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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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outfitting officers with stun guns. but some city leaders aren't so sure. joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: as popular as that might be around the bay area, here's san francisco city hall -- here at san francisco city hall it may be a different story. the police chief wants tasers but not everybody here wants to even talk about it. >> what we witnessed was an assassination. >> reporter: at the end of a raucous police commission meeting last night -- >> chief suhr, you need to go. >> reporter: -- the chief formally asked again for tasers reviving an effort shot down just two years ago. tasers are used in the police forces of every major city in the country except two, detroit and san francisco. tasers international says the stun guns have been effective and that it's extremely rare for anyone to die directly from a taser strike. in 29 million uses in the field over 22 years, taser international says there have only been 10 direct deaths. but that number goes up if you count all the deaths from people who were in custody
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after a taser was used. so far this year, there have been 48 deaths in america, including this man last month in virginia. that's about one death per week. but the company insists the official causes of death are not from the taser. they usually range from effects of drug overdoses to health problems. >> to say that if they had a nonlethal weapon like a taser that that would have resulted -- >> i still need to be convinced that they needed a taser. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim represents the point of view of many of the city's elected officials. >> oh, my god, drop it! >> reporter: focus on the officer's actions on deescalation and other techniques to avoid this shooting. meanwhile she was to avoid talking about putting more weapons at their disposal. >> i think the question here for me is not about whether we need to have tasers in san francisco. fpd. the question is what are the tactical training programs in place. so even without tasers, was there a better way for to us
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address the situation? i believe there is without the use of tasers. >> if it comes down to you weighing in on tasers, though, at some point, do you think we should have them? >> i need to be convinced that that would be the only way to avoid killing this man. >> reporter: the police commission is going to talk about it. they are going to revisit the possibility of bringing police officers tasers. but they are also going to review the police department's policies when it comes to use of force. in san francisco, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. the other big story tonight rain and snow moving through northern california as we speak. here's a time lapse of the rain as it came down late this afternoon in san jose. there was enough to soak parts of the city. many people are calling what we're seeing now a preview of what el nino winter may bring our way. and late this afternoon, this was the scene in the sierra. they are going to get up to 3 feet of snow in the higher elevations. the storm is expected to be the biggest in two years.
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our team coverage starts with brian hackney. he is tracking it all tonight. >> we have widely scattered showers but some of them coming down pretty good. they are fast-moving and they promise to be with us through the night. might even get a thunderstorm or two up in the north coast, you can see the next band of cells coming into marin county south of santa rosa about to hit petaluma and head down toward san francisco and the peninsula, where already it's raining from montera over skyline over 280 getting ready to move into the bay. there's more out there, that's going to be more on the way, as well. as we look at the slick streets of the golden gate bridge, over the last 24 hours, we picked up almost three inches of rain at perpetually wet venado in sonoma county. kentfield an inch, hayward .29", san francisco about .25". san jose didn't get much. in the headlines we'll continue with these showers and even a thundershower tonight. a wet friday during the morning commute. it should be especially wet. and high surf coastal flooding. the surf is up. we'll have all the details in
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the forecast coming up. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward has been out tracking the rain all day in our mobile weather lab. jackie. >> reporter: veronica, i wish i had rain to show you right now. we're long 101 northbound in mill valley where it's bone dry. but that wasn't the case earlier. let's take a look at this video shot within the past hour in santa clara. you can see a couple of women trying to stay dry from the heavy rain and winds through the area. late afternoon burst of rain hitting the roads is exactly what we were expecting and what we have been waiting for. overnight in guerneville a tree fell because of [ indiscernible ] closing 116 for two hours between armstrong woods road and river road. right in the middle of the morning commute. the tree fell on a top of a parked car and brought down live power lines across the roadway. 680 in pleasant hill was just one part of the messy morning commute. this is what it looks like in pleasant hill. very wet slick roads. you can't see anything but blurry headlights all trying to
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make their way to work, strong gusty winds and heavy rain came down during the entire morning commute hours and didn't let up until a lot of people had already made it into work. so we stayed in the mill valley area and we did actually experience a strong rain burst around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. so when we'll were in the rain they were drenched but when they weren't, it was absolutely beautiful, to be honest. back to you. >> thank you, jackie ward in millio val -- jackie ward in mill valley. thank you. our coverage continues with kpix 5's devin fehely who is in pacifica. hi, devin. >> reporter: here on the coast the storms have come through in waves. early this morning, we had heavy wind and high surf. we had a bit of a lull in the middle of the afternoon and then torrential rain this afternoon about 4:00 but city officials tell me they hope that this wet weather encourages residents to get prepared and have a plan for
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the winter storms that are coming. people came out to catch the power of mother nature and perhaps a preview of what this winter's el nino has in store. >> we came down from san francisco to see the big waves. how many big waves did we see? >> 1,000 of them! some were climbing the stairs! >> reporter: sam and his son weren't alone. hundreds visited the pier in pacifica to see the crashing waves for themselves. >> just being really big waves. my glasses are getting all wet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the city actually shut down the pier for hours as a precaution knowing that even one rogue wave can do a lot of damage. >> you don't fool with mother nature. >> reporter: patrick has been a pacifica resident for more than 30 years. he has seen his share of the damage that wind and waves and rain can do.
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>> it's the pacific ocean. it's biggest ocean in the world. and it's a great thermal mass. and that's why it's always about 65 degrees here. >> reporter: the city of pacifica was one of the areas hard hit by the last el nino. this time, the city's launched a public service campaign urging residents to live in flood-prone areas to develop their own emergency plans knowing that the worst of the winter storms are still to come. now, city officials tell me that they have actually been working for several months to strengthen the seawall, which provides a lot of protection from the ocean here in pacifica. but they also say, when you live this close to the coast, there is just no guarantee. in pacifica, devin fehely, kpix 5. let's get you now to the snow in the sierra. take a look at what happened during a live report on our 5 p.m. newscast! >> skies here but this afternoon, that storm rolled in. >> yeah. at the very last second there, did you city that flash? that was a burst of lightning!
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at 5200 feet. reporter kelly ryan at emigrant gap was surprised but she was not hurt. in the meantime, caltrans crews in the sierra will be working overtime to keep those roads open. reporter steve large has that part of the story. reporter: caltrans crews are out in full force expecting the biggest snow event in three years over the summit. every snowplow is in service. 25 of the big machines clearing roads for safe travel. inside the caltrans communication center, these people are watching the storms. >> we are watching the weather radar, traffic cameras, keeping an eye on what's going on, making sure the road's moving. it's a nerve center for the freeways and the secondaries that allows us to help the people in the field without being out there with them. >> reporter: caltrans called in every available driver for this snow event. 150 employees working 12-hour shifts. >> that was steve large reporting there. check out the conditions on
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highway 50 right now. this caltrans camera at meyers shows snow piling up in the foreground. down the road at echo summit you can barely see the pavement. conditions are a little better at twin bridges. but not by much. chains are required through the entire section of highway 50. chain controls are also in effect on 80 from truckee to emigrant gap and for all of highway 89. in the south bay tonight, investigators still trying to identify the suspicious white powder that shut down the santa clara offices of the muslim civil rights group cair. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us, the substance spilled out of a letter that was delivered there. len what do we know about it? >> reporter: well, that letter was sent to these offices this afternoon and it has been a major hazardous materials and investigative scene ever since the fire department confirming just a short time ago that three members of the cair offices have been sent to the hospital out of a, quote, abundance of caution. they still haven't determined what that substance is.
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staff members at the offices of the council on american-islamic relations called police after they received a letter in the mail that had the word, infidel, on it and some sort of suspicious substance inside. >> there was an unidentified white powder substance inside. >> reporter: santa clara police and fire responded immediately and evacuated the building which is a small two-story complex on scott boulevard. hazmat teams from santa clara suited up in special protective gear begin investigating and testing the substance. >> it's an unknown so we need to make sure we do this safely for our crews. we need to make sure that anybody who might have been inside the building is safe and secure before we, you know, go too far down the road. >> reporter: there are several muslim offices is that school nearly apparently not targeted. but -- nearby, apparently not targeted. but security in the area has been tightened since the san bernardino shooting. muslims report hate incidents are on the increase and many people in the community feel
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concern for their safety. >> we are confused. we're feeling, um, targeted. we're feeling, um, that, um, we're kind of, you know, being, um, you know, pointed at by, um, all quarters. and it's not a good feeling. >> reporter: back here live on the scene the santa clara fire department still has control of this incident. they are inside still collecting samples which will be sent to a lab to confirm what it is. in the meantime, the santa clara police department is standing by waiting for them to clear out so they can begin their investigation. they are also in contact with the fbi and other federal authorities like united states postal inspection service to begin investigating how and who may have sent that letter to these offices in santa clara. reporting live, len ramirez, kpix 5. and a similar scare briefly shut down the cair headquarters in washington, dc this afternoon. officials there say the letter contained a message of hate
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along with white powder. a field test on the substance came back negative for anything dangerous. but it's still unclear what it was and who sent it. a warning tonight for hikers. the south bay park after a dog owners' close encounter with a mountain lion. >> water flowing as crews break through a bay area levee. how it's a win for bay area wildlife. >> a car seat was supposed to be free of chemicals but see what happened when it was tested. ,,,,
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with a mountain lion has spd warnings in the south bay. the big cat was spotted mony morning on the mine hill trl en quicksilver cou dog owner's glows encounter with a mountain lion has sparked warnings in the south bay. the big cat was spotted monday morning on the mine hill trail at almaden quicksilver county park in san jose. park officials say the big cat repeatedly went after a 50-
6:15 pm
pound leashed dog. other dog owners who used the park say what happened has them on high alert. >> the fact that it was leashed and with the owner usually they are solitary hunter. so they usually don't go for smaller prey. there's easier prey. i saw some deer. it's unusual behavior that it would go for a group of two. >> park officials say if you see a mountain lion, don't turn your back on it. instead, try to make loud noises, try to make yourself appear larger. another rocky voyage ended for some cruise ship passengers. the grand princess docked this morning in san francisco. the ten-day cruise to the hawaiian islands didn't go quite as the brochure described. they left on time, they returned on time, but nothing in between went as planned. the ship was plagued with engine problems that slowed it down. some of the stops had to be cut out and some passengers disembarked mid cruise. princess cruise lines says
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passengers were never in any danger. refunds are being offered. it's a must have for celebrity mothers and many bay area mothers. the high-end orbit car seat is the only see the without hazardous chemicals. julie watts reports that may no longer be the case. >> reporter: google orbit baby and a virtual celebrity sighting the high-end carseat stroller system costs twice as much as others but folks who buy it aren't just trying to keep up with the kardashians. >> there were no chemicals in the foam and we thought it was worth paying more for. >> reporter: her children's boutique only stocks items free of known toxic chemicals, something orbit is known for. its website claims all fabrics and foams are tested to ensure below detection limits of some
6:17 pm
of the worst chemicals but that's what a study from the ecology center found in an orbit this year. >> the concern is that it's associated with cancer, it's similar to neurotoxin. it's not a good chemical. >> reporter: they got two forms of it banned from pajamas in the 70s and are carcinogens. her reaction when we told her another form of the chemical is in the car seat? >> i was surprised but not that surprised because manufacturers can't even find out what's in their products. i think orbit actually means well but they don't know what's in their products. >> reporter: orbit said: it says it does its own testing at independent laboratories. but when we asked if any of orbits' own testing found any of the concerning chemicals in question, orbit had no comment. it turns out the ecology center
6:18 pm
wasn't the first third party to notify orbit of the chemical in the car seat. >> i was devastated to see that it said tryst, yes. >> reporter: after customers told her their orbit tested positive for the chemical she had one of hers tested with another car seat she carries. the orbit tested positive. >> we immediately pulled it off all our floors. >> reporter: to its credit orbit bought back some of their stock a year ago. as of yesterday, orbit's website still claimed the product did not contain the chemical. it's important to know that orbit isn't alone. the ecology center found flame retardants in 75% of the car seats tested although orbit is the only one to claim not to contain them. the bigger issue is the companies don't disclose what they use to comply with the law. >> by the time a fire reaches the can where the children are, having flame retardants in the car seat under the child isn't going to make any difference. >> reporter: now, bloom stresses that parents should
6:19 pm
try to limit the time children spend in their car seats. don't use it as a stroller seat and never let your baby sleep in a car seat outside of the car. orbit refunded cases on a case- by-case basis and has removed some of the claims that we cited from its website. for a link to the study and information on how to get your own carseat tested go to >> i know that you have one of these car seats, right. we're both parents. what are you going to do? >> well, i'm going to get them both tested not only by duke which is the university that participated in the study but also a couple of other independent labs to see if they come back the same. then we'll go from there. i suspect that my older inpart car seat may be okay. from what i'm seeing, orbit won't confirm it, it's some of the newer car seats not the older ones. >> the moral of the story is you don't have to pay $2,000 for a car seat. >> bottom line you can probably get just as safe a carseat for cheaper and they are in every
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car seats. chemicals are in every car seat. a 30-year battle against development ends on the peninsula. it will restore acres of wetlands around bair island a redwood city. they are restoring the area to wetlands. it ends decades of work for a preservationist determined to protect the fragile ecosystem from housing development. public and private groups worked together to buy the land and return it to a tidal marsh for wildlife. it's home to the endangered saltmarsh harvest mouse. 3,000 acres is the largest undeveloped island in the san francisco bay. it will only take a week to fill in. believe it or not. >> going back the way it was. >> yeah. >> and all that rain coming down will fill it up even faster. >> that's not going to hurt. we have some coming down tonight and some coming down in the morning commute tomorrow too. >> people are excited about that news, brian. we were talking about the fact that the rain came early
6:21 pm
this morning and it's almost a novelty. but it mostly happened before sunrise. more on the way tomorrow though, too, and some right now. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar look at all the thunderstorms that are out there off of the north coast. you can also see abeam san francisco, way out here, these -- actual lightning bolts not just a weather icon and also on 80 there are some lightning strikes. unstable air under low pressure that's digging off the pacific northwest back in the bay area, we are getting some showers moving in on the peninsula stretching from south san francisco down to woodside on 280 and now spilling over skyline 101. these showers will be on-again, off-again through tonight, tomorrow and early tomorrow afternoon, too. today temperatures came down from two to 10 degrees. we are only in the 60s today. rain came down as well as this low pressure continues to sit and spin up here. it will throw waves of rain through the bay area through tomorrow afternoon. so the low pressure remains offshore that puts it into good
6:22 pm
position to continue to put showers and a thundershower not surprising before sunrise tomorrow morning. futurecast, here's where we are now. this is waves of rain coming through tonight. you will get showers, it will stop, some showers. here's the commute tomorrow morning. you can see a few showers there on the southern end of the peninsula. friday wears on, things finally begin to dry out by later tomorrow. high surf, the surf is up to 30 feet some breakers on the beach, dangerous rip currents, westerly swells to 21 feet, coastal flood advisories with a king tide tomorrow 6.5 feet so the usually places there, mill valley, the car park lot in sausalito along the shoreline, coastal flood advisories in effect. showers possible, thunderstorms tonight, on-and-off rain through friday. short dry break then more rain coming in on sunday. temperature highs tomorrow we manage only mid-50s so a cool day tomorrow. extended forecast will have lingering showers through tomorrow after some showers tonight. saturday a break, sunday more
6:23 pm
rain coming in. >> good. >> thank you. at first glance you might think it's just a shed. coming up, the big price for this tiny bay area home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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couldn't get any pricier... kpix five's emily turner shs us one property that gives n just when you thought the housing market in the bay area couldn't get any pricier, kpix 5's emily turner shows us one property that gives new meaning to the phrase, less is more. >> reporter: when you live in palo alto you know that whatever you're going to buy is going to be expensive but there is one home, it's very small and has a very big price tag. from the street you might think it's the neighbor's shed. but 11:20 california is very much its own property with a price tag to match at 1120 california. the 607-square-foot house is going for $1.4 million. >> some people say it's outrageous but again, real estate location location location. >> reporter: that location is 12 feet wide and you can walk
6:26 pm
from one end to the other in two dozen steps. but the real estate agent says another house just like it went for $1.2 million not long ago. it may not be updated or have a big backyard but the demand for homes like this he says even at this price point is there. >> now you have wealthy buyers who definitely feel more secure in their economic position wanting to buy homes with the really small pie. all fighting for just a shrinking pie and. >> literally shrinking. >> literally shrinking. >> reporter: in fact, this is what you can expect for a starter home here. when the average price point is $3.2 million, you better be prepared for the starter to run you to the end of your credit. in palo alto, emily turner, kpix 5. an east bay nanny is attacked and tonight police say they have their guy. how a camera blocked the way to help officers track that guy down. >> dive teams searching a lake
6:27 pm
in connection with the san bernardino massacre and new details about the man who was helping the shooters. >> plus, tracking down people in the u.s. on expired visa. new checks in place along the california border.
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in santa clara. the "council on american-islamic relations"
6:30 pm
received a letter to l" on it.. and a our teaches tonight a possible anti-muslim hate crime in santa clara. the council on american-islamic relations received a letter today with the word infidel on it and a white powder inside. the building was evacuated as hazmat responded. three office workers sent to the hospital a a precaution. unknown what the substance was. there is growing public support for arming san francisco police officers with tasers. an exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll says 83% of people back the idea. the chief says they could help prevent deadly shootings. but some city leaders have concerns about the safety of stun guns. they say they would rather focus on training officers in deescalation techniques. rain pelted most parts of the bay area today. santa clara the windshield wipers were needed for every driver behind the wheel. it was slow going as folks
6:31 pm
navigated the wet roads. a tree toppled in guerneville landing on some unlucky person's parked car adding to the mess created by today's storm. here's a live look at the kpix 5 hi-def doppler. brian hackney coming up with some -- with the latest on the rain, thunder and lightning that's moving over the bay area. police arrested a teenager for a violent home invasion robbery in orinda. a nanny was attacked tuesday. >> police are credited surveillance cameras once again for leading them to a suspect. kpix 5's da lin shows us what the cameras captured. >> i feel safer. >> reporter: they say their nanny and 5-year-old daughter are still traumatized. >> my younger daughter who witnessed the event seems to be doing okay, except she gets really upset and she shuts down when we even talk about it. >> reporter: last night, police arrested the home invasion robbery suspect in west oakland
6:32 pm
after a car chase and crash. police arrested armani miller just 18 years old. >> i cannot believe that. um, he really has some guts and really bold to be doing something look that at such a young age. >> reporter: a neighbor told orinda police about a suspicious lexus parked in the area right before the robbery. back in july, orinda police mounted a dozen of these cameras at busy intersections. this one happens to be a few blocks away from the victim's house. sure enough, the camera captured the suspect as car and led them to oakland. >> the lens is designed to really capture the reflection of a license plate. so, um, this is a critical tool in this specific case. >> reporter: it happened tuesday afternoon. miller kicked down the front door and pointed a gun at the nanny's face, police say. they say he grabbed the nanny and a 5-year-old and went from room to room looking for cash. during the robbery the suspect pistol-whipped the nanny
6:33 pm
causing her head to bleed. >> because she was justturing to my daughter and speaking to my daughter in cantonese telling her to run out of the house. >> reporter: the homeowners say the suspect drove off with their suv two ipads and cash. the nanny is recovering at home. no information about the second suspect the getaway driver. in orinda, da lin, kpix 5. the fbi spent the day searching a lake in san bernardino. it's located about three miles from the mass shooting where 14 people were killed and 22 others wounded on december 2. agents would not comment on what they were looking for in that lake. but sources close to the investigation say a computer hard drive is missing from the home of a suspect in the terrorist attack. there is a new focus on the friend of the shooter syed farook. reporter crystal cruz on the investigation shedding new light on that relationship. >> reporter: every now and then bubbles were seen coming out of
6:34 pm
a lake in san bernardino. an fbi team set up camp on the shore divers looking for evidence connected to last week's massacre at the inland regional center almost three miles away. >> we did have a lead that indicated that the subjects came into this area. we have now put a dive team into the lake as a logical part of covering that lead. >> reporter: federal agents believe syed farook conspired with his wife tashfeen malik in the massacre. cbs news reports agents are looking to charge a friend enrique marquez with material support of terrorism. marquez legally bought the two rifles used in the shooting. today we spoke to his friend. . >> a night out for college stuff and everything. >> reporter: viviana ramirez said she met him on a riverside college concessions chat page where people post anonymously and others comment. >> he was really outgoing.
6:35 pm
he was never violent or anything. >> reporter: these are photos of marquez in october laughing at one of these nights out. viviana told us marquez work at morgan tavern in riverside as a security guard but the bartenders had no comment and asked us to leave. >> i didn't know he owned rifles. it was shocking. i didn't think he would be part of any of that. >> reporter: we have learned marquez's wife is related to farook's sister-in-law. after the shooting, marquez checked himself in a mental hospital, has since been released and has cooperated with federal agents. >> the thing we talked about what is his marriage and the navy because we were both planning to enlist in the navy. >> reporter: she doesn't believe her friend could have been involved in the massacre. marquez's mother told the "l.a. times," her son is a good person and she doesn't know how this happened. the fbi wouldn't say if marquez was in custody, but the fbi said if there's a prosecution down the road they didn't say
6:36 pm
against who but if there is one it's important to protect the integrity of their case and release minimal details n san bernardino, i'm crystal cruz kpix 5. border agents in san diego are testing an ambitious new system to track people entering the u.s. from mexico illegally. 6 of these biometric scanners are installed at the mesa port of entry near tijuana. they are designed to scan faces and eye of foreigners entering the u.s. so border agents can verify when they leave. the program is designed to keep visitors from staying in the u.s. on expired visas. if the trial run is a success, those scanners could be rolled out at more border crossings. still ahead, getting prepared for earthquakes. and all kinds of other emergencies. the new tools at this south bay school. >> plus, how a runaway train went through stop after stop with no one at the controls. ,,,,
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train get away from him -- literally. outside at a stop boston commuter train operator is being blamed for letting his train run away from him. literally! he stepped outside at a stop to fix something and the train rolled away without him hitting him as it went by. it sped through several stops as it barreled north towards boston. the 50 passengers on board were confused and frightened. the central control operators remotely stopped the train. no passengers were injured and the injuries to that operator were minor. special gift to some schools on the peninsula. that's helping students and staff there be more prepared for an earthquake. a flood or even a lockdown. 115 emergency kits were delivered to four mountain view schools today. they include food, water, gloves, and the bucket that
6:40 pm
they come in turns into a portable toilet. hey. got to go, you got to go. the mountain view public safety foundation partnered with pg&e to make it all happen. three people are being penalized. we are going to explain why on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. golfing in december. normal around here. but coming up, where this scene is part of a record-breaking dry spell. >> and on the on the other hand a dark and stormy night in the bay area. we have the kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar fired up. more showers maybe even some shocking weather later tonight. we'll explain after a break. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we have an update on the ankle! the warriors aren't the only
6:41 pm
team in the bay area with high expectations. and which team is the winningest in bay area history? the answer might surprise you. >> one, two, three! yeah! ch n is unveiling its next public art project... "sunr,
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announcer: right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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it's a mini-park atop a pedestrian bridge. the organizers say i chinatown is unveiling its next public art project. sunrise will open next year. it is a mini park on top of pedestrian bridge. the organizers say it is one of a kind for san francisco. it's part of a larger campaign to bring art into the open for all people to enjoy. last summer walkway was turned into a art project called sky bridge involving covering a pedestrian bridge with 50,000 reflective mylar squares. there's a winter storm warning and chain controls up in the sierra tonight. meanwhile, in buffalo, new york, where they make snow, there's not a snowflake in sight. that's right! they are out golfing in upstate
6:45 pm
new york. >> wow. >> in the middle of december! buffalo averages nearly 100 inches of snow each winter. but the city has yet to see any measurable snowfall this season. and that breaks a 116-year-old record. it's a mystery, isn't it? >> crazy. i was there a couple of years ago. i got caught in a storm, tons of snow, so that's highly unusual. >> used it all up. >> did they? >> yeah. >> we are taking their share in the sierra up to two feet of snow up in the sierra tonight. on the hi-def doppler there are showers all over the place. tonight's forecast the story of waves. waves of rain and the real thing at the shoreline building to 30 feet. right now we're focused in on some of those cells coming in just south of south san francisco and spilling over skyline toward the shoreline and then into the bay on 101 interfering with the commute down there. right now, the numbers are mostly in the mid-40s. looking over san jose with mostly cloudy skies, that low
6:46 pm
pressure offshore the big mover in all of this weather is going to continue tonight and right through tomorrow. so we'll get showers and thundershowers a possibility for tonight. and it's also stirring things up in the wave department. more showers and thunderstorms through tomorrow midday when we begin to ease up on this first it's clearing and showery regime but you get the idea in the futurecast. as we roll ahead from right now, these waves of rain come through overnight. we freeze it during the morning commute tomorrow. that's how it should look again some scattered showers at 7:00 tomorrow morning. notice the trend toward clearing it out on friday and saturday midday we get a break but not for long. increasing clouds lead to more rain coming in so that by midday sunday, that's how it looks and that's the next significant storm coming in after we dispense with the scattered showers tonight. high surf warnings are posted offshore. those break, offshore up to 30
6:47 pm
feet. those breakers, rip currents a possibility. dangerous conditions tonight and tomorrow morning. coastal flood advisories are posted as well because we have a high astronomical king tide tomorrow. highway 1 mill valley the parking lot on 101 is going to be a bath tomorrow and also along sausalito. winter storm warnings in the mountains, heavy snow expected at 5, 000 feet up to 16" of snow. give yourself extra time if you are heading out that way. showers and thunderstorms tonight on-and-off rain through friday, short dry break on saturday then more rain on the way. temperatures tomorrow will only manage mid-50s. we are 15 degrees off of where we were just yesterday. in the extended forecast, lingering showers through midday tomorrow. we'll begin to dry it out all the way through saturday. next storm comes in on sunday with gusty winds and those showers linger through monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we will finally get a break but in the meantime we're going to get wet and after all it's the
6:48 pm
season for that kind of thing and also for this. it's time for four "food for bay area families" drive. brian, thank you so much. joining us tonight natalie with csaa and it's a longer title. >> a aaa insurer a proud partner with the food bank for 61 years and we are here to present them with a check in the amount of $15,000 to support their food drive. >> next to me is larry sly from the food bank. i'm sure you're very appreciative. >> really excited. it helps us get the message out about hunger in the community and how the community can make a difference. >> if people can give 50 cents, a dollar, that goes a long way. so 15,000 is going to go a long way. >> it's great. anybody sending any donation is making a difference fighting hunger in the community. >> the need this year? >> very much. it's more than we have actually seen in past years and we're very concerned about giving the
6:49 pm
intoed that we need and the financial support we need to make a difference. >> natalie, the company and the employees, it isn't just about the money. there are a lot of volunteer hours that go into the food bank. >> that is correct. beyond this check, our employees have organized a food and fundraising drive in our office headquartered in walnut creek, california. and we're also regular volunteers at the food bank providing over 400 hours at the food bank alone this year. >> wow, that's fantastic. fantastic work by them. >> great support for us, absolutely. >> all right. well, we appreciate it very much. and the work that you guys do to feed the folks in the bay area and for more on how you can help, we'll be right back. ,, i am totally blind.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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bench for tomorrow night's warriors game, it will cost $9,000..that's the going ran if you want to sit behind the celtics bench for tomorrow night's warriors game it will cost you $9,000! that is the going rate in boston to see the most famous arrivals since -- well, the warriors are coming! the warriors are coming! >> we are reaching in the sports department. [ laughter ] >> the warriors aren't exactly the redcoats.
6:53 pm
steph curry isn't paul revere. but when you're 23-0, you're in demand. warriors are driving up the price and forcing celtics players to let their calls go to voicemail. >> you don't come to the 6ers, tickets to the warriors, you know what i'm saying, [ censored ] , i [ indiscernible ] come get tickets to come to the warriors game. >> will the fans get to see both "splash brothers"? klay thompson didn't practice today as he continues to recover from the sprained ankle. and coach luke walton said the winning streak won't impact the decision to play thompson tomorrow night. >> he is obviously out there shooting around but it will be a game-time decision. and if there's any concern at all that his ankle hurts then we are not going to play him. have to break out the happy dance tonight after receiving a
6:54 pm
contract extension to stay in berkeley through 2019. salary from pac-12 low of 2 million to an average of 2.8 million. the bears will play in the armed forces bowl this month. the raiders will get their first look at brock osweiler this sunday. he is 6'7" one of the tallest quarterbacks in nfl history. no jealousy from raiders quarterback derek carr. >> if i was 6'7", i'd be playing shooting guard. i love basketball. city college boasts one of the highest levels of football in san francisco now that the 49ers are gone. the rams are back to their winning ways this season even though their legendary coach is gone. >> always to win every, single game. some ways it's disappointing. >> reporter: jimmy collins knows how george seifert felt when he took the reins from bill walsh over 25 years ago. >> to me i'm currently in my dream job. >> all i care about is getting this school taken care of.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: hard to argue with a 29-year-old who has the chance to win another state and national title with the rams. colin, a former assistant, was hand-picked by george rush, who last year retired after compiling 326 wins. >> we got to share a moment when they named a stadium after him. we were 8-1. from 1989 to when he retired, his winning% -- his winning percent was 90%. i said, over 25 years, you're still better than i am right now. >> reporter: collins once was the quarterback for the rams and later transferred to portland state. he is one of countless football players to go from junior college to division one football. a pipeline established by rush. >> people don't know coach rush
6:56 pm
went to the ncaa over transfers thinking it was too difficult for junior college kids to transfer to the ncaa. >> some guys come in with poor backgrounds. there's a variety of reasons people end up struggling in high school but this is a second chance. >> reporter: even though collins is the king of san francisco football, his job isn't easier. >> i still put in the same amount of hours as an assistant but they go by faster. you come to the office every day with a "to do" list. and you look at 4:00 and you haven't done anything on the list. >> and next on the "to do" list is beat saddlebacks at noon at george rush stadium. it would be their eighth state title. >> good luck to them. we'll say hello to john madden tonight recovering at home from open-heart surgery. get well and get back. captions by: caption colorado the bacon in no time. e sorry.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ha ha. how y'all? how's everybody? appreciate y'all now. how's everybody? i appreciate it. thank y'all very much. thank you now. appreciate it, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day from naperville, illinois, it's the barriball family. and from brooklyn, new york, it's the baron family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out
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of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there. let's play "feud." give me dave. give me sabina. all right, guys, here we go. top 5 answers are on the board. we asked 100 single men. name something a woman has a collection of that might frighten you away. dave. dave: shoes. steve: shoes. sabina. sabina: sex toys. steve: sex toys. hah. ha ha. [all yell "play"] sabina: we're gonna play. steve: they gonna play. hey, dave. dave. dave. hey, dave. listen to me. if a woman scares you away 'cause she has a collection


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