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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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riding their bikes safely, following the rules of the road. drivers have to get used to operating their vehicles next to bicyclists on the road. >> reporter: now police said very little about what may have led to this morning's fatal accident, although they do say that in previous incident here in san jose that have been fatal for the bicyclist it was usually the bicyclist that was at fault either riding on the wrong side of the road or riding on a sidewalk. reporting live in san jose len ramirez, kpix5. a man driving on the wrong side of the road is blamed for killing a bicyclist in san francisco. it happened this morning in the city's portola neighborhood. the 26-year-old driver was cited for driving on wrong side of the road and speeding. he will face vehicular manslaughter charges. the identity of the 63-year-old cyclist has not been released. albany police investigating the attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl. this happened near the intersection of sonoma avenue and nielsen street late saturday night. authorities say a man tried to force the teen into his parked
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white pickup truck. the girl got away and the suspect drove off with another person in that truck. at this point investigator don't believe this incident is connected to a string of attempted kidnappings in berkeley back in september and october. san francisco on the verge of getting a new $240 million jail, but some members of the board of supervisors have other ideas. theyed had a rally on the steps of -- they held a rally on the steps of city hall on the eve of their vote. some say more jail cells is not the answer. they would like to try to continue to rehabilitate inmates. >> the fact that our state is willing to give millions of dollars to build prisons all over the state of california is wrong. it is not the right way. it is not the smart way. it is not the progressive way that san francisco is known for. >> six board members have said that they will vote no. also against it district attorney george gascon. well, the clean-up is underway on baker beach in san francisco where contents of a
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shipping container washed ashore this weekend. in all 12 of those giant containers were knocked off a ship by a huge wave friday night. another one has just been spotted near pacifica. the shipping company matteson has hired crews to clean up the mess. no hazardous materials were involved. the coastguard is warning boaters to look out for debris in the water. president obama says u.s. special forces in syria are working to cut off supply lines used by isis. the president went to the pentagon for an update on the fight against the terror group. reporter melissa raney was there. >> the point is isil leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple. you are next. >> reporter: with his entire team in toe president obama met with the -- tow president obama met with his team and admits progress needs to be happening faster. >> this continues to be a difficult fight. isil has dug in including in
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civilian areas to hide behind using defenseless men, women and children as human shields. so even though we're relentless we have to be smart targeting isil surgically with precision. >> reporter: he did not announce any strategies but did announce he was sending defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to secure more military contributions from our u.s. partners. >> our partners on the ground face a very tough fight ahead and we're going to continue to back them up with the support that they need to ultimately clear isil from iraq. >> reporter: his last visit to the pentagon was in july, but since then the situation has changed. there have been isis-linked attacks in san bernardino, california, and paris. however, the president did not announce any major changes. critics say the president's strategy is not working and that he doesn't understand the severity of the risk. one analyst says clearing isis will not happen overnight. >> but that progress is coming pretty slowly and this strategy is going to take years and years to root out the islamic
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state. well, time is running out to mail those holiday presents. the postal service says today of the last day to send your packages by standard mail for guaranteed delivery by christmas. this laps to be the busiest day -- happens to be the busiest day of the year for post offices. about 6.8 million cards, letters and packages are expected to flow through the processing facility in san jose. it is estimated more than 610 million pieces of mail will be handled by post offices around the country today. the faa unveiled new rules today for registering drones. about 1 million will be given as gifts this holiday season. kpix5's kevin fehely with the rules you will need to follow before taking to the sky. >> reporter: some drone owners like kim lu say registering their aircraft may be exactly what's needed to instill a sense of responsibility in an industry that has taken off in recent years. >> the motivation in creating the registry is to give drone
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pilots some liability for what they're doing with their aircraft. right now there are a lot of people that go to the store, buy something and fly it in spaces they shouldn't necessarily be flying putting other people at risk. >> reporter: a newly released report by the center for the study of the drone found an increasing number of close calls between drones and commercial aircraft. according to the report, pilots reported more than 900 incidents involving drones to the faa in the past two years but more than 300 considered close calls and that's what the registry is trying to curb. >> the motivation in creating the registry is to give drone pilots some liability for what they're doing with their aircraft. right now there are a lot of people that go to the store, buy something and go fly it in spaces where they shouldn't necessarily be flying putting other people at risk. >> reporter: starting december 21st the faa will require anyone with a drone weighing 1/2 pound up to 55 to register it with the federal government. failing to do so could result
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in a fine of more than $27,000 as well as possible criminal prosecution. drone enthousands crists say they hope the registering will prevent more draconian regulations that could clip the wings of an industry whose popularity is soaring. >> why don't we take 10 minutes to register our drones and give the faa the tools that they need in order to be able to properly regulate unmanned regulations and flight. we have a health alert tonight for pregnant women. >> the medication that could increase your child's risk for autism coming up. >> plus a new starting pitcher heading to the san francisco giants, the tens of millions of dollars being spent to bring johnny cueto to the bay. >> good evening, everybody. see all those cloud? i'll talk about how they will impact your evening forecast and rain, when you should expect it, the details as the news continues right here on kpix5. ,,,,,,
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team may have been communicg wi investigators looking into the san bernardino massacre are still focused on who the husband, wife team may have been communicating with. crews spent much of the weekend searching a lick for a hard drive believed to have been dumped in the water by that couple -- lake for a hard drive believed to have been dumped in the water by that couple. meantime tashfeen malik spoke openly on social media about her support for violent jihad. new at 5:00 the san francisco giants making news tonight. they're on a spending spree shelling out $130 billion for a starting pitcher signing one of the biggest free agents on the market, johnny cueto for six years. cueto helped the kansas city royals win the world series last season. kpix5's sports director dennis o'donnell joins us with more on what this means for the team. so that's two big time acquisitions in the last couple weeks.
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>> it's monopoly money and cueto has enough to buy boardwalk. it's out of control. the giants committed 220 million to two starting pitchers, 130 million the going rate for cueto who is just 11 for 13 with a 3.44 e.r.a. last year. now cueto struggled with his consistency and had a sore elbow in 2015 but did deliver a two hit gem with the new york mets in the world series. the big picture, bumgarner, cueto, and remember they did sign barry zito to a seven year $126 million contract, one of the worst deals in major league history and even the recent one with matt cain, five years and 112 million is not paying dividends they thought it would. >> yeah. a lot of people are wondering
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what happens to tim lincicome -- tim lincecum now? >> lincecum made 22 million will audition for pitchers in january, i believe. he'll look to hook on with somebody. >> you said it's monopoly money, so it doesn't matter anyway, right? crazy, $130 million. thanks, dennis. well, a full house tonight in oakland for the world champion golden state warriors. they are getting an assist from hundreds of volunteers in putting together lunches for families in need during the holidays. the entire team is there along with some of the coaches and season ticket holders. warrior star steph curry says giving back this time of year is something he has done his entire life. >> i grew up doing this stuff with my family. we go to the food banks back where i grew up. it was a part of the holiday season for us to find a way to give back. >> a total of 20,000 lunches
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are being assembled and will be donated to bay area food banks. a new health benefit from drinking a cup of joe. >> coming up how a scientist has created a new type of coffee and how it could help you live longer. >> and no one ever enjoys a trip to the dmv, what started this wild fight between a woman and trooper all caught on camera coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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customer and state trooper. incident escalated when the a wild scene at a florida dmv, a fight breaking out between a customer and state trooper. the incident escalated when the woman was asked to leave the office multiple time. instead she kicks the trooper where they both wind up on the ground where the woman did not back down. in the end she was taken into custody. jury is now deliberating in the first police officer charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. officer william porter is facing manslaughter and misconduct charges in gray's death. prosecutors told the jury porter denied medical care during the 45 minute police van ride when gray suffered a fatal spinal injury. porter is facing up to 25 years in prison if he's convicted. baltimore is bracing for the verdict. notes went home today with school kids warning their
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parents. students, walkout, vandalism or violence will not be tolerated. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will face charges of desertion and misbehavior toward the enemy. he deserted his military outpost in afghanistan. he was release the by the taliban in exchange for five detainees in guantanamo bay. if convicted, he could get life in prison. campaign 2016 and donald trump is widening that lead among republican presidential candidates. a new poll by monmouth university shows him with a commanding 27 point lead. the real estate mogul led the poll with 41%. ted cruz came in second with 14% and is gaining some ground. trump wasted no time pouncing on his advancing gop rival calling him a maniac in the senate. one strategist said cruz could be just as polarizing as trump. >> you need more female voters, more hispanics and instead of learning those lessons you have
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candidate like cruz and trump who are doing the exact opposite. >> trump picked up an endorsement today from his doctor. he reported the gop front run early has no significant health problems and his cardiovascular health is excellent. much more on campaign 2016 and a look ahead to tomorrow's gop debate on the cbs evening news with scott pelley at the bottom of the hour. a new study suggests mothers who use antidepressants are more likely to have a child with autism according to data published in the journal of american medical association pediatrics. the findings show the risk shot up 87% in preschool kid whose mother used the drugs during the third trimester. doctors say keep taking prescribed medications and consult with your physicians and do not stop abruptly. also a new type of coffee may offer the same health benefits to your heart as red
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wine. glen miller, the chemist who created the product called cough v, infused coffee beans with rezveratrol, the natural antioxidants found in the skins of grapes and said each couple has the same amount of antioxidants as red wine. oakland international airport will begin offering service three times a week to the uk. norwegian air flies from oakland toes to oslo, norway and stock holm freedom and will begin flights in may. we've all waited hours for a repair person to show up. >> that's right. but did you know if a company wastes your time, you might be able to collect some cash. consumer watch reporter julie watts those you how. >> my cuticles are a mess
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right now. >> despite having two appointments in april, she said the sears repairman stood her up twice. nancy was forced to drive a total of 352-mile back and forth from stockton for nothing. she estimates she lost 16 hours plus gas and miles on her car. >> i've lost my time. i've lost money. i've lost -- had the headache. >> you can actually sue for damages. >> reporter: california civil code allows you to collect up to 600 bucks if companies with 25 or more employees don't show up during a promised four hour window and many companies pay additional penalties for no show. comcast customer service guarantee is a $20 credit for a service person that's late or doesn't show and verizon offers similar compensation, though california law goes a whole lot further to make you whole. >> if you stayed home from work
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to wait for the person, you could recover lost wages. >> reporter: sears did fix the washer and sent an apology for the missed appointment offering her a $75 gift card for her troubling but nancy says no thanks. >> you might have to take them to court. nancy told us she just filed her case against sears in small claims court. in the middle of our drought southern california is tapping into another source. >> they're going to start using water from the pacific ocean to supply hundreds of thousands of people in the san diego area. the water will be processed at one of the largest desalination plants in the world locationed in carlsbad and took three years -- located in carlsbad and took three years to build at a cost of $1 billion. the san diego water authority says it can turn out 3 million gallons of fresh drinking water daily. >> that's exciting. >> i think they had it shut
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down for a while because it costs so much to operate and now they're firing it back up because of the need. >> $1 billion, that's why it was shut down a while. i was afraid my forecast would go astray today because i was calling for increasing cloud cover and every time i walked outside and look around just bright sunshine, beautiful blue sky, great air quality, but we now are firing up our live hi-def doppler radar. check it out. we do have plenty of rain showers, the rain just spinning around the burned out areas of the valley floor now making track towards the central valley. that's why we had the chance of a couple raindrops in our forecast and there it is. there you have the cloud cover all associated with unstable air mass with the passage of yesterday's cold front that dumped up to an inch of rain in san rafael and some very gusty wind. we're now in the 50s, but when you couple that up with the winds increasing out of the north and northwest at 22 miles an hour at sfo, 11 in pleasanton, 14 in vallejo, it
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adds a chill to the air, so a little raw as the commute begins this monday evening, 15 mile-per-hour winds in berkeley. tonight those clouds will act like a blanket, so not as cold as this morning, but nonetheless where we do have a pocket of clearing throughout that cloud cover we will see frosty temperatures dipping down to near freezing. right now this is the satellite imagery and here is all the -- when you see those chunky clouds, that is instability associated with that cold front. so here's your futurecast. we clear out nicely by tuesday morning. it's going to be a brisk start to the morning commute. here we walk you through your tuesday, nothing, just lots of clear skies. then wednesday as we progress towards the evening hours, we see increasing cloud cover. that will lead to a chance of a rain shower, all associated with a storm in the north bay area. i'll share the seven-day outlook with you, but tonight it will be below freezing in and throughout the tri-valley. tomorrow morning at 7:18 you will require that jacket for the morning commute. temperatures tomorrow up to
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just about 60 degrees. we'll hang onto that weather pattern through wednesday. then you'll notice your thursday increasing cloud cover with that slight chance of rain showers in the north bay. friday is interesting now because this morning the computer models were arguing, not in agreement at all saying when the rain was coming in for the weekend. well, now in complete agreement. friday evening rain will spread from the north to the south. it will be in the monterey bay area saturday morning. we will all be wet on saturday, gusty winds, almost very similar to what we experienced yesterday and raiders sunday, mostly cloudy skies, chance of a lingering shower and kickoff time 60 degrees. that's football weather. >> raiders need a 1, too. let it be muddy, fine. >> against green bay, too right? big game. aaron rodgers coming to town for the first time against the raiders. >> we'll send him packing. >> his parents are probably
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watching. stop it. well, starting -- >> startling. >> startling report tonight on seafood served in restaurants and served in grocery stores across america. >> who is selling these shrimp? we're going to explain coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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supply chains of major u.s.d stores and retailers. accor to u.s. customs records.... shrimp was sold at several ts, includin shrimp peeled by modern day sleighs made its way into major supply chains. the shrimp was sold at several stores and restaurants including wal-mart, whole foods, red lobster and olive gardens. officials say workers captured in thailand are held captured on boats and forced to peel shrimp for little or no pay. seafood is a $7 billion industry in thailand. you're looking for an out of this world job? well, nasa is hiring. the space agency is looking for astronauts for missions including the one to mars.
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applicants must be u.s. citizens, have a bachelors degree in science, math or engineering. astronauts selected could make as much as $144,000 a year. >> all right. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, ken and veronica, great to be with you in the bay area. here's the cbs evening news tonight. the battle against isis, we'll report from the front lines in iraq and syria. >> plus with the polls quickly changing gop presidential hopefuls come out swinging one day ahead of their final 2015 debate. >> and today three years after newtown the parents of two victims address gun violence in america, those stories tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix5 news. ,,,,
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a huge gamble... how many new at 6:00 tonight fed up with crawling traffic, bay area solo drivers are taking a huge gamble. how many are cheating the carpool system? >> plus a youtube video sparking outrage, man in a turban sleeping in a plane, the message would you feel safe? reaction to that tonight at 6:00. one more check of the weather and it is old out there today. >> -- cold out there today. >> it has been, but it's actually pretty seasonal, just a couple degrees off from where
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we should this be time of year, but we do see increasing clouds as well. good evening, everybody. look how gorgeous this is, our live weather camera looking out toward the estuary in oakland toward the skyline in san francisco. those clouds have produced a few light scattered sprinkles, our temperatures dropping into the 30s and 40s tonight, but i want to look ahead since we're looking from oakland at your raider forecast for sunday, see it right here on kpix5, mostly cloudy skies. the rain should have tapered off from saturday and right around 56 degrees as the raiders play host to the green bay packers and if you want to know when the rain actually does arrive, there's a slight chance of the north bay getting nicked by a shower on thursday. rain does arrive by friday evening, perhaps even the evening commute hours of everybody is under the rain and wind on saturday, up to an inch expected. it trails off on sunday. >> good stuff. getting these storms regularly. >> it's priming the ground. >> thanks for watching. cbs evening news with scott
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pelley is coming up next. >> more local news back here at 6:00. we'll see you then. >> pelley: the commander-in- chief tries again to reassure an anxious nation. >> we are fighting isil harder than ever. >> pelley: cbs news is on the frontlines with the kurds, fighting the terror group on the ground. also tonight, trailing in iowa, trump goes after front-runner cruz. >> i don't think he has the right temperament. >> pelley: controlling the soaring drone population. owners will soon have to register. and the sounds of growing harmony between cuba and the united states. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today president obama revealed that the dozens of special


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