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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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nearly 6:00. a bay area nanny attacked. the attack happened in orinda on el castillo. christin ayers reports. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it of course. , um, it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: the nightmare began outside karen's orinda home. a man approached the nanny who was sweeping up the yard and asked her a question. >> she said she didn't speak english and he left. >> reporter: minutes later once the nanny was inside, orinda police say the man returned with a gun and this time, he broke in. >> kicked the door in, breaking it off the frame, and entered the house presenting a pistol. >> reporter: he wanted money and when the nanny told him the family doesn't carry cash -- >> that's when he hit her on the back of the head with his gun. >> reporter: police say he robbed the place and he demanded the keys to the family porsche and took off in it. the nanny ran next door to david funk's house. >> there was a bit of blood on
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her hand and she had a contusion on her neck. >> reporter: the nanny will be okay, went to the hospital. police have no leads. karen doesn't feel safe. you think orinda is great. you would never think that would happen here. >> reporter: police are asking people to be on the lookout for that stolen porsche. it's a black suv with license plate 6v mk320. in orinda, christin ayers, kpix 5. today special events are planned at berkeley high school in response to a racist computer post threatening violence on this date. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: there is no threat to students here at berkeley high school today.
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the person who made the threats has been identified and "talked to." administrators are holding two assemblies and changing some of the curriculum in several classes. this is all in response to this on line post made on november 4. it was found on a school computer. a student used the "n" word twice and threatened a public lynching on december 9 which is today, all in the name of the ku klux klan. that message sparked outrage. almost 2,000 students staged a walkout in response. and later students applauded the administration for finding the suspect. but some say there is still a history of racist rhetoric at berkeley high. >> it really hurts that we live in a place that's supposed to be so diverse. you know, we're in berkeley, and it's 2015 and this is happening. >> reporter: administrators heard the message and planned the activities. one assembly is lasting all day
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long. students need parents permission to participate in that and there will be a school assembly at the end of the day. live in berkeley, anne makovec, kpix 5. time for traffic now. lots of accidents out around the bay area roads i guess, right? >> just in the last 10 minutes we have had a series of accidents coming in a lot of them in the san leandro, castro valley areas. as we go to our first map, accidents along westbound 580 just before 238, another one northbound 880 before hesperion and a crash being reported for west 92 just before the san mateo bridge toll plaza. so do give yourself some extra time if you need to make the commute along 238, 880 or west 92 through the east bay. the san mateo bridge itself that's going to be fine. so far this morning again, there's an accident just beyond this picture holding back a lot of the traffic westbound 92 before the toll plaza. meantime, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, just like clockwork those meet are switched on at 5:30 and since
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then delays extend to the 880 overcrossing. brief delay westbound 4 as you leave antioch bound for pittsburg. it's mild due to a blanket of clouds, mid- and high-level clouds. we have pockets of fog pretty much around the san rafael and visibility down to one mile. it's live hi-def doppler radar. not picking up any rain. this is the leading edge, it's a front. it's associated with a cold front that's going to be slicing from the north across the bay area, this time tomorrow morning. we could see renegade showers that breakaway from the garberville area moving into the north bay by lunch hour so a hit-and-miss scattered showers north of the golden gate bridge. right now again, a deck of cloudiness. temperatures we are into the 50s very mild but later today, with an increasing wind out of
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the south up to 15 miles per hour, temperatures will top off in the low to mid-60s. tell you what we are going to do. we are going to crunch the numbers and put them together. we'll tell you how much rain to expect tomorrow at 48 minutes after the hour. large protests expected at the san francisco police commission meeting in response to that deadly shooting of mario woods in the bayview neighborhood. woods was holding a knife when he was killed by five officers last wednesday. the police union and the department say the officers were justified in shooting woods but protestors say there was no need to open fire. three santa clara jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death have pled not guilty. the three men all pled not guilty to an assault charge against an inmate. the guards are accused of killing michael tyree in august an hour after surveillance cameras shoulder them entering his cell. donald trump is under fire. leaders from both political
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parties are rebuking the billionaire businessman and republican presidential front- runner. but as don champion tells us, trump is unfazed. >> reporter: adding fuel to the firestorm, donald trump blasted off this tweet overnight, whoo, what a day, he wrote. so many foolish people who refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into the u.s. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. >> reporter: hours earlier, the republican presidential front- runner defended his stance to abc's barbara walter. >> there are people who have tremendously bad intentions. we have to be tough. we have to be smart. and we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: while his gop rifles have used words like unhinged, offensive, divisive and ridiculous to describe his proposal, the mayor of one of the largest cities in america offered up tougher words. >> he has taken a page from the
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playbook of hitler. >> reporter: across the country muslims say the ban brought up frightening memories of the internment of japanese- americans during world war ii. >> we do not want a generation of what has happened in the past, the evils that have been happening in the past in this country to reoccur. >> reporter: some of trump's strongest supporters do not see it that way. >> we do need to look at these countries where these people are coming from. >> reporter: a new national poll taken before trump made his proposal found 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. don champion, cbs news, new york. at a south bay mosque last night people condemned the violence in san bernardino as well as donald trump's statement. >> we feel that what he said is illegal, unconstitutional, and unwise. we feel that from a leader or
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from a potential leader, we expect wisdom. >> the organizers say isis hijacked the religion of islam and doesn't represent the muslims in the world. a judge just agreed to consolidate more than 400 lawsuits against volkswagen over its emissions scandal. the court decided the cases will be handled in california because more than 100 lawsuits pending are from the state. this fall the german automaker admitted to installing software that only turned on pollution controls during government testing in nearly a half million u.s. cars. today the u.s. senate will likely approve a change in education policy replacing the controversial "no child left behind" act. the every child succeeds act still requires testing of about half of public school students but it doesn't threaten sanctions like federal takeovers of schools that miss benchmarks. instead it directs states to intervene. president obama said he will sign it. it is 608 times.
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a police impersonator -- it is 6:08. a police impersonator is convincing. >> live from yahoo headquarters in sunnyvale where ceo marissa meyer's plan to turn the company around suffers a major setback. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we are tracking not just one but two storms heading this way. let's go ahead and track it together. >> and there's an accident now in marin county. south 101 near tiburon boulevard, i'll tell you what lanes are shut down and how much time it's going to cost with "kcbs traffic." ,, the gets to work by 8:00...ids, and always manages to give them a healthy lunch. the newlyweds seeking out wholesome meals and exciting flavors for their new cookware.
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the guy who finally decided to kick 35 years of bad snacking habits. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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it is wednesday, "hump day," december 9. this is gotham city! wow, is that dramatic?! we have a layer of fog and then above that, we have mid- and high-level clouds. and on top of that, we have
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light rain that will move into the north bay. we'll tell you when you will need that umbrella in less than 4 minutes. thanks, roberta. record rainfall continues up north in the pacific northwest. this is the scene of portland overnight. things got so bad, roads were blocked off. some residents had to be evacuated. over 3 inches of rain fell in the metro portland area in 24 hours. a popular east bay lake is closed because of toxic algae. people are not allowed to go into the water at lake del valle in livermore. it provides drinking water to thousands in the area. but the water is safe because of the treatment process to drink. he looks like a sheriff's deputy but cops say he is a fake. they say he has been going around grocery stores in san mateo posing as a deputy. in this surveillance video, you see him in uniform complete with a tactical vest, belt and some patches police say he told an employee he was
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investigating a theft and he demanded to question someone inside the cash office. the suspicious cashier said no. and the man left. this one we take personal because he sought to exploit the trust that the public puts in our uniform and badge so we're pretty much going to stop at nothing to catch him. >> investigators are looking into whether he is also behind another attempted robbery at a safeway in san mateo last month. in that characters the two suspects took -- in that case, the two suspects took off when no employee opened the safe. uncertainty about the future of yahoo. they scrapped plans for a spinoff. no blow for their embattled ceo marissa meyer. kiet do has more. >> reporter: good morning. leaks are now coming out after yahoo's board met last week over what to do with alibaba. it looks like the company will not be selling off its alibaba shares. this according to to unnamed
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sources with bloomberg and cnbc. yahoo was hoping to unload its 15% stake in the china these company for $33 billion but apparently the dax bill would cost them so billion dollars to the irs. with the alibaba sell-off, off the table it's a huge blow to ceo marissa meyer. she had been promising shareholders that since january. with the hopes of using the cash to spur some kind of innovation and turn the company around. she has been ceo for 3 1/2 years and took over with fanfare. she made a push for yahoo to become a content creator on top of what they already do with yahoo mail, flicker and tumblr. activist shareholders are increasing pressure on the company to sell off its web bisbee still has a billion users and while the brand name still has value. >> we don't know whether yahoo the company will still exist. i believe the brand will still exist because it's a popular site. >> reporter: meyer may reveal her plan in january. if there is a sell-off, we
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could be looking at more layoffs. live at yahoo headquarters in sunnyvale. kiet do, kpix 5. well, the new "star wars" film opens in more than a week but people are still camped out in front of the theater on hollywood boulevard to be the first in line for "star wars: the force awakens." this is where the first "star wars" movie premiered in 1977. experts are speculating the film could make upwards of $300 million just in its opening weekend. and how much money is that? well, that's what attack of the clones made over its entire domestic run. >> the movie is just as good the next day. [ laughter ] >> you don't have to wait in line. just a thought. but -- >> true. >> some people are fanatics, i guess. well, okay. >> line up. [ laughter ] >> not the first day. >> just like franco said it's just as good the next day. >> you have "star wars"
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costumes, don't you? >> my company car looks like chewbaka. it does. [ laughter ] >> i had a really bad hair day. good morning, guys. hi there, everybody. we are going to talk about your wednesday commute where all of a sudden it's getting busier. chp is reporting on accidents. we are going to start off in mill valley. that's where we have this overturn accident south 101 just beyond tiburon boulevard in mill valley. we have a couple of lanes shut down there. it is going to be slow for put just beyond the highway 4 turnoff. meantime, over at the golden gate, southbound traffic still flowing well approaching the golden gate bridge. we have not had any major issues for this commute. it was foggier especially in the 5:00 hour. a lot of that is now gone. southbound traffic looks okay approaching san francisco. do keep in mind, we do have this accident along the guadalupe parkway in san jose. northbound 87 approaching curtner at least one lane of traffic is shut down. you can see we have very slow traffic for that northbound
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commute along the guadalupe parkway. be prepared for delays especially going to mineta international airport. the cluster of accidents we had along 880/238 and west 92 have all been pushed off to the side. they are all causing backups. westbound 580 slow pasting 238 turnoff, northbound 280 heavy through hayward. once you make the commute towards the san mateo bridge, that looks okay. earlier backups at the san mateo bridge toll plaza is gone. bay bridge, metering lights turned on at 5:30. we have backups now extending into the macarthur maze. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. i know things. >> she has costumes. >> she wears things on the weekend? >> maybe! >> overcast look toward the bay bridge where we have a combination of some areas of fog. we have mid- and high level cloudiness. but it's a mild morning due to the blanket of clouds.
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temperatures currently 56 in san francisco. and then due east of the bay bridge it is 56 degrees in oakland, almost uniform. live hi-def doppler radar not picking up any kind of precipitation right now but santa rosa is reporting light rain. i believe that's all associated with the condensation of the dense fog there. this is where we have the bulk of the activity. this is the front draped across the northwest part of the state. it's raining in eureka and garberville and some of these showers could run in advancements of this front and that's why we have to say expect a light scattered renegade shower in the north bay today. otherwise, the bulk of the activity begins to move in after the midnight hour. and that's when we're going to have a stormy thursday queued up. here's our satellite and radar. you can clearly see that is the frontal boundary. it's going to move north to south. you can see the light precipitation today up against lunch hour in the north bay and
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then that's where pretty much stays. but by late tonight, we start to see widely scattered light rain showers. that's the front of the and with this colder air mass, this is the cold front, it's going to override our very mild temperatures that we are experiencing right now. that's why we have to put in the potential of an isolated thunderstorm containing small hail. that's wraparound moisture so when it starts raining tomorrow about this time of the morning, it's going to rain all the way until friday morning then we'll tal lip the numbers like this. over an inch of rain to the north. quarter inch through cupertino. three-quarters inch the coast and into the east bay. high sierra, we are talking about two feet of snow above 7,000 feet. it's going to snow down to 4,000 feet with the winter storm warning in effect. there's your sun-up and 60s across the board today. stormy thursday and sunday. none of this has to do with el nino. 6:20. we have recently seen a human
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number of whales tangled in fishing gear off the california coast. now a unique partnership is being formed to reverse that trend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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day... high school hoops in minnesota... austin trailing good morning, everyone. with every win it seems that the warriors are setting a new record. last night, a win at indiana, golden state would be 13-0, away from home. that would be the best start on the road in nba history. that is solomon hill trying to be like steph. he has work to do. late 1st quarter warriors up 13. curry knocks down the three. that was a 22-0 golden state run. final minute of the half, how about klay thompson for three?
6:25 am
at 29 in the first half, 39 for the game, 10 three-pointers. second half, andrew bogut alley- oops from steph. bogut had 14 points and 10 row wounds. warriors led by 28 after three. indiana rallied in the 4th. final minute of the game, though, klay back in, rolls his ankle! he would leave the game. he doesn't believe it is serious. warriors win 131-123. they are now tied for the second longest win streak in nba history at 27 games. how about the ice, logan couture returned after having a broken leg. tied at 2. the flames michael foley scores from the right in front of the net. and calgary wins 4-2. san jose now has lost 4 in a row. warriors back in action on friday at boston and then the following day milwaukee. that will end their road trip and you got to wonder, last
6:26 am
game, milwaukee, legs are tired? we'll see. but the streak lives on. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. dennis, play of the day. high school hoops. we are going to take you to minnesota. austin trailing northfield by 2. northfield missing a foul shot. austin's oman oman says, i will take it upon myself to win the game! that's a full court shot from way downtown! overhand. and boom! it's good! [ applause and cheers ] >> and it's at the buzzer. it's your play of the day from some high schoolers in minnesota. it is 6:26. four major wireless companies are accused of overcharging in california. why the uc regents are among dozens of plaintiffs in a new lawsuit. >> reporter: after a high school student threatens to lynch other students, an east bay high school responds to work for peace. we'll tell you what they are planning today next. ,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 6-- an armed robber is on the l af good morning, it is wednesday, december 9. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:30. an armed robber is on the loose after attacking a nanny in the east bay. it happened yesterday afternoon in orinda on el castillo right off highway 24, where police say the man first approached the babysitter asking for help. she didn't speak english and he left and he came back with a gun and wasn't looking for help. >> kicked the door in, breaking it off the frame and the entered the house presenting a pistol. >> when he hit her on the back of the head with his gun. >> to make matters worse the family's 5-year-old child was
6:31 am
in the home during the incident. the man stole the family's porsche. the married couple behind the san bernardino massacre may have been plotting another attack three years. syed farook and tashfeen malik had a target in 2012 but sources say they got scared off when several terror-related arrests were made in the san bernardino area. in another development in the case, the feds are looking into a loan taken out from a san francisco-based online lender called prosper. $28,500 were deposited into farook's bank account last month. investigators are not sure if he used the money to buy weapons. they do know some of it went to his mother. today is not a normal day at berkeley high. special courses and other events are planned to respond to an online threat against african-american students on this date. anne makovec is at berkeley high this morning where administrators are trying to raise awareness and heal any
6:32 am
racial division on the campus. anne. >> reporter: there is no threat to students here at berkeley high today. the student who made the threat has been identified and "talked to." but they are planning some special curriculum here and two assemblies basically administrators trying to use this as a teachable moment. it's all in response to this hate-filled message posted ton a school computer on november 4. a student using the "n" word and threatening a public lynching on december 9 which is today all in the name of the ku klux klan. this message sparked school wide outrage. up to 2,000 students staging a massive walkout in response. later students applauded the administration for finding the suspect in this case but some say there is a history of racist rhetoric at berkeley high. >> the exact time last year we found a noose on campus and we just want to know when it's going to stop.
6:33 am
>> reporter: administrators heard those students' message and planned today's activities in response. there's one assembly that's going on all day long and need their parents' permission to participate. but there will be a schoolwide assembly at the end of the day. live in berkeley, anne makovec, kpix 5. concerns about el nino prompted the san jose city council to declare an emergency housing crisis. they approved funding yesterday for overnight shelters for the homeless at four locations. all were chosen because they are near existing encampments as well as transit stops. they will operate from december 15 to march 31, whenever the forecast calls for especially cold or wet weather. and later this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee will announce similar preparations. he will talk about how the city is getting ready for the expected storm. that includes setting up extra winter shelters for the homeless. let's talk about that rain because it is acomin', not today. sometime tomorrow. roberta is ready to go. >> you know, we have been talking about all the rainfall,
6:34 am
the record amount of rain in the pacific northwest, that's the same storm that's heading this way. the sierra snow is a solid base for skiers and boarders and a second system sunday will provide colder air and more widespread snow and that's going to set the season for christmas and new year's. we are going to have great holiday skiing in tahoe. right now we are looking at our live hi-def doppler different. no rain showers here yet. the leading edge of the front, i anticipate a couple of ren gate showers to break away from that front and slip into the north bay today about lunch hour. so a widely scattered shower north of the golden gate bridge is anticipated but right now we have some moderate to heavy rainfall from trinidad through eureka into garberville. that's the leading edge of the system. right now we have some pockets of fog. we also have mid- and high level cloudiness and all these clouds are acting like a
6:35 am
blanket. it's milds a step out the door into the low -- it is mild as you step out the door in the low to mid-50s. winds up to 15 miles per hour from the south-southwest. temperatures mild in the 60s today. but these mild temperatures will be replaced with colder air associated with the rain and wind tomorrow. i'm going to talk about the potential of thunderstorms and that's coming up about 48 minutes after the hour. how busy are you, liza? hot spot in mill valley southbound 101 just beyond tiburon boulevard. an overturn accident blocking multiple lanes. traffic is backed up beyond paradise drive in fact it's taking folks 18 minutes from the end of the backup to just beyond the accident scene. so set aside extra time. our sensors are also picking up slow traffic for west 580 as you make your way across the richmond/san rafael bridge. it has been a pretty decent commute though for 101. you pass the accident in mill valley, it does break loose for that southbound drive approaching the golden gate bridge. meantime, heading for the guadalupe parkway, there is an
6:36 am
accident in the clearing stages. northbound 87 near curtner one lane shut down. you can see very heavy traffic in that northbound direction. we'll have another update on this and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with more "kcbs traffic" in less than 10 minutes. new push to prevent whales from getting caught in fishing gear off the california coast. this year more than 60 whales have been entangled like this one near san diego back in october. warmer water in the pacific may be changing their migration habits so scientists are keeping up with fishermen to chart where whales are most likely to get tangled up. they are also asking them to monitor distressed whales and so they can come and give them some aid. founder of the iconic clothing company the north face died. the company got its start right here in san francisco almost 50 years ago. andria borba now on the legacy he left behind. >> reporter: douglas thompkins who kicked off conservation movement that all started with a grand opening party helmed by the grateful dead in north beach died in a kayak accident
6:37 am
in chile. >> very sad because he loved the outdoors. >> reporter: thompkins found the north face in 1966 the original store on columbus street. >> he was at the beginning of the outdoor industry and started it all. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: he always had a mission in mind. >> you have to protect the places that where we play and that's critical. that's definitely a big part of his legacy. >> reporter: at north face headquarters in alameda, his legacy from the outdoor clothing to leed certified building design can be seen all around. >> he and chris were so dedicated to saving the planet and to help inform us as to how to be responsible businesses that, um, you know, his loss is just so profound and huge. >> reporter: thompkins bought more than 2 million acres of rain forest in chile and argentina to protect them eventually moving to south america. this is him at the global
6:38 am
economic symposium. >> whether each individual has the courage and the integrity to be absolutely light on the earth to leave a mild carbon footprint that's one question. >> thompkins is survived by his wife, mother, brother and daughter. in union square, andria borba, kpix 5. today a scenic peek in the south bay could be a step closer to being open to everyone. the mid peninsula regional open space district will vote on a plan to use eminent domain to get public access to mount umunum. it would force two families to sell their land. it's been off limits to the general public for more than 50 years. dozens of california public agencies are suing four giant wireless companies saying verizon, at&t, sprint and t- mobile overcharged state employees more than $100 million. the contract for those companies requires them to
6:39 am
inform government agencies about the lowest cost options. the lawsuit claims they failed to do so resulting in the extra cost. time is 6:39. some new laser lights have added extra flair to holiday displays but they are posing an unexpected danger. >> and why an environmental emergency in china is raising alarms for scientists right here in california. ,, ,,
6:40 am
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tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. good morning. this time tomorrow morning on your thursday we'll be on storm watch. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. and if there's any rain showers detected, we would see it as we do right there across the northwest portion of the bay area. all that's taking direct aim on the bay area.
6:43 am
i'll tell you when to expect rain. yahoo of sunnyvale has decided not to spin off its multi-billion-dollar stake in alibaba. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: this is a big u- turn by yahoo. it originally was going to spin off that investment in alibaba the chinese e-commerce powerhouse valued at $30 billion. but it was not able to get a guarantee from the irs it could do it tax-free. being charged at the corporate tax rate that would be a $10 bill. shareholders don't like that. so yahoo instead will keep alibaba under the yahoo name and instead spin off the rest of the business into a separate publicly traded firm. we don't know what that will be called. we don't know which businesses will remain around. during a conference call, the ceo marissa meyer said they are just going to focus on what's working for yahoo and what's not working the company saying it hasn't determined whether or not it wants to sell all or parts of its core web business.
6:44 am
yahoo shares are up on the news. bloomberg is reporting that apple is scrapping its plans for its online tv service unable to reach agreements with media providers on pricing. and instead, they will help those various media firms sell their shows directly through the app store. stock market has been through a couple of struggling sessions and we are opening up a little bit lower this morning. let's go to the big board see how we're doing so far. well, pulled a u-turn for the stock market. dow up 46. nasdaq down 14. s&p moving higher by 2. back to you. >> thank you. a new san francisco arena for the warriors is closer to reality. last night the board of supervisors approved the eir for the project in the mission bay neighborhood. the only hurdle left is probable lawsuits.
6:45 am
they expect opposition but hope to open the $1 billion ren in time of the 2018 season. air quality experts in the bay area are watching to see if pollution in china impacts the west coast. there was a red alert for the first time in beijing. businesses, schools were closed, cars ordered off the roads. >> visibility is less than a mile. you can smell and taste the pollution. >> the levels in beijing are things we don't see even near wildfires. >> and bad air from china reaches the western u.s. but it's not clear just how much. uc-berkeley geo chemists are tracing pollution to try to measure the impact. coming up on "cbs this morning," here's norah o'donnell live from new york. >> reporter: good morning.
6:46 am
we are going to talk about how donald trump's comments are impacting the presidential race and the republican party. plus, we have a republican strategist with results of his focus group on those remarks. also we head to scotland to find out how the newest source of renewable energy would come from waves. and a look at the new technology that can let you see through walls. no superman required. >> see you at 7:00. time for traffic on a busy day. >> it's been busy especially in the 6:00 hour. san bruno everything is as it should be for 101 approaching san bruno avenue. very light traffic in both directions. so if you have to catch a flight outside of catch a flight at sfo, so far traffic looks okay in both directions.
6:47 am
mill vattedly southbound 101 -- mill valley southbound 101 just beyond tiburon an accident blocking two lanes of traffic. traffic down to 9 miles per hour. 20 minutes to get through the backup, which begins at paradise drive. slow westbound 580 across the richmond/san rafael bridge where we have had backups from end to end. the toll plaza okay. sluggish drive. slow traffic across the span into san rafael. guadalupe parkway northbound 87 at curtner, accident still in the clearing stages at least one lane of traffic is shut down there. and we have had backups the entire length of the guadalupe parkway slow for you, northbound 101 also slow approaching and passing the 280/680 interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza has had backups since 5:30 this morning. traffic backed up from the foot
6:48 am
of the maze. slug i should west 80 through berkeley -- sluggish west 80 through berkeley and emeryville. altamont pass, slow through the 205 interchange heavy through vasco with pockets of slow traffic approaching the dublin interchange. so surgeon-general a very slow commute for all those drivers heading to and through the tri- valley this morning. and if you are lucky enough to head up to the snow later on today, pack the chains. as of this moment, no train restrictions but that will change. a big storm is coming. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. we have two storms heading this way, liza. good morning. now i know why you have been so busy. we have so many people out on the roads this morning including my weather watcher. i had 13 people checking in and as of right now i think i have about 3. everybody is already on the way to work on this wednesday morning. peggi, thank you for checking in at 54 degrees. darrell reporting 54 degrees in alameda.
6:49 am
thank you all. i wanted you to be one of my weather watchers. you just need a weather station and to get up early! isn't this gorgeous? this looks like gotham city. >> it does. >> look at that layer of fog then on top of that mid- and high level cloudiness. official sun-up at 7:13. a glimpse of it, that's all we'll catch today becoming mostly cloudy. very mild out the door in the 50s. the winds will be on increase. hi-def doppler radar is live information. we have lots of rain showers to the north of us. some showers will breakaway from initial front. we call it ren gate showers and we'll have a splash & dash shower north of the golden gate bridge but the bulk of the activity on thursday in the form of rain, wind and the potential of thunderstorms. this is the front. it's a cold front. it has a lot of cold air associated with it. it's going to slide through the bay area not today, we'll fill in with lots of clouds. more widespread light rain showers overnight and that's the front as it begins to descend on the bay area with colder air mass overtaking our warmer air mass so we do have
6:50 am
that potential of a thunderstorm at any point of the day tomorrow. wraparound moisture. by the time it trails off friday morning an inch and a quarter is expected in san rafael. just about .3" of rain in the san jose area. .75" the east. half inch of rain in pacifica. winter storm warning in effect, it's going to snow down to 4,000 feet. here's your ski report. here are your temperatures. mild in the 60s increasing wind out of the south at 15. we have a stormy day on your thursday. and then more rain queued up ready to move in on sunday. make it a great day, everyone. many people are pulling out their christmas lights and there's an easy new way to cover an entire home but as mark kelly shows us, those colorful displays can do a lot more than just dazzle the
6:51 am
neighbors. >> reporter: when flying chopper 5, pilot ron jameson has been blinded by a popular new kind of christmas light. >> very scary and it's potentially damaging to eyes. >> reporter: laser beams are fast becoming a quick and easy way to decorate the house for christmas. but they aren't putting pilots in the holiday mood. >> people need to be more cautious about, you know, the aircraft that are flying around them. >> reporter: for pilots getting hit with one of these lights, lights up their cockpits like the north pole. >> it goes through the wind screen bounces off everything in there. you're completely engulfed in green lights that are flickering all over the place and it's blinding. >> reporter: an american airlines pilot landing lasts week in dallas, texas reported getting beamed with a laser. the culprit is a christmas display 22 miles away. >> it's a very dangerous thing. >> reporter: pilots joke calling it getting lazhed but they are taking it seriously and so is the faa. >> there's a lot of things as
6:52 am
technology improves that people need to think out a little more. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. pg&e is using helicopters to make electrical upgrades over the bay. for the next four to six weeks there will be several choppers flying low back and forth near the dumbarton bridge. and they will have men and tools dangling underneath. they are part of a $35 million project to replace a massive power line that crosses the bay. >> this is a huge project. we are currently changing out 7 miles of 230 kilovolts transmission lines. >> they are also replacing 23,000 volt cables originally installed more than 40 years ago. every, single nut, tool and lineman has to be airlifted to each tower. the men have to get the towers ready for the new cables, specifically three legs of two cables each. it is 6:52. one. final hurdles should be cleared today in a major effort to overhaul the u.s. education system.
6:53 am
>> an online threat turns into a call to action. coming up we'll tell you why an east bay high school chose today to try to break down racial barriers. ,, ,, announcer: right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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6:56 am
political figures on both s of the aisle continue to con donald trump's proposal to n all muslims from entering t u-s. but trump is refusing to ba down ent five things to know at the :55. people are banning donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the company. the couple behind the san bernardino massacre may have previously planned a separate attack. cnn reports the couple had a target in 2012 but were scared off after several terror- related arrests were made in that area. meanwhile, the feds are looking into whether a loan taken out
6:57 am
by the man was used to buy weapons. the u.s. senate is expected to approve a replacement to the "no child left behind" program. the "every child succeeds "act requires testing half public school students but states would generally get to decide what to do about underperforming schools. today san francisco mayor ed lee will outline new measures to protect the city from storms spawned by el nino. san francisco's homeless population is of particular concern. mayor lee will announce the opening of extra shelter space as well as flooding and mud slide prevention measures. and police are looking for the armed robber who pistol- whipped a nanny in orinda. the man kicked in the door of a home on el castillo off highway 24 yesterday afternoon dragged the nanny from room to room stealing valuables and then stole the family porsche and got away. i'm anne makovec live in berkeley high school where administrators are using an online threat as a teaching moment. they are changing some of their
6:58 am
curriculu today in response to a post discovered on a school concern on november 4 a student threatening a public lynching on december 9, today in name of the ku klux klan. there is no threat today. i want to make that clear. a student has been identified and "talked to." the message caused school wide outrage students staging this massive walkout and some say there is a history of racist rhetoric at berkeley high school. >> it really hurts that we live in a place that's supposed to be s diverse. it's 2016 and we are still facing racism. >> reporter: administrators planned today's activities in response. it will be all day long. they will change curriculum in the classes and they will have two school assemblies. anne makovec, kpix 5. it's been a busy morning with accidents in san jose. the earlier problem on the guadalupe parkway has been cleared out but there is a new accident northbound 280 just before 880. and this is a second accident just outside of the san mateo
6:59 am
bridge west 92 near hesperian. expect delays in pockets from that point heading across the bridge towards foster city. an earlier accident in mill valley is cleared. >> i want you to get some rest tonight, liza, because we're going to be so busy this time tomorrow! right now our live hi-def doppler radar picking up the rain. it is heavy rain from eureka all the way to garberville. check that out. that's some pretty moderate rainfall. that's a lot of cold air associated with that cold front, as well. so as we take a look out -- wow! just take a look at that. layers of fog and clouds. that's why our temperatures are so mild right now into the 50s. as the cold front comes in, mixes up with the warm air, well, today will be mostly cloudy and a scattered north bay shower. tomorrow we have the potential of a thunderstorm at any point of the day. by the time the rain tapers off on friday morning, up to 2" of rain in the wettest locations. oh, did i mention? it's going to be windy, as well. >> oh, boy! >> gusty winds up to 45 miles per gallon. so if the leaves are not down
7:00 am
they will be. >> a warning. >> thank you. >> see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is december 9, 2015. donald trump doubles down on his worldwide condemnation of muslims despite the controversy among voters. plus, we'll travel to scotland to see how the power of waves could bring new energy to the world. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> a 60-year-old woman was killed in southeast portland when a large tree crashed into a storm. >> a deadly storm drenches the pacific northwest. >> very impressi


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