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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 15, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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panic breaks out at a memorl is -- thousands . new video tonight of gunfire outside a theater in paris during the terrorist attacks. >> panic breaks out at a memorial in paris. thousands run screaming into the main square. tonight, fnce carries out major strikes on targets in syria. >> france lost the attacks, the target, the isis strong hold of raqqa. france is describing the airstrikes as massive. this footage was released, showing fighter jets taking off from jordan and the persian gulf, a total of 20 bombs were
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dropped. france's biggest airstrikes since joining the campaign since isis. it hit a jihadi training camp and munitions dump. >> the death toll has climbed from the attack from 132 tonight, as the investigation goes on. a massive international manhunt is under way for at least one terror suspect who got away. 26-year-old salam of brussels. police stopped him yesterday near the belgian border, but for some reason let him go. investigators say he is directly involved with the attack. two of his brothers also took part. one is dead. the other has been detained in brussels. [ gunfire ] this is video outside the bataclan theater on friday night. sparks can be seen as buddle ricochet off parked carts.
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kenneth craig is paris with are month. >> reporter: there is most certainly a sense of heightened alert, especially after a string of false alarms and now the bombing of isis. exploding firecrackers sent people running to cover at the plaza in paris on sunday. mourners were gathered at a memorial for the victims of friday's deadly attacks when chaos erupted. >> we don't know. we should be afraid and stay home. or if it's a resistance out in paris. it's crazy. >> reporter: there was a near- stampede as people ran inside a restaurant for safety. near notre dame, people attending a memorial service panicked when they saw police with guns drawn running around them. this woman compares paris to beirut, jerusalem and tel aviv, saying we have to get used to the idea these things can happen. many parisians are determined to fight the fear, despite the panic, and refuse to change
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their daily lives. >> it's been kind of an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs. >> reporter: investigators believe three of the eight attackers were french citizens. a manhunt is under way right now to find one suspect still on the run. the terrorist attacked a concert hall, cafes, and france's national stadium. security experts say the masacre was well organized and sophisticated. >> these guys are communicating via encrypted apps, right? commercial encryption, which is very difficult, if not impossible for governments to break. >> reporter: french military officials say airstrikes are under way on isis targets in syria. this afternoon, we got word that museums here are supposed to open 1:00 monday afternoon, but there are reports that the state of emergency here could last as long as three months. brian, back to you. >> kenneth craig, live in paris, thank you. back here in california, a cal state long beach student killed in the terrorist attacks is being remembered tonight.
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a vigil is taking place at this hour on campus for 23-year-old gonzalez. she was at a restaurant friday night with friends when gunmen opened fire from a passing vehicle. she was wounded and died later at a hospital. she was a design student studying in paris for a semester. friends and family described gonzalez as a diligent and committed student with lofty goals. >> nohemi was a star in our department, a shining star. she brought joy, happiness, laughter to everybody she worked with is. >> she was one of 19 people killed at the bistro. nine others were critically wounded. friends say she had dreamed about studying abroad in paris. here in the bay area, san francisco state says 35 of its students are studying in paris this semester. all are safe and accounted for. and meanwhile, hundreds gathered outside of san francisco's city hall today to remember the victims of the
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paris attacks. ♪ >> people sang the french national anthem as french flags waved in the air. candles and flowers placed on the street for the lives lost. french diplomats were also there. san francisco and paris became sister cities nearly 20 years ago. we will have more on this memorial, coming up at 6:30. this just in from the central valley. a tornado touched down in stanislaus county. this is the damage it did to the roof of a church in the area. several trees were knocked down, this one blocking a road near the church. there are no reports of any injuries. that's a snapshot of the ominous clouds that spawned the tornado. you can see what appears to be a funnel structure coming down from the bank of clouds. the turbulent weather was triggered here, where thunderstorms are still booming at this hour in gold country. the same system that brought rain overnight to much of the bay area, from three quarters of an inch at ben lohman to half an inch in san jose. up in the north bay, santa rosa
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picked up 0.43. after the rains, the winds picked up, still blowing at sfo to almost 30 miles per hour. in the north bay, napa has gusts to about 22. it's snowing in the mountains tonight, too. video sent to us from northstar where they have 10 trails open and more snow expected tonight. as for more rain and more wind, we'll have a complete forecast in just a few minutes. gunshots rang out in oakland last night as a side show spins out of control. this youtube video shows chaotic crowds jumping on cars near high street. police say hundreds in the crowd got on interstate 880, driving in the wrong direction and stopping traffic to perform spinning stunts. now, officials say cars from fresno and los angeles were there, as well as motorcyclists from san jose. kpix spoke to a neighbor who says this kind of thing is becoming much too common. >> this is like playground for
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the kids. >> reporter: another massive side show. chp and oakland police say about 200 cars drove the wrong way down the off-ramp backing up the freeway and adjoining streets as they spun doughnuts on the pavement. an online video shows young men jumping up and down on a parked oakland patrol car. eventually, the side show dispersed, only to start up again in other parts of the city. >> lot of people. i think they -- i don't think they can handle a lot of people. there's a lot of kids. most of them kids. >> reporter: this man woke to the sound of one of the side shows outside his house. he says it's happening almost every week now. >> it's annoying. it's really annoying. sometimes you hear gunshots and then it's like you got to protect yourself. >> reporter: there were guns fired last night, but no injuries were reported. and the chp says its helicopter was not damaged. only one arrest was made. a man leaving a side show near
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73rd and san leandro led officers on a 2 1/2-mile chase before finally stopping. on a street where nearly every bill board advertises help fighting a traffic ticket, this has become the new playground for kids. >> it's crazy. it's very crazy. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the first reports came in around midnight. police say the side shows continued in various parts of the city until about 4:00 this morning. so far, no word of any arrests or injuries. still ahead, the national football league, not taking any chances in the wake of the paris terrorist attacks. the extra security measures that fans will notice. >> and how are the presidential candidates responding? we will hear plans many of them are already laying out.
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crash in san francisco. . tonight, san francisco police say they are leaning toward mechanical failure in the tour bus crash in san francisco. investigators are examining video that will be crucial in figuring out what happened. the bus blew through two intersections, hit a cyclist before slamming into scaffolding at union square. this all happened on friday. four people are still in critical condition. two others are listed as serious. we'll have a live update on the story, coming up at 6:30. a woman from concord is
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recovering tonight after getting into a scuffle with a man who robbed her at gunpoint. police say the 44-year-old woman slammed her head into a pole while she tried to hold on to her purse. it happened about 8:00 last night near mount diablo and san jose avenue. the robber did get away with the purse. in the wake of the terrorist attacks in paris, the national football league is taking added security measures. law enforcement agencies are beefing up patrols, both inside and outside of stadiums. extra officers were on hand at the oakland coliseum today for the raiders matchup against the minnesota vikings. getting into the game looked as tight as airport security, with long lines. there were also many more local and federal officers on patrol. >> our job is to make sure everybody who comes to the game has a good time. >> the nfl is using antiterrorism technology at its games. the league says it's been in close communication with the
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department of homeland security and the fbi. the forecast, after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. today for the g-20 summit. . as many mourn the tragic terrorist attacks in paris, leaders were in turkey for the g 20 summit. leaders renewed their plan to defeat isis. president obama had an informal meeting with russian president vladimir putin during the summit. the united states stands in solidarity with france. >> the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> memorials to the victims are going up all around the world, with crowds turning out to offer their support to a nation in mourning. the candidates running for the white house are weighing in on the terror attacks.
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as anne makovec tells us, they are already laying out their ideas to keep america safe. >> i think we've got to understand the complexity of the world that we are facing and no place is more so than in the middle east. >> reporter: as the calls for taking out isis grow louder, the presidential candidates lay out their plans. >> we should, we should declare war and harness all of the power that the united states can bring to bear. >> reporter: republican governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio took to the sunday morning talk shows. >> we should invoke article 5 of the nato agreement and bring everyone together to put together a coalition to confront this challenge. >> reporter: article 5 says if a nato ally is attacked, all nato members will join the counter attack. all of the candidates seem to agree the u.s. should join a coalition, but the united states' role is under debate. >> the united states cannot do it alone. >> reporter: meanwhile, republican donald trump is bringing in the issue of gun control. >> nobody had guns but the bad
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guys, nobody. >> reporter: and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is defending her role as former secretary of state. at last night's debate, she was asked whether the obama administration underestimated the isis threat. >> i don't think the united states has the bulk of the responsibility. i really put that on assad and on the iraqis and on the region itself. >> reporter: and then there's the issue of syrian refugees. at least one being blamed for playing a part in the paris attacks. while some candidates want to close our borders, all three democrats want to welcome 65,000 to the united states. >> but only if we have as careful a screening and vetting process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes. >> reporter: as for going to battle against isis? >> we have the capabilities of doing this. we haven't shown the will. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix 5. and michigan's governor is putting efforts to accept syrian refugees on hold.
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he put out a statement today, saying that his state's priority is protecting the safety of our residents. now we'll get you caught up on what was the big story at least overnight in the bay area. that is the fact we did get a little bit wet. most of the totals, a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. but there is the wind. gusty winds around the area and the numbers feel chillier than 56 in san francisco. this is a forecast of the way the wind should behave over the next 24 hours and we have frozen it at 5:00 tomorrow morning to show you that fairly strong gusts persist right into the early morning hours. so up 30 miles an hour at san rafael, 31 in san francisco. as the day goes on, the winds ease up, but they don't abate completely. still along the shoreline, san rafael, half moon bay, ant the santa cruz mountains. gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. so a windy day in the offing for tomorrow. gusts even at this hour out at sfo, up to 43 miles an hour. up in santa rosa, 29 miles an hour right now.
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all because of low pressure sinking in over inland california. we'll continue the breezes northwesterly tonight and tomorrow very dry direction, though. if we get showers tonight, they will be rogue showers. as you can see the low sinking in over the bay area, triggered snow out at the sierra. along the shoreline, a shower or two wouldn't be a complete surprise, but it's not likely. winter storm warning still posted in the mountains as all of this heads for the hills. heavy snow tonight with 4 to 8 inches above 5000 feet. so that will add to the pack that we got last weekend. gusty winds through monday in the headlines. temperatures will warm to the mid-60s midweek. things will slowly warm after a fairly chilly day tomorrow, but no rain in sight for the weekend. heading out to the bay area, a mostly sunny day. sacramento and fresno, a little bit of fog and chilly in the mountains. yosemite and lake tahoe, sunny tomorrow. overnight, on the chilly side.
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37 at napa. sunrise tomorrow at 6:51. chillier than we're used to at this time of the year. down in the south bay, plenty of sunshine and windy. not a huge deal, but by tomorrow afternoon, winds will be to about 25 miles an hour out of the northwest. same for the east bay. numbers near 60 degrees. same for the north bay. numbers near 60 degrees. even up by ukiah, 60 degrees. fairly uniform cold air mass settling in over the bay area. cold by california standards. as we look ahead, there's nothing but sun. all sunny side up through next weekend. numbers warm to the upper 60s inland by friday. cooling it down next weekend, but the only thing that's going to come down are the temperatures. no rain in sight at this point. that, ladies and gentlemen, is your monday forecast. one of the great all-time football players, it was ugly. bizarre day in the league. you often hear the phrase, one play does not a game make.
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you may disagree when you see what happened in the raiders game today. kickoff is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. blame it on the wind today? >> blame it on the wind. remember when the 49ers dominated the minnesota vikings in the first game of the season, right? that was two months ago. since then, vikings have become one of the best teams in the league. they were back in the bay area today. this time to face the raiders and the win.
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vikings quarterback teddy bridgewater was picked up four spots ahead of derek carr in the 2014 draft and he gets ellisson to tackle. 7-0 minnesota just like that. oakland's offense got off to a slow start, but got it going in the second quarter. the 10-yard touchdown cut the lead to 13-7. and the next raider possession, carr throws one up into the wind to cooper, leaping up to make the catch. 38-yard gain. raiders back in business in viking territory. three plays later, carr lofts it to holmes, 34-yard score that gave the raiders the lead, 14-13. they got all the momentum. they are going to go into half time with the lead, right? not quite. ensuing kickoff, patterson mishandled the kick, got it back to the sidelines and he's going to go 93 yards for the score. that put minnesota back in front 20-14.
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that was a huge momentum swing that i don't think the raiders ever recover from. 2 minutes left in the game, 23- 14. oakland driving. carr picked off in the end zone. that's terence newman, his second pick of the game. on the very next play, adrian peterson, raiders playing up and there goes peterson. 80 yards for the touchdown. ap finishes with 203 yards. minnesota, 7-2, alone atop the nfc north while the raiders fall to 4-5. >> they are a good team. they play better than we did today. they coach better, played better and earned it. we have to take our lumps today and deal with it and move on. >> when games get tough, you still got to execute. these up to each of us in this locker room, to tighten up. like you say, we have winnable games. just got to go out there and execute. two straight losses now, raiders are a game behind the bills for the final wild card spot in the afc. lot of football left. if you're looking for optimism,
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oakland's next three opponents have a combined record of 8-19. how about this story, peyton manning moved past brett favre for the most passing yards in nfl history. but the cheers would quickly turn to jeers in denver this afternoon. manning had the worst game of his career. he completed only 5 of 20 passes. he was picked off four times. he now has 17 interceptions this year. manning was benched in the third quarter for brock osweiler. chiefs beat the broncos 29-13. denver has dropped two straight now after starting the season 7- 0. tom brady and the patriots on the rope against the giants. less than 90 seconds to go, brady, amendola to keep the drive alone, and they connect twice more to help get the patriots into field goal range. eli manning could not bear to watch. 6 seconds left, stephen gronkowski from 54 yards out.
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was it good? yes! good! patriots beat the giants 27-26, improving to 9-0. steelers and browns, landry jones left the game in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury. enter ben roethlisberger, who was supposed to sit out with an ankle injury of his own. i'm no doctor, but he looks pretty healthy to me. big ben threw for 379 yards and three touchdowns, two of them to antonio brown. he stuck the landing, perfect 10. pittsburgh blows out cleveland, 30-9. question in green bay, what's wrong with aaron rodgers? final minute, packers trailing detroit 18-10, but then rodgers finds the 11-yard touchdown, cutting detroit's lead to 18- 16. green bay is going to go for two and the tie. but the pass is dropped by adams. the lions still lead by two points. only chance left for the pack is to recover the onside kick. crosby's kick goes off the hands of calvin johnson and is
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recovered by green bay with 32 seconds left. the packers get into field goal range. crosby, 52 yards out to win the football game. it was blocked! their first win, detroit's, in green bay since george h.w. bush was president. packers have lost three straight games. manning and aaron rodgers going south. 49ers, as we know, had the day off. >> i'm sorry. roethlisberger has a hurt ankle, is that right? but he can run and do a flip? >> he was supposed to be out for two weeks. he's back up, gets hurt with an ankle injury. ben came in, did not look hurt, in any way, shape or form. >> that's an athlete. come on. >> he got carted off against the raiders last week. former 49er jeff garcia will compare the 49ers' fall in 2003 to the one we're seeing right now, tonight on game day. >> thanks, dennis. thanks for watching. see you back here in half an hour. ,, ,,,,,,
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>> glor: the paris ter railroad investigation widens. an international manhunt for a suspect who got away. frightening images emerge inside a concert halla long with extraordinary stories of survival. did the attacker use so called dark apps to hide their communications? president obama huddles with a putin over the viet against isis. and security is increased in u.s. football stadiums what is being done to protect soft targets. >> soft targets we have to rely on public awareness. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. this is a western edition of the broadcast. the death toll from the terror attacks


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