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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tapes are giving us a chilling perspective on the panic people felt as the "valley fire" closed in around them. kpix 5's da lin is live in lake county with the frantic calls for help. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. those calls were released today by the sheriff's department as you mentioned very dramatic calls. we heard from people who were calling the dispatch center for help. others were calling telling the dispatchers that they are watching their homes burn down and other folks were calling for evacuation information. >> 911 emergency. >> that's a fire in back of my house. >> worried about my brother. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: hundreds of people flooded the lake county 911 dispatch center as the fire raged out of control in cobb and middletown. >> 911 emergency. >> hi, we have fire on our property! > okay. >> hidden valley. >> reporter: the high number of rescue requests overwhelmed the sheriff's department.
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a woman crying and begging force rescue of her pregnant daughter. the caller says her daughter's house had just blown up. >> my daughter's trapped! >> reporter: aside from rescuing the pregnant woman, deputies were trying to reach dozens of other evacuees who couldn't get out. >> so we're trying to evacuate and my wife has fallen. we're both 82 and i can't pick her up. >> my car is dead and i would like to leave but i need assistance. >> the fire is burning very close to my house. >> okay. >> hand and my wife is disabled and i have no -- and my wife is disabled and i have no vehicle. >> sir, stay on the line. >> you need to be safe for yourself and get out.
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>> reporter: all those people made it out safely but the fire did kill four people and destroyed more than 1200 homes. live at the lake county sheriff's department, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, ambulance are reaching emergencies across san francisco a lot quicker than they used to. according to a new report from the city controller's office, response times have nearly reached the target goal of arrival within 10 minute 90% of the time compared to more than 14 minutes a year ago. but it is still slower than the national standard of an 8- minute arrival goal. another blow to the crab industry.
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tonight washington and oregon are joining california in delaying the start of the commercial season. kpix 5's maria medina is live at fisherman's wharf with how that news is affecting business there. >> reporter: normally it's a lot busier here on a friday night but now that these restaurants can only get crab from alaska, they fear these tables will remain empty. >> we are getting our crabs from washington and oregon. >> reporter: it's news that's unsettling for those who run restaurants selling crab at fisherman's wharf. getting it is now going to be more difficult. do you remember it being this bad? >> no. this is the first time. >> reporter: how long have you been here. >> about 12 years. >> reporter: he had no idea oregon and washington decided to delay their commercial crab seasons today leaving them to wonder when and where they will get fresh crab. business is tough as it is since california delayed its season. >> restaurants used to be packed because everybody was
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waiting for crab season. >> reporter: instead of $35 a dollar, it's now about $50. >> come down here and you think you're getting local produce. it's a surprise. >> reporter: tourists say they wanted to eat crab for dinner and compared prices at restaurants when they noticed how expensive it is. >> walking around, i know it's more than we expected. so yeah. >> probably $20 a pound plus. 25 depending where they go. >> reporter: while lines are seen at some restaurants, they fear the lines will shrink now that crab will be even harder to get. >> no crab season, i guess we are not going to get fresh crab then. so might be even more expensive for people if we end up getting some fresh crab. >> reporter: eating bad crab can cause dizziesness and seizures but officials say eating it in restaurants and stores is safe. live in san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. a missing 5-year-old girl from willits has been found safe tonight. that coming into the newsroom within the past 30 minutes.
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earlier the mendocino county sheriff reported the girl was last seen at 11:15 this morning in the front yard of her home. afternoon she disappeared marin county -- after she disappeared marin county sent a rescue team to look for her. but she is safe tonight. no details on where she was found. members of a robbery crew known as the green glove bandits have been stopped in their tracks. police say they conducted round the clock surveillance of the group and then busted them just as they were robbing a gas station in san leandro last night. the name comes from the green gloves that they wore while committing more than 20 armed robberies. an air france jet headed from paris to san francisco had to make an abrupt u-turn over the english channel. air france says the official cause for the turnaround was due to a minor technical problem. other reports suggest the flight diverted because of today's terrorist attacks in mali. flight radar shows the boeing 777 making several loops over the ocean around 11:30 a.m.
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before returning to france. a spokesman for air france says only the diversion was a precautionary measure. presidential candidate governor chris christie got stuck for hours at sfo today after an unruly passenger on his boston-bound flight forced the pilot to abort take-off. fellow passenger captured this photo of the new jersey governor enjoying a quiet moment in the terminal before boarding his united airlines flight this morning. a spokesman for the airport says the plane was preparing to take off when the pilot returned to the gate instead. the passenger was removed from the aircraft. >> it was a male passenger that was apparently taking photographs of the flight attendants. and this created a level of discomfort that led the crew to return the flight to the gate. >> in a prepared statement, christie campaign said at no point did governor christie interact with this passenger nor did this passenger pose a verbal or physical threat to the governor. governor citeie was on the way
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to boston for a fundraiser -- governor christie was on the bay to boston for a fundraiser a look at the dividing line between rich and poor until the bay area. this map from the san francisco business times shades them by color. the blue is working class. the red the affluent. and nowhere was the difference as stark as along one stretch of el camino real. new at 6:00, len ramirez on how just a few blocks on the peninsula are worlds apart. len. >> reporter: veronica, we know that the bay area is a very diverse place. but this is one spot where diversity sort of hits you in the face. not just because of the differences between the wealthy and the working class here, but also how close they are together. if you want to see the dividing line between the bay area's rich and poor, there's no better place than middlefield road between atherton and redwood city where there's a drastic change in landscape in and just about everything else in just a few blocks. >> that's a neighborhood with extreme wealth and poverty.
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you can see it in the cars. you can see it in the way people dress. you can see it in, you know, people taking bus on this side of the street and people drive their maseratis on the other side. it's very different. >> reporter: atherton's 94207 is the richest zip code in the area with a median household income of over $220,000. it's home to tech ceos and venture captainist and next door is the median income is less than $53,000 a year a mexican blue collar immigrant neighborhood. that's where we found a 14-year- old who lived in the north fair oaks neighborhood her whole life. >> i see that in redwood city there's not necessarily a lot of, um, houses mostly like apartments and when you go into atherton you see these huge houses. >> reporter: her mother is a hotel maid and her father is a gardener. her family of four lives in a one-bedroom apartment and even that's a struggle. >> our families who have had to leave here because it's so expensive. >> reporter: the census data
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also shows the fact when it comes to education 83% of those in atherton have at least a bachelor's degree while only 15% of those in north fair oaks do. >> a goal of a lot of the children here who -- to be educated and take their parents out of this place and sort of give back what they have given to us. >> reporter: education thought of as the great equalizers in this country and there are a number of initiatives here in san mateo county to help people with education to get more people preschool here in san mateo county. len ramirez, kpix 5. a police standoff under way this time last night in oakland ended when a homicide suspect killed himself. 18-year-old jason alexander brown shot himself in an east oakland motel. as we reported yesterday, he was holed up inside the motel 6 on edes avenue refusing to come out. after several hours officers
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heard gunshots come from inside the motel room. they later discovered brown's body. police think he was involved in last month's deadly shooting in a cvs parking lot in livermore. one person was killed inside a parked car, another man critically injured. in all, investigators believe brown was involved in a total of 3 killings dating back to september. so your car gets stolen which is bad enough. then when you finally get it back, you're hit with some of the highest towing fees in the western world because the bad guys dumped your stolen car in a no parking zone. well, that san francisco nightmare is finally about to end. kpix 5's wilson walker found one of the last people to suffer that injustice. >> reporter: short of the jail which is ironically right across the street, perhaps the morgue, this is the last place you want to find yourself in the city of san francisco. >> well, my car got, um, totaled on monday. they just recovered it today. >> reporter: with his car stolen from napa and dumped
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here in the city, oscar hernandez finds himself holding quite a bill. >> i think it will be more than $500. >> reporter: just add the city's administrative towing fee, the contractor's towing fee and a couple of hours worth of storage fee and oscar is out about $550. >> it's insane! people don't think it's fair to pay a tow fee when their cars are stolen because they couldn't control it. >> reporter: the city fixing it. the administrative fee is cut 50% and no other fees cutting the bill to $133. >> this makes it easier for those people who have to go through this. >> reporter: so oscar hit some bad luck with some really unfortunate timing. >> but, hey, i need my car. >> reporter: if you are a resident of san francisco, there's effectively no fee at all if you collect your car within 48 hours of it arriving in the tow lot so now you have to make sure your car doesn't get stolen. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. what is in a name?
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a lot if that name is isis. coming up, a bay area woman's online trouble because she shares her name with the group. >> plus, more than a year after the napa earthquake crumbled parts of this church, we go inside to see it rebuilt. and ready to open its doors. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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congregation without a home napa's "first united methodt church" is finally ready to welcome back its flock. la -oh quake left 15 months after a strong earthquake left a congregation without a home napa's first united methodist church is finally ready to welcome back its people. last year's earthquake left damage inside and outside the building. emily turner takes us inside now to show us how it looks today. >> reporter: no one would have wished this quake to happen. but when it comes to material for a sermon this church has
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plenty of it out of this rebuilding process. hammering and hardware have taken the place of hymns for the last 15 months at napa methodist church but come sunday all that will change. after last year's quake they are coming home. >> when people come back into this building through these doors on sunday morning, and they take their seats and they look around and see the beauty of this building and the faces of those who they recognize who they worship with for years there will be a true sense of joy deep down inside. >> reporter: after the quake, the walls came apart from the roof, the organ was decimated and there were so many gas leaks the place hasn't had heat since so they have been in another church timing their return appropriately for the eve of thanksgiving. >> they will be -- feel blessed, there will be a genuine sense of thanksgiving across this room. it will really be a homecoming.
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>> reporter: after insurance the church still has to pay more than $550,000 for the construction and retrofit. but for this congregation it's worth it and for this pastor his sermon writes itself. >> if i had to title the message, it would be it takes a community to build a church. the irony is it also takes a church to build a community. >> reporter: that community and you if you would like to go will be at the sermon at 9:30 this sunday. everyone is welcome. in napa, emily turner, kpix 5. >> the church's massive pipe organ is also being reinstalled but it won't be up and running until january. a san francisco woman says her facebook account was temporarily blocked because of her first name, isis. she became famous for the viral i look like an engineer campaign. but in deactivated her count because she shares her name with a terrorist group. she sent three copies of facebook before facebook believed it was her real name.
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a similar marketing problem for a southern california drug company. isis pharmaceuticals is named after the egyptian goddess of health and well-being. but now it is contemplating a name change out of respect for the victims of the paris attacks. and in colorado, owners of a new age bookstore called isis say they were targeted after friday's attacks on paris. vandals damaged the store's sign and threw rocks at the establishment. store owners say they have no plans to change their name. in the south bay a new call for immigration reform. >> you have been patient. and you have shown great perseverance and fort tude and you should be rewarded and so should thousands of families here in san jose. >> a rally was held today outside city hall. 100 people held signs urging lawmakers to protect children and adults from deportation. where does the time go?
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it's what, less than a week now until thanksgiving? one of san francisco's hot spots kicking off the festivities tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno at the embarcadero center. this is about getting the season under way and turning the lights on and ice skating. >> ice skating is going on through the new year. forget about thanksgiving being the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. the lighting at the embarcadero center tells everybody at the bay area it's time to start celebrating. we'll be doing that live 30 minutes from now. we have hawaiian airlines representative for six years, you have been the sponsor of the rink and of this event. tell me how much joy is brings you and hawaiian airlines to be part of such a quintessential holiday event in san francisco. >> this community and tradition is part of our fabric of our brand. it's very important to us. and the bay area. and san francisco is a very important community for us.
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so much so that we added extra flights from our three bay area airports. six flights daily from hawaii, two from san francisco, two from oakland and two from san jose. so it's great to see families out here at this holiday ice rink and we are honored to be parted of it. >> "frozen" is part of this so kids are smiling. >> absolutely. it's just again such a great opportunity to see families and kids enjoying this rink to start the holiday season. >> thank you for being here and sponsoring the event. you will have the opportunity to make it again tonight all the way through the new year. a spectacular view of the skyline, ferry building and the bay bridge. let's take a look at the weather. it was warm today. might not be thinking about ice skating yet with a high of 78 today in santa rosa. oakland 74, concord 73, fremont 73, 70 san francisco. heading out to the ice rink this weekend we'll be in the upper 60s so the mild weather holds through the weekend.
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sunny skies in san francisco saturday and sunday maybe you're heading to the mountains because every tahoe ski resort as of today is open for business. 87% of normal is our snowpack right now. that's wonderful news. cloudier on saturday. 55 tahoe. sunday mostly sunny skies, 58. remember that 58. that's the high here in about four days. ridge stays close this weekend so we'll be sunny and mild for two more days. significant weather changes though are coming up next week with two different areas of low pressure coming through. one bringing in a very strong arctic front. so tomorrow saturday, made it to the weekend. redwood city 70. oakland 71. santa rosa 74. san francisco 69. vallejo 68. so after the weekend look at the changes. 60s on monday. 50s for highs on tuesday. now, don't let those rain icons scare you. it's only going to be scattered showers tuesday and wednesday but it will be very cold with overnight lows likely dropping below freezing away from the water.
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back out here live it's a wonderful events being hosted tonight by our morning anchors frank mallicoat and michelle griego. they will be doing, guy, the official countdown in about 25 minutes as we light up the embarcadero center and say hello holiday season. >> was that frank single jingle bells? [ laughter ] >> you know, what you don't know about frank is that aside from any other talent including anchoring, he can carry quite a tune. >> we'll check back with you. >> more options to get your holiday shopping done in the east bay. anne makovec on the renovated mall ready to open. >> reporter: remodeled macy's store set the stage for a re- opening ceremony as construction work continues just a few feet away. >> definitely been a pretty aggressive project. >> reporter: just in time for the holiday shopping season, broadway plaza is partially open for business. >> i feel like my daughter is getting married. it is so amazing! >> reporter: the project broke
6:22 pm
ground in march 2014 closing parking structures and almost half the plaza's stores. the city has been expediting building inspections but it's been slow. >> definitely taught us a lot about patience and working through some challenges. >> reporter: and customers noticed. >> areas are closed off and they are remodeling and redoing so i get lost sometimes. >> reporter: when it's finally finished, the shopping center will have more than 40 new stores, about 4 opening per week between now and the end of the year. >> unfortunately due to ton instruction we have had either to postpone or reinvent some things so we couldn't have a full-time santa last year so he is coming back to spend the hoss with us and we're real excited about that -- to spend the holidays with us and we're real excited about that. >> reporter: the grand re- opening for the entire plaza is set for may 2016. in walnut creek anne makovec, kpix 5. don't get ripped off. that's the message from the feds as everyone heads out to do their holiday shopping. coming up how they say you can
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avoid buying counterfeit merchandise. >> plus, chipotle's e. coli outbreak spreads to northern california. the new cases in trouble for the popular chain. how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. announcer: if you'd give thanks for a bette[barks]'s sleep... sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares]
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get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. entire fleet of model s sed because there could be a problem-- with seat belts. tesla is recall its entire fleet of model s sedans because there could be a problem with the seatbelts. the recall is the company's largest ever affecting 90,000 cars. a customer in europe reported the front seatbelt on the passenger side disconnected by itself. the palo alto company says it might be a manufacturing error. it's not seen a problem in any other cars. but it wants to check all vehicles just to be safe. the chipotle e. coli outbreak spreading to california. the centers for disease control says there are now two confirmed cases in turlock. 45 people are sick with e. coli across six states including washington, new york, ohio, minnesota and oregon. chipotle says early investigations have not shown
6:26 pm
the source of the outbreak but that it is likely from produce. federal agents trying to warn holiday shoppers if the price is too good it's probably a fake product. knockoff bags and watches are old news. now homeland security is seeing a surge in perfume, cosmetics and other items. much of the trickery is online. >> one of the most knocked off items on the internet are ugg boots. one way to tell for something is genuine, the sole is flexible in the real once. the fake ones, not so much. >> last year, federal agents seized over $1 billion worth of knockoffs. coming up in our next half- hour a hotel under siege. just a week after the paris shootings, a new attack. this time in africa. we hear from people who narrowly escaped. >> plus she says the faa is
6:27 pm
treating her differently. the rules prompting this pilot to take on the agency. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. in ston about now... our top stories tonight,
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presidential candidate chris christie should be almost back in boston about now after his flight out of sfo was delayed more than four hours today. united airline officials say a passenger was caught taking inappropriate photos of flight attendants. another tough break today for the crab industry. oregon and washington have also joined california in delaying the start of their commercial crab seasons. dangerous levels of domoic acid are to blame. it's a toxin. health officials have found high levels in crabs caught in all three states. 15 months after the napa earthquake a church is ready to re-open. it will welcome people back sunday morning. last year, 6.0 quake caused widespread damage to the building. the pipe organ is still being fixed. tonight an extremist group led by a former al qaeda
6:31 pm
commander is claiming responsibility for a deadly siege in the former french colony of mali. at least 20 people were killed when terrorists stormed a hotel in the african nation's capital and started taking hostages. one american is dead along with the two gunmen. we have a report the attacks came just as diplomats were gathering to press for peace. >> reporter: at least two attackers stormed a hotel in mali's capital friday. the upscale raddison blu hotel was hosting diplomatic delegations for peace talks in the landlocked african country. >> apparently the people entered the compound of the hotel with diplomatic plates. people entering with ak-47 in a hotel, i'm not sure they are their negotiate. >> reporter: the radisson says as many as 170 people were in the hotel around 7 a.m. when the attackers took hostages. one man using the gym says he managed to escape. >> when i opened the door, i saw on the floor bullets. so i gently closed the door, i
6:32 pm
left the hotel. >> reporter: soldiers from mali and troops from the united nations surrounded the hotel while the u.s. africa command tweeted two u.s. military personnel assisted. over the next few hours rescuers freed hostages. [ sirens ] >> reporter: rushing some of the injured to a nearby hospital, with the dead and the hostage-takers still inside the hotel. >> they are going to go in and they are going to take over as much as they can get it maximum impact. >> reporter: the attack happened one week after the paris attacks. one day after french president francois hollande praised troops for successfully fighting extremist islamists in the formerly french colony. >> and looking at the latest headlines out of france, the country's senate has voted to extend the state of emergency for the next three months after the deadly paris attacks. following wednesday's deadly raid of an apartment in saint- denis, investigators now say a
6:33 pm
woman killed in the attack did not blow herself up. a third body was discovered after the raid but it has yet to be identified. a good day for the markets despite concerns about global terror attacks. the dow was up 91. nasdaq up 31. s&p up 7. when it comes to clearing pilots for take-off, the faa uses regular medical exams to make sure they are fit to fly. but kpix 5's juliette goodrich discovered the process might not be fair for everyone in the cockpit. >> reporter: every time jessica zacarias starts the engine of a plane, she is fulfilling a childhood dream. >> i remember in grade school creating aposter showing my career goal for the future i said commercial airline pilot. >> reporter: she wound up with a teca rear and pilot's license on the side. she flies for fun and sometimes ferries planes for other owners and even gives flying lessons. all of this requires her to
6:34 pm
updated her airman's medical certificate annually. >> you show up to a local doctor who is certified to give aviation medicals and you go there and it gives you a very basic medical, including vision test, hearing test, um, and then they do a lot of other things that a normal medical would do in terms of blood pressure, listen to you breathe, heart rate. >> reporter: and that's how it went every year since 2001. then it got complicated. >> i got a letter in the springtime saying that, uhm, i wasn't approved as a normal medical. >> reporter: in 2013, zacarias reported she was transitioning from male to female. the faa eventually renewed her medical certificate after she provided additional information. but now they were saying they would require the extra information every time. >> i had to do an additional psych evaluation. and then i also needed to get
6:35 pm
an additional letter from my doctor not only describing what was being prescribed but also the prognosis of what were my plans for the future as well and very detailed information. >> i think this is uncredittably unfair. >> reporter: this is the legal director for the transgender law center based in oakland. >> the faa is imposing these requirements on transgender pilots due to an absurd and incredibly out of date understanding of what it means to be transgender. >> reporter: the center helped another transgender pilot actually change faa policy in 2012. yet now, turner says this is happening to almost all transgender pilots any way. >> jessica was told that being transgender means that she is inherently unstable. that kind of attitude is something that was intended to
6:36 pm
be stamped out by the 2012 policy and the fact that, um, folks at the faa are still repeating that is very troubling. >> reporter: we asked the faa for an on-camera interview several times but they said no. they did send us this statement. quote, once a transgender pilot is determined to be stable following their gender transition, they may be issued an unrestricted medical certificate. we are in the process of clarifying our guidance in our aviation medical examiner's guide. >> frustrated and upset. it was just kind of this blanket you need to provide more information and no reason why. just that's the way it is. >> reporter: the faa did tell us they are updating their wording to replace gender identity disorder with gender disfor yeah. the term used by the american psychiatric association and many transgender groups. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. mayor lee declared today
6:37 pm
transgender day of remembrance in san francisco in honor of individuals who have died because of antitransgender violence. city hall will be lit up in blue, pink and white the colors of the transgender flag. still ahead, facebook trying to ease the pain of breaking up. >> how the social media site is changing how you interact with your ex. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. plan, to ease your social m pain. starting today, if you end a the site has new t if you ready to break up with a significant other facebook has a plan to ease your social media pain. starting today if you end a relationship on facebook, the site has new tools to help you transition. [ laughter ] >> they can make your exposes vanish from your newsfeed and remove your name from posts linked to your ex. it is friday night and for
6:40 pm
some of you that means party time. but things are really out of control in a tiny east bay town. tonight, police are promising to crackdown! i'll have details on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we are just minutes away, minutes away, from lighting the embarcadero center. the show is under way right now on ice. we'll talk about a pretty icy forecast as well and we're going to light the san francisco skyline minutes away. we'll be right back. straight ahead, the warriors tacked on another believer. >> they're better team. >> the fountain of youth. >> my granddaddy. >> we are pinning our ears back for this one. >> could not stop 'em! >> sports segment coming. it will be fun. stick around. your favorite redwood state ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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deal: admission to your favorite redwood state park for free. the san francisco non- profit "save the redwo is offering free passes on ting how about this for a black friday deal admission to a
6:44 pm
redwood state park for free. they are offering free passes on november 27. participating parks include big basin, big sur and 47 others. the group's goal is to get families outdoors on friday instead of in the stores. >> all right. in san jose, volunteers were painting hammering and gluing up a storm to build children's playhouses for christmas in the park. they took a lunch break at one point and started in on the decorating with all kinds of designs. the event brings together people from pg&e, habitat for humanity and tech companies. and more holiday spirit. this time in san francisco. >> yeah. paul deanno live for us at the embarcadero center tonight. paul. >> reporter: we have been doing this for 29 years. 29 years. we have lit up the buildings of embarcadero center and it kind of significant any fight the beginning of the holiday season. you drive over the bay bridge you know what month and time of year it is if you see those lights on. those lights will be on in
6:45 pm
about 2 minutes. we are looking at the crowd right now. they are getting ready to enjoy the lighting with a little fireworks show, as well. right here live on television. the weather could not be more perfect for the outdoor activities this evening. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san jose 58. santa rosa 56. oakland and livermore warm at 62 degrees. san bruno 55. san francisco in the financial district it is 56 degrees. overnight tonight we'll avoid the 30s once again. 42 santa rosa. 42 for vallejo. livermore 46. 44 for napa tonight. ridge of high pressure holding on through the weekend. so if you enjoy the sunny mild weather today you get two more cracks at it saturday and sunday but after that, a big change. significant changes are coming as two different low pressure areas move through and it's the second one that will give us the strong cold front and temperatures unlike anything we have seen since the second week of january. we are clear inland overnight
6:46 pm
tonight with coastal fog. you may have seen it driving into the city behind the san francisco skyline looking from the east. sunny and mild through the weekend and then colder and much more unsettled coming up next week. morgan hill 73 degrees your high tomorrow. union city, 70. concord 69. san ramon 72. sausalito 68. oakland 71. 74 in lakeport. here we go. your seven-day forecast. >> 10, 9, 8 -- >> highs in the 50s, tuesday through thursday. it will feel like the holidays and guys, here we go in 3, 2, 1. take a look at your television screen! whoo! the embarcadero center is now lit with 17,000 l.e.d. lights signifying that the holiday season is here in san francisco in the bay area we'll be right back.
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don't miss a day of brilinta. comeback last night from 23 down... ....they took the clippers heart & soul...shod to all right. the smoke still smoldering over the warriors's improbable comeback last night from 23 down. they took the clippers' heart, showed it to them and then had a 22-5 run to win the game. largest comeback if the league
6:52 pm
this season to stay perfect as they host the bulls tonight. chris paul and company, ran the warriors out of the gym last night shooting 70%. such a huge lead. but the ws shot 73% from the field 4th quarter. 89% three-point range, ken, to keep the perfect mark at 13-0. they beat the clippers four straight time. even blake griffin had to concede that the clippers, well, they don't belong in the power team discussion yet. >> um, seems like everybody we play, you know, y'all want to say it's a rivalry, memphis, oklahoma city, houston, now dallas, now golden state, now, you know, it can't be everybody. so i wouldn't say that's really a rivalry. they're a better team. they have been the last two games, last year. um, we're trying to get to where they're at. warriors at oracle running with the bulls at 7:30 chicago the last team to beat them at home. sunday they visit the nuggets
6:53 pm
in denver. if still perfect they will have the chance to break the nba record for best start to the season, 16-0, tuesday, when they host the lakers. baseball news the a's have traded pitcher jesse chavez to the toronto blue jays for relief pitcher liam hendricks. chavez was brought from toronto to oakland four years ago. also today, the a's designated pitcher aj griffin for assignment. college football. oldest rivalry game in the west is back! the big game under the lights cal at stanford 7:30 kickoff. cal winless in this one since 2009 could be quarterback jared goff's last shot at the cardinal if he jumps to the nfl. goff grew up in marin, dad went to cal, but jarrett only attended one big game as a kid. >> i actually had a big game as a recruit at a stanford game a recruiting visits when i was a junior i think?
6:54 pm
i can't remember the final score. i think we left. >> hopefully there's a little more passion now that he is wearing the bears uniform. the bears have a shot to keep stanford from clinching a pac- 12 north title. cardinal they better get going after last week's heartbreak loss to oregon knocked them out of the national championship picture. >> it's like we are supposed to be walking around with our heads down lamenting oh, my gosh we lost this, we lost that. we're 8-2. we're 7 had been 1 in the most competitive conference in america. and we have a chance to go to the pac-12 championship game. we don't have time to wallow. um, and we don't wallow. >> stanford a near 2 touchdown favorite. just saying that stanford finishes their regular season with two tough opponents in cal and notre dame? second ranked alabama a cupcake. charleston southern buccaneers tomorrow. favored by nearly 6 touchdowns!! not the most noteworthy
6:55 pm
opponent for the crimson tide in the midst of the college play-off short list but head coach nick saban had to step in front of the mic and try and sell it with a straight face. >> y'all don't remember the georgia southern game, do you? i don't think we had a guy on that field that didn't play in the nfl and about four or five were first-round draft picks and i think that team won ad in a championship but i'm not sure. they run through [ censored ] 10-1 man and we could not stop 'em. could not stop 'em. could not stop 'em! >> embarrassing. the raiders charlie woodson has a lot of game at age 39. he has five interceptions, ken, that's tops in the nfl. his age seems to be a hot topic for every team the raiders play. this week it's the lions cornerback 24-year-old darius slay. >> i think he is older than my
6:56 pm
granddaddy. this is crazy. like he's older than my mom! that's crazy. [ laughter ] >> like older than my mom. my mom only 38. >> a better safety. >> can you believe that? the mom's 38. wood is 39. play is wow. anyway. hey, i'm on a big bird tomorrow wheels up 5:30 a.m. to detroit. i got my parka packed. there's supposed to be snow on the ground by the time i touch down. >> wahoo! >> for a kpix 5 coverage. >> it will be awesome. >> yeah. >> predicting a win. >> the last time i was in detroit, ken, game 4 of the 2012 world series. i believe we all know how that one turned out. >> worked out well, yeah. >> well, for news throughout the evening we'll have the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. captions by: caption colorado ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. ha ha ha. good. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. thank you, everybody. i appreciate it. well... well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, got a good one for you today, folks. from dallas, texas, it's the turrentine family. and from chicago, illinois, it's the bronke family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. well, let's meet our families.
7:00 pm
it's the bronke family. tina, how you doing? tina: i'm doing well, steve. how are you? steve: good, good, good. what do you do for a living? tina: i'm a preschool teacher at a head-start facility in chicago, illinois. steve: ok, that's good. come on, win yourself some money. come on, let's go, everybody. hey, let's go meet the turrentine family. [whooing] >> yeah. steve: i know. april: 10-4. lock 'em up. steve: uh, i've met this family before. uh, they got brought back on the show because of a technicality. it was a small mistake on our part, and they wanted to be fair, so they brought the family back, so i know all of 'em. let's play feud. let's go. give me april. give me tina.


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