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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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november 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. natural 6:00. new this morning, alameda county sheriff deputies opened fire as they chased down two people in a car that allegedly was stolen. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene in hayward where the two suspects were arrested. anne. >> reporter: it was a wild night in this neighborhood. the man trying to outrun the cops ran into exactly what you don't want to see when you're in that situation, a dead end. that is where police were able to take this wanted felon into custody. the tow truck took away the stolen ferrari accardo avenue several bullet holes from officer guns front end damage from hitting a pole. it all started at around midnight when officers tried to pull a car over near hesperian boulevard and that's when the chase ensued through residential neighborhoods. it lasted for about 6 minutes, according to officers. and that's when the vehicle basically got cornered in this neighborhood. backed up on a retaining wall in a yard then pulled forward tort deputies so they opened
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fire. neighbors were stunned. >> i heard a lot of four to five gunshots. >> law enforcement, very good chance you're going to get shot at. >> reporter: several bullets hit the car but neither the driver nor his passenger were hit. the driver is 26 years old. he was wanted by police. he is in police custody. his woman passenger has been released. live in hayward, anne makovec, kpix 5. a fugitive back in custody about a month after police say he escaped from a bail bondsman at santa clara county jail. the arrest came last night after a standoff in san jose. kiet do is live in san jose to let us know how it all unfolded. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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an embarrassing case when that known gang member slipped away from his two bail bondsmen here outside the main jail in downtown san jose. there was a massive manhunt. this morning we are back where it started. a man by the name of nghounoi neang is behind bars. he was arrested last night after a three-hour standoff in the evergreen area of south san jose. officers went to the home to follow up on the case yesterday afternoon. investigators say neang and others briefly left of the home appear scrambled back inside just before 8 p.m. police set off flash-bang grenades and went in the home and arrested the suspect. >> i think we were all kind of curious on how it was going to unfold today. but we did get a serious criminal off the street. >> reporter: now, check out this viral video from the summertime. police say back in august, surveillance video captured him burglarizing a home with a woman carrying a guitar acting as a lookout. he now faces charges including felony assault with a deadly
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weapon, burglary and attempted burglary. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. investigators are looking into a car crash that killed a woman from san bruno. 7:30 last night the vic tomorrow got know a minor accident at kirker and hesse near concord. the chp says she was edges changing information with the other driver when another car slammed into them. the 35-year-old woman was thrown into oncoming traffic and later died at a hospital. her passenger a 36-year-old man suffered major injuries. the other two drivers are okay. investigators do not think alcohol to or drugs were factors. san francisco drivers have to deal with another traffic hassle through the weekend. a stretch of busy van ness avenue is closed between geary boulevard and post street for the third time this year.
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it will re-open sunday night. be there a a tunnel construction between at hospital and medical office. >> it's crazy at the roads. >> it's a hectic commute. good morning, frank and michelle. hi, everybody. this was in fremont we are watching it southbound 880 approaching mowry. fourth is and king will be closed saturday night into sunday morning. be prepared for detours through there. it will also affect muni service. the bay bridge commute this morning. it is backed up into the macarthur maze. there will be a brief closure on the bay bridge because of the implosion of the old span. >> out the door this morning, grab a jacket. temperatures in fact 30s plus
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we have some areas of patchy fog in santa rosa. santa clara valley in the 40s. 40s and 50s in the central bay. 39 tri-valley. 39 also in san rafael. just the last day of the workweek. 60s at the beach and peninsula, 70 los gatos and morgan hill. east of the bay 70 in danville and in blackhawk. low 70s in santa rosa and also low 70s common from cloverdale all the way into windsor. we do have a beach hazard statement. it goes into effect tonight along our immediate coastline. this does encompass, moss and montera beaches ocean beach as well up to 12 feet surf rip
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currents and also sneaker waves. we'll talk about the storm this weekend at 18 minutes after the hour. a hearing is scheduled in san francisco today for the ceo of a digital ad company on charges of domestic violence. est convicted of two misdemeanors last year after allegedly assaulting a girlfriend in his condo. it was capture on surveillance video and it showed the man hitting and kicking the woman 117 times. today the pentagon is trying to find out whether a u.s. drone strike in syria hit jihadi john. he is the isis militant who beheaded hostages on multiple videos. don champion reports. >> reporter: he was once the unidentified coldhearted masked executioner seen in isis beheading videos. >> you and your people -- >> reporter: but by early 2015, the man with that taunting voice finally had a name.
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mohammed emwazi. also known as jihadi john, emwazi was present and appeared to have carried out the beheadings of isis prisoners including three americans. he has been hunted ever since. >> americans are repulsed by their barbarism. we will not be intimidated. >> reporter: the pentagon confirms a u.s. drone strike targeted emwazi in syria thursday. the strike was on a vehicle thought to be carrying the militant. in a statement, pentagon officials said, quote, we're sessing the results of tonight's -- we're sessing the results of tonight's operation and will provide additional information as and where appropriate. some say he was radicalized after being harassed by british security officers. in his 20s he was on a watch list. frustrated he wrote a group, i feel like a prisoner only not in a cage, in london controlled
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by security servicemen. if it's confirmed, emwazi's death could be a symbolic blow to isis. don champion, cbs news. >> beyond the symbolism, it's not clear if the possible death of jihadi john would have any impact on isis operations. police are looking for two burglary suspects. they ransacked a home in san jose. they raided the fridge as you can see. surveillance video shows them helping themselves to orange juice and sodas from the refrigerator. their faces are cleared visible. and their little break is a big break for police because those suspects and a third man never knew they were on camera. santa clara police picked up a 21-year-old suspect less than a week after the burglary last august armed with a handgun stolen during the burglary. but the trail has gone cold on the other two men. both of them were shown in the kitchen. that's why police released the
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video yesterday. blow right through the stop signs. >> a bay area man fed up with dangerous driving in his neighbor takes matters into his own hands. >> the drama gets all too real for one of the stars of ncis when she suddenly is attacked in southern california. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we do have rain for the weekend. we will track it together. >> new accident now delaying traffic in san jose. problems in fremont, as well. southbound 880 near mowry i'll have details on this and a complete look at your drive into work still ahead. ,,,,
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actress pauley perrette is speaking out on twitter aft surviving a brutal assault good morning, friday the 13th. taking a look out from suited tro tower. that's the beginning of your friday a warmer day today. i have details coming up in
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four minutes. actress pauley ferret is speaking out on twitter after surviving a brutal assault on hollywood. in tweet, the star of the cbs show ncis described the attack last night saying she was nearly killed by a psychotic homeless man. she said he grabbed her and punched her outside her hollywood hills home. lapd officers later tracked down and arrested suspect david merck a transient in his 30s some napa neighbors are fed up with a young driver who they say is a car crash waiting to happen so one neighbor recorded an exchange on video. cate caugiran shows us what happened. >> reporter: chris didn't want to be showed on camera but showed us why he decided to confront this driver. >> he blows right through the stop sign. >> reporter: and again, chris says the teenager blows past a second stop sign. this is video from the dashcam one of two he took last week
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including this one. >> you blow through stop signs all the way over here all the time. i'm recording you and sending it to the cops. people complain about you. too late i already got you on video. >> reporter: chris said he first read about the reckless driver on next door an online forum for neighbors. >> he had been reported doing it several times. all through the neighborhood. >> reporter: crises was dropping off his son when he says he saw the teenager illegally cut off other drivers. so what -- he had to have been going at least -- >> over 45. he is pulling away. >> reporter: this is a residential neighborhood. >> yeah. the speed limit is 30. >> reporter: he followed them until they pulled over. that's when chris confronted him. >> you guys need to stop. >> okay. >> you understand? >> sorry about that. >> there's my son goes to browns valley. you're blowing through stop signs. there's kids riding bikes. you're going to kill somebody. >> cool. >> reporter: cool until chris started to walk away. he came back after he heard them say. >> this is unlawful. >> it's not. this is not an unreasonable --
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>> calling 911 right now. >> why? >> i'm getting molested. you touched me. >> i didn't touch you at all. >> they all saw you touch me! >> i have it on video. >> you were molesting me, fool! >> reporter: because the teenager made those claims, child protective services and napa valley police got involved. and police tell us based off of the two videos, and the passenger testimony, there was no evidence to support what the teenager said. in napa, cate caugiran, kpix 5. today the city of hayward will have a grand opening ceremony for a brand-new fire station with a unique feature. it includes a firehouse clinic which will offer medical services. today's ceremony firehouse on huntwood begins at 1 p.m. south bay skaters ra lacing up their blades. san jose's downtown ice rink opens today. 11 hours to go before kristi
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yamaguchi's downtown ice opens. skaters can skated through february including extra weeks due to the super bowl in santa clara. and tonight, the union square ice rink opens up in san francisco. celebrations start at 8:00. the tree is already decorated in the square. i love going to see that tree. >> a weak from today. >> we'll be at the embarcadero light. we are emceeing the event for the fourth time. >> i think the fourth year in a row. >> never gets old. >> 10,000 l.e.d. lights along the embarcadero. gorgeous. >> it's been a busy friday the 13th. we are. an accident southbound 880 just beyond mowry. this two-car accident block the right-hand lane is slowing down some traffic heading along the nimitz. southbound 880 is going to be slow now in patches from highway 92. this crash again just two cars blocking the right-hand lane. we are also getting reports of a problem northbound 101
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approaching 280 in san jose. it's going to be slow approaching the accident scene and passing it to great america parkway so those will be the hot spots for you this morning. we have lots of street closures. one of the biggest ones is van ness which is shut down in both directions between geary and post. it will be closed until late sunday night. all of this is because of the construction of that pedestrian tunnel near the hospital so be prepared for delays heading through there. this will also impact muni service. this morning, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up through the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on and remember, tomorrow morning expect delays in the 6:00 hour early in the morning because of the implosion of that old section of the bay bridge pier 3 of the old bay bridge will be imploded tomorrow morning. and caltrans, chp, will be holding traffic for approximately 15 minutes just before the implosion. bart service will also be suspended during that time. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> liza, i planned a perfect weather day for you for your
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birthday today. >> thank you! >> look at the glow over the city of san francisco. official sun-up is in about 30 minutes from now. but we're already seeing the glimpse of what's going to be a good-looking day in the bay area before rain arrives saturday night. right now 30s. 35 santa rosa with pockets of fog. 41 degrees in san jose in the 40s in oakland through concord. here's what you need to know. obviously a jacket out the door and sweater weather later today although this will be the warmest day this workweek. a classic cold front, this front is going to continue to sag south.
6:19 am
the rain will start on saturday night and will be out of here sunday morning? >> it will be dry and partly cloudy and breezy with a lingering shower on sunday. up to .75 "expected in ukiah. .4" to the south, .3" in san francisco. an inch in the higher elevations of the local mountains. over a foot of snow in the high sierra. take the chains. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for large surf sneaker waves and also rip currents. today's temperatures pretty much in the 60s once the sun sets at 5:00. low 70s away from the bay. rain saturday night into sunday. earlier we had a special guest in our studio. one of my favorite people in the whole wide world vinnie from the sarah and vinnie show
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on alice radio stopped by to talk about their annual toy drive and he took a shot at weather forecasting. >> so today in marin bay club, we're looking at about 67. redwood city bay club, 67 later today. and 69 at the santa clara bay club. so looking good this afternoon. and we do have snow in the forecast for this weekend. i wanted to point out, so hopefully you will get up there and make some turns. roberta, back to you. >> vinnie was a surf reporter in san diego way back if the day but i got to tell you he was mentioning the bay club because next friday, though, they will be hosting their annual toy drive sarah and vinnie will be and the whole gang and if you want more information how you can donate to their annual toy drive with the u.s. marines, all you have to do is visit us at and click on "links and
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woah! how's that for not getting stuck? good morning, everyone. are the warriors so good now that they are boring? that might be the biggest concern for interim head coach luke walton. >> hey, let's not get bored. keep make the right play, simple play. step that one three, they were both with you. had draymond, draymond is going to find someone else wide open. >> draymond found everybody wide open. andrew bogut, 12 assists from green to go with 23 points and 8 rebounds. even the bench was in awe.
6:25 am
but the t-wolves hung around kevin martin on the bench lead cut to 5 points but here comes draymond. that money you got it. golden state up by 8. steph curry first appearance in the 4th quarter to restore order. 46 points for curry last night. eight of 13 from the arc. warriors 129-116, ten straight. you think the 49ers got issues? how about the 2-6 dallas cowboys? yesterday, receiver dez bryant went crazy on a reporter! [ screaming and cursing ] [ inaudible ] [ screaming and cursing ] they dirty all of them and especially you! >> bryant was upset with a reporter named jean jacques taylor over a story he said
6:26 am
taylor called another member of the cowboys a racial slur. so 49er fans, when you think you got it bad, not so bad if you look at the dallas cowboys. the raiders and the minnesota vikings this weekend. see you on game day sunday night. have a great weekend, everybody. thank you. the play of the day, steph curry, the guy is showing off dribbling skills before hitting the floater high off the glass. the warriors have won their first ten and by the way, two teams -- that's your play of the day on a friday. it is 6:26 right now. dozens of women in california are suing over unwanted pregnancies. the simple mistake they say changed their lives forever. >> and a police chase leads to a quiet residential neighborhood where officers end up opening fire. we'll show you how it ended
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 6-- new this mor alameda county good morning. it's friday, november 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. new this morning, alameda county sheriff's deputies fired their guns at two stolen car suspects. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene in hayward where a chase ended and the driver was arrested. >> reporter: the clays was on a dead end where he tried to back up and hit that retaining wall
6:31 am
there in that yard. officers shot at his car and a wanted feld lon was taken into custody. this is the stolen car that he was driving several bullet holes from officers guns and some front end damage from hitting a pole. officers started trying to pull this car over at around midnight near "a" street in hayward. the driver didn't stop. a chase ended in a neighborhood where the suspect got stuck, hit a wall, pulled forward toward deputies and they opened fire. >> the bullet struck the car did not hit the driver. in fact, there was a driver and passenger. neither was injured by any bullet, which is actually pretty amazing. >> this never happens in the naked.-- this never happens in the neighborhood. there were a lot of cops. >> the woman passenger was taken into custody.
6:32 am
she has been released. the driver is under arrest. 26 years old, he was wanted by police and he was convicted for several violent felonies and on probation. live in hayward, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting today to discuss the latest police involved shooting. a gunman was killed wednesday after firing shots at st. luke's hospital. investigators say this surveillance video shows the gunman stealing a shotgun from a big 5 sporting goods senator san bruno. they say shortly afterwards, the man went to san francisco, where he fired the weapon. police identify the gunman as 25-year-old javier lopez garcia of san jose. a source told kpix 5's joe vazquez garcia ran into a construction worker and said something like, now i'm going to die. officers shot and killed him. investigators are still looking into a motive. no one else was injured. another part of the old bay bridge span is about to become history. [ test blast ]
6:33 am
>> this video of a test blast shows what tomorrow morning's implosion will look like. a bubble curtain will be used to help keep marine life safe. the implosion will take place about 6:45 a.m. tomorrow. the current bridge will be closed for about 15 minutes prior to and during the implosion. and we will stream that implosion live if you want to check it out. go to let's get a check on our weather with roberta. they couldn't have scheduled it on a better day because rain comes in after the implosion. >> perfect. >> the rain will be perfect for all of us over the weekend. if you have any outdoor activities it will arrive overnight. good morning. 6:33. this is the skyline of the city by the bay, the city of san francisco where currently air temperatures stands at 51. 10 degrees cooler to the south in san jose. it's in the mid-30s in santa rosa with pockets of fog and it's now in the upper 30s throughout the tri-valley. today's temperatures will be
6:34 am
the warmest so far this whole workweek. a beach hazard statement is going into effect tonight through saturday. some of the surf up to 12 feet. 60s around the peninsula. up to 70 in los gatos and morgan hill. the wind will be slight out of the west up to 10. east of the bay up to 70 in danville and blackhawk and also in throughout the tri-valley. 72 in santa rosa. 73 in windsor. let's time the raindrops together so you know when you can expect it, that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. a busier start to the bay bridge commute. a car broke down and now we have long delays at the toll plaza extending through the macarthur maze with the metering lights on. be prepared for delays again tomorrow morning around 6:45 when the scheduled implosion of the old section of the bay bridge is expected to take place. now, heading for 880 southbound near mowry we are still
6:35 am
watching this accident. two-car accident blocking the right-hand lane is causing a backup from highway 92. the san mateo bridge very heavy from end to end and in richmond, carlson boulevard on- ramp to west 80 shut down expected to be closed until 7 a.m. this is what's going on. a big rig overturned overnight. it's still out there. this accident happened around 1 a.m. crews are still out there working to clear it. in the meantime, the ramp 280 will be shut down, use central as your alternate. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to michelle. about a month after a dramatic escape a fugitive is in custody at santa clara county's main jail. he was arrested last night in san jose's evergreen area after a standoff at a home on askham place court. kiet do joins us live from san jose to explain how it ended. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people are still scratching their hats trying to figure out how a man in handcuffs slipped away from two bail bondsmen and escaped from
6:36 am
an area that's typically crawling with law enforcement. this morning a known gang member is back behind bars. >> reporter: it took weeks of good old-fashioned police work but this morning nghounoi neang is back in jail. neang with his neck tattoo is a known gang member wanted for felony assault with a deadly weapon, burglaries and an embarrassing skate. you may recognize his face because just last month, he got away from a pair of bail bondsmen as they escorted him to the lobby of the county jail with his handcuffs on. chopper 5 was above the east san jose house when two people walked out with their hands up. police were driving someone away. >> love you, brother. >> reporter: love ones on the corner yelled, we love you brother. the special ops team tracked him downed every down and surrounded the house but he wouldn't come out. they used flash-bangs and negotiating to get him out. >> he was in the lobby of the main jail got away and here we are now. >> that was a situation that occurred -- i mean, i think we were all kind of curious, you
6:37 am
know, on how this was, um, going to unfold here today, um, but again, we did get, um, a serious criminal off the street. >> reporter: in august this surveillance video when viral when police said a woman with a guitar was a lookout while neang went in the back door. the 23-year-old woman has also been arrested. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. survivors of the berkeley "balance of power" -- survivors of the berkeley balcony collapse and relatives of those killed have now filed a dozen lawsuits. six people died in june. the lawsuits say builders used cheap wood than approved and contractors allegedly left the balcony exposed to rainfall for months before waterproofing. also building managers did not act on complaints about mushrooms growing out of the wood, a sign of rot. more than 100 mothers nationwide including 26 in california are suing saying they got pregnant after taking birth control pills.
6:38 am
qualitest pharmaceuticals and two other companies recalled eight differently oral contraceptives after discovering some of the pills inside the box were placed upside-down. the mix-up led some women to take placebos instead of a hormone pill. they are seeking millions in damages and in some cases the cost of raising a child to adulthood. >> generations of women have trusted that when they pick up their packet of pills at the pharmacy, that it's going to be put together in the right way and when companies mess up, they need to do the right thing. >> in an email to cbs news, one company says it has only been able to confirm the sale of one defective pill pack to a patient. today a group will begin collecting signatures to give marin county's -- to get marin county's water district to stop using fluoride in the water asking for a moratorium on the use of fluoridation until the water district provides details on what is in the chemical and whether it's safe to drink.
6:39 am
if successful it would go on the 2016 ballot. crews are working on a dam vandal destroyed in fremont on the alameda creek six months ago. it was deflated allowing 50 million gallons of water to flow wasted into the creek. that could have supplied 500 homes in fremont, newark and union city with drinking water for a year. surveillance video captured the vandals deflating the dam but in spite of the evidence no one has been arrested. time now 6:39. apparently, this is the last house in the bay area you want to break into. a group of thieves proved it this week. coming up. >> and one california county may start red tagging homes due to the drought. how the new plan would work. ,,
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good morning. time check 6:42. nothing but sunshine in your forecast today. 60s at the beaches. 60s peninsula and around the santa clara valley up to 70 in los gatos and morgan hill. good morning, pleasanton, 70 degrees your forecast high, 60s to the low 70s in santa rosa. and hello, cloverdale at 71 degrees. thanks, roberta. retail sales remained nearly flat in october but inflation stayed low as well. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. reporter: there's one scene in particular that binds those two economic reports together. that's low gas prices. it certainly impacted retail sales for october. the commerce department reported only a tenth of a percent gain that's not much. but that was constrained by falling gas prices. there were some positives. the department stores did fairly well online shopping saw
6:44 am
a big boost also home furnishing sporting goods and building materials stores did fairly well. however, retail sales have been fairly flat the past couple of months. the holiday season is critical for businesses. those low gas prices weigh down inflation. the labor department producer price index fell by a .5% once again. and it's down 1.6% over the past year. that's nowhere near the fed's target of 2% when considering an interest rate hike, although the drums are beating loud for a rate hike in december. that led to yesterday's sell- off on wall street with the dow down 250. cisco disappointed, it has overseas issues because of the stronger dollar and global economic weakness and nordstrom is plunging this morning after reporting disappointing 3rd quarter sales and also warning that its inventory is building up much like macy's said earlier this week. let's take a look at the big
6:45 am
board. dow down 50. nasdaq 25 down. s&p down 6. shares in nordstrom down 17%. cisco is falling by 4% on its earnings. back to you. >> thank you. let's find out what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell has a preview from new york. >> reporter: good morning. we are in iraq this morning tracking the major progress that's being made in the new offensive against isis! and we have new details about the u.s. drone strike that targeted the man known as jihadi john. plus getting ready for tomorrow's cbs news democratic debate. john dickerson nancy cortes will join us from iowa. we are in the gulf finding out how old oil rigs are becoming thriving homes for sharks. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. have a fabulous weekend. >> we always do. >> we do.
6:46 am
norah, have a good friday 13th. >> take care. three men tried to break into a home in hercules this week but they didn't get very far. as kpix 5's da lin shows us, the people inside pulled out a samurai sword. >> reporter: was a violent fight in this hall and living room. aside from the sword one roommate used this bow to fend off the robbers. >> i looked out and i guy said i think i have the wrong house. i was like, okay. i closed the door, get to this point. >> reporter: before kyle could close the door, three men in their 20s pushed their way in and started punching him. >> i got hit in the face a couple times. i got hit in the arm. the only thing that really hurt on me was my arm. >> reporter: kyle, who is 6'3" punched them back and forced them out the front door. he then went after the two robbers already in the living room. >> i picked this thing up over my head like this and i went and i just boom just threw it
6:47 am
as hard as i could at this guy. he went down. >> reporter: a female roommate came out with a samurai sword and a 9" knife. another roommate came out with a crossbow and arrow. >> she took it out, threw this thing out of here, she was just like get this out of here and she was holding it like this and had the other knife in her hand. >> reporter: the two robbers ran out. by the time hercules police got here, the three robbers and a getaway driver were gone. >> we have no reason to believe that these people were targeted. it may have been the wrong house. >> reporter: kyle and his four college aged roommates live here. he said the sword is an heirloom passed down to the woman. they don't have money here so he is really surprised those people tried to rob them. >> i still feel a little uneasy about the whole situation. still feel a little bit less, you know, safe that that happened. >> this sword is about 3 feet long. in hercules, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
6:48 am
it a busy friday the 13th commute. good morning. we are going to start off with this accident delaying traffic in the east bay. this is southbound 680 approaching monument in pleasant hill. at least one lane is shut down. you can see all red there traffic stacked up solid out of concord from beyond 242. so expect those delays there. and we are just getting an update from the chp. we have been talking about this closure now. the richmond area carlton boulevard on-ramp expected to be shut down indefinitely. they were hoping to open it at 7 a.m. it's taking longer to clear up this crash. be prepared for delays for westbound 80. slow through the richmond area. it loosens up through berkeley and emoryville. meantime, the rest of the commute looks like this. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on, a car broke down on the bridge and it's going to be slower than usual. traffic is backed up from the
6:49 am
foot of the maze. a 31-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. be prepared for delays tomorrow morning. bay bridge will be shut down for a brief period of time, 15 to 30 minutes, because of the implosion schedule at 6:45 tomorrow morning. meantime, van ness shut down both directions between geary and post. it will not re-open until sunday night. in the meantime, be prepared for delays heading through there. it will affect muni through the area, 4th and king shut down in the south of market area. that's traffic. here's roberta. >> when it snows this weekend in the high sierra what do you need? >> pack those chains, baby. >> or a chain monkey. looking at our weather watchers, around the bay area 30s to the north, 40s to the south, 50s around the central bay. let's look at this one right here 4 degrees. i want to thank steve who has been with us every morning this week. thank you, sir, for checking in
6:50 am
with us at this early hour. clear skies 44 in los altos. santa clara valley to napa and solano counties home of vac looking towards sun-up. sun-up, skies clear, fog in santa rosa 35. otherwise lots of clarity out there this morning. upper 30s throughout the tri- valley. a jacket out the door, sweater later today. although today will be the warmest day of the week. it will be dry through saturday and then rain arrives overnight saturday night into your sunday morning. this is it a classic cold front. that's the core. that's the front. it's already providing heavy rainfall in throughout the pacific northwest. that front is going to sag and erode the ridge of high pressure. futurecast places the rain past the north bay by 3 a.m. over the central bay. then swinging into the southern california valley. out of here by 5 6:00 in the morning. behind it is a core, when we'll see a scattered lingering hit- and-run shower for our sunday.
6:51 am
sunday dry for the most part. partly cloudy, cool, breezy but you will experience a scattered shower. so the bubbling of the rain arriving overnight. three-quarters inch of rain in ukraine. half inch in the east bay. .3" a little bit more around the central bay. so we are going to see up to a half inch of rain throughout the immediate bay area an inch in the higher elevations up to a foot of snow above 7,000 feet in the high sierra by sunday night. bring your chains. 60s in the central valley. we have a beach hazard statement in effect tonight through saturday. some of the suffer up to 12 feet. rip currents and we have sneaker waves generated from the impressive cold front. today 60s, 70s, west breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour. here's the forecast. once the rain ends on sunday by the evening hours, we have nothing but sunshine and dry conditions monday through
6:52 am
thursday. have a great friday the 13th! thanks, roberta. some lawmakers in tulare county are trying to tackle an unusual probable rental properties with no running water. one proposal would ban landlords from renting properties without water. >> tenants have moved out and landlords released it, properties to someone else, knowing there's no water. >> county provides tanks without cost to hundreds of homeowners living without water. but the program does not apply to renters. another proposal would provide the tanks to tenants but at the property owner's expense. a federal appeals court has rejected a challenge to california's death penalty. the move reversed a federal judge's ruling that found the death penalty system unconstitutional because of long delays. more than 900 people have been sentenced to death in california. 13 have been executed since 1978. no executions have been carried out in a decade. but yesterday's ruling doesn't mean they will resume right away. the state's new lethal
6:53 am
injection method is likely to be challenged in court. time now 6:52. a star of a ncis show is the victim of an attack in southern california. >> a police chase ends in a residential neighborhood where officers opened fire on a suspect. we'll show you how it ended overnight next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
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6:57 am
of tomorrow's debate. the ap surveyed 80% of the 712 democratic superdelegates. 359 said they planned to support clinton at next summer's convention. 8 said bernie sanders and 2 supported martin o'malley. an ncis actress was attacked outside her hollywood home by a homeless man. the man was arrested. the woman is recovering at home. bay bridge bicycle and pedestrian path closes tonight as crews prepare to demolish the old eastern span. this is video showing what the blast will look like. the real implosion happens tomorrow morning. and a burglary suspect back behind bars after a standoff in east san jose. police swarmed the home on askham place court last night and arrested nghounoi neang. he was also want for escaping from a bail bondsman all while in cuffs.
6:58 am
i'm anne makovec in hayward where a man tried to outrun the cops and found himself in a dead end hitting that retaining wall running over the lawn then trying to pull forward into a depth tip of the that's when the deputy opened fire. it ended with a wanted felon in custody. this is the stolen car he was driving with a bullet hole and front end damage. officers tried to pull it over around midnight. the driver didn't stop. a chase ensued ended in a neighborhood where the suspected backed up into the lawn and drove at deputies. that's why they opened fire. neighbors were stunned. >> well, i was watching tv. i heard a lot of four five gunshots. then i heard the cops coming in. >> drove the car at law enforcement. very good chance you're going to get shot at.
6:59 am
>> reporter: several bullets hit the car but neither of the driver or passenger were hit. the driver is 26 and was wanted by police. he has been convicted for several violent felonies in the past and is on probation. live in hayward, anne makovec, kpix 5. traffic jam-packed along southbound 680 in pleasant hill. an accident in monument blocking a lane of traffic backed up into concord from 242. remember, we have a big rig accident overnight still out there carlson boulevard on-ramp to west 80 to be shut down. they are delayed trying to clear the accident backed up into the maze at the bay bridge. >> for your birthday liza i give you a postcard view of the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. look at that one cloud. that's the smoke from the candles on liza's birthday cake because there's so many of them. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> 40s and 50s out the door. >> i love her! we have known each other 20 years since i was 5. [ laughter
7:00 am
] >> 60s and 70s later today. the warmest day this week. we have rain saturday night over into into sunday. dry monday through thursday. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, november 13th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a united states drone strike may have killed jihadi john, and we're on the front lines of the war against isis. donald trump unleashes a profane, insult-filled rant against his republican rivals. could it mark a turning point for his campaign? and shark tagging in the gulf. a first of its kind expedition. see why the predators are thriving around oil riggs. first, today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> one of the world's most wanted terrorists was targeted


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