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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. he rose to internet stardom as the hot cop of the castro, but tonight he is facing felony charges and two men are in the hospital. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the officer is out on bail accused of hit and run tonight. andria borba spoke with one witness about the chaos that followed. >> reporter: it was just before 2:30 sunday morning when san francisco police were called to a hit and run at the corner of montgomery and broadway. trey who lives above the corner heard the commotion. >> people starting to scream back up, stuff like that. >> reporter: in the street were two men in their 40s seriously injured after getting lit by a car. >> i noticed a -- hit by a car. >> i noticed a black and orange dart car. >> reporter: but the driver
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wasn't there. 38-year-old officer christopher kohrs of san francisco, it was confirmed the charger belonged to kohrs and he left it at the scene of the crash. his name may not be familiar, but his face and abs probably are. he was dubbed the hot cop of the castro and even has a facebook page with 53,000 followers. kohrs has been a public relations magnet for the department taking part in the ice bucket challenge for charity and garnering a large social media following often posing in uniform and talking about issues of the day. in an interview with kpix5 last year kohrs said this about his newfound fame. >> it just makes me happy that i can to them be approachable because that's kind of what police officers, part of the big job is. >> reporter: on his facebook tonight there were lots of comments including not so hot anymore and looks like you won't be a cop long. we contacted the san francisco
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police department several times to speak about kohrs' arrest and each time were told no one was available to speak on the matter and kohrs' brooking photo typically released around the time of the arrest we were told was not available due to an identification matter. in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. tonight police also won't comment about whether officer kohrs was under the influence. a 19-year-old woman fleeing police died when her car hit a tree and split in half. the chase started this morning in danville and ended three minutes later when she crashed in san ramon and this is the mangled aftermath. 19-year-old hannah meachem of livermore was pronounced dead at the scene. her two passengers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police say officers were trying to pull her over for erratic driving when she took off. been stolen. killing his >> the pursuit reached about 90 miles an hour on the freeway and in the range of 70 to 80 miles an hour on surface streets before the collision
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occurred. >> police later learned the car had been stolen. a man suspected of killing his girl friend in san mateo is still on the run tonight. 22-year-old anthony corensick is considered armed and dangerous on the run since yesterday afternoon when his girl friend called 911 to say she'd been stabbed. by the time police arrived at her home on south b street it was too late. corensick's car was found later on san carlos. an urgent care clinic was evacuated, but after a massive search they were unable to find him. if you see him, call 911 immediately. do not approach him. swithe gears and talk about what's happening live outside -- switch gears and talk about what's happening live outside. we're about a degree warmer than last night at this time. the wintery weather was a great scene set are for tonight's festival of lights in los
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altos, a holiday tradition there since 1977, plenty of people bundled up to enjoy it and boy, they better. freeze warnings are posted again tonight. the coldest spots will hit 26 degrees, overnight lows down to 31 in livermore, 28 in concord and 30 in santa rosa and after the cold the rain. by thursday. the details about how much we'll get is all coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. tonight the city of lights is going green. the eiffel tower is lit up in green ahead of the u.n. climate change conference that starts there tomorrow. kpix5's maria medina reports in the wake of this month's deadly terror attacks in paris security and tensions are high. threw objects at police... as they used tear d bill clubs >> reporter: this was the scene today in paris just hours before the start of the u.n. climate change conference. protesters threw objects at police as they used tear gas, pepper spray and bill -- billy
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clubs to break up the crowds after a government ban put in place after the terrorist attacks two weeks ago. demonstrators formed human chains and organizers set out thousands of shoes to symbolize the many feet that could not march because of the badge. >> what we're seeing here is an out-- ban. >> what we're seeing here is an outpouring of determination of parisians to be heard nonetheless. >> reporter: dozens of world leader plan to attend the conference including governor jerry brown. he plans to push california's efforts to reduce emissions and ask other states to sign his climate pact. president obama ask the attack victims be honored. >> what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred in building a better future for our children. >> reporter: about 120,000 security forces are stationed across france in preparation
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for the conference. officials blocked nearly 1,000 people thought to be a security risk from entering the country. in the newsroom maria medina, kpix5. >> governor jerry brown is among the many u.s. leaders headed to the global conference. university of chicago is cancelling all classes tomorrow after an online threat of gun violence. the school says the fbi's counterterrorism unit passed along the anonymous message today. it threatened an armed attack possibly on a campus quad and mentioned a time of 10 a.m. monday morning. university president said the decision to cancel classes was played out of an a bund -- made out of an abundance of caution given recent campus shootings like in oregon. the fbi is trying to track down the person who made the threat. a shooting rampage at a colorado planned parenthood.
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>> reporter: investigators were still processing the crime scene sunday following the deadly shooting rampage in colorado springs. police say robert dear killed three people and wounded nine others inside a planned parenthood facility. the suspect had several guns and ammunition in addition to a long rifle. they believe he planned on detonating propane tanks outside his car but surrendered instead. >> i was surprise the given that he had to know how much damage he'd done, but he made a decision to give himself up. >> reporter: a law enforcement source says when dear surrendered, he said, "no more baby parts." the deadly attack hits home for the chapel. slain officer patrick swasey was an elder here. >> he's my best friend. >> reporter: 26-year-old jennifer markovsky was a mother of two. on facebook her father wrote i
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miss you my daughter. life was too short. leonte chandler was one of the victims brother. >> out of all these people random. the guy didn't know him. he didn't know the guy. i forgive him, though. e new protocols for cameras. one of >> the san francisco police commission meets this week to improve new protocols for body worn cameras. one of the main sticking points is who should be able to view videos and when. santa clara is the latest bay area police department to outfit its officers with cameras. in the case of an officer- involved shooting there, officers will have to give an official statement from memory before they're allowed to view their own footage. the public defender is pushing for a similar policy for san francisco. >> you have different perspectives, right? the police officers are going to say i saw this. i saw that. the video may only show one perspective and not the entire totality of what's going on.
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we don't want witnesses including police officers to be tainted by viewing the video. >> and there's the question of if and when the video should be released to the public. that's another issue the commission will take up at its meeting on wednesday. a citadel family need a new place to stay after a fire tore through their home. flames were shooting from the house on hollenbeck avenue just after 3 p.m. today. no one was hurts, but the fire did major -- hurt, but the fire did major damage to the roof and inside of the home. a suspected burglar died after getting stuck in the chimney of a fresno area home. the homeowner didn't have any idea that he was in the chimney until he, the homeowner, tried to warm the place up. >> he tried to light his fireplace and heard somebody calling out for help in the chimney. >> firefighters tore apart the chip friday and tried to free the man -- chimney and tried to free the man. by the time they got to him
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he'd been dead. they think he was stuck in the chimney at least a day. it was a traffic crash that stumped the internet, tonight the down to earth explanation for these levitating cars. >> tonight vandals have made a mess of a san francisco landmark, the big question, how did they get up there? >> and gold dragons are suddenly popping up all over one bay area neighborhood and these murals are not to be messed with. >> you deface the dragon, 18 generations of your family will be cursed. >> the story behind this unique east bay art project. ,, your car's wireless key signal can be scrambled, even hacked. we found it's a new way thieves are breaking into vehicles with no sign of forced entry. weekend warriors at risk for painful knee injuries. we learned stanford surgeons plan to repair them using your own stem cells.
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>> this wear absencor reduces stress by tracking every breath you take. expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,
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cars to "levitate" at an intersection in china. take you see a minibu an explanation tonight to a mystery that lit up the internet, we now know what caused some cars to levitate at an intersection in china. take a look. you see a minibus rise up in the air lung with two other cars. -- air along with two other cars. this is the result of a freak accident. apparently the street cleaner going some other way brought down some sort of cable. police think it then wrapped around the vehicles and all it took was a tug to lift them up. >> just when you think you've seen it all. two brothers in canada came to the rescue of america's national bird all caught on camera. they were hunting in ontario last week when they came across a bad eagle stuck in a trip. the bird's foot was caught. so the brothers put a sweatshirt over the bird to
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calm it down and eventually they were able to free the eagle. before they sent him on his way, of course, they had to take a selfie. they say they were astonished how big the bird really is close up. finally. ience.. and the big release with one little toss. the bald eagle flew off. both brothers say it was a once in a lifetime experience. they were happy they were able to save the bird. there is a warning for drivers and hikers tonight. thieves are targeting cars parked in the marin headlands. police have seen a spike in break-ins especially in the golden gate national recreation area. the parking area leads to liking trails, bike trails and sight seeing areas. police say tourists with luggage are especially at risk. extra officers will patrol the area during the holiday season. vandals made a mess of a historic san francisco land mark. the top of the columbus tower, the corner columbus in kearny is covered in spray paint tonight. from the looks of it the
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vandals were committed to the job. they had to climb to the top to leave that tag. the iconic building is owned by hollywood legend francis ford coppola. neighbors say they're disappointed. >> you know, i think it's just unfortunate because they're taking away from something that everyone could be enjoying and making a personal statement on something that belongs to all of us. >> a lot of people get right in front of the cafe and take pictures with the building behind them. it's pretty scary. i think maybe it's a little bit disrespectful. >> it really is a beautiful building. it's unclear how the vandals got up there, but the fire escape is one possibility. on the other side of the bay, graffiti with good intentions. dozens of gold dragons are popping up all over chinatown, so what's the story? strength. the community art project.. as bald vo we went to investigates. >> reporter: students shake and spray splashes of gold. in/dragon
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school organizer "24:33 we ave somethin and symbols of strength. volunteers like community art project delights these neighbors on 10th street and madison. by preventing taggers from tagging it." < 'we can work >> we like, beautiful. z haas/oakland "15:16 i'm into and it was good, good job. and teenagers >> reporter: the volunteer community group called dragon school has been painting 99 golden dragons all over open chinatown since august. the dragons are chinese symbols for power and good fortune, 99 considered a lucky number. >> we just thought it would be nice to have something that would draw more people to chinatown. >> reporter: chinatown has seen its share of unwanted graffiti. so dragon school volunteers like 9th grader general mai are helping local businesses unify the neighborhood. >> we're helping them out by presenting taggers from tagging it.
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tagging-- preventing taggers from tagging it. >> reporter: this accordian player stopped by to admire the makeover. >> it's graffiti and art and it was cool. >> reporter: about a dozen dragon school adults and teen- agers gather every few weeks. they get the property owner's permission before painting their building or fence with donated equipment. as they paint, the young people are developing qualities of the chinese dragons. >> with strength, commitment. >> reporter: and pride for 13- year-old ariel tang who never used spray paint before. >> when i'm done, i say hey, i did this. >> reporter: but beware if you mess with the murals. >> you deface the dragon, 18 generations of your family will be cursed. >> reporter: cursed or not, these artists hope the community sees their art as they do, as good as gold. in oakland sharon chin, kpix5.
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>> bay area street artist look man lin launched the dragon street project. once the 99 dragons are done the group plans to faint other murals in chinatown. >> good work there. in the bay area some places are running a little bit warmer, san jose 3 degrees cooler and heyward is 2 degrees cooler than last year in, general shouldn't be quite as cold tonight even though concord is already down to 35 degrees, livermore to 36, santa rosa is freezing. here's what's coming to the rescue. high clouds are on their way to northern california and that acts like you pulling a blanket over yourself during the night to trap the heat during the day if they get here soon enough. if they don't, it will be cold. maybe a few light sprinkles for the bay area tomorrow morning, overcast skies, high clouds a good bet and a drop or two not a surprise. generally it just looks like a mattress exploded over the bay area, high clouds tomorrow and
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then warmer tuesday and wednesday, back to normal in terms of temperatures by wednesday. in the meantime freeze warning are posted for tonight. tonight will probably be the last night of those. milder weather due in the bay area monday as high pressure bumps up just a touch and low pressure knocks that aside so that rain will move into the bay area, the north bay maybe wednesday night and rest of the bay area thursday. thursday looks wet, not monumental, about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch due in thursday. we look at the golden gate bridge. clouds increase, sprinkles, milder monday through wednesday, rain chances coming in by next thursday. so look for a cloudier day tomorrow. travel weather forecast, we're heading out to 99 or 5. there will be fog, tis the season, treacherous stuff. in eureka, rain tomorrow, beautiful in mendocino.
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overnight blows tonight today, 31 degrees in santa rosa, livermore, 28 degrees in concord. the sun is up at 7:05 tomorrow morning, won't see it much. the forecast tomorrow still below average by about 5, 6 degrees for the most part, but we will trend toward normal and achieve it by wednesday. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. tomorrow we take a step that direct, cloud for the south bay. we had -- clouds for the south bay. we had mid-50s. in the east bay walnut creeks hits 53 degrees, 57 at brentwood, low to mid-50s in the north bay with some sprinkles around the bay area tomorrow morning. it won't amount to much, but could make the roads a little wet especially up by ukiah and clovedale and lake port tomorrow morning. extended forecast, cloudy monday, a few peeks of sun. tuesday, wednesday, partly cloudy. wednesday sweltering with readings in the mid-60s.
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thursday we look for increasing clouds and a few showers around the bay area. by friday, saturday and sunday we just have partly cloudy skies and that should make everybody happy. i'll tell you who is not very happy tonight. actually juliette will tell you. still to come disgruntled 49er fans take to the air to deliver ceo jed york a message from above. >> bottom of the hour on gameday close of business, what now for the raiders? >> wait till you hear what the 9ers said about the officiating today. i'll put my imaginary eye black on. gameday after the newscast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ and under the stars [♪] to see laker legend kobe br -- before he retires. bryant announced online ton: this will be his last seaso he's led the lakers to five championship warriors fans, get your tickets. bryant announced tonight this will be his last season. he's led the lakers to five championships and appeared in 17 all-star games during his 20 seasons with the team. bryant says his body just can't take it anymore. he had one of the worst games of his career last week in a blowout loss to the warriors. kobe hit just one of 14 shots. the lakers and warriors will meet three more times this season but only once at oracle. we just checked stubhub. get. this the cheapest tickets right now are going for $158 apiece.
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>> let's get four. at levi's stadium today some 49ers fans made it loud and clear they are fed up with ceo jed york. it cost a little over 1,000 bucks for them to fly this banner over levi's stadium today before kickoff, can't read it really, but the message says jed and 49ers should mutually part ways which is borrowing a similar phrase used to describe jim harbaugh's departure. the men behind the message thought using a plane might get york's attention. >> if we fly a banner over the stadium, that's pretty hard to ignore. >> the message is strong but respectful. >> the creators say they are thinking of flying a bigger banner. they used a gofundme account to pay for the protest today. coming up after the break hello history, how adele's latest album is shattering albums tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whopping 3-point- 38 million copies in its at's . well, hello record books, adele's new album 25 sold a whopping 3.38 million copies in its u.s. debut this week. that's the most any record has sold in the u.s. in its opening weekend in the history of music sales. the first single of the album hello already has half a
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billion views on youtube. to top off her historic week, the british pop star also announced a world tour. another british darling stole the show this weekend, princess charlotte. prince william and duchess kate released new photos of 6-month- old princess charlotte. kate took the pictures in their home in norfolk. the littlest princess has her father's blue eyes and her mother's brown hair. >> beautiful combo. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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