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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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caught on camera, a funnel cloud forms in the central valley, damaging property, uprooting trees, knocking out power to thousands. good evening. the tornado touched down afternoon in the stanislaus county community, east of turlock. >> reporter: some houses were damaged, church roof as well, glass windows blown out and the tornado knocked down several trees. power has been turned off in the area, so authorities can assess the damage, but it was a frightening afternoon for residents as they watched the storm and what they describe as violent winds out their windows. authorities say there are no reported injuries. right now, firefighters trying to get the power back on, but for some areas, they say that may take hours, may be before 1:00 or 2:00 this morning before residents get their power back o meantime, they are working to clean up the damage.
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kelly ryan, kpix 5. the wild weather exploded out of of a complex of thunderstorms that blasted the golden country this afternoon that left up to three quarters of an inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains, almost 0.4 in san francisco. the north bay approached half an inch of rain overnight. now it's the wind blowing up to 30 miles an hour, northwesterlies continuing to blow through the night with gusts to 50 miles an hour possible. as for more rain, we'll cover our chances with the forecast, coming up. and new details on the tour bus crash that left a section of san francisco's union square in ruins friday. six people are still in the hospital tonight. joe vasquez found out police are taking a closer look at the bus itself. joe? >> reporter: right. police investigators are telling us that they are leaning toward the likelihood that it was a mechanical problem on the tour bus that caused that crash on friday. that's according to a top police official, as well as a supervisor whose district
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encompasses union square. >> this was 100% preventible. >> reporter: we caught up with supervisor jane kim on a memorial walk down market street. it's the world day of remembrance for road traffic victims, an awful coincidence that this event is being held just two days after the wild tour bus wreck that injured 20 people in union square. >> it appears to be a mechanical defect with the vehicle itself. >> reporter: supervisor kim says police have told us not only were there mechanical problems with the bus, but also issues with the bus company's paperwork. >> yes, i think there are questions about how record keeping has been kept and also how, you know, how vehicles are being maintained by many of these very large tour bus companies regulated by the state. >> reporter: kim, who is running for state senate, said while tour buses are regulated by the state, she would like to see regulatory powers offered to local government, especially in san francisco, where tour buses crowd the streets. >> without having more information, my guess is that some of the companies either don't regularly maintain all of their vehicles, maybe cut
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corners to get all of their buses out to do more business. and that's where i think local regulation can help. >> reporter: police say video plays a very important and helpful role in this investigation, as they say several of the stores, including macy's here, caught the actual crash in progress on their surveillance cameras. reporting live, union square, i'm joe vasquez,kpix 5. france is retaliating with massive airstrikes at this hour, bombing isis targets in syria. france says its jets have dropped 20 bombs on the terror group strong hold of raqqa. meanwhile, an international manhunt is under way for 26- year-old salah awdeslam. police stopped him near the belgian border yesterday and checked his passport, but for some reason let him go. tonight, the death toll in paris is still rising, standing now at 132, after three more
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victims died from their injuries. we'll have a live report ahead. first, the bay area is joining the world in morning tonight. earlier, hundreds gathered for an emotional vigil outside san francisco's city hall. kpix 5's maria medina joins us with more. >> reporter: lot of emotions today, definitely somber, but you could feel people gathering strength as they stood together. thousands of miles away from paris. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds gathered outside san francisco's city hall this afternoon to send the country their thoughts and prayers. french consulate general spoke to the crowd in french and english, asking for a empty move silence and thanking americans. >> i would like to say thank you. thank you for your support in such a difficult time. ♪
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>> we see the reaction from the american government has been very touching. >> reporter: this man moved from paris to san francisco two months ago. he says being away from family at this time is difficult. >> my brother was, was actually shot in the legs. shocking. we don't know how to react. ♪ >> reporter: others joined the crowd, mostly from france, like this bay area man, who is hosting a 16-year-old exchange student from france. >> i think he felt a little isolated and was eager to come. i wanted to make sure that he had that chance, having been through september 11th and understanding how important it was to be with people. ♪ >> reporter: through the emotion, however, moments of standing united in the wake of tragedy. [ applause ] >> reporter: an estimated 800 people showed up for today's
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event. live in san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. in southern california, a massing gathering at cal state long beach to remember a 23- year-old student who died in the attacks. nohemi gonzalez was one of 19 people killed when gunmen opened fire on a bistro. gonzalez was an industrial design student studying in paris for a semester. it is now 3:37 a.m. monday morning in paris. cbs reporter kenneth craig is there live with the latest. kenneth? >> reporter: well, as you said, it's now monday morning here in paris. even where we are just around the corner from that theater where 89 people were killed, there is still a massive crime scene, in addition to this. police are all over the city, including thousands of troops standing guard. fire crackers sent people running for cover at the plaza in paris on sunday. mourners were gathered at a
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memorial for victims of friday's deadly attacks when gunfire erupted. >> we don't know if we should be afraid and stay home or if it's now a resistance in paris. it's crazy. >> reporter: there was a near- stampede as people ran inside a restaurant for safety. near notre dame, people attending a memorial service panicked when they saw police with guns drawn running around them. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: this woman compares paris to beirut, jerusalem and tel aviv, saying now we have to get used to the idea that these things can happen. despite the panic, many parisians are determined to fight the fear and refuse to change their daily lives. >> it's been kind of an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs. >> reporter: investigators believe three of the eight attackers were french citizens. a manhunt is under way right now to find one suspect still on the run. terrorist attacked a concert
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hall, cafes, restaurants and the national soccer stadium. investigators say it was organized and sophisticated. >> commercial encryption is very difficult, if not impossible for governments to break. >> reporter: french military officials say airstrikes are under way on isis targets in syria. earlier tonight, we got word that museums are set to open monday afternoon at 1:00, but there are reports the state of emergency here could last for three months, brian. >> kenneth craig, live in paris tonight, thank you. there is no specific threat against the u.s. at this time. but mark kelly shows us attacks are already prompting security changes here at home. >> reporter: following the deadly explosions friday at a soccer stadium in paris, the nfl is ensuring robust security at all its football games this weekend. >> the bottom line, nobody knows when it's going to happen, but it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: getting into the raiders-vikings game today at
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the coliseum looked as tight as airport security. long lines and many more officers, local and federal, on patrol. >> seems like about double almost. >> reporter: assistant sheriff casey knight says there is no specific threat. just heightened security inside and outside the stadium. >> looking for anything that might be out of place because our job here is to make sure everybody who comes to the game has a good time. >> reporter: the nfl said, quote, following the events in paris on friday, we are closely monitoring events and have been in communication with the department of homeland security and the fbi. >> and the more security, the better. >> reporter: but even after the attacks at a football stadium in paris, many raiders here today say they are not going to be afraid to enjoy the game. >> you know, when you start to become afraid, then that's, that's when we have a problem. >> reporter: at the coliseum, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> and stay with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of the paris attacks on air and online.
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still to come, flames shoot 15 feet into the air after a gas line explodes in san jose. why firefighters couldn't do anything about it at first. >> and a wild side show spins out of control in oakland, as police cars get caught up in the chaos.
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oakland. shots/chaos this was the scene as hundrs of drivers gathered near 8- and high street last night. it all started around midni when officers responded to 0 cars driving the wrong way the high street off ramp. ty stopped traffic by spinning donuts on the pavement. some participants then stard . >> they stopped traffic by spinning doughnuts on the pavement. some participants started jumping up and down on parked oakland patrol cars. one person who lives nearby told us the side shows are happening almost every week. continued in various parts . >> it's annoying. sometimes you hear gunshots and then it's like you got to protect yourself. >> police say the side shows continued in various parts of the city until about 4:00 this morning. one arrest was made. no injuries reported. a scare tonight in the south bay. a power line came down, causing a gas line fire on harwood
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avenue in san jose. you can see the flames shooting up behind a business. at one point, they were going about 15 feet into the air. they never did spread to the building. firefighters had to wait for pg&e to shut off the gas so they could douse flames. the building was empty at the time and nobody was hurt. well, still to come, a winter-like storm slams the sierra and catches a lot of people off guard. >> don't let that happen to you. we'll have the forecast and the aftermath of a wild weather day in northern california, as we look at coit tower, all coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chains are required along interstate 80 from baxter to truckee. the storm even caut s off- guard: . more now on the storm slamming the sierra tonight.
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chains are required from interstate 80 from baxter to truckee. the storm even caught truckers off guard. >> i wasn't expecting it to be chilly. i expected it to be nice and warm just because it's california. >> tell me the truth. you're from chicago. that's how you dress in chicago. >> chicago, this is a normal thing! >> a winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tonight. now, let us head to some of the places where they actually enjoyed the snow, 200 miles east of san francisco, the scene at the northstar resort about 8600 feet at the top elevation at the resort, northshore of tahoe. they got a good dusting of snow and a little more will be coming in overnight tonight. meanwhile, fairly tranquil in the bay area, except for the winds, gusting to 30 miles an hour tonight, even higher around point reyes in marin county. the golden gate bridge, numbers mostly in the mid-50s around the bay area. winds are blowing pretty good. on future cast for wind gusts, they remain out of the
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northwest to about 20 to 35 miles an hour. at 6:00 tomorrow morning, still blowing pretty good along the shoreline at half moon bay, 22 mile-an-hour winds in san jose. what happens for the rest of the day? well, very gently it eases off by tomorrow night at this time, but still will have winds in the 20 mile-an-hour range. so pretty good stiff breeze around the bay area through the day tomorrow. all because of low pressure that has sunk in over the central sierra, triggering the northwesterlies in combo with the high offshore. it will be windy tomorrow, but we're done with the rain for now. sunny skies on the way for the bay area. all the rain we had has pretty much dried up. that northwesterly flow is a dry flow. a rogue shower or two wouldn't be a complete stunner, but probably won't happen. same time, we've got the rain that was in the bay area today, quarter of an inch, three quarters of an inch. turns into snow in the mountains where they have winter storm warnings posted through 10:00 tonight. gusty winds through tomorrow. temps will warm into the mid- 60s midweek, but no rain until next weekend. heading out of the bay area,
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some fog forming in the central valley, as per usual this time of the year, but sunny even at tahoe and yosemite tomorrow. pretty dry day to travel. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. sun rises at 6:51 tomorrow morning. we'll all be in the upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow, including the east bay, with pretty strong northwesterly winds. so 58 to about 63 degrees covers almost everybody within the broadcast sound of my voice right now. the extended forecast, we'll be looking for things to be windy on monday, but it's all sunny side up from monday through next weekend. there is plenty of sunshine, so this is no surprise, but dennis o'donnell has one in sports. yeah, big surprise today. one of the all-time greats was benched today. it got ugly. >> and you often hear the phrase one play does not a game make. you may disagree when you see what happened in the raiders game today. kickoff is next. ,,,,
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...for goodness' sake. that was two months ago..s become one of . remember when the 49ers dominated the minnesota vikings in the first game of the season? well, that was two months ago. since then, the vikings have become one of the best teams in the league and they were back in the bay area today. this time, to face the raiders. quarterback teddy bridgewater, picked four spots ahead of derek carr in the 2014 draft, and he got ellisson who broke a tackle and scored. 7-0 minnesota, just like that. oakland's offense got off to a slow start, but got it going in the second quarter. carr to wolford for the 10-yard
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touchdown. vikings lead 13-7. next raider possession, carr throws one up in the wind of the coliseum, to the rookie amari cooper who brings it down. 38-yard gain and the raiders are in minnesota territory again. three plays later, carr to holmes, who makes the catch for a 34-yard touchdown and raiders take a 14-13 lead. they are going into half time up 14-13, right? no. on the ensuing kickoff, daryl patterson mishandled it, got it back and there he goes, right up the sideline. one quick move there are and he's going 93 yards. no, that was not a clip on sebastian janikowski. what a momentum changer. 20-14 minnesota. carr driving, picked off by newman, his second pick of the game. on the very next play, adrian peterson put it away for minnesota. he broke a tackle and went 80
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yards for the touchdown. ap finishes the game with 203 yards. minnesota wins, 30-14. they are 7-2, alone atop the nfc north while the raiders fall to 4-5. >> they are a good team. they play better than we did today. they coached better, they played better and they earned it. we have to take our lumps today and, you know, deal with it and move on. >> games get tough, you still got to be able to execute. that's going to be up to each of us in this locker room to tighten up. like you say, we have winnable games. just got to go out there and execute. >> two straight losses now. a game behind the bills in the final wild card spot in the afc. if you're looking for optimism, i got it. oakland's next three opponents have a combined record of 8-19. the cheers for peyton manning would quickly turn to boos in denver this afternoon. manning had the worst game in his career, simply put. he completed only 5 of 20
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passes. he was picked off four times. he now has 17 interceptions this year. manning benched in the third quarter for brock osweiler. the chiefs beat the broncos 29- 13. denver has dropped two straight after starting the season 7-0. question in green bay, what is wrong with aaron rodgers? final minute, packers trailing detroit 18-10, but then rodgers finds the 11-yard touchdown, cutting the lead to 18-16. green bay goes for two, going for the tie. but it's dropped by adams and the lions still lead by two points. so the only chance left for the packers is to recover the onside kick. mason crosby's kick goes off the hands of calvin johnson, recovered by green bay with 32 seconds left. so the packers get into field goal range. crosby for the win, the kick is up from 52 yards out, but it's blocked. it never really did get up! 18-16, detroit's first win in green bay since george h.w.
6:56 pm
bush was president. packers have lost three straight. 49ers had the week off. they will be in seattle next sunday. at 3-6, they sit at the bottom of the nfc west. tonight on game day, former 49er quarterback jeff garcia says the fall of this 49er team looks very similar to that of a decade ago. >> do you regret the way you left the 49ers? >> it was unfortunate. i think you can really see some similarities to what just currently happened to what happened back there in '02 when they fired mariucci, '03 when they fired a lot of higher- priced players on the team. not only me, it was hurst, terrell owens, losing players that impactful on your team and that productive, they are tough to replace. >> when garcia and i were having that conversation, i had forgotten what a disaster and a debacle that really was.
6:57 pm
mariucci was fired over a telephone conversation. terry donahue was the general manager, who made miserable draft picks. and then they let garcia go over money. and the team went into a tail spin. >> he's saying that things seem familiar to him. >> very familiar. >> what else on game day? >> vern glenn will take us deep inside the raider locker room to figure out what the issues are going on. >> sounds good. thanks for watching. "60 minutes" is coming up next. >> with the latest on we'll see you again at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> shot, looked. shot, looked. shot, looked. shot, looked, stopped. >> pelley: he hit them all? >> oh, yeah, they were dead. >> pelley: tonight you will hear eyewitness accounts of the attacks as they unfolded. people who lived through the terror on the streets of paris and in the concert hall. [gunfire] when you realized there were multiple gunmen, what did you think? >> i just realized that they were here to kill as many people as possible. it was going to be a bloodbath. >> pelley: have you spoken to the president? >> yeah, a number of times. >> pelley: since you became speaker? >> yeah. >> pelley: you feud n


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