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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning. it is wednesday, december 9. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 on the nose. welcome aboard, good to have you back. >> thank you. >> good morning. ready for traffic and weather on this "hump day"? >> sure, if you wear short sleeves it's chilly outside. but i have my uggs on. [ laughter ] >> it's actually kind of mild out there right now as far as last week. we'll have freezing temperatures this morning. this morning we are in the 50s. glad to see you, maria. [ laughter ] >> it's our live hi-def doppler. there's where you have the rain now across the northwest. it's coming. right now we have thin overcast not as foggy as just 24 hours ago. temperatures -- almost 60 in oakland. >> it's cold! [ laughter ] >> because you have no body fat. >> temperatures in the mid-60s. we'll tell you when to expect rain. we are going to talk about
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the bay bridge toll plaza where westbound traffic is okay. we are getting word of roadwork which is tying up some traffic along i-80 through berkeley and emeryville. i'll highlight the hot spots with "kcbs traffic." a bay area mother doesn't feel safe at home after what happened to her nanny. the attack happened in orinda on el castillo off highway 24 but as christin ayers shows us the story doesn't end there. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: the nightmare began outside karen's orinda home. a man approached the nanny who was sweeping up the yard and asked him a question. she told him she didn't speak english and he left. then when the nanny was inside he returned with a gun and broke in. >> kicked the door in breaking it off the frame and entered the house presenting a pistol. >> reporter: opened the money and when the -- he wanted money and when the nanny told him the
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family doesn't carry cash, he hit her on the back of the head with his gun. the robber dragged the nanny from room to room grabbing valuables and before he left he demanded the keys to the family porsche and took off in it. the nanny ran next door to david funk's house. >> there was a bit of blood on her hand. there was a contusion on the back of her neck. >> reporter: the nanny went to the hospital but will be okay. police are looking at surveillance video but have no leads. karen says she no longer feels safe in her own home. >> being in orinda you think it's safe and the schools are great. so you never think that would happen here. >> reporter: police are asking people to be on the lookout for that stolen porch. it's a black vehicle with california plates. christin ayers. cops say this guy is a fake deputy. he has been going around grocery stores in san mateo
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posing as a deputy. in this surveillance video you see him in the uniform with a tactical vest, belt and some patches, police say he told an employee he was investigating a theft and demanded to question someone inside the cash office. the suspicious cashier said no and the man took off. >> this one we take personal because he sought to exploit the trust the public puts in the uniform and badge. we'll catch him. >> investigators are looking into whether he is behind an attempted robbery at a safeway in san mateo last month. in that case, two suspects fled when none of the employees could open the safe. the falliot continues for trump this morning -- fallout continues for donald trump this morning. he is being rebuked by the republican presidential front- runner, but don champion says he is pushing back. >> reporter: adding fuel to the firestorm, donald trump blasted off this tweet overnight. wow, what a day, he wrote.
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so many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into the u.s. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. >> reporter: hours earlier, the republican presidential front- runner defended his stance to abc's barbara walters. >> there are people who have tremendously bad intentions. we have to be tough. we have to be smart. and we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: while his gop rivals have used words like unhinged, offensive, divisive and ridiculous to describe his proposal, the mayor of one of the largest cities in america offered up tougher words. >> he has taken a page from the playbook of hitler. >> reporter: across the country many muslims thought it brought up the internment of japanese- americans. >> we don't want a generation of what's happened in the past, the evils that have been happening in the past in this
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country to reoccur. >> reporter: still, some of trump's strongest supporters do not see it that way. >> we do need to look at these countries where these people are coming from. >> reporter: a new national poll taken before trump made his proposal found 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> trump has clarified he would allow foreign heads of state who are muslim to visit u.s. at a south bay mosque muslims condemned the violence in san bernardino as well as donald trump's message. >> we feel that what he said is illegal, unconstitutional and unwise. we feel that from a potential leader, we expect wisdom. >> the organizers say isis hijacked islam and doesn't represent the 1.9 billion muslims of the world. a married couple behind the
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san bernardino massacre may have been plotting another attack three years ago. cnn says syed farook and tashfeen malik had a target in 2012. sources say they got scared off when several terror-related arrests were made in the san bernardino area. another development in that case. the feds are looking into a loan taken out from a san francisco-based online lender called prosper. $28,500,000 was deposited in farook's bank account last month. investigators aren't sure how he used the money. they know some of the money went to his mother. a gun shop near the site of last week's massacre has seen a spike in sales. more than two dozen people lined up yesterday waiting for the store to open. it's less than two miles from where the shooting occurred. there's a similar story at a gun range in riverside where syed took target practice two days before the attack. business there up 60%. i got a little giggle from roberta because i called the
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weather chilly. >> you haven't been up at this hour for quite some time. [ laughter ] so last week we had temperatures -- >> it was colder last week. >> this week we have a shield of clouds around the bay area acting like a blanket so temperatures are mild but i have my eyes on this. it's our live hi-def doppler radar and if we go to the north you see the leading edge of precipitation. this is a pretty vigorous system marching this way. so see, do you have the clouds if you look very carefully there over the bay bridge where temperatures right now stand at 58 degrees in oakland back in through berkeley. otherwise, mid-50s in san jose and santa rosa. livermore low 50s. today with the clouds impending rain in the northern portion of the bay area north of the golden gate bridge our temperatures in the 60s across the board up to 65 degrees in morgan hill. 67 degrees in gilroy for outside number. these temperatures very mild into the 60s.
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a south breeze at 15 miles per hour. 50s and 60s to the north. we have the full forecast coming up in just less than 10 minutes but right now let's bring in liza battalones. good morning. we have the fog affecting the drive for some commutes this morning beginning with the golden gate bridge. so just keep that in mind if you plan to make the 101 commute. visibility is down heading across the golden gate southbound traffic still looking okay approaching san francisco and as of 3 a.m., chp issued a dense fog warning for the richmond/san rafael bridge but it doesn't look like it's an issue here at the toll plaza. still clear westbound traffic moving well across the span heading towards san rafael. the bay bridge commute looks good towards the bay bridge toll plaza. just keep in mind there is roadwork in the berkeley and emeryville areas. one lane is shut down westbound 80 just before that turnoff. that's a look at traffic. now to maria. the founder of the iconic clothing company the north face has died. the company got its start right here in san francisco almost 50 years ago.
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andria borba now on the legacy he left behind. reporter: douglas thompkins the man who kicked off conservation movement died in a kayaking accident in chile. >> very sad because he loved the outdoors. >> reporter: thompkins founded the north face in 1966. the original store was on columbus street. >> he really kind of was at the beginning of the outdoor industry and started it all. >> reporter: and he always had a mission in mind. >> you have to protect the places that we play. that's critical. that's definitely a big part of his legacy. >> reporter: at north face headquarters in alameda, his legacy from the outdoor clothing to leed certified building design can be seen all around. >> he and chris were so dedicated to saving the planet and to help inform us as to how to be responsible businesses that his loss is just so
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profound and so huge. >> reporter: thompkins bought more than 2 million acres of rain forest in chile and argentina to protect them from destruction eventually moving to south america. this is thompkins at the global economic symposium. >> whether each individual has the courage, um, and the -- and the, um, integrity, um, to be absolutely light on the earth and leave a very, very mild, um, carbon footprint, that's one question. >> reporter: thompkins is survived by his wife, mother, brother and daughter. in union square, andria borba, kpix 5. today a large protest is expected at the san francisco police commission meeting all in response to that deadly shooting of mario woods in the bayview. woods holding a knife when he was killed by police last wednesday a week ago. the police union and the department say the officers were justified in shooting woods but protestors say there was no need to open fire. a new san francisco arena for the warriors is closer to
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become reality. last night the board of supervisors unanimously approved the environmental impact report for the project in the mission bay. the only hurdle is the potential for lawsuits. the warriors say they expect continued opposition but still hope to open the $1 billion arena in time for the 2018 season. just getting going on this wednesday morning. 4:41 your time. they may look festive but these new holiday lights are causing problems. what makes them dangerous, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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easy new way to cover an en house.. but as mark kelly shows us: those colorful a lot more than many people are pulling out their holiday lights and there's an easy way to cover a house, but as mark kelly shows us those colorful displays can do more than dazzle neighbors. >> reporter: reporter: when flying chopper 5, pilot ron jameson has been blinded by a popular new kind of christmas light. >> very scary and it's potentially damaging to eyes. >> reporter: laser beams are fast becoming a quick and easy
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way to decorate the house for christmas. but they aren't putting pilots in the holiday mood. >> people need to be more cautious about, you know, the aircraft that are flying around them. >> reporter: for pilots, getting hit with one of these laser beam lights lights up their cockpit like the north pole. >> it goes through the wind screen and bounces off everything in there. you're engulfed in green light flickering all over the place and it's completely blinding. >> reporter: in fact, an american airlines pilot landing last week in dallas texas reported getting beamed with a laser. the culprit? a christmas display 22 miles away. >> it's a very dangerous thing. >> reporter: pilots call it getting lased. it's dangerous, according to the faa. >> people need to think about this technology more. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5, san francisco. more problems for the trendy hover boards around town. this one burst into flames prompting a full evacuation of a mall in washington state.
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we should note the stroller you see there was empty when the video was shot. this is just one of several incidents where a hover board has caught fire. >> i just seen sparks like a firework and before i had time to even say that it was on fire, the house was on fire. >> everyone escaped unharmed. the house was a total loss. air quality experts in the bay area are watching to see if severe pollution in china has a big impact here. the chinese government issued its first-ever pollution red alert for beijing. it closed schools and construction sites and they ordered millions of cars off the roads. a cbs news reporter in beijing described the conditions. >> visibility is less than a mile. you can smell the pollution. you can even taste it in the back of your throat. the levels that they are seeing in beijing are things we don't
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see even near wildfires. >> well, bad air from china does reach the western u.s. coast but it's not clear how much. uc-berkeley geo chemists are tracing pollution to try to measure the impact. a popular east bay lake has closed because of toxic algae. people aren't allowed to go into the water at lake del valle in livermore. it also provides drinking water to thousands in the bay area. but the east bay regional park district says the drinking water is safe because of the treatment process. that algae was discovered on monday. time now is 4:46. good morning, everyone. i think i' fully awake. >> you don't know how fractured i am about that story. >> you swim there. >> how about the fishing? i received a statement from east bay park and rec about the algae report and no swimming but i thought you have some great fishing out there bass fishermen -- well, anyway. i'm really bummed about that story right there and the water temperature has been like 67 degrees at lake del valle. hi, everybody. out the door, we have temperatures into the mid-50s
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looking towards mineta international airport and levi's stadium. boy, we're 60 days away from super bowl 50 seen right here on kpix 5 on february 7. into the 50s we are at this time. flat winds increasing today out of the south up to 15 miles per hour. our live hi-def doppler radar not picking up any rain as of yet but we're anticipating rain showers north of the golden gate bridge this afternoon. and then rain and wind for everyone as a cold front, this has nothing to do with el nino, slices through the bay area. there you have the moderate to heavy rainfall across the northwest section of the state of california. all this will be taking a nosedive south. you can track it. this is our futurecast. this is today at lunchtime across the north bay. some very light rain or sprinkles about the evening commute and later tonight. scattered light rain showers. but that's a front. you see it right there. and with this cold front, because we have a lot of colder air mass associated with it,
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it's so mild right now, we have the potential of isolated thunderstorms for your thursday. we have the winds kicking up to 40 miles per hour. and we'll have some wraparound moisture all the way through our friday before we begin to clear out by friday late afternoon into the evening hours. so here we go. when we tally up the numbers, over an inch of rain in many locations north of the golden gate bridge over .75" of rain in the pleasanton area. these are some pretty hefty totals over a 24-hour period and in the high sierra we are watching the watches and the advisories already going into effect for nearly two feet of snow at 7,000 feet and above. we should see that by friday afternoon. our temperatures today with the mostly cloudy skies into the 60s. here you have it that potential thunderstorms with the rain and wind on thursday. more rain anticipated from yet another cold front on sunday. that's a look at your weather forecast. >> liza, oakland down to one lane. caltrans on 880 and 580 slowing down traffic in the
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oakland area. i'll get to that in just a minute. first the fog affecting 101 traffic heading across the golden gate bridge. so give yourself some extra time to make this commute. not much in terms of traffic delays but it's foggy and the chp has issued a dennis o'donnell for 580 across the richmond/san rafael bridge. traffic and visibility are okay for another section of 580. westbound flowing well approaching the pay gates across the span. westbound 80 a couple of lanes shut down between the 580/880 turnoff. traffic in both directions of the nimitz, 880 through oakland. meantime, heading towards the san mateo bridge, that's still
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looking okay westbound traffic flowing well all the way across the span. we just checked in with the chp. no major accidents for bay area freeways so that's good shape no chain restrictions if you plan to head to the sierra but pack them. roberta says we have another system heading through here shortly. heading for the south bay 280 still rolling well approaching downtown san jose. there's still more than a week before the new "star wars" flick hits theaters but some cannot wait. they are catched out in front of hollywood boulevard's iconic chinese theater to be first in line for "star wars: the force awakens." this is where the first "star wars" movie premiered in 1977. these enthusiasts feel the force is strong over there. >> apparently. there is a new baby being posted all over news feeds on
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facebook. company ceo mark zuckerberg put this photo. he and his wife pledged to donate 99% of their facebook shares to charity when their daughter was born. helicopters flying low all around the area. they are actually pg&e choppers and they are stringing new power lines. more on the multi-million dollar project happening over the bay. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is your futurecast. by lunchtime light sprinkles and light passing showers north of the golden gate bridge try to impact the golden gate
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bridge, as well. then here you go by this evening scattered light rain showers but it is on thursday when a vigorous cold front races through the bay area producing up to 2 inches of rain in the wettest locations. we have slow traffic for 580 as it rolls through the oakland area. construction has multiple lanes shut down in both directions of 580 between broadway and 35th avenue. so that's going to cost you some time. you pass that construction zone traffic does okay heading through the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you still ahead. there's a new kind of loan that could help people looking to buy a home in the bay area. and it may not require a down payment. the san francisco federal credit union is offering a special home loan with up to 100% financing. that means a zero down payment. it's called a poppy, which stands for proud ownership purchase program for you. you must work in san francisco or san mateo county. >> in our community we saw a lot of members come in and
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really want to buy a home in that middle market where they have good jobs and made good income but didn't have the full 20% down. >> applicants will go through a strict vetting process and not everyone will qualify. even the home you buy has to be approved by the credit union. the majority of renters in the u.s. are over the age of 40 according to a new report from harvard university's joint center for housing studies and rents increased 7% between 2001 and 2014 while income fell 9% during tha period. for the next four to six weeks, there will be several pg&e chopper flying back and forth between the dumbarton and men and tools will be dangling from the coppers. they are part of a process to replace the massive power lines that cross the bay. >> this is a huge project.
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we are currently changing out 7 miles of 230kilovolt transmission lines. >> they are replacing thousands of cables installed more than 40 years ago. all men and tools have to be brought to the job. three legs of two cables each. the most powerful computer in the world is right in the sillicon valley. it's called quantum artificial intelligence and while it's a super-computer, it's controlled by a single microchip no bigger than a postal stamp. researchers from nasa and google says it can solve problems 100 million times faster than a standard computer. >> air traffic management, for airplanes in the air and on the surface at airports, other things coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles. >> researchers say quantum computing is still in its infancy but they are working on ways to make it faster, smarter
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and more powerful. does it seem like they are never offline anymore? a new pew research center poll finds more than 1 in 5 americans report being online constantly. 42% say they go online several times a day. the stats are not surprising. 75% of americans use a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. 4:57. one week after the massacre first responders sharing their stories about the shooting in san bernardino. that's as investigators look into where those guns came from. >> reporter: an online threat turns into a call to action. coming up why one east bay school chose today to address racial tensions. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in for m
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good morning, thank you so much for joining us. we're going to start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of those cars flowing nicely over there. it's wednesday, december 9. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:00. today special events are planned at berkeley high school in response to a computer post threatening violence against african-americans on this date. anne makovec is at berkeley high with how administrators hope to bring the community together. there is no threat here at becker high school. the person who made the threat has been identified and talked to but a school friend uses this as a teachable moment. they are holding two assemblies here and revising their curriculum in classes in response to a hate filled message that was posted on a school computer discovered on november 4. the student used


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