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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 26, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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turkey and donald trump said he saw vegetarians celebrating on the rooftop in jersey city! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." happy thanksgiving. i'm don dahler with michelle
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miller. charlie rose and norah o'donnell and gayle king are probably making their turkeys right now. president obama is asking us to at any rate thanksgiving the way we normally do but no holiday for police across america. >> officers are on high alert after the terrorist attacks in paris and trying to prevent a copycat event like what happened that paris today. jericka duncan is in times square. >> some of the amazing floats behind me are expected to draw in a record amount of people here in mid-town manhattan this thanksgiving. more than 3 million people are expected to line the parade route, which is 2.5 miles long. but with those large crowds comes security concerns and official at all levels say they are not taking any chances. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe.
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>> reporter: president obama attempted to reassure a country on edge wednesday, saying there is no specific or credible threat against the u.s. this holiday weekend. still, he warned, all americans to remain vigilant. >> if you see something suspicious, say something. that's always helpful. but, otherwise, americans should go about their usual thanksgiving weekend activities. >> reporter: the president's statement came less than two weeks after 130 people were killed in a series of t r attacks across paris and just days after the state department issued a worldwide travel alert due to increased activity from groups like isis and al qaeda. federal, state, and local authorities across the country have since stepped up security, and a joint intelligence bulletin issued to law enforcement nationwide fearing a similar attack could occur at home. >> what we are focused on and have before paris, are potential
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copycat act. >> reporter: at the nation's airports, increased security meant longer lines and passengers at lax who is expecting 2 million people this weekend were asked to arrive two hours before their flight. >> i know more threats traveling overseas than domestically but personally it doesn't bother me too much. >> reporter: at the annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city, additional plain clothes officers will keep a watch jul eye over the balloons and millions. spectators. >> the terrorists can't succeed if we refuse to be terrorized. we have to stand our ground. continue with our lives, york the safest place
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in the country today. don? >> thank you. new york city police commissioner bill bratton is with us in studio 57. >> good morning. >> you've seen all of the intelligence. is there any specific threats that are on the radar screen? >> there are not. we use the term credible threats and we do not have any. we get threats from time to time that we check out. none of them have checked out. we are a city that is constantly on alert because of the terrorism threats in general from isis and al qaeda. we have the capability to respond very quickly if we do get a credible threat, but this thanksgiving, we are looking forward to a very celebratory and safe day. >> it will be a very beautiful day. warm temperatures. >> isn't that great? >> it is great! it is great. but that will likely bring in an influx of more people. record breaking crowds are expected. how do you hope to protect that
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influx? >> we are very skilled at it and probably no police department in america that is better equipped equipped in terms of numbers of officers and skills as well as experience to do this. we have been doing this for many, many years, as you know. based on the crowds we saw last night of the blowing of the balloons, huge crowds last evening and the warm weather brought them out. today, this is probably going to be the nicest thanksgiving day in memory and expect close to record crowds. >> have the rules of engagement changed due to the paris attacks? will your officers stop to stop someone setting off an explosive vest? >> back to the mumbai incident, it became apparent that the terrorist threat was no longer to take hostages and negotiate for their surrender. the terrorists are going to seek to kill themselves or be killed in their assaults and they will kill as many people as they can and as quickly as they can.
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we responded by retraining all of our personnel and in the process of now doing that with 35,000 to get in and neutralize the threat surfaas fast as as possibly. it used to be line up outside and now it's get are in there as fast as you can. >> you're in the largest city of the nation, new york city. what should folks outside of new york be looking forward to? how should they be heading out to the tree lighting ceremonies and the other festivities that should be going on coming up. >> i think throughout the country and not just in new york, we certainly encourage people to get out and live your lives free of fear. we are in a world you have to be aware. the expression, see something, say something. if we are the police, if we see something, we are going to do something. i grew up in the '50s when the threat of nuclear annihilation was prevalent and hide under your desks and the world a has
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changed, unfortunately. but we can still live a great life, free of fear. in case of anarchy, you have 35,000 cops who know what they are doing and there to protect you. >> commissioner bratton, we thank you for being with us this thanksgiving. >> you bet. french president francois hollande is heading to moscow this morning to discuss syria and try to convince russian president valentine's day valentine's d -- vladimir putin to join the fight against isis. angela merkel visited paris. hollande met with italy's prime minister this morning in paris. putin wants an joapology fo turkey's downing the russian
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jetliner that was struck down. >> reporter: turkey and russia are pushing their version of events for allowing the shooting down of that russian war plane. turkey says the plane strayed just over a mile into its air space for just 17 seconds. and now turkey has released this distorted audio recording which it says is one of ten warnings given to the in this drama, including turkey's nate tow ally the u.s. wants to avoid
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a conflict. the u.s., russia, turkey and iran and other countries have all taken sides in syria's war and now they are being drawn deeper and deeper into the conflict and perhaps closer to a conflict with each other. don? >> holly williams in istanbul, thank you. police across europe are still searching for a pair of suspects in the paris bombing attack. they were tracked across the border into belgium. debora patta is in brussels, i highest state of alert for an attack. this is the new reality in brussels. shops, schools and subways may have reopened, but security checks are now a constant feature of daily life here. even hospitals are feeding the
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tension. the belgian government has ordered health and emergency services to take special precautionary measures to ensure their facilities are not infiltrated. the tight security has been spot by their attempt to root out a terror cell they believe is planning terror like attacks in brussels. the aftermath of those attacks is still being felt. in an interview, eagles of death metal sound engineer said he narrowly escaped being shot. >> i was still standing up and i can see the gunman. he looked right at me and he shot at me and he missed and he hit my console and buttons went flying everywhere. that's when i went, lay down on the ground and we all just huddled. >> reporter: the manhunt for two of those terror particulars, abdeslam and abrini continues in belgium. it's now emerged that a month prior to the paris attacks, the
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mayor of a city received a list of 80 suspected islamic militants. on the list with the names of abdeslam brothers, abrini, and the s pportunity down terrorists but it's the responsibility of police. >> debora patta in brussels, thank you. the full interview with the band is available at this morning, severe weather is threatening holiday plans for millions of americans. winter weather advisory are in effect across the central plains and flash flood watches stretch through at least five states. >> in the west, 11 people were hurt near sacramento wednesday when heavy winds knocked over several tents at a flea market. and king tides are pounding the california coast.
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they are considered much higher than normal tides. coastal flooding is a major concern. this morning, frank gifford joins a list of former nfl players confirmed to have a degenerative brain disease. the pro football hall of famer turned sportscaster was 84 when he died in august. gi gifford's family agreed to have his brain studied for chronic trauma encephalopathy or cte. >> reporter: frank gifford was known for his long tenure on "monday night football" but before that, he was in one of the most brutal hits in nfl history. in 1960, gifford playing with the new york giants was leveled after catching a pass in a game against the philadelphia eagles. he was carried off the field, hospitalized, and sidelined for more than a season. although he lived a long life and died of natural causes, on wednesday, the gifford family
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released a statement revealing something they had suspected for years. frank gifford suffered from cte. during the last years of his life, frank dedicated himself to understanding the recent revelations between the connection of repetitive head trauma and its cognitive and behavioral symptoms which he experienced firsthand. >> the symptoms are really very similar what you find in alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: his team has been studying the brains of former nfl players who had symptoms of cte in life and confirmed the disease in 88 of 92 players. >> well, i think the greatest risk is how much brain trauma you've taken. the more you've taken, the longer time you've taken it, and the earlier in life you start taking it, all of those factors put you at greater risk for developing cte. >> reporter: while experts say, overall, cte is a rare disease, the effects of head trauma on
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nfl players have been scrutin e scrutinized in recent years and prompting the league to make numerous changes to try to make the game safer. in a statement, nfl commissioner roger goodell praised the gifford family for bringing attention to cte. goodell said at the nfl we are supporting grants to nih and boston university as well as other independent efforts to research the effects of repetitive head trauma. protesters in chicago this morning say they want to disrupt blackdemonstrations. some protesters destroyed part of the chicago christmas tree. demonstrators took to the streets in other cities and six people were arrested in new york. the protests are in reaction to graphic video showing an officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. it happened last year. but the video was only made
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public on tuesday, hours after the officer was charged with first-degree murder. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> the question a lot of people have is simply, why did it take so long for this video to come out? >> that's the 64,000 dollar question and it is a disturbing question, indeed. it is 400 days from the time of this shooting, until the time of the charges against the officer. now, i've heard all of the excuses. i mean, you had a police investigation, fbi investigation, and investigation -- >> it is taught that you must be transparent. you must get the bad news out there early because the longer you hold onto it, ultimately, it is going to cause you more
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problems. there is no reason for this video to have been kept quiet, silent, for all of this time. and only, only a motion before a judge that it released the fact it was going to be released on wednesday, many people believe caused the charges to be filed on tuesday. >> this paints a stark picture of what happened that night. what could the possible defense be? >> the video is very disturbing and i think that many people will say, well, this is the end of the case, it's a slam dunk video. a case is never quite so simple. i would think that a good defense attorney is going to muster the usual defense in a case like this, which i thought the night was a gun and i saw a shiny object, i was in fear of my life, i was in fear of the lives of other police officers.
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the other thing to remember, from the defense point of view, because this is what a lawyer is supposed to do, is that they will say that the dash cam video is only one perspective and it is not the perspective of the eyes and ears of this police officer. >> rikki klieman, thank you so much. got the watch team this morning. >> a rare moment, indeed! >> enjoy your thanksgiving. ahead, health investigators zero in on the potential root of the costco e. coli outbreak. we will show you the ingredients
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ahead, adele said her new album wouldn't be streamed, but there is one service that has
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" "25," and it's paying off thanksgiving day. if you plan to good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening. tighter security will be visible across the country on this thanksgiving day. if you plan to travel today, you may notice the extra officers on patrols at airports and rail stations nationwide. get there early if you're flying. investigators are looking into another shooting on interstate 80. the latest was tuesday night between ashby and university avenues in berkeley. a car with three people inside was struck. nobody was hurt. straight ahead on "cbs this morning," black friday madness on thanksgiving. mellody hobson on whether the doorbuster deals are worth your time camping out all night long. traffic and the holiday forecast coming up right after the break. for a better night's sleep... [barks]
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we are off to a clear but cold start this morning. take a look at temperatures near freezing in many locations out the door. you probably will want to grab a jacket out there. later today not warming up a lot. in fact, we're topping out in the 50s areawide. 54 san francisco and hayward. 52 livermore. 57 in oakland. high temperature 55 in napa today. 58 in santa rosa. 54 in berkeley. extended forecast shows more of the same temperatures staying right there around about mid- 50s throughout the weekend. and then by monday, we start to see a change in the forecast. a first sign of showers monday. that will help to moderate the temperatures a little bit and bring us back to where we should be this time of the year. but the weather headlines, clear and cold for the next few days. happy thanksgiving, everyone.
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♪ i'm captain lynnwood nelson. i'm from headquarters in afghanistan. i want to tell all of my friends and family, a happy thanksgiving. mom, love you! dad, love you! and, brian, i love you too! >> michael johnson from houston, texas, saying happy thanksgiving to america from the men and women holding the lines. >> from afghanistan, we want to wish our families back in the united states, happy thanksgiving. >> right back at you. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up do your holiday plans involve waiting in lines? americans will hit the streets today to snag don't remember busters deals mellody hobson
7:31 am
will tell us how black friday is losing its edge. >> women who needed to solve a family puzzle. we will show you their remarkable journey and the journey that brought them together. that is all ahead. "the washington post" reports on donald trump under fire by "the new york times." he appeared to mock one of the times reporters who has a disability. >> now the book. you got to see this guy. oh, i don't know what i said! uh, i don't remember! he's going, like, i don't remember. oh, maybe that is what i said. this is 14 years -- "the new york times" reporter debinged the idea of saw hundreds cheering in new jersey when the twin towers collapsed. "wall street journal" reports acticaticusations that is buying oil from russia.
7:32 am
the u.s. had long been concerned that syrian president bashar al assad was strengthening isis by producing oil produced by the group. the charges are the most explicit and direct allegations by the u.s. the seattle times reports on the likely source of an e. coli outbreak linked to costco's rotisserie chicken salad. it points to onion and celery used in the chicken salad. the vegetable mix is provided by a food whaerl olesaler in calif. the cds says the number will likely grow over the next few weeks. adele is giving a boost to pandora. her new album "25" can be heard on pandora but remains off limits to other streaming services. pandora can play the album because it does not offer on-demand listening and instead create stations that randomly play similar songs. on wednesday, pandora's shares
7:33 am
closed up 5%. "usa today" reports automakers are also trying to attract black friday shoppers. carmakers hope for their best november since 2001 and helped by big discounts and financing offers. the strategy seems to be paying off. last year, dealers sold more cars than other weekends in november. experts predict that trend will continue. this morning, while many people plan their thanksgiving day dinner, others are plotting their shopping strategies. the national retail federation estimates more than 135 million people will shop this weekend, more than 30 million say they will hit the stores today. but the group also estimates nearly 60% of holiday shoppers have already started buying their items and those items, of course, on their christmas list. cbs news financial contributor mellody hobson is in san francisco to discuss black friday's blurring lines. first, good morning to you.
7:34 am
>> good morning. >> secondly, you look at how retailers have really sort of, like, fixed things in a way that they are getting these deals out to consumers throughout the year. is black friday still as important as it used to be? >> there is no doubt about it, black friday is still important. it's called black friday for a reason. it's the day supposedly retailers go into the black after being in the red for most of the year. but the rest of the weekend is now huge. thanksgiving, great thursday. and, of course, we have got the weekend, itself, saturday and sunday, and monday culminates with cybermonday so all of these days have come very important. today, people will spend about $3 billion shopping. that's what they spent last year. so they will spend at least that much this year, perhaps more. so the weekend has changed, but black friday is still important. >> i've always wondered, is it really good for the overall
7:35 am
bottom line, black friday, when you take into account the overtime they have to pay people and the extra staff they have to hire? is it more of a loft leader or do they really see the kinds of profits on that day? >> well, it's interesting. a lot of stores have no choice. they need to be open over this weekend because they sign contracts with their landlords that say they are open during normal mall hours. so they could be fined if they are not open, including some retailers today. if the mall is anchored by a big box retailer that is open, that may leave the entire mall to be open. no one wants to go shopping in a half full or half open mall. so it's still a big, big deal. and their highest gross profits do come for retailers during the holiday season because they negotiate the best deals with their suppliers during this period. >> what will be the make or break deal for this holiday season? >> i'm not sure if is there a make or break deal. the number one gift item remains
7:36 am
gift cards. $26 billion of them are expected to be sold again this year. i mean, that is the gift card has become the biggest gift. but, in general, you're going to see a lot of electronics. you're still seeing people buy phones. that is huge. tvs, huge. you talked about cars. that is where all of the shopping has really started to find itself. >> mellody hobson, thank you so much. thanks for giving up part of your thanksgiving morning for us. >> happy to do so. >> this looks like folks might need some luggage for christmas. a case of baggage handlers behaving badly in san jose, california, but not so fast. alaska airlines claims these workers captured on video tuesday are not messing with passengers' luggage. they tell cbs news they were playing a game with a bag owned by the airline and filled with magazines. but it admits this should not have happened at an airport and,
7:37 am
quote, the optics of this video are unfortunate. >> optics are always important. well, a fine wine can take years to reach its peak. so can a fine fami war. time war! we will be right back.
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♪ you might raise a glass of wine with your family this thanksgiving day. perhaps sisters andre a and robin mcbride. that is important. they both grew up working in the wine industry but what makes their story so striking is that the first half of their lives, they hadn't even met. >> as young women, you know, we were attracted to the wine
7:42 am
business. >> reporter: meet andrea and two black women in a field dominated by white men. in 2010 they started the mcbride sisters wine company. >> when we started, it was bit of an old boys club. >> reporter: some pushback you received? >> lack of recognition. >> like what do you girls know about wine? >> reporter: 90% of the wine is made in tlachlt but 10% of the wineries are led by a female wine maker. the sisters assembled a team that is 80% women including their head wine maker and vineyard director. >> we have this vision and we have this goal and everybody is passionate about it and wants to get behind it and see it and be successful. >> reporter: for the mcbride's, success is not just about selling wine but also creating a sort of sisterhood among their follow female staff. after all, sisterhood is what makes their own story so remarkable.
7:43 am
>> we didn't know about each other at all when we were growing up. >> both of us were growing up thinking we were only children, completely, you know, opposite ends of the pacific ocean. >> reporter: the story of their journey. so this is dear old dad? >> yep that is kelly mcbride. >> reporter: starts with this man, their shared biological father. and dre a grew up with her mother pauline in new zealand any she died of breast cancer and placed in a foster family at age 6 and robin was in monterey, california growing up. why wouldn't he ever mention you have a sister out there? >> we would love to ask him that! unfortunately, he's not around. >> reporter: their father wasn't around for most of their lives. but before he died of stomach cancer in 1996, he asked his family to try to connect the two girls. they were in touch with andrea but had no idea where robin lived. this is before the internet.
7:44 am
>> no facebook, no google searches. it was actually from an end sewed. >> the catalyst was one of his brothers, an uncle was in his living room watching an "oprah" episode and she featured private detectives on how you find people that owe you money! or how you find to find displace loved ones. >> reporter: based on the show's recommendation, the family pulled the record of every robin mcbride listed at the department of motor vehicles and started writing dozens of letters. finally in 1999 robin received a note from her father's sister. >> she wrote on the letter, i'm your aunt and i'm sorry to tell you that your dad has passed away, but you have a little sister. >> reporter: what did that feel like? >> it was very shocking. >> i remember being so excited! you know? i was 16 and i have a big sister! >> reporter: this was probably right after andrea and i first laid eyes on each other. >> reporter: the officers met in
7:45 am
new york's laguardia airport one day after robin received that letter. >> i'm walking down the jetway and i see what i think is my reflection at the end of the jetway and as i'm walking and thinking, i'm realizing that the reflection isn't moving as i'm walking. so the realization hit that was the first time i had seen my sister who happened to look a lot like me at that time. >> every time she tells that story, i tear up. >> reporter: why does that make you tear up? >> you know, i lost my mom and -- you know, we had lost our father and, you know, that was -- oh! it was my sister! >> reporter: as the two got to know one another, they discovered a shared passion for making wine, something they each developed growing up in the major wine regions of new zealand and central california. >> we had these dreams and had we not met, we probably wouldn't be in the wine industry, but we kind of felt like the stars
7:46 am
lined up. >> reporter: sixteen years later, their banner now distributes wine to major grocery chains across the country. for andrea and robin, the company's success feels like the culmination of their journey as sisters. >> the world brought us together. we are invincible and we can do anything. >> reporter: and, for that, they are both grateful to a father they really never knew. >> so when life lives you lemons? >> make wine! >> cheers. >> cheers. >> what a gift to find a sister you didn't even know you had! amazing. >> it was moving for them and still is. they very close. >> do you think they recorded this piece on their vcr? >> you know what? they would back me on this one. >> i'll get you a vhs tape for christmas! a murder suspect tries to make a desperate get-away on a busy parkway. next the dash cam video that captured the police chase and how it took more than officers to stop him. first, it's
7:47 am
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a murder suspect in a black chrysler was determined to escape from police. cash cam video and a police cruiser showed him speeding straight into traffic monday as he drove the wrong way on the palisades parkway in new jersey. he hit 90 miles an hour before he ran into a traffic jam at a toll plaza and all it took to stop him after a chase lasting nearly 20 minutes. the man faces charges, including attempting to elude police. conversation and controversy. we will give you ways to avoid arguments at the thanksgiving table! plus, dr. david agus shows us how simple gratitude can do great things for your body! scientific evidence is ahead on thanksgiving day. you're watching "cbs this morning." today is considered by many to be the biggest travel day of
7:52 am
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we are gearing up for the start of new york's famous thanksgiving day parade. we will take you to th police are seeking a suspec after a shooting in a san francisco parking garage. drivers were your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. police are looking for a suspect after a shooting in a san francisco parking garage. drivers were stuck for a couple of hours last night at the garage on fifth and mission streets. the victim is hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to recover. more than 26,000 runners and walkers are expected in downtown san jose this morning for the 11th annual silicon valley turkey trot. the event raises money for second harvest food bank and other local charities. organizers hope to raise a million dollars this year. and the next half-hour of "cbs this morning" an inside look at security at the big thanksgiving day parade in new york. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. announcer: if you'd give thanks for a better night's sleep...
7:57 am
[barks] sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares] through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train get three free gifts with selected mattress sets! save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, serta, even tempur-pedic! plus, get up to four years interest-free financing! but sleep train's thanksgifting sale ends sunday! ♪ sleep train [train horn]
7:58 am
good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. it is cold out there. if you are going out grab a jacket, bundle up. temperatures near freezing in many locations this morning. slowly starting to warm up just a little bit. 35 santa rosa. right now 35 in vallejo. 40 fremont and 43 san jose. 46 in san francisco. later today, going to see a lot of sunshine but not very warm. topping out weather below average for this time of the year in the 50s areawide. 57 oakland, 55 san jose. 52 in livermore today. farther north 53 san rafael, 58 your high temperature today in santa rosa. extended forecast, more of the same over the next few days through most of the weekend, sunday the transition day. monday showers. that should help to moderate temperatures a bit. happy thanksgiving, everyone.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
i'm michelle miller. i'm here with don dahler. charlie, gayle, and norah are all this morning. nearly 47 million americans are traveling for thanksgiving this year. there is increased security all across the country to protect them. police are on high alert after the terror attacks in paris earlier this month. >> the secretary of homeland security reassured the public on wednesday that there is no known threat to the u.s. >> those of us in law enforcement, homeland security, the intelligence community, continue to be vigilant, to work overtime, to monitor what is happening here in this country and for public safety. we are working overtime to protect the homeland. >> security is tight this morning for new york city's thanksgiving day parade.
8:03 am
jericka duncan is at the start of the parade route along central park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the warm weather is expected to draw record crowds to the 89th annual macy's day thanksgiving day parade. parade go-ers i spoke to are not concerned about familiarity and feel comfortable with the amount they have seen in the ground and in the sky. federal, state, and local authorities across the have stepped up security since the attacks in paris. a joint intelligence bulletin was issued to law enforcement nationwide, fearing a possible similar attack in the united states, but the president has reiterated that there is no known specific or credible intelligence indicating a plot on the u.s. he said that while americans should remain vigilant, sthey should go about their lives and enjoy the festivities and law enforcement is helping to keep americans safe. an increased security lines at airports like l.a.x.
8:04 am
passengers there were arrived to arrive two hours before their flight starts. now, back here in new york, the nypd will deploy 200 critical response officers for the first time, in addition to bomb sniffing dogs and radiation detectors. >> thank you very much. enjoy the parade today. the next half hour, we will speak with kevin phrasen and kelti knight who is anchoring the parade coverage. stick around foris tour of kenyd meeting with priests at a school. this is his first trip to africa. he arrived wednesday. earlier this morning, the pope delivered mass at the university of nairobi and met with muslim and christian leaders. the pope will visit two other countries, including the central african republic on sunday. allen pizzey is traveling with the pope in nairobi. >> reporter: there was a proper
8:05 am
and relic be african welcome to kick off the first public engagement of the pope's first-ever african trip. dancing children led the procession of bishops who proceeded him to the specially built altar. the theme of this stop on his three-nation pilgrimage is be strong in faith and do not be afraid. it took a fair bit of strength to tens of thousands of faith ful ful into the field of a field that rain turned into a quagmire but rain is a blessing here and no one seemed to mind in the least. police were on hand in considerable number but guns were conspeconspeck -- several attacks here including the massacre of students at a university. 2013 shooting in a mall that left 67 dead. both carried out by the al qaeda affiliate al shabab that is based in neighboring city and
8:06 am
they say god's name must never be used to describe hatred and violence. all too often, he told an interreligious gathering, young people are being radicalized in the name of religion to discourt fear and tear at the fabric of our societies. the mass was aimed, in part, at young people and francis urged them to let what he called the great values of africa's traditions to shape a society that is respectful of human dignity. in keeping with his usual style, pope francis isn't pulling any punches. but in a region why tribal rivalries and violence has wreaked havoc his message seems to be going down well. a pair of turkeys have nothing to worry about this thanksgiving morning, thanks to president obama. >> all right. don't interrupt. >> the leader of the free world
8:07 am
pardoned the fowl at the white on wednesday. their names are honest and abe. only abe was allowed to attend. first daughters malia and sasha watched dad deliver the poultry punch lines. >> i confess that honest looks like good eating but this is a democracy. abe is now a free bird. he is totu, the turkey of the united states. it is hard to believe this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. >> dad, that is good. that was good. >> i thought it was. >> gobble gobble. >> the turkeys will live at a virginia farm. our correspondent mark knoller
8:08 am
reported on the incident. arlo guthrie went to have thanksgiving beginner with friends and left with a police ,
8:09 am
helping your blood pressure and sleep habits and stress could all start this thanksgiving morning. dr. david agus gave up his thanksgiving morning to be in own our toyota green room. >> he is happy to be with us. >> yes. ♪
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dear eight-pound, six-ounce newborn infant jesus, don't even know a word yet. >> we just thank you for all of the races i've bone in 21.2 million dollars! woo! >> woo!
8:14 am
>> woo! >> love that money! >> woo! will ferrell as ricky bobby in tall dag a nights might have his priorities misplaced but in our morning roueds before you sit down to your thanksgiving dinner, we take a look at the health benefits of gratitude. studies suggest it can help relieve stress and improve your mood and boost your health all year-round. our davoctor david agus is here. what are your thankful for and how does this work? >>ism thankful for my family. my loving wife and two children are here with me in new york and it's certainly the most important part of my life. but trying to experiment. smile. if you smile for just ten seconds, all of a sudden, your body feels differently. it's easier to small than frown. 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. but when you smile, your whole body habit is changed and chemicals and endorphins make your brain feel and do better.
8:15 am
>> is this in cases of cart and the horse? you were talking about a study in the green room earlier. >> right. >> that if you think about what you're grateful for, you feel better. but or is it the case if you're feeling good, you're grateful so it's easy to do that? >> it's the coolest thing. they did a study where they put three groups. one group they say write down every week what you have gratitude for. the other they say what are hassles? you write it down once a week and the others wrote down neutral things. at the end of the study the people who wrote down gratitude had better self-esteem and felt better about themselves and their lives. it works. all of us can improve and thinking what we care about and writing it down. >> get real for a minute here. the holidays are filled with stress and a lot of people, you know, don't feel so good this time of year. so how do you feel grateful when you're sort of in that funk? >> well, you know, exactly a gene for gratitude.
8:16 am
variations in the gene all of us can have a little bit of different response to what happens. but that being said, the idea of just writing down once a week what we are gratitude for. our family, our children, where we live, the smell of the fall, the weather today. all of those will make a difference. >> it has a physical effect? >> it has a chemical effect in our body and it's real. when you looked at after heart surgery, people who felt gratitude and those people who actually wrote it down, actually did better. so it affects our body, whether it be smiling or thinking about what we have good in our lives, it overwhelms everything else and it spreads gratitude. when i talk about things, others feel it. >> what are you grateful for, donnie? >> i'm grateful i wasn't born a bacteria. being a human at this point in the history where the major diseaseses are pretty much curtailed, it's a good time to be lialive and be a human. >> ditto. >> you're grateful you're not a
8:17 am
bacteria? >> there is a lot more. family. >> this is a fabulous place to be on thanksgiving. >> go eagles. >> you had me until that point! jennifer wallace is announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by miralax. a laxative you can love! hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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♪ oh, the pies are ready! and i am ready to vote for ben carson. >> you are such a -- ♪ ♪ at least i can see better >> that's so great. "saturday night live" suggests adele's music is a good way to avoid conflicts around the thanksgiving dinner table, especially when talking about politics but is that the best way to prevent fights against politics and even your love life. jennifer wallace often writes about family issues. welcome back. what do you think of "snl's" suggestion to handle problems? >> i love it. i will bring my iphone and keep
8:22 am
it in the background for any emergency situations. everybody has those sort of moments so it's how you get out of them. >> some of us have them more often than others. and the faux pas just keep coming and coming and coming. so, like, what is a person to do? what are the tricks of the trade to avoid those land mines? >> to avoid them -- first off tell you what to do in the middle of one. the first thing i love to do is pretend your kids are having a fight in the background so sorry, i think i hear trouble! that is my one. you can only use that once, right, in a dinner conversation? so when someone else is sort of prodding and pressing one of your triggers and you're afraid you're getting into it at the thanksgiving table, one of the things i like to do is excuse myself for a minute and be right back. go to the bathroom and wait a few minutes and think of something else to change the topic will have that person talk about them. sit back down and come back with a strategy, like uncle bob, i've been dying to hear about your bee keeping. how did you get involved in that
8:23 am
and change the subject to them. >> don't engage. >> don't engage. >> is it ever okay, though, to just, like, dig in there and have that conversation? >> i can see that happening at your house. >> so many families i know who love the -- that sort of spark of debate that happens at the dinner table. >> i think as long as it doesn't get personal and -- you know, we hold our political and religious beliefs so personally and so part of our identity. when you're threatening somebody and challenging them, they could perceive that wrong. as long as you challenge them in a light way and make it fun. thanksgiving is about being together and not winning a national debate. it's not to win points. it's to bond. >> you want it to be pleasant and it can get very unpleasant. growing up in my house, there was a family member who had very strong political beliefs and always evolve into an unpleasant situation so we would avoid it and completely change the subject as you suggested. but you know, the fact of the
8:24 am
matter is that it is a dynamic thing. i mean, people believe things and then they want to talk about them and they haven't seen you in a while. >> and they are drinking alcohol and inhibitions fall away. >> what i would say is, if you can, you know, distance yourself from the conversation and use it as opposition research. right? if you're talking to uncle bob and he has views very different than yours, channel your intercharlie rose and ask him questions and why is he thinking that and how did he get to that? you're not going to change his mind. he is holding them so close to his heart. find out a little bit more about why he thinks that way. >> there is something that is happening more and more now. you see it at restaurants and also thanksgiving dinner table. you have friends and nieces and nephews who have children there. they are playing with their little tablet at the table. how do you gently handle that? >> i think if you're the hostess, we are having a tech-free thanksgiving dinner and charging station in other room and enlist your brother and
8:25 am
sister to police the other children. >> jennifer wallace, you ve your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. will be visible across the country on this thanksgiving day. if you plan to travel ay notice the extr good morning, it's 8:25. time for news headlines. tighter security will be visible across the country on this thanksgiving day. if you plan to travel today, you may notice the extra officers on patrol at airports and rail stations nationwide. investigators are looking into yet another shooting on interstate 80. the latest was tuesday night between ashby and university avenues. a car with three people inside was struck. no one was hit. ahead on "cbs this morning" a front row seat to the thanksgiving day parade. cohost kevin frazier is live on the parade deck. but first, weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. happy thanksgiving to you all. i hope you're bundled up if you head out because we are off to a chilly start this morning. take a look at these temperatures. near freezing earlier this morning. now we're slowly starting to moderate a bit. 35 santa rosa. 38 san rafael. 42 pacifica. temperatures definitely a bit warmer thanks to the moderating effects of the ocean. so the closer you get to the coast and the bay the more mild those temperatures will be. 45 san francisco. 43 mountain view.
8:28 am
your current temperature 38 in concord. needless to say you're going to grab a jacket if you are heading out this morning. later today not a lot of change. we are still staying well below average for this time of year. temperatures topping out in the 50s areawide. 55 in san jose, fremont, 54 san francisco and half moon bay. 53 pleasanton. 52 your high temperature today in livermore. fairfield you're topping out at 56. 55 concord. 55 vallejo and 56 in novato. 58 your high temperature today in santa rosa. needless to say, a cool day, well below average. more of the same as we make our way through the extended forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, we are going to see mostly clear skies. and temperatures staying chilly topping out in the 50s overnight lows near freezing for some of the coldest overnight lows. next transition we really see is sunday into monday and that's our next sign of showers in the forecast. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, new york city celebrates a great holiday tradition. kevin frazier and keltie knight are already for this morning's thanksgiving day parade and they will tell us what to expect in our parade coverage right here on cbs. one famous thanksgiving weekend included a night in jail. mo rocco talks with arlo guthrie with the inspiration of america's thanksgiving unofficial anthem is ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines. the omaha world herald, paris attacks boost popularity of a
8:31 am
french tri-color flag. for decades flying that flag was considered bad taste or a symbol of ultra nationalism and now they are a common sight. the san jose mercury news reports on smartphones overtaking desktops for holiday shopping. for the first time more people are expected to visit retailers websites through their phones during the first weekend of the holiday shopping season. beginning today, mobile traffic is expected to reach nearly 57% of total traffic in the first five days. mobile is expected to account for 36% of all online sales. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on big discounts for tickets to see the struggling 49ers at levi stadium. people are reselling tickets for sunday's game against the cardinals for as little as $30! face value for the team's lowest ticket price is 85 bucks. by comparison, parking passes are listed for 57 dollars!
8:32 am
>> the hollywood reporter reports on the new "star wars" me movie getting a pg-13 rating. children have to go with adults. "the force awakens" opens december 18th. "the new york times" reports on the growing dessert trend for the thanksgiving table is piecaken like a turducken. it is a spiced pound cake with layers of pecans and pumpkin and streusel around the sides and the dessert has spin-off like this chocolate version. "the washington post" reports on how obsessed americans are naming things after thanksgiving staples. there are 15 places in the u.s.
8:33 am
with turkey in their names. they include turkey creek village and turkey city and turkey town. other places make a nod to thanksgiving sides like cranberry township, p.a. a >> we are minutes away from bringing you the thanksgiving day parade on cbs. 3 million people are expected along the route as it heads south into mid-town, manhattan. our own kevin frazier, co-host of "entertainment tonight" and k, ltie knight, weekend host of "the insider" are anchoring the coverage and with us in their front row seats in new york city. good morning! >> i guess this is turkey central then today? >> i'll take it. >> okay. all right. i larry yhear you. >> what is the temperature like?
8:34 am
we are talking record temperatures and record crowds expecting. tell me what you're seeing. >> i don't have gloves on at this point. it is a beautiful morning in manhattan. i think we have really seen the crowds swell in the last hour and i think because of the warmer weather, we are going to see bigger crowds. people are bringing their families out. when we arrived here about 4:30 this morning, there were already people camping out to get a front row seat to this parade. >> you have enormous binders in front of you so, obviously, a lot of things going on and a lot of people performing. what are some of the highlights? >> let me show the binder real quick. it is massive. a lot of folks in this parade but a lot of new floats. i am excited about ice age acorn and angry birds. a new ronald mcdonald. the fourth version of ronald mcdonald we will see this year. . dino the dinosaur has been away from the parade 40 years and
8:35 am
they returned with dino, the dinosaur. there is scrap looking for that acorn that is on his back! >> we have a ton of broadway performances as well which i'm a broadway girl, so i'm very excited about the cast of jersey boys performing and also one of the biggest musicals of the year is singing. this morning, when we watch them rehearse, i had tears in my eyes. the music is so beautiful! encompasses what today is all about. it's about family, getting together with the people you love. >> and those balloons. >> and the balloons! >> kevin frazier and keltie knight, say hi tour family and stay nice and toasty. we hope you have a great time out there! >> we hope you come down here after the show. come on down! come down here! >> bring us some piecaken! >> stick around for the excitement of the thanksgiving day parade here on cbs. it's coming up after "cbs this morning." celebrated israeli-born chef
8:36 am
yotam on the doughlenghi has a cookbook and he wrote four "the new york times" best sellers but his new offering takes ottolenghi and his faithful followers to something else. charlie d'agata has the report. >> reporter: in this soho neighborhood sits nopi just north of pick a deli. with the help of his head chef and latest collaborator, skully as he is known he is the one who burnt the paste. >> when you came out with it, i thought he has to make another one! >> this is what you're looking for. >> that's what you're looking for, yes. >> that is not a mistake. >> reporter: there is more trial than error involved in creating the new dishes featured in the
8:37 am
book. yotam discovered skully in the kitchen and congenial man with his smile and brought bold flavors to asian flare with each new creation. >> my mother's side we have indian and chinese heritage. my father's side is basically irish. >> reporter: it was the knack of bringing those early influences together that caught the eye of ottolenghi. >> you have your ideas and he has his ideas? >> taught me in a way too much on a plate does not work and being a young chef he has me three components, make it simple, make the flavors come out through and the whole thing about this dish -- >> it was easy. it wasn't easy to get him out of his way. i mean, he was very formal restaurants so always 17 elements on the menu. we lose something. he goes, all right, chef, that's very good.
8:38 am
>> these, i haven't tried yet. >> he has built a career on collaborating. the jewish chef who recently partnered with this chef to bring middle eastern street food to a global audience. the new cookbook includes 120 recipes of the restaurant's most popular decisions and asian twist to his significant style of combining fresh and innovative ingredients like the quail with burnt meso butter scotch and pomegranate and walnut sauce. >> you see how good it is. you want to make sure it doesn't overshadow the meat completely. >> reporter: he says he considers skully a master gaining knowledge in the studio. >> for me, it was very much learning from skully. constantly learning from people around us. >> reporter: you're open? not every chef is like that. >> i think probably the most -- the most brilliant chefs do absorb from their surroundings. >> reporter: or maybe they don't
8:39 am
admit it? >> maybe they don't admit it. yeah. >> reporter: fans of the previous cookbooks who number in the millions now, may find the new one more complex. he makes clear this is a restaurant don't care cook book featuring restaurant food and says the recipes may take more commitment but not out of the reach of amateur cooks. the quail took less than 20 minutes to prepare. >> that whole cooking in a restaurant is what we bring to the home cooking. some recipes are more complicated and others are simpler but it's, overall, it's a slightly more evolved way of cooking. >> reporter: you're there to challenge your readers? >> we want to take them to the next step. >> reporter: it's about raising the game. dishes designed to impress guests that look harder to prepare than they were. delicious, and doable at home, more importantly. for cbs news, charlie d'agata,
8:40 am
london. >> so pretty. up next, arlo guthrie shares how alice's restaurant ended up on the,, through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train get three free gifts with selected mattress sets! save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic! plus get up to four years interest-free financing!
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8:43 am
♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪] ♪ no matter where you are this thanksgiving, at least one radio
8:44 am
station is likely to play arlo guthrie's song alice's restaurant. the 18-minute ballad became an unofficial thanksgiving anthem inspired by an event 50 years ago. sunday morning correspondent mo rocco shows us how he must be the second most thanksgiving dinner in american history. >> reporter: alice had a restaurant. but it has no part in the song. >> well, she and her husband were teachers at a high school up the road here. and they bought this building around 1963. and we would sneak out of the school and come here. and do what you did in the '60s. >> hell no, we won't go. >> reporter: the year was 1965 and in a country deeply divided over the vietnam war and the draft, an 18-year-old arlo guthrie was planning on becoming a forest ranger. >> a mountain in the middle of
8:45 am
nowhere in montana waiting for a fire a few years, that sounds like a very good life to me! ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> reporter: the son of woody guthrie found a far different path after his friend alice invited him to her home. a converted church just outside of stockbridge, massachusetts, for thanksgiving dinner. arlo and a friend volunteered to help alice clean it up before guests arrived. >> we had to get rid of things and in order to make it look nice, we put it in a read vw micro bus and drove off into the sunset as it were. >> reporter: but the stockbridge dump was closed. >> with tears in our eyes, we drove off looking for another place that was a garbage. >> reporter: arlo and his friend were charged with dump's alice's trash on private property. after a thorough investigation by officer obi and a night in jail, they were fined $25 by a
8:46 am
blind town judge. if it all sounds like a joke, well, that is just the setup. the next year, when arlo reported to the draft office, he was put through his paces and rejected as morally unfit to serve. after all, he was a convicted litter bug. >> at the end of the day, the colonel there, whose name i forgot now, said to me, i don't think you're the kind of person we want in the military. and i thought he was kidding me. ♪ >> have you ever been arrested? >> reporter: arlo completed the sock "alice's restaurant" the following thanksgiving. an 18-minute open that became a fixture. >> alice's restaurant was not an anti-war song. it was an anti-stupid song! because you can't run a country like that! radio host john shaeffer calls the song a comedy of errors. >> he was a guy who made a joke
8:47 am
after protesting. "alice's restaurant" is an 18 1/2-minute punch line. >> i said, obi, i don't see how i can pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on. what is funny is this idiocy. >> that is funny! i didn't make up getting out of the military because i was a litter bug, they did! ♪ we got in the back of the patrol car and drove to punish quote/unquote, the scene of the crime ♪ >> reporter: how does it become a thanksgiving tradition? >> i'll let you know a dirty little secret. deejays love long songs, especially if you're working a shift on a holiday. an 18-minute song, man, that was time to take a nap, get a smoke, have a snack! i mean, or all of the above! >> here we go! >> reporter: from portland, maine, to portland, oregon, of the 100 plus radio stations we reached out to, over half said they plan to play the song once, some as many as four times. >> we have been playing "alice's
8:48 am
restaurant" at high noon almost 20 years. >> we played the original vinyl from 1967. >> we are serving it up twice because one serve is not enough. >> reporter: the church has been converted once again, this time into the guthrie center, a nondenominational space dedicated to music, fellowship and giving thanks. >> every year at thanksgiving, we invite whoever wants to come for a free thanksgiving dinner. you don't have to believe anything or do anything. you just have to be hungry! >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mo rocca, stockbridge, massachusetts. >> tell you a secret. producers like long stories on holidays when they have to work! >> 4 1/2 minutes for each, right? right? >> that's a great piece. >> that is an eternity! >> anti-stupidity song. up next, why a transplant survivor is giving thanks to his
8:49 am
delivery man. that is up next on "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:52 am
a u.p.s. driver in oklahoma city is receiving special gratitude this thanksgiving after making a very personal deliver. jason henley found out that greg hall one of his regular customers was suffering from kidney failure. henley offered to donate one of his kidneys when he turned out to be a good match. >> he's sick and he needs to get to feeling better and this is just one way i can try to bless him and get him to feel better. >> both men are recovering and doing well. henley hopes to return to his delivery route soon. that is a special kind of hero. >> i have goose pimples right
8:53 am
now. that is the way to end the show and that does it for us. happy thanksgiving. we will see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning.",,,, ♪ i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic low prices across target and hey! ginger! yes, ken? great forecast! are coffee makers on sale? yes! yes they will be... ginger! what about cameras? oh yeah, yeah. cameras-- ginger! how about christmas lights? yeah! lights, cameras, it's all in on the action.
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[ laughs ] see what i did there? ♪
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looking for a suspect, aftea shooting in a san francisco parking garage. drivers we good morning, it's 8:55. time for news headlines. police are looking for a suspect after a shooting in a san francisco parking garage. drivers were stuck for a couple of hours on thanksgiving eve at the garage on fifth and mission streets. investigators say the suspect and victim know each other. the victim is hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to recover. football is a thanksgiving day tradition and there are few as long running as the annual big bone game in san jose. it features the city's two oldest public high schools, san jose and lincoln. the big bone game began in the '40s and is named after the trophy a cattle femur that a student found in his dad's butcher shop decades ago.
8:56 am
the game starts at 11:00 at city college. here's julie with your thanksgiving day forecast. >> you want to grab a jacket to go outside today. we are starting off clear and cold and staying cold throughout the day. here's a beautiful live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see just a few high clouds off in the distance plenty of blue skies for you there. temperature-wise, not warming up real significantly today in fact we are going to peak in the 50s well below average for this time of year mid-50s fremont, san jose, vallejo. 54 san francisco. 53 san rafael. 56 in fairfield. more of the same for the extended forecast. really through the weekend. mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures overnight lows dipping down into the freezing area. then as we move on into early next week, a transition for you next shot of showers will be on monday. traffic coming up after the break.
8:57 am
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like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest. welcome to the magic of home. good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat with a look at traffic on this thanksgiving morning. and if you are coming in to see family or if you are one of the few that has to work today, boy, look at the bay bridge toll plaza. easy breezy there. absolutely nothing going on. highway 880, that's clear, too. happy thanksgiving. mass transit, everything is
8:59 am
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now enjoy the thanksgiving day parade. >> live from new york city, it's the 2015 thanksgiving day parade on cbs. the holiday season is about to kick off with an unforgettable and joyous celebration. get ready to experience a sky full of giant balloons. streets overflowing with colorful floats. high stepping marching bands and incredibly talented performers. all that plus a front row seat to show stopping numbers from the tony award winning broadway hit, jersey


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