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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 10, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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better together™. "shooting ohhhhh" we'll have much more on t .. tonight protesters storm city hall demanding that a bay area police chief be fired because of this. >> we'll have much more on that in just a moment. but first, the storm is now moving in. a live look outside. heavy rain and wind are on the way. the morning commute could be a mess. let's get right to brian hackney in the weather center. >> this will develop overnight. right now there's mostly light rain around the bay area and in the far north bay of hi-def doppler shows much of the action is up around cape mendocino. it will sink south overnight and that low pressure gets closer to
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the shoreline. it's going to hit just in time for the morning commute. gusty winds. high surf up to 30 feet and specifically what to expect, fog and clouds tonight. dense fog out there. rain develops as we head toward the early morning hours. wet and windy right in time for the morning commute and showers will continue in to friday. by the time it's all said and done, we'll get one to two inches of rain around the bay area. mark kelly is standing by in the north anchorage of the golden gate bridge where it's a little bit foggy out there tonight, but mark, you look dry. >> actually we just started seeing those light raindrops in the last five minute. the wind certainly starting to pick up as well. the rain we see tonight, this is not el nino. but tonight officials are giving us a little bit more of a sign of what it could look like in the coming weeks. today fema released its disaster plan of how it plans to respond to el nino. says the drought we've had the last five years could
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actually help us since the reservoirs have plenty of room to catch the rain. scientists warn this could be the strongest el nino on record starting in the new year, expect to see well above average rainfall. we talked to one man tonight who actually appreciates tonight's pre-el nino soaking. >> pre-el nino rain is good particularly if we get a little bit of warm weather to cause the grass to grow in places like lake county where there's been burned hillsides. >> officials hoping this coming el nino not nearly as devastating as the one in the 90s with mudslides but many are preparing for the worst. mark kelly, kpix 5. in palo alto people were stocking up on sandbags tonight. there are several stations in the city. crews cut tree branches away from power lines and cleaned storm drains. you can get up to the minute weather
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any time. download the cbs sf weather app. protesters calling for an oustture of the city's top cop. the chief renewed his call for less lethal weapons. after the department's latest deadly shooting. christin ayers has been in that meeting all night long and reports now live. >> that meeting just wrapped up a short time ago. there were four hours of public comment and during that time protesters not only called for the resignation of the chief but of the mayor as well. >> reporter: a rally before tonight's commission meeting. >> fighting for justice. >> reporter: and even stronger words as people faced off inside the meeting against the police chief and the commission. >> what we witnessed was an assassination, a hate crime, and straight up murder. >> reporter: there were calls for suhr's resignation.
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>> chief suhr, you need to go. >> reporter: and demands that the officers who opened fire on mario woods be stripped of pay and charged. while outside the meeting, chaos of those who could not sit inside staged another protest. commissioners said the point of tonight's meeting was to present solutions. >> tonight the chief is going to say the specific steps that the department has taken and this commission is going to begin a discussion of the dgo on use of force. >> reporter: chief suhr has his own ideas. he's already ordered officers to start wearing shields as the spokesman showed our phil matier. >> hold it up against them, try to detain the weapon. >> reporter: one speak er refused to leave the podium and briefly shut the meeting down. >> he did get a chance to address the commission. he suggested a pilot program that would equip officers with
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tasers. the commission itself said they expect to have a draft on improving use of force policies by their meeting on february 3rd. reporting live in san francisco, christin ayers, kpix 5. an anti-muslim rant caught on camera as a group of muslims gathered to pray at a bay area park. it all started with verbal assault then got ugly. >> the woman has been identified by the san francisco chronicle as an employee of the state department of corrections. >> reporter: on a rainy sunday, the tranquility of the park was broken by this. >> your mind has been taken over, brainwashed and you have nothing but hate. nothing but hate. >> reporter: a tirade of religious hatred directed at rasheed al-bashari and his friends. >> this woman came out of nowhere. she was yelling satan, the quran is evil, you guys are a bunch of brainwashed murderers.
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>> reporter: they came to play volleyball but thwarted by rain, they prayed instead. they tried to talk the woman, denise slater, down. >> ma'am, we believe in jesus. you don't believe in jesus that means you're not even a muslim. we say that, we thought that's going to calm her down but no. >> reporter: that's when the words turned to battery all while rasheed was recording with his cell phone. >> she punished me with her umbrella. >> reporter: a park ranger stepped in and separated denise from the men. >> it's legal to pray in the parks. it's legal to talk to people in the parks. it's not legal to hit people in the parks. >> reporter: rasheed was born in nashville, tennessee and has lived in the bay area since 2011. he thinks the anti-muslim sentiment has been ratcheted up by the republican frontrunner. >> trump has built a lot of walls between americans. >> reporter: he was hesitant to post the video to his facebook page but says he's been
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overwhelmed by the positive response. >> i'm kind of -- not happy about what happened. but seeing the comments and support from people, from real americans, that makes me a lot happy. >> regional parks has recommended the charge of misdemeanor battery. the alameda county district attorney's office now has the case. prosecutors there will be reviewing it and also looking at the possibility of a hate crime charge. in the news room, andria borba, kpix 5. tonight facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has this message. if you are a muslim in this community, as the leader of facebook, i want you to know you're always welcome here and we'll fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you. new evidence in the san bernardino investigation. tonight we know that even before they started dating, the san bernardino killers started plotting. online and under the radar. allen martin reports
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that they may have had some help from a third suspect. >> that third suspect is now cooperating with the fbi and he's the one detailing a planned attack in 2012. he's also the one who sold or gave the assault style rifles to syed farook and tashfeen malik. >> reporter: fbi director james comey told congress the couple's radicalization goes back years. >> as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. >> reporter: in fact, the radical zaishz could include enrique marquez, a friend who is related to farook by marriage. the fbi is investigating whether farook and marquez were planning a violent attack as far back as 2012 and discussed buying weapons. but a round of terrorism arrests in california in late 2012 may have scuttled the alleged plan. marquez eventually bought the two assault weapons used in last
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week's attack. he's now being questioned by the fbi over what he may have known about farook and malik's plans. the fbi says the couple was on the path to radicalization even before isis rose to power, and before malik entered the united states last year to marry farook on a visa that required an extensive background check. at the hearing, new york democrat chuck schumer asked if there were missed warnings. >> how come we didn't know about these communications before the attacks? >> reporter: south carolina republican lindsey graham asked whether their mairnl -- whether their marriage was part of the plot. >> is there any evidence this marriage was arranged? >> i don't know the answer to that yet. >> the justice department is looking to charge enrique marquez, the man who bought those assault weapons used in the attack, with among other things material support for terrorism. also today, details from some of the officers who were the first to arrive after the shooting started. >> approaching the building, we
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knew that we were probably out-gunned. >> their room looked like chaos. trash thrown everywhere, food everywhere. tables and chairs broken. people laying on the floor. >> looking at all the victims inside, some people were laying there. some people were crying. some people were screaming. >> it felt odd to step past some of them knowing that we had to find the gunman inside. >> crisis counselors have been working with police and firefighters since that attack and even though they were there within minutes of the shooting, they say their biggest regret is that they didn't make it there in time to stop the massacre entirely. allen martin, kpix 5. a surprising courtroom confession from a man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. >> seal the truth, huh? kill the babies . that's what planned parenthood does.
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>> that was one of several outbursts from the suspect, robert dear. moments earlier he shouted, quote, i am guilty. there will be no trial. i am a warrior for the babies. dear's lawyer questioned whether his client is competent to stand trial. cars careening out of control. tonight, the crazy takedown just about an hour ago. >> it's no secret. the oakland coliseum desperately needs repairs. tonight, look how they're plugging leaks. >> this will make your skin crawl. mutant fleas invading the bay area. why the usual treatment for cats and dogs treatment for cats and dogs probably won't work.,,,,,,
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speed chases.. but this one but tonight there are pictus that show the home of the "k hole" could be filled with holes. mark kelly shows us we know the oakland coliseum is getting old but tonight there are pictures that show the black hole could be filled with. >> reporter: no, your screen isn't upside down. this is one of the boxes at the coliseum and
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taped to the ceiling, yes, those are pepsi cups. presumably to try to plug leaks during this sunday's raiders-chiefs game. a kansas city sports reporter snapped the pic. >> people want to take shots at oakland. >> reporter: chris dobbins with the coliseum joint powers authority calls the photos unfortunate. he says the cups have bip taken down and there was no sign of a leak. >> there's not a bigger issue. fans can still come out. >> these cups aren't the stadium's first problems. the bathrooms here in the past have been known to overflow with sewage. >> these are the unfortunate by-products. older stadiums are going to have these issues. if there's an issue, we clean it, fix it, move on. >> reporter: all the talk swirling around the raiders possibly moving to a brand new stadium in los angeles is likely spurring these jabs at the 49-year-old coliseum. but he's hoping the raiders stay put and build a new stadium right here. >> get a developer, whomever,
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get a football only stadium on the site. >> get rid of those cups on the ceiling. >> [ laughter ] exactly. >> in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. los angeles is known for high speed chases but this one could have been in a hollywood movie. police caught up to the suspect and one of their cars spun his out. he nearly hit that parked van right there and he tried to get away but a second police cruiser came up and clipped his car. they managed to box in and pin the car against the van. not being able to escape, the guy finally gave up and was arrested. there is no word yet on what he is wanted for. tonight a serious problem for bay area pet owners. just won't go away. mutant fleas. that's right. cate cauguiran found out what makes them so difficult to kill and the surprising advice from one vet. >> reporter: vets say that smelly solution you may have been applying to fido or fluffy may not help. thanks to survival of the flea fittest.
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>> you can imagine when we're applying a flea product, it's designed to kill a flea. those fleas have random mutations. the genes are allowing the flea to survive. >> reporter: vet pronto is one of many bay area vets that are telling pet owners the anti-flea solution you're buying isn't working. fleas may have mutated but it also has to do with the warmer weather. >> the past summer has been dragging on for months and months. flea populations may have been really small to start off with, now they're growing. normally they'll hibernate for a while but it hasn't been cold enough yet. >> i'm definitely hearing this for the first time. that's actually relieving to me. >> reporter: that's because fred has had flea issues for the last year. >> he's never gotten rid of any fleas with that topical solution. >> reporter: janine said she knew this all along. >> i've tried every single brand topically and none of them have ever worked.
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>> reporter: her message to pet owners, stop buying the stuff. >> i think they're wasting their money because they don't work as far as relieving the dog of fleas. >> we did reach out to the company to get their take on this but they did not respond to our request for comment. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> one vet said pet owners should try oral treatments instead of the topical solutions. a breakthrough tonight. there is a new way to make puppies. a team of veterinarians at cornell university have succeeded with the first ever litter of test tube puppies. much like human invitro fertilization. scientists say the puppies are happy, healthy, and going to good homes. christmas came early today for more than 150 children with glide family services program. each got a $100 gift card for a
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shopping spree at old navy's flagship san francisco store. they even got paired up with their own personal shopping assist nlt. -- assistant. >> i think parents do what it is they can do and the kids are happy about that but this definitely gives them more during christmas and the ability to choose what they wanted. >> the kids ranged in age from 4 to 12. many used their gift cards to buy presents for their family. now we'll get you caught up on what the latest with the storm heading south. it will be in to the bay area by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. it's been raining, mostly light rain. as we look at the golden gate bridge, the streets don't look terribly slick at this hour. they will by tomorrow. right now the numbers are mostly in the upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. here's how it looks on the high hi-def doppler.
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-- hi-def doppler. high surf warnings. the breakers on the shore could be up to 30 feet. so dangerous conditions for the next 24 to 48 hours out at the shoreline. in addition to that we've got snow in the mountains. 6 to 12 inches at the pass level. if you're heading that direction, give yourself extra time. with the system that's incoming, it's really going to pack a wallop for the pacific northwest. the rain will spread south tonight and bring with it gusty winds up to 40-mile-per-hour gusts as the front comes through right around the time of the morning commute tomorrow. high surf again as well. here's what it looks like on the futurecast. wham. at 6:00 in the morning the front passes through the bay area. there's a lot of unstable air behind this. the front sweeps through. midday we get a little bit of a break but then plenty of showers come through just in time for the evening commute at 7:00. look at that line of
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showers and thundershowers. we're going to get it in the morning and evening and finally we'll begin to clear out by friday morning but we've got fairly decent amount of rain. 2 inches at ukiah. san jose gets about 2/3rds of an inch. pleasanton, .92. pretty good rain maker for much of the bay area. forecast highs look like this. these numbers, not the big story. the lows tonight will be in the low 60s. highs tomorrow will be in the low 60s. 61 at san rafael. same for the city. 62 in san jose. 60 at fairfield. when is the next one coming in? extended forecast shows first we get the rain tomorrow. showers linger through friday. there could be thundershowers associated with all of this. saturday we get a chance to drain and dry a little bit but then the next system comes in on sunday and that looks to be a pretty good rain maker as well. monday the few showers linger then finally we'll begin to dry it out fairly
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seriously on tuesday and wednesday. expect it to get wet tomorrow. morning commute and the evening commute. then we get more coming in. >> going to be fun on the roads tomorrow. looks like a nice family christmas. it's the griswolds. only one problem . see the guy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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michigan college student, jh brassow created this it's going viral tonight. it is a holiday hoax. >> michigan college student josh createds ristmas card. that's him with the glasses on the left. signed, season's greetings from the bone crushers and sons. that's not his real family. he hired a fake wife and fake kids that he found on facebook. the plan to send this card out and prank all of his rel -- all of his
2:03 am
relatives. >> where's this kid from? >> from michigan. >> you know john harbaugh is behind all that. that prank has harbaugh written all over it. the sharks had an old friend for dinner tonight. and crab season is in the ocean. it might be a bust but it's pretty lucrative on the football field. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's go hockey. we've been talk ing football, nba. >> the sharks are getting killed by the warriors. everybody is talking warriors. everybody is watching warriors and the sharks are just kind of there and not in the forefront. trying to get there though. after seven seasons with the sharks, remember todd mcclellan? he faced his old team. he's now the coach of the oilers. he says the media scrutiny is much greater in canada than san jose. >> the daily review here is a little bit different than the daily review in san jose. >> mclellan and the sharks had
2:06 am
a mutual parting after the sharks didn't make the playoffs. oilers haven't been in the postseason since 2006. they're tied in overtime. there's taylor hall. scores the game winner. edmonton wins 4-3. sharks drop the fifth straight media scrutiny. cal basketball, they won tonight beating incarnate word cardinals. 74-62. that's not what piqued interest for us. where is the university of the incarnate word? they're in san antonio, texas. catholic school has an enrollment of around 10,000. david robinson got his masters there. baseball news, the as traded laurie to the white sox for a couple pitching prospects. he was the centerpiece of the donaldson trade. january axford signed to a two-year deal. he saved 25 games with the rockies
2:07 am
last year. nfl coaches heard one thing when michael crabtree was on their roster. >> what do i have to do to get the ball? >> now a member of the raiders, crab tree has been getting the ball and today they've rewarded him with a new contract extension. he leads the team in catches and touchdowns. christian mccaffrey will find out if he wins the heisman on saturday. somebody found video of 7-year-old mccaffrey showing off familiar moves during halftime of a broncos game. he celebrates by taking a sharpie out of his sock and signing a football. remember this guy? this was terrell owens at a time when he would bring a sharpie out of his socks and sign footballs. >> never know when you're going to need one. >> i have one in my sock right now. >> you do? can you sign an autograph for me please? >> of course. >> but remember he has the
2:08 am
popcorn thing. terrell always had a shtick going. >> incarnate word, san antonio, texas. thank you for that. >> i guarantee you that was information nobody else got unless you were watching channel 5 tonight. >> guaranteed. >> we'll be right back. phen colbert is next.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next new the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. >> our next newscast, tomorrow morning at 4:30. be sure to tune in. we'll have live
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updates on the weather and traffic. >> have a good night.,,,,,,,,,,,
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