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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the golden gate. >> it looks a lot like that pretty much every day. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> it is. it's thursday, november 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. rise and shine. if you are in bed, god bless ya! it's 4:30 on the holiday. and we are going to try to do traffic today. and we have a little weather, julie in for roberta. >> i'm going to attempt to do a little weather this morning. it's going to be cold! if you have to head outside this morning, maybe you got to, i don't know, run out to the grocery store, last-minute ingredients, grab that jacket. you will want it. look at this freezing temperatures now in santa rosa, near freezing in concord. freezing in livermore. needless to say it's cold out the door. cold and clear to started. sunny and chilly later on today. details coming up. >> let's check traffic. public transit today everything is looking pretty good at least systemwide. golden gate ferries, no service today because of the holiday. caltrain is on schedule.
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but it is a sunday schedule because of the light amount of people out there. and "ace" train no service today because it's thanksgiving. a parking garage in san francisco became a crime scene after a shooting. drivers were stuck for a couple of hours unable to get home on the night before thanksgiving. kpix 5's andria borba explains what happened. >> reporter: a pile of bloody clothes marks the spot that put the fifth and mission garage on lockdown. the shooting happened at 6:30 as a man was trying to pay for parking at the man's booth inside the garage. >> all of a sudden like four gunshots go off and everyone starts running. so we are just, like, we walk in everyone puts us into the cell phone store there. >> reporter: police officers part of the department's safe shoppers program immediately cordoned off the huge garage looking for the gunmen. >> we used or tactical units to
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do a system matt cal search floor by floor for the us is. >> reporter: it kept shoppers locked out of the cars for more than two hours. >> i don't want to be paying a $10 bill. i think they will reimburse us. >> reporter: many watched the commotion from the sidewalk on mission street and some from inside westfield, out of the cold. with the holiday shopping season less than two days away from its official kickoff, sfpd was quick to point out, this wasn't random, that the suspect and victim knew each other. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to his lower extremities. he is in critical but stable condition. he is expected to survive. police are searching for the suspect trying to determine which direction he ran. andria borba, kpix 5. investigators are looking into yet another shooting on interstate 80. the latest was tuesday night in
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the eastbound lanes between ashby and university avenue. a car with three people inside was struck. no one was hit by a bullet but broken glass cut a woman's face. >> this is a pretty scary situation. the family was very fortunate that the round didn't hit one of them. >> investigators are trying to determine if this shoot something connected to two others on i-880 this month the a man was wounded in a shooting in san pablo and a shooting in pinole killed one person injured another. chp said the victim in the first two shootings were targeted. security is being beefed up at transportation hubs and malls this holiday season and at new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. it comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. isis has since threatened new york city in a video. president obama and the city's mayor are encouraging people to get out and enjoy the holiday in spite of the security concerns. >> we cannot let the terrorists succeed at psychological
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warfare. that's what it is! they are doing what they do to try to create fear. to try to change us. >> taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> even with stepped up security federal officials stress there are no known credible threats against the u.s. alaska airlines is apologizing for a baggage handling game gone wrong at a bay area airport. betty yu shows us what one passenger caught on camera. reporter: this is what a southwest passenger saw from his window before take-off. a worker tossing luggage like a beanbag while another clash. >> the perception is it also like they are tossing a customer's bag. >> reporter: that's why chase platon shot it from his cell phone and put it on southwest's facebook page. it wasn't southwest. it was alaska airlines workers. alaska says they were tossing a company bag filled with magazines as part of an
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employee game. in a statement tonight, alaska says this game should not have been played at the airport. the optics of this video are unfortunate and we apologize for any confusion this has caused san jose travelers or southwest airlines. >> if you are going to do something like that, i would do it elsewhere. you shouldn't do something like that right next to a place where they are loading customer bags on the plane. >> it looks super shady. >> reporter: we showed video of the game to passengers flying out. >> i would say it's bad taste to be honest. >> reporter: customer bag or not? >> basically, just reassures everyone what they are fearing because everyone already thinks that people mishandle their baggage. >> reporter: alaska airlines says it also had a talk with all three of those employees seen in the video. outside mineta san jose international airport, betty yu, kpix 5. >> so the next time you stuff a couple of bottles of cabernet
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in your suitcase, just remember that. wow. >> maybe a little bubble wrap. and garbage sack among other things. >> cushion it. >> whatever you can do. weather looks good today. we don't see a lot of weather- related travel delays. we'll get to the travel forecast in just a bit but first what it's going to be like when you step out the door. now how it's cold how you can tell it's cold before you step out the door? look at the background of this map. it's blue! i know weather producer extraordinaire billy poon didn't paint it blue. it's darn cold out there! we are freezing in many locations including livermore, napa, santa rosa elsewhere in the 30s and 40s. grab a jacket if you are going out this morning. clear and cold to start. sunny but chilly this afternoon. and then we do have rain back in the forecast. i will let you know when that's coming up in just a bit. first a quick look at your highs later on today. we'll be topping out in the
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50s. so, yes, chilly all day long. more on this coming up. let's take you outside take a look at the morning commute on this holiday. and things as you might imagine are looking mighty good. a couple of people may be going into work. some going to family's houses for the big holiday. that's highway 880 and things are moving rather smoothly over there in oakland. and let's take you over to the bay bridge toll plaza where if you can count them on one hand you're doing fine. everything is easy breezy on this holiday morning. some people in the bay area are waking up to freezing temperatures. julie just said that. mark kelly shows us how folks are staying warm in walnut creek. reporter: one of the coldest nights in months and we found people outdoors some place tennis and these guys at the skate park. >> a lot of people would say you're crazy for being out in this cold. do you think you're crazy? >> i thin i'm pretty crazy. >> reporter: but they say once they get moving the body warms up in no time. >> it's not raining so we're skating, dude. >> reporter: at toby's trees, crews are working late to make
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sure the christmas trees are all spruced up for the big shopping weekend. 40 years in the tree business. but they say this cold this early in the season is something new. does it put you in the holiday mood? >> absolutely. absolutely. it's very seasonal and festive out there. >> reporter: but the award for best way to stay warm in the cold might have to go to these two choosing to have their dinner outside near a warm fire. >> now, the fireplace is really nice. it's keeping us nice and warm. and, um, we're looking forward to enjoying a nice meal here. >> reporter: so no actual freezing overnight here in walnut creek. but these are some of the lowest temperatures we have seen in the past 10 months. in walnut creek, mark kelly, kpix 5. some wild weather in sacramento county sent some people to the hospital. look at that. a freak windstorm blasted a
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flea market yesterday in the town of golf. people ran for cover as tents, poles, tarps and all kinds of debris were tossed into the air. >> it doesn't matter about me. i'm worried about my 9-year-old sister. >> several merchants saw their goods get blown away. one man estimates he lost $2,000 worth of merchandise. there is another fresh layer of snow in the sierra this thanksgiving morning. several inches have fallen over the past couple of days. this is what it looked like for those heading up interstate 80 yesterday. right now chains are not required on 80 or u.s. 50 in the south shore. here at home the latest storm left a dusting of snow on mount hamilton. how about that? it provided a picturesque view yesterday from san jose in the santa clara valley once the clouds cleared up a bit you can see it there, snow is expected every year on mount hamilton but usually in winter which doesn't begin of course until a few weeks away. a couple of big thanksgiving day traditions are about to take place in san jose. first up this morning, the
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silicon valley turkey trot downtown. 28,000 runners and walkers are expected for the annual event which began in 2014 five. it raises money -- 2005. it raises money for local charities and food banks. the first race the elite women's 5k begins at 7:30 at santa clara and market street. another thanksgiving day tradition the annual big bone game. the football classic features the city's two oldest public high schools, san jose and lincoln. it draws thousands of people to city college stadium every year. the big bone game gang in the '40s and is named after the unique trophy a cattle's femur that his dad found in his butcher shop decades ago. game time at 11:00. costco linked its e. coli outbreak to a salinas supplier. 19 people got sick after eating costco chicken salad. the vegetable mix in the chicken salad is likely the source. but federal investigators need to do another test to be sure.
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the suppliers taylor farms for costco gets the onion and celery mix for its chicken salad. there's been no official comment from taylor farms. people haven't even sat down for thanksgiving dinner yet and amazon is already gearing up for the holiday shopping rush. the company has hired 100,000 extra seasonal workers to make sure all those packages get where they need to go. fedex is adding 55,000 workers, roughly 5% more than 2014. major retailers like macy's and target will add the same number of workers as last year. national retail federation predicts 136 million people will shop this weekend alone. most dread the crowds but endure them for a good deal, of course. but there are some who love it. cate caugiran tells us all about sport shopping. black friday coming up everybody is waiting in line first come, first served. reporter: in sports there's a strategy. >> you got to get in there before everybody else, before everything gets messy or
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everything is gone. >> reporter: or lose. or in the case of shopping, losing is paying full price. sound like you? >> i like going shopping. >> reporter: well, then san francisco state consumer researchers would call you a sport shopper. >> hello. >> reporter: authors of the new study say, sport shoppers don't care so much about saving money on a bargain but beating the retail system. >> it feels really good. it's like a rush. it's like, yes! >> reporter: sport shoppers are strategic in their purchases. >> if i come a week later or before, you know, there's a little bit of a discount. >> reporter: it doesn't matter what they're buying. >> new clothes, i like wearing new things. >> reporter: or. >> toys and play-doh. >> reporter: as long as it's not full price. cate caugiran, kpix 5. time now 4:42. a few small leaks could soon be a huge problem in one local community. the hidden issue the city didn't know about. ,,
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[sirens speeds] the dramatic chase led poli back now at 4:44. dashcam video capturing a
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police chase, chasing a murder suspect through new jersey. take a look. [ sirens ] >> a dramatic chase led police across a median and through oncoming traffic at a major freeway. they hit speeds of 90 miles an hour. he was cornered by the cops and arrested. the suspect is facing charges in the stabbing death of his girlfriend. russia plans to deploy anti- aircraft missiles in syria after turkey shot down a russian warplane. as andrew spencer reports, the rising tensions come as france pushes for a broadening coalition against isis. reporter: the quagmire in syria in which isis has thrived got even more complicated this week as turkish fighter jets shot down a russian warplane. the plane and its pilots landed in northern syria. turkey says the plane violated turkish airspace. the governor released audio of one such warning, apparently. [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: one of the two pilots died at the hands of rebels. the other was rescued. he appeared on russian state- run media saying that they never received a warning from the turkish military. >> not by radio, not visually. there was no contact whatsoever. >> reporter: the timing also complicated matters for french president francois hollande after meeting with president barack obama on tuesday, hollande meets today with russian president vladimir putin in moscow just as russian says in response to the downing of its plane, it will deploy anti-aircraft missiles in syria at its airbase along the mediterranean coast not far from the turkish border. i'm andrew spencer reporting. nearly two weeks after the paris terror attacks we are getting an accounted on the deadly shooting inside a theater and an interview. the eagles of death metal band
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recalled the panic inside the bataclan theatre when terrorists stormed in. one band member says he ran into the dressing room looking for his girlfriend only to find more terrorists. >> i opened up the hallway door and that's when i saw the, um, shooter, um, and he turned on me, brought his gun down, the barrel hit the door frame. >> with the band running in different directions, it was hours before they knew who was alive and who was dead. later they learned their merchandise manager nick alexander was among the dead. two men are in custody in connection with a brutal assault in san francisco. the crime on stockton street was captured on surveillance video last month. it shows robbers stealing a man's cell phone, then hitting and kicking him as he was on the ground. the victim had severe facial injuries. the two suspects are both 19- year-old men. a surprising discovery for the city of america canyon as
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it cracks down on water wasters in town. turns out one of the worst offenders is the city itself. the department of public works says a number of the city's pipes are leaking. buried power lines are sending a small current through the ground that's causing some of the copper pipes to corrode. so far, about 180 pipes have been replaced. >> so yeah, you know, so yeah, when you see a leak, you know, after all that we've been through and have worked on,it is frustrating. >> the city says it has tested every pipe in town twice and they believe they have a handle on the problem but each repair costs $2,000 to $3,000. and that's an expense residents will pay. 4:48 right now. if you didn't have room in your refrigerator to put the turkey in you could have just put it outside. >> you probably still can! [ laughter ] >> in fact it will probably get colder. so yeah, need a little extra room, put it on the porch. it is chilly. in fact, freezing in many locations this morning.
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32 degrees in several spots. let's go ahead and take a look at those temperatures outside this morning. grab a jacket. freezing in napa, livermore, santa rosa, and just cold everywhere else. here's a look at why we're seeing such chilly temperatures. you see that area of low pressure now pushed off to our east? that's what was responsible for the showers we saw the last couple of days. stagnant weather pattern over the next few days. chilly through the weekend. next week we art to see changes. so here's what to expect out the door. clear and cold to start today. sunny today, sunny and cool days pretty much all week long. we are going to see some changes by late weekend first sign of showers late this weekend into monday. if you are heading to the airport this morning, we don't see any travel delays right now at sfo. mostly clear. no arrival delays if you are
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heading elsewhere throughout the country, well, the only way we could see some possible problems shower activity expected in chicago today all the major hubs looking good so we don't expect any weather- related travel delays but as travel goes you never can tell with the other delays. travel weather if you are driving say over the mountains through the woods to grandma's this morning, we do have about a 20% chance of snow showers up in the high country but for the most part, not a lot of snow falling but there is some snow on the ground if you are heading up to the ski resorts and chilly and mostly clear pretty much areawide no matter where else. greater lake tahoe area, isolated showers today. 50s in the area. extended forecast, 50s and sunny all week long. it's not until late sunday early monday we see the first sign of showers and then off and on next week. if you need to work today is a good day to commute because there's not a lot of people on the roads.
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we'll be waiting a while to see cars. that's the richmond/san rafael bridge right there. everything is smooth as people sleep in for the holidays. here's the public transportation schedule on this holiday. as you can see, right up and down the board, the ferries are closed "ace" train closed, the rest on a sunday schedules. president obama brought out his best turkey jokes for the annual white house turkey park. >> his daughters laughed as he spared birds from becoming a thanksgiving dinner. >> abe is a free bird, he is totus, the turkey of the united states. >> gobble gobble. >> his girls didn't think it was funny. this year's turkeys, honest and abe, will live at a farm in virginia. >> his two girls are growing up. time now 4:51. protestors take over the macy's
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store in new york. what they are voicing concern over. we'll tell ya. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ::nats:: hold your fire.. b lives matter :: nats:: this was the scene at the n ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back this thanksgiving morning. it's 4:54. if you are up, i'm very sorry! [ laughter ] >> here's the highs this morning. chilly out the door this morning. topping out in the 50s, 55 los gatos, 55 palo alto. 54 in mountain view. these are your high temperatures today, folks, not your current temperatures. current temperatures freezing in many locations. 54 brentwood. 54 walnut creek, 55 in vallejo.
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around the bay slightly warmer thanks to the moderating effects of the specific. 54 san francisco. 56 san leandro. 54 berkeley. up north 56 ukiah. your full forecast is just ahead. this is the scene at the new york city macy's store yesterday. police say demonstrators entered the store after a "black lives matter" rally. the rally was aimed at police shootings involving black men killed in chicago and minneapolis. several people were arrested on potential disorderly conduct charges. more protests last night on the streets of chicago enraged by the video released of a police officer shooting laquan mcdonald, ripped lights from a christmas tree. demonstrators dismantled the decorations. police arrived to the scene and arrests were made. protests took place all over chicago for the second night in a row. the gatherings were largely peaceful. protestors walked along 35th to
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police headquarters calling out the names of rahm emanuel, anita alvarez and gary mccarthy for them to be removed. many saw the demonstrations as a chance, thought, to unite. >> this is a call for black people to take action and unite. >> i want to see the killings stop. >> black friday protests are scheduled tonight and will last through tomorrow morning. no charges will be filed against a mother who left her newborn baby at a church nativity scene in new york city. the infant with his umbilical cord still attached was discovered lying in a manger at a church in queens. a custodian had just set up the scene and heard the crying infant when he got back from lunch. church officials call it a christmas miracle. and this surveillance video shows the woman carrying her newborn into a store. she is in a hooded jacket carrying the baby wrapped in a coat. the woman is seen picking up a towel and then paying for it at the front counter. investigators say the baby was
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later discovered wrapped in that same towel at the church. the d.a. says since the baby was left in a warm place where he would be found safe, the mother will not be charged. it is 4:57. it looks more like christmas than thanksgiving up in the sierra and even the bay area is getting hit with arctic air. how long will it last? julie will fill you in. >> reporter: and black friday starts early. thanksgiving morning. we'll talk to some of the people who think it's worthwhile camping out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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november 26 i'm michelle griego. this is a scene we don't see usually not the usual day but today is thanksgiving so
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people are staying home. good morning. it's thursday, november 26. happy thanksgiving. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. happen hatch. it's 5:00 now. some shoppers are skipping thanksgiving dinner to get a head started on some of the best shopping deal of the year. anne makovec is at the best buy in pinole where shoppers have been camped out all morning. reporter: this whole black friday tradition has been evolving over the last several years. now with stores opening on thanksgiving, this best buy store here in pinole is opening at 5:00 tonight. we have about a dozen people camped out. a lot have tents set up and sleeping in their warm cars. not a bad idea. a lot of them plan to hit the store when it opens at 5 p.m. then hitting the thanksgiving dinner table. why are they doing it? s


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