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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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but there's cars on the road. you know? >> somebody is going to work. >> how early people get out on the roads. it is wednesday, november 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:30. how many cups of tea have you had? >> so many! so i'm hoping my voice holds up. >> got one back there, too. we where you wish you well on this 2.5-hour voyage. >> sounds like you have a cold in your nose still. >> it's in my throat. let's check the current temperatures in the area. not as cold as in recent mornings. 40s and 50s out the door. later today the abundance of sunshine. and a warmer day today 70s away from the bay. we have the full forecast coming up in a matter of minutes. let's bring in the most wonderful talented lovely liza battalones. >> all right! we're feeling good this wednesday, morning! >> togetherness here. >> we certainly do. caltrans is hard at work already this morning, everybody. our west 580 couple of lanes
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shut down between san ramon and hacienda. they will be out there for the next five minutes or so. also chp is reporting an accident on west 80 in crocketed. i'll have details coming up. major developments in the hunt for terror suspects in trans. a 7 hour standoff just ended in a suburb north of paris. police stormed an apartment where they believe the mastermind of last week's terror attacks was hiding out and they likely thwarted a planned second wave of attacks. during the raid a woman wearing an explosive vest blew herself up in exchanges of gunfire injuring at least five french officers. one man was killed, 7 people arrested in all and the fate of that suspected mastermind is unclear. today's rated started unclear. jonathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: gunfire erupted in
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saint-denis trying to find suspects behind the terror attacks including mastermind abdelhamid abaaoud. panicked residents heard explosions some evacuated others told to stay indoors as heavily armed officers and soldiers moved through the streets. law enforcement officials say at least two suspects are dead. a female suicide bomber blew herself up with an explosive vest. the tense scene came as police sought a second man who fled. authorities spotted him on surveillance video in a car with two other attackers who opened fire on customers at a bar. the brother of one of the suspected attackers is appealing for him to come forward. my advice for him is to turn himself in to the police, he said. saint-denis is just a mile away from the soccer stadium targeted by through suicide bombers. secretary of state john kerry
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says attacks on so-called soft targets like these pose a challenge for the fight against isis. >> for terrorists, if you are willing to die, you can choose anywhere to go do that. and everybody else who is in law enforcement trying to prevent it has to get every, single thing right all the time. >> reporter: french warplanes dropped more bombs and russia joined the air strikes against isis in syria. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, paris. >> french officials say they were able to track the location of the terrorists by tapping into cell phone communications. a bit more information on those air strikes in syria. french warplanes have hit isis targets in syria for a third night. the defense minister says 10 fighter jets atogether the city of raqqa -- attacked the city of raqqa the isis capital. american forces have assisted. president obama says the strategy is ultimately going to work but now he has a powerful new critic california's senior senator and the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee.
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>> i don't see the strategy working. i believe they have an expanding capability. we have done 8,000 bombing runs in iraq and syria and they are still expanding. they are still attacking. we'll either fight them there or we're going to fight them here. >> senator feinstein says she believes isis does have the capability to carry out an attack in the united states and she suggests that preventing that requires sending more u.s. troops to the middle east. here in the u.s. two flights headed off to paris were diverted because of anonymous bomb threats. an air france flight that took off from l.a.x. landed in salt lake city and about the same time another air france flight left washington dulles airport. that was diverted to halifax nova scotia. a passenger took video from inside the plan that landed safely in salt lake. everyone was taken off the plane. nobody was injured. flashing lights surrounded the jet that landed in halifax. both planes were being searched overnight. so far no word of anything has
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been found. president obama is expressing anger at republicans who oppose allowing syrian refugees into the u.s. >> they have been playing on fear in order to try to score political points or to advance their campaigns. >> the president made his remarks today in the philippines. many republicans and others have expressed concerns since it was determined the suspect in the france attacks had entered europe posing as a refugee. the president says he is open to ideas for enhancing the screening process. and the fbi is now helping police investigate a case of vandalism at the san francisco french american international school. an islamic symbol similar to this here was spray-painted on a playground wall. it was discovered yesterday morning and promptly covered up with a tarp. police say the symbol represents a group called the 5% nation, an offshoot of the nation of islam. >> does this concern you that
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this is happened at a school? >> of course. i don't understand what happened. and it's really a shame. >> investigators are trying to determine who is responsible. they are also looking into whether this can be classified as a hate crime since it happened shortly after the terror attacks in france. today advocates for prisoners will announce legal action aimed at fixing what they claim is unlawful conditions in santa clara county jails. kpix 5's kiet do is at the main county jail one of the places where there have been many complaints of excessive force by guards. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. people are keeping up pressure here at the jail in santa clara county looking for change and reform. later on today the prison law office, a watchdog group from berkeley, will be holding a press conference talking about what say are unlawful conditions and the things needed to fix them. that's happening at noon today. now, this comes on the heels of some very worrisome numbers. according to a report by the san jose "mercury news," since
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2010, there have been more than 300 excessive force complaints and 14 have been investigated. the jail and the sheriff have come under intense scrutiny ever since michael tyree a sick inmate was found dead in his cell. three jail guards face murder charges for allegedly beating him to death. currently the jail has no independent civilian oversight on inmate complaints. however, the fbi has been called in to re-open a few of those older complaints. judge ladoris cordell who heads up a blue ribbon panel tasked with reforming the jail says there is no sunshine, there's no transparency and that absolutely has to change. the sheriff says there's surveillance video that often clears deputies of wrongdoing and allows them to close the complaints immediately. she says that for the vast majority of deputies, they're good. live here at the main jail in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. she stayed up late. she was at the warriors game.
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she is in warriors blue. she says it's worth it. >> you usually leave early to beat the traffic? couldn't leave last night! >> i see your towel over there. >> it was a great came and so close to the end, now they are 12-0 our golden state warriors! heading out the door we have clear skies and haze around the peninsula and the bay. otherwise, numbers in the 40s and 50s out the door. no 30s to be noted at this time t later today we are talking about temperatures spanning from 63 in pacifica to 68 degrees in livermore. that's where we should be for this time of the year. slightly above average temperatures in san rafael through santa rosa. hey, we're talking about rain and when you should expect it. that's coming up next time around. but right now let's bring in liza battalones. >> we're looking at this accident in the crockett area westbound 80 just before cummings skyway. it's aa solo spinout off to the center divider so no lanes are shut down. you may notice activity off to the side off the carquinez bridge toward richmond.
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there's also roadwork. caltrans has set up shop along 580 on your approach to the dublin grade westbound between san ramon road to hacienda a couple lanes shut down for 20 minutes. 580 slow leaving the altamont pass from 205 approaching vasco. i'll have a look at the bay bridge and an update on bart with more "kcbs traffic" still ahead. the parents of a 17-year- old girl who was hit by a van have filed a wrongful death suit against the driver and the city of san rafael. [ non-english language ] was struck in june while jogging around a fallen tree limb on point saint pedro road. the suit says the city allowed dangerous conditions on public property by failing to remove the limb from that sidewalk. it also accuses the driver of vehicular negligence. homeless people in berkeley will soon have to abide by a new set of rules. homeless activists demonstrated at city hall leading up to last night' vote. the city council approved a new set of regulations including a two-square-foot rule.
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it requires a person to keep all belongings on the sidewalk within a 2-square-foot space. >> a lot of people feel like it's not a welcoming place and they don't really want to come to berkeley because they find people there on the sidewalk with all of this stuff surrounding them. we see people who are defecating and urinating in public. >> the city council is expected to have a second reading of the proposals december 1. unless it's challenged it will go into effect by the end of december. it is 4:40 on 24 wednesday. newly released video shows a new angle of that tour bus that went out of control in san francisco. how that bus driver's actions might be responsible for saving dozens of lives when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an instagram account showede school officials and police in san jose are trying to stop underaged "sexting." an instagram account showed nude pictures of underaged girls including students at lincoln high school. the captions use derogatory names. police say a 17-year-old boy
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was behind the postings. he was cited yesterday for misdemeanor child pornography. the citation without an arrest enabled him to avoid juvenile hall. >> i just hope he learns a lesson from this and doesn't do it again. >> it makes me sad. the kids are so young. i blame him of course but also the girls. what are you guys thinking? >> on monday, the lincoln high principal at lincoln sent emails to parents alerting them about a criminal investigation. other schools are also warning parents about postings on other instagram accounts. newly released surveillance video shows an incredible view of that tour bus going out of control and crashing in san francisco. construction debris scattered as the bus racessed down the street. kpix 5's andria borba has more video and that driver's split- second decision that probably saved a lot of lives. reporter: the orange construction barriers scattering down post street, the first sign something was very wrong.
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the crash left 20 people injured including the bus driver, 52-year-old kenneth mal var. he had driven with city sightseeing since 2005 and told his attorney report cartwright friday had been a normal day until right after lunch when an air pressure buzzer went off on his double-decker bus. >> he checked his gauges. air pressure was slightly high but it went off in a few seconds and then returned to normal. >> reporter: then stopped at a light at post and taylor. >> and he heard a loud boom or a bang from under the bus somewhere. the bus began to accelerate. he stepped on the gas and it was just no response. it wasn't like it was stuck. it was just floppy. the brake, the same thing, no brakes whatsoever. >> reporter: the emergency brake didn't work. the bus wouldn't go into neutral oar even turn off. and it was just speeding uncontrolled down post. >> he then hit some parked cars and some cars that were -- had people in them. >> reporter: that's when
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kenneth saw the scaffolding at the apple store and made a decision to hit it. that surveillance video from the corner of the nike store at the moment of impact a pedestrian hears the crunching of metal and jumped out of the way and barely missed getting hit by flying debris. >> god knows what would have happened if he had gone another block or two. >> reporter: the bus driver is still in the hospital with a broken back in two places as well a punctured lung, broken ankles and other injuries. he is expected to be okay. but his recovery is expected to be very long. in union square, andria borba, kpix 5. ski resorts in the sierra and across the nation are telling visitors, put away your drones. most major resorts have banned the recreational use of drones on their properties. they say one of the biggest potential hazards is to people on chair lifts. the lift riders are up in the air and so are the drones making for a dangerous combination. a lot of the concerns with drones nowadays is pilots.
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how does a pilot know how to navigate and steer his drone? stow that's really a variable -- so that's really a variable we can't have on the ski resort. >> there is one exception. drones can be used to search for a missing skier or snowboarder but they have to be operated by professionals. city of pleasanton has decided to quit charging harsh water fees at least until march 1. the city council agreed yesterday to call off its penalties for homes and businesses that didn't cut at least 25% of their water use. city water managers say the fines aren't needed because the city saved 38% of its water use this year and leading the way, michelle? >> roberta gonzales! >> clapping over there. [ laughter ] >> roberta with her little two- minute showers. >> i have my little egg timer in the bathroom and tell my son, time's up, get out of there! when it does rain, get your bucket out there place it underneath where you get the roof runoff. i had a foot of rain every, single time it rains now! then you can go ahead and water
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your outdoor plants. good morning, we have rain in the forecast but not until next week. out the door we have clear skies. we are under the influence of high pressure. this is the scene looking towards levi's stadium in santa clara valley and that yes indeed is home of super bowl 50 played on february 7. 81 days away! currently, in san jose, 47 degrees. not as cold as recent mornings. there's a look at your flat wind speeds around the rim of the bay right now. calm winds in san jose, 3 miles per hour in san ramon a little gust in novato otherwise flat in fairfield. not so flat bulging ridge of high pressure continues to divert the storm track well to the north of the bay area. this is a pretty impressive area of low pressure. rain and snow in the pacific northwest. we are under the influence of a huge dome of high pressure. we are going to be sunny and mild through friday. in fact a little bit of a mini warmup here all the way through
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the end of the workweek. but because of a series of troughs to the north of the bay area, that will try to undercut that ridge of high pressure, we will see increasing clouds over the weekend. 53 degrees in tahoe today. 65 monterey, also mid-50s in the eureka area. our high temperatures warmer than yesterday. you will feel it, some very dry air mass, some sunshine, some warmer conditions, 60s beaches, 70 around the bay, low 70s away from the bay into our inland areas. a bit of a northwest breeze 5 to 15 late day. there's your warmup leading into saturday and sunday. increasing cloud cover on tuesday leading to rain showers on getaway wednesday. >> we love the rain. good morning. this morning, traffic is looking okay. we have a couple of minor problems to tell you about. the first one is in san francisco. so if you plan to make the commute towards the bay bridge, watch out for this accident eastbound 80 just before 7th street. it's a solo car off to the center divider. the commute getting into the city by way of the bay bridge toll plaza, that's looking
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okay. wide open at the pay gates. the metering lights are still off and traffic is fine for all of the theater commutes leading towards the macarthur maze all lanes are open for you. heading towards the crockett area, westbound 4 just beyond kings skyway there is an accident in the clearing stage. light drive through vallejo, crockett and richmond. meantime this is what it looks like over at the san mateo bridge. roberta says this may be the only spot where you're going to encounter fog this morning. a little bit of a foggy start for that commute. i drove in along 280 in the peninsula. and that was crystal clear with no issues there. westbound 92 traffic-wise flowing well with a 13-minute drive time between 880 and 101. the altamont pass is going to be slow from the 205 interchange approaching vasco. there is roadwork on the dublin grade. watch out for crews westbound on 580. a puppy in ohio got a big
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leg up thanks to a 3d printer. the terrier puppy named tumbles was born without two front legs so staff at ohio university heard about him and they stepped in. he is pretty cute. tumbles was only able to scoot on the floor so they used their high-tech 3d printer to design a custom wheelchair for the dog. it took about 14 hours. >> it was the first functional prosthetic we have done using this printer. now to get the dog to use it. >> there he is. the university plans to continue printing wheelchairs for tumbles as he grows up. >> aww, tumbles is so cute. time now 4:50. hidden microphones found in the bay area planted by the fbi! we'll show you where they were found and what they were listening for. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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it's a wednesday morning! ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. your time check is 4:53 on this "hump day." taking a look at the temperatures in and around our bay area, we are going to be above average today and with the abundance of sunshine, 60s at the coast, approaching 70 in redwood city, it will be 70 degrees in los gatos, saratoga. good morning east bay topping off at 70 in fairfield, pleasant hill, brentwood and livermore. meanwhile, north bay numbers all the way up to 72 degrees. traffic is tell you looking good for 580/680 approaching the dublin interchange. all the overnight roadwork is picked up. but approaching the altamont pass, you're going to be hitting the brakes this morning from the 205 interchange. bart is on time. i'll have more "kcbs traffic"
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for you still ahead. 4:53. kpix 5 has learned that the fbi bugged a busy san mateo courthouse. fbi says they were investigating five bay area real estate investors but they do admit to turning the hidden mics on hours before they were needed. so thousands of courthouse conversations were recorded which may be a fourth amendment violation. tech buses will continue to shuttle workers between san francisco and silicon valley. san francisco's municipal transportation agency voted yesterday to keep those buses running. supporters of the buses say they take cars off the roads, but opponents say they add to congestion and other problems in san francisco. >> you're standing here, you already saw three pass b in an already congested city. >> the buses will have to abide by rules. they can only use main streets, they must be environmentally friendly and must hire staff to enforce the rules. any parent knows one of the hardest things to do in the wake of a tragedy is explain it
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to your kids. >> watch as a french father gives it a try during a television interview. [ speaking french ] ything - theyre for, for dad: of course they do - look everyone is putting flowers :39 - it's to fight against guns :42 kid: it's protect? dad: exactly. kid: the candles too? dad: to remember t e who are gone y . :51 kid: flowers and the candles here to protect us ad: yes. : do you feel be ? 1:08 kid: yes, i r 1:10 e clip when viral.. th father wrote in a "when i see all
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this support it tells me one thing: i'm prou >> awww, look at his smile, too. it brings tears to your eyes. after that clip went viral the father wrote, when i see all the support one thing, i'm proud to be french and proud of my fellow countrymen. >> awesome. 4:56. we are learning more about the raids that targeted the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks. an in depth look coming up next. >> reporter: and we are live here at the jail in downtown san jose where watchdog groups are keeping up the pressure asking for change and reform. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 breaking
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news. [ sound of gunfire ] gunfire and explosions in france overnight during a standoff between police and heavily armed terror suspects. the siege started before dawn and ended about two hours ago. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, november 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. here's a live look at the scene outside the apartment that was raided today. it happened at saint-denis, a suburban north of paris about a mile from the national soccer stadium that was one of the targets of last friday's terror attacks. here's what we know right now. the seven hour standoff started after police tried to storm an apartment where they believe the mastermind of last week's terror attacks was hiding. and during the siege a woman wearing an explosive vest blew herself up. exchanges of gunfire injured at least five officers. police say one man was killed and 7 people were arrested. authorities believe that with today's action they thwarted yet another terror attack. >> here in the u.s., two
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flights heading to paris were diverted because of anonymous threats. an air france flight that took off from l.a.x. landed in salt lake city. at about the same time another air france flight left washington dulles airport and was diverted to halifax, nova scotia. a passenger took pictures inside the plane that landed safely in salt lake city. everyone was taken off the plane. no injuries. flashing lights surrounded the jet that landed in halifax. both planes were being searched overnight. no word if anything has been found. the fbi is helping police investigate a case of vandalism at san francisco's french- american international school. an islamic symbol was spray- painted on a playground wall. it was discovered yesterday morning and promptly covered with a tarp. police say the symbol represents a group called 5% nation, an offshoot of the nation of islam. and we are going to take you live to paris in just a minute to check in with our reporter on the scene but first a quick check of weather and traffic. >> reporter: heading out the door we go. this morning we have a little bit


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