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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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a half ago you couldn't want a block without walking over or around someone on the sidewalk. now it's completely cleared out and the folks who live and work here are pleased about it. but those who moved are not. so tonight there's a meeting to have a meeting of the minds between those two groups. >> reporter: this kind of thing used to be a common occurrence in the haight-ashbury corridor but recent police crackdowns have changed that tune. for the folks who live and work there, it's for the better. >> it's nicer and easier for to us clean and close up without having -- without knowing that, like, it's going to be dirty the next morning. >> reporter: police created an 11-person task force to curb crime among homeless and transients. they adopted a zero tolerance policy on crime even sitting on the sidewalk and the change is noticeable. in the months since it began police have arrested 20 people for selling drugs and recovered weapons like brass knuckles and
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bb gun. >> they are just taking aggressive steps to make sure that everyone obeys the law here in the haight. if we see you violating any laws then we are going to take swift action. >> reporter: it's drawing criticism from homeless. they feel they are targeted unfairly and the result is a change in the haight culture they don't care for you. >> don't target someone because of their lifestyle. people live inside a house it's basically a box. we don't live inside a house. just because we don't have the money to pay the bills or something like that. i have been living here for five or six years. i don't think i have one violent crime. >> reporter: police say that they are targeting the crime and not the person and that way they say they are making sure they aren't violating anyone's civil rights. obviously, there will be a lot of people here tonight at this meet hog have many things to say about that -- meeting who have many things to say about that the meeting starts at 7:00. the coalition on the homeless and people who live in the neighborhood. in san francisco, emily turner,
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kpix 5. she gets an a for effort but will mayor libby schaaf's pitch to the nfl be enough to keep the raiders in oakland? allen martin joins us now with new details of her presentation and the mayor's own assessment. >> reporter: the mayor just got back from her trip to new york to meet with the league and we are hearing that the nfl owners were impressed with her slide show. now that she is back home we are also hearing the mayor's impressions. >> that the points we made about how great the site is, how great oakland is, definitely resonated. it was well received and we have definitely kind of changed i think their view of how they see oakland as just a fantastic place for the nfl. >> that's what she says. we are also getting a look at what she showed them. this is the presentation she gave to the nfl owners. 23 slides touting oakland plans for a new coliseum complex,its booming economy, affordable and a fan base second to none.
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but they say the discussions on the stadium have dragged on too long. >> i really affect mr. davis and the raiders organization is frustrated with oakland. it has been a lot of fits and starts. there's been a lot of instability in political leadership in this city over the last six years. i am remaining focused on what i need to get done here. i'm not letting los angeles distract me. >> reporter: nfl executive vice president eric grub man says the owners want financial details. but, quote, the mayor gave a very clear indication that they would develop a specific plan and put the tools that are available to oakland and the surrounding region on the table to try to get a deal done with the raiders. now, lots of questions to be answered of course before the final decision which is expected early next year. such as how is oakland going to pay for a new stadium without public money? that's a big one. how will the city fight off the challenge to move that team south? time is running. >> sounds like a real
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opportunity, though, for the business community to step up or some individual, somebody who really wants to keep the team here to move now. >> it's almost now or never. >> thank you. sunnyvale police called to an apartment come and are confronted by a man with a knife. chopper 5 was over the 1200 block of ayala drive after noon. officers opened fire killing the man. police are still at the scene. a neighbor called 911 reporting a domestic disturbance. investigators officers say a woman inside was the victim of a sexual battery by her half- brother. when they tried to talk to the man he came at them with a knife. >> three officers used their department weapons to fire at the suspect at close range. the subjected was struck and killed. he died at the local hospital. >> police say three officers fired at the man shattering a sliding glass door. none of the officers was
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injured. we're learning more tonight about the rooftop gunman who took aim at st. luke's hospital in san francisco and his chilling warning to anyone who tried to stop him. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us the man's motive is still a mystery. >> reporter: but it was a strange situation out here. and i just spoke with a police source, ken, who tells me that when the gunman arrived here at the construction site, he wasn't yelling but he was talking to a construction worker and he told him something to the effect that, i'm going to die now. well, it wasn't long after that he started shooting. >> he repeated shots a burst of them. >> reporter: matt says he watched the man in white overalls run up the stairs of the construction project, then shots rang out and he helped patients take cover inside his pharmacy as an army of police officers stormed on to cesar chavez with weapons drawn. >> it was definitely intense. speech with pistols out, the guy with the shotgun.
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>> reporter: police say the suspect was suicidal and caught on surveillance camera less than an hour before the rooftop shooting during a robbery in san bruno. >> just a really strange day in san bruno. >> reporter: this is the grainy surveillance video just released by the police department. police have now identified the man in the overalls as 25-year- old javier lopez garcia. at first they said he was going to buy something even showed an add for a specific shotgun to see it and then asked for ammunition which the clerk put down on the counter. >> she says i don't want any money just want the shotgun he told him, he try to stop me i will shoot you. i'm not afraid to get shot myself. i'm suicidal. the law enforcement agency contacted him it probably wasn't going to go well, probably there would be a shootout. >> reporter: that's happened. police say lopez garcia fired his weapon at st. luke's and turned it toward police as they
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arrived. officers opened fire at the construction site next to the hospital. as for the big 5 clerk, san bruno police say he almost decided not to give up the weapon to lopez garcia. >> he is talking with him and looking at the gun to make sure it was real that it wasn't fake. he didn't want to give a real gun to someone who has a fake gun but he realized it looks real to me and this guy, he is serious. he is not going to mess around. >> reporter: so we have a few more details. but not a lot of answers. even if were suicidal, why would you come here to this construction site and start shooting toward a hospital? police say that is still a mystery. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> a motorcycle went flying after a wild ride over the carquinez bridge. the chp says officers spotted two bikes flying down interstate 80 in fairfield this afternoon. they split up when a chopper started following them. minutes later one biker tried to speed the wrong way up a bridge off-ramp in crockett. he hit a green honda head on. the impact sent his bike flying over the side of the ramp to
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the street below. and the rider would have gone over too if that concrete barrier hadn't stopped him. he is in the hospital with major injuries tonight. the driver of the car is okay. and the second biker got away. the bay area is getting more than its fair share of laser strikes. and the numbers around the country are exploding. 20 reported just last night and more than 5300 this year alone. oakland was among those targeted last night. pilots report the blinding beams coming from the ground. in spite of tougher federal penalties, the numbers keep climbing. reports have nearly doubled since 2010. a brazen home invasion caught on camera. the burglars raided the home and the refrigerator, too. kpix 5's len ramirez reports. >> reporter: the burglars were brazen if you have to stop for
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refreshments in the middle of ransacking this south san jose home helping themselves to juice and sodas from the refrigerator. >> these subjects clearly were not intimidated. they were going about their business leisurely. >> reporter: it's a break for the police because the burglars never knew they were on camera. >> in benefits us because the quality of that video is so good we have great images of them and their faces. >> reporter: it happened on august 17 and the video has already led to the arrest of one of the three suspects, 21- year-old picked up by santa clara police less than a week later and police say he was armed with a handgun stolen during the burglary. but the trail has gone cold on the other two suspects which is why police released the video to the public. neighbors on mia circle where it happened could hardly believe that the burglars were so casual. >> from the look of it, it
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looked like some kiddos, teenagers or something, who just wanted to have fun along with stealing things. >> reporter: police say the first suspect hasn't been cooperating and are asking for the public to help identify the other two. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. on track for another powerful el nino we go back to one of the neighborhoods hard hit the last time to see what's changed. >> we would like to see this change. what's behind me, nothing on the radar right now but that will change as we head toward the weekend. its impact on your outdoor plans coming up. a live look outside. we'll talk about rain next. >> plus, who wouldn't run away? roommates stop some would-be robbers with a samurai sword. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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weekend. a test run was a success. caltrans says during the test blast, the bubble curtain activated. the warning simple deployed and i few charges went off. that's just a part of what will happen this saturday. when it's time for the implosion the chp will stop traffic just before the treasure island tunnel on the eastbound side and westbound just after the toll plaza. they will have the pedestrian bike path on the east side shut down the night before. it will re-open shortly after the implosion. and on the water, chp marine units will enforce a 1500-foot perimeter so no boats can get in. pier e3 is the largest of the old bay bridge marine foundations with 20 million pounds of under water concrete. it is slow going for commuters on caltrain. crews in sunnyvale are still working to repair a crossing gate that was damaged in a car crash this afternoon. it happened around 12:30. officials say two cars crashed. one of them put out and hit the
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crossing gate at mary avenue. super bowl 50 promises to be the most wired super bowl in history but power wires may trip up plans. there is talk of removing overhead bus and streetcar lines for several blocks around herm edwards in san francisco. that's where super bowl 50 is planned. removing the wires around several blocks around justin herman plaza in san francisco won't be cheap. >> i haven't gotten an estimate of taking down the wires and putting them up but we have heard that it could be seven figures. that better not come from public taxpayer dollars. >> one of the things that we are committed to as the host committee is minimizing any extra expense for the city and county of san francisco. >> plans are being finalized and there's no commitment from the host committee where the money will come from. uc-berkeley students taking part in marches and demonstrations. it was all part of the million
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student march. participants say they want to call attention to affordable education and against the student debt crisis. >> think free education healthcare for all, mine, all the fundamentals a society should have. this is berkeley the home of student protest movements that changed this country. we want to change this country. >> other march locations today included uc-santa cruz and uc- davis. a long time california congressman is calling it quits. democrat sam farr of carmel will retire at the end of his them 2017. farr was born in san francisco, studied at santa clara university. he represented california's 20th congressional district since 1993. he served in the state assembly and the peace corps before that. farr is 74. he says his wife sherry wants him home more. well, journey guitarist neal schon is a step closer to settling a lawsuit against the
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city of san francisco. the board of supervisors just approved $290,000 payout over his lavish 2013 wedding to a former real housewives star at the palace of fine arts. he sued the city for extortion last year saying he was quoted a fee of $60,000 to rent the rotunda then billed nearly a quarter million dollars. the committee approved it today. if the full board approves it the mayor will have 10 days to sign off on it. a monster el nino is looking more likely. while we certainly need the rain, our john ramos found out a lot of bay area homeowners are nervous after what happened last time. >> reporter: it's been a while so just in case, this is what we in california used to call rain. it may be hard for most of us to remember but in fremont, they have what's probably the bay area's most visible
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reminder of wetter times gone by >> part of the mountain came down trees and all. >> reporter: he remembers when we had that rain in 1998 when a big slab of fremont's mission peak shied down the hill towards the houses blow. it grew to a mile long, quarter mile wide and 100 feet deep. >> people live and hike there. it's a well to do neighborhood high-profile area so it was a big deal. >> reporter: the only reported damage was to the backyard of rapper mc hammer's hillside home which he had just sold. >> and the new owner said, look like the city could do something. and my thought was, how can a city stop a mountain? >> reporter: today the area directly below the slide has filled in with expensive mansions and most who live here have no idea what caused that big gash in the mountain. though they say another big el nino is on its way, geologists
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don't believe this area is in any heightened danger but just the same, do you have any advice for people? >> well, don't build a house on a hill. >> reporter: in fremont, john ramos, kpix 5. >> a lot of sense in that. >> good stuff. now what's going to be really interesting? we have had such dry weather for the past four years that normal rainfall will feel so wet. and now we are talking about, like much above normal from virtually nothing but wow has it ever rained this much before? it's going to be an abrupt transition after the new year. it's going to be six or zen more weeks before we really get into it so says the computer. we're there, el nino which never comes here but the storms get altered by el nino. the actual event is down in the equatorial pacific and it's big. nearly 3 degrees celsius warmer than average. it means the ocean water in that one spot is between 7 and 8 degrees fahrenheit warmer
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than typical. that's what fuels the changes in the jet stream which carries more storms right to california. we're talking upwards of double the rainfall if we look at past history. we could get wet through the holidays. will rain impact the raiders game? probably know. the arena will be finished, it will be breezy and chilly. kickoff temperature 62 degrees. you can watch the game here on kpix 5. big time storm this what we'll see in january. that's an atmospheric river toward a one spot western washington.
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heavy rain and up to several feet of snow above 6,000 feet in elevation. but that's where it stays. flooding is likely there. we have the rain right now blocked by this ridge of high pressure and when the front actually comes through, it's going to be a quick mover and the timing is that it's going to rain very likely saturday night after you go to bed and be finished before you get out and about on sunday. a good amount of rainfall but the timing is perfect for your outdoor plans. livermore tomorrow 69 degrees. san rafael 67 with sunshine. a little cloudier by saturday afternoon. it's early sunday morning when the rain moves through and after that, we will see sunshine for the majority of next week. so good timing for the weekend. rain which we need but it's not going to be during the day. >> that's good timing on your part. >> you know, i have nothing to do with it but you're welcome. >> thanks, paul. still ahead, another way to ditch you wallet from apple. >> babies sleeping in boxes? the trend making its way to the u.s. and how "experts" say it could help save lives. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out profit estimates. but t company is forecasting a we second quarter. shares in t y are an earnings report tonight cisco systems beat out profit estimates but the company is forecasting a weaker upcoming quarter. shares in the computer networking company are off by a percent. it was overall kind of a bad day on wall street. stocks closed more than 1% lower following sharp declines in oil prices. the dow was down 254 points. nasdaq down 62. s&p down 29. it might sound cruel letting your baby sleep in a cardboard box. but in some countries it's common. and now the trend is catching on here in the united states. reporter kristine lazar explains some say it is a matter of safety. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: when you think of a bed for a newborn baby, you probably envision something soft and plush. >> it's funny, but sometimes the simplest solution is the saferrest solution. >> reporter: michelle vick is
6:24 pm
the mother of two and cofounder of the baby box company based in l.a. the concept of having a baby sleep in a box is relatively new to the u.s. but it's been used in finland for the past 75 years. >> every pregnant woman has received a baby box which is essentially a new parent starter kit full of all sorts of items for the first year and it's lined way fitted mattress so the box itself serves as a safe sleeping space. >> reporter: since the introduction in finland the country's infant mortality rate has become the lowest worldwide whereas here in the u.s. nearly twice as many infants die in the first year. >> baby in a box accomplishes a lot of things that the american academy of pediatrics recommends. >> reporter: the pediatrician and spokesman for the american academy of pediatrics. >> you want to have your baby without any other loose bedding so a baby in a box if it has a nice tight fitting mattress and a little sheet on top of it that's a great place to sleep. there's no bumpers, there's no pillows, no stuffed animals but there's a lot less things for
6:25 pm
the baby to suffocate on. >> reporter: all you have shooter mattress and sheet. there's no -- >> exact. >> reporter: nothing fluffy. the baby box company sells the standard bed box for 69.99. but deluxe boxes packed with newborn essentials like swaddles, washcloths and onesies can sell for up to $225. >> it really just simplifies it down to the essentials. what do you need? a box, basic items and you're ready to go. >> that was kristine lazar reporting there. babies typically transition out of the box when they are 6 to 8 months old. after that the boxes can be used for storage or recycled. students at one california university will have to find somewhere else to hang out. cal-poly has banned hammocks and slack lines at its san luis obispo campus. the school says the policy is meant to protect the trees used to anchor those items. students have already started a petition to overturn that ban. coming up in our next half- hour it sounds like something
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out of a movie. robbers go after a group of roommates until someone pulls out a samurai sword. dozens of women suing because their birth control didn't work, they say. the drug company mistake, they say, led to unplanned pregnancies. >> and unraveling a mysterious disease. a world class bay area scientist searching for answers to try to help his son. ,,
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police say the rooftop gunm who took aim at st. luke's hospital in san francisco was suicidal.d our top stories tonight police say the rooftop gunman who shot at st. luke's hospital in san francisco was suicidal and ready for a shootout. they say 25-year-old javier lopez garcia stole a shotgun from a big 5 in san bruno before heading to the hospital yesterday. police shot and killed him at the construction site next door before he could hurt anybody. a fatal officer-involved shooting by sunnyvale police. the man inside an apartment on ayala drive reportedly charged the officers with a knife. they opened fire killing him. police say he had been sexually assaulting his half-sister. after months of complaints from neighbors san francisco police are cracking down an transients in the haight.
6:30 pm
the task force made 20 arrests in the first month and taken drugs and weapons off the streets. but homeless advocates say transients are being unfairly targeted for their lifestyle. three would have been robbers no match for some resourceful roommates in hercules. kpix 5's da lin shows us how a home invasion robbery attempt ended with a samurai surprise. >> reporter: it was a violent fight in this hallway and living room. now, aside from the samurai sword, a roommate used a bow to fend off robbers. >> the guy says i think i have the wrong house. i was like, okay. i closed the door to this point. >> reporter: before kyle could close the door, three men in their 20s pushed their way in and started punching him. >> i got hit in the face a couple times and in the arm. the only thing that really hurt on me was my arm. they got me a good charlie horse. >> reporter: kyle who is 6'3" punched one of the guys back and forced them out the front door. he says he then went after the
6:31 pm
two robbers already in the living room. >> i picked this thing up over my head like this and i went and i just boom just threw it as hard as i could at this guy. and he ended up going down. >> reporter: kyle says that's when a female roommate came out with a samurai sword and a nine inch knife. another roommate came out with a crossbow and arrow. >> she took it out and threw this thing out of here. she was like get this out of here and she was holding it like this and she had the other knife in her hand. >> reporter: the two robbers got scared and ran out. by the time hercules police got here, the three robbers and a getaway driver were long gone. >> we have no reasonable to believe that these people were targeted at this point. it may have been a wrong house. >> reporter: kyle and his four college aged roommates live here. the samurai sword is an heirloom passed down to the female roommate. they don't have money here so he is really surprised those people try to rob them. >> still feel a little uneasy about the whole situation. still feel less safe that that happened. >> reporter: a neighbor base is
6:32 pm
three weeks ago, this same three -- a neighbor says about three weeks ago, these same three guys burglarized her house. in hercules, da lin, kpix 5. firefighters saved some dogs from a raging house fire today. crews arrived on scene, that's what they found, flames smoke smoothing from the home on east williams street. no one though was home at the time. but these two dogs were overcome by smoke. the photo shows how firefighters trained in canine cpr reus is stated the animals. a photo taken by a check-up by the vet, they are both expected to be okay. a father is working to unravel a mysterious disease. one that's hard to diagnose even harder to treat. and the patient is his son. on a tree-lined street down the driveway, under the prayer
6:33 pm
flags, inside the home, there is a door. behind it a medical mystery. >> this disease is probably the very last major disease that we know nothing about. >> reporter: hidden from our view 32-year-old whitney dafoe. only his parents can enter his room. >> he is so fragile right now. >> because of his disease, he really can't tolerate strangers into his room. it causes him too much stress which then makes him worse. >> so it's a drastic change from what he used to be like. >> reporter: whitney used to be an award winning photographer who traveled the world. he built a convent in india. he even worked for the obama campaign. but this is whitney today. he is completely bedridden unable to speak and fed through an iv. >> he is like in solitary confinement in a prison. >> reporter: after hundreds of tests he was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. remarkably little is known about what causes it or how to
6:34 pm
treat it. >> i think it hasn't been taken seriousl as a disease even though it affects more tha 4 million americans. >> reporter: doctors think it's just in your mind. now a new report by the institute of medicine is clear. it is real, complex and debilitating. the disease is characterized in part by profound fatigue, difficulty thinking, and very poor sleep. the symptoms worsen with any exertion. >> we have patients from, you know, three years old all the way up to in their 80s. >> one of the world's leading biomedical scientists is determined to unravel its mysteries. and that scientist happens to be whitney's father. >> we have a lot of really powerful tools at our disposal. >> reporter: professor ron davis heads up the stanford genome technology center, a
6:35 pm
substantial number of major genetic advances can be traced back to him. now the biochemist geneticist and inventor has turned his attention to chronic fatigue syndrome. he is asking some colleagues to pitch in. >> i have gotten three nobel laureates said sure i'll help. >> he is an amazing scientist. >> my dad is the best hope of finding a cure and a treatment. >> reporter: while there is ample brain power, there is little money to fund the research. the family is holding fundraisers. they pray their efforts won't be too late for whitney. >> i just hope he survives this. he is about as bad as anybody has ever been with this disease. and i just, um, really hope we can pull him through. >> 25% of patients are severely ill and homebound like whitney is. davis is studying a small group of them. the hope is to find a biomarker that can jump-start a diagnostic test, treatment or cure. how much does to cost to raise a child? some drug companies may be
6:36 pm
forced to find out. more than 100 women are suing for what you might call wrongful life. they say a birth control packaging error led to unplanned pregnancies. the women filed a class action lawsuit in pennsylvania against a pharmaceutical company. they are seeking millions of dollars in damages in some cases the cost of raising a child into adulthood. after days of unrest, michael middleton a long time professor retired in august after 17 years as deputy chancellor. he will league the four campus university system until a permanent replacement is found. tim wolfe resigned on monday after students protested about the way the university of missouri handled racial complaints. students who pushed for him to step down are operations the school's decision to bring on middleton. he will be the second black president of the university of missouri system.
6:37 pm
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over immigration. cbs reporter craig boswell has e campaign trail. a battle to catch the democratic front-runner hillary clinton and tension among republicans over immigration. cbs reporter craig boswell has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: as the republican presidential candidates officially get on the same ballot in new hampshire, they are not on the same page when talking about immigration. >> do we round up people? come on. let's just pick them [ indiscernible ] send them a letter an email. say go home. >> reporter: donald trump proposed a deportation force that he says would round up at least 11 million illegal immigrants. >> you're going to have a deportation force and you're
6:40 pm
going to do it humanely. >> reporter: some republican candidates say it's the defining issue. >> if republicans end up joining arm in arm with the democrats in supporting amnesty so there's no difference between us, we will lose in 2016! >> reporter: while republicans are divided over how to proceed, they have appeared united on who is best to handle the immigration issue. the latest poll shows 49% say trump is best equipped to handle immigration policies. democrats will likely be asked about the suggested deportation forces during their debate this weekend. hillary clinton is leading the race so far. she is 19 points ahead of bernie sanders in the latest cbs news poll. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and you can watch the democratic debate this saturday night at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. a bay area man confronts a teenaged driver who he says is reckless on the road. that confrontation all caught on camera and tonight, police are investigating. we'll show that you story and a whole lot more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. me... the
6:41 pm
unintended effect that scientists stumbled upon. (((weather tease))) (( and still ahead here at 6:00, double duty for this victoria's secret perfume. the unintended effect that scientists stumble upon. >> temperatures falling into the 50s. checking with our live neighborhood network we have 55 degrees in fremont. vallejo down to 52 degrees. we'll talk how long the cold six around and when more rain a-- sticks around and when more rain arrives. that's next. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, everybody always asks me, dennis, what's it like in the channel 5 newsroom? >> yelling and cursing ] >> actually, that was the dallas cowboys locker room today. >> this one i definitely felt much better immediately. >> i got good news to report on the raiders running back. and here's the kicker. >> can i kick this football? >> yup. she has a leg all right. coming up.
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reportedly developing a ser that lets you pay friends or family -- dire apple pay might be branching out but the cupertino company is reportedly developing a service that lets you pay friends or family right from your bank k the peer to peer payment system to come in handy when splitting a check or sending kids a cash right from your iphone. it will compete with paypal. apple's payment service could start next year. remember the all the auto mats that served up sandwiches and pie? check this out. a company called carvana just launched this coin operated car vending in any nashville. the five-story tower can store up to 20 vehicles customers pay online -- you got to be kidding me! >> then drop an oversized coin in the kiosk to claim a new
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car. they will cover up to $200 in airfare to bring your there to use their machine. >> what if you don't like it? how do you return it? a popular perfume from victoria's secret comes with a bonus. apparently mosquitos hate it. scientists made the discovery while testing different insect repellents. they threw in the bombshell perfume as a random choice and it turns out bombshell is as good as a bug bomb when it comes to warding off those pests. >> don't spray "off" all over. >> this one does double duty. weather watcher reporting in chilly conditions mid 50s everywhere. bill moon in orinda clear skies light winds 53 there. we'll daly city antonio reporting in clear skies very light onshore flow 54 degrees. and we'll head north we'll go to petaluma, peggi rodgers
6:47 pm
reporting in. 54 degrees, as well. clear skies, light winds. i think we have a trend here, 50s, light winds, clear skies. it will be chilly tonight. that's the golden gate bridge and those are your temperatures. livermore 55. san francisco and san jose checking in at 57. oakland the warm spot at 60. san bruno good evening to you 56 degrees. it will be the mid-30s in santa rosa and napa. fairfield 37. concord 39. closer to the water you can see the temperatures change there in the 40s not the 50s but capitol hill again for everyone. it is the time of year when all the ice rinks open up throughout the bay area. marin on ice. where do you find that? marin county. this weekend it opens it will be partly cloudy milder and sunnier on saturday mid-60s. in the south bay a beautiful place to stop downtown ice. sunny and mild on saturday with temperatures in the 60s. you can go ice skating for about the next two months. you're not doing that in the pacific northwest because it is
6:48 pm
pouring! heavy rainfall, this is an atmospheric river system. see the clouds consolidated just heading right toward one spot? we are hoping that happens a few times for us after january. for right now it is the northwest with heavy mountain snow. a couple of the higher peaks in the cascades may get 10 feet of snow over the weekend. our ridge of high pressure giving us sunshine is keeping all that moisture directing it into that spot but we are getting nothing. saturday night, it will be five hours of heavy rainfall for us but then it's done and the timing is perfect because most of the rain will fall before sunrise on sunday. how much rainfall? look at that. off the charts. more than 5 inches of rain for the pacific northwest. for us, the one inch of rain line is north of ukraine. we likely will see widespread rain totals of up to half inch. tonight patchy fog dry and mild for the next couple of days.
6:49 pm
rain saturday night into sunday morning. san jose tomorrow sunny 68. union city 67. mid-60s pittsburg. mid-60s san francisco. saturday night into sunday morning the rain arrives. it's gone by lunchtime. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,
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[announcer] through veterans day weekend at sleep train's mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. but mattress price wars and this special financing offer ends sunday.
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with rodney hudson has a sprained ankle is not practicing...but, ras running back latavius murras the center rodney hudson has been spectacular this year. he has a sprained ankle. he is not yet practicing. but raider running back after a concussion. he had to leave the game on sunday. today he declared himself symptom free. but he is not cleared by doctors to play against minnesota this weekend. and it's the second concussion since last december. >> this one i definitely felt much better immediately. so, um, definitely less severe. obviously, you know, with a head injury you need to be
6:53 pm
careful regardless. but nothing more major than that. >> and you think the 49ers have problems? how about them 2-6 cowboys? >> how about 'em! >> today receiver dez bryant went crazy on a report. >> ask me what i just said! so get it right! [ screaming and cursing ] [more screaming and cursing ] they dirty all of us and especially you. >> he was is upset with a reporter over a story he wrote and for taylor calling another member of the cowboys a racial slur. the cardinals and seahawks square off sunday their first meeting since marshawn lynch made a gesture to his crotch in the end zone. the arizona head coach was asked if that gesture might motivate his team. >> not me.
6:54 pm
i think it [ indiscernible ] run over. hopefully the guys got their [ indiscernible ] run over it motivates them. >> and baseball news. the a's have hired mart kotsay to be a benc coach. he played for four years with them. he has one year of coaching experience but he will be bob melvin's lieutenant next season. the st. francis high school football team will play riordan at city college on saturday and if it comes down to the final kick, riordan just might get beat by a girl. >> it's one move favorite tv shows. it's coming to life right now. i'm on the field. >> reporter: the lights got lighter for courtney now that she went from fan to kicker in less than a year. >> we have a guy kicking in college. >> courtney is as good as then.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: greg might not have invited her to try out for the job if not for a cell phone video taken last year by the players. >> jokingly i was like can i kick this football? >> okay, we'll see you try. it mutt me on that first yard line and can you kick this? >> reporter: kicking has never been a problem for her. she is headed to santa clara next year to play soccer. but football? >> for the first game i wasn't confident at all. i had no clue at all. i hadn't watched the football game before ever in my life. >> what about the team here? nothing i like to? >> yeah. but you're talking with your friends. >> reporter: being the only girl on the team is challenging. >> before games, we have hours from after school until the game starts. so i literally spend two hours in my own locker room while i hear them partying and dancing in the locker room.
6:56 pm
my friends like to come in there and throw some dance parties for me. >> reporter: st. francis could be dancing to a state title hopefully on a winning field goal. >> i have gotten like, oh, you're courtney. yes, i'm still normal courtney. i haven't changed. >> great personality, too, by the way. 2 for 3 in field goal kicking so far this season. she hasn't missed a point after attempt. >> awesome. >> what's the difference if you play soccer? difference between the soccer field and football field? she goes, a lot more testosterone on the football field. >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> you know, begs the question, when might we see a female kicker in the nfl? still a skill. i don't care what sex it is. >> it could be that young lady. that leg. >> you saw it here first. captions by: caption colorado ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? for right now, i appreciate you. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,715 bucks, from bronx, new york, it's the champs, it's the anderson family. and from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the lorenzen family trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the lorenzen family.
7:00 pm
kelli, how you doing? kelli: i'm great. how are you? steve: good. what do you do for a living? kelli: i have the best job in the world, well, next to yours. i'm an interior designer, and i restore houses. the best. steve: really? all right. that's good. who do we have? kelli: we have, steve, my beautiful taryn, my rockin' son zachary, my gorgeous daughter brynn, and bringing up the end, my feisty girl kenzie. steve: let's get it on. let's play feud, everybody. give me kelli. give me ashley. let's go. all right, ladies, here we go. we got top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women. name something you'd be surprised to find out your husband picked up. kelli: the laundry. steve: the laundry. ashley: another woman. steve: another woman. yeah.


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