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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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here just a couple of investigators up on top a double-decker tour bus collided with several cars including some pedestrians and finally came to rest at that scaffolding. but this accident actually started about 2 blocks away from here on the 500 block of post street when the bus according to witnesses was driving at a high rate of speed and struck a bicyclist. the tour bus careened downhill on post street out of control with crowded streets and crowded sidewalks. the bus struck pedestrians and at least 8 cars in its path, then collided with a scaffolding 12 feet high at stockton and post where it came to rest. citizens and officials sprang into action with triage on the sidewalks. muni wires were down so live wires were at a major crash scene with people all around. 20 people were injured according to the san francisco fire department.
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five were life-threatening including a bicyclist who was struck two blocks away. union square on friday afternoon a lot of people walking and here. a lot of witnesses. 30 witnesses according to police who are being interviewed right now. here's what they told us a little bit earlier. >> a lot of commotion and metal coming down, wires down, popping. [ inaudible ] >> people running over while wires are falling and basically, you know, all we could really see was a guy on top who looked like he was injured pretty bad. >> right. >> but we were helping people out, they started bringing more and more people. a couple people injured really bad. >> running kind of -- it hit the scaffolding. then the cars all collided.
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>> reporter: this is a major accident scene. san francisco police department on scene right now with laser beams trying to figure out the distances and things like that, that will help them in their investigation. the police are also trying to figure out what may have caused the accident whether it was mechanical failure or whether or not there were drugs and alcohol involved. that is all part of an investigation that is just being launched here in the last hour or so after they have already cleared away and taken some of the cars out and several people to the hospital. the san francisco police department says they want to have this union square traffic back open by 9 p.m. tonight. reporting live in san francisco, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> reporter: andria borba talked to even more witnesses who describe what they saw. ken, the investigation continues in earnest out here.
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san francisco fire department are still investigating. we have nighttime aerials to show you of this crash site at the corner of post and stockton near where the construction for the apple store is. the fire chief described it as a two-block ride of terror down post street. lots of people were in union square who witnessed it. sfpd is interviewing witnesses. we spoke to some witnesses, as well. here's what they had to say. >> it looked like it was going out of control very quickly. it started to wobble a little bit. we heard people yelling and it crashed into the corner behind us here. the scaffolding came down and the wires ahead came down as well so it was sparking. but i don't know what happened exactly. just that we saw the bus going quickly through the intersection. >> reporter: it looked like it was probably no brakes because just hitting everything. >> did you see it hit anybody? >> i didn't see it actually
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hit somebody but there was somebody laying on the ground with his head damaged or, you know, pretty messed up. >> reporter: now among those people san francisco police department wants to talk to in this case is the driver of the bus. five people are in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. this video was taken by an employee at lefty o'doul's in union square after the crash. you can see people rushing to the scene to help injured and help them out from under the collapsed scaffolding. also evidence, one of the cars smashed in the intersection a mangled bike can be seen in the front part of the bus. many people tried to help but with live wires and people trapped in scaffolding and people on the top of the double- decker bus -- we don't know if they went flying. there's still lots of questions to be answered out here tonight.
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andria borba, kpix 5. kpix 5's wilson walker is live at san francisco general where some of the injured have been taken. what's the situation right now, wilson? >> reporter: we have just spoke again with hospital administrators. no changes since we spoke to you at 5:00. six patients in critical condition. we got here around 3:30. that's about the time a handful of ambulances arrived almost right on top of each other. three men and three women have severe trauma injuries. the hospital won't say whether the six people were on the bus in other cars on that bicycle or simply on the sidewalk. this is san francisco's level one trauma center that trains and prepares for mass casualty
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incidents. the most severely injured were brought here. as the last ambulance came in on the back bumper of the ambulance was a number of cars from the san francisco police department. we saw a number of officers standing around here milling around in and out of the hospital. it's fair to say to that the investigation into what happened is not just going on at union square but also here in the hospital, as well. we'll pass the information along to you when we get it. >> thank you, wilson walker. still an active investigation happening at the hospital as well union square. we are going to have another update from the scene coming up later in this newscast. the other big story tonight of course the terror situation in paris at least 100 people or more dead. france is locked down. the country's borders are
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closed and president francois hollande has called out the military. >> allen martin has the latest. >> reporter: this is the deadliest attack in paris since world war ii and the number of dead is still climbing. at least 100 were killed at a concert hall. a dozen others died near a restaurant and a bombing near a stadium. security forces stormed the concert hall and killed three attackers inside. by then dozens of hostages were already dead. a radio reporter described that scene as a bloodbath. he was inside the building when the terrorists entered with ak- 47 arizona and started firing randomly into the crowd. >> everybody was on the floor covering the heads and we heard
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so many gunshots. the terrorists were calm and determined. >> they reloaded three or four times but never said a word. now, across town at least 11 people killed in the other attack on a restaurant. a witness shot this cell phone video with the chaos outside that building as the wounded waited for help. eye pair of explosions near the soccer stadium sent thousands of fans running for their safety but there were no reports of any injuries there. again, at least 100 people have been killed. the number of dead expected to rise through the night. three terrorists are among the dead. so far no one claiming responsibility for these attacks. but it's sure to develop throughout the night. tonight a san francisco woman describes a frantic moments after gunshots rang out near a paris restaurant. i was able to speak with her via skype earlier. >> it was terrifying. i was not the norm in the restaurant. i think some people didn't realize what was going on.
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the real scary thing is there was a family with small children and i have small children and it really made me think of them. so that was really scary. [ crying ] >> margot told me she heard up to 12 gunshots and ran inside the restaurant to hide in the basement. tonight she is shaken up but says that she is okay and is safe. back here in the bay area, san francisco officials say there is no known threat here. they are on heightened alert and asking the public to report suspicious activity. we have checked in with sfo so far there have been no security changes there or at any other bay area airport in responses to the attacks. more chilling video shows the moment that two blasts went off near that soccer stadium. take a listen. [ blasts ] >> this happened during a match between france and germany. french president francois hollande was there. he was not hurt.
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many fans stayed in the stands, however, after the final whistle. they were afraid to go outside. a rock band from palm desert, california had sold out the paris music venue one of the terrorists targets. the group is called eagles of death metal. a twitter post by the band's opening act said members got out, outside of the venue safely. san francisco's nancy pelosi issued this statement. tonight, we stand in solidarity with the french people as they grapple with the unconscionable violence that has claimed so many lives on this november night. >> and take a look at this tonight. that is the french flag flying over san francisco city hall a show of support from the bay area to a nation dealing with a terror tragedy. stay with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of this developing story through the night. we'll have a live update later in this newscast. still ahead, it might look
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like an ordinary fire station. but inside it is a whole lot more. how this bay area firehouse is being transformed into a new hub for public service. >> plus, fire forced them out of their homes. now word that these evacuees could be packing their bags once again. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at six n fehely is in hay it is unique even for the bay area. a firehouse and medical clinchic all in one location. kpix 5's devin fehely reports. >> reporter: think about this. you might not know where the closest clinic is to your house but you almost certainly know where your local fire station is and the strategy by the city is put those two things together and they hope it will increase access to healthcare. >> reporter: this is likely what you imagine when you think
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of a firefighter heroes racing at break neck speed to the scene of a blaze but in reality modernday firefighters spend most of their day on medical calls. >> we run into patients quite often who are not necessarily qualifying as an emergency patient but nonetheless need healthcare. >> reporter: the hayward fire department is employing an innovative new strategy to help those patients. they have built a brand-new clinic right next door to their newest fire station. >> we needed something for our adults. and we have been advocating for such a long time to get a general purpose clinic to serve our families. many, many families here don't have health insurance, can't afford health insurance. >> making sure that -- >> reporter: hundreds turned out to tour the new clinic which will officially open next month. health department officials say they hope the clinic will ease the burden on nearby emergency rooms. >> to have a clinic where people can walk in not sit five hours get the service that we need and actually use it, it was something that we needed to have. >> reporter: the county health
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department is paying a company to staff the clinic. freeing up the fire department to do what they do best responding to life and death emergencies. >> we project 10,000 visits in its first year again with extended hours 8 to 8. but i think the sky's the limit with this model. >> reporter: now, neither the fire department nor the clinic is officially open just yet. they have to put finishing touches on both but they are slated to open next month. in hayward, devin fehely, kpix 5. the devastating "valley fire" destroyed 1300 homes forcing many families to find temporary shelter. new at 6:00, kpix 5's emily turner on a campground closure that means yet another move. >> for the folks in hidden valley campground they thought life couldn't get any worse. in fact, it can. they were already living in tents and trailers at the campground after losing their homes but now the campground is going to close and they can't stay. >> reporter: all the blue tarps
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match the blue mood that's also settled overhead end valley lake campground. they have been here since the fire took their homes and now the campground is shutting down for the winter and people have a month to go. >> i have two teenaged girls one in high school and one in middle school. they have been through so much lost everything that i won't uproot them again. >> been thinking about it for probably five days now and i have yet to come up with a solution. >> reporter: everyone has to be gone by the beginning of december. the campground normally shuts down for the winter. it's rainy season but the el nino predictions make flooded campgrounds an even worse more real prospect for people who have already lost it all. jill might have found an apartment but many of the folks here can't or haven't. >> where is everybody going to go? you know? there's nowhere for them to go. until people start rebuilding, there's nowhere for anybody to go. >> reporter: while they figure that out, they have been sleeping in 30-degree weather in tents, tarps or trailers. the county says it's offered
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housing to the 70 people still at the campgrounds but many stay because that housing is too far from schools, work or just simple familiarity. >> i don't want to be burned- out of my town. i love my town. i would hate not being here. that would be the fire taking my whole life away. >> reporter: in middletown, emily turner, kpix 5. the countdown is on for the bay bridge pier improvements will the under water detonation of the largest remake of the old bay bridge about 14 hours away. the countdown is on the for bay bridge pier implosion. it's set for 7 a.m. ten tons of explosives will sink a 5 story 10-ton tower. >> gravity will take care of itself once the charges are detonated. >> from what we are told there's going to be a sound concussion from the implosion itself and we don't want any drivers stat recalled. >> traffic across the bridge and bart trains through the transbay tube will be stopped. there won't be much to see and
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you can't get close any way. they recommend watching it online. we'll have a link for you on our website at there will be more traffic trouble right now van ness avenue closed between geary an post streets. it's going to stay closed until late sunday night. construction crews are working on a tunnel between the hospital and a medical office. and another busy san francisco street will be closed through tomorrow night. 4th and king where 280 ends is shut down for work on the central subway project. traffic being rerouted around the work. it is expected to re-open at midnight tomorrow night. that's in the city. time for a look at weather and paul deanno is live at pittsburg high school for "friday night lights." hey, paul. >> reporter: it's play-off football guys. good evening to you. it is friday evening. it feels like football weather and this is play-off football. the first round of the northern
6:19 pm
california football play-off featuring dougherty valley the visiting team with the white jerseys on number 12 in northern california. the home team the pittsburg pirates number 5 here in the bay area. the first round of the play- offs and kickoff is less than 40 minutes away. the stands are filling up. great evening for football with mainly clear skies. view of the bay bridge. we have one spot hit the 70s today in the north bay. concord 67. hayward high today 66. san francisco 66. by far the mildest day of the week but still below average for most of you was. weekend events if you want to go ice skating san jose ice downtown ice 60s both days a little rain sunday morning the better choice sunnier choice will be saturday and look at the forecast for lake tahoe. most if not all ski resorts are opening and more snow coming sunday. sunny and windy tomorrow snow likely with wind, as well. not the best travel weather 37
6:20 pm
degrees for a high more snow for tahoe this weekend. one more seasonal day tomorrow sunshine to start, rain saturday night. a burst of rain while you sleep saturday night. it's going to be intense rainfall and in that four-hour window receive a quarter to half inch of rain saturday night into early sunday morning. santa rosa 67. san francisco 62. oakland 65. livermore 68 degrees. the mildest day of the next several is tomorrow. sunday even as the rain moves out by sunrise sunday morning cooley breezy low 60s monday still chilly low to mid-60s tuesday milder and warming up to the low 70s inland. next wednesday and next thursday. as we are back out here live in pittsburg at pittsburg high school guys pittsburg high school has the distinction of being the last northern california team to defeat de la salle. ken bastida, what year did that happen? >> pittsburg beating de la
6:21 pm
salle? the last time they lost to a northern california team? >> well, let's see, the 2000s? so let's go 2003. >> 1991! >> oh, boy. >> 1991. 24 years ago! it was the last time de la salle lost to a northern california team that team over there in orange is the team that did it. >> i should know there. my brother went there in 1969. [ pause ] >> it's okay. >> very cool. >> we'll let you off the hook. >> you're okay, ken. >> thanks, paul. still ahead, pulled over for going too slowly. >> but in a driver less car. so who gets the ticket? we look at google's traffic troubles coming up next. ,, [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gunshot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep.
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r was going too sl a self-driving google car pulled over by police. the mountain view officer says the car was going too slowly. kpix 5's maria medina live for us in mountain view with the question people are asking, who
6:24 pm
gets the ticket? >> reporter: that's right. this is where that self-driving car was pulled over for going 24 miles an hour. the speed limit here is 35. and many wonder who gets the ticket. >> the entire office just glued to the front of our building. >> reporter: the traffic stop making national headlines happened in front of this mountain view office. >> somebody yelled out oh, my god somebody pulled over a google car. >> reporter: they snapped these pictures of self-driving google car after it pulled over for eye motorcycle cop. >> an officer saw a slow-moving vehicle. >> reporter: mountain view police sergeant says the officer stopped the car for going too slow on el camino real thursday. and backing up traffic. >> are they getting a ticket? are they not? we weren't sure. >> reporter: so the big question, who gets the ticket? since technically there's nobody driving the car.
6:25 pm
>> they have to have an operator. >> reporter: although the car was in self drive mode, the person in charge of the car was would get the ticket. >> in the state of california, it's a requirement that there be an operator or driver in the car. >> reporter: google says there's a reason why its car drove so slow. according to a google plus post the company's capped the self- driving cars at 25 miles an hour for safety reasons. >> have you ever pulled over a self-driving google car before? >> no, this is the first. >> reporter: if you are wondering whether the google car operator got a ticket, the answer is no. police say they left him go with a warning. >> think everybody was wondering has a google car ever gotten a ticket before? >> reporter: so by the way, by law, those self-driving cars are only allowed on roads are speed limits of 35 or less an if you are driving too slowly and have cars backing up behind you you're supposed to pull over and let them pass. maria medina, kpix 5. some new information coming
6:26 pm
in on two break news stories tonight. a mass casualty incident in san francisco's union square. coming up late details on the double-decker tour bus crash. >> and explosions and gunfire in paris, france hit with a deadly terror attack. reaction from president obama and updates from france. coming up. ,,
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tour bus crashes into a construction site at san francisco union square... first at 6:30, breaking news. an out-of-control tour bus crashes into a construction site at san francisco's union square leaving 20 people injured. >> kpix 5's len ramirez was one of the first reporters on the scene this afternoon. len, what is the latest right now? >> reporter: well, the latest is that the upgrade of the number of people who were critically injured is now at 6. there were 20 people overall as you just mentioned but six of them are in critical condition after this double-decker tour bus careened down the sidewalk. you can see where the bus is right now and came to rest. this is now a major accident investigation involving dozens of san francisco police. this actually got started two blocks away from here when witnesses say the tour bus traveling at a high rate of speed struck a bicyclist.
6:30 pm
the tour bus careened downhill on post street out of control with crowded streets and crowded sidewalks. >> it looked like it was probably no brakes because just hitting everything. >> reporter: the bus struck pedestrians and at least 8 cars in its path then collided with a scaffolding 12 feet high at stockton and post where it came to rest. >> it looked like it was going out of control. it was going very quickly. it started to wobble a little bit. we heard people yelling and then it crashed into the corner behind us here. >> reporter: ordinary citizens and trained rescue personnel sprang into action triaging the injured on the streets and sidewalks. >> running and hit the scaffolding and then all the cars all collided. >> reporter: the collision also took down muni wires so you had a situation with live wires and a major crash scene with people all around. [ pause ] >> reporter: san francisco police are interviewing 30
6:31 pm
witnesses who saw this. i'm sure there were many more because the sidewalks were very crowded at the time that this happened. they are also trying to figure out what may have caused this accident whether it was a mechanical breakdown with that double-decker bus or whether or not there was alcohol or drugs involved with the driver. the driver was among those taken to the hospital. at this point, we still don't have those answers. live in san francisco, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> stay with kpix 5 on air and online for continuing coverage of the story. we'll have the latest information on and the other breaking story tonight, deadly terror attacks in paris. more than 100 people are confirmed dead after a string of attacks on popular night spots across the city. tonight the country's borders are closed. and police are warning everyone in paris to stay inside. craig boswell is following the latest from washington for us tonight. craig, what do you know?
6:32 pm
>> reporter: veronica, good evening to you. s.w.a.t. teams in paris are carrying out careful delicate and detailed searches of potential terrorist hiding spots after a series of coordinated orchestrated attacks near a sports stadium inside a restaurant and a music venue. president obama called the terrorist attacks outrageous, french president francois hollande has activated the military and restricted travel. it's a night of terror in paris. there have been multiple attacks at several locations in a coordinated act of terrorism. more than 100 people have been killed. many of the dead at the concert hall where hostages were taken. french authorities stormed the hall killing the gunmen and described a scene of carnage inside the theater after gunmen tossed explosives at hostages. gunman also killed 11 people at restaurant. during a soccer game between
6:33 pm
germany and france, two explosions went off outside the stadium north of paris. >> when i looked up to the sky after i heard that loud bang there were no fireworks and that's when i knew it had to be something serious. >> reporter: french president francois hollande was at the stadium but was safely evacuated. he went on television to declare a state of emergency. president obama offered to help france as it hunts for the killers. >> this is an attack on the people of france and all of humanity. >> reporter: president hollande has mobilized the military and closed france's borders. saturday will bring a very different reality in paris as many businesses will be closed partially over the uncertainty of the capture or killing of all of those involved in these attacks. veronica, back to you. >> and craig, you had mentioned that the u.s. is going to be
6:34 pm
offering help. france is one of our oldest allies. what type of aid are we prepared to offer? do you know? >> reporter: right. fbi and law enforcement officials are in contact with their french counterparts offering any help that they can take at this point. but the chaos and the uncertainty still a lot of unanswered questions. so what type of help that will actually be accepted, just can't answer that question right now. they still don't know if they captured all of these hackers or even have an idea of what the final death toll will be. >> all right. craig boswell live for us tonight in washington, craig, we appreciate it, thank you. california congressman eric swalwell says tracking terror threats is a top priority for french authorities. >> i was in paris back in july meeting with our leaders over there about the security situation in western europe making sure that we're tracking individuals affiliated with terrorist groups who are transiting through western
6:35 pm
europe and going to fight with isis over in the middle east. we are watching them. i'll be waiting to get an intelligence update on what this means for our own security. but right now, hearts go out to the city of love which for the second time in a year is dealing with a tragedy. >> french people now living here in the bay area are keeping a close watch on the developments in paris. many were watching the news as they dined at this french restaurant in san francisco. the owner says the people in france are tired of being the target of terrorists. >> i think anger, you know? because it's too many times it happens. french getting angry about what's going on. >> the last attack in paris was in january of this year. islamic terrorist gunmen stormed the office of the satirical newspaper charlie
6:36 pm
hebdo killing 11 people inside that building and a police officer outside. a man from sacramento was in paris tonight to play a concert. the deaf tones were supposed to play tomorrow at the concert hall that was attacked. leader singer geno moreno called his dad to say he is okay. [ inaudible ] >> he says he wants to get his self and his family out of paris as soon as possible. but the french president has sealed the borders and no one comes in or goes out. stay with kpix 5 and through the night for continuing coverage on the terrorist attacks. still ahead, the democratic presidential hopefuls about to go head to head in their second
6:37 pm
debate. how hillary clinton may be getting a boost from california. ,,,,,,,,
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wanted to end the week... t dow dropped nearly 203 poin- ent. not the way wall street wanted to end the week. the dow dropped nearly 203 points. that's 1.2%. the nasdaq fell 77 points. the s&p was down 22. it is stock market's worst week since august in part because of fears over a weak holiday shopping season. hillary clinton has no shortage of support here in california. a survey among the democratic party's superdelegates found more than half already are backing clinton. superdelegates make up about 30% of the nearly 2400 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. the "associated press" reached out to all of them and found 359 have already committed to clinton. meanwhile, the second democratic debate is just 24 hours away. preparations are under way at drake university in des moines iowa where cbs will host that
6:40 pm
event. moderator john dickerson says the challenge for front-runner clinton is not to make a big mistake. much of the focus will be centered on the iowa voters since they will be the first to cast ballots when they caucus in february. you can watch the democratic candidates battle it out tomorrow night at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab is live tonight in pittsburg chilly already in the 50s but we are getting ready for play-off football and find out why when you come to a pittsburg high school football game it's not about players, it's about something else, as well. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,
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a restaurant where the food comes fast, but the meat-- all organic. kpix 5's don ford it had to happen in the bay area. a restaurant where the food comes fast but the meat is all
6:44 pm
organic. kpix 5's don ford has the story. >> how are you doing today? >> good. >> reporter: looks like just another fast food place but it's not. >> we were shocked to learn that we were america's first organic fast food. >> reporter: everything is organic. >> no gmos, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. >> reporter: hope you like chicken. it's the star attraction here. prepared in a wrap, a bowl, and ace classic burger. but bring your wallet because the organic chicken burger is nearly $9! helps keep the staff happy. >> thank you. >> we're starting at $14 an hour. so very -- >> reporter: $14 an hour. >> so very [ indiscernible ] to the fast food industry. >> reporter: pricy or not, customers like what they get. >> who doesn't love fried chicken ? >> perfect, right up my alley. >> i try to avoid fast food. >> reporter: what are you doing
6:45 pm
here? >> getting a quick meal. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no plastic bottled water, either. comes in tiny milk cartons. and in case you forgot, everything here is labeled, organic. organic. organic! i know what you're thinking, like me, you're asking, how can a legitimate fast food place operate without fries? well, not to worry. they have this thing in the works called a quinoa salad. in pleasanton, don ford, kpix 5. >> it is time for a look at the weather. paul deanno's live at pittsburg high school for "friday night lights." hey, paul. >> reporter: it is a chilly evening in pittsburg. we are falling into the 40s rapidly right now. and we're about -- let's check -- about 10 minutes and 17 seconds away from kickoff. the first round of the north coast play-off. the home team the pittsburg pirates ranked number 5 in the bay area. the visiting team dougherty valley, from san ramon. you're not looking at the football team. you're looking at the world
6:46 pm
famous yes, world famous pittsburg high school marching band. more on them in a second. first, let me get to the weather before we have some football coming up soon. we are live looking at san jose with clear skies. we are cooling off. san jose down to 59. it's also 59 in san francisco. 58 currently in san bruno. santa rosa 58. the warm spot oakland downtown checking in at 62 degrees. 30s for a fifth consecutive night in the north bay. santa rosa 38. napa 37. fairfield and vacaville upper 30s for you, as well. vallejo 41. san francisco 49 degrees overnight tonight. one more seasonal day as high pressure hangs out for about 18 to 24 more hours. that will be tomorrow. you will start the day off sunny but an increase in cloud cover in the afternoon. then a quick moving front is on the way but this is tapping into some rich moisture moving across the pacific. this is a guy that's slamming the pacific northwest right now. we are going to get a three or four-hour window of some heavy rainfall moving in saturday night into sunday morning. futurecast saturday night here comes the cloud cover. just after midnight here comes
6:47 pm
a thin band but an intense band of rainfall which may wake you up saturday night. then sunday sunrise, 7, 8 a.m., the front is gone. what's left is just some scattered showers and then by sunday in the afternoon by the time the raiders play it will be sunshine and breezy and cooler on sunday. we are mild tomorrow. clouds moving in late in the day. moderate to heavy rainfall saturday night early sunday morning. showers taper off sunday morning and then we'll be breezy and cool in the afternoon. tomorrow the drier choice over the weekend for a third consecutive weekend. saturday your high in campbell 69 degrees. redwood city 66. fremont 66. pittsburg 67 for you tomorrow. dublin 66. benicia 64. mid-60s oakland and novato. low 60s daly city. 66 in cloverdale and also 66 for ukiah. showers moving in sunday morning. a brisk day after that with highs only in the low 60s. monday and tuesday partly sunny mid-60s. and the warmest weather will be
6:48 pm
wednesday and thursday. upper 60s to low 70s. [ high school band music ] >> there is the marching band on cue. this is a band that played in the new year's day parade in london, england two years ago. they have been in the rose parade. they have been in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they are the best band around! not only is the pittsburg high school football team the marching band is a sight to behold in pittsburg this evening. 7 minutes to kickoff! that's your forecast. we have sports coming up next.
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paris... as well as the tour bus crash here in san francisco. the latest on bay area nightbeat.. at 10:00 on our sister stati cable 12. we are keeping tabs on the tour bus crash in san francisco and the terror attacks in paris. join us on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. right now we want to check in with vern and sort of switch gears. we had a lot of bad news today. >> try to lighten it up a bit. we have the nfl coming up here on top. busy weekend except for the 49ers bye week. the raiders home favorites to handle the vikings and they better contain running back adrian peterson. six-time pro bowler leading rusher in the league almost 800
6:52 pm
yards this season. the vikings are 6-2. and in the spirit of game recognizing game, here's what offensive lineman barnes had to say about all day ap. >> he is one of these guys a hard task. can you do it? absolutely. is it going to be a tough physical challenge? absolutely. he just runs hard. it's going to take all 11 guys to take him down but it's going to be a continuous efforts between everybody on defense to try to stop him. >> raider running back latavius murray and that helmet to helmet hit last sunday, he practiced. he got a concussion on the play. he is probable for sunday's game. teddy bridgewater also took a shot to the head likely to be on the field sunday. bridgewater also suffered a concussion last week against the rams. vikings head coach mike zimmer says he has no doubt he will play. and get used to this scene. college basketball season opened up today including cal. one of the most hyped seasons
6:53 pm
in memory. the bears run with wright tonight. cal starts the season ranked 14th because of two freshman jay lon brown number 0 and homegrown oakland product number one rabb. he might want to hire brown as an agent. >> i kind of played a role for him like no -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> multiple times in one day. i can sometimes i'm like fighting off a group of people. [ laughter ] >> he has your back? >> i guess. [ laughter ] >> i think they are asking both of us for pictures. >> all right. like a prime time tv drama, a high school coach fired twice. let's go to marin county. instead of tinkering with his line-up at the 2016 season, scott was cleaning out his mill
6:54 pm
valley office. no longer the varsity baseball coach at tamalpais high school. it was under the watchful eye of the man who let him go lars christensen then the acting school principal on loan from the school district office. remember that name. for the second time, in 100 days, terminated. this time, in the october 30th email sent by christensen. reason? >> there was no reason stated in the email. so i'm not really sure right now. >> reporter: christensen declined comment for the story. all did he in his two years in tam was win. the hawks won the 2014 division three sectionals for the first time in 85 years. reached the quarterfinals last year. tam baseball had momentum. after the season there were allegations of player favoritism. holding out of season
6:55 pm
practices. and alleged audio recording of the man by a player in hopes of building a case against him. under pressure, athletic director christina amorosso fired him in july and reinstated him after other players and parents came to his defense. by mid-october, he started [ indiscernible ] from his district human resources represent to voice concern that rep lars christensen. two weeks later christensen also the head of north coast section fired him. >> it's humbling. it's humiliating. um, and probably the most difficult thing is you just kind of feel like you're abandoning your kids your players. >> whatever we have to do to get them back has to be achieved. we did it once, we can do it again. >> yeah, players and parents still looking for answers about 100 of them went after christensen last night at a meeting. i'm going to tell you, this guy
6:56 pm
goes 40-18 in two years? that program is in trouble if he is not on the field when spring ball hits next february. >> like he say, really all that matters to him is his players. >> that's right. >> thank you. we want to leave with this a show of solidarity with the people of france. this is chopper 5 above san francisco's city hall. tonight it is bathed in the national colors of france. red, white and blue. city hall also flying the french flag tonight. mayor lee saying we stand in solidarity with the people of our sister city of paris. >> just like paris did on 9/11. >> that's right. >> they stood with the united states. >> for news throughout the evening we'll the latest always on >> join us for nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. n average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? ok. how y'all doing? how's everybody today? how y'all doing? i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, look, we got a good one for you today. returning here for their second day, from louisville, kentucky, it's the champs, it's the lorenzen family. and from dallas, texas, i got a place out there, it's the turrentine family. [yelling, indistinct] uh, everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving
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out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the turrentine family. hey, april. y'all from dallas? april: yes, sir. steve: what do you do for a living, april? april: i work for the department of justice, federal bureau of prisons. whoo. good answer. 10-4. lock 'em up, steve! >> 10-4. that's it. give me some. april: yeah. whoo. good answer. steve: let me tell you something. that job done drove her crazy. whoo! introduce everybody, april. april: ok, steve. right here, i have my handsome nephew kenny. whoo. steve: kenny, what you do for a living? kenny: [stammers] steve: well... ha ha. kenny: whoo. ev


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