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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news tonight in concord where the chp has just
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reopened highway 242 after an a parent shoot out that backed up traffic for miles. >> it all started around 3:45 near concord avenue. at one point, all southbound lanes were closed. they reopened about 30 minutes ago. chopper 5 was over the scene as this was all unfolding. you can see officers in a formation blocking off what may be a vehicle involved in the shoot out. southbound lanes came to a stand still for about two hours as police gathered evidence. one man later turned up at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. he is expected to survive. right now, police have very little information on the shooters except to say they may be driving a silver suv and they're still looking for witnesses. tonight we'll continue to update you on the situation. >> still unfolding in san bernardino. from ordinary couple to
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ruthless killers. as the feds continue to search for answers in wednesday's massacre. memorials continue to grow. >> i want to go out and just say a prayer for those lost souls. >> the fbi is focusing on the suspects' terror ties. an unmaimed federal law official tells the l.a. times that syed farook had some kind of contact with the group in somallia. his wife pledged allegiance to isis just before the rampage. isis called the couple followers. the fbi is pouring over the couples' foreign records including their travel, their contacts and social media accounts. [ indiscernible ] 's been covering the story from san bernardino.
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>> reporter: i arrived on the scene within the first two hours of the 911 calls reporting the shooting and i watched it going from a local police response to a global terrorism investigation. the feds are now going through tons of evidence and finding new clues this. video came in within the last half-hour. it's of a home the fbi raided early in morning in riverside. syed farook used to live next door. and the feds thought the neighbor might have [ indiscernible ] the assault rifles used in the shooting. >> i heard the windows crashing, the garage door being torn. the breaking in by the law enforcement. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or form part of a cell. >> right now, it's unclear exactly what agents were
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looking for. there's also no word on any arrests. neighbors say agents used a megaphone to order the people inside to come out and then they smashed windows to enter the house and the garage. the suspects' bullet-ridden suv has finally been hauled away tonight. it sat in the street for two days. the street was also closed off as investigators collected hundreds of pieces of evidence. the san bernardino shooting has reignited the debate over gun control. governor jerry brown is in france tonight, but he had sharp remarks today about gun laws calling out some of california's neighbors. >> california's gun control laws are very safe. and nevada and arizona are wide open. so that's a gigantic back door through which any terrorist can
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walk. >> betty, you were one of the reporters allowed inside the couples' home. reporters were given the all- clear. there was concern and question about that. the landlord was the one that gave reporters access and tell me about that experience walking through their home. >> it was the most bizarre frenetic scene that i had ever scene before. the landlord did give permission to reporters. i spoke to the landlord myself and he said police gave him the a-ok. this is the living room you're looking at right now. the kitchen -- basically we got a look at a very ordinarily suburban life that this couple lived. we saw signs of the muslim faith throughout the house. but you didn't see anything you wouldn't see in any other home. we were not allowed in the garage. that's where the feds say the couple had a bomb-making workshop. but the scene out there was
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just incredible. journalists going through this very small, two-story townhouse. very cluttered. and there was evidence that the fbi had been there. doors were ripped off, glass everywhere. >> and it was seemingly normal. they had a 6 month old, diapers, dishes in the sink as if there wasn't anything preplanned. so where is the grandmother in all of this and the child? >> we're told the grandmother lived in that house as well. we haven't seen her at the property since the feds gave it back over to the owner, which is the landlord. we do know that that baby is with child protective services at this moment. >> all right. fascinating and scary at the same time. betty, great reporting, we appreciate it. a bizarre story out of sonoma county tonight. an alaska airlines plane struck and killed a deer as it was
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landing in santa rosa. the deer apparently wandered on to the run way at the charles schulz-sonoma county airport. the pilot had no way to avoid it. nobody was hurt and the plane was not damaged, but the tires were changed as a precaution. with clouds from santa rosa to san jose, the latest loop shows a potent system that is winding up off shore. most of this is packed up for oregon and far northern california. for us, the future cast map shows rain developing near midnight spreading out at sunrise. so you can see widely scattered showers over the bay. this is just after sunrise. but watch what happens for the rest of it. you have to stay tuned. there's more coming in for the week ahead attachment. a close call tonight for the warriors and their winning
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streak in toronto. >> the warriors win it. 21 and zero. >> definitely living on the edge. the dubs held off the raptors to make it 21 straight to start the season. this is how dominant they've been. it's only the second time a team has come with 3 points or fewer during this streak. we will have highlights on another record the warriors set today. >> a heated turf war over the san francisco soccer field has finally come to an end, or has it. >> and it's a whole new way to recycle your christmas tree. how you can help the victims of the valley fire at the same time.
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this was the first full dayf play on the newly renovated "beach chalet soccer fields rk. a big day for anyone who plays soccer. this was the first full day of play for the newly renovated beach chalet soccer field in golden gate park. this didn't happen without quite a bit of discussion. >> the conversion took a full
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10 years of debates and even lawsuits. the turf war may not be over yet. >> as three kids that are in competitive soccer, so we're in awe over the field. >> reporter: were those kids even alive when this discussion started? >> that's a really good question. >> reporter: so just how long has this saga been going on? in the time it took them to approve the beach chalet soccer field, the city has managed to do the same turf conversion on every single one of the city's 17 soccer fields. from here to the mission to crocker amazon and the sunset. but not one of those fields caused an uproar quite like golden gate park. >> we sort of have play surfaces that have these chemicals. >> reporter: there were marathon hearings. >> i slipped and hurt my back
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really badly. >> reporter: deep philosophical debates with whether a turf field would conflict with the vision for the park. >> you can see the gigantic cranes now. >> reporter: you really stuck to your guns on this. >> well, you know, we really believed in the mission, which was creating more opportunities for kids to play. >> reporter: and yet the story is still not over. after studies in 2007 and 2010, the state of california is now taking a third look at the safety of crumb rubber fields. >> we're totally open to new science [ indiscernible ] but we're confident what we're doing here is giving kids more of an opportunity to exercise. >> reporter: there you go. the possibility of penalty time for san francisco's truly epic debate over the beach chalet soccer field. kpix 5. switching gears, the valley fire in august incinerated
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about 1200 homes in lake county along with countless trees. there's a push to encourage people to buy live potted christmas trees. if you buy a live tree at a participating nursery, take it home and after christmas arrange for members of gifting a tree project to transport your tree to fire victims in coww and middle town. >> it is putting greenery back in the landscape. you are putting your own roots down by putting the roots of the tree down. and still to come, want something to wake you up? that will. brave swimmers taking a plunge in the bay for a good cause. >> if you want cold and wet, all you have to do is wait. it's coming. we'll have the details when we come back.
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francisco. it was part of the "brave the bay" challen to raise money for the brr. some very brave swummers took a chilly plunge this morning in san francisco. it was part of the brave the bay challenge to raise money for the make a wish foundation. after the dip, the sfpd and san francisco fire department faced off in a game of tug of war. if it's not cold enough in the bay area, add fuel to the fire. we have rain coming into the
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bay area tonight. up in the north bay and then will spread to the south and central bay by sunrise tomorrow. it was a nice day to overlook san jose. san francisco, 55. and santa rosa 50. cold enough that all the of ice held together with the skaters at the embarka deo ice rink. just felt right. show off. here's what we're expecting. did a beautiful job. rain will spread south tonight. high pressure finally gets nudged south so that by sunrise, the rain will be a little south of the golden gate bridge. then we get more rain by early thursday. we will miss the main track of this rain. first we get this wave coming in late tonight, early tomorrow
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morning. next wave comes in on thursday and it looks like a one-day rain maker. but up in the pacific northwest, 3 to 6 inches or so. it will develop overnight. you can see that on the aforementioned future cast which shows by 7:00 tomorrow morning, pretty good rain across the peninsula and bay area. widely scattered though. will be a little wet tomorrow and then as it heads south, not much left. by the afternoon, it will dry up. it's not going to clear out though. rain will spread south in the wee small hours of the morning, clearing on monday. tell be nice on tuesday and wednesday and then we get more rain by thursday. raiders are taking on the chiefs tomorrow, right? that is correct. >> chance of showers for the game. most of it should be gone by then. 62 degrees. union square ice rink, more of the same, little bit of a
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chance of rain. and walnut creek on ice as well. looking for things to get down into the 40s for the bay area. the daytime highs tomorrow are all within a few degrees of 60 degrees. few people in 60 degrees in oakland. the big head line tomorrow will be the rain. and that will mostly be over by 10:00 in the morning. some rain for sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday partly cloudy skies. rain coming in on thursday again. more rain than tomorrow. by friday and saturday, we clear it out again. in the weather department, just a still picture, but for the warriors, a completely different story. the picture just keeps getting bright and he brighter and brighter. if the warriors are playing, we can guarantee we're going to have moving pictures.
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another success today. and this historic run. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on the door of extending a perfect season... sta, l of nba up top and the warriors today not just knocking on the door of extending a perfect season at stake, the best streak in all of history set by the 1884 st. louis baseball club. in toronto -- without a couple of starters, seth curry kept doing damage. he hit 9 and the dubs were up
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11 early. toronto kept hanging around. rosin -- get out of the way, slam. fast forward, 4th quarter. 7 minutes left. curry, give me another one. boom. and the warriors up by 3. 5 minutes left. couldn't stop him, baseline number. he had 41 points. raptors took the lead again. two and a half left. warriors down 1. curry, get him out of there. and then toronto didn't do themselves any favors. corey joseph off of his foot and out of bounds. warriors won. they have started this season 21 and zero. the streak actually goes back to last april, which is 25. they need 9 more regular season
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wins to break the lakers' all- time record. second half, bears in attack mode. tyrone wallace. a friendly role. the cowboys home standing and it was tough. josh adams buckets and one. tied at school game went to over time, tied at 69. cameron -- yes. and the bears won the game 78- 72. they are 6 and 2 for the year. baseball, the giants came to terms with former ace jeff samardzija today. the reported numbers, 5 years, 90 million. take last years' numbers in alcohol out of the equation. the white sox infield defense, just poor. dead last in the league.
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the one time notre dame receiver is in for the giants. college football, we'll have the stanford, usc story up on the late show. florida gator fans, against the alabama crimson tide. gators antonio gallaway. and he scores. 85-yards to the hizzy. gators on top, 7-2. but b ama got it together. stewart out leaps the coverage. crimson tide won the sec championship in atlanta. 29-15. give me 19th ranked houston hosting no. 22 temple. this is the championship game if you're scoring at home. quarterback greg ward bounces
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outside and he gone. 47-yard score. houston won the game 24-13. likely headed to one of the major new years day bowl game. baylor, not so lucky. put in a fight against the white clad texas long horns. it was the long horns at the end. horns pulled off the upset, 23- 17. that loss likely knocking baylor out of a new year's day bowl game. the raiders and quarterback derrick car getting ready for sunday's game against the chiefs. don't expect the 2nd year quarterback to be dazed. he is always ready for competition in any venue. >> whatever i'm doing, i'm trying to win. you know, my wife laughs at me all the time it. doesn't matter what i'm trying to do. i'm trying to compete and i'm
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trying to win. you can ask her, i won't let her beat me at anything. i'll dunk on her, do whatever it takes to win. >> oh, it's on. >> that's a man that's confident in his marriage right there. took his wife down. when the cameras aren't rolling -- you're all about foothill. >> my alma mater. >> they haven't lost a game in northern california since i was like three years old. thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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