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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hurt before it came to a stop in union square. fran police tell kpix 5 police are conducting inspections of the bus that crashed as well as other buses from city sightseeing. the company had problems in the past, according to the public utilities commission. they had series of violations starting in 2007. the state fined them but the company never paid, the state suspended their license in 2013. they opened back up in an employee's name and the most unusual problem, the license plate of the bus involved in friday's crash does not match the list of vehicles on file with the state. they did not notify the state that this bus was in the fleet which it is legally required to do. >> reporter: all right. a lot to absorb there. i wanted to make it clear,
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according to the state, the tour bus involved in the wreck on friday was not registered with the state. it is a ghost bus. >> wow! occurs to me a lot of these tour buses look the same. are they still operating? >> reporter: yes. they are not talking with us. tourists are getting on them and going around the city as we speak. i want to mention about the ghost bus issue, we talked to a law maker, we will have his reaction coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> all right. thank you so much. new at 5:00 p.m. two sheriff's deputies are on paid administrative leave because of this video. shows them beating a suspect they chased to san francisco. tonight they are being investigated for using excessive force. kpix's maria medina spoke with
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investigators. . >> reporter: we are waiting on whether investigators will release the deputies names. they are receiving threats through calls and e-mails. rather than defending the deputies they are promising the public a full investigation. >> it is horrific. disgusting. something that can't be allowed. >> reporter: tonight the attorney for the suspect seen in this video is speaking out as his client remains in the hospital. >> his face is swollen. his hands are swollen. broken bone in both his arms. >> reporter: he wants the deputies charged with assault after a camera caught them using fists and batons on him friday. >> that video raised concerned. >> reporter: sheriff investigators admitted today they are concerned about what is seen in the video and investigating the excessive force.
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>> whatever people think it does not reflect the daily things that we do every day to make it a better place. >> reporter: what it doesn't show is the chase leading up to the arrest. deputies spotted the suspect in a stolen car before he took off. going speeds over 100 miles per hour. they say they found a gun and drugs in his car. >> why was he running? >> not going to talk about that. >> reporter: what happened before the video doesn't matter but what happened in the video is what they are dealing with. >> she is grieving. i sat with her. she was talking to her son and she was crying. people need to keep that in mind. >> reporter: we want to mention he is accused of ramming a patrol vehicle into a deputy. the deputy is okay. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we spoke to his mother, what she believes is behind the incident at 6:00 p.m.
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maria medina, kpix 5. >> the attorney counted 30 blowns that are seen in the video. -- blows that are seen in the video. a man approaching officers with a fake gun. police just busted a motorcycle side show yesterday afternoon as they waited for tow trucks to haul away the bikes the man moved towards them and pointed a gun. oakland police chief says officers scattered, four opened fire. >> he did die at the scene there. it was at that time that officers recognize the firearm the person had was a replica pistol. >> this is what the man pointed at officers. designed to look like a real gun. the man's name hasn't been released. police believe the man had no connection with the side show. this is one of many side
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shows that took place over the weekend. police say 700 vehicles from all over the state descended on the area to take part. gunfire could be heard sunday morning at the activity at high street. several in the crowd jumped on a police cruiser, damaging it so badly it is now unusable. tonight a show of solidarity with france in the wake of the paris terror attacks that killed 129 people. secretary of state john kerry arrived in paris today amid heavy security. journalists were prohibited from reporting on john kerry's trip. he called the terrorists honesters and said we will never be -- monsters and said he will never be -- tonight it was lit up in the french colors. heavy security surrounds the
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land mark. french bombs reign down on -- reigned down on syria, hitting 150 targets. the faces behind the attacks are becoming clearer. the master mind abdelhamid abaaoud. then there is salah abdeslam am am -- salah abdeam, the subject of a man hunt. he is one of three brothers involved in the attacks. abdelhamid abaaoud blew himself up at the soccer stadium. kenneth is live with more. >> reporter: within the last couple hours have therehave been additional -- hours there have been additional reports of raids, but no signs of the 8 aattacker. >> reporter: -- attacker. >> reporter: the latest isis video praising paris terror
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attacks. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: french security forces have begun striking back. raids resulted in the arrests of 127 people and netted a number of weapons. in syria war plains bump bombed a train -- bombed a training camp. authorities are looking for this man, salah abdeslam the only one of the 8 attackers still alive. one of his brothers died and another brother told reporters the family knew number of his attentions. we are thinking of the victims but we have a family and he is still our son. the president called for stronger anti-terrorism measures. he will meet with president obama and russian president vladimir putin in the coming days to urge a united front.
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president obama says the battle against isis will take time. >> the strategy we are putting forward is the strategy that will work. >> reporter: they are doing their best to return to normal life. schools, businesses and monumentvise reopened. including -- monuments have reopened. including the eiffel tower. . [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the city is still very much on high alert. law enforcement officers are spread out across paris and heavily armed. >> kenneth craig, thank you. . memorials for an american victim in paris. nohemi gonzalez is being remembered at charlie sheen where -- at cal state long beach where she was a student. nohemi gonzalez was a 23-year-
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old design student studying abroad. >> she was so happy. every day because she loved to go to school. she loved school. she wanted to have a career and a family. >> she will always be in my heart. >> a memorial is planned for nohemi gonzalez at her high school. in san francisco a moment of silence this afternoon, people wanting to express their support and sympathy. many leaving flowers and messages. stay with kpix 5 at 5:30 p.m., scott pelley continues our coverage live from paris. hours before charlie sheen comes clear to the -- clean to the world, what we are learning bout his health battle. >> families run for cover, a look at the moment a rare tornado tore through a
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california town. >> rain yesterday, breezy and cooler, but now we say hello to a november warm up. we will find out how many of us will get into the 70s and how soon, that is coming up. . >> charging kids 50 bucks to sit on santa's lap, tonight parents fight back against a shopping mall scrouge. ,,,,,,
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grocery store. the intense rom a firefigh new video inside the fire fight at grocery store. the flames captured from a firefighter helmet camera. the fire happened this morning on 23 street. started on the first floor of the store. no one was hurt. while it is not known what caused the fire it caused $1.5 million in damage. scary moments at house fire. the ceiling caved in. one firefighter suffered minor
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injuries. the 5 people who lived there got out in time. man driving a porsche was killed in a collision with another porsche in napa county. the 50-year-old was trying to make a left turn. he was hit by the other porsche who tried to cross. both cars ended up lodged in a tree. it happened at 3:30 p.m. yesterday. the other driver and his passenger suffered only minor injuries. the drivers were taking part in a vintage car rally that winds through northern california. trying to get her case over turned. she was convict offend second degree murder in 2001 after her dogs attacked her in the hall way of their apartment building. her lawyers argue there were missteps by the judge late in
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the trial. they express doubt about that and expressed concern about the way the trial judge treated her attorney. the ruling isn't expected for several weeks. charlie sheen is famous for his partying way and hollywood meld downs but tonight she being -- he is being praised for his courage. the health crisis he is about to reveal. and el nino, and demand for roof repairs is through the roof. the self inspection you could do on your own. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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confession charlie sheen is expected to reveal a very personal confession about his health tomorrow morning on live television. claims the actor is hiv positive. >> reporter: this is the attitude that kept charlie sheen in the headlines. but he may take a different tone tomorrow during an interview in which he is expected to address reports he is hiv positive. >> i only have it second handle from one of his friends. -- hand from one of his friends. >> reporter: he told entertainment tonight he was approached by people close to charlie sheen six months ago to deal with the matter. >> takes a lot of courage to
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talk about this. >> reporter: news was reported by the national inquirer that said he infected unsuspecting women. she didn't want to -- he didn't want to comment on charlie sheen but said 60,000 people are living with hiv in los angeles county. half of those people are not getting treatment because they don't know they are infected or too ashamed to deal with their illinoisness. >> treatment -- illness. >> treatment is so important. when we get to a person. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he says being hiv positive is no longer a death sentence but it is still an infection that is a disease. 1500 new infections happen in los angeles county happen each year. >> the fda approved a once a
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day pill that reduces risk of had i ever transmission. the results have been encouraging but more research is needed. san francisco city college survived but the commission that tried to close it down will not. they voted to oust the commission. they said its tactics were punitive. the commission over sees 113 community colleges. the largest in the country. no more standing in line for muni riders. today they launched their new mobile fair app. app is free. download muni mobile and buy your ticket online. for now it is an 18 month pilot program where you can purchase single ride and cable car fairs and one, three and seven day pass ports. new video of a tornado that
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ripped through a california town yesterday. >> get inside. [ bleep ] >> debris world over head. -- swirled over head. tree limbs knocked out power for hundreds. the ef-1 tornado touched down in de-- denair no warning was issued, forcing residents to shelter in houses that were blown around. the sheriff's office says the tornado damaged 21 homes. no injuries were reported. demand for roof repairs is at an all time high. talking about just repairing the old one. julie watts on the trice get things patched up before the rain really hits. >> reporter: she is in a rush to get a new roof.
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she says it has been 5 weeks since she signed a roofing contract with home depot and they promised to work would be done last month. >> assured me the work would start within three weeks. >> reporter: she even got it in writing. it is what convinced her to sign. >> the reason i didn't go with the other roofers is because they couldn't do it. >> demands is through the roof. >> reporter: the better business bureau says thanks to el nino roofers are getting triple the number of calls they usually get this time of year. the average wait to get an estimate is 4-5 weeks with 5-6 before they can start work. >> you may have to wait till next year. >> reporter: he says you can do a self-inspection. signs of leak include dark spots, water stains, and pealing paint and all homeowners should immediately clean out their gutters.
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>> you know, it is able to flow correctly. >> reporter: she needed her work to begin right away. she reached out to us and we reached out to home depot whewpologized -- who apologized. . >> it is very important. >> reporter: now things are looking up. home depot finally started work last week. >> i am very glad that i called consumer watch. >> reporter: even though options may be scared you need to be careful. check their license, also check they are insure, check their -- insured, check their references and never pay more than 10% down. . >> it is coming. most appointments are just for inspections and that you can do yourself. >> thank you. time to get a check of the
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weather. paul deanno standing by with an update on el nino. [ talking at the same time ] >> yes. this is significant. talking about one of the strongest el ninos. this is now the strongest el nino on record. here we go. talking about the strongest el nino ever recorded on oo weekly -- on a weekly basis. look at the graphics. warmer than average. stronger than that in 1997. we are as of today in uncharted territory. the part of the pacific ocean is 3.0 degrees celsius. never that warm until today. livermore 56 degrees outside. breezy in san francisco, the bay area breezy today. winds relax this evening. mid-50s and chilly tonight. el nino, hoping that means
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rain. not in november, not in december, it is january and february that get very wet and we continue into the spring. hope that happens because we need it. tonight we are clear and chilly. 39 napa, concord, livermore. forty seven oakland. -- 47 in oakland. a week where we will see none of el nino. there is the low that gave the tornado. there is a storm in the pacific northwest. our weather is dominated by a ridge of high pressure. heard that plenty. it will be that way this week. rain stays to the north. the high pressure builds closer and we will have our warmest weather in the past three weeks. low to mid-70s. sunny and mild all week long. it is november. the afternoons will be observe
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average. -- be above average. mornings will be chilly. temperatures warmer than average in the afternoon. tomorrow 66 degrees concord. 68 oakland. san jose 65. fremont 65. san san mateo 65. -- san mateo 65. 70s inland and near the bay by the end of the week and weekend. there is zero rainfall for the next 7 days. back to the el nino news, this is uncharted waters. people say what does this mean? we don't know. we will have to see how it plays out. every time we had one this strong we have seen a very, very wet beginning of the year, now it may be different this time because it has never been this strong. we will see. >> thank you. a shopping mall on the
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naughty list. kids told they have to cough up serious cash to meet santa. how the mall is trying to make nice after nationwide outrage. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what day is it? 16th? >> we are not to thanksgiving. >> not even thanksgiving. but some already forgot the meaning of christmas. a mall in new jersey had to rethink its christmas display. they charged 35-50 bucks for kids to see santa. after outrage from parents, they decided to drop that fee but they say the price excluded low income families. >> prohibits people from participating, especially embracing time of the year, and it is locking people out. >> they released a statement saying we have heard and value our loyal customer's mead back. they argued the -- feed back. they argued the fee was for photo packages.
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we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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heightened security in the wake of the paris attacks... soon all eyes will be on t new at 6:00 p.m. heightened security in the wake of the paris terror attacks. all eyes will be on the bay area for super bowl 50. what we are learning about plans to keep thousands of people safe. >> plus, an animal encounter you don't see every day. mountain lion making a kill, this one along a popular hiking trail. join us for those stories coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. all right. thank you for the watching us
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at 5:00 p.m. scott pelley live in paris tonight and more news back here at 6:00 p.m. see you then. >> pelley: tonight, terror in paris. the victims are honored with silence and avenged with thunder. police go on a manhunt for accomplices. and identify a possible mastermind. more u.s. governors say no to syrian refugees. the president defends his war on isis. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> pelley: and a tale of two survivors. when you went into the cafe, what did you see? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: the bells here at the cathedral of notre dame tolled


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