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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, november 25th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." disturbing video shows a chicago police officer shooting a teenager 16 times. protestors want to know why it took so long for murder charges. turkey's president called for calm after his country shot down a russian warplane. but the kremlin is deploying new missiles. and the fight to stop airlines from cramping your style. first, today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> people will be upset and will want to protest when they see
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this video. >> chicago on edge over a deadly police shooting. >> anger boils over after a video was released showing the victim being shot. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. >> russia promising serious consequences after turkey shot down one of its war planes. russia claims its plane did not cross into turkey. >> turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. >> an international manhunt is now under way for mohamed abrini, another terror suspect believed linked to the paris terror attacks. >> trump's daughter campaigning with him for the first time. >> head to head, i'm beating hillary by a lot. do we like that? i like that. >> some drivers battling the elements this holiday season. >> snow coming down across parts of the rockies. all the mess is in the middle. >> st. louis rams' wide receiver
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steadman balanc bailey was shot head. he is in critical but stable condition. >> all that. >> setting an nba record, 16 wins to start the season. >> pretty cool accomplishment. >> thank you for being here. i show up every time. >> and all of that matters. >> this is what i call a real supporter. are you married? are you happy with your husband? she said yes. she fantasizes that he's really the real donald trump. >> on "cbs this morning." >> were you on line for joseph? >> the darth vader toaster. >> i looked it up. you can buy the darth vader toaster on amazon. and they'll bring it directly to your house. to the room you live in in your mom's house. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." anger is growing in chicago over a graphic video of a police officer shooting a teenager too death. demonstrators blocked traffic for much of the night. there was some pushing and shoving but protests were mostly peaceful. >> police and activists are calling for calm over the shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. dash cam video shows the policeman firing 16 times at him last year. dean reynolds has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officer jason van dyke is held without bail on murder charges. the 15-second incident was captured on police dashboard video. we have to warn you, it is difficult to watch. the video shows officer jason
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van dyke on the left, firing six seconds after leaving his cruiser. most of the shots hit mcdonald when he's already on the ground. van dyke's partner told van dyke to hold his fire. eight chicago cops had pursued mcdonald because he was a robbery suspect. the tape showed mcdonald moving away, not toward the officer. cook county state's attorney anita alvarez said she didn't know of any other on-duty chicago police officer being charged with murder. >> clearly this officer went overboard, you know, and abused his authority. i don't believe the force was necessary. >> reporter: the confrontation happened on october 20th of last year. prosecutors received a copy of the dash cam video two weeks later and opened an investigation. on tuesday, the video was made
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public but only because a county judge ordered it released. alvarez said the video's release did not pressure her into bringing charges against van dyke. >> when we investigate police shootings, it's not like one civilian shooting another. it's much more complex and involved. it's not unusual for these types of investigations to take up to 20 months. >> reporter: but critics say the video is so damning, the video should have been released immediately. >> he was given 13 more months of pay and security and preparation. >> reporter: protestors last night were vocal but mostly nonviolent, heeding the advice of city officials. >> it is fine to be passionate. but it is essential that it remain peaceful. we have a collective responsibility in the chicago of chicago, the city we love, to be
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sure the opportunity for healing begins now. >> reporter: van dyke's lawyer says his client is scared to death. if convicted, he could face 20 years to life in prison. and as for mcdonald's family, the city of chicago has awarded them $5 million in compensation, even though the family had never filed a wrongful death suit. >> thank you very much, dean. this morning russia and turkey have trying to ease tensions after a turkish jet shot down a russian warplane. turkey says the russian plane strayed a mile into their hair space and was there 17 seconds when it was fired on by a turkish f-16. the russian plane crashed in syria. syria's president says some of the pieces fell inside turkey. russia says one of the pilots was killed in groundfire and the other has returned safe. holly williams has more. >> reporter: good morning.
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we've heard from the russian foreign minister, who said russia will not wage war against turkey, clearly trying to deescalate this situation. a day after the russian warplane was shot down, russia says it's deploying its most advanced air defense system to syria. turkey says this radar map shows where the russian aircraft briefly crossed over. but moscow denies its warplane ever left syrian airspace. and the russian president, vladimir putin, called turkey's actions a stab in the back. this video appeared to show the body of the dead russian pilot. in the hands of syrian rebel fighters. this morning, the turkish president, tayyip erdogan, said he doesn't want an escalation. but turkey had already warned moscow about violating its
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airspace and claims russian planes did so twice in october. president obama spoke by telephone with the turkish president, and both he and nato called for calm. >> this points to an ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border. >> reporter: russia and turkey are on opposite sides of the syrian civil war. turkey, like its ally the u.s., backs the syrian rebels, while russia supports the syrian regime, and in september began launching air strikes. moscow claims to be targeting isis. but the u.s. says it's also hit so-called moderate rebels in order to prop up the syrian dictator, bashar al assad. this incident shows just how dangerous syrian airspace has become. with the syrian regime, the
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u.s., and its allies, and now russia all launching air strikes, charlie. >> thanks, holly. this morning french president françois hollande is rallying world leaders to escalate the fight against isis. he'll meet this afternoon with german chancellor angela merkel. tomorrow he'll talk with the italian prime minister. then he'll fly to moscow to meet with russian president putin, following his meeting with president obama on tuesday. chip reid is at the white house, were president obama offered solidarity but not much else. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama's critics say he's not doing enough in syria. the president said new plans are in the works. >> this bar baric terrorist group and its murderous ideology poses a serious threat to all of us. >> reporter: president obama said even before the attacks in paris he was working on new proposals to counter isis.
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>> i had gathered together my national security forces and had put together a plan to accelerate and advance the pressure that we can place on isil. and we intend to execute on those plans. >> reporter: but he provided no details. tomorrow president hollande meets face-to-face in russia with vladimir putin, who met with iran's supreme leader this week, another world leader who supports keeping syrian president bashar al assad in power. it's that kind of behavior that has the obama administration and other coalition governments skeptical about russia's involvement in the fight against isis. >> russia right now is a coalition of two. iran and russia supporting assad. >> reporter: president hollande said he will tell putin france can work with russia if russia concentrates its action on taking out isis and commits to the coalition's shared goal of
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removing assad from power. >> them cooperating would be enormously helpful in bringing about a resolution of the civil war in syria and allow us all to refocus our attention on isil. >> reporter: but after that shootdown of a russian jet by turkey, it now appears the chances of getting russia to work with the anti-isis coalition are even more remote. >> chip, thank you so much. french police this morning are searching for a new suspect in the paris terror attacks. mohamed abrini was caught on video with salah abdeslam, the suspect thought to have fled to belgium after the attraction. debora patta reports from there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is an attempt to return some sense of normal at this to brussels today. the city remains on high alert for a possible terrorist attack, but the metro has reopened,
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packed by school students guarded by police, because children are back in school. 300 additional police officers have been deployed to patrol schools around brussels. parents were only allowed to drop their children at the gates. teachers escorted them inside the building. director of a local elementary school philippe ector said the closure has been difficult. i find it a bit shocking, he said. for us, school is a place where we learn. and in brussels it is the place where we learn to live together. as the city deals with heightened security, more details have come out about the belgian jihadies involved in the paris attacks. the french prosecutor said abdelhamid abaaoud was placed at the bataclan concert hall at precisely the same time as police were freeing hostages.
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the prosecutor also revealed that abaaoud, together with another man, were planning a suicide bomb attack at a busy parisian business district. abaaoud was killed in the french raid in saint-denis last week. but there is a new addition to europe's most wanted list. 30-year-old mohamed abrini was seen traveling with fugitive salah abdeslam two days before the mass killings in this black car caught on a surveillance camera. and his dn rachet wa was found the cars used in the attacks. belgian police are now hunting for two of the paris suspects, and they still have the additional pressure of trying to root out a terror cell they believe is plotting paris-like attacks here in brussels. charlie? >> thank you, debora patta in brussels. new details this morning about the american air strike that destroyed a hospital in afghanistan last month. according to military officials
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briefed on the pentagon investigation, the inadvertent strike was the result of human and technical errors. at least third people at the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz were killed, mostly doctors and patients. the military was trying to target a terrorist base, but errors resulted in the attack on the hospital. a new presidential poll this morning shows hillary clinton with a 9-point lead over bernie sanders in iowa. the lead is nearly unchanged from last month's poll. the quinnipiac survey also finds that sanders is considered more trustworthy but voters think hillary clinton has the best chance to win the election. the republican frontrunner, donald trump, says muslims in new jersey celebrated the
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september 11th attacks. nancy cordes has more on that. >> good morning. it's now donald trump's republican opponents that say his 9/11 claims are a fantasy and they're using terms to describe him we haven't heard in modern american politics. >> good evening. isn't he the best? he will be the best president ever. >> reporter: for the first time, donald trump's wife joined him at a campaign event. >> am i a nice person? my wife says yes. >> reporter: all the outside criticism hasn't chastened trump. if anything, his claims grew even more grandiose in myrtle beach last night. >> the other thing i prickedict was terrorism. a friend of mine said, you're the first person who predicted terrorism. i said, because i can feel it. >> reporter: trump's republican rivals are disputing his tale of thousands of muslims celebrating
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in new jersey the day the twin towers fell. chris christie is new jersey's governor. >> if that had happened, i would recall it. and i don't. >> it would have been on television. it would have been recorded. this is just wrong. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich released an ad calling trump's rhetoric dangerous. advisors to jeb bush went even further, calling trump's proposals for documenting u.s. muslims fascist. none of it has hurt trump's poll numbers. a recent quinnipiac poll shows him leading in iowa, although texas senator ted cruz is just 2 points behind, as dr. ben carson slips. support for cruz in iowa has doubled in just the past four weeks. our cbs news battleground tracker showed a similar surge. trump joked recently that he hasn't attacked cruz yet but might have to go to war with him
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if cruz getting too close in the polls. >> we'll be watching, thank you so much. millions of americans face a rainy and stormy thanksgiving in some parts of california and the sierra nevada. the storm created unsafe travel conditions in many parts of the west. danielle niles shows us what to expect. >> good morning, everybody. winter storm warnings and advisories are up from california to montana, stretching east to nebraska and kansas as well. this storm, even though at the lower elevations it will only drop a coating to a couple of inches, that's all it takes to create slippery travel through the intermountain west during the day today. higher elevations will get over a foot in some mountains. your thanksgiving forecast, pretty active in the central part of the country. rain in chicago, snow on the back side of it. slippery travel with areas of ice in between. quiet on the west coast and the
7:18 am
eastern seaboard, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in seattle and palm springs. >> thank you, danielle. police in minneapolis have three white men under arrest connection with a shooting at a black lives matter protest. 5 people were shot outside a police precinct. none of the injuries is life 37. protestors have been demanding justice for jamar clark, a 25-year-old black man killed by a white officer last month. st. louis rams wide receiver steadman bailey is having surgery today after being shot in the head. the 25-year-old is in critical but stable condition. he was reportedly shot twice last night while sitting in a car in miami garden, florida. a relative says his two young kids were in the car with him. he has been serving a four-game suspension for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. it's official, no nba season
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has started a season like golden state. the warriors won their first 16 games. they broke the all-time record last night, beating the lakers by 34 points. >> wow. >> golden state is also the first team to have 16 game-winning streaks in straight seasons. the last time they lost a regular season game was all the way back in april. >> not bad. >> and the "new york times," as you talked about earlier this morning, has a front page story about stefan, saying a point guard with the grace of baryshnikov. >> fun to watch. >> a great team to watch. an e. coli outbreak is traced to costco's chicken
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by j. krchc. penney penney's. where giving begins. one of the most important one of the most important police tools against terrorism can't carry a weapon. >> ahead, how horses are helping
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officers keep people safe at one of the businessiest times of it year. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." ack in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay! makes it unforgettable. y je. save up to 30% on diamond fashions at kay, the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. the keurig k200® series brewer. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way. keurig hot.
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passengers. the backlash against airlines who give you less room to sit. >> nob snow, just in time for thanksgiving weekend. here's what good morning. another layer of snow just in time for the thanksgiving weekend. here's what truckee looked like last night. right now chains are required on 80 and 50. history in oakland last night. the warriors now hold the record for the best ever start in the nba season. golden state earned its 16th straight win last night with an easy 34 point victory over the lakers. the attempt to number 17 will be friday night in focus. in the next half-hour on morning morning, as airlines add seats to their planes, find out what you can do to maximize your personal space, in the next half-hour on "cbs this
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morning." stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." delays on highway 13 at oakland. an accident southbound just beyond highway 24, also this crash in the marin county area southbound 101 just before lucas valley as traffic is backed up beyond highway 37. and just a brief delay now at the bay bridge toll plaza. enjoy it. roberta? >> a gorgeous sky over san jose. we have the clear skies, however, in the north bay. that's where the temperatures dip to 30 in santa rosa. it's 37 in livermore and 30s in concord. later today temperatures in the 50s at the coast, the peninsula, the south bay, 50s to the east and antioch topping off at 53 degrees. north bay numbers stacking up
7:29 am
into the 50s and extended forecast calls for the same weather through thanksgiving. ,,,,,,,,
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♪,,,,,,, whoa! >> going down. ♪ timber >> the smoke stack came crashing down the wrong way in alabama. oops. the man operating it inside, good news, the cab protected the worker from the falling debris and he was able to walk away. can you imagine the guy sitting in the cab, we got a problem! welcome to "cbs this morning." this half hour, e. coli outbreak linked to costco stores. people in seven states are sick. we will talk to an infectious disease specialist just before the holiday. forces are helping new york
7:31 am
city police fight terrorism. more of them on the streets during the thanksgiving holiday. police consider these patrols one of their most important times. time to show you this pizzey he is more worried about mosquitoes. is there our pope. >> hackers in iran are targeting state department e-mail and social accounts of officials who focus on iran and the middle east. terrorist sentence to
7:32 am
years in prison for plotting the bomb on a new york city subway. he was convicted of conspiring in a failed al qaeda plot and accused of planning a local mall in england in 2009. the judge asked how he was capable of this as he appeared to be a gentleman. bloomberg news reports on a drugmaker despite heavy criticism. daraprim was raised by more than 5,000 percent. the ceo defended the spike on "cbs this morning" earlier. he says the price hike will stand and they will work with hospitals to negotiate discounts. "wall street journal" looks at start-ups to deliver last-minute holiday items in under an hour on thofanksgiving and betting on people to stay home. they will deliver everything from wine to the turkey. how about that? they will have competition from
7:33 am
amazon which is also offering deliveries an hour or less in some areas. unbelievable. this morning, the cdc warns an e. coli outbreak linked to costco chicken sad llad. health officials say the outbreak is more dangerous than the illness that forced dozens of chipotle stores to close. doctor, good morning. how bad is this strain? >> this is a bad strain. it's one of the strains of e. coli that can result in subsequent kidney failure, particularly among children, so it's a much more hazardous strain than the one that involved the chipotle strunts. >> restaurants. >> what are the signs of it? >> nausea, vomiting, abdominal
7:34 am
cramps and die rhea but it does not produce fever. >> they traced it back to the chicken salad? >> they did, not to the individual ingredients yet and still working on that. this chicken salad from costco if you've bought it since friday, throw it out! >> how do we protect ourselves against e. coli? >> we protect ourselves by washing our hands and all of our food suppliers being certain about the chain that goes from farm to fort and try to make everything absolutely as safe as possible. >> then you're an infectious disease specialist. i wonder, given the e. coli strain that was from the chipotle restaurants and this unwinked to costco that is deadlier, what does it tell us about the bacteria, if anything? >> well, the bacteria are all around us, but actually, we have a much safer food supply these days than we have had in the past.
7:35 am
and one of the wonderful things is that the cdc coordinates detection from after the states and we are much better at now detecting these large outbreaks than we were before. >> what is the cause -- what made this chicken salad different from any other chicken salad we get? i had some the other day. how worried should i be? what was it specifically about this one? >> did you see any bacteria in it? >> no. that's what i want to know, charlie! what am i supposed to be looking for? >> how do you know? >> we will get you a picture of bacteria. >> actually, my friends in the studio tell me it's absolutely delicious, because they eat it all the time. so we don't know what made this one containing these bacteria and making people ill. that's actually the focus of this investigation. >> good news is i'm going to be eating turkey salad most of the rest of the week.
7:36 am
>> happy thanks, doctor. always great to have you here. >> happy thanksgiving to everyone. >> thank you. this morning, the nypd is ramping up security for people in new york city. officers say the police on horseback is part of their terrorism strategy. michelle miller is in times square with the animals. >> reporter: on its busiest day, nearly 500,000 people walk through the streets in times square. so if anything should happen, the nypd says mounted officers like this will be on the front line of defense. less than two weeks after the paris attacks, new york city remains on high alert, and with up to 3 million people expected to gather for thursday's thanksgiving day parade, officials aren't taking any chances. >> we estimate that we might potentially have record breaking crowds because of that weather situation this year and we are prepared for that.
7:37 am
we are encouraging people to come on down. >> reporter: while many advanced security measures go unnoticed. officers on horseback almost never do but these men and women, also known as ten-foot cops, do much more than act as a photo op for tourists. sergeant, what do you see? >> lots of people. >> this facility has state-of-the-art system. >> reporter: this is the unit's commanding officer. how important are these horses to the force? >> having that capability at a moment's notice where you don't have resources there yet, but you can start to evacuate people or give direction is invaluable. >> reporter: gelbmnan says it mobility of police give police an added advantage for dealing with an emergency. that is what happened in 2010 when the mounted horseback officers demanded evacuation. >> people are taking direction from our mounted officers out
7:38 am
there to move themselves from the location and there was very clear communication. >> reporter: last week, the nypd unveiled a 30 million dollar state-of-the-art facility to house the elite squad on manhattan's west side. just a quick trot away from times square, penn station, and central park, the new location gives officers easy access to the city's busiest site. >> a lot of people have never seen a horse before and they want to pet them and know his name. >> reporter: stounounds like th are good at communitying policing. >> one of the greatest tools we have. >> reporter: new york city is one of the last cities to actually have horses on active duty. talking to these two officers, they say their nonhuman partners are second to none. gayle? >> do you want to mount up? >> reporter: are you talking to me? >> yes, ma'am. >> is your name michelle? >> reporter: they are beautiebe >> i think it's comforting to see them out in the street. a good barrier for people and it gives you some access to police.
7:39 am
police are horses, as you notice, are very friendly. always open to friendly. >> absolutely. >> michelle, thank you. a nice piece. more airlines are offering less space for passengers. coming up next, demands for the government to stop seats from getting smaller, especially if you have a bigger bottom. and if you're heading off to work and have stuff stuff to do on this day before thanksgiving, maybe you're going to the grocery store! set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like. target is talking about black friday deals and i have a suspicion they are a deal for you. we will be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪
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aaa this morning, suggests the number of people flying for thanksgiving will climb to 3.6 million. that's not the only reason you may discover that the planes are feeling a little more cramped these days. kris van cleave is at the reagan national airport outside of washington for with the battle
7:44 am
for the space and the sky. >> reporter: when people get on board the aircraft they might feel crowded and it's not your imagination. the airlines have worked to squeeze in extra rows of seats and that means, over time, the average space between those rows has fallen from about 35 inches here. on average, down about 4 inches and in some a british airlines 777. beyond, that the agency does not set limits on how close rows of seats can be, but much of its own research is done with seats 31 inches apart. that is the spacing for several of the country's biggest carriers. jetblue and allegiant and frontier offer the least with as little as 28 inches of space and seats that don't even recline.
7:45 am
the amount of room you actually have to sit on? the width of your seat may have shrunk down two to as little as 16 inches wide on some airlines. >> if you crowd more and more people together, bad things happen. >> reporter: in august, paul hudson's group flyers right sent the faa a petition with over 30,000 signatures supporting larger seats. asking the agency to stop them from getting any smaller and to create minimum seat size standards. >> it's a safety concern, particularly with evacuations. this hasn't really been tested. it's a health concern with blood clots. it's a security concern when people are having disagreements and even fights over space. >> reporter: hank scott got frustrated with cramped flight and tiny seat and the time it took to board. >> i simply put the seat in a locked position. >> reporter: i helped prevent a different airline seat currently being certified for use and named them side slit seats.
7:46 am
it makes more room in the aisle. the staggered layout also allows the seats to be bigger, while not taking up additional seat on the plane. >> you're not up here jockeying for elbow space. you're back here and have an extra two-inch width here and still a standard seat and so is this but those passengers have more space because they are not elbow-to-elbow, arm-to-arm, side-by-side. >> reporter: the trade association that represents the airline says the seats are safe and the faa should leave it up to the market to determine how much space customers want. it's worth pointing out that those super discount carriers that offer the least space and even when the seats don't recline are the most profitable in the business. >> i do. it's a little tight sitting that close to everybody. >> nobody likes to be closed up on the airplane. nobody does. when they recline the seat and cuts off your calculation, not good. proof of what is happening in
7:47 am
the world. >> there is a section, gayle, in a plane called coach. there is a section that is called coach. >> i've been there! >> but not rarely. >> i've been there. it's very nice, norah! >> we know better, don't we, norah? >> i know. did you know that even astronauts need a thanksgiving dinner? we will show you what is on the holiday menu. >> i'm not speaking to norah!,,
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7:52 am
>> spam! >> happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> nasa astronaut scott kelly and kjell lindgren are bringing inovags to space and showed off their smoked turkey and candied yams and potatoes au graduatin. we are talking about girls in the boy scouts coming up on "cbs this morning." plaque psoriasis...
7:53 am
7:54 am
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7:56 am
charges be dropped against e "black good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. today community leaders in oakland will hold a rally to demand that charges be dropped against the black friday 14. the group blocked a bart train for hours a year ago in support of "black lives matter." four young men are under arrest charged with felony vandalism on a dam. they are accused of destroying a dam in fremont in may. 50million gallons of drinking water were lost. coming up on "cbs this morning," a fight for equality. a group of girls battling with the boy scouts. we get a look at the case. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. in '62 they put in a conversation pit.
7:57 am
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." bay bridge toll plaza is wide open. come on over! no big delays leaving oakland heading into san francisco. but be prepared for backups on this getaway day. the altamont pass no backup from 205 approaching the dublin interchange. so enjoy the light traffic out there. do keep in mind chains are required in the sierra. good morning. i can't believe that bay bridge wide open. let's take a look at san jose. we do not have wide open skies. we have mostly cloudy skies there. but where it is clear it's freezing in santa rosa at 39 in livermore. later today 50s across the board under 60 everywhere. low 50s tri-valley.
7:59 am
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good morning to our viewers in the west, it is wednesday, november 25, 2015. welcome back to cbs this emergency. more real news he, including the black friday challenge for retailers. a retailer ceo tells how she's changing the custom to suit shoppers. the shooting incident was captured on police dashboard camera. it is difficult to wash. vladimir putin says he will not retaliate against turkey. belgian police are now
8:01 am
hunting for two of the paris suspects. now donald trump's republican opponents say his 9/11 claims are a fantasy. winter storm warnings and advisories are up, all the way from california to montana. new york is actually one of the last cities to have active forces on duty. >> do you want to mount up? ben carson saw news reel s f husba muslim americans celebrating on 9/11. here's a cartoon of what he was hearing and thinking. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
angry protesters in chicago took to streets after city officials released dash cam video of a police offic why police officer shotting a black teenager. the dash cam video shows the shotting death of a 17-year-old manage, la quan mcdonald in november of last year. >> officer jason van dike claimed that the teenager lunged toward him. but in the video he was seen moving away, he was shot 16 times in 13 seconds. you can see his body jerking from the bullets. van dike was the only officer to the shoot. he faces a first-degree murder charge. this morning russia says it does not plan to go to war with
8:03 am
t turkey after a russian fighter plane was shot down. russia says one pilot was rescued and the other killed by ground fire. russia has been striking targets in syria since september in support of the assad regime. turkey and the u.s. back some rebel groups. president obama called for calm with i can's president. >> this morning jeb bush says donald trump is dead wrong to say that thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrated on 9/11. but donald trump repeated the claim last night in south carolina and he ran a news story that he says backs him up. >> so what happens is "the washington post" writes an article. and it says, in jersey city, within hours of two jet liners plowing into the world trade center, law enforcement authorities detained and
8:04 am
questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attack and holding tailgate style parties. do you know what tailgate style parties? that's like football games. on rooftops and also by the way on streets, on roof tops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river. >> "the washington post" did publish that story one week after the attacks. focuses on celebrations seen in northern new jersey. the online version of the story now links to an article from monday edebunking trump's claims. of course a number of people obviously does not wall thousands and allegedly indicates there is no video footage or other paragraph that celebrations actually took place.
8:05 am
on thursday the attorney general of the times said it was just plain wrong to cite thousands of muslims dancing in jj new jers.r on monday a space venture made a flight into space. he also took to twitter for the first time. he wrote, the rarest of beasts, a used rocket. controlled landing not easy but done right can look easy. >> elon musk was quick to add this speculation. not quite rarest, spacex grasshopper rocket made several flights into space six times.
8:06 am
bezo's rocket reached an altitude of 330,000 feet. they want to make it clear they did that already. b . target's ceo, bryan cornel is right here in studio 57. we're going the look at target's
8:07 am
you may be thinking about thanksgiving turkey. but how does this sound? wild boor bratwurst? you're watching "cbs this morning." hunting. you're watching "cbs this morning." morning." we will
8:08 am
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batman: so why do they call it black friday, anyway? pony: i don't know, but i think they should call it pink friday. batman: oh boy... pony: and we could have glitter! (continues under vo) anncr: black friday starts thursday at 5pm with over 200 doorbusters! toys"r"us. awwwesome. buy 1, get 1 60% off all lego® dimensions™ fun packs 'til midnight in store only.
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(vo) some call it giving back.
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we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ i have my tv right here. i have my it's chest with my food in it. i have my table and some electricity. >> reporter: do you have wi-fi
8:12 am
out here? >> i'm trying to get it. ♪ i hope you like your tv ♪ because i like it too >> you can call him a dedicated black friday bargain hunter camped out outside an arizona best buy to cash in on the black friday markdown. >> i hope he gets it. >> best buy rival, what do you say? >> i hope he gets whatever he wants. >> best buy rival is hoping to see a lot of shoppers on black friday, target just released third quarter earnings 549 million and that's up 56% from a year ago. their goal is to increase sales on cyber monday. deep cuts on so-called e-door
8:13 am
busters. along with free shipping. what else can you give us. i have heard this is such a big weekend for you, that even the head guy is going to be working on the hole day weekend, is that right? >> absolutely. we'll all be out here. >> and why is that? >> because it's super bowl like, it's a big weekend for us. i'll be out there with our executives out in stores. it's a big day for all of us. holiday sales are 30% of our sales. and it's a time to connect with our guests the consumer. >> and you set a goal of 40%. i know analysts say it will be a little bit less than that, probably, how do you get there? and how do you move the customer online? >> i think it starts with leveraging our digital assets. so we're connecting with our mobile devices and letting the
8:14 am
gusts choose where they want to shop. first we make it very easy. we have 1,800 stores that are conveniently located. i certainly want them to come into our stores. but i also recognize some of our shoppers will be at home, they'll click and want to come by and collect their order and some just want the convenience of shopping online. so i want to make it really easy during the holiday seasoning. >> how hard is it for you guys knowing that some shoppers are hab hab habituated with amazon, for instance. >> we have got to provide a unique shopping experience. and while we know, shoppers are interested in shopping online. 90% of the business this holiday season is going to be done in actual storings. we have to be prepared in an online stand point, we also recognize that mess of that traffic still comes to stores, that's why this weekend's so
8:15 am
important, we have to provide a great holiday shopping expaerns. we want them to come back not just this weekend. but throughout the holiday season. >> you started a popup store in new york. >> sure did. >> and you're calling it the winter wonderland? >> why is that? >> it's ginormous. it's huge. >> it's a fabulous location. it's right by chelsea market. it's in a fabulous -- >> so people can come in and do an etch a sketch, they don't have to draw us, you can draw anything. >> think about this as the ultimate popup store, where physical and digital comes together. really give us a chance to showcase what we're thinking about and creates excitement for the shoppers here in new york. is so it will be a great experience for the local community. and it will also be a great place for us to learn. >> what happens when somebody comes to target and they see a price advertised at another place, will you match that price? >> it's one of the commitments
8:16 am
we have made throughout the holidays, to make sure that we can make it really easy for our shoppers. and we told them, we will match those prices, we have let our shoppers know that we're going the make it really easy for them this holiday season. >> can they say i heard this was this over theresome. >> well, a little bit of value is important. >> what about thanksgiving day, because a lot of stores aren't, i know you want to send a message that we're committed to that. but a lot of stores, the people that work for you want to be home with their families? >> we have thought about this very carefully, and we have spent lots and lots of time talking about this. but when we talk to our guests, they're looking forward to coming out on thanksgiving. so we'll be opening up at 6:00 p.m. >> i just want to get this in.
8:17 am
70 million people at target had their data, information stolen, how do you protect that? >> when i was sitting here last year, that was where it really started. and we want to provide that kind of safety for our shoppers, so it's something we think about not just during the holidays, but every single week, 24 hours a day. we have capabilities that we think are unpassed in the industry, so we think about it all the time. >> is alex the target guy doing okay? >> from what i hear, he's doing just great. >> he is in hollywood. >> he is in hollywood. >> thank you for being here. >> great to be here. can girl power win over the boy scouts? kids on a mission talk to marie villareal. >> reporter: do you think that
8:18 am
was hard for the boys to take? >> i think they were a little surprised that we could do the same things that they could. >> first a legal loophole that could keep them out. you're watching "cbs this morning." to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. in a wand conventions,tates could there be another way? ♪ ♪ la vie est belle. ♪ la vie est belle, the eau de parfum, lancôme. now at macy's, your fragrance destination.
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8:21 am
this morning, boy scouts of america is asking a local chapter to let girls in at full members. the push comes four months after
8:22 am
the boy scotts made history by allowing gay adults to become leaders. mireya villarreal is in northern california and she talked to the girls who aren't letting setbacks stop their campaign. >> reporter: the six young girls call themselves the unicorns. they are teaching each other to build a camp fire because it's something they didn't learn in the boy scouts. >> my brother is a boy scout. >> reporter: ella jacobs and her friend alley westover decided they were more interested in what the boys were doing, so last fall, they started participating in activities along a local boy scout troop. >> i really like competition and i really enjoy competitive nature and also working in teams, so being in boy scouts, it gave me the opportunity to work with boys and girls alike in a competitive nature. >> reporter: they got so good at competing with the boys, this past spring, they won second place in a major scouting
8:23 am
competition with other boy scout groups! do you think that that maybe was hard for some of the boys to take? >> yes, i think they were all a little surprised that we could do the same things that they could. >> reporter: new to the girls participation reached the local boy scout council which, last month, barred them from further scouting activities. ⌞> they are just being discriminatory and not nice. >> reporter: big word, discriminatory. what makes you think that? >> because we are girls and a different gender, swhent be allowed, i guess, to do the same thing boys can. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> kind of mad. >> reporter: ella's mom is a boy and girl scout leader helped the girls to formally apply to become a boy scout. last week, they were rejected. >> i don't think that having girls join and having a coed
8:24 am
program necessarily destroys that tradition. >> reporter: in a statement, the boy scouts of america tell "cbs this morning," we understand that the values and the lessons of scouting are attractive to the entire family. however, cub scouts and boy scouts are year-round programs for boys and young men. the girls think the local boy scouts council is barring its a law onnend but it contains a specific one for the boy scouts. >> this is hard for people. >> it's understandable because they have been this way for a hundred years. >> i think they should at least try to accept some change. >> yeah. change is good. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mireya villarreal in california. >> she said it right. change is good. >> change is good. >> i still like the girl scouts
8:25 am
and i still like the boy scouts. just up the ante before thanksgiving... and e big travel day is just gettg started at the bay area's te major airports. passengers rrive early... good morning. i'm tore medical lines. it's the day before thawing a big travel day and it's just getting started at the bay area. passengers will have extra security and crowds. the sierra has another layer of snow just in time for the big holiday weekend. here's what historic downtown truckee looked like last night. very festive. right now chains are required heading to ski on 80 and 50. coming up in the next half- hour on "cbs this morning," jeff glor with a look at how wild game is making its way to more restaurant menus. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
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and of course, same day delivery. are you next? sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. good morning. everybody. liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic" on this getaway wednesday. northbound 880 is extremely slow. we have an accident clearing approaching fruitvale very heavy there. 580 good through oakland. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it is wide open. the rush of folks that head through there already no delays getting into san francisco at this point with those metering lights off.
8:28 am
the golden gate commute southbound traffic more crowded now but overall a nice commute leaving southern marin heading into san francisco. be prepared for some delays though leaving novato heading into san rafael and the altamont pass all open west 580 now looking good leaving 205. just a brief delay at vasco. >> i can't believe it. on your biggest travel day looks like a great traffic day. no problems. hi, everybody. take a look. this is gorgeous. we have sunny skies, fresh air, looking out towards coit tower, and the embarcadero. we do have temperatures right now in the city by the bay, 44, freezing in santa rosa with pockets of fog. otherwise, later today, everybody is in the 50s. it's a straightforward forecast. a few clouds, temperatures 50s at the coast, peninsula and everywhere else. north and east numbers 57 in santa rosa, 58 in windsor.
8:29 am
starting thursday, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! [ whispers ] let's go shopping! doors open thursday, 6pm at target. ♪ this thursday, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open thursday 6 pm at target.
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♪ morning's headlines. new york daily news reports on new york mayor bill de blasio reversing course on a plan to ban the horse-drawn carriages in
8:31 am
the central. he wants to reduce the number from 220 to 70. animal rights activists who supported de blasio's run for mayor, wanted the industry shut down. ""newsweek." reports on rudeness is contagious and spreads like a disease. people who i think they are mistreated by managers tend to pass the mistreatment to employees so don't be rude. >> a lesson there, don't be rude. it's not necessary all. billboard reports on adele breaking records for the most album sold in a single week in the united states. ♪ >> adele's "25" sold at least over 2 million copies in three days so that beats the single week record set by insync's
8:32 am
album. it went on sale at friday morning at midnight. >> she is going to go over 3 million. >> that is the prediction. they think it can go to 3 million. i hope so. i bought it twice. >> you did? >> i meant to ask brian about this. at target you get three additional tracks. >> i didn't know that! >> that's what i'm saying. >> $10? >> that is what it is online. i think it's online. >> i meant to ask him. . you get a bonus if you buy it at target. >> i learn something from gayle every day. get this. "time" reports on how to avoid big crowds during black friday shopping. google analyzed information data from smartphones last year and people who gather outside stores waiting for them to open could have the right strategy. store traffic is lowest early in the morning. crowds start to pick up at 8:00 a.m. and traffic peaks in the afternoon. yahoo! tech founder is out
8:33 am
with a new book david bogue has a new book out. "basics life essential tips and short cuts that no one bothers to tell you." what a long title, david. david, good morning. >> good morning. >> charlie thinks you need to make the title easier. >> there you go. >> pogue's basic life and you're done. >> with the holiday season coming on, many are thinking about finances. you recommend shifting one's credit card -- >> you pay every credit card on the 12th or the 20th of the month but who decides that? turns out it's up to you. if you like them on the first of the month call the 1-800-number and say i want to pay mine at the first of the month or maybe you want to spread them out or make it easier to remember. it's up to you and no one ealizes that. >> i didn't know that at all!
8:34 am
>> another copy sold! >> there you go. >> a lot of us will be shopping this weekend and on black friday and they are crowded at the malls. is there an app to help us find our car? >> this is so cool. so the phone, the smartphone has become more than just a thing to talk into. there are apps. this is called find your call for a.r. if you tell it i've parked here when you park, then later this arrow will guide you through the par parking lot back to your car! >> that is great. >> what is it so-called in. >> find your car are a.p. and it's free. >> you say use your phone when you park the car and take a picture of where it is to remind you. take a picture of your luggage before you get on the plane. take a picture behind the tv. but i'm going to do a little rapid fire thing, david, because of the things i find really quirky. >> okay. >> peanut butter. what is your tip on that? >> if you like it naturally, the oil rises to the top so stir it before you use it and it's messy
8:35 am
and a pain to store it upside down. it's easier to store. >> ketchup in a bolttle. >> don't do this. hold it from the bottom and swing it like this with a force and one time around and the ketchup slides into the neck where it's then easy to squirt out. >> you don't have a match to light a fire. >> this is cool. spaghetti. uncooked spaghetti or linguine will work too. if you have a bunch of candles to do one after another with the same stick! >> i did not know that! my god! >> you have to get into the fireplace or the grill! lean way forward with this thing and not burn yourself. >> last one i'll bring up. they want to talk to you too. gas gauge in the car. how many times have you had a car and you don't remember what side the gas cap is on if it's a rental? >> it's a rental car. you don't know. >> i hold my head out the window to see, where is it?
8:36 am
i don't like doing that. >> on the gas gauge there is a triangle! every car has this! it's pointing to the side of the car that has the gas tank lid! >> i never knew that! no, i never knew that. >> i see that aeroand wonder what is that? i thought it was decoration. >> it saved me so much time pulling into a gas station. >> a lot of parents have teens with smartphones but worry about the bill. how do you limit that? >> kids want phones younger and younger. 9, 10, 11 and want a cell phone. my own kid got through their tween years without a cell phone with an ipod touch. an ipod touch is an iphone without the cellular bill. it doesn't use a cellular network but instead gets on wi-fi. our kids are in wi-fi wherever they go. you can call and text with it and you never faye a cell phone bill. >> i have one.
8:37 am
it's great. >> if you want to lose weight, he says go to bed! >> this is true! >> i didn't appreciate that! >> while you are sleeping, the carbon dioxide that you exhale will make you lose two to three pounds by breathing! moisture and carbon dioxide leaving your body at night. >> it means we should sleep more to lose weight. >> or if you care how much you weigh, weigh yourself first thing in the morning. >> how do you get your texts when you land? >> you have important text messages have piled up while you're on the plane. break the log jam. you send yourself a text. that tells, it i'm online and suddenly all of these text messages which has given up trying to deliver will pile through. >> picking up passengers at the airport? >> life changer! pick them up not at arrivals, pick them up at departures! >> i do that all the time!
8:38 am
>> we know that! come on! >> next book, you write with me. >> okay. >> no. >> because there aren't guys shooing you away. >> it is a good one. >> these two know but not everybody knows that. >> thank you, gayle! >> a lot of people in america right now going, hey! >> but the limousine driver does, promise you! >> we are moving ever so quickly along, like you don't have a limousine driver! this morning more than a dozen of the creative minds are the newest recipient of the medal of freedom. president obama celebrated legends like barbra streisand for her advocation and steven spielberg and others were celebrated. >> give them a big round of applause. >> reporter: they are musicians, politicians and public servants
8:39 am
and sports legends. 17 americans awarded the highest honor, the presidential medal of freedom. steven spielberg, whose movies struck fear! and inspired hope. barbra streisand, she had the unmistakable voice. ♪ >> reporter: and doug perlman, a violinist. all of those honored what the white house called exceptional meritorious contributions ♪ carolina is on my mind >> james taylor urged us out to shower the people we love with love. >> reporter: exceptional meritorious contribution. how does that make you feel? >> really just completely bowled me over when it happened.
8:40 am
>> reporter: at 67, taylor, this year, released a new album, his first to hit number one on the charts. what is it about music that makes it such a universal human experience? >> everything else is a representation of something real, but music is the thing, itself. it goes straight to us and connects with you, or else it sails right by and it's not a matter of deciding whether i like that or not, this gets me or doesn't. >> reporter: willie mays, his famous miracle catch at the polo grounds is one example. >> but he says that wasn't his best catch. >> reporter: another baseball great also honored today. >> what can be said about lawrence "yogi" berra he couldn't say better himself? >> it's not over until it's over. >> reporter: the great yankee catcher also said you can observe a lot by just watching. watching a ball game, a concert, an impassioned speech.
8:41 am
17 americans who have enriched our national life. for "cbs this morning," this is bill plante in washington. >> makes you proud, doesn't it? when you look at the people from this country. >> good people. >> really good people. i like president obama saying james taylor is there to comfort us. to true. >> celebrate the best of america. >> very nice. a local food movement is going wild. >> do people have reactions you have a wild boar here and making an apple pie here? >> i have heard sometimes people are put off by it. it's just being honest. >> okay. ahead, see why a
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
're a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪] it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks.
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8:49 am
this is a cbs news special report. i'm jim axelrod from cbs news headquarters in new york. we're on the air because president obama is about to make a statement from the white house. the subject is homeland security. as millions of americans hit the highways and head to the airports and train stations for the thanksgiving holiday. the president has been meeting with his national security team in the white house situation room about how to protect the country in the wake of the proper attacks in paris 12 days ago. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed 130 people and is threatening more attacks, including here in the united states. now, as we wait for the president to appear in the roosevelt room, chip reid joins us from the white house lawn. good morning, chip. >> reporter: good morning, jim. the president met with his national security team for just under an hour and he's just about to give a statement about that meeting, but they've
8:50 am
already pretty much telegraphed what he's going to say. the white house issued a statement a short time ago saying as we approach the holiday season, it is important to note that at present we know of no credible and specific intelligence indicating a paris-like plot on the u.s. homeland, and this follows another meeting last night with the national security council after which they issued a statement saying the president was briefed that there is currently no specific credible threat to the homeland from isis. so clearly the president wants to drive home that message, that people should feel safe and can go about their business over the thanksgiving holidays. by the way, this statement is expected to last about six to eight minutes and the president is not expected to take any questions from the press. jim? >> okay. president barack obama about to make a statement about security as everybody starts this getaway day of holiday weekend travel. 42 million americans expected to travel 50 miles or more over the next four or five days of this holiday weekend. 2 million americans are expected to travel each day as well.
8:51 am
so the president i'm sure wants to make some kind of statement about security as millions of americans are ready to hit the road on this holiday weekend. chip, let me ask you why the president feels the need to address -- make this kind of statement twice in two days? >> reporter: well, they have made clear at the white house that the president has been really focused like a laser beam on the homeland security situation in the united states following those attacks in paris because, clearly, people are nervous, and he wants to reassure them that there is no credible evidence that any kind of attack is in the works. now, they always caution that there are -- there is the potential for lone wolves out there who are not involved in any kind of organized effort to inflict harm on the homeland, but they also want to assure people that so many people are supposed to be traveling and buying and going about their lives and celebrating the
8:52 am
thanksgiving holidays, and they want to make clear that people can go about doing that at least over the thanksgiving holidays. that's really what they're emphasizing here. >> and the president, of course, will be joined by his national security team as he makes a statement. chip, how much do you suspect any criticism of the president's handling of the isis threat so far is responsible for this sort of raised profile on this issue, again, not just yesterday with a statement but today? >> reporter: well, i think he is trying to deflect that criticism. he has stuck to his plan in syria refusing to send any great numbers of ground troops. he said there will be 50 special forces at some point, but they are not even on the ground yet, and he has certainly been criticized by the republican presidential candidates, by republicans in congress, some democrats in congress, even some members of his -- some former members of his national security team who have said he's just not
8:53 am
doing enough to take the battle to isis and to put this threat to an end. he has said repeatedly he intends to degrade, destroy, eradicate isis with the help of other powers, but it has not been enough for his critics who have come back at him over and over again saying you need to do more. now, in his press conference yesterday with french president hollande, he did say that they have put together additional plans, and he intends to execute those plans, but he did not go into any detail on that. it will be interesting to see if he does that in this six to eight minute statement. i think he will talk about certainly homeland security and the fact that he believes that we are -- there are no attacks in the works, but it will be interesting to hear if he also talks about the need for the other nations, the 65-nation coalition, the anti-isis coalition. he has made very clear he's
8:54 am
dissatisfied with the amount of effort some of those nations are putting forth and as joe biden said yesterday in a brief off-camera press conference at the white house after the president's conference, he said that we're shouldering practically all of the load here, and the implication being the other nations in europe and in the middle east need to be picking up some of that load. >> chip, let me follow up for just a second on the meeting yesterday at the white house with the french president francois hollande. in your view, did the president and -- do you feel that he was receiving any sort of criticism coming out of that meeting for the way he appeared next to president hollande in terms of sort of just the strength of position and articulation of his position about isis? >> reporter: well, he certainly had some very strong words calling isis barbaric and making very clear that they need to be destroyed, but, you know, he has had strong words about isis
8:55 am
before, and some of the criticism has been that his actions don't match his words, and after suggesting yesterday that he does have other plans in the works, people are very curious to see what he does have in the works. i mean, certainly he has talked about the need for better coordination among all the nations fighting isis. certainly that shoot down by turkey of that russian plane yesterday cries out for better coordination, even with russia, which is not part of the anti-isis coalition. it's part of a two-nation coalition as the president said of just iran and russia, both of which want to keep assad in power in syria, but he's called for better coordination. he's called for other nations to do more, but what his critics in the united states and, again, that includes democrats and even former members of his own national security team, what they are looking for is more evidence that the president is going to exert or u.s. military muscle in the situation in syria
8:56 am
and northern iraq, and there has not been much evidence of that, although he may have suggested yesterday that plans on that are in the works. he was very unclear what he meant when he said that they have put together other plans and they are going to execute those plans. >> and, of course, president hollande has been widely credited in his response, a forceful response, and so standing side by side with the french president who received high marks of his handling in the situation in paris while president obama has been roundly criticized in some parts of this sort of political debate that's going on in this country with the backdrop of a presidential election coming up next year, there was that marked contrast yesterday as well at the white house. >> reporter: well, certainly president holland is highly motivated to make clear to the world and to the people of france that he is doing everything that he possibly can to make sure that there is not another paris, not just in paris
8:57 am
but anywhere in europe or the middle east. this is a situation where paris had been criticized prior to this for not doing much, and he is not doing enough in syria and allowing the u.s. to carry a lot of the load. that's at least how a lot of people here at the white house feel, that the u.s. has been carrying practically the whole load, and i think the white house is pleased to see france and other nations now making clear that they are going to contribute more mightily to this effort in syria. >> so you've covered the white house for any number of years. you were told it would be a statement, five, six, seven minutes, two-minute warning and then this sort of period of time expands. what might you think is going on right now? why has the president not come out when we were told it was going to be a couple minutes? >> reporter: i was talking about coordination, communication, apparently there's a gap in coordination and communication
8:58 am
at the white house right now. they did say two-minute warning. it's certainly more than two minutes. perhaps he started to leave the situation room, somebody brought something else up. perhaps he's not happy with the statement that was drafted for him and he's going over that. it's hard to predict what's going behind those doors you see there in the roosevelt room. he will probably come in the door to the right. that's the one that's closer to the situation room where this meeting happened, although he could go to the oval office and come in the other door but we spend a lot of our day wondering here at the white house what exactly is going on behind those closed doors and it's a bit of a mystery. they're pretty good at t two-warnings normally but obviously this is not the two-minute worarning they told it was going to be. >> for context we talk about the president's statement and it coming on a day of great travel. two days ago the state department issued a worldwide travel alert saying current information suggests that isis
8:59 am
and al qaeda as well as other terror groups continue to plan attacks in a number of regions and american travelers were urged among other things to avoid large crowds. one of the weapons in the arsenal, if you will, right now of sort of calming america is to do a lot of communication and make sure that there's no shortage of warnings and updates and that's the sort of thing that you think is going on this morning in terms of the president coming out and speaking. >> that's right. and you draw an interesting contrast, that at the same time we're telling americans outside of the united states, people who are perhaps vacationing or working overseas, to avoid large crowds and, you know, a lot of warnings, a lot of danger implicit and explicit in the messages from the white house, but here in the united states what they're trying to emphasize is that there are no specific credible threat to the homeland from isis. now, you know, it's entirely possible the president will come out and amend that statement,
9:00 am
but the statement -- the second statement we got from the white house within the last 18 hours or so says that at present we know of no credible and specific intelligence indicating a paris-like plot on the u.s. homeland, and that one came out just a short time ago. so i think that's probably consistent with what the president is going to say when he f oes come through that door. >> okay. chip, we're just going to take a break right now. obviously there's a miscommunication with the white house and the two-minute warning. we'll join our regular programming and come back as soon as we know the president is ready to speak. for now i'm jim axelrod, cbs news in new york. news in new york. >> for news 24 hours a but happy thanksgiving anyway. now's the time to sit down, watch "let's make a deal," eat a lot of turkey, go to sleep, but not during the show, because that would be rude. three people, let's go. the lady with the "let's deal turkey sign." the lady with the "let's deal turkey" sign. let's see.


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