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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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panic at a california mall next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. they're thugs and killers, part of a cult of death. >> president obama lays out his terror plan in primetime promising to destroy isis and demanding proper gun control. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. in a rare address in the oval office the president forcefully declared the san bernardino shooting a terrorist attack and called on americans not to give into fear. cbs reporter craig boswell on the president's plan to tackle a new phase of terrorism. >> good evening. >> reporter: president obama addressed the nation sunday night from the old office, the first time he's done so in five years -- oval office, the first time he's done so in five
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years. he condemned the shootings in san bernardino. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> reporter: the commander in chief reenforced his strategy to defeat isis and confront the growing terror threat here at home. the president called the terrorist group a bunch of thugs and killers who want to exploit our differences to breed late. >> we cannot turn against one another -- hate. >> we cannot turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war against america and islam. that, too, is a war that isil wants. >> reporter: president obama called on legislation to ban assault rifles like the ones used in california. >> congress should make sure that no one on a no fly list is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? >> reporter: critics have blasted the president for underestimating the threat from extremist groups.
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>> i fear he may have made things worse. >> reporter: president obama said the u.s. military will continue to hunt down terrorist plotters anywhere it is necessary. craig boswell, the white house. >> farook's father told an italian newspaper ha his son supported isis ideology and was fixated on israel. another relative told cnn farook started following a shift to islam several years ago. >> he was going toward guns. >> the family said the changes began before farook met and married wife and fellow killer tashfeen malik. her friends called her a modern girl who became deeply religious. the fbi is now trying to piece together what turned the quiet couple to terror.
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the rifles they used were traced to the riverside home of farook's friend anuria kamar dez. he bought the guns -- enrique marquez. he bought the guns legally three years ago, but it's unclear still how he got ahold of them. they were close. >> you could see them joking and laughing. they spent like the whole day as soon as he got up. he'd go over. he'd stay there till almost nighttime. that went on for years. >> agents raided the home for weekend but haven'ted what they found there. as for marquez, the fbi has yet to interview him. he checked himself into a mental hospital shortly after the massacre. in his address tonight president obama called on muslims everywhere to take a stand against extremism and in fremont tonight that's what they did. a huge crowd turned out for this candlelight vigil. the organizers are from the muslim community. they say it was important to put the event toke as a way of showing solidarity. -- together as a way of showing
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solidarity. >> there's been tremendous violence across the world. it hit incredibly close to home earlier this week when the mass shooting took place in san bernardino and it really struck a chord. california is not i 9 -- immune to these crimes either. >> one event will be held tomorrow at the regional center in campbell, the other service will be in san jose, both services set for 5:00. panic was set off tonight in a mall when three men pulled off a smash and grab robbery at a riverside jewelry store. shoppers heard glass shattering as the robbers used sledgehammers to smash their way into display cases. many thought they were gunshots and ran for their lives. >> i screamed run, run and we're just running like i was carrying a little football, my baby. i'm just running through the whole mall trying to get out.
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we ran towards macy's and it was just chaos. it was a stampede of people running and screaming trying to get out. >> no reports of any injuries. police locked down the mall as they hunted for what they thought was a gunman. investigators say the three men who pulled off the robbery managed to escape. the u.s. gun stores have been doing a brisk business over the past few weeks. the new york time reports more americans had background checks to buy guns on black friday than any other day on record. some gun stores say they've been especially busy since the san bernardino massacre. a 3-year-old boy used a gun belonging to a clp officer and accidentally -- chp officer and accidentally shot his 15-year- old brother. the officer lives in stockton. the chp says he's the step father and was in the house when the gun went off. investigators say the 3-year- old found the gun in a closet during a game of hide and seek and he pulled the trigger and shot his brother in the foot.
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>> it's hard to believe that, you know, having kids in your house and be able to have that -- you know, gun. they shouldn't have guns, you know, have access. >> neighbors say the officer recently moved into the neighborhood. the chp plans to release a statement later this week on the shooting. tonight we're hearing about a chp helicopter's close call way drone. the midair encounter nearly ended in disaster over the east bay and our joe vazquez says the drone owner could be in some serious trouble. >> had he not made an abrupt maneuver to avoid collision it, would have been a calamity by any account. >> reporter: the near mishapped along highway 4 above mart -- mis happened along highway 4 above martinez. a drone appeared right in front of the aircraft 100 feet. the chp pilot turned right and narrowly avoided crashing into the drone. >> if you go through the
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windshield and hit the pilot, that's game over. if it goes into the rotor blades depending where and what it hits, it could be the same situation. >> reporter: the drone was a finance top 3 advanced model the chp said. eventually cops followed it back to roux court in martinez. the drone operator we have learned is an exchange student from china. his host family says they're very surprised by all this. he said last night he was just taking the drone out to test the software. >> it had two red lights flashing and two green lights flashing. it kind of looked like something from out of space in a way. i guess they wanted to see some id and last i heard they let him go. >> reporter: the chp said the case has been referred to the feds. the faa says the drone operator in a situation like this could face an $1,100 fine or possibly even criminal prosecution. >> the faa says it's the responsibility of the drone operator to avoid all manned aircraft and to know the rule.
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for example, the faa recommends that drones fly below 400 feet. the one last night was flying 7 or 800 feet. a small plane crashed this afternoon in southern california. the aircraft went down shortly after takeoff from the apple valley airport about 90 miles east of los angeles. the plane caught fire after the crash, no word tonight what went wrong. officials say the two people who died were the only ones on board and the victor valley news reports the man at the controls was 60-year-old michael mangold, a red gold aerobatics pilot. he leave behind a wife and two children. police arrested the mother of a newborn baby found buried alive on a jogging path. two sheriff's deputies found the baby girl last week in compton buried in a hole under loose dirt and a piece of asphalt. the baby is in stable condition tonight and the mother's name has not been released.
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still to come, san jose makes a move on illegal strip clubs. >> plus the warriors keeping their win streak alive on the road, the gold rush on golden state gear. >> and a break in the wet weather, but a more powerful storm on the way. we'll have the details as we look live on a storm in san jose. it's all coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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delays... nasa's atlas 5 rot three, two, one, liftoff. >> well, the fourth time is the charm. after three weather related delays nasa atlas 5 rocket soared into space today carrying with it an unmanned cargo ship filled with 4,000 serve hundred pounds -- 4,700 pounds of critical supplies. it will be the first u.s. delivery to the space station in months. former president jimmy carter schrader some good news today. his latest brain scan shows no sign of cancer. the 91-year-old was diagnosed in august with metastatic melanoma that began in his liver and there were spots on his brain. his treatment began with radiation therapy to help the body's immune system fight cancer. the justice department wants to launch a probe into the chicago police department similar to investigations that
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occurred in baltimore and ferguson, missouri. protesters marched in downtown chicago today calling for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel alleging a coverup in the police shooting of unarmed black teenager laquan mcdonald last year. video released recently shows white officer van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 time. van dyke was charged with murder -- time. van dyke was charged with murder about -- times. van dike was charged with murder about a year after the shooting. the police chief has since resigned. police say illegal strip clubs are magnets for more serious crimes. kpix5's kiet do went undercover to show what could happen when they aren't shut down in time. we want to warn you some of this video is a bit graphic. >> reporter: we got a tip san jose's infamous bikini bar scene was hitting up again especially at 10369 on the east side. once inside our hidden cameras captured this, a dozen different women giving happen
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dances for 20 bucks, dancers willing to go topless for 40 bucks. since we began covering the problems generated by illegal strip clubs and after hour liquor sales, san jose police have made gains in closing the operations. four days after we shot these scenes 10369 was shut down. san jose police say illegal strip clubs are magnets for fistfights, stabbings and shootings. they were able to shut it down before anyone got seriously hurt. we did some digging on how this club came to be and found it has become a high stakes game of whack a mole for police. back in 2012 a man was shot and killed in the first bikini bar homicide. after the bar shut down the liquor license was transferred to be boss, another strip club that was shut down this year and they transferred the liquor license to, you guessed it, 10369. sources tell kpix5 all three
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strip club were secretly run by the same group of business partners. when they can't be quickly shut down, the results are often tragic. just 10 minutes up the road is another strip club, blue beer and bar restaurant. san jose police met with the owners telling them to stop the lap dances and after hours drinking because it would bring more violent crime. >> basically we told them we need you to go ahead and basically cease and desist. >> reporter: neither san jose police nor state department of alcoholic beverage control had legal grounds to shut down lou beer. even to help it's illegal public nudity and lewd acts are punishable only with fines and citations. less than 24 hours after this first meeting with lou beer two people got shot. san jose police warned them one more time that if things didn't change at lou beer, someone would get killed. >> our hand are tied. it's very -- hands are tied. it's very, very frustrated. in an ideal situation, it would
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have been great for us to go in after that shooting incident and shut them down right away. >> reporter: but the owners kept it open while the case found its way through the system in the court hearings and appeals. a month later the prediction came true. >> heard six gunshots and saw subjects running. >> reporter: michael arsega, a 34-year-old husband and father, was sitting on the curb when a gunman sprayed the area with bullets. michael was hit at least once and died. christina, michael's sister, and bradley wills, a close friend are left wondering how despite all the warning signs the law allowed lu beer to remain open. >> i'm pissed off. you're going to have anger and it's disgust actually and again i speak from only my own business. that's just not right. >> reporter: do you think mikey might still be here with us if the authorities had more power? >> i would like to think. so. >> reporter: both lu beer and
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10369 are located in california's 27th congressional district, home of assembly woman nora campos who sits on the committee that oversees alcoholic beverage control. she tells me she will try to see abc get more enforcement powers. >> i'm trying to figure out what tool do we give abc and the local authorities so that they can close those establishments down. >> reporter: the assemblywoman said not being able to prevent arsega's death was a tragedy and makes a bold prediction. >> i'm confident if you come back within the next policy cycle that we will have some kind of law that will give teeth to this issue. >> reporter: michael arsega's family does not want his death to be in vain. >> because no one deserves something like this. >> reporter: in san jose kiet do, kpix5. a messy pileup caused major delays along a stretch of 101 today. a total of six cars collided in
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the northbound lanes near the san bruno exit. no one was hurt. the off ramp was shut down for a while while crews cleaned up, no word on whether today's rain played a role in the crash. we had a little bit of rain today mostly in the north bay. the doppler shows that it's all pretty much dried up. here's how it looked earlier today around san francisco. people were hopefully driving a little more cautiously with showers moving through mostly early in the morning and the christmas threes -- trees all wrapped up in plastic and even the umbrellas were deployed, ladies and gentlemen. about .06-inch in the city and same in oakland, north bay 1/4 inch or, so santa rosa, .32 and .15-inch in petaluma. back down to san jose where we
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see concord 56 degrees. been getting rain in the northwest all week in seattle. for us we have a few high clouds to dispense with tonight. fog will be a factor for tomorrow morning's commute and also for flights taking out of sfo, patchy dense fog tonight with it all the moisture around. then we go to partly cloudy skies monday as high pressure builds in. we'll get temperatures warming up a little bit and then the clouds and the plot thicken. bill thursday rain and wind move -- by thursday rain and wind move into the bay area by .75-inch to 1 1/2 inches on thursday. the rain begin s -- begins in the north bay on thursday, light rain, and a few light showers on friday. high surf warnings are posted pore exceptionally high surf, balancing waves and sneaker waves at the shoreline through tuesday are likely, so be very careful if you're headed to the beach. futurecast shows we've got clouds tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow midday. mostly sunny skies around the
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bay area but patchy fog tomorrow morning and tonight. no rain until wednesday for the north bay and thursday for the rest of the bay area. you'll notice how i'm emphasizing this. well, there's the golden gate bridge and the fog. it will clear a little bit. it will warm a little bit. north bay gets light rain midweek on wednesday and rain and wind for everybody else on thursday. if you're heading out to the central valley, there will be fog tomorrow morning as per usual this time of year, rain in redding in the morning. overnight lows tonight, we'll see readings in the upper 40s and a few low 50s. tomorrow we're close to average, numbers everywhere in the low to mid-60s, 64 at mountain view, mid-60s for the south bay and sunshine later in the morning. east bay starts out with fog and numbers in the low 60s, same for the north bay, stop fog and then 60s and up by ukiah fog tonight and sunshine by later in the afternoon tomorrow, monday, tuesday, okay. wednesday light rain in the north bay, thursday rain and
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then friday, saturday and sunday we will, juliette, clear it up. that's what's next in weather. still to come a college victory celebration turns violent, security guards accused of crossing the line when excited fans rush the field. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up next on gameday the team that came closest to ending the warriors' win streak got another shot today. >> and the raiders face an almost must win game to keep playoff hopes alive. >> we were treating it as if it was our playoffs, you know, we needed to win. >> as of today is blaine gabbert the future of the 49ers? >> i just tried to lead the team to the best of my ability. >> it's all coming up next on gameday. >> kpix5's mobile weather lab powered by toyota. ,,,,,,,,,,
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22 games by taking down the brooklyn nets. "feel that kind of presence e ball. barbosa thre home or away it doesn't matter. tonight the warriors extended their winning streak to 22 games by taking down the brooklyn nets. >> protect the ball. >> three. >> now they're in control. >> well, the warriors trailed in the 3rd quarter, but then they pulled it on. they pulled away in the 4th to cruise to a 114-98 victory. perhaps the only thing as hot as the warriors right now is warriors merchandise. fans are snapping up whatever items they can, glasses and hats to jerseys and shirts. the warriors say online sales
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are up 800% from last year. local stores are also doing big business. ing it in the papers. they wanto it home." anot >> old fans, new fans, stuff is flying off the shelves. this is great for us, especially this time of year, tourists from overseas coming in to buy the stuff because they're seeing it on the news and in the papers. >> another hot item, tickets. the cheap seats for home games are now going for over 100 buck apiece as fans snatch up their chance to witness history. not so nice sports-related news, football postgame celebration took a violent and disturbing turn in houston. up -- and one security guard was seen punching somebody in thed me as fans rushed the -- in the head as fans rushed the field. another fan was picked up and thrown to the ground. the crowd was celebrating, the fans running onto the field. tonight the school says it's ending its contract with the security company and police are also investigating.
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still to come what's a porch thief to do when there's no package? this bay area grinch took off with the christmas decorations. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for a package thief... who a snack for the road. a surveillance camera captud the thursday afternoon thef the man is seen getting outa grey sedan. he walks to the front door of this house... walks away with a package. in sunnyvale are looking for a package thief who took a snack along for the road. the plan gets out of a gray sedan, walks to the front door of the house, walks to get the package, but it doesn't end
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there, he plucks a couple oranges from the front yard tree, indignity after indignity. a man takes orange ats here instead of a package, tis the season, so far no arrests in either case. good thing these guys were around to spread some holiday cheer. dozens of motorcycle riders cruised into san francisco general this morning to bring christmas gifts to hospitalized children. it is all part of the annual dudley perkins toy run. even santa made an appearance. tonight hanukkah is officially underway. a big crowd gathered earlier this evening at union square in san francisco. they looked on as the menorah was lit for the first night of the jewish holiday. some people even brought their own candles to celebrate. hanukkah lasts for eight nights and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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