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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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where a few people are commuting in. tuesday, november 17. i'm frank mallicoat. >> who are you? >> i think i'm maria medina. i'm in for michelle griego this morning. >> welcome aboard. it is 4:30. let's get you out of the gate with a little traffic and weather. >> we have maria, maria! >> i'm here! >> a slightly warmer day. out the door right now clear skies towards the bay bridge and calm waters where, boy, that's a change. yesterday we had gusty winds. livermore 37 degrees. later numbers in the 60s. oakland reported 510. isn't that area code? >> it is. [ laughter ] >> it's actually 51 in oakland right now. we have the full forecast coming up. first, here's gianna. >> back to oakland, roberta, you can see live on our bay
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bridge we're seeing slow conditions in the cash lanes but the fastrak users cruising nicely as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. construction both ways on 580 at the maze. roadwork on 880. i'll tell you where coming up. today france is demanding that the european union allies support its fight against isis following an attack that killed 129 people in paris this as french warplanes carried out strikes against raqqa in syria. france is invoking a clause in the treaty that means eu member countries should help in attacks. in the wake of the attacks security at large public gatherings is taking on an added importance. kpix 5's keit do is at levi's stadium where today the fbi will lead a large-scale training exercise in advance of
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february's super bowl. good morning. reporter: we are just hours way from a huge training exercise here at the stadium hosted by the fbi. we are talking about s.w.a.t. teams, bomb units, hazmat and medical teams from law enforcement agencies all over the region here. all told that's more than 100 people. it's the most visible sign yet that the bay area's largest law enforcement event is coming and that the paris attacks are on everyone's minds. we still have 82 days until the super bowl but the nfl has already begun ramping up security this past weekend. in justin herman plaza in san francisco the site of the super bowl fan village, more security cameras have been installed and metal detectors are starting to appear everywhere. >> gates -- >> there are going to be secure check points around the entire area. there's going to be 24/7 security. >> reporter: at levi's stadium the 9ers have begun testing the state-of-the-art bag scanner at home games. it quickly scans for things like weapons and alcohol. with five containers operating at once it is supposed to speed
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up the process. about that big security training exercise, everyone meets here at 11:00 it starts at 1, ends at 4:00. they had invited the media to watch and then couple hours later last night they changed their minds citing security concerns. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> we're hearing from the man who ran on the field during sunday's raiders game at the coliseum apparently exposing a security flaw. he was tackled by a minnesota vikings player and then police put him in handcuffs. the 23-year-old man's name is frankie espinal. he told us by phone from southern california he had not been drinking and his stunt was just an impulsive act. >> i was just pumped. it just happened. it wasn't planned. i was just having fun. >> pretty athletic guy so i just popped down real quick. it was kind of easy to get to the end zone. >> he says he was standing along the end zone for three to five minutes before breaking and running. the nfl had heightened security
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at all stadiums where this incident. today secretary of state john kerry met with the president of france. kerry's visit comes as an international manhunt for the terror suspect widens. jonathan vigliotti reports from paris. >> reporter: in a show of solidarity, secretary of state john kerry met with french president francois hollande in paris this morning. the u.s. pledged to stand by france as the country grieves for dozens of people killed in last week's terror attacks. >> we're absolutely committed to increasing our efforts in every degree possible and thoughtfully, carefully. reporter: kerry's visit comes as france intensified attacks against militants responsible for the carnage. they reportedly bombed the group in syria destroying a command an training center in raqqa.
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france has invited the u.s. and russia to join in the fight. >> i believe it was exceptionally difficult to convince the russians to abandon assad and i think it would be harder to convince the assad government and the moderate opposition to come together. >> reporter: authorities across europe have conducted more than 150 raids as they search for suspects connected to the terror attacks. among them, 26-year-old salah abdeslam who allegedly drove attackers to the bataclan concert hall the alleged mastermind behind the operation abdelhamid abaaoud is in syria. jonathan vigliotti cbs news paris. >> today, the french president plans to introduce a bill to extend nationwide state of emergency in his country. it would give police and the military greater search and arrest powers for the next three months. meanwhile, paris's landmark the eiffel tower is open to visitors again and it's lit at night by the colors of france. the tower had been closed for two days after the attacks. among the eiffel tower's first
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visitors was a student from san jose. >> really happy that all the monuments are slowly starting to open up again. everything is slowly going back to normal. >> security at the 116-year-old tower is even tighter than before. and people in san francisco observed a moment of silence yesterday outside the french consulate expressing support and sympathy. san francisco and paris are sister cities and many left flowers and wrote messages in a book of condolences. an american woman was among the victim. nohemi gonzalez is being remembered at cal state long beach where she was a student in whittier high school in los angeles where she graduated in 2010. gonzalez was a 23-year-old design student and spending a semester in paris. she was one of 19 people killed inside a cafe on friday when terrorists burst in and opened fire. word though one of the terror suspects was disguised as a syrian refugee is prompting concern in the u.s.
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27 governor also try to block syrian refugees from resettling in their states. all but one of those governors, the woman from new hampshire, a republican. president obama wants to bring thousands of syrians to the u.s. during the current budget year. congressional republicans are going to try to block it. here in california, governor brown said, he will work with president obama to ensure any syrian refugees coming to california are, quote, fully vetted in a sophisticated and reliable way. an unlikely group is joining the fight against the "islamic state" terrorists. [ non-english language ] >> a group of computer hackers known as "anonymous" declared a cyber war telling isis we will hunt you down. the group's specific plans are not clear but some believe they could include taking down pro- isis social media accounts and hacking isis bank accounts, as well. and be sure to stay right here on kpix 5 for continuing
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coverage of the terror attacks in france. we'll also have 24-hour coverage online at also developing this morning, the head of russia's security service is now on board with the theory that a bomb caused the crash of a russian airliner in egypt. he reported to president vladimir putin today a homemade bomb placed on board, quote, caused the plane to break up in the air. all 224 people on board were killed. putin vows to find those responsible. 4:39. our first full check of weather. it's windy and chilly but it's another beautiful day, right? >> i woke up at 11:00, my son said, mom, it's cold. oh, man, put another layer on. >> you will never turn the heat on, will you? >> no! it's not going to happen! >> wow! >> you know, got to conserve, right? good morning to you. out the door -- it was just a joke. it really was. heading out the door this morning, temperatures are on the chilly side away from the bay into our inland areas,
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where right now we have 37 degrees in throughout the tri- valley. it is 38 degrees in napa. 41 degrees in the santa rosa area. we are talking about temperatures today slightly above average in most neighborhoods. right around the 60s at the coast. 64 in san mateo. we'll not be as windy today as it was yesterday or the day before. we still will have those northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. otherwise numbers 67 degrees in brentwood and 67 degrees in pleasanton up from the high 50s to low 60s experienced yesterday. it will be the low 60s in stinson beach to 67 degrees around occidental and guerneville. temperatures approaching 70 in cloverdale. we have the full weekend forecast because it's never too early to start talking about the weekend. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. gianna? >> i absolutely agree, roberta. let's jump to the freeways right now. bay bridge, so far traffic very light. we saw some early delays this morning in the cash lanes but that dissipated quickly. there's no troubles as you work your way out of oakland heading into san francisco except for construction. we have some roadwork westbound 580 as you work your way into
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the maze. eastbound, as well. so just keep that in mind. they should have that wrapped up at least by 5:00. various lanes closed on both directions of 580. 880 oakland looks good through oakland both directions. southbound 880 marina to davis, they have various lanes blocked until 5:00 for roadwork. over to 680 we go. wind advisory in effect for chp on the altamont pass. a little slow 27 minutes westbound 580 as you work your way to 680. we have reports of a gravel spill westbound 580 right at hopyard. so some activity on scene there. you might see a few lanes blocked there. that's a look at traffic. a tour bus company had troubles prior to a crash in san francisco that injured 20 people last weekend. records show that the state fined the company city sightseeing for a number of violations in 2007. the company never paid the fine, eventually closed down, then later reopened. >> -- intentional and flagrant and to know that they serve over 1.5 million people over
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the last five years, um, you would expect that a tour bus company would find it in their interests to ensure that their paying customers, um, were as safe as they could be. >> and as for the bus that crashed, the license plate on the bus doesn't match the list of vehicles on file with the state. sources with the state puc told kpix 5 this bus came from new york and was not checked by the chp during the last round of inspections in september. going to take you out live to berkeley. it's berkeley city hall where some of the city's homeless population is staging a sleep- in. they are spending the night in tents on the lawn to protest a new proposal being considered at tonight's city council meeting. the proposal would limit how much the homeless can carry with them by banning personal items like shopping carts that take it up more than 2 square feet -- that take up more than 2 square feet. supporters say the restrictions are necessary to keep the homeless from blocking the berkeley sidewalks. but protestors say more new laws will only hurt the homeless people. bart riders will soon have
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to pay an extra 50 cents to park their cars at stations with the most crowded lots. starting december 7, it will cost 3 bucks to park at the millbrae station. parking at both concord and north concord will cost $2. and it will be $1.50 at the coliseum station. uber is about to launch a new feature called destinations. it's geared toward making it a little easier for part-time drivers to pick up passengers during commute hours. it enables virtually anyone to be an uber driver. they just enter their destination and an algorithm selects passengers going in the same direction. destinations is being rolled out in the bay area for the first time. all right. it is now 4:42. as we reported, the ocean is warmer than usual this year. it's been causing problems for all kinds of animals. and now people in the central valley are seeing something unusual in the river. we'll show you next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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death threats ... since the release of video, showing tm using force on a suspect. puties filed a cea two alameda county
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sheriff's deputies say they are getting death threats since the release of video showing them using force on a suspect. the deputies filed a "cease and desist" order to prevent their names from being made public. an attorney for the accused car thief stanislav petrov wants the deputies charged with assault. >> his face and hands are swollen and broken bones in both arms. >> the sheriff's department says the deputies are under investigation. the surveillance video is from thursday in a san francisco alley where deputies caught up with petrov after a high-speed chase that began in san leandro. investigators say a gun and drugs were found in the car. tonight, the oakland city council votes on proposals to stop illegal guns and gun violence. a proposed budget amendment would provide updated technology and staffing for gun tracing efforts. it would also launch a new program for police to respond immediately to reports of gunshots including through
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shotspotter technology. the vice mayor has already secured a million dollars in the funding. the main undercover agent in the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow will testify today. the gang leader is accused of racketeering and ordering at least one killing. today the judge will clear the courtroom before the testimony starts. that's because the identity of the agent needs to be kept secret. reporters will still be able to hear the testimony in a room nearby. authorities in stanislaus county say 21 homes were damaged by a tornado that hit the town of denair over the weekend. the national weather service is now classifying sunday's twister as an ef-1 tornado characterized by winds of 86 to 110 miles an hour. one orchard owner said it uprooted nearly 200 trees. nobody was seriously injured. parts of l.a. county are dealing with toppled trees after a storm with strong winds. some say trees are vulnerable to windy weather because of the prolonged drought. downed trees fell on cars
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yesterday in southern california. 4:46. let's check in with roberta on that note and find out, boy, is it going to be windy all day? >> no. we'll have a breeze out of northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour but certainly not as blustery as it has been the past 48 hours. you know, one thing that i have been monitoring very carefully as we were talking yesterday about it being dry through thanksgiving, now at this particular time, the computer models suggest we could have some rain on that getaway wednesday. it's a high volume day for traveling. we'll keep you posted on a daily basis on that. out the door right now clear skies at the bay bridge, calm winds. temperatures, 37 in livermore where we have a slight breeze. it's 52 degrees in san francisco. let's check in on the wind speeds right now. 10-mile-per-hour winds at sfo. under 5 in san jose. throughout the santa clara valley up to 5 miles per hour in the vallejo area. winds are calm in santa rosa. and it's a calm morning in the fairfield area. out the door, the winds are relaxing. cool mornings for the next
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seven days and above average temperatures during the afternoon hours. sure, we have several troughs well to the north of the bay area. but it's a huge ridge of high pressure that encompasses the entire state of california. that's going to keep us on the sunny-side up with those temperatures above average. so today begins the warming trend. mid-60s in throughout the sacramento area, stockton, merced and modesto. right now it's 12 above zero in truckee going up to a high of 51. we will experience 58 degrees in fresno with the abundance of sunshine and clear conditions. 60s pretty common across the bay area today up from 58 yesterday in livermore to 65. we are talking about a pair of sixes in mountain view and approaching 70 degrees in santa rosa and also in the oakland area. here's your extended forecast. a string of sunshiny days and temperatures in the 70s. wednesday all the way through sunday, temperatures in the 70s and sunshine. make it a great tuesday. here's gianna. we have a traffic alert to report right now. chp has issued a "sig alert"
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for 580 westbound at hopyard. an overnight gravel spill is causing problems on the freeways so they have the three right lanes shut down until further notice. it's causing a big backup early on. 30 minutes now westbound 580. altamont pass to 680 and again those three right lanes are completely shut down westbound at hopyard. so that's going to take at least two hours to clear. that's according to chp. so we'll keep you updated on that. use alternates in the meantime and i'll get some alternates for you in my next report. taking a look at 580/680 interchange there, you can see traffic is pretty busy this morning. you have lots of cars headed westbound pretty well traveled part of the morning through the altamont pass. everything is quiet the rest of the bay area. here's conditions along 880 both directions. we do have roadwork southbound near marina and davis. other than that, though, things are clear as you work your way through san leandro, hayward, fremont. cutting across the san mateo bridge right now traffic is very light, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. jumping over to 880 through oakland, northbound not seeing any problems. southbound things are clear
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near the coliseum. in fact, if you are planning on take the nimitz freeway between 238 and the maze, that only takes about 16 minutes right now. taking a look at the bay bridge, we have some roadwork in and out of the maze along 580. that should be wrapped up with the next 10 minutes. so far, though, commutes towards the bay bridge looks good. carquinez bridge to the maze only 18 minutes this morning. you're clear into san francisco. and no delays marin county, south 101, 580 to the golden gate bridge, that's an easy 14 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 4:50 your time. warmer water in the ocean has already led to the toxic algae bloom that forced a delay in the bay area's crab season. >> now another possible effect, a sea turtle swimming in an unusual place. an angler on the san joaquin river in stockton posted a video on social media seeking confirmation his eyes were not deceiving him. take a close look. validation came from the turtle island restoration network. >> oh, my gosh. >> in marin county. >> there's no doubt in my mind this is an eastern pacific green sea turtle. i have never seen anything like
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this in all my years of working with sea turtles which is some 30 years. >> all right. so the turtle apparently went into san francisco bay and is now heading east. the creature is normal living in warmer water, more tropical waters off central and southern mexico. a marin county salmon institute is being evicted from the place it's called home since 1973. san francisco state university owns a property that houses the tiburon salmon institute, which raises 10,000 chinook salmon each year. they were unable to reach an agreement over safety and financial institute so they are out by end of next year. is it a sign of the times or rather a symbol of the times? next, why oxford dictionary's word of the year isn't even a word at all. >> and what is cool about your school on this tuesday? email your nominations to and we may come out and feature it on a thursday morning. stay with us, folks. we'll be right back. ,,
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abdelhamid abaaoud ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. your time check is 4:54 on this tuesday the 17th day of the month. temperatures today slightly above average. the warming trend begins today in the 60s at the seashore. 66 in mountain view. good morning, san jose, with your high temperature 65 degrees. east of the bay a north and northwest wind 10 to 20. mid-60s up from the high 50s yesterday. north bay numbers from 61 in stinson beach to 67 degrees in novato and hello, cloverdale, at 68 degrees. listen up, commuters. you have big delays along the altamont pass to 680. 35 minutes for your drive time. this is due to a gravel spill westbound 580 at hopyard.
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three right lanes are completely closed until 6:45. we'll keep you updated. dub blizzard are hoping you might recognize the two women they say robbed a bank of america. surveillance video was taken as police say they hanked the teller a note demand -- handed the teller a note demanding money saying they knew where the teller lived and had accomplices at the bank worker's home. the teller handed over cash and the woman got way in this light- colored gmc yukon. they went down dublin boulevard and then north up 680. if you are traveling on thanksgiving, hit the road a little earlier this year. trip adviser's annual travel survey says 40% of people plan to travel more than 50 miles ahead of the holiday. that's up 5% from last year. most will set off before the beginning of the holiday week. and the majority will return the sunday after turkey day and one reason so many more people will be driving this holiday season? gas prices are down! they are about 4 cents lower compared to last week in most
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bay area locations. the average in san francisco is $2.85. in the south bay you'll pay $2.75. last year at this time, we were paying about $3.30 for a gallon of gas. a much deserved honor for a bay area baseball legend. the white house announced that giants hall of famer willie mays will receive the presidential medal of freedom later this month. this is video of mays and the giants meeting the president actually that's during the world series parade. there he is meeting the president. say hey kid is the fifth on the all time home run list with 660 roundtrippers. he is probably best remembered for the catch right here over the shoulder grab in deep center field during the '54 world series and one of my favorites. congratulations. oxford dictionary's 2015 word of the year is impossible to pronounce because it's not a word. it's an emoji. this happy yellow cartoon face shed it would go giant tears one of my favorites. the official name is face with tears of joy.
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usually used as a substitute for lol. every year the dictionary picks a word they think captures the word's biggest trend or changes in the english language. it is 4:57. governors across the u.s. taking a stand against syrian refugees following the paris attacks. more on the controversy and what it means for the state of california coming up. >> reporter: and we are just a couple of hours away from a huge training exercise here at levi's stadium testing out security for the super bowl. we have a live report coming up. with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see?
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a. time to wake up, bay area. that's the toll plaza on the bay bridge and a couple of people are already working their way into work. how about that? good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 17. good to have you aboard. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina in for
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michelle griego. security at large public gatherings is a top concern following the deadly attacks in paris. kpix 5's kiet do is at levi's stadium where today the fbi will lead a large-scale training exercise in advance of the super bowl. reporter: in a couple of hours everyone will be here at levi's stadium for this event hosted by the fbi. we are talking about s.w.a.t. teams, bomb units, hazmat and medical teams from law enforcement agencies all over the region here. all told that's more than 100 people. it's the most visible sign yet that the bay area's largest law enforcement event is coming and that the paris attacks are on everyone's minds. we still have 82 days until the super bowl but the nfl has already begun ramping up security this past weekend. in justin herman plaza in san francisco the site of the super bowl fan village, more security cameras have been installed and metal detectors are starting to appear everywhere. >> gates -- >> there are going to be secure check points around the entire area. there's going to be 24/7 security.


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