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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 22, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PST

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good morning. 7:30. the sunday before thanksgiving. thank you for joining us, i'm ann macavecik. >> i'm phil matier. we have washington scrambling to address what to do with isis at this point. >> we're going to have the congressman joining us live in studio, working very closely with democrats in congress and with the president. about what we're going to do next not only in the fight against isis but also with the refugees. big question under debate now. should the u.s. accept thousands of refugees into our country. >> plus more bad news about the
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bay bridge. >> believe it or not -- another report on that. >> this time questions about the foundation possibly being cracked and trying to glue it back together. we're going to be talking with the congressman and say maybe it's time for the feds to look at this. >> seems you can throw a stone anywhere and probably hit a chain store in the bay area. we've always had an interesting relationship with chain stores around here. we're going to talk about what one city wants to do to change the number of chain stores that they have. >> lots coming up in the next hour. let's quickly check the weather forecast. starting with a live look at the bay bridge. it's gorgeous, sunny skies, temperatures a little bit cool though. only 43 degrees in livermore and concord. 38 santa rosa. so the lack of cloud coverage keeping things pretty cool this morning but it's going to be another beautiful afternoon, enjoy it because the cooling trend is on the way. we have a chance of rain next week. we'll take a closer look at the
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extended forecast in 15 minutes. san francisco investigators are trying to figure out how a driver lost control of her truck hitting and killing a woman walking her dog. the female driver jumped the curb yesterday afternoon near lake merced in san francisco. the truck landed in the water. the victim's friend was just steps behind her and saw the horrific crash unfold. one man says the driver was going full speed. >> hit the curb, like, with the same speed. no brakes. and hit one of the -- you know, like one of the people who were walking, and that lady like flew off the curb and it was like -- severe -- >> the driver had minor injuries. police say it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol played a role in that crash. the city of brussels remains under lockdown this morning. people are waking up to empty streets and large military
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presence. yesterday belgium's national crisis center raised its threat alert to level 4 which indicates a serious and immediate threat. subways, malls and large public venues remain shut down. the number of people killed in a terrorist attack friday in a hotel in mali has risen to 22. six others have serious injuries. a witness said the gunman that raided the hotel shouted allah akbar before spraying bullets. state representative john bell edwards beat out republican candidate david have iter in last night's runoff election. the first time a democrat has been in the governor's mansion in louisiana in eight years. edwards will be inaugurated in january. california's latest state with a case of e. coli linked to chipotle. most of the cases have been in the northwest until now. so far the source of the contamination is unclear.
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this is at least the fourth health outbreak linked to chipotle just this year. that's a look at the top stories. back to you. a cracking corroded foundation for the bay bridge could spell trouble in the event of a major earthquake. >> it's on the front page of the chronicle this morning. a new report saying the foundation began cracking soon after it was poured back in 2007. caltrans decided to pour glue into the cracks but salt water went into the base leading to corrosion. it's hard to predict to extent the rods are damaged. they mantain it's solid and not in danger of collapsing according to recent tests performed on the metal rods inside. but i think we have a little bit of a trust problem with what cal trans is saying. >> reporter: the former member of the metropolitan transportation commission and
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state senator is going to be in studio in a couple of minutes. we're going to break down, not only the steadfast issues involved with the -- the safety issues involved but also the cost. while caltrans is continuing to save it's safe in the event of a major earthquake what about the upkeep to fix problems it never should have had in the first place? >> that is 8:15. meantime pressure on silicon valley to give up the keys to the virtual backdoor. >> the leadup to the paris attacks, virtually no chatter, no warning. it's call going dark and terrorists hiding on-line communications. investigators say the members of isis who are potential users of the apps. >> these apps, these devices that now allow the terrorists to operate effectively without fear of penetration by intelligence services, this is the first example of it.
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>> what about privacy? the electronic frontier foundation in san francisco says it was the public that demanded this encryption technology. after security contractor edward snowden revealed the government had been collecting data for years and they say it's here to stay. >> terrorists just are going to use something else. all it takes is a terrorist smart enough to go in the app store and download something else. to defeat a backdoor. >> they say this is how we're going to eventually win the war on terror, through intelligence. but are we willing to give up privacy? the age-old debate. >> it is. we're going to take that up with our congressman in a couple of minutes. meanwhile the san francisco board of supervisors is poised to vote on a new gun control measure. >> the measure mandates all guns stored in cars must be secured in a locked box or in the car's trunk. the recent theories of high profile gun tests of cars in
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the bay area, most prominent among them. guns stolen from the bureau of land management that killed kate steinle on pier 14. >> the additional causes of the lock boxes being afixed to the vehicle in a hidden way is a great idea. >> another committee hearing and therch full vote from the board of -- the full vote from the board of supervisors on december 13th. i talked to the lawmakers last week. they say it's a common sense measure but it's actually not because a lot of people are not locking their guns in their car. >> including some law enforcement. led to some embarrassing situations like the head of the university of california. police having her gun stolen while out on a jog >> a cadet in the south bay last week. so we'll see how far this law goes. >> it's going to get passed. come on. we know the bay area has interesting economics but check out this map on income inequality. >> this is a map from the san francisco business times, bay area zip codes shaded by color.
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the blue the working class. the red the affluent. dividing line distinct at middlefield road between atherton and redwood city. atherton zip code is the richest in the bay area, median household income of over $220,000. home to tech ceo's and venture capitalists. right next door is redwood city's north fair oaks where the median income less than $53,000 a year. most people are blue collar mexican immigrants there. >> the area has extreme wealth, extreme poverty. you can see in the cars, the way people dress. people take this bus on this side and people drive maseratis on the other side. it's very different. >> 80% in atherton have a bachelors degree. 50% in fair oaks has one. look at the bay area versus the rest of the country and -- in what is a moderate to low
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income here is pretty big in other parts of the nation. >> san jose is now the richest city in the country. a small city battling big business. >> in downtown san carlos the landscape could be changed forever. now 9 city council is 234r0√°eugs regulation #-s. >> if passed a public hearing will be done before some stores are ever allowed to set up shop. >> they are encroaching and changing the bake habitat of the basic neighborhood. >> i think you have to propreserve your treasure whatever it is, and for san carlos it's the sweet little downtown. >> palo alto passed a similar ordinance regulating chain stores earlier this year. you were in san carlos yesterday, mark. is this fair? >> a lot of them are very supportive of this. a lot of the business owners, are whether fair or not that is for the city council to decide and the meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00. if starbucks goes in and want
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to open up a store versus a small coffee shop, right now the way it stands there's really no difference between that starbucks and that mom and pop shop. so the city council wants to go in and possibly change that. >> we've been doing it in san francisco but here's a twisten -- twist on that. the chain stores, for example, minimum wage, if we raise minimum wage mom and pops often have a hard time meeting that. the chains, on the other hand, they can afford to pay that higher minimum wage. on the other hand we're saying we want to save businesses. there's also an argument being made it's tougher and tougher for them to survive. >> good point. on a personal note we're living in san francisco and there are barely any chains here. sometimes they are nice to have around. we have lots coming up within the next -- what, 40 minutes left? the nation on high alert
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following the deadly attacks in paris. we'll talk about the loopholes in tourism. plus rising from the rubble. a napa church opening its doors this morning, after a year and- a-half recovering from the devastating earthquake. ,,,,,,
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despicable violence that we in mali and in paris." that was president barack o during his t if people have a chance to give individual stories here you see the degree to which they represent the opposite of terrorism. and the opposite of -- the kind of despicable violence we saw in mali. and in paris. >> that was president obama during his trip to malaysia. all week he's been defending his decision to resettle 10,000 syrians here in the u.s. but the house, to suspend the policy with the concern terrorists may sneak into the u.s. with the refugees and carry out attacks on our homeland. >> joining us to look at this and other issues, eswalwell --
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eric swalwell, congressman from the east bay. the president says we're safe with our immigration and energy policy. you voted for that? >> i did. people are concerned because of russia, beirut, now mali. however, we've processed 26,000 people, 2,000 came to the united states, zero charged with terrorism. i don't want to change a system that works. if it ain't broke don't fix it. let's keep it in place until there's proof the system is not working and let's go back to the drawing board. >> do you think the issue is syrians per se or the entire idea of the middle east going into europe, terrorism there and potential terrorism here? >> it's terrorism and escalation of isis. they have shown they have a reach across the world. we should take them seriously. they are not contained right now. >> so you agree with die fine stein in that they are not contained. feinstein. >> they are as dangerous as ever and we should be
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concerned. >> the refugees are a red herring in your opinion. we have this issue of visas. tourism visas. anyone that was in paris, made the attack in paris could have gotten on a plane to the united states as a tourist. they were holding european passports. could have gotten off in new york or san francisco or freemont and done it there. >> if individuals are on our watch list they can't come to the united states if they were not on the watch list, under the visa waiver program they could come to the united states. that is a concern. and right now, however, we should be concerned about any americans who go over to syria. i think we need to revoke passports of people who go over to syria and there's proof they are fighting for isis. we passed that in the house. it's lingering around on the president's desk and needs to be passed in the senate first. >> why is something like that lingering around on the president's desk? part of that -- i think the reason why people are leer leary of the syrian refugees coming in, they request whether the u.s. government or president is capable or even willing to do anything like you
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said, bar people from going to syria. >> i think if you're going to syria to help refugees we need tight controls, know who you are. if we don't have an idea of who you are you need to heighten the tightest scrutiny we can have on you. right now i don't feel comfortable that is fully in place. the american people rightfully are asking questions. >> why isn't it? >> we're not catching up as fast as isis is changing their behavior. the program we have now for syrian refugees has worked. we're a better country and braver country than what others are suggesting we should do. >> what about encryption? is there a new push to get to silicon valley and say we want the keys to these coded messages? >> it's posed a challenge. a lot of the messenger services are based overseas in russia and china. you can't ban encryption that is taking place there. that is what a lot of terrorists are using. i would ban assault weapons in this country before i would start to ban encryption. silicon valley can do a better job of working with us to
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identify who the people are. i think the cat is out of the bag when it comes to encryption. we now just need to know what are the terrorists doing, where are they and how can silicon valley better work with the fbi? >> thank you for joining us. let's move on. i guess first stop, look at the weather? sounds good. here's a live shot of dublin this morning where we have a nice clear start to our sunday. upper 40s, lower 50s to start off the day. some nice high clouds there. here's what you can expect today. sunshine with mild temperatures today. a cooling trend though is on the way. that starts tomorrow. with the chance of rain that we are tracking for tuesday. it's also going to get much colder in the days ahead. so let's fly around the bay now and look at some of the highs today. not all that high, low 70s in the south bay, 74 morgan hill. 70 sunnyvale. 789 in union city. far east bay, 68 danville.
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concord also 68. 67 degrees in benicia today. the high in san francisco 67. north bay 67 in steinson beach -- stein stinson beach. sonoma 69. the cooling trend begins tomorrow, remains partly cloudy tuesday, tracking a chance of rain now and more clouds rolling in but travel weather for wednesday, getting to families and friends for the thanksgiving holiday is looking good, it's looking sunny for also thanksgiving day. but it definitely will be colder than what we've had this past week. >> growing concern among marine mammal experts. more and more fur seals are turning up undernourished or dead along the northern california coast. as of friday officials at the marine mammal center near sausalito say they've taken in 89 northern fur sales, more than double the previous record of 31 in 2006. experts say warming ocean
7:49 am
waters may be the cause. in the midwest this weekend's first snowstorm of the season creating dangerous travel conditions. some areas hit with almost 20 inches of snow. now plunging temperatures are turning up snow into ice making road conditions treacherous. today the national weather service forecasts 20 degrees or lower across six states. closer to home -- it is going to be a joyful morning in napa. 15 months after a jolting earthquake left a congregation without a home napa's first united methodist church is finally ready to reopen. last year the 6.0 quake left widespread damage in and outside of the 99-year-old building. hammering and hardware taking the place of hymns there. after the quake the walls came apart from the roof. the organ was decimated and so many gas leaks. the place hasn't had heat since. the church still has to pay more than $50,000 for the
7:50 am
construction and retrefit. the first sermon in the newly reopened church takes place at 9:30 this morning. still to come -- the crisis surrounding syrian refugees remains a hot button issue for democrats and republican. up next, our political insiders weighing in on governor brown's response. ,,,,,,,,,,
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he says he intends to work with the president to uphold america's traditional role as a place of asylum but of course there are concerns about national security. >> that's right. we sat down with our political insiders mayor willie brown and also harmon dillon from the republican party in the state and said all right, two things are coming out of the governor's mouth. what is it all about? he's supporting the president but asking for checks. what kind of pressure does this put on governors and local politicians? >> local politicians, both people who are mayors and governors, ultimately will have the responsibility for anybody you bring in as a refugee in this country. when you bring them in from a place where there's no relationship, no contact, no previous understanding and in many cases a long history of conflict within that system, you have no idea how to manage it unless you're very careful.
7:54 am
>> the republican rhetoric on the presidential campaign on this, from donald trump to carson's rabid dog statements, what is that going over with the party? >> i think most of the republican candidates on the national front share that concern. and that concern is borne out of not just the most recent crisis but the fact we have open boardsers in this country that impacted our national security for a long time. they are playing to the fact that a substantial portion of our electorate is deeply concerned concerned about the lack of security at our borders. >> who do hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the democrats do on that front? >> hopefully not discuss it. simply because there's no win. you don't have a constituency, a single constituency, percentagewise, and in most democratic democrats they have none. so there's no reason they should spend any time catering
7:55 am
to any aspect of this issue. >> they are to avoid the question whenever possible? >> hope the question never comes up. >> it is coming up. and even democratic governors are rejecting the refugees for a lot of the same reasons republicans are. >> how much of this has to do with grounded fears and concerns and how much of this is just reaction to the images they are seeing on tv. >> it's both. grounded on our history of letting people in and not tracing them and tracking them, both on just general economic immigration, as well as the boston terrorist bombers as well. and there's a legitimate fear we don't know whose side the people from syria are coming from. you see the images in europe, a lot of them are young males in their 20s. why are they refugees? what are they really fleeing from and what do they stand for? >> keep in mind over the years the only really education we've had about that part of the world is what we get in the movies. it's always james bond versus somebody there, or some other occasion.
7:56 am
and we know about what has happened in israel. how many people have been killed through the sacrificial bomber and people of that nature. so there's an innate fear in every aspect of the refugees coming from that part of the world. >> i might add we armed the wrong side in many of the conflicts and many of the bad guys have been our allies over the years. that compounds the fear. >> seems western europe has very different challenges than we have here simply because we have our ocean separating us. these refugees for western europe are showing up right on their door step. walking there but we don't have that. >> this separates the politics from the policy on this whole debate as swalwell pointed out, getting to the united states is a long time. there's a lot time to vet. it's not just showing up. meanwhile hop on a plane with a tourist visa and you can be here tomorrow >> it's become a hot debate. so emotional on both sides.
7:57 am
i'm sure you've seen on facebook a lot of people -- defriending people about this issue in particular. because a lot of people speaking their minds and it is divisive. >> that is why we're going to have senator feinstein with us. >> she's going to be speaking later on "face the nation." we're hearing a preview of that coming up. lots coming up, including side shows out of control in oakland. how the oakland mayor wants to fix the problem but simply may not have enough resources. >> it's been more than week since the terrorist attacks in paris left more than 100 people dead. the impact that the killing rampage is having on surrounding nations. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. welcome back. it's 8:00 straight up. good morning, we have a lot to talk about in the next half- hour. >> new concerns about the new span of the bay bridge. now it's the foundation that is under scrutiny. yes, i said the foundation. >> believe it or not they tried to glyit -- glue it back together. the congressman is here to tell us about the push that gets the feds involved. >> with terrorists threats at home and abroad politicians are
8:01 am
talking about what to do about isis, plus the syrian refugees. >> the senator has tough words. she'll be on "face the nation." we'll have a preview. >> all fun and games until traffic comes to standstill, cops are outnumbered and things get violent. >> phil spoke with city leaders in oakland trying to gather enough resources to try to make a dent in the problem of oakland side shows. lots coming up in the next half- hour. let's quickly check the weather forecast if you're planning on heading out soon you will want a light jacket. starting with a live look at the bay bridge, temperatures relatively chilly, not many clouds in the sky. our cool spot santa rosa, 40 degrees. east bay concord and livermore 44 degrees. but it is just going to be warm up to be a pretty nice afternoon. plenty of sunshine for everybody, major changes beginning tomorrow. and the chance of rain coming up right in time for holiday travel. we'll have more on the weather
8:02 am
forecast in about 15 minutes but first mark has the headlines. >> san francisco investigators are trying to figure out how a driver lost control of her truck hitting and killing a woman walking her dog in san francisco. the female driver jumped the curb yesterday afternoon near lake merced. the truck landed in the water. the victim's friend was just steps behind her and saw the horrific crash inunfold. one man says the driver was going full speed. >> hit the curb with the same speed. no brakes. hit one of the people who were walking, and that lady like flew off. like the curb and it was like severe, like -- hit. >> the driver had minor injuries. police say it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol 34r5eud a role in that crash. the city of brussels remains under lockdown this morning. people are waking up to empty streets in a large military
8:03 am
presence. yesterday belgium's national crisis center raised the threat alert level to four which indicates a serious and immediate threat. subways, malls and large public venues remain shut down. meanwhile in paris new pictures of the shootout and capture between french police and terrorists in morning. shattered walls, peppered with bullet holes indicate the intensity of that crossfire. the raid happened in a suburb of paris wednesday. three people were killed in the anti-terror attack. one of the targeted suspects deadinated a suicide vest -- detonated a suicide vest. louisiana has a new democratic governor. state rep john bell edwards. the conservative democrat won by 56% of the votes. it's the first time a democrat has been in the governor's mansion in eight years in louisiana. edwards will be inaugurated in jane januar -- january.
8:04 am
game over for kaepernick at least for this season. the team announced he's out for the rest of the year. he's opted to have season ending surgery on his left shoulder, apparently injured it in week four against the green bay packers. he'll need at least four months now to recover. meanwhile the team has physical april to decide whether to trade him, release him or keep him on for next season. back to you. >> it's become an unfortunate and dangerous weekend tradition in the bay area. big side shows in oakland. >> now the officers in are trying to break them up but find themselves in real danger as well. >> it was tough. it is just insane. >> we cannot tolerate this type of lawlessness coming to oakland. >> reporter: scenes like this has the mayor asking the governor and the highway patrol to send in more cops. >> actually been giving us a squad every weekend but we saw
8:05 am
last weekend that wasn't enough. >> reporter: side show participants came from as far as fresno and los angeles turning the streets of oakland into absolute mayhem, spinning doughnuts on the highways. pelting cops with bottles. gunfire and destroying a police car. with no arrests. >> we're 50 plus officers. >> was that enough? >> no, certainly wasn't enough. you had over 700 cars. >> we need more help. we need to take a regional approach. >> reporter: side shows have been an on again off again problem for oakland for more than 20 years but never like this. why oakland? >> folks have no respect for our city. >> reporter: reed added part of the problem was politics. >> back then it was that you are going to be racially profiling young african- americans andla teenoes. >> we need other tools to address this problem and create a deterrent. >> we're going to look at everything from using more cameras to video. those that are there and we can tow their cars and impound them
8:06 am
for 30 days. >> even after they leave? >> yes. we don't give exact numbers but i can assure you, if things pop up again we will. >> the fact that the police are outnumbered in some of these cases is scary. that's what happened in a lot of the protests we've seen. they get out of control and police are outnumbered. so they have to stand back and not do much. >> it's a question of safety. if you tonight have enough cops to go in why do you go in? it's been an off again on again problem, they don't know when it's going to pop up again because in the age of instant media everybody can text, facebook, show up from as far as los angeles and party down otostreets of oakland and it's getting old and dangerous. >> as world leaders prepare to meet to talk about climate change local leaders try to deal with the coming effects. >> morein morin county for example, they are going to talk about the problems for
8:07 am
homeowners. experts say sea levels will raise. >> leaders hope to come one a plan by spring of next year when the county updates its coastal plans. >> it's going to create as much of a challenge for us to figure out who is responsible for some of these things as it will to figure out how to respond. >> st there are several high risk areas. 1,400 homes are affected not to mention wildlife, roads and sewers. >> the county has been meeting with some of the individual neighborhoods. the big question, who is going to pay for upgrades? >> meanwhile you have this down the line but you have potholes to contend with today. meanwhile pressure continues for stamford university to take monetary investments outs of fossil fuel. >> last week, a weeklong sit-in over the issue. until the students -- the students were there until the school threatened disciplinary action if the student didn't leave the quad by friday night.
8:08 am
the group demanding the university divest its $20 million endowment from the fuel industry. many promised they would stop donating money. >> we're done being complicit as a student body. and what our university is doing. >> according to a study by oxford university even if all schools were to divest it would only make a dent. the school did divest from coal last year after a group called fossil-free stanford launched a petition. tomorrow night we're going to see who takes the lead in a fight over a dog park. the only one in downtown san carlos, opened two months ago and now 150 people and their pets come everyday. some nearby apartment renters are unleashing some complaints over parking, dirt and barking. >> you can hear it in your unit.
8:09 am
and it's just very irritating. >> there's going to be a little barking but even with children in a playground, you'll have children that make noise and yell and scream. >> the parks and rec director says at first some dogs were arriving too early or staying too late. the park is now locked between dusk and dawn but opponents demand the city move the park somewhere else. you got to have a place to play with your dog but i admit the sound of barking is pretty irritating. >> then you get the questions of the dogs versus the kids and safety, it's going to go around. >> i also have to say, i was speaking with you on the phone yesterday and heard a dog barking. a bay area business could get a 30-second spot for free. a great deal considering it costs $500,000 to run a super bowl ad. >> the san francisco company called chubby's makes short shorts. in a contest by mountainview based into it the people voted
8:10 am
chubby's one of the three small businesses nationwise to vy for a free ad on the super bowl 50 telecast. >> it's where our audience is. 18 to 30-year-old guys. every single one of those people is going to be watching the super bowl. >> the winner is going to be announced in january. you talked with people involved in this contest this week. i point out it was in our newsroom notes that day. said mark has said he will not wear anything -- called chubby. >> not knocking chubby's, just doesn't work for me. these guys are superpumped about this. they started in 2011. their budget for marketing, facebook, youtube, that kind of stuff, it's a genuine super bowl commercial they could get. of course they are competing against two small businesses in new york, one is a coffee company and one is a five and dime store. >> we're going for the chubby's. >> that's right. got our vote. >> the only time i think rhyme going to say that. still to come -- cracks,
8:11 am
leaks, a lot of concern surrounding the bay bridge. up next, we're live with why the congressman wants the feds to get involved. >> this week's jefferson award winner is helping people find security and peace of mind. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reports show that salt wate getting inside... and hurti the the foundation on the bay bridge is cracking and getting weak. reports show salt water is getting inside and hurting the foundation. caltrans tried to fix the problem with 25-foot long rods, but it didn't work. some developed rust and at least one has broken. >> joining us to look at this and what we may expect in the future is or congressman who in his past life was also on the state transportation committee, long looking at this bridge. this latest business is really sort of scary. shortly after the foundation was poured it began to develop cracks. rather than scrapping and trying to rebuild they tried to glue it. >> once we picked that design long time ago the bridge is going to be hard to maintain. you're going to have to spend
8:15 am
spend more money on maintenance. >> it was interesting, a question that i thought of was we committed a lot of money to this. once they started to build it was there ever a chance to backtrack, reconfigure? or just go ahead? >> there was a point during the schwarzenegger administration where the then secretary of transportation and the schwarzenegger administration wanted to with switch back to a causeway but they were too far into it. >> there's the old expression if you're in a hole stop digging. we just kept digging. >> i think once you start a big project like this you're all in. >> where do we go from here? all in means a lot of money in trying to fix the problems. >> there's two things, always been two things. one is learning lessons from what we did because we know these big projects, nine out of 10 of them are way over budget. and then the maintenance and safety. so you have to go back and make sure you learn lessons from
8:16 am
them so you don't do it again. >> you think we're getting straight answers from caltrans? >> i don't know. i didn't feel like when i did investigation in the state senate that i got straight answers. you wouldn't know this now if it were not for the fact we made the meetings public of the oversights public. before this they were secret. >> should there be a more extensive review? >> yes, at the federal level and state level, people need to learn from their mistakes and hold people accountable. then we need to know the budget for maintenance. >> when i'm dealing with this, it seems -- if caltrans does a review -- >> you can't, you have to have the third party dog -- doing it. >> we get this report and that report in dribs and drabs. >> you need someone to come in and really look at it. we should have like the military, after-action report in transportation that is thorough from a third party
8:17 am
that says what did we learn from this? >> high speed rail is the next big project. >> i'm a supporter but voted against it in the legislature because of how we're going about it. we don't have the money to build it the way we're doing it. >> we're going to have a repeat. >> if we don't go back and look at it the way we're doing it, yes. >> what is driving this? politics? payoffs? >> i had some bills that governor brown signed that would look at the big, big prongs, over $2. 5 billion, whether it's the big dig in boston, or this bridge that nine out of 10 have problems. we want to learn how to manage them better. >> washington this week, what was your take on the vote as far as syrian refugees in >> unfortunately political. mr. ryan said we're going to do regular order. then when he had the chance to make it look like democrats in the administration were being soft on terrorists we did this political on thics. it's not going to make any one
8:18 am
safer. it's a willie horton thing. >> but we had a lot of democrats including some in the bay area that went for it. >> they have their opinion. my opinion was as i stated, if republicans cared as much about american safety when americans with mental health problems get assault weapons you're more at risk from that as americans than one of these refugees coming in and hurting you. there's only 2,000 in the country, only 10,000 prospectively. most are women and children or elderly men. >> thank you for joining us. we're going to keep an eye on that and the bay bridge. in the meantime we're also going to look at the weather. sounds good. here is our san jose cam this morning. where we have a nice clear start. a little chilly out there. but here you can see nice high clouds for your sunday morning. upper 40s, low 50s now. here's what you can expect this morning. sunshine with mild temperatures today. a cooling trend is going to start tomorrow and then a chance of rain, we are right
8:19 am
now tracking for tuesday and some colder temperatures as well. so let's fly around the bay and look at some of the highs for today. these are above average temperatures for this time of year. 70 santa clara. los altos 71. pacifica 66. 69 union city. 68 in antioch and pittsburg. the high in san francisco 67. 69 degrees in alameda in the east bay. and north bay, salve salve 66 degrees -- san rafael, and 67 in kentfield. enjoy the mild temperature for today because tomorrow clouds are going to roll in and it's going to get a little bit cooler. we're tracking that chance of showers come tuesday but as far as your thanksgiving day forecast and travel forecast it is looking sunny, mild, a little bit cool for this time of year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:22 am
we've been talking about, house lawmakers voted to pause the resettlement of syrian refugees in the u.s. but the president is threat an veto. >> meanwhile the proposal to limit the visa waiver program that allows citizens from european countries to visit the u.s. without first applying for visas is gaining steam. >> if you have been in syria or iraq in the last if i have years, you cannot use the visa waiver program. the problem is, the european communities which are generally all visa waiver communities, let's say france has had 2,000 people leave to go and fight. there are visa waiver countries so the people come back to france and then they come into the united states. >> we are going to hear a lot more from the senator this morning at 8:30. she is a guest on "face the nation." we were able to hear from host
8:23 am
john dickerson earlier in the week in advance of her appearance. >> it's a really fascinating intelligence question for senator stein because how do you get -- feinstein, how do you get the documentation? many didn't come with it and what exactly is the process for screening them? how long would that take? a lot of complicated questions. a lot is visual. we have the vision of these syrian refugees going into europe marching en masse. the question about it is how do you secure them or let them know, if they are clean or what their history is or things like that. meanwhile what the senator is pointing out is what you don't see, that is the non-stop nights between the united states and european and asian countries that we have this visa waiver where basically if you hold their passport you get to come in to visit the united states. who gets to come in on that? a number of terrorists are
8:24 am
actually residents of these countries. what is not being said, with are you fee -- with refugees you sit there and monitor them. these are for the tourism industry. if you have to answer questions before coming in that could slow tourism. in san francisco, for example it's a megabillion dollar industry. >> the senator sounding a lot of alarm bells. >> it's one thing, it's comfortable to say something about refugees because it won't impact your economy. visas and it's tourism. we know technology can make our lives easier but in some cases it's also keeping people safe. this week's jefferson award winner is a san francisco nonprofit that embodies that through its engineering work. >> it's not ok that people don't have a safe place to spend the night. >> reporter: marnie webb is trying to get people to talk about something few want to discuss. >> we don't go to work the next
8:25 am
day and say i tried to get housing last night because my spouse beats me. how is the version one roll out? >> reporter: the ceo of caravan studios, from the san francisco nonprofit tech soup came up with the idea of helping survivors of domestic violence after her mother-in-law told her about a woman who needed a safe place to stay. >> in the course of telling me the story she said i would pay for a hotel room for that, that girl if i could. i thought wait a second -- hmm. how can we put this together? >> >> she put together an app called safe night. connecting people with violent situations with she hadderings in the area -- shelters in the area that could help. often shelters are full, but the app goes a step further and can also ask for donations to pay for a hotel room. >> an agency has urgent need
8:26 am
for a bed. >> the last thing we want to say is we don't have a safe place for to you sleep. >> reporter: c.o.r.a., a abuse hotline says they receive requests everyonery year. hotel rooms as an option? >> in that case we say we have this hotel available for you. we build relationships with hotels and can put a family into a hotel room immediately. so there are immediate results nor their safety. >> cory thinks the app is life- saving. marnie thinks it helps give true meaning to life. if we can help, it's tremendous to be in the position to be able to do that. the community wants to help. >> reporter: for helping connect domestic violence suv's groups with those in need of -- service groups with those in need of safe shelter. this goes to marnie webb. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
your local news continues in just a couple of minutes...n k-b- c-w... channel 44, cab 12.
8:28 am
face the nation next.
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8:30 am
>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" as isis promises more terror president says he will destroy them. paris continues to paralyze the country as authorities helicopter for a suspect in last week's attacks on paris. the world races for possibility of more. president obama meanwhile ratchets up his rhetoric vowing to defeat isis. >> we will destroy them. they're a bunch of killers. with good social media. >> dickerson: we'll cover it all with voices from capitol hill including top democrat on the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein. republican chairman of the house of homeland security michael mccaul. president's special envoy to the coalition, brett mcgurk and senator rand paul. plus we'll hear from panel of experts and we'll have our


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