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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a few cars on the road. it's early, wednesday, getaway day, november 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy thanksgiving eve, i guess, right? >> yes. thank eve. well, all through the overnight hours, pockets of rain have been popping up across the bay area. this is what it looked like in san francisco. and now the bitter cold has set in. >> and let's check traffic and weather out of the gate. it is a little chilly. i would on the say bitter. i would just say -- >> thank you, thank you. >> chilly. >> just now, liza looked over and started laughing. this is what rain does to my hair. [ laughter ] >> i like it. i think you should keep that all day. >> liza, stop it! [ laughter ] out the door, the rain is out of here. i can't wait to see, however, if we have a light dusting on mount hamilton when the sun comes up this morning. temperature-wise, it's 34 degrees in santa rosa. we'll probably jump a couple more degrees before the sun comes up. otherwise we are in the 40s. later today, temperature-wise
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we'll top off anywhere from 51 degrees in livermore to 57 degrees in oakland. we have the thanksgiving forecast, that's coming up in a matter of minutes. right now, let's say hello, liza. >> hey there, roberta. good morning, everyone. on this busiest travel day of the year, chp was busy overnight with accidents, the biggest eastbound 80 at the berkeley curve. at one point the freeway was shut down. we're hearing now that east 80 is now open but there are problems in antioch and i'll highlight them with "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. 4:31 your time. another high-profile bay area murder has been traced to a gun stolen from a federal agent. christin ayers shows us the murder suspect along with his family and friends threw a fit in court. reporter: the man accused of murdering an oakland muralist is behind bars here at santa rita jail. we have confirmed that the gun he allegedly used had been stolen from a federal immigration agent in san francisco one of several high- profile thefts of law enforcement weapons. we were only allowed to take video of murder suspect marquise holloway from the neck
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down as the judge began laying out the charges. >> personal property -- [ censored ] , [ censored ] , [ censored ] ] >> reporter: holloway let loose a flurry of profanity and lost control. moments later, a group of his supporters left the courtroom shattered a display case and angrily confronted reporters. >> reporter: authorities said holloway admitted to killing antonio ramos in oakland as he was painting a mural but holloway said it was an accident. he has a long rap sheet. >> he predominantly hangs around as a member of the ghost town gang. he has been identified in several street level robberies. >> reporter: it turned out the gun used to kill ramos had been stolen from an i.c.e. agent september 14 near at&t park. someone smashed the window of an suv was driving and stole
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his glock and personal items in the fifth law enforcement gun they want we have counted in the bay area in five months. >> he was also charged with robberies one that happened less than an hour before ramos was killed. tense times right now in chicago after protestors took to the streets clashed with police and briefly blocked a major expressway. last night's protests began after the city released police dashcam video of an accident fatally shooting a black teen. at one point, police used tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowd. at least one person was detained along michigan avenue prompting other protesting to throw plastic water bottles at officers. more demonstrations are planned in the days ahead. officer jason van dyke is now in custody charged with murder. here are some clips from the video which was ordered released by a judge. it contains no audio but it shows the october 2014 shooting
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that killed 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. he was shot 16 times. mayor rahm emanuel hopes this will ease tensions. >> i believe this can build bridges of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding. >> police have said the teen had a knife and the cook county state's attorney says a knife was recovered from the scene. an autopsy report shows laquan mcdonald was high on pcp during the incident. rain today and cold temperatures setting in. here's a look at the manzanita park and right lot in mill valley flooded by king tides yesterday. in morgan hill rain and wind caused a tree to topple on a home on east fifth avenue with the roof ripped off. an adult and small child were inside. they made it out unharmed stores the sierra has another
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layer of snow just in time for the holiday weekend. it looked like a picture postcard last night in downtown truckee. more snow is expected today. chains are required from kingvale to truckee towards south lake tahoe on 50 from twin bridges down into miners. so bring it on. >> how beautiful, the snow with the holiday lights. >> i had a friend who sent me photographs from the south shore and his son was in the hot tub with the snow just coming down and then this is something. we actually were talking with some of the chain inspectors, which i thought they were called chain monkeys but they're called chain inspectors. that's their official name, they say bring it on because they haven't had this work in years. good morning, as you head out, the rain is out of here. you can leave the umbrella home. current air temperature right now from the 30s to the 40s. let's look at that camera that just went down and pop up that instead. 34 in santa rosa to 45 degrees
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in san francisco. later today our numbers pretty much from 51 to about 57 degrees. everybody will be under 60. refreshing air as you head out the door today make shoeing you have that light jacket as you head out. 54 today in pleasant hill. the abundance of sunshine temperatures in the 50s in the north bay, 57 degrees in santa rosa. low 50s cloverdale. thanksgiving forecast, that's still coming up but right now let's bring in liza. >> on this getaway before thanksgiving we are bracing for a busy drive later this morning. so far it's relatively quiet even though there were several accidents overnight. all accidents have been cleared. lanes are open in san jose. we had a big crash east 80 in berkeley and one in antioch on 4. right now very light traffic awaits you everywhere especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. highway 4 looking good in both directions. earlier crash eastbound 4 at somersville has been cleared out. and 580 which normally has a
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brief backup on this morning is very quiet. expect delays later for this getaway drive. there are chain restrictions for 80, 50 and 88. today millions of americans are expected to hit the road head of thanksgiving but those travels come amid concerns about terrorism. don champion shows us what's being done to keep people safe. reporter: on one of busiest travel days of the year, there are visible signs of stepped up security. >> i know they are a real threat more traveling overseas than domestically but personally, it doesn't bother me too much. >> reporter: at major airports, tsa agents have been told to take their time while screening bags. at los angeles international airport, heavily armed officers now patrol terminals. paul jermaine flu from paris to dc tuesday. >> it was nice to see. it gave me a better feeling of being protected. >> reporter: a new intelligence
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bulletin sent to law enforcement around the country warns there could be copycats in the u.s. looking to replicate the paris attacks. the stepped up security even extents to busy train stations and travel hubs like penn station here in new york city. the nypd is also trying to protect the more than 1 million people expected to attend the iconic macy's thanksgiving day parade. officers wearing plain clothes will be in the crowd and radiation detectors will be used. >> don't be afraid, be aware. >> reporter: the department has also rolled out a new counter- terrorism unit. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> the travel warning extends through february. four young men are under arrest charged with felony vandalism on a dam. they are accusedded of destroying an inflatable dam in fremont and wasting a ton of water. they were seen on surveillance video sneaking around the alameda creek dam this past may
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and on saturday, police arrested four men were identified. authorities say they slashed the dam with a knife sending 50 million gallons of drinking water into the bay. it was enough to serve 500 homes for a year. >> we're very pleased that they were caught. you know, we'll sleep a little better knowing that these people potentially will not be doing something like this again. >> workers tested a new dam at the same site last week. alameda county water district says this dam is stronger and security there is tighter. they made history in oakland and made it look easy. the golden state warriors are now 16-0, longest ever winning streak to start an nba season. golden state's steph curry scored 24 as the warriors beat the struggling lakers 111-77. and kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell has reaction
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from oracle arena. reporter: good morning, everybody, from oracle where plastic night history was made. the warriors are such a big story, they have knocked the nfl off the front pages and we're only in november! sounded liked a play-off atmosphere at oracle arena last night. 2nd quarter, already up 37-17, andre iguodala throws an alley- oop to festus, golden state had a 22-point lead. this one was never close against a two-win lakers team. 3rd quarter steph curry gets two of his 24 with the layup to make it 65-44. warriors cruise 111-77. golden state is now 16-0 and they own the record for the best start in nba history all to themselves. >> they are in the history books. but we also reminded them that it's november and it's -- we have a lot more work to do. we -- this turned into a mini goal a couple of games ago. we accomplished it. and now we have to make sure
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that we don't drop off. >> we're rolling right now. we want to keep that going in the next 66 games. we want to be our best in april. but, um, this is special. >> reporter: while there is a long way to go, how easy was it? every one of the wars played including everybody on the bench and all the starters took the 4th quarter off. up next, phoenix and we'll have more highlights and reaction coming up a little bit later on. right now, i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. time now 4:41. have you done all your grocery shopping for thanksgiving yet? next, why a bay area company is hoping you buy the ugly stuff. we'll explain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rescued by a syrian army commando unit. that pilot is now safe at a russian aie inside syria. today, a russian pilot whose plane was shot down by turkey was rescued by a syrian army commando unit. he is safe at a russian airbase inside syria. russia's foreign minister says
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turkey's actions was a planned provocation. turkey says the plane strayed over a mile into its airspace yesterday. the plane made a fiery descent crashing into northwest syria. turkey's radar map shows where the plane crossed the line. the russian ambassador france said the second pilot was shot and wounded by syrian rebels after he ejected. and he was killed after he reached the ground. a newborn baby is healthy after someone left him in a nativity scene at a church in new york. the boy was found in a manger at the altar of a church in queens. police estimate he was just 4 to 5 hours old when he was found yesterday afternoon. the baby had been wrapped in a towel crying with his umbilical court still attached. a priest couldn't believe it. >> i was shocked and -- and yet, um, really moved by it. you know? the church is a home for those in need. >> the church is considered a safe haven where a person can leave a baby up to 30 days
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after birth but the child's mother may face prosecution because she didn't notify anyone. the millbrae city council has given the green light to extend its controversial red light camera system. mark kelly reports. i went through a split second into that light and it cost me $500. >> reporter: howard atkins isn't alone. we saw firsthand flash after dreaded flash. dozens of drivers could the running the red. red light cameras feel like big brother to you? >> of course! it does to everybody. i mean, the consensus is the people don't want it. >> reporter: the city council does. >> i'm fully in favor of extending this contract. the measure is passed 5-0. >> reporter: every member voted to extend the hefty contract with the arizona-based company that operates the cameras. $450,000 the first year and $350,000 the last two. >> why wouldn't we let
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technology allow for that to help us to be safe in our own community? >> if i'm on the council and i take it away and somebody dies because i took it away, then that's on me. >> reporter: opponents say the council will never scrap the program because that $500 a ticket is a moneymaker for the city. >> it was a done deal when i walked in the door. i was surprised they weren't going to have discussion before they voted on it. it was a done deal. >> reporter: some on council say keeping the red light cameras is a better deal for the city han stationing an officer at this intersection 24/7. >> it's a good bang for the buck. >> reporter: the san mateo county court has upheld the tickets 96% of the time. in millbrae, mark kelly, kpix 5. voters in richmond will decide in june whether to approve a controversial waterfront housing development. the city council voted to put it on the ballot. if approved it would be built
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on property in the marina bay neighborhood. the plan calls for 59 single- family homes. critics say that goes against the city's general plan which envisions dense housing and retail. it is 4:47. the rain has come. it's gone. a little chillier weather and we are getting ready for the big holiday. >> if all our storms this next season is this easy to forecast, then, boy, it's going to be good. the timing was just spot on. our live hi-def doppler radar had a really good handle on this cold front as it dumped up to half inch of rain in some neighborhoods yesterday. in here out of here. this is the scene right now as we see the departure of rain across the far santa clara valley. right now, again, no rain to be noted. this is the scene looking towards the transamerica pyramid. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures we have it in the 40s except for santa rosa at 34 degrees. we'll trail off by a couple more degrees as we have been noting all week that tonight overnight into your thanksgiving morning will be
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the coldest night coming up. here you have the departure of the area of low pressure, the core of the center is right there to the south of bay area now. sure, there's still a little bit of wraparound moisture. you could see a spotty shower early this morning. anything we see won't be notable as far as measurable precipitation is concerned. the bottom line is, heading out the door this morning, the clouds will clear. grab a jacket. anticipate bright blue skies with billowing clouds, breezy cool conditions, and cold nights ahead freezing inland. here our futurecast taking all the precipitation with it. clouds remain off the coast. notice the clearing across the bay area. a colder shot of air mass working into the area with the passage of this front our temperatures are below average for this time of the year. we have lingering showers in the greater lake tahoe area. couple of more inches of snow will fall before all the so if is out of there. bring chains. dress in layers. temperatures tumbling into the
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single digits as overnight lows. today under 60 degrees everywhere. 57 degrees in oakland and berkeley. otherwise, you will notice it's cool and dry on thanksgiving day. then we have more cloud cover next weeks. on this prethanksgiving no major accidents out there. there is slow traffic now for the altamont pass and that's where we'll start. 580 west slow from the 205 interchange to grant line. it picks up with no delays through the livermore valley approaching pleasanton and the dublin interchange. bay bridge toll plaza holing steady still wide open for the drive out of oakland heading into san francisco where the metering lights are still off. san mateo bridge also flowing well with no big delays there as with 880. that's rolling well in both directions through the oakland area. you will see some flashing lights there. looks like tow trucks may be on scene with a brand-new accident in that northbound direction approaching high street. if you plan to drive around downtown san jose, later today,
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remember there is a sharks game scheduled for 7 p.m. that will delay traffic around the arena especially along the guadalupe parkway and overnight caltrans was busy. there were reports of minor flooding on the first street on- ramp to southbound 280. that ramp is open. just take it easy if you plan to use that to get into work or school this morning. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank and michelle. a bay area company is joining a movement to deliver perfectly good produce to your door at a low price. but as cate caugiran tells us, there's one small cosmetic catch. reporter: mom taught us it's what's on the inside that counts. >> a lot of them will have big black spots. >> reporter: ben simon is teaching us, same goes for your fruits and veggies. >> there's just so much more that is going to waste and there is no market for it because it doesn't meet the grocery store standards. >> reporter: we as grocery shoppers are part of the problem. >> we're buying with our eyes. >> reporter: ben is the ceo and founder of emeryville-based
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imperfect. >> so imperfect sells ugly fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: you won't see this produce on shelves. it's considered grocery store rejects. >> these grading centers have evolved over time and it's just this unrealistic conception of what a fruit or veggie needs to look like. >> reporter: but ben asked us to consider this. 20% of all produce gets rejected. and americans end up wasting or throwing away 40% of all food grown. >> food waste is an issue that often goes invisible. it's behind the scenes for a lot of us. >> reporter: ben says no matter how you slice it, typically, it all goes to the same place. and better here than here. >> food is actually the number one item filling up our landfills. there's tremendous power in this idea of food recovery of basically taking good food that would be wasted and finding a home for that. >> reporter: in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> imperfect sells its produce at 30 to 50% off and if you are in the east bay it can be
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delivered to your door. time now is 4:51. if you bought anything for your thanksgiving day meal at costco, out you want to listen up. some of their food is linked to an e. coli outbreak. >> what what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is what you can anticipate today. dry today, a little damp from yesterday's rain but nonetheless, no rain in the forecast today. 50s in the coast to the eastern portion of the bay area. cool in san ramon and dublin in
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the low 50s. otherwise 55 degrees in fairfield. good morning in stinson beach. mid-50s. santa rosa topping off at 57 degrees. and with a few clouds and the sunshine, 58 degrees in windsor. and if your getaway plans include going to the sierra, pack your chains. there are restrictions in place for 80, 50 and 88 this morning. 101 looking good leaving southern marin heading into san francisco. i'll have more wednesday traffic for you still ahead. 4:55. in san francisco, it wasn't even his birthday but he was definitely wearing his birthday suit. a naked man climbs up on the freeway entrance sign on 5th street about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. it took more than 10 minutes before police finally talked him into dress and coming down to the ground. officers excited him for trespass. -- cited him for trespass. 19 people in california and six other states have been sickened by e. coli
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contamination linked to costco stores. the common link is costco's rotisserie chicke salad. no one died. two have kidney failure. anyone who bought chicken salad at any u.s. costco store on or before friday is advised to throw it out. a deadly confrontation at an orange county starbucks happened yesterday in santa ana. witnesses say a man in his 50s entered the starbucks and began accosting customers. he then singled out a 20-year- old skateboarder yelling a racial slur at him. the erratic man zoned in and then things escalated. >> he moved toward the kid, and the kid in self-defense hit him with the skateboard. >> the man who witnesses say anded to be on drugs died instantly. the 20-year-old man remained at the scene and cooperated with plus. the force is now with the man who robbed a store dressed as darth vader. the police force, that is.
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police arrested 32-year-old jacob mercer in jacksonville, florida monday night. the day before, surveillance video shows mercer wearing a darth vader mask entering a convenience store and pointing a gun at the clerk. the clerk threw a bottle at him and he fled but was arrested and charged with robberies. more destruction from this latest round of national weather service when come back. stay with us. >> reporter: and golden state making history! coming up, we'll take you inside this win that is one for the record books. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking a live look out at the bay bridge toll plaza, it might be safe to say that some people are taking off work today, right? >> i think that is probably
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pretty safe to say. i bet a lot of people aren't working today. what are we working for? >> i know. we're here, though. it is wednesday, november 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on your wednesday. well, the warriors now have a unique place in sports history, the longest ever winning streak to start an nba season. golden state pounded the los angeles lakers last night 111- 77 for win number 16. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at oracle arena in oakland where all the magic happened last night. anne. reporter: yeah. it was really nice that they were able to beat this record, this nba record and that they were able to do it right here at home. [ applause and cheers ] >> the last regular season loss loss, april 7. >> reporter: marv albertite mic for the


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