into and out of howard university this afternoon after a threat to students was found on social
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media. this comes after a 19-year-old student at the university of missouri was arrested this week, charged with making charged with making terroristic threats after he posted online he was going to shoot black students on campus. tensions are rising on campuses across the country after the student protests led to the president's resignation at mizzou. hundreds of students gathered inday at syracuse and yale universities to stand in solidarity with those demonstrators. >> we stand with mizzou!! >> reporter: and just yesterday at ithaca college in upstate new york, students called for their school's president to step down due to a perceived lack of response to racial incidents. the department of education reports the number of racial complaints on college campuses has increased from 555 in 2009 to 939 last year.
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this video of racist chants by fraternity members of the university of oklahoma was widely reported last spring. but several students at yale told us the reason they're marching is what happens when there are no headlines. senior alicia ponce diaz. >> i definitely felt like there was no one to turn to, no one to talk to about it or nowhere to report it, which i think is one of the crucial problems that the university has. >> reporter: a young man arrested at the university of missouri for making those threats, scott, is facing up to seven years in prison. >> pelley: anna werner reporting. anna, thank you. the next democratic debate is saturday, and today, a new cbs news/"new york times" poll has hillary clinton far ahead of bernie sanders, 52% to 33%. nancy cordes is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: clinton's 19-point advantage only tells part of the story. she leads among democratic women by 28 points, among older
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democrats by 41 points, and 76% of democratic voters says clinton has the best chance of winning next november compared to 18% for sanders. >> thank you, senator sanders. >> reporter: he excels, though, with younger voters. sanders has a six-point lead among democrats under 45, even date in the race. oo >> reporter: clinton is seen as better equipped to handle an ional crisis and to deal with gun issues. sanders has a slight edge when it comes to closing the gap between the rich and the poor, but she's seen as strong on the economy as a whole. >> we have to have an economy that works for everybody again. >> reporter: which republican would be hardest to beat next november? it was no contest. 31% of democratic voters said
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businessman donald trump, and he clearly feels the same way. >> you'll be happy to hear that head to head, i beat hillary very easily. isn't that nice? ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: democratic voters are also worried about marco rubio and ben carson but not nearly as worried as they are about trump. and, scott, our politics may be polarized but a full three- quarters of the democratic voters we spoke to said they want a candidate who will compromise with republicans in congress. >> pelley: nancy cordes tonight. nancy, thank you. john dickerson will moderate that democratic presidential debate on saturday night. that's at 9:00 pm, here on cbs. twitter is one of our partners for this debate, and so we invite you to tweet us your questions for the candidates using the hashtag #demdebate. donald trump's plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants could never pass congress, according to the new republican speaker of the house.
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in an interview for "60 minutes," paul ryan said he couldn't imagine how that plan could ever happen. ryan told us that he's been in touch with the president often since he became speaker two weeks ago, and while he opposes mr. obama on many issues, they have found common ground. >> i think you can walk and chew gum at the same time. i think you can oppose the president on some issue that you fundamentally disagree with, but also work with the other party on issues you do agree with. that's what i've been doing. look, if we can find common ground, we can on highways, we will on funding the government. hopefully we can on tax policy. those are three things that will produce certainty in this country in the next few months. let's go do that. >> pelley: there was a time on capitol hill when the other guy had a bad idea. and now on capitol hill, the other guy's a bad guy. >> yeah, i think that's right. >> pelley: how do you heel that animosity? it's your job now? >> leadership by example is the way i look at it. i have friends on the other side
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of the aisle. i have shown we can negotiate and compromise without compromising principle, that people with different ideas aren't bad people. they just have different ideas. somewhere in this we got into impugning people's character and motives if we didn't like their ideas. we've got to get back to just debating ideas and not impugning people's motives and character. >> pelley: sunday on "60 minutes" speaker ryan will tell us how he'd like to change taxes and social security, and his wife, janet, explains why she didn't want him to take the job. there was an outbreak of laser strikes on aircraft across the country overnight. laser pointers, sold at sporting goods stores, were aimed at planes and helicopters in 16 cities. here's kris van cleave. >> the laser was pointed at the pilot. >> reporter: three new york city news choppers became the story last night as they were targeted by people on the ground with dangerously bright green lasers. the news crews directed new york police to the location of one of the incidents and two people
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were taken into custody. the f.a.a. says more than 20 aircraft were hit with lasers last night flying over cities from new york to california, michigan to kentucky. in dallas, three pilots reported laser sightings while on approach to land. last night is part of a record- setting surge of laser strikes on aircraft. as of the middle of october, pilots had reported more than 5,300 incidents. that's nearly a 40% increase over all of 2014. in los angeles, it's enough of a problem that the l.a. police department's air support division equips its 88 airborne officers with special protective glasses. >> it's incapacitating for a few moments. >> reporter: l.a.p.d. pilot kevin cook has been hit with a laser at night while flying low over the city. >> you want to turn away from the light source. except when it illuminates the helicopter you can't turn away
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from the light source. >> reporter: no one was injured in last night's incident. and no accidents have ever been attributed to a laser strike. scott, it is a crime to shine a laser at an airplane punishable by a maximum of 20 years in prison. >> pelley: kris van cleave, kris, thanks. in utah tonight, a lesbian couple is fighting a judge's ruling to remove their foster baby. carter evans spoke with them. la reporter: beckie peirce and april hoagland have just five days to hold on to the baby girl they've nurtured for months. >> knowing that, that's what we've done and it's been taken away from us is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the couple is legally married in utah and plan to adopt the child. but tuesday, according to lawyers present in the courtroom for utah's child welfare agency, judge scott johansen ordered the couple to give up the baby for just one reason. >> he said he's seen studies that say children do worse in homosexual homes than in heterosexual homes. >> reporter: the judge wouldn't tell you what studies he was
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referring to. >> no, he told the lawyers to do their own research. >> reporter: hoagland and pierce say the judge also ignored employees from the baby's biological mother to grant them custody. they believe the judge, a bishop in the mormon church, is imposing his religious beliefs over the law. >> this is all about sexual orientation, not what is best for the child. >> he has no other grounds but that. >> reporter: child and family services say the couple passed rigorous background checks and state law is on their side, according to director brent platt. >> any legally married couple in utah can become licensed as foster parents, same-sex couples, heterosexual couples. it's very simple, very reraightforward. >> reporter: there's not much time. >> there's not much time at all. she's happy, she bonded and now you're going to take that away from us. she has to start over. >> reporter: the couple is appealing the judge's decision, and child and family services is l ill trying to determine if it's even legal. we wanted to speak directly with judge johanson but the court told us he is not permitted to talk about pending cases. >> pelley: carter evans in salt lake city. carter, thanks.
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5:48 pm
for conception. 41 states allow for women to sue for unwanted pregnancies. the case seeks millions of dollars in damages and in some cases, the costs of raising children born from these alleged unplanned pregnancies to adulthood. cindy pearson is the head of the national women's health network. >> generations of women have trusted that when they pick up their packet of pills at the pharmacy that it's going to be put together in the right way and when companies mess up, they need to do the right thing. >> reporter: pearson says winning will be tough. it's difficult to prove the women got pregnant because of the mistake. qualitest says the number of affected packets was small. of the 500,000 packs returned in the recall, only 53 were improperly packaged in the reverse order. in an e-mail to cbs news, the company says it has only been able to confirm the sale of one defective pill pack to a patient. and there have already been
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multiple settlements for this packaging defect, scott. se unpla to several of the women who tell us that those unplanned births were life altering. >> pelley: michelle miller, thanks, michelle. there was a surprise verdict today in the so-called aloodfellas" mob trial, and we'll have that next. does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> pelley: winds are howling across the great lakes tonight. thousand have lost power. gusts topping 60 miles an hour hit lake michigan today. the system unleashed a swarm of tornadoes yesterday, at least 11 of them reported in iowa. monroe county was hit hard but there were no serious injuries. an aging mobster was found not guilty today of helping plan the 1978 lufthansa heist in new york. it was retold in the movie "goodfellas." 80-year old vincent asaro said he was shocked. prosecutors who had asaro's
5:53 pm
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i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. them behind bars. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: an army captain stood tall as he choked back tears today when the president awarded him the country's highest honor. david martin introduces us. >> reporter: ever wonder what's going through a soldier's mind when he receives the medal of honor? >> it feels like something that you don't deserve. >> reporter: we asked army captain florent groberg. >> the army and the government and the president decided to award me this medal for the worst day of my life. >> reporter: so how does that feel? >> overwhelming, confusing, not exciting.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: on august 8, 2012, in afghanistan, groberg was in charge of protecting his brigade commander and a couple other v.i.p.s as they made a short march to the provincial governor's compound. >> it's just one of those weird moments that you get in combat where as soon as you get on the ground, things just don't feel right. >> reporter: groberg would normally have been at the rear of a protective diamond around the v.i.p.s. this time, he went to the front. >> i wanted to see where we were walking. i wanted to have eyes on. >> reporter: groberg spotted a man coming toward them from the left. >> he's a threat, and my only thing in the world they have to do that's that specific moment is eliminate the threat, no matter what it takes. >> reporter: why don't you shoot him? >> you can't just start shooting anyone. didn't see a weapon on him. you know, i can't pick up my rifle and shoot him. >> reporter: so groberg, followed by sergeant andrew rihoney, rushed him. >> i dropped my rifle, grabbed
5:58 pm
him, and realized that at this point, he's got plates on his chest. >> reporter: a suicide bomber. groberg and mahoney threw him to the ground. >> when he blew up, his chest first blew up into the ground and took the impact, which is probably the reason why i'm here talking to you here today. >> reporter: and why so many other soldiers who were there were in the audience today. g t moments later, a second suicide bomber hiding inside a nearby building detonated his vest, and between them, the bombers killed four men, which made it the worst day of groberg's life. >> this medal, that i will be receiving, i'd-- i'd turn it right back in right now, say no thank you. bring my guys back right here. >> reporter: that's what it feels like to be a war hero. david martin, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs they are after the wrong people. >> after neighbors complained a police crackout in the haight. tonight a first look at what police have taken off the streets. >> oakland's pitch to the nfl. what the mayor is saying tonight about the chances of keeping the raiders. >> and new at 6:00, they were in no hurry to get out. these burglars ransacked a house and stopped to raid the fridge. and cameras caught it all. people who live in work in the haight have been complaining about it for months. police are finally cracking down on transients and tonight, neighbors tell kpix 5's emily turner they are already seeing the difference. >> reporter: about a month and
6:00 pm
a half ago you couldn't want a block without walking over or around someone on the sidewalk. now it's completely cleared out and the folks who live and work here are pleased about it. but those who moved are not. so tonight there's a meeting to have a meeting of the minds between those two groups. >> reporter: this kind of thing used to be a common occurrence in the haight-ashbury corridor but recent police crackdowns have changed that tune. for the folks who live and work there, it's for the better. >> it's nicer and easier for to us clean and close up without having -- without knowing that, like, it's going to be dirty the next morning. >> reporter: police created an 11-person task force to curb crime among homeless and transients. they adopted a zero tolerance policy on crime even sitting on the sidewalk and the change is noticeable. in the months since it began police have arrested 20 people for selling drugs and recovered we


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