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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 14, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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claim of responsibility for paris terror attacks. and tonight -- we learned at least one of those killed ia stud police raids in belgium, arrests made and a claim of responsibility for the paris terrorist attacks. tonight we learned at least one of those killed is a student from california. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. a live look at paris where it is now it 2:30 a.m. sunday morning. police are gathering at the place de la republique. the city of light is going through one of its darkest hours after the deadliest attack since world war ii. one of the victims is from california. she was a design major from long beach state. she was killed at a restaurant
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attacked last night. >> she was something of a star in our department. she was a shining star. and, um, she brought joy, happiness, laughter, to everybody she worked with. >> long beach state says another student is in surgery. the 16 other students from long beach still in paris are safe tonight. here is where things stand tonight. isis says it is responsible with eight men carrying out the attack, 7 blew themselves up, police killed the other. police carried out raids in belgium arresting three people tied to the paris attacks. u.s. officials say that's where the plot was planned. at least 129 people are dead and that number is expected to rise. more than 350 others are injured. kenneth craig is in paris with the deadly sequence of events an what's known about the attackers. kenneth. >> reporter: well not a whole lot at this point, juliette, except one of them was on
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police radar apparently another one had a fake passport. authorities know their identities. they haven't released them to us. we are standing a few blocks away from where the deadliest of those attacks played out at that concert hall tonight behind me you can see a growing memorial as a major terrorism investigation is under way. across paris, mourners with candles comforted each other at memorials one day after their city was terrorized. >> we feel lucky a little but really sad for our friends, people who died. >> reporter: a french prosecutor described how the coordinated attacks unfolded. they were carried out by three teams of extremists. the assaults began at 9:20 friday night when a suicide bomber at a sports stadium, whose vest was detected, blew himself up killing a passerby. minutes later another team opened fire at a string of
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crowded cafes killing dozens. the gunmen first attacked customers at this restaurant firing about 100 bullets. some of them went right through these front windows. about 15 minutes later, another group opened fire and took hostages at the bataclan concert hall where an american band was playing. 89 people were killed. french authorities have identified the 7 attackers. all but one detonated identical explosives vests to kill themselves. police killed the other. in belgium, authorities conducted raids and arrested three people who may be linked to the terrorism. the "islamic state" has claimed responsibility. french president francois hollande addressed the nation calling the attacks an act of war. outside the concert hall a man played john lennon's "imagine" as a tribute to those killed. this memorial behind me is one of about 10 across the city
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tonight honoring the victims killed in friday's attacks. back to you. >> thank you, kenneth craig in paris. a memorial at the french consulate in san francisco. this is a live look outside the building which is just a couple of blocks east of union square. you can see candles, flowers, handwritten messages, actually what you can mostly see people gathered there. people in the bay area are paying their respects to victims of the violence in paris. andria borba spoke to a bay area man who is in paris just a block away from one of the attacks and his wife in san carlos. >> reporter: brian and kathleen have had an intense 24 hours, brian listening gunfire near where he was having dinner and his wife and children half a world away waiting for information. >> that concert hall it was terrible. it was a band from california that was playing. >> i know. i think a lot of people [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: via a shaky skype connection, kathleen and her
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daughter get facetime with her husband brian on a business trip in paris. friday night he was at dinner in paris when he heard gunfire. >> i heard bang, bang, bang, back, suddenly it got quiet. >> reporter: no one knew what was happening until a friend checked his smartphone and realized the shots were part of a terrorist attack. >> kept looking at his phone and kept saying oh, my god there's another one! and a third one and a fourth one. >> reporter: that's when brian texted kathleen who was teaching preschoolers back in the bay area. >> thank god i noticed the first thing he wrote on there is i am fine. >> reporter: two hours into the attack, things suddenly became terrifyingly real again for brian. >> suddenly ran inside and she yelled out in french, everybody get under the table! so we did. and we dove down and didn't real ly know why she had said that. you know, we didn't know if she saw anyone coming down the street or heard gunfire or what it was. >> reporter: was a parisian trying to get home past this barricade. >> apparently the police fired
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into the air or something like that in order to -- make it clear that they were serious about the not going through the barricades. >> reporter: brian and all 30 people in the restaurant stayed under the tables for several minutes before coming out. they finally left the restaurant at 2:30 a.m. paris time. >> police were barricading off anything within a block or so. >> the metro open now? >> reporter: brian will fly home to the bay area on sunday. >> oh, my gosh, i can't even tell you, to see his face. i have never been so excited to see him in my life! >> reporter: brian says inside the the restaurant there were three patrons with cell phone charges and everyone was talking turns charging up their phones and contacting family. andria borba, kpix 5. kpix 5's mark kelly is at sfo. mark, you spoke to passengers arriving from paris. what did they have to say? >> reporter: brian, they talked about the sense of solidarity in france right now. but also, how tight security
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was flying from paris here to sfo today. >> the army out on the street getting through the airport security this morning was quite difficult. >> reporter: passengers say the french airport is running smoothly today but the lines are exceptionally long. >> the lines for passport control was almost two hours long. normally they don't even man it. >> reporter: brian hanrahan is back home in the bay area from a business trip in paris. >> i did not want to stay in paris longer. just being home is nice. >> reporter: this parisian is studying this semester at berkeley. he was horrified today to see the death toll back in his native france climb past 100. >> it's a lot -- they don't have any faith and they don't have surgeons to help the people. >> reporter: he is at sfo pick up his girlfriend who describes the initial shock and confusion yesterday when word of the attacks began swirling around paris. >> really had no idea what was
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going on. we knew there was some gunshots. but we didn't know where and how many places. >> reporter: today unfortunately the horror is coming into focus. but so is the resolve of many parisians to continue living their lives. >> designed to cause terror and i think the only reaction to that is we have to continue to live our life and live by our own values. >> reporter: tonight, many in france encouraged to put candles in their windows as a sign of solidarity and many of the parisians i talked to arriving here at sfo today say they wish they were back in their home country tonight as everybody begins to heal. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. and raiders fans can expect more security at the coliseum tomorrow. the nfl says it is beefing up patrols inside and outside all stadiums following what happened in paris. the oakland police department says they will increase the number of officers at tonight's
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warriors game. and stay with kpix 5 tonight. we'll be airing a special episode of 48 hours called paris under attack. that's at 10:00 right here on kpix 5. and coming up here an update tonight on those injured in a tour bus crash in san francisco's union square. >> and out with the old with a splash. what's next after caltrans implodes the main pier that once held up the old eastern span of the bay bridge? no slow. no off-days, or downtime. opportunity is ev you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. this pais pure perfection,ncakes pleasing my palette like a pro-level pumpkin pancake pecan pie party... ...and the price, perfectly puny.
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denny's new pumpkin pecan pie pancakes just 4.99. recovering in the hospital.. after yesterday's tour bus h in san francisco. four are in critical condition. tonight at least 6 people are recovering in the hospital
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after yesterday's tour bus crash in san francisco. and four are in critical condition. chopper 5 shows the aftermath of the accident in union square yesterday. you can see the double-decker bus surrounded by heaps of metal. police say the open airbus went out of control ran down a bicyclist and smashed into cars before slamming into construction scaffolding, which collapsed. 20 people were hurt. the majority had minor or moderate injuries. the tour bus company's ceo says our hearts and prayers go out to the individuals and families who were impacted. we are cooperating with the authorities to determine how this happened. we pray that everyone involved recovers fully and quickly. well, a spectacle in the bay area this morning as an old bay bridge pier is imploded. mark kelly shows us the detonation went off without a hitch. >> reporter: it took 600
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charges to bring the bridge's largest pier down. one family woke up at 4 a.m. to get a front row seat but weren't all that impressed with the show. >> i thought it would be bigger. i thought i was going to see something come down. >> i thought it would be more. i mean, it was okay. >> reporter: but caltrans isn't concerned with theatrics. their goal was to bring down pier e3 safely. >> everything went according to plan that we're aware of. >> reporter: caltrans says it chose november to do the blast for a specific reason. >> and it was determined that november would be the best time because of the least amount of wildlife in the area. >> reporter: crews will spend the coming days if the water to see if the blast really worked. and the pier collapsed the way it should. >> we'll get information from that data. we don't have this quickly. >> reporter: if it did work we could see the other 21 piers imploded. >> so i'm going to come back. >> reporter: on treasure island
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mark kelly, kpix 5. >> that implosion cost $20 million. coming up, rain on the way for the bay area. we'll have the details as we look live toward the city from oakland. it's all coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight, parisians are hono the victims of last night's violence. many lit left messages of praying for paris. tonight parisians are honoring the victims of last night's violence. many lit canadas and left messages of peace. it's a hot topic on the campaign trail. republicans have strong comments at a florida summit. >> when you look at paris, you know, the toughest gun laws in the world, paris, nobody had guns but the bad guys. nobody. >> whoo!
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>> nobody had guns. and they were just shooting them one by one and then they broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists. and i'll tell you what. you can say what you want. but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry -- >> yeah!! >> boo! >> it would have been a much, much different situation. >> isis is a creation of a political decision by hillary clinton and barack obama. applause blues to [ applause ] >> to abandon iraq against all of the general's recommendation. >> other republican candidates demanded an aggressive response. the paris attacks are likely to be a major topic when the democratic presidential
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candidates face off in iowa tonight. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: the democratic did he base will take place about 24 hours -- debate will take place about 24 hours after the terror attack in france. it will take on a different tone and focus. former maryland governor quickly greeted the vermont senator as they crossed paths at drake university for last- minute preps before tonight's democratic presidential debate in des moines. they took the opportunity to denounce the overnight terror attacks in paris which isis has claimed responsibility for. >> we are going to talk about a lot of things tonight. >> yeah, bernie! >> we are going to talk about how the world is going to come together to defeat this barbaric organization. >> it's a real threat. we need to rise to it and we need to be more adaptive, quicker, smarter, more nimble than those who would seek to harm us and hurt us. >> reporter: they are both
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behind hillary clinton in polls. all three will make a case for their candidacy when they take the debate stage tonight in iowa a key state and the first to caucus. the focus of tonight's debate will change in light of recent events in france. >> the tone and tenor and even the questions and the conversation tonight will be shifted to focus in part on how we protect national security. >> reporter: the candidates will talk about issues here at home. student body president will attend the debate along with other drake university students. >> i'm really most excited because i'm going to talk about college afford ability. >> reporter: viewers at home will get a chance to be part of the debate. they can send in questions for the candidates on twitter using the #demdebate. the next democratic debate will take place next month on december 19 in new hampshire, in des moines, iowa, marlie hall, kpix 5. >> you can watch the debate right here at kpix 5 immediately following this newscast at 6:00. we have rain on the way for
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the bay area as we look toward the bay bridge. doesn't seem to be much of a hint of it. the cold front is well to the north right now. the readings are chilly in the 50s. 61 though at concord. you can see that the brunt of the front is still well offshore. it will be after midnight tonight before rain begins to move into the bay area. so we'll increase the clouds tonight. they have flooding in snoqualmie up in the pacific northwest. for us the rain arrives first in the far north bay after midnight. it will spread south over the rest of the bay area tomorrow morning and tomorrow mid date before beginning to clear out by tomorrow evening but the rain turns to snow in the mountains. winter weather advisories posted as a result the heaviest snow at midday tomorrow at lake level up to 4." rain spreads south tonight heaviest from 1/4" to 3/4" and then we dry out for the rest of the week. overnight chilly santa rosa 38. 39 livermore. 42 san jose. sun-up 12 minutes before 7:00. numbers don't vary much really
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from place to place tomorrow. we'll be in the upper 50s and low 60s for the most part. south bay low 60s. rain by later in the day like midday. rain develops around sunrise. numbers in the upper 50s. north rain getting rain early and spreading into midday hours. ukiah rain tonight and earlier clearing tomorrow. some increasing sunshine by tomorrow afternoon up by ukiah and clearlake. in the extended forecast, it's been the same for the past three weeks. it gets wet on sunday and mainly on monday. not this time though. it clears out the rest of the week. monday through saturday after a little bit of a soaking on sunday, it's going to be dry as far as the eye can see but what vern has to report in sports may bring a little bit of a tear to your eye. >> oh, you want to lean forward for this one. straight ahead a successful high school baseball team ruined by the dismissal of its coach. and a few parents may be to
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coach dabo swinney tied a motivational tactic to get s fellas up for its game at college football. when you're at the top like clemson, everybody else is gunning for you. so coach sweetney tried a motivational tactic to get to his fellows up for the next game at syracuse. how'd that work out? >> i'm like man i been waiting all year. i can't wait. we're going to syracuse and jim
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brown is going to be the captain and lead the tying nears syracuse. we got our own jim brown. and they're all going -- [ laughter ] >> i mean, is that not sad? [ laughter ] >> yeah. there's the real jim brown. yeah. also one of the greatest lacrosse players ever. tiger offense too much. watson, a touchdown. su wasn't going to happen today. clemson rolls. 37-27, 10-0 for the first time since 1981. jim harbaugh on the sidelines, michigan at indiana. driving, late in the game, on the receiving end of this one it's a touchdown. that sends the game into overtime. went to double overtime. and look at this. dar baugh, and michigan on the
5:55 pm
strength of six touchdown passes from rudic is on top and they hold after a great defensive play at the goal line. what a great game to watch. wolverines hung on to beat the hoosiers 48-41 to get to 8-2 and still have a chance to play in the big 10 title game. up in reno, san jose state, 37-34 in overtime lost to nevada. spartans need to win out to become bowl eligible. like some kind of a prime time tv drama, winning high school baseball coach fired twice in three months unfound allegations, betrayal, disgruntled parents assuming power and the kids caught in the middle. instead of tinkering with his lifeup of the 2016 season, scott osder was cleaning out his mill valley office no
5:56 pm
longer the varsity baseball coach at tamalpais high school. it was under the watchful eye of the man who let him go, larz christensen then the acting school principal on loan from the school district office. remember that name. for the second time in 100 days, terminated. this time in this october 30 email sent by christensen. >> there was no reason stated in the email. so i'm not really sure right now. >> reporter: christensen decline comment for this story. all he did for two years at tam was win. the hawks won the 2014 division 3 sectionals for the first time in 85 years, reached the quarterfinals last year, tam baseball had momentum. after the season, there were allegations of player favoritism, holding out of season practices, and alleged audio recording of the coach by a player in hopes of building a
5:57 pm
case against him. under pressure, athletic director christina amorosso fired him in early july then reinstated him after other players and parents came to his defense. by mid-october, the coach sought advisory from his hr rep to be concerned. that rep was lars christensen. two weeks later christensen also the head of north coast section fired him. >> it's humbling, it's humiliating. um, and you know, probably the most difficult thing is you just kind of feel like you're abandoning your kids, your players. >> whatever we have to do to get him back is going to be achieved. we did it once. we can do it again. >> about 10 0 parents went after the board and christensen a couple of nights ago. this program is really in the toilet if this guy is not at spring ball coming up in
5:58 pm
february. >> we'll follow it. thank you. thanks for watching. see you at 8:00 tonight. ,,,, ,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> good evening. i'm john dickerson of cbs news in des moines, iowa. the debate you've tuned in to see tonight is a symbol of the freedom we all cherish. last night, the world watched in horror as freedom was savagely attacked in the heart of paris. at least 129 people were killed and many more wounded in a coordinated series of terror attacks. tonight, as france mourns, so does america. so before we begin tonight's second debate with these candidates for the democratic presidential nomination, we ask you to join us in observing a moment of silence. now, please welcome to drake university, former secretary of state hillary


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