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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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golden gate bridge about an hour ago. colder temperatures in many parts of the bay area tonight and here's the chief to tell us what to expect. hey, paul. >> brian, back in the beginning of 2015 the first couple of days of the year we were in the 20s and low 30s. we have not done that since then but it's only the end of november. it's rare for to us have a widespread ease before december 1. we are going to do it tonight. it's the north bay, east bay and south bay. everywhere away from the water under a freeze warning tonight. even some frost along the coastline with overnight lows away from the water 26 to 32 degrees. how about this? these are current temperatures right now at menlo park. it's already 41. pleasanton middle school in pleasanton, 42. it's the mid-40s in gilroy and petaluma. where do we go tonight? 20s in some areas, vacaville, fairfield, livermore, dub, pleasanton, up -- dublin, pleasanton, upper 20s. 30 in napa and santa rosa. fremont 33. it will be cold tonight. we'll talk about how long the cold sticks around and when rain is in the seven-day
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forecast coming up. one of the coldest spots tonight is in livermore but that's not keeping shoppers away. the mobile weather lab is live at the outlets which just opened minutes ago. shoppers say the hot deals are worth it. >> i wanted to be home and stay warm, but i think it only happens once a year so i'm looking forward to the excitement of the shopping. >> the livermore outlets are open through 10 p.m. tonight. sharon chin is in san jose tonight where shoppers wasted no time to hit the stores. sharon. >> reporter: if you can believe it, some people even skipped thanksgiving dinner to be here. hundreds came here to stand in line in the cold for those doorbuster deals at the best buy here on santana row. >> whoo! >> reporter: the line stretched for several blocks. then at 5:00 tonight, the first customers flooded in. the first people here to stake
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their spot at noon yesterday. some skipped thanksgiving dinner, some rotated shifts standing in line, others brought children bundled in blankets. the big ticket item people are after a 49" hdtv for $150. a discount of $280. >> it's fun. i love to come out with friends. having a good time. >> reporter: this is part of your family tradition? >> family tradition, yup. everybody counts on to us get those tvs home. [ laughter ] >> how many are you guys hoping to bring home today? >> we got 7. >> reporter: seven. once inside was not the frantic scene we have seen in the past. people got a ticket to get their tv and load it up in a separate area. some customers are leaving with the deal they couldn't pass up an electronic present for
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themselves and others. well, best buy closes at 1 a.m. and reopens after daylight. live in san jose, sharon chin, kpix 5. if you are waiting until tomorrow to start your holiday shopping, be sure to check out our black friday guide online at the "valley fire" fire ripped through middletown destroying homes and leaving many with just their clothes. but despite the destruction the community is still feeling grateful on this thanksgiving. da lin on how this holiday is taking on a new meaning. >> reporter: this man has cooked many turkeys. he is preparing a grand thanksgiving meal out of a tiny kitchen in the trailer now parked on his lawn. >> it's so small i couldn't put two pie this is there. >> reporter: gone are his large kitchen and everything that was in his house just the foundation left. but he and his wife mary have a
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lot to be thankful for. >> i really feel like i was handed a miracle here, you know, with having all my animals live including my horses. >> reporter: they and their dogs escaped burning flames around their home and somehow the horses also survived. they thought about going to a free community thanksgiving dinner at a nearby casino. but they say cooking a holiday meal as part of their healing process. >> bringing back theory them of life and things being normal. >> reporter: hundreds went to twin pines casino to support one another. >> i'm thankful for how close the community came out to helping all of us, everyone individual willing to share. >> thanksgiving isn't always about the turkey coming out on time or if it's burned. it really is about, um, you know the company you keep.
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>> reporter: in middletown, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a special thanksgiving celebration took place today for the poor in san jose. dozens of volunteers got together in st. james park where they served up holiday meals. hairstylists were also on hand to give those in line this needed free haircuts. the group sponsored the celebration today. >> dozens showed up to help the non-profit glide feed the homeless in san francisco today. about 5,000 people showed up looking for a hot plate today on ellis street. they had to prepare about 500 turkeys and even more sweet potatoes, stuffing and vegetables. many volunteers have been doing this for years. >> i volunteer, my whole family serves meals several times a year and it's important to teach your kids to do that as well. >> reporter: there's still time to help out for the holiday season. glide is accepting food and toys through the new year. law enforcement in san
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francisco teamed up this turkey to bring a little thanksgiving join to those who aren't able to get out and about. seniors who are homebound had meals served to them today. members of the city's sheriff's, fire and police department were on hand and enjoyed a holiday meal with the trimmings. hundreds of people took part in the feast. today is about being grateful for what you have. > could being thankful improve your health? i'm already feeling better just seeing mike sugerman live in san francisco with the answer. happy thanksgiving, mike. >> reporter: well, and to you as well, brian. you know, so we're at a typical bay area family thanksgiving. could be just like yours right now watching the news. you guys typical? >> yeah! >> are you thankful. >> yeah! >> see that? well, being thankful on thanksgiving is one thing. but being thankful the rest of the year is something else. it could be good for you.
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thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition. >> my mom wants to have 49ers for 150. >> reporter: maybe it's sleeping outside to get good bargains or the kids versus adult soccer games, different for every family except for one thing. >> i'm grateful to be close to family and friends. >> reporter: giving thanks for thanksgiving. it's in the name. >> i'm so grateful that i have 25 pounds of potatoes to peel. >> reporter: wiseguy. but there is now a growing body of evidence that shows that being thankful grateful for what you have is greater for you. >> i don't think it's magic. >> reporter: she doesn't deal in magic. she deals in strict neuroscience at uc-berkeley's greater good science center. she studies grateful people. >> better cardiovascular profile, lower blood pressure, more satisfied in their relationships. >> reporter: it helps good chemicals flow through the
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brain and something you can learn. >> if you want to become someone who is more grateful, try to see the good stuff around you on a daily basis. >> reporter: we do it today. >> this year i'm thankful for my husband and daughter. >> reporter: after all, it could be worse. >> oh. >> reporter: maybe you guessed, maybe not. this typical family is my family. and this is my thanksgiving table and i am thankful for so many things. i'm thankful to be alive which is a big deal not dead. i'm thank to feel have my sisters here. i have people from all over the state oxnard and truckee and across the street and it is just such a great life and i'm very thankful every day of the year. i'm very happy that i'm able to share this with you. brian, betty, i hope the same for you. >> well, mike, you know, i'm president of your fan club so i'm thankful that beef you at channel 5 and enjoying -- that we have you at channel 5 and
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enjoying your thanksgiving with your family. see you next time you're here. happy thanksgiving, mike. >> you, too. 'tis the season for holiday parties and that means for some drinking. coming up how ridesharing companies are helping to keep drunk drivers off the roads and uber's incentive to keep up with the growing demand. >> families left scrambling when a daycare announces it's closing. their fight to keep it open. >> plus, why you could be seeing one of the first daughters around the bay area in just a few months. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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costco gets that vegetable mix from taylor farms in salinas. so far, taylor farms has no comment. the holidays mean more parties and more drinking. the chp says 36 people were arrested overnight in the bay area for dui. kpix 5's emily turner reports, one ridesharing company is helping put the breaks on accidents in california. >> reporter: 'tis the season for drinking at football parties. it's high season for drunk driving but uber says it's making a marked difference by making sure you get home safely. >> the smart thing to do. you want to keep yourself others. why not just make the easy call. >> reporter: that good call is being made more and more often. uber did a study with temple university. it found the percentage of alcohol-related driving fatalities went down 5% in every california city after uber settled in. >> we see that when people have more choices they are empowered to make the right one and so we are seeing that as people learn
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more about uber, they are making the right choice instead of driving and getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: that's he helpful during the time of year that plays host to some of the biggest drinking days. last night, for example, is known as blackout wednesdays. the bars are packed and uber says their cars work, too. they have seen an uptick in the last year. >> i like to go home safely and not have the to worry about a dui especially in california. >> reporter: that would be especially important during super bowl when the city is flooded with thousands of extra people and plenty of them partying. >> we definitely need drivers right now because the demand continues to increase and we know that during super bowl time there's going to be even higher. >> reporter: so uber launched an incentive program to recruit more drivers to meet that need. in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. >> tonight, we are learning a man with a stolen boarding pass was able to get past airport security in utah and almost made it on to a bay area bound plane. 61-year-old michael salata was arrested before the plane took off on november 5.
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investigators say he snatched a woman's boarding pass that was accidentally left at a check-in kiosk. the southwest airlines flight was set to take off from salt lake city and was bound for oakland. police say salata did not have any dangerous items on him. some south bay parents have just days to figure out who will watch their children after their daycare center abruptly announced it's closing. kpix 5's len ramirez reports, it's also bad news for teachers. >> reporter: rochelle kent doesn't know what she is going to do with her 4 children. their daycare run by a company called four cs is closing its orchard school learning center with little warning forcing her to look for alternates or stop work. >> it puts me in a predicament where i lose out and i won't be able to support my children. >> reporter: last week administrators posted this notice saying the center will be closing at the end of the month. >> there was no warning at all. it was unexpected. >> reporter: and teachers like joanne will head into the holidays without a steady
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paycheck. >> my job will be over on the 30th. and 33 of the families we serve won't have child care. maybe 5 have found alternative car. >> reporter: it stands for community child care council of santa clara county a nonprofit around for 40 years. unfortunately, no one was available to comment today because 4cs is closed for the holiday. they operate five other sites in the san jose area at low or no cost. parents say administrators blame the closure on low enrollment but teachers think it might be political. they just voted in the seiu labor union last summer and were working on a contract when the closure notice came. >> little comments they make, it kind of just makes me wonder why they are doing this especially at this time for the families. >> it makes me upset. it kind of hurts me because the growth of my kids is what's important to me. >> reporter: rochelle kent says her children have done well with four cs. >> they are helping me with my
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homework and it's really fun. >> reporter: so she organized a petition drive against the closure but with just days left, she is running out of hope. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. san jose mayor sam liccardo has spent part of his thanksgiving reaching out to the homeless. his all the way home campaign aims to get about 700 homeless veterans off san jose streets. liccardo is urging landlords in silicon valley to accept rent vouchers from veterans. the mayor says more than 250 homeless veterans have vouchers that would allow them to pay a modest rent but often landlords are not willing to accept them. a grinch like theft didn't keep people away from the annual turkey trot race in san francisco today. a u-haul being used by organizers to store water, food and supplies for the race was stolen just days before the event. thousands still showed up for the holiday race this morning. people were mad that thieves targeted an event that benefits
6:17 pm
local schools. >> i think it's terrible. who would do this? this is such a great race. look at the families and kids. >> keeping an eye out for the u- haul we are getting good leads. >> many local companies made last-minute donations of water, applesauce and bananas to make sure the race went off without a hitch. i'm so glad they didn't lose their thanksgiving spirit. >> absolutely. and most of the costumes, too. [ laughter ] >> do a turkey trot you can't not dress up as a turkey. >> right. >> you needed the extra layers. you know? it was chilly. you could see your breath. check your out livermore. down to 43 degrees already. san jose 49. santa rosa 51. chilly day and it will be cold tonight coldest in about 10.5 months. oakland you're the warm spot at 52. nothing on the radar, nor do we expect anything when it comes to rainfall or mountain snow for the next three or four days
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at a minimum. oakland tonight 38 degrees. fremont 33. san jose 33. you will be subfreezing in santa rosa, napa, concord, walnut creek, alamo, livermore, pleasanton, fairfield and vacaville coldest night in a long time. have to go back to the first week of january. let's talk about why that's happening. we are on the cold side of the jet stream. this will happen often in the wintertime but rarely does it last this long. it's the duration of this event that makes it rare. late november, we had a storm pass by. low pressure to the east we get a north wind behind the cold front but this will last five days. this is the second night. we have three more to go. that low is over western utah, eastern nevada bringing down a north-to-south wind. that's direct from canada and the key is no ocean influence. ocean influence keeps us warmer in the winter. we don't have that now. the north wind will keep us dry and chilly through the weekend. next week we get the ocean influence. with it, a new area of low
6:19 pm
pressure system meaning rainfall. rain returns on tuesday, back to 60 degrees. much-needed rain in the forecast for the first day of december which is of course tuesday. san jose tomorrow 55 degrees. concord sunshine, but only 53. san rafael 56. san francisco 55. santa rosa your high tomorrow 57 degrees. saturday we are sunny but cold again, freeze warning tomorrow night, too. a little cloudier sunday and monday but rain-free and lo and behold we'll see more rainfall and perhaps the beginning of a wetter pattern by the middle of next week and coming up in about 15 minutes, we did a story about what el nino is likely to bring this winter. and the impacts likely will begin as soon as december. >> everybody is asking. what is it coming? >> we have been talking about it for a year. it's about time it actually comes. >> you have to deliver, paul. >> yes. >> it is 9 degrees warmer in washington, dc right now than in livermore. >> that doesn't happen that often in it doesn't, especially because it's 9:20 at night in washington. a live look at the white house tonight with next week, a bay area woman will be headed for a
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very special ceremony. 94-year-old betty from richmond is the oldest active ranger in the national park service. she has been invited to the white house to introduce president obama and his family during the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. when she got the invitation she was stunned and excited. the tree lighting ceremony takes place a week from today. it's that time of year when high schoolers start making decisions about colleges they hope to attend. malia obama may have a local university on her list. she has visited some of the country's top ivy league schools but also on her college tour list is the university of california at berkeley. according to the first lady malia wants to be a filmmaker. she recently interned on the set of the popular hbo sitcom "girls." no word on where she will go just yet. but i'm sure she will have plenty of options. still ahead, they have earned their ticket to the big game. but! there's one big roadblock that could keep these players from going to the title. ,, ,,,,
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disadvantaged kids... is hog on to hope that they can raise happy thanksgiving and thanks for coming by channel 5 tonight. an east bay football team comprised of disadvantaged kids hopes it will raise enough money to make it to a national game. kpix 5's don ford has the story story. >> reporter: the san pablo cowboys youth football team is very good. fourth and fifth graders ages 8 to 10 and this year they are the american youth football northern california division 2 champions. next up, the nationals in orlando, florida. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. but there's a problem. >> to get there is going to cost about $40,000 to get 19 children and the four coaches
6:24 pm
and then we need four chaperones. >> reporter: $40,000. something they simply don't have. these kids and their families come from inner city richmond and san pablo. while they play rough full contact football, the neighborhoods they live in are rougher. >> some of the areas these kids live in, there's shootings, violence. you can name some of the parks but let's keep them together. you hear that? they are shooting now. [ shots ] >> reporter: it is gunfire. >> yeah, it's gunfire. we are in a enabled. >> reporter: while on the field playing -- >> we're in a neighborhood with gunfire. >> reporter: while on the field they are saying. but the dreams of playing in the national championships may be just that unless they get the money. >> ready? >> ready. >> reporter: the parents have started a "go fund me" page reaching out to anyone for help. but they need 10 times the current amount or their football days are done for the year. how does an adult tell a child -- >> it's going tough to tell
6:25 pm
them they are not going on to the next level. they earned it. >> the cowboys need to be champions and they will be -- we will be champions always and forever. >> reporter: there's one thing the team is not lacking is enthusiasm and excitement. but they only have 10 days to raise the funds in order to make the trip to florida. in san pablo, don ford, kpix 5. >> you can check out the san pablo cowboys "go fund me" page by going to our website, just look under "links & numbers." coming up in our next half- hour, security scare at the white house. a man gets over the new fences as the first family celebrates thanksgiving. >> farmers ready to flood their own fields. how they say el nino waters could help them grow better crops. >> plus thanksgiving from space! how astronauts on the international space station are getting their holiday feast. ,,
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ends sunday. thanksgiving is a day for food and football and for hoping the turkey didn't turn out too dry but it's also a day to count our blessings and to give back to others.
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a reminder that no matter our circumstances, all of us have something to be grateful for. >> president obama wish americans a happy thanksgiving today. he also reassured the country that following the recent terror attacks in paris, every ever is being made to keep us safe. >> there was a security scare at the white house today. briefly there was a lockdown, as well. it happened when a man wearing an american flag and carrying a large envelope escaped the newly raised fences at the white house! secret service men apprehended him before he could get past the north lawn. the first family was inside enjoying thanksgiving dinner at the time. not clear what the man's motive was. police arrested a man flying a drone over the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. nypd took the man in for questioning. he told them he was a russian native and was unaware of the city's drone restrictions. he was released shortly after. security was heightened at this year's parade. there were hundreds of officers
6:30 pm
along the parade route. more than a million people come out every year to watch the parade in manhattan. some came from out of town. they say they appreciated the extra security. >> i have noticed a lot of the police officers having the high powered rivals. pretty secure. i feel comfortable. >> we certainly encourage people get out and live your live free of fear. >> there were no terror-related incidents reported at this year's parade. astronauts sent americans a thanksgiving greeting today from space. >> from the international space station, i'm [ indiscernible ] , i'm scott kelly. >> and we just wanted to wish you a very warm and happy thanksgiving. >> the crew also sent this photo of their thanksgiving meal. they say their holiday dinner was a lot like the ones served on earth except they didn't have any gravy. a lot of people are enjoying blue skies and fresh snow in the high country this thanksgiving. you can see there's still a light dusting of snow on the
6:31 pm
ground near sierra at tahoe. we're about to start feeling the effects of the strongest el nino on record. kpix 5 meteorologist paul deanno with the three things you need to know about this winter and beyond. >> reporter: we do not have a crystal ball but we do have past history which is very wet. we also have computer forecast models which are also very wet. both paint the same picture for this winter. two of the wettest winters in the past 100 years have one thing in common, both happened during a very strong el nino. it's only happened twice, until this year. as of right now, this current el nino event is the strongest in modern history but these are just numbers and numbers don't fill reservoirs. rain does. snow melt does. will we actually start to end this drought? all of our research points to one answer: yes! here's the first point to
6:32 pm
remember. it will likely start to rain more in december but nowhere close to what we had last year. it rained more than three inches on december 11 alone and the month ended in double digits in san francisco. the other two decembers in very strong el nino events were markedly drier. both 1982 and 1997 saw less than three inches of rain for the whole month. the dry theme will likely change abruptly in january. that's when the el nino pattern of an active and supercharged subtropical jet stream really gets going both the future predictions and past history saying the beginning of 2016 will likely be very wet. and that's point number 2. plan on a lot of rain in january and february. if you lived here in 1998, you'll likely remember the first two months of that year when 27 inches of rain fell. that is triple what we typically get. if anything close to that happens again, it will be quite interesting for the biggest sporting event on earth which happens february 7 in santa
6:33 pm
clara. lost in all the talk about winter is what is going to happen this upcoming spring? most long-range computer forecast models call for above average rain and mountain snowfall well beyond february. that's exactly what happened in the spring of 1983 and again in 1998. above average snow and rain into april or may. that's our third and final point to remember. el nino's rains may not end until just before next summer. none of this -- none of this is a guarantee. the weather will do what the weather wants to do but el nino is the strongest leading indicated their we have. three takeaways, increased december rainfall but likely not as much as last year. january and february, that's the strongest signature. the wettest weather will likely happen then. and it has the potential to be very wet. finally wetter than average is also likely to continue into spring. we are talking march and april and perhaps even may. back in 1998, we had four
6:34 pm
inches of rainfall in san francisco in may. we'll talk about a forecast for the next several days, of course the cold is front and center now. we'll have that coming up. thank you. flooding from el nino could change california farming in a big way. reporter lee martinez on why some central valley farmers plan to put their crops under water. >> basically on each side of the vine, you have a half gallon emitter. so every hour, this vine will get one gallon of water. >> reporter: san joaquin valley growers praise drip irrigation systems for conserving water but a fresno farmer says there may be an even better way to grow crops. using el nino to do it. >> when i read the story about this the other day, it's kind of the first time i had seen it. it made a lot of sense. >> reporter: flood irrigation is not new. but using floodwater is. >> falling from the sky is just as good as pumping from the ground. it's actually better. >> reporter: don from fresno says in 2011, he started collecting storm runoff in canals. he would pump the stormwater
6:35 pm
into his fields from january to may. cameron says the water is clean snowpack from the sierra. grapevines love it. why dos it help crops? >> because the flooding of the ground makes the ground colder and the colder the ground is, the more dormant the vine goes and more productive the following year. >> reporter: craig doesn't have canals to collect el nino rains this year but the california almond board is looking for growers who do. the board said the floodwaters can help recharge the aquifer and wants farmers to join the research project. because of its soil, flood irrigation would work very well in lodi but not necessarily elsewhere in california. >> you get way out east in the low day appalachian and you get into the more clay soils you won't have that percolation available because clay doesn't allow water to settle through and go through down to the ground water aquifer. >> reporter: elsewhere ledbetter says he is anxious to see if keeping crops under
6:36 pm
water this winter will keep central valley farming afloat next summer. >> that was lee martinez reporting. at the state capital lawmakers and regulators are discussing whether growers will have it rights to rain to irrigate their feels. still ahead red and gold. >> what some might consider an upside to the 49ers dismal record this season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the thousands... offering discounts worthy of black friday. on stubhub- dot-com... the p seats to disgruntled 49ers fans are selling off season tickets by the thousands with discount worthy of black friday. the cheap seats on sunday's game on stubhub were selling for $30 today, 65% off the face value. some cases it would cost more to park than to find a seat inside the stadium. >> that happens with a lot of teams that end up going to the super bowl. they get a lot of fair weather fans and the moment they start doing poorly, you know, they all kind of abandon ship.
6:39 pm
>> everybody expects a winning team. if they don't have a winning team then a lot of people abandon them. >> they sold for $200 last season and seats are now selling for half as much. don't expect a bargain if you are planning to go to the stanford and notre dame football game saturday. there are still tickets available. and we checked the prices on stubhub. the cheapest that we found were for standing room only at $64 a pop. and if you have the money to spend, sideline seating could be up to $800. some parishioners say it's a miracle. tonight, we'll tell you why the catholic church is investigating a communion wafer. that story on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station cw 44/cable 12. coming up in sports, stanford men face villanova. cowboy fans are definitely not thankful for this day. plus a local running back is
6:40 pm
showing off the skills off the field. >> now when i look back i can do better now but i would have considered that a complete disaster. >> all this and more in a few minutes. ,,,,,,
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annual "silicon valley turk trot. for many... the costume optl event has become a thanksgi ive and ten "k" race benefits runners and walkers were in san jose for the silicon valley turkey trot. it's a thanksgiving tradition. thankfully these people are fully clothed. the 5 and 10k races benefit charities and families in need. the goal this year is to raise $1 million. 26,000 runners took part in the run this morning. don't forget you can help your neighbors in need with a donation to our "food for bay area families" drive. donate at your local whole foods market or by going to shoppers in san francisco took to the streets for some good old-fashioned bargain
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hunting today. a good way to burn off some of those thanksgiving calories. retailers like banana republic and old navy are offering deals to keep customers coming and, of course, tomorrow black friday is expected to be even busier. some people decided to get their shopping done before even sitting down to turkey. kpix 5's anne makovec with those who headed out early for a bargain. >> reporter: there was no door buffing when gap opened at 10 a.m. just a few dozen people looking calmly for some deals. >> he doesn't want to do shopping today. we could beat the crowd tomorrow probably get some stuff done today. >> reporter: it's known as gray thursday. the new unofficial start to the shopping holiday season. people are expected to spend $3 billion today. >> my mom wants a tv, a had the" for 150. >> reporter: car will sims lined up outside of the best buy in pinole on tuesday in
6:45 pm
preparation for its opening at 5:00 tonight. >> cold with you fun. it's worth it. >> reporter: he didn't have a lot of competition this morning about a dozen people taking turns waiting in line and warming up in their cars. >> everybody has to do a shift. if you don't to a shift and it's consistent for a couple of days and overnight shift, then you cannot be in the line. you have to go up to the back of the line. >> reporter: although these shoppers may have their priorities, they haven't forgotten about the turkey. >> you're still going to eat it? >> hopefully yes. tonight but most likely tomorrow. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. shoppers have been streaming into kmart in redwood city since 6 a.m. today. some we talked to say they like the early start and make this a tradition. doorbusters included "star wars" merchandise, electronics and toys. this kmart will stay open until 10 p.m. tomorrow. you likely thought it was chilly outside today. high today in san ramon and san
6:46 pm
jose was only 53. rohnert park warm at 58. san pablo 57. but that paled in comparison to the high temperature at the top of mount diablo at elevate 3848 feet. it barely got above freezing today. 33 degrees. clear skies tonight behind coit tower where san francisco will drop to 43 degrees. freeze warning is in effect tonight and tomorrow night all inland valleys in the bay area anywhere away from the water likely dropping below freezing tonight and frost at the coastline in san mateo county. lows tonight: >> for the first time since may we'll have a month colder than average. not as much in santa rosa or san francisco. but livermore a degree and a half cooler than average and san jose running more than 3 degrees colder than average for the month.
6:47 pm
a strong area of low pressure to our east and the counterclockwise flow around it is dragging down some arctic air which was over calgary a couple of days ago and now it's over concord. we have cold air in place and with the low not moving for the next couple of days we'll continue that pipeline from north to south keep us at cold and sunny in the afternoon through the weekend. next week that low exits. the next low moves in. and this guy is going to take a more southerly trajectory which will bring up moisture and that's going to give us some rainfall. as soon as we get warmer we'll get cloudier and wetter and that transition will be the same day you flipper calendar if you still have one, december 1 next tuesday the first of three rainy days. coldest night since january is tonight. we'll stay colder than average through sunday. and rain is likely coming up next week. san jose 55 degrees tomorrow. that's a full 10 degrees cooler than average. oakland 58. 55 degrees that's it for san francisco. sunshine for you in los altos 53. in the "pruneyard" in campbell 54 degrees. union city sunshine 56. main street in walnut creek,
6:48 pm
you might need a jacket tomorrow breezy 54. dublin 51. only 56 in mill valley. 56 for alameda. 56 new are heading up to wine country and cloverdale tomorrow sunshine with the high of 55. we stay dry through the weekend. but also chilly through the weekend. monday we increase the clouds. tuesday here comes the rain. there is a rain chance tuesday and wednesday and thursday. so it's going to be a while before we get warm but weather we do we'll also get wet. we're talking football in sports next. ,,
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
andrea nakano, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. nice to see you. >> not a good thanksgiving for one quarterback in the football league. cowboy fans were thankful to seen to knee romo back on the -- tony romo back on the field after a broken collar bore. he had another collarbone injury today. it wasn't a good day to begin with. less than a minute into the game romo rusty. coleman picks him off. he breaks a couple of tackles and later is into the end zone. 36 yards for the pick six.
6:52 pm
dallas down 7-0 early. romo down the middle in the 2nd quarter. keathley is with the other team and takes it back 32 yards for the score. he got picked off twice in the first half. carolina up 20-3 at the half. late in the third cam newton was strolling along a quarterback keeper and this is a first offensive touchdown of the game. carolina wins 33-14 and the panthers are still unbeaten at 11-0. dallas falls 3-8. initial reports are that romo is done for the year. the eagles' sam bradford today. calvin johnson hooks with up stafford for the 25-yard score. his 7th straight on thanksgiving. the lions up 24-7. more megatron later in this one with detroit in the red zone. no chance on that play. the lions beat the raiders last week and they down the eagles 45-14. matthew stafford with 337 yards
6:53 pm
and 5 touchdowns on the day. stanford coach johnnie dawkins and the stanford cardinal playing villanova in new york. the cardinal couldn't get much going offensively and the wildcats struggles but in the first half, nova up by 11. in the first allen dishes to pickens for the jumper. stanford only down 7 at the half despite shooting under 20%. but the turnovers tell the whole story. all 23 of them. allen picked off by bridges and breaks away for the dunk. the cardinal had only 15 made shots from the field as the cats bead the cardinal 59-49, unbeaten on the season. tyler erving can do it all. he has 300 yards receiving. his talents aren't just on the field. dennis o'donnell has more. [ dingdong ] >> what's going on?
6:54 pm
>> good, man. >> reporter: the san jose state team building begins on the football field and usually ends in a chair. running back tyler irvin estimates he regularly cuts the hair of 35 teammates at his apartment close to campus. on this day, defensive end eugene taylor worked himself into the appointment book. >> i came over here a couple times and been surprised with you on the couch. [ laughter ] >> yeah, like, you're here too? >> reporter: ervin's ability and passion with the clippers rivals the skills with the football in his hands. he has been perfecting both crafts since high school. >> my first guinea pig was my nephew. at the time he was 4. i got my first pair of clippers from walmart a pair of $15 clippers. for my first haircut it was pretty good. now when i look back on it i can do better but i would have considered that, you know, a complete disaster. >> reporter: with some guidance from his barber in southern
6:55 pm
california, he has all the amenities of a legitimate salon. he has hurricanes of dollars worth of clippers -- hundreds of dollars of worth of clippers and shears in the chair crammed into his dining area. >> when i came here as a freshman there's a couple of guys on the team that cut and he was one of them and the other guy, eh. [ laughter ] >> somebody on the team that you're dying have to could you tell their hair? >> yes. christian togo has hair that goes down to here. i want to cut it all off one day cook him up one of these days but he is going to keep that long hair. >> reporter: eventually he hopes to get his cosmetology license and open his own barbershop. that is until after he makes his serious run at playing at the next level. ervin ran for 300 yards in a game earlier this season. his favorite play? the sweet. >> all in a day's work. >> all right. one more score to pass along. in the turkey bowl at key sar
6:56 pm
stadium mission high beat balboa. congratulations. happy thanksgiving. >> you have to admire his entrepreneurial spirit. >> he is a go getter that's for sure and he is amazing on the field. it's interesting he is thinking of the future. >> i would let him cut your hair, though, betty? >> whoa! >> mr. deanno, a cold night. >> he can cut my hear. [ laughter ] >> cold tonight, freeze warnings in effect. first time since new year. no until tonight. every inland valley north bay, east bay, south bay, freeze warnings and frost at the coast. and afternoon highs shy of 60 degrees until next tuesday. it's going to get cold and stay cold for a while. >> bundle up. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, captions by: caption colorado ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doin' now? thank y'all. i appreciate it. i appreciate y'all. thank you. [chuckles] well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from colorado springs, colorado, it's the gant family. and from belton, kentucky, it's the webster family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a state-of-the-art ford edge right there, yeah.
7:00 pm
hey, let's go meet the wester family. hi, sara. sara: hi. nice to meet you. steve: so where y'all from? sara: we are from belton, kentucky. >> whoo! sara: you probably never heard of it, but it's ok. steve: i've heard of everything. sara: oh, that's awesome. steve: i ain't never been to belton. sara: you should come. steve: whereit? sara: we have a garbage dump. that's about all that we have. and i'm not exaggerating. we barely have the internet, but--barely. sometimes. on a good sunny day. steve: y'all got a garbage dump. sara: yeah. that is all we have in belton, kentucky. steve: what do you do for a living, sara? sara: i am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby boy, yes. steve: so, sara, introduce everybody. sara: this is my sister abby, my oldest sister jill, my beautiful mother, barb, and my dad, ric, and they've been married 37 years. steve: well, that's pretty good. let's play "feud," everybody. give me zanetta, give me sara. let's


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