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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bridge. this is actually from the oakland side. beautiful out there. it's very early. it's 4:30. tuesday, december 15. i'm michelle griego. >> you look very rested. >> well, thank you very much. i have been off for a week. >> cool, calm, collect. >> that's what happens. >> welcome back. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. let's get you out the gate with a little weather and traffic. roberta, you just don't work enough hours, you know? come on. >> it's because i love it here so much. you get on top of that weather pattern, you just don't want to leave it. we have some really interesting days ahead. today we're starting off on a clear note with some very frosty temperatures inland. let's check the numbers right now in and around our microclimates. 35 concord. 36 degrees in santa rosa. those temperatures will tumble by 4 degrees climbing today to just shy of 60. we have rain coming this way. we'll track it together but let's bring in gianna. >> good news we are accident- free. the not so good news, we have some roadwork to start off the
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morning. eastbound 580 at macarthur boulevard and 35th avenue lanes blocked until 6:30. no delays at the maze. a domestic violence suspect is dead after a confrontation with police at gilroy. kpix 5's kiet do has the latest developments on this shooting. reporter: just until a couple of minutes ago this was a very active scene here. csi teams stayed overnight to gather evidence for nearly nine hours but cleared out within just the past couple of minutes. now, this whole incident happened around 7:00 last night when gilroy police got a call of a domestic violence incident on the 6800 block of phil grove drive. as a single officer got close to the complex he could hear screaming and a man came out of the apparent. there was a confrontation in the carport area. it is unclear who said or did what. but the officer drew his weapon and fired shots at the suspect. firefighters and paramedics
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tried to save the man but he died. >> the officers on scene immediately applied emergency medical aid to him. ems professionals responded, fire and paramedics. they also tried to revive the injuries but he died as a result of the shooting. >> reporter: within just the past couple seconds here we have seen at least two units arriving to the scene so looks like they are still doing something here at the apartment complex. we don't know the relationship between the man and the woman inside the apartment complex. also, gilroy police say that the officer who fired the shots has been with the department for at least four years. we are expecting a spokesman to say something more about this at 9:00 this morning. we're live in gilroy, kiet do, kpix 5. a teenaged girl was grazed by a bullet in san jose while trying to stop a car thief around 7 p.m. last night on winfield and coal man. the 17-year-old reportedly had left her car with the keys inside to talk to friends in another vehicle. a man got in and started
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driving off. so she chased the car, banged on the window and stopped and that's when the suspect old fire hitting her in the neck and shoulder. the police found the carr abandoned. they are searching for the suspects. another hate crime targets bay area muslims. it's been happening a lot in the past few weeks. christin ayers shows us the latest damage this time until alameda. reporter: >> go back home. go home, you're not welcome here. >> reporter: the imam says it began with the hateful phone calls at the islamic center of alameda and then his congregation started getting stares in public. >> looking at them in a very strange way and making faces and some kind, you know, kind of turning their faces -- so things that never happened before. >> reporter: on thursday, it went from bad to worse. someone shattered a large window at the building where women gather to pray. >> we did tell the police officer to investigate it as a hate crime. >> reporter: it's one of the string of incidents largely
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targeting muslims in the weeks since the san bernardino shootings. >> you are very deceived by satan! your mind has been taken over, brainwashed and you have nothing but hate, nothing but hate! >> reporter: this woman was captured on cell phone video berating two muslim men for praying in a castro valley park. they claim she later lunged at them with an umbrella and a coffee cup. >> do not touch me! >> reporter: then there was the evacuation at the council on american-islamic relations in santa clara after someone sent a powdery substance to the office. >> we will not be silenced. we are working to protect the civil rights of all americans. >> reporter: most recently this man posted a youtube video called flying with bin laden. the imam believes it's no coincidence this is happening after donald trump's statements on the campaign trail. >> those who are supposed to be our leaders to lead us to the light they are taking us back to the darkness. >> reporter: he says he has
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seen more of a police presence in this area since the vandalism happened. he says on the bright side, the community has reached out to offer its support. in lamborghini, christin ayers, kpix 5. today crews will return to baker beach in san francisco to continue cleaning up the big mess from a wayward shipping containers. it washed ashore on saturday broke up on the rocks spewing debris on the beach. friday night a wave knocked a dozen containers off a ship outside the golden gate. most were empty, probably sank, but another washed ashore in pacifica. no hazmat is involved. new this morning a hoverboard caught fire in brentwood. a 15-year-old girl said her younger sister was charging it last night when it exploded. she was able to get it out the front door but not before flames damaged the wall and floor. this is the latest incident of them catching fire across the country. coming up at five we'll talk live with the resident at the
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home in brentwood. with drones common the federal government is putting new regulations in place to control them. it's all in response to an increasing number of close calls between drones and commercial aircraft. starting monday, anyone with a drone between a half pound and 55 pounds will have to register them with the federal government. failure to do so could result in a fine of more than $27,000. and possible criminal prosecution, as well. >> the motivation in creating the registry is to give drone pilots some liability for what they are doing with the aircraft. right now a lot of people going to the store buy something and fly it in spaces where they shouldn't necessarily be flying, putting other people at risk. >> some drone enthusiasts hope the registry will be enough -- effective enough to prevent stricter regulations in the future. it is 4:36 right now. let's check the weather. roberta, did you miss me? >> we did.
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we missed you very, very much. especially yesterday because we wanted to talk about that broncos raiders game. >> there was some chatter at the desk about the raider win. >> so glad i was off. >> did we call her up? >> i'm sure did you. >> it was the first time they beat the broncos since 2011 and they shut them down in the second. completely! nothing to do with luck. >> i said mack. >> you check it. they were so lucky. [ laughter ] >> i just got that. >> we actually do the raiders forecast coming up a little bit later in this broadcast as they play host to green bay packers. right now clear skies after cloudy last night and rain across the northern portion of our bay area in the east bay just barely a trace. otherwise, it is now clear 35 in concord, 46 in san francisco. later today, temperatures very similar to yesterday and everybody was talking about how cool it was.
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these numbers are actually quite seasonal for this time of the year. up to about 60 degrees. now what makes it feel cold? it's that northwest wind at 20 miles per hour so anywhere you go around the bay the numbers are topping off in the mid- to high 50s. 57 in san rafael and 54 cloverdale. full forecast still straight ahead but right now let's say good morning to gianna. good morning. let's jump over to the bay bridge. our first look at conditions as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. live look there. you can see traffic off to a good start. a few cars on the road but so far no delays, no metering lights just yet. the only thing you really need to keep in mind, there is some roadwork a as you work -- as you work your way on 580. westbound affects grand and i- 80. eastbound between mcarthur and 35th. the eastbound direction construction will be there at least until 6:30. so as the morning commute progresses, you might find a few stop-and-go conditions in the area. other than that, live look at the san mateo bridge, so far traffic is light in both directions. it was a vicious attack at
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a san francisco park. a wild coyote seriously injuring a woman's dachshund. but as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, another dog came in to save the day. reporter: >> when i think about it still, i -- i feel terror. >> reporter: 8:05 a.m. saturday. eva was walking her 5-year-old dachsund off leash at the dog park. she saw a coyote that had stolen her dog. >> i heard screaming. she started screaming. and we got around and i saw her hanging out of the coyote's mouth. >> reporter: eva thought jasmine was gone for. >> i look up and see a dog in the coyote's mouth lump not moving and bloody. it looked dead. >> reporter: suddenly another dog walker sprang into action. sue redding sent her dog on to the coyote. >> i see the woman. i screamed, the coyote has your dog. at that point, we are both
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standing there, like what do we do? i look at my dogs and i said mia, get the coyote! and she ran up the hill and confronted the coyote and the coyote dropped the dog and mia came running back to me like it was rin tin tin on command! it was amazing. she is a hero. >> reporter: the coyote let go buzz jasmine was seriously wounded. >> it's a -- but jasmine was seriously wounded. >> it was the clamping on the neck and shaking as they tried to keep or kill their prey. >> reporter: what would you want to say to the owner of the dog? >> like, really want to say thank you to her and her two dogs. they save jasmine's life. they jumped up and because of their brave actions, we're here together today. >> reporter: jasmine has some neck injuries as well as some puncture wounds but only spent a day in the hospital. she is going to be okay thanks to the heroism of two dogs and their owners. at stern grove, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> in october a coyote killed a
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small dog at that same park. san jose police hope this surveillance video will lead to the arrest in a burglary of a nonprofit group the bay area children's association. they say a man broke into the office over the weekend stealing cash and equipment. the group provides mental health services for children, teens and young adults. anyone who may recognize the man in the video, call the police department. and children's hospital oakland is being sued by the biological father of jahi mcmath. "oakland tribune" says he filed a suit last week. the girl was 15 two years ago when she went into cardiac arrest after tonsil surgery. she was declared brain-dead but her mother wanted to keep her alive leading to a legal battle that made headlines. she is currently on a ventilator in new jersey. tonight nine republican candidates for president will face off in a debate in las vegas. donald trump will be at center stage with with ted cruz and
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ben carson on either side. it's the fifth debate since terrorism and national security became central issues. cruz had been focusing on those topics on the campaign trail. >> the end mal is radical islamic terrorism -- the enemy is radical islamic terrorism and trying to destroy our country and way of live. >> lately he has been attacking marco rubio who appears to be the biggest challenger to be the main alternate to trump. and chris christie returns to the main stage after getting more support in new hampshire. time is 4:42 on this tuesday. it's really here after a 10- year hiatus. "star wars" is back! we are going to hear from the cast and fans at the world premiere and it's all coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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services like uber and lyft. that could enable workers to unionize. mark kelly some big changes may be coming to ridesharing services like uber and lyft that could enable workers to unionize. mark kelly reports from san francisco. reporter: >> the desire of the platform like uber is to put them in a category of their own where they don't have any rights.
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>> reporter: and this union lawyer says that power structure got not one but wake- up calls. seattle, washington allowing uber drivers to unionize. and a new california bill that, if passed, will allow all gig workers to get together and negotiate with their boss. >> what everybody is drive towards is the same -- the same outcome, which is resolving the power imbalance that exists now. >> reporter: he helped draft california's unique bill, which has the state help organize the "gig" workers, not a union. but he has serious doubts about seattle taking the traditional union path. >> it's really impractical to say that a union would represent all the uber drivers even in a place like san francisco. there are too many of them. and they're too different. >> reporter: he says it will be up to each state to set up its own laws but he worries what the future will look like for gig workers if they don't. >> who is going to pay for their disability or for their unemployment or retirement? who is going to pay for that?
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we know who is going to be. taxpayers. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. today supervisors in san francisco will hold a final vote on a new bike yield law. it would allow cyclists to yield rather than stop at any intersection where there is a stop sign. the proposal requires police to make enforcement against slow rolling stops a low priority. this follows protests from cyclists after officers at the park station implemented a crackdown. some movie called "star wars," have you heard of it? [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. >> kind of a big deal. it had its world premiere last night. >> how exciting. suzanne marquez shows us the scene in hollywood including several generations of actors. reporter: hollywood boulevard shut down for what might be the biggest movie premiere ever, the length of two full city blocks with a covered carpet longer than the oscars. the inside resembled a galaxy far, far away. it was a who's who of hollywood
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from character actors in the original cast including r2d2, c3po and bearded mark hamill and carrie fisher. >> it's like a pensioner plan. now that i'm a jedi elder. >> nobody has been to a premiere of this magnitude. i should be very professional and say it's all perfectly normal. no, it isn't. it's simply marvelous. >> reporter: two brand-new faces for a new generation of "star wars" fans. >> i feel sexy. it feels fantastic! intergalactic sexy! universal sexy. >> reporter: it's a franchise that spans three decades and the anticipation overseeing this film is greater than it's ever been. the stars were just as excited as the fans who have camped out for days to see it. >> haven't seen it yet, right? >> you know what, i did. >> last time we talked you hadn't. >> i wasn't going to. and jj said i think you should
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see it and then i saw it and couldn't speak for a day afterwards. i'm feeling incredibly excited and grateful that everybody is here, friends, families, fans of the movie. >> reporter: the force arrives at theaters nationwide on friday, suzanne marquez, cbs news, hollywood. >> who is going to line up and go friday? >> i wish i could. >> i'll be at the warriors game. they are playing milwaukee. >> of course you will! are they playing milwaukee? >> yes, they are. >> they owe those boys a little thing or two. >> do you think it's going to be a good game? >> i think so. >> too. leading up to friday we have a mixed bag of weather especially by the time we leave the game, that warriors graeme on friday, we'll have rain spreading over the area. good morning, everybody. out the door, temperatures in the 30s and 40s due to the overnight hours we had clouds that are now breaking up. clear skies in san jose 44. we have a windchill factor. winds out of the north at 17 in
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fairfield. you couple that up with an air temperature in the low 40s it's more like the mid-30s out the door. tuesday dry skies great air quality with the passage of the cold front from over the weekend. winds increase during the day out of the northwest 10 to 20. sunshine and brisk today and wednesday. let's watch the futurecast because what do you see going on? not much. on thursday an area of low pressure will nick the north bay producing a chance of rain on thursday opening the door for a cold front that will arrive by friday night into saturday. until then, around the state, 28 degrees as a high in the greater lake tahoe area after 3.5 seats. a snow that did accumulate on squaw and in north stay. 56 in monterey bay.
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clear skies in tahoe today and wednesday. your sun-up officially at 7:16. tonight sunset at 4:52. nine hours and 36 minutes of daylight hours temperatures today under 60 degrees everywhere. mostly cloudy slight chance of rain. friday evening the rain does arrive , chance of rain saturday through monday. let's check the golden gate bridge the one of our bright spots no traffic delays as you work your way out of marin this morning. everything is clear southbound 101 towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you can see an easy 14 minutes for your drive time. at least that portion on 101. looks like the richmond/san rafael bridge. right now doing okay no roadwork as you work your way through that area, no delays on the eastshore freeway. live look at the san mateo bridge both directions off to a good start. as far as your drive times go only 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. taking a look at the bay
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bridge, a few cars on the road but so far traffic is very light out of oakland into san francisco. not seeing any troubles off the eastshore freeway. if you are heading out of the maze, westbound we have some roadwork near grand. you may have a detour in place through there but that will be wrapped up within the next at least 10 minutes. on the flip side eastbound 580 in and around the maze. there is roadwork there until 6:30 so do plan for that. live look at conditions as you work your way westbound 580 headed towards the dublin interchange. extra volume but again, pretty quiet 16 minutes as you work your way between the altamont pass and 680. it's just east of there where we are starting to see a few brake lights westbound out of tracy. but overall traffic is quiet across the span. that's your morning drive. back to you guys. we all know affordable housing is hard to find in the bay area especially in san francisco. >> so someone in the city decided to offer up their crawl space for rent. right. crawl space. it was posted on craigslist offering an uneven basement in
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pacific heights for $500. it was a joke but he got a lot of responses both positive and negative. the ad was removed. can you imagine? 4:52. if you have christmas gifts you're shipping you will need to make a trip to the post office today. why you might want to go a bit early if you can. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it is your tuesday, welcome to december 15. these are the numbers you can anticipate with the bright sunshine today. everybody is pretty uniform from the coast in the mid-50s to the peninsula, mid- to high 50s. under 60 degrees in san jose today. good morning, fremont, at 58 degrees. east bay numbers stacking up in the mid- to high 50s and north bay same. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles
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per hour in san rafael at 57 degrees. and good morning, windsor, at 59 degrees. taking a look at the roads, our slowest spot right now is along 580. most of those delays originate out of tracy this morning. you're going to see a few brake lights coming away from 20 as you connect to west -- 205 as you connect to west 580. it's quiet at the dublin interchange dub. a failed kidnapping has people on edge. a man tried to force a teenaged girl into his white pickup. she fought back. it saved her life. the suspects gave up and drove off. the girl ran to a nearby neighbor and called for help. neighbors say it's a wake-up call. >> you think it will never happen in your neighborhood. that makes people complacen. >> the hispanic male in his 40s 5'8", dark hair short beard is the suspect.
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new numbers on drunk driving in california. arrests are dropping. san francisco has the lowest in the state with a 2.5 dui arrest for 1,000 licensed drivers. inyo county the highest with 16.3 but while the numbers of people getting arrested is down, fatalities are up. almost 1700 deaths in 2013 were linked to drunken or drugged driving. plans to build a big crude oil terminal in contra costa county have been scrapped. wes-pac energy was going to modern ice and reactivate an old oil storage and transfer terminal near downtown pittsburg. kpix 5 reported ton two years ago. now the project manager has told reuters the economics don't make sense since the price of oil is down. today is the deadline to mail packages by standard shipping to be sure they will arrive by christmas day. yesterday was the peak mailing day of the holiday season with an estimated 612 million pieces of mail brought to post offices
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across the country. latest, today is the last day for people to pick up letters for the postal service's letters to santa wishful fulfillment program. a family's home almost goes up in flavors after a hoverboard explodes -- almost goes up in flames after a hoverboard explodes after charging it. next. >> police responding to a domestic violence call in gilroy killed a man. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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december 15th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat a suspect is dead... in a ce that began w good morning. it is tuesday, december 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on a tuesday. a suspect is dead in a case that began with reports of domestic violence at a gilroy home. kpix 5's kiet do live at the scene with the latest on
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another officer-involved shooting. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the csi team stayed here overnight for the better part of 10 hours and they are pretty much done at this point. right now they are just waiting for daylight so they can take some more pictures of the scene. now, this all happened at around 7:00 last night. gilroy police got a call of a domestic violence incident on the 6800 block of fill grove drive. it's a violent event. several officers arrive at the apartment complex roughly the same time and there was a confrontation with the suspect in the carport area. here's gilroy police captain joseph to describe what happened next. >> they are in a carport area. they met basically halfway between the parking lot and the apartment. some interaction occurred where the officer felt that he needed to discharge his weapon. he fired at the suspect, struck him and the suspect went to the ground. >> reporter: firefighters and paramedics tried to save the man but he died at the scene. the fi


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