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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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people are staying home. good morning. it's thursday, november 26. happy thanksgiving. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. happen hatch. it's 5:00 now. some shoppers are skipping thanksgiving dinner to get a head started on some of the best shopping deal of the year. anne makovec is at the best buy in pinole where shoppers have been camped out all morning. reporter: this whole black friday tradition has been evolving over the last several years. now with stores opening on thanksgiving, this best buy store here in pinole is opening at 5:00 tonight. we have about a dozen people camped out. a lot have tents set up and sleeping in their warm cars. not a bad idea. a lot of them plan to hit the store when it opens at 5 p.m. then hitting the thanksgiving dinner table. why are they doing it? they say why not.
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>> i don't know. i have a friend with me keeping phi me company. i don't mind the cold. i'm good. >> reporter: this is the time to get a lot of those big ticket items save hundreds. they say it's all worthwhile at least for the tradition sake so the hours here at best buy open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and then re-opening at 8 a.m. tomorrow. the early bird shoppers aren't the only ones braving the chilly weather. we found some people in walnut creek playing tennis and skateboarding last night. some even wearing shorts. others were cozying up next to a fire. that was cool. crews worked through the cold to make sure the christmas trees are spruced up for the busy shopping weekend. >> does it put you in the holiday mood? >> absolutely. absolutely. very seasonal and festive out here. >> last night we saw some of the lowest temperatures in the bay area in the past 10 months. it's more snow than usual
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in the sierra for thanksgiving. several inches have fallen over the past couple of days in the tahoe/truckee area. this is what it looked like for those heading up 80 yesterday. and right now chains are not required on i-80 or orb 50. here at home the latest storm left a dusting of snow on mount hamilton. it provided a very picture he ising view yesterday from san jose and santa clara valley once the clouds cleared up. snow is expected every year on mount hamilton but usually in winter which doesn't begin until a few weeks from now. kind of nice. when i was in high school we hiked up and played in the snow. it's so rare kids in san jose get to see snow. that's the closest we got to it. >> it puts you in the spirit. >> it does. >> a little fire going in the fireplace and bring in thanksgiving with the family. >> exactly. it is going to be chilly out there. you want to bundle up. so fires in the fireplace -- well, we're not supposed to light fires in the fireplace
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anymore, frank. >> yeah. >> due to air pollution. >> oh, okay. >> but electric fireplaces or the electric log. [ laughter ] >> a lot of folks have electric fireplaces. go ahead and use those tonight, guys. here's a look outside right now. it is freezing in many locations including santa rosa. and near freezing elsewhere. san jose 36. 42 oakland. 35 in concord. weather headlines for today, clear and cold to start. sunny but chilly this afternoon and rain is back in the forecast late this weekend early next week when we see the first chance of rain. here's a look at the high temperatures for today. topping out in the 50s areawide definitely a chilly thanksgiving. we have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. let's check the bay area the roads not much going on because it is the thanksgiving holiday. this is 880 in oakland. it's very different from other days at 5 a.m. but again, people are staying home. and the golden gate bridge one lonely car heading over the span. >> just one.
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>> just one. okay. 5:03. expect to see a boost in security at airports, transit hubs and shopping mall all weekend week. don champion reports from one high profile event today which is expected to draw a huge crowd. reporter: an army of thousands of police officers will keep close watch over new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. >> welcome to the thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: on the eve of the festivities authorities locked down mailboxes and stood guard by bleachers along the route. >> i like snoopy too. >> reporter: as crowds gather to see parade balloons come to life. >> security is very tight. but considering what's going on, they need to take all the precautions that they can. >> reporter: the heightened security comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. isis has since they had the end new york city in a video. >> key cannot left the terrorists -- we cannot let the terrorists succeed at psychological warfare. they are doing what they do to create fear and change us. >> reporter: elsewhere, security has been beefed up
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this holiday at airports and other busy travel hubs. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> reporter: amid concerns paris copycats could strike soft targets, black friday shoppers should expect beefed up security, too. >> i guess it could be an easy target but i don't like to think about that right now. >> reporter: even with additional security, federal officials stress there are no known credible threats against the homeland. don champion, cbs news, new york. roughly 47 million people set to travel over the next couple of days. thousands are about to gather in downtown san jose for one of the bay area's biggest thanksgiving day traditions. kpix 5's jackie ward is live near the starting line with more on the big charity event. jackie. reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. you know, it's a little chilly for san jose right now. we're live in downtown at the starting line of the silicon valley turkey trot. but runners don't care about that. they will bundle up and be here in just a couple of hours. it's going to be a busy morning
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starting with the elite women's 5k. there's a 10k wheelchair race and elite men's 5k. a 10k at 8:30 and 5-k run/walk starting at 9:10. the women are expected to run in about 5 minute a mile, the men just under 5 minutes a mile. the goal is to raise a million dollars for the local food banks and organizations. over the past 10 years they have raised $5 million so to highlight a couple of ways that money is used, 1.6 is given to second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties. 1.4 has been given to vision first a program that provides vision screenings and access to corrective services. this is funny. i like this. there's a mayor's race and more than 90 elected officials are expected to show up here this morning. so if you want to see your local political official, come on down to downtown san jose. live in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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supplies for a turkey trot were stolen from a u-haul truck in san francisco a day before the race. police are looking for the thieves who left racers without their race essentials. organizers are scrambling to replace what was stolen but admit they may not have enough time. >> 25 boxes of t-shirts worth about $8,000. there were 3,000 bottles of beverages in there. >> i can't believe this! >> steve wu says the total value of the items stolen is close to $20,000 but says by far the biggest blow is the t- shirts. glide memorial in san francisco is one of many bay area organizations getting ready to serve people a thanksgiving dinner today. right now, hundreds of volunteers are busy preparing a thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings including turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing and dessert. thousands of guests are expected to stop by the church starting at 7 a.m. this week's king tides have caused some problems in marin
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county. one business, seaplane adventures, is concerned they are feeling the brunt of all of that. there's been some minor flooding on and around the mill valley property there. >> it's tough for us. it slows our business down. our passengers can't get to our facilities. you can see caltrans has off- ramps blocked on both ends. >> paul rivas says there could be worse king tides related problems in the future. the company's building is slowly sinking as the bay fills in as it settles. a flight was forced to turn around after a bird hit an engine. the united flight with 114 people on board had just taken off when the bird was caught. passengers say flames began shooting out of the engine and officials say the plane landed safely and no one was hurt. republican presidential front-runner donald trump in hot water. he is accused of mocking former "washington post" and current "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski who has muscular
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disease that limits his arm movement. >> talking about northern new jersey draws the prober's eye written by a nice reporter now the poor guy, you got to see this guy, ah, i don't know what i said, i don't remember! he's going like i don't remember! oh, maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago he still -- they didn't do a retraction! >> trump was speaking in south carolina defending his previous comments that muslims in new jersey celebrated after 9/11. time now 5:09. an american herd stopping a terrorist attack wants to meet victims of the attacks in paris. his story just ahead. >> and it's clear and cold to start off the day chilly later today, as well. just how long will this cold snap last? details are coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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say the trio pulled off a 'snatch and good morning. welcome back. time now 5:12 on this thanksgiving morning. here's a live look over san jose. no weather-related delays at the airport this morning. clear skies and cold as you head out the door. your full forecast is coming up. recognize any of these three people? daly city police say the trio pulled off a snatch and run theft at a verizon store on monday. and investigators say they stole several cell phones an tablets and took off out the
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front door. it's a historic day for pope francis. today he will say mass in africa. he went through the crowds in kenya this morning until the popemobile. he told catholics and muslims that they have to engage in dialogue to ward off violent attacks in nairobi. police say the man who plotted the terror attacks in france may have been planning another one. one of the train attack survivors told a reporter he wants to meet survivors of the latest attack. >> reporter: mark knows what it's like to be shot by a terrorist. >> the force of the shot did kind of push me forward and i felt like i was just hovering in the air for just a second. >> reporter: august 21, on a high-speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris, mark is one of the first to see an armed terrorist. he jumps on the gunman, an act
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that nearly cost his life. >> the bullet broke two risk, pierced my left lung, and then came up through the neck and came out here. >> reporter: the gunshot alerts the rest of the passengers to the danger. the attacker armed with an assault rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, box cutter and gasoline, could kill dozens on the crowded train. but three more americans run to the rescue. among them, u.s. air force paramedic spencer stone, who subdues the gunman and treats moogalian. >> he said you're a hero but i didn't feel like a hero because because i thought the hero gets the guy. >> reporter: paris, friday the 13th, like everyone moogalian is sickened by the slaughter. [ pause ] >> reporter: and then horrified to hear the man behind it is also believed to have plotted the attack that nearly killed him. a terrifying connection. >> i can now put myself to a certain degree in the places of
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the victims lying there in their own blood knowing they are going to die. but nobody came to save them. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: moogalian still recovering from his own wounds and his love of music is part of that healing. it's not always easy, but he is alive. he would like to meet with some of the wounded from the paris attacks. how would that conversation begin? >> how are you? maybe you know who i am. i went through something kind of similar. and i'm glad to see that you have made it through. and, um, if there's anything you would like to talk about, anything at all that we can share because it was a scary experience for me. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: just as on the train, moogalian feels he has a role to play, this time not as a hero but as a survivor
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spreading the message of hope. martin savage, paris. >> we indeed have a lot to be thankful for on this thanksgiving. how about the weather on this chilly day? julie watts is in for roberta. grab your coat, i guess, right? >> definitely grab your coat. speaking of which, frank, can you turn up the heat in here? it's a little chilly in here. >> really? you have been hanging out with michelle. >> the girls are banding together! it's cold out there. temperatures have increased a little. a little north wind in napa. 38 degrees no longer officially freeze there is but still very chilly. 31 santa rosa still freezing there pretty much area wise temperatures are very cold. grab a jacket. this area of low pressure is pushed off to the east. we have a bit of a stagnant weather pattern so not going to see a whole lot of change over the next couple of days. in fact staying chilly through the weekend. maybe starting to moderate just a little bit by the end of the weekend as we get ready for some showers early next week. in the meantime, clear and cold
5:17 am
to start. grab your jacket out the door. going to see continued sunny but cool days as we move on through the next few days. changes as i mentioned by late weekend and early next week. travel forecast looking pretty good out of sfo. no arrival delays this morning. mostly clear skies although it is cool there downright chilly actually. elsewhere all the major hubs looking pretty good. chicago the only place we could see a little bit of weather today. but so far looking good so don't anticipate too much weather-related travel delays today. travel forecast locally sunny and cool pretty much areawide unless you're heading up to the high country. 20% chance of a snow shower up there. but not talking any major snowstorms today. shouldn't affect travel on the roadways too much but there will be some snow on the ground so great news for those who maybe had young kids who have never seen the snow because we haven't gotten much of it the last few years. here's a look at the highs today, in the 50s areawide. 54 san francisco. half moon bay, mountain view. 55 in san jose today farther to the north staying in the 50s as
5:18 am
well napa 55. 58 santa rosa, 53 your high temperature today, yes, it was your high, not your low, high temperature in san rafael. the extended forecast more of the same. sunny and chilly the next few days. the coldest morning will be tomorrow morning. so overnight temperatures near freezing pretty much areawide below freezing in some locations of course. then this weekend we slowly start to moderate just a little bit as we increase some cloud cover in advance of the next shower chance which begins monday. and then again midweek next week. but definitely chilly as you head out out. >> your turkey was shivering there. >> i love that little image. we have this shivering turkey on this thanksgiving. we'll take you outside and check the roads. if you are on highway 880, you are moving along just fine. things nice and slow because of the thanksgiving morning holiday. and let's go from there and take a look at the toll plaza. we are going right to the
5:19 am
transportation board there. everything is on a sunday schedule. but if you need "ace" train or if you want to grab a ferry, no service today. "star wars" fans in dallas had a chance to show off their best wookky impression. [ wookie noise ] [ laughter ] films. the winner of the contest walked away with two tickets to a 3d showing of e next installment of the sers -- "star wars: the force awakens." he said he didn't at all. >> it was made famous by chewbaka. the winner got two tickets to the 3d showing of the next installments of the series "the force awakens." he said he didn't practice at all. >> the key is to not prepare. you're ready for battle at all times. >> "star wars: the force awakens" appears nationwide
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december 18. can't wait. 5:19. bay area airport workers caught tossing baggage. we asked the airline for an explanation. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, now that 16-game streak you have been hearing a lot about? well, there is another one this morning. and what do the arizona cardinals think about the 49ers' new quarterback? the answer might surprise you. straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. you can email your nomination to us at at and we may come and feature your school on the show. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way.
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wisconsin police department. after officers kicked him of a football game... nut donuts. an l.a. man sent a special deliver to the police department after officers kicked him out of a football game. 240 coconut donuts. the fan was ejected saturday after a misunderstanding over his assigned seat. he says he sent the donuts as a sign of disapproval explaining, no one likes coconut donuts. police donated the donuts to the salvation army women's shelter. good morning, everybody. dorothy says, there's no place like home. for the san jose sharks they would rather be on the road where they just wrapped up a 6- 0 trip. would the streak continue at the shark tank against the defending champion blackhawks? third period san jose down 3-1. patrick marleau off the post. his 8th goal of the season. the lead is cut to 3-2 but then just 70 seconds later the
5:24 am
former shark andrew dejardin scores to give the hawks a two goal lead and they won 5-2 snapping san jose's 6 game win streak. back in week three the cardinals intercepted colin kaepernick four times in arizona's 47-7 win. after that game, cards safety tyron matthews said the 49ers passing game was simplified. so the honey badger says facing blaine gabbert on sunday will be a much bigger challenge. >> we just moved kaepernick's tendencies, you know what i mean? so we knew what he liked to do. you don't pick up those same things from gabbert. he is better in the pocket. you can see gabbert's maturity and obviously, you know, the different things that he does well that say let's say kaepernick do well. >> warriors fans should be thankful for their 16-0 start especially when they watch the 76ers. boston's crowder hits the go- ahead three with 38 seconds
5:25 am
left. celtics beat philadelphia 84- 80. the sixers are 0-16. they have tied an nba record with 26 straight losses dating back to last season. how good is the warriors organization right now? go to and check out my blog. have a great thanksgiving, everybody. we'll see you on sunday, the raiders! all right. dennis, thanks. play of the day, we have some nba, brooklyn's playing at oklahoma city. the thunder's tandem russell westbrook with a past to kevin durant, a nice dunk. oklahoma city beat the nets 110- 99. one more time, that's more of a really nice pass. but it's your play of the day. well, it is what some people call black friday eve. people are already lining up at the stores. but things are definitely a little different from black friday's past. we'll talk about it next. >> it's a chilly thanksgiving
5:26 am
morning here in san jose. but that won't stop 26,000 runners and walkers from participating in the 11th annual turkey trot here. we have the details coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. security on high alert from malls across the u.s. to iconic thanksgiving day celebrations. what you can expect on this holiday. >> and people run for cover as debris swirls in the air. wind gusts disrupt the central valley market of the entire thing caught on camera. we'll take a closer look. >> and we are chilly and clear to start but will it warm up later this thanksgiving day? i have your forecast coming up. >> good morning, it is thanksgiving. it's thursday, november 26. i'm michelle griego. >> thanks for joining us, folks, on the holiday. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:29. today may be a holiday, but that doesn't mean that some serious shoppers are taking the day off. anne makovec found some sport shoppers camped out, outside the best buy in pinole. good morning, anne. reporter: yes, good morning. not a whole lot of people, maybe about a dozen, and you can see a lot of them have tents here in front of the best
5:30 am
buy store. this store is going to open at 5:00 tonight. yes, thanksgiving night. so black friday has encroached into the actual holiday. but the fervor is a little downplayed this year. kevin and brent from hercules have been here since 10 p.m. last night. it's freezing. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tell me why you're willing to do this. come on over. come on over. >> well, i was willing just to hang out with him just so he wouldn't just bear this by himself. so it's cooling hanging out with a friend. >> reporter: you're coming here for a laptop? >> yes. i'm running on three cups of coffee. i'm awake, not tired. >> reporter: i think the best thing about kevin and brent's plan is that they are still planning on making it to thanksgiving dinner after they go to the store at 5:00. thanks a lot, guys. >> sure. >> reporter: we wish you the best of luck. a lot of the people are
5:31 am
actually just camping out in their cars here. it's warm and there's not a lot of competition for the deal. if you are planning to come out the hours are 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then re-opening at 8:00 tomorrow morning. back to you guys. >> okay. thanks. 5:31. investigators are looking into yet another shooting on interstate 80. the latest happened on tuesday night eastbound lanes between ashby and university avenues. a car with three people inside was struck. no one hit by a bullet inside. but one woman's face was cut by broken glass. >> this is a pretty scary situation. the family was very fortunate that the round didn't hit one of them. >> investigators are trying to determine if the shooting is connected to two others on 80 this month. the man was wounded in a shooting in san pablo and a shooting in pinole killed one person and injured another. chp said the victim in the first two shootings were targeted. security is being beefed up at transportation hubs and
5:32 am
malls this holiday season and at new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. it comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. isis has since threatened new york city in a video. president obama and the city's mayor are encouraging people to get out and enjoy the holiday in spite of the security concerns. >> we cannot let the terrorists succeed at psychological warfare. that's what it is! they are doing what they do to try to create fear. to try to change us. >> taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> even with stepped up security federal officials stress there are no known credible threats against the u.s. alaska airlines is apologizing for a baggage handling game gone wrong at a bay area airport. this is what southwest passengers saw from his window before take-off. as you can see, the workers there are tossing lug ak like a beanbag. the alaska workers were playing
5:33 am
a game. the luggage didn't belong to a passenger but instead at a bunch of magazines inside and the airline has since apologized. and there is the apology. don't pack good things in your luggage. >> good for that passenger to record his -- i mean, he probably couldn't have his phone on at the time but good of him to record that. >> maybe a little video will do. >> i think the faa rules say you can keep it on. you have to be on airplane mode and i'm pretty sure your camera works on airplane mode. so there you go. these days you just got to assume somebody always has a camera on. >> we do. >> probably not the smartest thing to do right outside the airplane window. as you are heading out the door this morning, it is downride chilly! 31 santa rosa. 36 livermore. 35 concord. grab a jacket out the door. weather headlines, clear and cold to start, sunny but chilly this afternoon. and then we have some rain back
5:34 am
in the forecast. but not until the end of the weekend early next week. so in the meantime, things will be, well, status quo here. chilly and clear. these are your highs today, not your lows, your highs. topping out only in the 50s. so definitely a chilly thanksgiving. have a jacket over your thanksgiving clothes. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. let's take a look out at the roads this morning. in the bay area, look at that. the golden gate bridge pretty empty. there you go, perfect commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. this is how you know it's a holiday. >> not a soul. the chilly near freezing temperatures in the bay area couldn't keep some people from staying outside. we found people in walnut creek playing tennis and skateboarding late last night. some were wearing shorts. others had the right idea though by cozying up next to a fire at toby's trees, crews working through the cold to make sure the christmas trees
5:35 am
are spruced up for the busy shopping weekend. >> does it put you in the holiday mood? >> absolutely. very seasonal and festive. >> last night we saw some of the lowest temperatures in the bay area in the past 10 months. some wild weather in sacramento county sent some people to the hospital. look at that. a freak windstorm blasted a flea market yesterday in the town of golf. people ran for cover as tents, poles, tarps and all kinds of debris were tossed into the air. >> it doesn't matter about me. i'm worried about my 9-year-old sister. >> several merchants saw their goods get blown away. one man estimates he lost $2,000 worth of merchandise. there is another fresh layer of snow in the sierra this thanksgiving morning. several inches have fallen over the past couple of days. this is what it looked like for those heading up interstate 80 yesterday. right now chains are not required on 80 or u.s. 50 in the south shore.
5:36 am
in santa clara county the latest storm left snow on mount hamilton. it provided a picturesque view yesterday from san jose in the santa clara valley once the clouds cleared up a bit you can see it there, snow is expected every year on mount hamilton but usually in winter which doesn't begin of course until a few weeks away. how about some football? it's a thanksgiving day tradition. there are a fu-long running around the bay area. another thanksgiving day tradition the annual big bone game. the football classic features the city's two oldest public high schools, san jose and lincoln. it draws thousands of people to city college stadium every year. the big bone game began in the '40s and is named after the unique trophy a cattle's femur that his dad found in his butcher shop decades ago. game time at 11:00. first up this morning, the silicon valley turkey trot downtown. 28,000 runners and walkers are expected for the annual event which began in 2014 five. it raises money for local charities and food banks.
5:37 am
jackie ward from the starting line. >> reporter: the runners are braver than i am that's for sure because we have already seen a few runners walking by and just spandex and a couple of light layers. it is ai busy morning around here. there's a lot going on including a women's elite and men's elite 5k. the majority of people though will be here for the 10k that starts at 8:30 and the 5-k run/walk that starts at 9:10. 26,000 people are expected to be here this morning. and the founder tells me that this is the world's largest timed turkey trot. world's largest, impressive. this year the goal is to raise $1 million for local food banks and organizations things like vision first, a program that provides vision screenings and access to corrective services. and one other thing that i thought was unique about this race is that there's a mayor's race where more than 90 elected officials are expected to show up. so of course, hunger and trying to solve that issue locally is
5:38 am
a big highlight of the day. and people are expected to bring at least 40,000 pounds of food to donate. pretty impressive. live in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. costco says it's linked an e. coli outbreak to a salinas produce supplier. at least 19 people have been sickened after eating costco's chicken salad. costco says test show the vegetable mix in the chicken salad is likely the source but federal investigators need to do one more test to be sure. the supplier is taylor farms, where costco gets the onion and celery mix for its chicken salad. there's been no official comment so far from taylor farms. people haven't even sat down for thanksgiving dinner yet, and amazon is already gearing up for the holiday shopping rush. the company has hired 100,000 extra seasonal workers to make sure all those packages get where they need to go. fedex is adding 55,000 workers, roughly 5% more than 2014. major retailers like macy's and target will add the same number of workers as last year.
5:39 am
thanksgiving is a day of food and cheer, we know that and this year there may be something a little extra on the table. reporter jill wagner introduces us to a new beverage on the marketed that's a twist on a popular flavor. reporter: this is not your father's root beer. that's just one of the new brands of new hard root beers hitting the market. and don't confuse these with soda. each contains alcohol. chris adams at the coney island brewery in new york put out a new hard root beer in july. the brewery sells it in bottles and also serves it in their taproom. >> it was amazing the response to it. >> reporter: in the 19th century, root beer was brewed like a beer with alcohol. prohibition helped bring an end to that. now the hard version is back. >> very smooth. tastes like root beer. >> reporter: the new root beer joins other popular hard beverages on the market. hard cider, lemonade and tea are already big sellers. and hard root beer has quickly gained a following. in fact, some stores have found
5:40 am
it difficult to keep it in stock. >> we were getting calls for it before it was even available in new york city. >> reporter: kevin, the owner of a store in new york says people were buying it in the summer. >> people were buying it not just by the six-pack but multiple six-packs, reserving cases in advance. >> i think it's different. people haven't had anything like this. they can't believe it's a real alcoholic product to be honest and it's something that, you know, craft beer drinkers are always looking for something new. >> reporter: frank believes there's another reason it's popular. >> it's really good, man. incredible. >> reporter: jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> this week the makers of not your father's root beer debuted an alcoholic ginger ale in 40 stations with nationwide distribution by early 2016. 5:40. a heart pounding chase caught on camera. a murder suspect takes off driving the wrong way on an interstate. we'll show you more next. >> and let's go outside.
5:41 am
highway 880 on this holiday. it's moving rather smoothly. no problems out there on the roads. we have your forecast coming up so stay right there on this thanksgiving morning. ,, narrator: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. through thanksgiving weekend, save up to $300 on the cooling comfort of tempur-breeze. plus, get up to 4 years interest free financing. sleep risk free with sleep train's money back guarantee, and of course, same day delivery. are you next? sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday.
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everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing. welcome back. good thanksgiving morning to you. it is 5:43. here's a live look over san francisco. clear and cold to started off this morning. ah, what's it going to be like later on today? i've that forecast coming up. dashcam video captures police chasing a murder suspected through new jersey. take a look. [ sirens ] >> a dramatic chase led police across a median and through oncoming traffic at a major freeway. they hit speeds of 90 miles an hour. he was cornered by the cops and arrested. the suspect is facing charges in the stabbing death of his girlfriend.
5:44 am
russia plans to deploy anti- aircraft missiles in syria after turkey shot down a russian warplane. as andrew spencer reports, the rising tensions come as france pushes for a broadening coalition against isis. reporter: the quagmire in syria in which isis has thrived got even more complicated this week as turkish fighter jets shot down a russian warplane. the plane and its pilots landed in northern syria. turkey says the plane violated turkish airspace. the government releasing audio of what appears to be one such warning. [ inaudible ] [ non-english language ] the governor released audio of one such warning, apparently. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: one of the two pilots died at the hands of rebels. the other was rescued. he appeared on russian state- run media saying that they never received a warning from the turkish military. >> not by radio, not visually. there was no contact whatsoever.
5:45 am
>> reporter: the timing also complicated matters for french president francois hollande after meeting with president barack obama on tuesday, hollande meets today with russian president vladimir putin in moscow just as russian -- just as rushes says in response to the downing -- just as russia says in response to the downing of its plane, it will deploy anti-aircraft missiles in syria at its airbase along the mediterranean coast not far from the turkish border. i'm andrew spencer reporting. nearly two weeks after the paris terror attacks we are getting an accounted on the deadly shooting inside a theater and an interview. the eagles of death metal band recalled the panic inside the bataclan theatre when terrorists stormed in. one band member says he ran into the dressing room looking for his girlfriend only to find more terrorists. >> i opened up the hallway door and that's when i saw the, um, shooter, um, and he turned on me, brought his gun down, the barrel hit the door frame.
5:46 am
>> with the band running in different directions, it was hours before they knew who was alive and who was dead. later they learned their merchandise manager nick alexander was among the dead. two men are in custody in connection with a brutal assault in san francisco. the crime on stockton street was captured on surveillance video last month. it shows robbers stealing a man's cell phone, then hitting and kicking him as he was on the ground. the victim had severe facial injuries. the two suspects are both 19- year-old men. a surprising discovery for the city of america canyon as it cracks down on water wasters in town. turns out one of the worst offenders is the city itself. the department of public works says a number of the city's pipes are leaking. buried power lines are sending a small current through the ground that's causing some of the copper pipes to corrode.
5:47 am
so far, about 180 pipes have been replaced. >> so yeah, you know, so yeah, when you see a leak, you know, after all that we've been through and have worked on,it is frustrating. >> the city says it has tested every pipe in town twice and they believe they have a handle on the problem but each repair costs $2,000 to $3,000. and that's an expense residents will pay. no frozen pipes but some chilly temperatures greeting a lot of folks around the bay area on this holiday. >> napa warming up to 38 but 31 in santa rosa and temperatures near freezing elsewhere in the bay area. needless to say you want to grab a jacket out the door this morning. this is the area of low pressure to the east that brought us showers this week. it's now sitting off to the east. we are in a stagnant weather pattern not a lot of change over the next couple of days.
5:48 am
and that means we will stay clear. chilly through the weekend. clear and cold today out the door. we'll continue to stay sunny with cool temperatures during the daylight hours and then changes by late weekend early next week when we see our next chance of showers. here's a look at sunrise this morning. 7:01. likely going to be about the coldest point this morning. sunset tonight at 4:52 p.m. if you have any turkey bowls planned. there's daylight for you today. temperatures today grab a sweatshirt going out to play in the turkey bowls today. 54 in half moon bay. 54 los altos. 54 mountain view. 55 union city. temperatures pretty much in the 50s in the area. i don't really need to go city by city because you're all about the same, in the 50s. a little warmer closer to the
5:49 am
water the moderating effects of the pacific. 58 santa rosa. 53 in daly city. 54 sausalito. 55 high today in napa. and a look at the extended forecast. cloudy on sunday, ahead of another system that may bring us some showers by monday. then again on wednesday of next week. for the necessary next few days, status quo. >> we'll take it. let's take you outside see how we're doing on traffic. things are quiet. green lights always way around. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. i don't think we have seen it like that on a weekday at 6:00. a few people coming in from marin over the golden gate bridge. nice and easy. public transportation: brought out his s for the annual >> they are on a weekend schedule. across the board no
5:50 am
service for "ace" train. no ferry service. president obama brought out his best turkey jokes for the annual white house turkey park. >> his daughters laughed as he spared birds from becoming a thanksgiving dinner. >> abe is a free bird, he is totus, the turkey of the united states. >> gobble gobble. >> this year's turkeyses named honest and abe were raised in the central valley and will live at a farm in virginia. 5:50. an update this morning on a baby that was left in a manger at a church in new york. the mother was caught on surveillance but will she be charged? we'll tell ya. ,,,,,,
5:51 am
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because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. 5:53. we're look at our travel forecast this morning. if you are heading out around northern california expect clear chilly conditions in the 50s. 20% chance of snow showers
5:54 am
in the high country. don't worry about travel conditions snow on the road today. there's definitely snow on the ground, though. isolated snow showers possible up in the high country today. high temperature 27 degrees in tahoe. tomorrow, one degree warmer and another chance of showers but overall should be great in the high country this thanksgiving. i have your full bay area forecast coming up in a bit. this is the scene at the new york city macy's store yesterday. police say demonstrators entered the store after a "black lives matter" rally. the rally was aimed at police shootings involving black men killed in chicago and minneapolis. several people were arrested on potential disorderly conduct charges. more protests last night on the streets of chicago enraged by the video released of a police officer shooting laquan mcdonald, ripped lights from a christmas tree. demonstrators dismantled the decorations. police arrived to the scene and arrests were made.
5:55 am
police were in full force all over chicago for a second night in a row. the gatherings were largely peaceful. protestors walked along 35th to police headquarters calling out the names of rahm emanuel, anita alvarez and gary mccarthy for them to be removed. many saw the demonstrations as as a chance to unite. >> this is a call for black people to take action and unite. >> i want to see the killings stop. >> black friday protests are scheduled tonight and will last through tomorrow morning. no charges will be filed against a mother who left her newborn baby at a church nativity scene in new york city. the infant with his umbilical cord still attached was discovered lying in a manger at a church in queens. a custodian had just set up the scene and heard the crying infant when he got back from lunch. church officials call it a christmas miracle. and this surveillance video shows the woman carrying her newborn into a store. she is in a hooded jacket
5:56 am
carrying the baby wrapped in a coat. the woman is seen picking up a towel and then paying for it at the front counter. investigators say the baby was later discovered wrapped in that same towel at the church. the d.a. says since the baby was left in a warm place where he would be found safe, the mother will not be charged. it is 5:56 on this holiday. next half-hour coming up, the scary moments with some strong winds ripped through a northern california flea market sending people running for cover and, of course, it's all caught on camera. >> you might as well call it black friday eve. we'll talk with shoppers already lining up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat let's get a look at weatherh
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julie watt good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 26. i'm michelle griego. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone! ! i'm frank mallicoat. glad you joined us. nearly 6:00. you're probably stuffing the bird or getting ready for a big feast today and we are going to tell you, it's cold outside. so stay indoors. >> it is cold! michelle said earlier if you have no room in the fridge, stick the bird on the front porch! hopefully by now it's in the oven or it may not be ready. that's what i'm told from people who actually know how to cook. i'm not one of the them. temperatures out there chilly freezing in santa rosa 32. 38 livermore. 35 in concord. 44 in san francisco. clear skies areawide a look at what to expect your headlines clear and cold to start. sunny but chilly this afternoon. we do have some rain moving back into the forecast later on this weekend. well, late weekend early into next week. high temperatures not warming


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