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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, thank you so much for joining us. we're going to start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of those cars flowing nicely over there. it's wednesday, december 9. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:00. today special events are planned at berkeley high school in response to a computer post threatening violence against african-americans on this date. anne makovec is at berkeley high with how administrators hope to bring the community together. there is no threat here at becker high school. the person who made the threat has been identified and talked to but a school friend uses this as a teachable moment. they are holding two assemblies here and revising their curriculum in classes in response to a hate filled message that was posted on a school computer discovered on november 4. the student used
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the "n" word twice and threatened a public lunching on december 9 in the name of the klan. 2,000 students walked out in response. later students applauded the administration for finding the suspect but some say there is a history of racism at berkeley. >> it hurts that we live in a place that's supposed to be so diverse. we are in berkeley, 2016 and we're still facing racism like this? >> reporter: administrators heard their message and planned today's activities. one assembly will be all day. students need a presents parental permission slip to attend that one and one at the end of the day all to talk about race relations. anne makovec, kpix 5. one week today since the shooting massacre in san bernardino and we are hearing from the brave first responders who rushed into danger. 14 people were killed, 21
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others injured when syed farook and tashfeen malik stormed into the facility a week ago today. one injured was a police officer. >> horrific. been around here 11 years in the city. i have never seen a scene like it in my life. >> when i was in there the male was already down in the street so i didn't know who was in the back of the car shooting at us but i could hear rifle fire coming out of the back of the car. >> according to investigators syed farook and tashfeen malik planned another attack prior to san bernardino but they backed out. they got their guns years ago from a former neighbor. donald trump is standing his ground after saying the u.s. should ban muslims from coming into the country. overnight the republican presidential candidate said on twitter, wow, what a day, so many foolish people who refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into the u.s. earlier he defended his stance in an interview with
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abc's barbara walters. >> there are people that have tremendously bad intentions. we have to be tough. we have to be smart. and we have to be vigilant. >> we do not want a generation of what's happened in the past the evils that have been happening in the past in this country to reoccur. >> critics say trump's proposal conjures up images of the internment of japanese- americans during world war ii. gop rivals said it was offensive and divisive. three guards pled not guilty. at a hearing yesterday, jereh lubin, and two others pled not guilty of assault. they are accused of killing michael tyree in august after hour after surveillance video showed them entering his cell. 5:03. if i have to be up this early in the morning. >> you can't think of better company? >> that's what i was going to say. [ laughter ]
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>> by the way, it was really chilly 60 degrees this morning. wasn't it? [ laughter ] >> it was so cold. >> all right, you guys. [ laughter ] >> it's very mild but things will change in a hurry and i can't tell you the dozens of emails i'm receiving from people saying, hey, i'm going to tahoe. when should i leave? i can't tell you that. all i can give you is the information and i hope you make wise choices. unless you leave right now -- [ laughter ] >> -- right now and then you come back on saturday, because we have another storm coming in on sunday. this is our hi-def doppler radar in the northwestern section of california. no reports of airport delays at this hour at mineta international airport. look how mild it is. into the 50s out the door. very nice temperatures into the 60s but we'll have scattered north bay showers. more details on that at 18 minutes after the hour of 5:00. bay area roads still looking good out there, roberta. no big accidents according to the chp and the bay bridge
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commute. still looking good. so it's not too late to beat the delays there. westbound traffic flowing well across the span. but the altamont pass the 580 commute is going to be slow for you. you could see some of those backups now. our sensors are picking up delays from 205 to about grant line. it's not backed up yet through the entire livermore valley. in fact, 580 still flowing well approaching the dublin interchange. no big delays approaching 680 but roberta has been talking about the snow and the sierra travel. no chain restrictions as of yet. but do pack them. i'll have more traffic in a few minutes. and later this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee will announce preparations for el nino storms including help for the homeless. the rain this winter could be heaviest in many years possibly setting records. today the mayor will talk about how the city is getting ready including setting up shelters for the homeless. and in san jose, concerns about el nino prompted the city council over there to declare an emergency housing crisis.
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they approved funding yesterday for overnight shelters at four locations all chosen because they are near existing homeless encampments as well as transit stops. they will operate from december 15 to march 31 whenever the forecast calls for especially cold or wet weather. a lot of uncertainty today about the future of yahoo. the once dominant internet brand just scrapped plans for a spinoff, no blow for their embattled ceo. kpix 5's keit do live at yahoo in sunnyvale with more on what this could mean. reporter: good morning. leaks are coming out after yahoo's board met last week to talk about what to do with alibaba. it looks like the company will not be selling off its alibaba shares according to unnamed sources. now, yahoo was hoping to unload its 15% stake of the chinese company for about $33 billion. but apparently the tax bill would eat up a third of the proceeds, roughly $10 billion would have to be paid to the
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irs. with the alibaba sell-off off the table that's a huge blow to the ceo. melissa meyer had been promising shareholders that since january using the cash to turn the company around. meyer has been ceo for 3.5 years and took over the job with much fanfare. she made a push for yahoo to become a content creator. shareholders are increasing pressure to sell off its web business which still has a billion users. the brand name still has value. >> we actually don't know whether yahoo as a company will still exist. i believe that yahoo the brand will still exist because there's still people who will click on sites because it says yahoo. >> now, meyer may reveal her plans in january. if there is a web business sell- off, that could be layoffs. kiet do, kpix 5, sunnyvale. a judge just agreed to consolidate more than 400
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lawsuits against volkswagen for its emissions scandal. the court decided the cases will be handled in california because more than 100 of the lawsuits pending are from this state. this fall the german automaker admitted installing software that only turned on emissions controlled during government testing in more than a half million cars. agencies are suing four wireless companies. they say verizon, at&t, sprint and t-mobile have overcharged state employees more than $100 million. the contracts with those companies required them to inform government agencies about the lowest cost option. the lawsuit claims they failed to do so resulting in all that extra cost. it is now 5:08. a storm just won't let up causing flooding, landslides and evacuations in washington and oregon. the latest on the record rainfall. >> they faced off with terrorists and now san bernardino police face a new tragedy. a young child murdered.
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who is under arrest for that killing? coming up. >> it's fired up. it's live kpix 5 high-def doppler radar and we're tracking when you should expect the rain. >> if you plan to make the 580 commute, there are delays this morning just as you leave the altamont pass. traffic breaks loose through the livermore valley but there are backups for 580 in oakland. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of aeducation. cbs cares. of aeducation. why let someone else have all ththfun? the sosotimemehaphphard,d, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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overnight. things got so record rainfall continues in the pacific northwest. this is the scene near portland, oregon overnight. things got so bad, roads were blocked off. some of the residents had to be evacuated. one resident describes the moment when strong winds brought a tree down onto his car. >> all of a sudden i heard a big whoosh come down and next thing i know, we got a tree down. >> we hope to clean it up quickly. >> over 3" of rain fell on portland in the last 24 hours. a san bernardino mother is under arrest this morning accused of killing her 5-year- old son. the boy was found with stab wounds yesterday at their home and died before he could be taken to a hospital. officers found 46-year-old maria isabel bautista de lopez with self-inflicted injuries. the news is affecting the
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neighbors. >> they were really nice, quiet. everyone around here is quiet and mind they own business so, you know, for something like this to happen is quite shocking. >> neighbors say the mother's boyfriend also lives in the home. police are not confirming if he was there at the time of the boy's death. health authorities in boston say dozens of college students who got sick after eating chipotle were not exposed to e. coli. they believe patients are showing symptoms of the norovirus, a gastrointestinal illness. boston college says 80 students including a number of members from the men's basketball team got sick. the incident is the latest to help you chipotle's franchise, which is investigating an e. coli outbreak at restaurants in nine different states. scientists are keeping up with california fishermen and crabber to help reduce the number of whales getting caught in fishing gear. this year more than 60 whales have been entangled in gear like this one near san diego in october. warmer water in the pacific ocean may be changing their travel habits.
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scientists are hoping the partnership will help them anticipate where the whales and the watermen are most likely to come together and warn boaters in the area. 5:14. a check of traffic, shall we? >> all right. let's do it. >> let's do it. >> all right. we're going to talk about the commute on this "hump day." good morning, guys. hi there, everybody. we are going to start off with 101 in the peninsula as rolls through the san bruno area where traffic so far is flowing well in both directions. lots of room on the bay shore freeway so far this morning. if you have to catch a flight at sfo and need to drive into the airport, no delays just outside of the airport at this hour. meantime, the rest of the commute, there is a car fire being reported right now on the west 580 transition ramp leading towards west 80 so as you leave oakland hills for the bay bridge toll plaza watch out for this car fire blocking one lane of traffic. meantime, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's still in good shape with no big delays leaving oakland heading into san francisco.
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fog has been an issu the past few mornings especially for the golden gate. it's not as bad today. southbound traffic looking okay approaching san francisco. there was a dense fog advisory issued by the chp overnight for the richmond bridge but visibility on the richmond bridge is also looking fine so far this morning. meantime, heading for 280 as it rolls through downtown san jose, that's moving well. we don't have any backups as of yet for that northbound 101 commute leaving the gilroy area bound for morgan hill and san jose. so our sillicon valley roadways are in good shape. no big problems for 580/680. but getting to the dublin interchange be prepared for some backups this morning. westbound 580 is going to be slow leaving the altamont pass from the 205 interchange approaching grant line. you can see our sensors on 580 are showing green. it is still flowing well approaching the dublin interchange. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. what time is it, liza? >> it's weather watcher time! >> 5:15 and as liza mentioned, it is weather watcher time. let's see who is awake with us this morning. we have lots of people.
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okay. let's take a look at this one, 52 degrees so says tim woods in benicia reporting fog. okay, foghorns, three nights now, it's getting annoying! i bet it is. thank you so much, tim. and 57 degrees so says steve and steve in los altos, what do you have to say for us this morning? good morning, roberta. it is 7 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. quite warm. you got that straight. it is warmer this morning, we have a blanket of clouds and that's keeping us mild. we are 60 days away from super bowl 50 to be played right there in the santa clara valley. temperatures now in san jose 56 degrees. look how mild it is stepping out. calm winds. we have dew point equal to the air temperature right now in napa so the visibility there is about a quarter mile with areas of fog. otherwise, our live hi-def doppler radar not picking up any rain here but look at that. across the northwestern quadrant of the state we have rain showers and it's getting more and more intense.
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pockets of fog out the door this morning. otherwise, we'll have some north bay showers developing this afternoon. some breezy south winds at 15, rain and potential of thunderstorms for everyone on thursday. there you have the leading edge of the precipitation all associated with the front. let's track it together but using our futurecast you have a spotty light shower north of the golden gate bridge by lunchtime and by the evening hours it becomes more widespread primarily lining the coast. there's the front. pretty vigorous. got a lot of cold air associated with it because it is a cold front. so when it mixes up with our warmer air mass, it's in place right now very mild, we have that potential of thunderstorms, isolated, at any time. wraparound moisture will keep you needing that umbrella all the way through friday morning. when we tally up the numbers over an inch across the north bay. nearly three-quarters along the coast. .75" or more east bay and about three-tenths in the san jose
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area. 62 today in sacramento. 53 in the high sierra but we do have a winter storm warning in effect tomorrow morning through friday morning. the snow will drop down to 4,000 feet. reno should see some light snow up to 2 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. pretty gusty winds, as well. here's your ski report. alpine meadows you have snow coming tomorrow. also kirkwood you could see two feet of snow in the highest elevations. lots of packed powder for your skiing and boarding today. 60s for us locally, again turning breezy. here's your extended forecast. it will be dicey. plan ahead for thursday. if you are heading to the high sierra leaving today, just keep in mind heading back home on sunday, heading back home on sunday -- we have more snow and rain in the forecast. and i did have somebody write in to me, richard from livermore said if this is a cold front moving in tomorrow, does that mean we have to start covering our plants? i don't see any temperatures dropping into the freezing point as of yet even though friday night to saturday morning we will see some mid- 30s. >> all right.
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thank you so much, roberta. >> all right, roberta. thanks. who makes better drivers, men or women? >> women. >> women! >> roberta says women. [ laughter ] >> i am so outnumbered here. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say, don't start with us, frank. we may never know for sure but some scientists in norway have a new conclusion on this battle of the sexes. they say men are better navigators. >> hear hear! >> testosterone didn't play a role in the navigation test. the scientists say "evolution" made men and women's brains develop differently. their research found men relied more on cardinal directions and took more shortcuts. >> i'm a shortcut guy but i thought men didn't take directions well. >> you know? i don't know about that study. >> i have seen you drive. >> i'm a good driver. hey! >> okay. [ laughter ] >> all right. it is 5:19. >> the cofounder of north face died in chile. the legacy his friends say he left behind. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we have the
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basketball shot of the year. i don't care if your kids aren't awake yet. get them out of bed right now. and the warriors, they took their road show to indiana. did the streak continue? got the answer coming up. >> and in this morning's jobs report, jill schlesinger looks at the booming demand for web developers. reporter: 'tis the season for online shopping. the national retail federation reports that almost half of all holiday shopping will be digital this year. consumers will likely spend $95.5 billion online in november and december up from $85.9 billion in 2014. and it's that growth in ecommerce that's boosting career prospects for web developers. job openings will rise 20% by 202 much faster than other careers. more shoppers heading online and brick and mortar retailers building out their digital offerings explains some of the demand. the other key driver? smartphones. as more people use their phones
5:21 am
to access the web, companies must create mobile-friendly websites. developers are responsible for designing, building, testing and deploying websites. while they do play a role in the creative side of projects, the bulk of their time is spent on more technical duties, turning a designer's vision into a functioning online destination. on average, web developers here in the bay area earn over $91,500 a year. and those with some graphic design know-how could make even more. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,
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good morning. with every win the warriors are setting a new record. last night a win at indiana, golden state would be 13-0 away from home. that would be the best start on the road in nba history. that is solomon steph trying to be like curry. 22-0 golden state run. final minute of the half. klay thompson for three. he had 29 in the first half. 39 for the game. 10 three-pointers. second half, bogut to steph. warriors 28 after 3. klay back in, rolls his ankle. he would leave the game.
5:25 am
he doesn't believe it is serious. warriors win 131-123. they are now tied for the second longest win streak in nba history at 27 games. how about the ice? sharks' logan couture returns. the flames score from the right in front of the net. and calgary wins 4-2. san jose now has lost 4 in a row. warriors are back in action on friday at boston and then the following day milwaukee. that will end their road trip and you got to wonder, last game milwaukee, legs are tired? we'll see. but the streak lives on. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, high school basketball, minnesota trailing northfield by 2. northfield misses the foul shot and austin's oman oman picks up the ball and boom! full court three-pointer. and it's at the buzzer. one more time.
5:26 am
that's all she wrote. austin wins 57-56 on an unbelievable shot and your play of the day. it is now 5:26. he may look officials but cops say this guy is a fake. the store he is accused of targeting. >> reporter: and after a student threatens to lynch others an east bay high school reacts to work for peace in race relations. we'll tell you the plan next. ,,
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house,
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where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here! the suspect police are now looking for. - topic two weather ad libs a robber pistol whips a babysitter inside an east bay
5:30 am
home as the child watches. police are looking for a suspect. >> i'm kiet do live at yahoo headquarters in sunnyvale. ceo marissa mayer's plans to turn around the company hits a bump. >> this time tomorrow morning we are going to have wind. we'll have rain. we'll track thunderstorms together. >> there are backups at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have more traffic coming up. >> good morning, time now 5:30. today isn't a normal schoolday at berkeley high school. special courses and other events are planned to respond to an online threat against blacks on this very date. anne makovec is at berkeley high this morning where administrators are trying to raise awareness and heal any racial division on the campus there. good morning. >> reporter: i want to make it clear that there is no threat to the high school today. the student who made that
5:31 am
threat is identified and talked to. the school is using this as a teachable moment and holding two assemblies today and changing curriculum in classes. this is all in response to a message that surfaced on november 4. it was found on a school computer. a student used the "n" word twice and threatening a public lunching on december 9 in the name of the ku klux klan. the message sparked school wide outrage. 1600 to 2,000 students staged a walkout in response. there is a history of racist rhetoric at berkeley high, according to some. >> one time we found a noose on campus. we want to know when it's going to stop. >> reporter: administrators planned today's activities in response. so there's going to be one assembly that will last all
5:32 am
day. students need parental permission slips to participate in that one. there will be a schoolwide assembly at the end of the day. anne makovec, kpix 5. an armed robber is on the loose after attacking a nanny in the east bay yesterday afternoon in orinda on el castillo on highway 24. the man approached the babysitter asking for help. when she told him she didn't speak english he left but returned with a gun and broke down the door. >> he kicked the door in, breaking it off the frame and went in the house presenting a pistol. >> when he hit her on the back of the head with his gun. >> to make matters worse, the family's 5-year-old child was inside the home the entire time. the robber made his getaway in the family's black porsche suv with license plate 6vmk320. he looks like a sheriff's deputy but take a look. cops say he is a fake.
5:33 am
they say he has been going around grocery stores in san mateo -- in san mateo posing as a deputy. you see him dressed like a deputy. police said he told employees he was investigating a theft and needed to get in the cash office. employees got suspicious and he left. investigators think he may have done something similar last month at a safeway in san mateo. donald trump standing his ground after saying the u.s. should ban muslims from entering the country. overnight the republican presidential candidate posted on twitter, wow! what a day! so many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into the u.s. earlier he defended his statement in an interview with barbara walters on abc. >> there are people who have tremendously bad intentions. we have to be tough. we have to be smart. and we have to be vigilant. >> we do not want a generation of what has happened in the
5:34 am
past, evils that happened in this country to reoccur. >> critics say trump's proposal conjures up images of the intern elementary of japanese in american camps during world war ii. gop rivals say it's offensive and devicer. muslims gathered last night to condemn the massacre in san bernardino as well as donald trump. >> we feel that what he said is illegal, unconstitutional and unwise. we feel that from a leader or potential leader, we expect wisdom. >> organizers say isis hijacked the religion of islam and doesn't represent the many muslims in the world. it's been exactly one week since the shooting rampage in san bernardino and police now say the couple behind the deadly shooting syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik planned a previous attack but backed
5:35 am
out. also one of the guns they used were bought several years ago by a neighbor. police say that man is cooperating with their investigation. 5:35. enjoy today because it will rain tomorrow which a couple of inches in some spots. >> in the wettest locations of the north bay. we'll have two feet of snow in the high sierra so we have lots of watches and warnings going into effect tonight. we have a high wind watch that will be going into effect not until 10 p.m. until then it's fired up. it's live hi-def doppler radar. and it's trying to find a raindrop in and around the bay area. that's not the case right now but look upstream. we have plenty of precipitation lining the northwestern section of the state of california. that will be taking a nosedive into our area. it is raining in eureka. it is raining all the way into garberville this morning. we'll see renegade showers in advance of the precipitation later today around lunch hour.
5:36 am
santa clara valley looking at levi's stadium, 60 days away from super bowl 50 and we have 56 in san jose. it's a mild morning. and it's going to pan out to be a mild day under mostly cloudy skies. winds will increase out of the south at 15. the mild weather and the cooler air coming in, i'll talk about how that's going to impact your thursday but right now let's send it over to liza battalones. we are going to talk about this morning's commute and your "hump day" drive along 101 still looking okay. if you have to catch a flight at sfo, 101 through the peninsula still moving well. here are live pictures of 101 near san bruno avenue. no delays either for 280. but if you plan to make the bay bridge commute, just like clockwork at 5:30, the metering lights were switched on, and we now have a backup extending to it the 880 overcrossing again expect delays now for the bay bridge commute. it's also backed up approaching the altamont pass where west 580 is slow from 205 approaching and passing grant line now. no delays as of yet approaching the dublin interchange.
5:37 am
and bart is on time. i'll have another update on bart and an update on sierra travel with my next "kcbs traffic report" in less than 10 minutes. maria. >> thank you. the founder of the iconic clothing company the north face has died. the company got its start right here in san francisco almost 50 years ago. it's now headquartered ago. management at the location on columbus street said his legacy goes beyond just clothing. >> he and chris were so dedicated to saving the planet and inform us as to how to be responsible businesses that, um, you know, his loss is profound. >> he died in a kayaking accident. today large protests are expected at san francisco's police commission meeting. it's in response to that deadly
5:38 am
shooting of mario woods in the bayview. woods was holding a knife when he was killed by officers a week ago. the police union and the department say the officers were justified in the shooting but protestors say there was no need to open fire. more fuel for critics of yahoo's ceo marissa meyer. the sunnyvale company is aband credit card numbers a big abandoning part of its plans. kiet do reports. >> reporter: loose lips sink ships. unnamed sources are talking after yahoo's board met last week and so yahoo will not be selling off its alibaba shares because the tax big is too high. this according to reports by bloomberg and cnbc. yahoo was hoping to unload a 16% stake in the company for $33 billion but taxes would be a third and $10 billion would have to be paid to the irs.
5:39 am
with the alibaba sell-off off the table that's a huge blow to ceo marissa meyer. she had been promising shareholders this since january to use the cash to turn the company around. she made a push for yahoo to become a content creator on top of mail, flicker and tumblr. activists shareholders are increasing pressure to sell off the web business which has a billion users and the brand name has value. marissa meyer has been ceo for three years. shareholder patience is running out and her future may be in jeopardy. >> they have given her a decent amount of time so it's not unreasonable for them to be thinking about that. >> reporter: and meyer may reveal her plans in january. if there is a web business sell- off, we could be look at more layoffs. live at yahoo headquarters in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. a san francisco tech company has replaced google as the best play to work.
5:40 am
jill wagner of joins us from new york with that and the day's financial news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the market fell for a second day. the reason is the falling price of oil for a second day. it's near a seven-year low. the dow was down 162. the nasdaq fell 3. the federal government's five-star safety rating system for new cars and trucks is going high-tech. the new system will now look at whether vehicles have technology to avoid crashes, such as automatic braking and how well drivers and passengers are protected during an accident. glass doors out with its annual list of the best places to work. the workers vote. airbnb took the top spot for the first time ever over taking google which fell to number 8. some workers say in addition to a good work culture, airbnb san francisco office is beautiful.
5:41 am
meals are made in-house with vegetarian and gluten-free options. i feel lucky when i get some leftover stale coffee. >> chips and that's about it. >> jill, the political season and holiday season collide with a new gift item available. what's that about? >> reporter: okay. so presidential campaigns really thinking beyond the bumper sticker. hillary clinton ted cruz and ben carson have all rolled out ugly sweaters for the holidays. the prices range from 30 to $65. that's creative. got to give them that. >> if you want ugly, there you go. [ laughter ] >> i'm not sure i want to pay that much. see where it goes. >> reporter: it's a lot for kind of like a gag gift. >> who wants to spend that? thanks, jill. have a good day. 5:41. air pollution on the other side of the world is coming to the west coast. how experts across the bay area are working to monitor the bad
5:42 am
air coming out of china. >> and a live look at i-880 over in oakland, that's what your commute is looking like. you want to know what your traffic is looking like on your way to work? liza has details coming up after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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laser beams are a quick andy ways to decorate houses. but they can present helicopter poplar new kind of "holiday light" is causing problems for pilots. laser beams present a hazard to pilots. if it hits an aircraft windshield, the whole cockpit can light up. the pilot experienced it firsthand. >> reporter: green lights
5:45 am
firsthand. >> blinding in the cockpit with light all over the place. >> a pilot in dallas was hit with a laser and it was from a christmas display some 22 miles away. pilots jokingly call it getting raised. a new san francisco arena for the warriors is closer to becoming reality. last night the board of supervisors unanimously approved the environmental impact report for the project in the mission bay neighborhood. the only anticipated hurdle left is a potential for lawsuits. the warriors say they do expect continued opposition but they still hope to open the $1 billion arena in time for the 2018 season. air quality experts in the bay area watching to see if severe pollution in china has a big impact here in the u.s. chinese government issued its first-ever pollution red alert for beijing. the alert closed schools, forced construction sites to shut down and ordered millions of cars off the roads, too. bad air from china reaches the
5:46 am
west coast but it's not clear how much. uc-berkeley geochemists are trying to measure the effects. a popular east bay lake is closed because of toxic algae. people are not allowed to go into the water at lake del valle in livermore. it provides drinking water to thousands in the bay area but the east bay regional park district says the drinking water is safe because of the treatment process. that algae was discovered on monday. roberta was in the lake about two days ago, right? >> pretty much. >> yea. we swim out and back a mile about four days ago. it's heaven on earth. >> traffic, how are we doing? slow at the bay bridge toll plaza but no major accidents. if you plan to make the bay bridge commute it will be 15 minutes through the backup right here westbound traffic slow from the 880 overcrossing approaching the metering lights which were switched on around 5:30 this morning. there is an accident in the clearing stages before you get
5:47 am
to this in emeryville, westbound 80 near powell. at one point we had a lane of traffic shut down. the golden gate commute was foggy a few moments ago. looks like it's not an issue anymore. southbound traffic looks okay approaching san francisco. there was a dense fog advisory issued by the chp overnight for the richmond/san rafael bridge. sillicon valley commute 280 still good approaching and passing downtown san jose. again, chp reporting no major accidents out there. if you have to catch a flight at sfo, need to drive out there, 101 looking good in both directions. just outside of the airport. i checked in with the chp, they say no chain restrictions right now for sierra travelers. but do pack them anyway. we have a big storm headed -- i guess it's going to be here today, right, roberta? we'll see light sprinkles due to it but most of it tomorrow. >> okay.
5:48 am
all right. today, tomorrow, just bring chains to tahoe. no accidents locally. an earlier problem in emeryville is cleared out. that's your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> traffic and weather together! it's our live weather camera looking out at the bay bridge a bit obscured due to patchy fog. we have visibility an issue in santa rosa at a mile, a quarter mile in napa. it's 56 degrees in san jose. the winds will increase today out of the south at 15. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. santa rosa the latest observation says light rain there but i think it's the drizzle associated with the fog bank there. we have rain upstream. and some of the renegade showers in advance of the activity will move into the north bay today around lunch hour. so light showers anticipated in the north bay during the day today becoming more widespread tonight. we'll see the winds increasing
5:49 am
and rain and wind and the potential for a thunderstorm on thursday. that's the leading edge of the system. it's a front. it will slice from the north to the south. in fact, we can track it together. this is futurecast. by 1:00 this afternoon you see that hit-and-miss scattered showers in the north bay more widespread overnight. this time tomorrow we'll be talking about heavy rain, gusty winds, some gusts up to 40 miles per hour. and then again you have a lot of cold air associated with this cold front. it's going to overtake the warm air mass where we are in the mid-50s and we have chances of an isolated thunderstorm and wraparound moisture through friday morning and when it's all said and done by friday afternoon up to 3/4" around the coast into the east bay over three-tenths to the south. over an inch to the north. snow on the fly, by this time tomorrow, in the high sierra. by the time it trails off friday afternoon, up to 2 feet of snow in the highest elevations. it's going to snow down to
5:50 am
4,000 feet! we have a sun-up at 7:13. we'll see a little hint of it. overall mostly cloudy skies today. temperatures into the 60s. here's your extended forecast. it will start snowing on thursday and snow through friday afternoon in tahoe and then again on sunday so plan accordingly. we have rain thursday and then again on sunday. have a great day. the new "star wars" film doesn't open in theaters for more than a week but some people clearly can't wait. >> yeah. take a look. they are camped out in front of hollywood boulevard's iconic chinese theater to be the first in line for "star wars: the force awakens." this is where the first "star wars" movie premiered in 1977 and these enthusiasts feel the force is strong there. 5:50. in the market for a new home? how would you like to buy one with no money down? next the new kind of loan only available in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
time check for you on this "hump day," 5:53. good morning, everyone. it is live, it is hi-def doppler radar. we are in search of rain right now because bottom line is, this is the calm before the
5:54 am
storm. the storm that will bring up to 2" of rain locally. the details as the news continues. we have an accident now on the nimitz. watch out for this problem in hayward north 880 just before hesperian. it's a four-car accident with at least one lane shut down. we'll have a look at traffic coming up. a new kind of loan could help people looking to buy a home in the bay area and it may not require a down payment. the san francisco federal credit union is offering a special home loan with up to 100% financing and that can mean a zero down payment. it's called a poppy, which stands for proud ownership purchase program for you but there is a catch. you must work in san francisco or in san mateo county. >> in our commute we saw a lot of members come in and really want to buy a home in the middle market where they have good jobs and made good income but they just didn't have that full 20% down.
5:55 am
>> applicants will go through a strict vetting process and not everyone will qualify. even the home you buy has to be approved by the credit union. the majority of renters in the u.s. are over the age of 40. that's according to the a new report from harvard university. the report also points out rent prices are rising faster than wages. it says rents increased 7% between 2001 and 2014. income fell 9% during those years. 5:55 your time. pg&e is using helicopters to make electrical upgrades over the bay. for the next four to six weeks, several choppers will fly back and forth near the dumbarton bridge and they will have men and tools dangling underneath. this is all part of a $35 million project to replace massive power lines that cross the bay. >> this is a huge project. we are currently changing out 7 miles of 230 kilovolts
5:56 am
transmission lines. >> they are replacing 23,000 volt cables originally installed more than 40 years ago. every, single nut, tool and lineman have to be airlifted to each tower. the men have to get the towers ready for the new cables specifically three legs of two cables each. it is 5:56. an armed robber is on the loose in the east bay after busting into a home and pistol whipping the nanny in front of a 5-year- old. >> reporter: an online threat turns into a call to action. coming up, why one east bay school chose today to try to break down racial barriers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
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5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat a bay area nanny -- pistol-whipped during a home good morning, wednesday, december 9. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat.
6:00 am
nearly 6:00. a bay area nanny attacked. the attack happened in orinda on el castillo. christin ayers reports. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it of course. , um, it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: the nightmare began outside karen's orinda home. a man approached the nanny who was sweeping up the yard and asked her a question. >> she said she didn't speak english and he left. >> reporter: minutes later once the nanny was inside, orinda police say the man returned with a gun and this time, he broke in. >> kicked the door in, breaking it off the frame, and entered the house presenting a pistol. >> reporter: he wanted money and when the nanny told him the family doesn't carry cash -- >> that's when he hit her on the back of the head with his gun. >> reporter: police say he robbed the place and he demanded the keys to the family porsche and took off in it. the nanny ran next door to david funk's house. >>


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