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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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ou do with it is up to you. tylenol®. ions running we held each other and we protected each other through this horrific event. >> new at noon, emotions running high in san bernardino, as county employees return to
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work less than a week after a deadly shooting rampage. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank is off. federal authorities are holding a news conference in san bernardino to give us an update on last wednesday aide shooting. let's listen in. >> make entry into the premises and we will take the items that can be seized under the scope of that warrant. that is exactly what was done that day. when we leave the residence, we will either hand the keys to the owners, we will -- or we will secure the residence if it was breached as exactly was the says in this incidence. we secured it with screws an wood and left the premises. once the fbi left, anything that occurred as far as forced entry or if anyone who was allowed into that residence has absolutely nothing to do with us whether they were allowed in by the resident or the
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landlord. i want to make that clear. that's important for the public to maintain confidence in your law enforcement professionals. >> i want to clarify, we briefed you a couple of days ago about the pipe bomb components taken and some of the pipes and some of the components of pipe bombs remove from the house on center street. we gave you a number of 12. i don't want to get too technical. i'm not an expert on bombs. we do have experts that did that search. they did removal of all of the devices from that house. and ultimately, it appears there are 19 pipes in that house that we have removed. some were in a bag. we're not gonna unpack them one by one and they had to remove all of these components and these devices and take them out to a range and began to extract them from the bag and take them
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apart and submit them into our evidence. so the numbers changed from 12 to 19. that's not 19 pipe bombs. that's 19 pipes that could be turned into pipe bombs if all. components are there -- if all of the components are there. next i want to talk about the radicalization issue. many of you had concerns -- or questions, rather, about whether the female radicalized the male in this case. we still don't know. but i will say this -- as the investigations has progressed, we have learned and believed that both subjects were radicalized and had been for quite sometime. how did that happen? that's the question we're trying to get at and by whom and where did that happen. we don't know those answers at this point. next thing i want to -- along those lines is foreign contacts. we are working with our foreign
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counterparts to determine as much as we can. it's like any other investigation but this one is incredibly large. we are attempting to expand that investigation out and build it and build a picture of each person, the time line, and ultimately the crimes that they committed. that takes time. we are in day five. i want everyone to recognize that. we're working with our foreign counterparts. we're also working with the fbi offices all over her the world and they are assisting in those efforts with our foreign counter parts. yes, we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some participate -- participated in target practice in some ranges within the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event. the scope of this
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investigation, i want to zus very quick -- scuks very quickly -- discuss very quickly. it's massive in scale. we've conducted 400 interviews by now with people around the city. i know people have called you and said they've been interviewed. that's fine. that's what we'll do and we'll continue to do as many interviews as necessary for in case. there's been questions about the total station, the re- creation of the crime scene. what we are essentially doing is applying survey technology to the crime scene and when i'm talking about the crime scene i'm talking about the initial crime scene at the ric where all of the victims were. i'm not talking about the officer-involved shooting. yes, we're still holding that location because we are continuing to be extremely methodical and we've actually brought in a reconstruction team to apply those tools, those survey tools to ultimately paint that picture
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of why -- of how everything transpired that day. we have transpored -- we've collected over 320 pieces of evidence in this investigation so far. and we have transported a number of those pieces of evidence to washington, d.c. primarily to our fbi laboratory, to our bomb lab back there analytical center. the last thing before i open it up for questions and they i'm going to introduce some -- and then i'm going to intrope introduce my counterparts. we've found evidence of financing pramp parenting -- i'm sorry. we've found evidence of replanning of the let me correct that. a i want to say is -- what i want to say is i want to make sure the public rests assures again we're an a-political organization. we will get to the bottom of this and we want to find out everyone who participated in
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the preplanning, if there was anyone else. we don't know everything yet. we want to find out everyone who profited from it, financed it. i'm not saying there's anything like that. but we will not leave a stone unturned, just like i said in the past. the last thing, this is a human -- human trafficdy. we've brought out office of victims assistance personal from washington. this is what they are. they are very familiar with this. we're going to at some point meet with the family members of the victims, both desed at victims and injured -- decedent victims and injured victims. that's crucial for us to allow them to ask questions so we can address them face to face and talk to us about the full commitment. if they don't want to meet with us that's their choice. but if this they do, we are --
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but if they do, we're there for them. i will take a few questions. >> we're listening in on a live news conference in san bernardino. this is david bodich. he's opening it up to questions to the media. >> we may find it some day, we may not. right now we're looking at these two individuals and we're beginning to build it out from there. >> i'm not sure if we're done questioning her or not. i've heard those same reports. we're aware of them we're continuing to work with our overseas partners pardon me? [the question is inaudible] >> there's -- i'm not gonna get
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into that at this point. [the question is inaudible] >> i'm unaware of this. we did not have an open investigation into mr. farook at the time of this incident. >> last night president obama said there's no evidence they were part of a broader conspiracy. given all of the evidence you are finding, would you say he's incorrect? >> no. we're still in the investigative phase. we're in dave 5. >> have you arrested enrique marquez? [the question is inaudible] >> no, we don't know that. we don't know that. we have some indications time line but we don't have enough to speak of. we believe they both were. that's the question for us is how and by whom and where were they radicalized. maybe there is not a by whom.
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remember, oftentimes it's on the internet. we don't know. i don't want to speculate. [the question is inaud [ible] >> all things guns hold your questions for the atf agent in just a second. [the question is inaudible] >> i've heard those reports. i'm not gonna confirm that at this point. i'm not aware of the fact. >> what's the status of enrique marquez? what is his role? has he been about arrested and charged? >> i'm not prepared to discuss mr. marquez at this point. i don't know the answer to that. >> the question is inaudible] >> we've not found any evidence
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of suicide vests. >> we don't know. i'm gonna take one more question. sorry. yes, ma'am. [the question is inaudible] >> we're still going through what type of video is available. back to the data exploitation, you bring me to that, there is continued data exploitation going on as we speak and that will continue for some time. that is a painstaking process. that, as i've said in the past, we hope to get towards their intent with some of the data exploitation of some of the digital media. >> at this point, i'm going to introduce assistant special agent in charge john deangelo. john? >> i'm gonna talk briefly about the guns. it's been widely reported in the guns there were five guns involved in this investigation, recovered throughout this
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investigation. what we have -- we have traced those guns and what the trace results reveal is that all of these firearms were purchased from ffl in california between 2007 and 2012. ffl is a retailer who sells firearms. farook himself purchased a lama and springfield .9 millimeter pis alcohol as pistol as well as the savage. we have the ooles federal documentation that he actually purchased a firearm. his name and identify information appears on the paperwork. enrique marquez purchased the two assaults that you receive. we have the paperwork documenting those purchases as
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well. right now, our major concern the fbi, atf and the doj is determining how the rifles got from marquez to farook and malik. the firearms are at the fbi laboratory where the fbi is performing forensic examination on them. after that forensic examination is done, we'll do a complete and thorough examination of just exactly what these firearms are. quite now i'm gonna turn it over to the chief who will address other issues pending in the matter. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm gonna talk about local response and what's going on in the city of san bernardino as well as the region. >> everybody saw what happened in the city of riverside, what was believed to be an active shooter incident. i think that's indicative of the fact that people are on edge and people are extra
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cautious. that's good. people are asking people to do that. the massive response came as a result of law enforcement, stepping up their patrols and presence inspect regime. the city of san bernardino we've on an 12 on, 12 off since this happened on wednesday. we're gonna let some of our guys be off and be home with their family. but rest assured we'll have increased staffing a number of folks working overtime to provide safety and security to the region. i think ill speak to sheriff mcmahon as well when i say we've stepped up our efforts. wee will be there for people. you will see an increased presence in the city and through the christmas holiday season. okay. thank you very much. future press conferences will be hey nounsed -- announced by the fbi. >> we've been listening to a news questions frens about what's going on in san bernardino. we heard from the fbi talking
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about investigation. they are trying to a -- they are piecing together evidence and trying to figure out if tashfeen malik and syed farook had, when, how and by whom if there is a whom were they radicalized before this massacre. they are re-creating the crime scene to paint a picture of what happened that day. the fbi agent said they will leave no stone unturned. he said later this week, they will meet with family members of the victims, whoever wants to talk to them about talking about their full commitment to get this situated. they are focusing on the two suspects. this is day five of the investigation. they've been radicalized. but they don't know how long this has been going on. we also heard from the atf who is saying they are tracing the guns. they know the firearms were bought between 2007 and 2012 from a retail earl who sells
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firearms -- retailer who sells firearms. farook bought firearms himself. they have federal and california documentation proving that and there were two assault rifles bought by enrique marquez, a childhood friend of farook and they are investigating that connection and how the guns got into the hands of farook and tashfeen malik. we'll be following this all day long. you can follow it on our website and right here. there is a warning for california beachgoers as powerful waves slam the coast. in southern california over the weekend, lifeguard were inundated with calls for rescue. the coast guard warns that the swell will last through tomorrow. now here is roberta with the forecast. >> i'm to -- time to take a look at the weather watchers.
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60 degrees in novato. dana says warmest night in quite sometime. gray and damp. you are so spot on with that today, dana. how gray is it? let's take a look outside right now. this is the scene from 2800 up. it's a sea of low clouds and some areas of patchy fog there. temperature-wise we've been steady. 50s and low 60s. we're lacking a good breeze. rain showers across the northern section. kind of like renny gate showers. for of most part we're counting on the fog to dissipate and then partly cloudy skies for today and then tonight, part lit to mostly cloudy conditions. we will have the rain and the wind ramping up by thursday as the precipitation will move into the bay area. we're watching our future cast. we get our computer models and we segway them all together and time out when you can anticipate the rainfall. here we go through wednesday.
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for thursday, we start to see that the leading edge of the front boundary will impact the north bay and swing across the bay area. high surf warning is in effect for today with the winds out of the northwest up to 30 miles per hour along the seashore. swells up to 18 feet. your sunset tonight, there you have it as well as your sunrise. the extended forecast calls for, therein you have it. the rain and the wind on thursday. it looks like we're counting on at least 2 inches of rain in the wettest location. we have kirsten and kirsten and we have larry sty. so wonderful seeing all of you. what do you have for us? >> we're presenting larry and the food bank with a $36,000 food. this is our contribution. in 2015, 20,000 was for the
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holiday drive. 10,000 for the summer program and 6,000 was raised by our employees. >> how much was that? >> $36,000. >> $36,000! i think we need some applause for that. would! how can you use this? >> this will mean more like 75,000 meals going out. we're great for what pacific service does. >> you do it every year. >> every year. i think this puts us up for the top donation for us. >> for more information go to and look for food for bay area families. go to that website and then come here. we have more news of a this. ,, i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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tokuda tells us: our student rising above h ar doctors say when a person is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is affected. our student rising above has been a pillar of strength for her community. >> reporter: jessica is unusually close to her sisters and there is a reason for that. she was 14 when her mother was diagnosed with leukemia. >> every day i would think
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about -- if she died today, what will i do? how will my sister react? >> reporter: because jessica will have to be the strong one. six girls, one in kindergarten at the time, the smallest only two, living in a rough part of east oakland. their mom is at home now, still frail. but for two years, she was in and out of stanford medical center, 100 days in isolation waiting for a bone-marrow transplant. so her children could not even see her much of the time. jessica ran the house and took care of the little ones. >> i cooked for them, i changed them. >> diapers? >> yes. i did their laundry. >> reporter: she would always say don't worry. we will be okay. even with these problems we are growing. with her mom unable to work and their father who was a laborer having to be with her, jessica's older sister a gates
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scholar at uc davis quit college to support the family. they lived month to month. jessica held everyone together. >> she took charge in moments of crisis. for -- for someone at 14, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: school was still a family priority. so jessica worked hard to keep her grade up. >> she held it together so well. i had no idea. >> reporter: she didn't tell anyone who was happening not even her art teacher. although this one drawing said a lot. >> i wanted to express my fears through showing it, somebody clawing at you. >> reporter: even after her mother got the transplant, there were still scares, the worst one day when jessica took her mom to the emergency room. >> she felt like she was dying. >> reporter: she would say,
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mommy, i'm with you. you are not alone. >> sheefs's someone that tells the truth. i'm not sure what's gonna happen but i'm here with you. >> reporter: jessica would tell them we'll get through this together. >> there was still a lot more to this as a family and a lot more to achieve. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and that's it. have a great afternoon, everyone. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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