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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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scene with the latest on another officer-involved shooting. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the csi team stayed here overnight for the better part of 10 hours and they are pretty much done at this point. right now they are just waiting for daylight so they can take some more pictures of the scene. now, this all happened at around 7:00 last night. gilroy police got a call of a domestic violence incident on the 6800 block of fill grove drive. it's a violent event. several officers arrive at the apartment complex roughly the same time and there was a confrontation with the suspect in the carport area. here's gilroy police captain joseph to describe what happened next. >> they are in a carport area. they met basically halfway between the parking lot and the apartment. some interaction occurred where the officer felt that he needed to discharge his weapon. he fired at the suspect, struck him and the suspect went to the ground. >> reporter: firefighters and paramedics tried to save the man but he died at the scene. the officer who fired the shots
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has been with the department for at least four years. we do not know the relationship between the suspect and woman in the apartment. that woman had some type of injuries but they are not life- threatening. not a lot of information at this point. police are expected to give us an update at 9 a.m. live in gilroy, kiet do, kpix 5. two of the officers involved in a recent deadly shooting in san francisco have been the targets of previous excessive force lawsuits. mario woods died earlier this month after five officers opened fire. court records show that in 2009, one of those officers shot two men who said they had their hands up. another was involved in an alleged choking in 2009 and an alleged beating in 2013. a teenaged girl was grazed by a bullet in san jose while trying to stop a car thief. it happened around 7:00 last night at winfield and coleman. 17-year-old reportedly had left her car with the keys inside to
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talk to a friend in another vehicle. a man jumped in her car and started driving off. so she chased the car banged on window when it came to a stop and the suspect opened fire grazing her in the neck and the shoulder area. police later found the car abandoned. they are still looking for the suspect. new this morning, a hoverboard catches fire inside a home in brentwood. that's where jackie ward is standing by and has been talking with a young resident at the home. jackie. reporter: -- that caught fire and started this huge disaster here inside the home of the family actually still in the entryway. you can see it burned on one end. it started a fire last night. the batteries were charging when it caught fire and exploded. the family says flames grew quickly and got really big but thanks to a quick acting 15- year-old from freedom high, the house was saved from any major damage. we can't even see any from outside. it's all inside the living room, they say. aleah denny is one of the daughters in the family and
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says they got this board a week ago. >> the fire looked like it was rising up the wall. i saw my little sister screaming for somebody to help her and she was standing right in front of it. when the fire was put out there was ash on the wall and fire damage. >> reporter: just a few days ago she got a concussion from using the hoverboard. it's stories like this that made amazon to stop selling hover boards as well as other retailers. 11 reports of them catching fire in 10 states so the consumer product safety commission is investigating now and major airlines like american, delta and united are banning them from their planes now. the fact that these batteries are catching fire is a major concern. this new policy will go into effect this week. so the family here actually has a second hoverboard. they say it didn't catch fire or explode but they are not taking any chances. they are getting rid of it. if you want to get it for someone this holiday weekend, it will cost you anywhere from
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$200 to $700. live, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> that's a shame. i bought three for all of you guys and brought them right back to the stores because i don't want your houses to burn down. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> diamonds do not explode. >> keep dreaming, honey. my son says there are so many students riding up and down the halls. you don't understand how many people come back with a broken arm the next day. how many students have had injuries? it takes a lot of balance. shifting gears, did you notice jackie is bundled up? it's chilly outside. not quite as cold as 24 hours ago but the temperature continues to plummet. it's 34 in santa rosa. 35 in concord. san francisco at 46. but you know what adds a capitol hill to the air? when the winds -- but now what adds a chill to the air? when the winds whip up. if it's in the 30s in the mountains and the wind is at 5,
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it will feel colder. winds up to 26 miles per hour at the delta. oh, yeah that will wake you up. so look at the california satellite-radar. we have a clear slot, lots of sunshine today and also on your wednesday. but we're looking ahead towards your thursday increasing cloud cover. i'll time the rain when it will arrive on friday night and then again over the weekend. that's coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> let's check traffic right now. altamont pass is really our busiest spot this morning. we are seeing some delays westbound mostly originating 205 to 280. no accidents but a line of red on the sensors. past that it eases up. it will take about 17 minutes as you work your way westbound 580 from the altamont pass to here the dublin interchange where traffic is very light making that connector over to 680 in both directions.
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south bay off to a good start. we are clocking in nice speeds northbound 101. 280 good towards the peninsula. on the guadalupe parkway right now north 87, 85 to 101 just an eight-minute ride and the golden gate bridge looks good. nice ride right now out of marin county into san francisco. time no 5:06. el nino will hit the homeless hard and starting today temporary shelters will open throughout san jose. last week the city council approved a measure to convert spaces into temporary housing. then it will consider expanding the program in the next meeting. in san francisco helping the homeless will be the focus of a new plan. the union square cares initiative's goal is educate people about the best way to help the homeless and curb homeless-related problems in a part of town that's crowded
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with shoppers. tonight republican candidates for president will face off in a debate in las vegas. new polls show donald trump leading nationally but trailing senator cruz by 10 points in iowa. trump will be at center stage with cruz and ben carson on either side of him. the debate is the first since terrorism and national security became central issues. cruz has been focusing on them on the campaign trail. >> the enemy is radical islamic terrorism and it's trying to destroy our country and way of life. >> lately, cruz has taken pointed jabs at star in a rubio who appears to be -- at challenger marco rubio who appears to be his biggest challenger. chris christie will be on the main stage after increasing support in new hampshire. we want to take a closer look at tonight's big republican race. >> yeah. for that, we are joined by our washington insider marc sandalow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so marc, what should we be watching for in tonight's gop
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debate? >> reporter: if you heard, foreign policy and national security are big. two things. trump and muslims, and president obama and syria. couple of questions i would ask is, donald trump since the beginning of this campaign said he would support whoever the republican nominee is. i would ask all the other republicans if donald trump is out there campaigning against muslims coming into the united states, do you campaign for him next fall? i wanted to know president obama says no ground troops in syria? do you support that? throw in questions about washington dysfunction and maybe about donald trump calling ted cruz a maniac, and we got a debate. >> yeah. we know chris christie is back in the a team. he will be in the debate tonight. what is else is difference tonight? >> reporter: he is in the a team. he hasn't made it to the big boys debate yet. so he is very excited to be there and i imagine he is going to try to take advantage of it. you also have ted cruz immediately to donald trump's right because ted cruz is
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"surging" in the polls. here's the big difference. it's mid-december and the lead candidate is still donald trump! it's no longer something way out in the future when people start voting. 48 days until iowa caucuses. the time is getting there and the fact that donald trump is still far in the lead with voting about to happen, that's what's new. >> marc, is there anyone on that stage who might not make it to the next debate? >> reporter: as long as they got money, michelle, they are going to stick around. this is causing some insiders to panic because they still -- the thought is, with donald trump and ben carson polling about 50% of the republican vote, the conventional wisdom is they may not last. this thing is in such turmoil, it could go all the way down to the convention! republicans had hoped this would settle itself early and people could galvanize around one candidate. it doesn't look like that's going to happen. >> that caucus is coming up in february.
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they still have 10 people on the podium. hard to believe. marc sandalow live in washington, dc, thank you. while you sit for hours in traffic, many drivers are breaking the rules. the shocking number of people out there riding single in the carpool lane. >> and shopping with the jocks. next, the raiders make bay area kids' holiday wishes come true with a special shopping spree. >> okay. that's on my bucket list. okay? that's on my christmas list! good morning, everybody! it's going to be sunny today but we have a series of storms heading this way and we'll track them together. >> and lots of company as you work your way along the altamont pass. we'll have a complete look at traffic and weather coming right up.
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5:13 on your tuesday. we have clear skies. going to pan out to be a lovely late autumn day with high temperatures under 60 degrees everywhere. but we have a series of storms heading this way. we'll track them together coming up in less than 4 minutes. a hearing is set today for the man suspected in the san francisco shooting death of kate steinle. juan lopez is charged with murder for the july 30 shooting. the case sparked national debate about san francisco declaring itself a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. big changes could be coming to oakland' gun laws. tonight the city will have a special meeting of the public
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safety committee. they will discuss several gun safety ordinances. city leaders hope tighter gun lost laws will stop tragedies. cal/osha says the company that owns great america was at fault for an accident that injured a ride mechanic. the worker was injured at the santa clara theme park in june while retrieving a cell phone in a restricted area at the flight deck ride. cal/osha says they didn't have safety protocols in place and didn't properly train employees for such a situation. cedar fair was fined more than $70,000. 5:14. as bay area roads and freeways get more crowded more people are taking the risk of driving solo in the carpool lanes. in recent year there's a spike of 4,000 tickets a year for carpool lane cheaters in the region. >> they are cutting in line and think they are more important than everyone else who is patiently waiting.
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>> to the right! >> these are people who have probably been doing it for months or years. >> catching the violators is a challenge because traffic and carpool lanes tends to move faster than the other lanes. a carpool lane violation ticket comes with a minimum of a $490 fine. it doesn't pay to cheat. >> were risk it? 4940 -- why risk it? $490? >> sometimes you're in a hurry and you let it go. but eventually they will catch. >> you cheaters never prosper. just saying. the whole purpose of the carpool lane is to share the ride. it's a good time to make friends at work. maybe you can ride to work together, save gas and money and time. all right. jumping to the freeways, not saving much time through the altamont pass this morning. we have some brake lights westbound 580 making that connector over to the dublin interchange. but no accidents or incidents that's the good news. just slow-and-go conditions coming away from tracy west
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grand overcrossing. it eases up past grant line. a little relief at the interchange near 680. taking a look at conditions through the south bay, so far, so good no trouble spots to report along 101 northbound in san jose. everything good out of morgan hill so far. problem-free as well as the san mateo bridge. it's a nice ride as you work your way westbound 92 out of hayward towards foster city. only 13 minutes for your drive time. eastbound no trouble spots and the nimitz is good. traffic is light at the bay bridge. a few cars stacking up in the cash lanes but no metering lights just yet. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge. the golden gate bridge looks good no delays out of marin into san francisco. pretty good on the freeways. here's roberta with the forecast. >> my favorite time of the morning time to check with my bffs, otherwise known as my weather watchers. we are developing a relationship here. you could become a weather
5:17 am
watcher, too. all you need is weather equipment like a rain gauge a thermometer. let's check this temperature. 37 degrees kim woods. kim is in benicia. he says baby it is cold outside! thank you for that report there, tim. let's check that 44 degrees so says dave and dave has to say with his dog yeager there, it's cold. we have the winds whipping up this morning. thanks so much for checking in. steve in los altos some cold winds out there. chilly out the door. you have the theme there when guys start plank about the weather now it's cold. clear skies, bay bridge, looking out at the numbers in the 30s and in the 40s. 34 degrees. the winds have been problematic. they have been whipping up at this hour. i have been noticing this settling. they will be increasing later today north and northwest up to 20 miles per hour currently blowing in vallejo at 5. north
5:18 am
winds at 26 at the delta backing through fairfield. out the door bundle up. bright sunshine with those winds increasing. sunny and brisk today and on wednesday. clear slot right now along the coast. the coast is clear through tomorrow. watch what happens. here's your futurecast. we walk you up to your wednesday morning about this time clear skies. here comes your thursday. we have an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area sideswiping the north bay producing chance of rain on thursday but behind it is yet another system. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. today's high temperature in tahoe 28 where currently it is 13 degrees. your tahoe forecast calls for clear skies through midweek with snow over the weekend. our temperatures pretty close to average for this time of the year into the low and mid-50s. a few high 50s towards cupertino and sunnyvale area. otherwise, thursday mostly cloudy skies, the rain develops late friday. it will be a rainout on
5:19 am
saturday with up to an inch of precipitation expected. a chance of a lingering shower on raider sunday. did she say raider sunday? >> you did, actually. [ laughter ] >> you said it beautifully. beautifully. >> thank you very much. just a chance mostly cloudy skies, 56 as green bay comes to town. >> how about christmas, can you go that far ahead? >> i'm looking at rain after that and snow in tahoe but clear on christmas. speaking of the raiders, a couple of bay area sports teams are making christmas wishes come true. the raiders took time out from football to do some shopping. several pushed cards around as they took -- carts around as they took kids on a shopping spree in washington. it's part of the shop with the job program. they used every penny. >> i like it. my mom really likes stuffed
5:20 am
animals. so i got a different one. >> so cute. raiders offensive lineman penn is host of shop with a jock. they help low income kids in oakland and los angeles. the warriors, coaches, volunteers spent monday putting together 20,000 bagged lunches at an oakland hotel. the players putting their own personal touches on some of the bags decorating them with holiday themed artwork. the lunches are being donated to bay area food banks. by the way, warriors host the suns tomorrow. they are going to start a new streak. 5:20. new rules for drones just announced if it's on your christmas list, listen up. what you will have to do before you can fly it. >> reporter: and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, did baseball's new commissioner reconsider the league's ban on pete rose? we'll tell you. the giants go all in on their pitching rotation. who is he? and how much did he cost? straight ahead. we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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sacramento kings ajon rondo says he didn't intendo offend anyone with anti-gay slurs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. in the last two weeks the giants have spent $220 million
5:24 am
on two starting pitchers. last week, jeff samardzija. yesterday johnny cueto. six-year deal worth $130 million and he can opt out after the second year. trust me, folks. he won't. cueto won 92 games in over 7 see sounds with the reds but -- seasons with the reds but the trade last year gave johnny stat a bit of a split personality. >> here's johnny! >> royals fans were probably racking the same way when he struggled after the trade from the reds. in kansas city his earned run average nearly doubled. the giants hope a return to the national league is what the doctor ordered. competed rose's request to be reinstated by major league baseball was denied by commissioner rob manfred yesterday. rose still bets on baseball currently even though he does it legally. rose will never work for a team but could still be voted into the hall of fame if he is one day put on the ballot. >> i think that he has
5:25 am
demonstrated when he was an active player and manager at least the manager by his own admission that he bet on baseball and i don't think that he has demonstrated to me an ability to stay away from that type of activity if were let back in the game. >> 1989 is when pete rose was banned from baseball. if he hasn't done the crime for that, i don't know who has. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. houston at denver. all right. check out a fine dunk by the nuggets will barden, 1, 2, 3, boom a little tomahawk baseline jam. and a very nice one at that. denver beat the rockets last night, one more time. and police in gilroy responding to a domestic violence call have shot and killed that suspect dead. >> reporter: this may be on your kids' christmas lists.
5:26 am
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th family is who nearly lost their home when burst into flames. we'll talk to them. after reports of hover boards catching fire across the nation, this time it's a local family who nearly lost their home when one burst into flames. we'll talk to them. >> and a teen girl shot while trying to stop a man from stealing her car. now police are searching for that suspect. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. sure, quiet today. but wait until you see the changes in the seven-day forecast. >> from the traffic center, bay bridge stacking up plus a new
5:30 am
wreck reported along 580. details coming up. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 5:30. a suspect in a domestic violence case is dead after a confrontation with gilroy police. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live with the latest developments on this shooting. kiet. >> reporter: it has been more than 10 hours and you can see here the scene is still quite active. some csi team members gathered evidence overnight and right now they are waiting for daylight to take pictures of the scene. this happened at 7 p.m. last night. gilroy police got a call of a domestic violence incident at this location. police described it as a violent event. just as police arrived, they could hear screaming and a man came out of the apartment. there was a confrontation in the carport area. it is unclear who said or did what about you one officer drew his gun and fired a couple of shots at the suspect. firefighters and paramedics
5:31 am
tried to save him. he died. >> officers immediately applied emergency medical aid to him. ems professional responded, fire and paramedics tried to revive the injured -- revive the injured but he died. >> reporter: we don't know the relationship between the suspect and the woman inside the apartment. we are expecting to get more information from gilroy police at 9 a.m. here at the scene this morning. live in gilroy, kiet do, kpix 5. teenaged girl grazed by a bullet in san jose while trying to stop a car thief. it happened around 7:00 last night on winfield boulevard at coleman road. the 17-year-old reportedly had left her keys in the car, went over to talk to some friends in another vehicle and the man jumped in her car and started driving off so she chased down the car, banged on the window when it came to a stop. and that's when the suspect allegedly opened fire grazing her in the neck and the shoulder area. police later found that car abandoned. but they are still looking for
5:32 am
that suspect. new this morning, a hoverboard burst into flames in brentwood. that's where jackie ward is live talking to a young resident who saw it all happen. jackie . >> reporter: the hoverboard that caused the fire is actually still in the entryway. this all happened last night inside this brentwood home. the new hoverboard batteries were charging when it caught fire and exploded. the family says flames grew quickly and got big but thanks to a 15-year-old from freedom high the house was saved because he grabbed the board and took it to the front door. allyah denny, a daughter of the family, said they got it a week' do. >> smoke and popping noises. we tried getting my younger sisters out of the house in case and right await fire trucks came and it was just all really scary and kind of panicked and -- [ pause ] >> a very hard situation. >> reporter: just a few days ago she got a concussion from
5:33 am
using a hoverboard. its stories like this that made online retail giants like amazon decide to stop selling the hoverboard. so far there are 11 reports of boards catching fire in ten states so the consumer product safety commission is investigating now. and major airlines like american, delta and united are banning them from their planes. the fact that the lithium batteries are a fire is a midge new concern. new policy will go into effect this week for all the airlines. and they are pushing for harder regulations now against these hover boards. the family doesn't know about these dangers until after they purchased one and they are very happy to hear that amazon isn't selling them anymore. in brentwood, jackie ward, kpix 5. faa is putting new regulations in place and they are going to try to keep drones under control. it's all in response to an increasing number of close calls between drones and commercial aircraft. half pound to 55 pounds drones
5:34 am
will have to register with the agency. failure to do so could lead to a $27,000 fine and other penalties. >> to give drone operators liability. right now there are people who buy something and go fly it in spaces where they shouldn't be flying, putting other people at risk. >> some drone drone enthusiasts hope for less restrictive laws in the future. last week, there was a shattered window in a islamic center where women gathered to pray. church leaders say it's fueled by recent political rhetoric. >> those are asupposed to be our leaders to lead us from the depths of darkness to the light, they actually taking us
5:35 am
back to the darkness. >> candidates are set to debate tonight. crews returning to baker beach tonight in san francisco to clean up the mess from a bay ward shipping container -- wayward shipping contain their washed ashore on saturday breaking up on the -- con tearer that washed ashore on friday night breaking up on the shore. a dozen containers were knocked off a ship off the golden gate by a wave. most sank, one washed ashore in pacifica. no hazardous materials are involved but they have a little clean-up. >> that was a perfect storm there actually. high surf up to 25 to 28 feet. then we had a gale warning in effect also with those northwest winds that were blowing up to 45 knots. today it's quiet before a series of storms towards the bay area. bundle up.
5:36 am
35 degrees in concord. mid-50s in livermore. a few clouds acting like a blanket insulating the area. calm winds in livermore, concord and redwood city. windy towards the delta. a windchill factor makes it feel like below freezing at this early hour. not quite as chilly as it was yesterday at this hour but the temperatures later this afternoon panning out to be very similar to 24 hours ago. 50s very common at the seashore and the peninsula riding around to the dollar is valley. up to about 58 degrees in the gilroy area. that's up, however, from 54 degrees experienced on monday. numbers shy of 60 east of the bay. a north-northwest will be very common today up to about 20 miles per hour from stinson beach through kentfield into novato backing through santa rosa upstream we go to rohnert park at 57 degrees. we'll gather together again and track the incoming storms and when you can expect rain. let's send it to gianna. >> we have some delays at the
5:37 am
bay bridge. metering lights are on. heads up we are getting reports of a broken-down vehicle midspan causing early drace there. look out for a vehicle fire on the right shoulder past penngrove. firefighters are blocking the left lane as you work your way through there. southbound 680 accident at bollinger canyon road on the right side. no injuries reported. westbound 580 at 680, three car crash reported. it was blocking lanes. they now pushed it over to the right side of the roadway. busy anyway as you work your way westbound. 18 minutes from the altamont pass to 680 and a lot of brake lights westbound out of tracy. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge coming up. san jose police hope this surveillance video will lead to an arrest in the burglary of a nonprofit group. the bay area children's association says a man broke
5:38 am
into his saratoga avenue office over the weekend stealing cash donations and equipment. the group provides mental health services for children, teens and young adults. call police if you know anything. children's hospital in oakland is being sued by the biological father by jahi mcmath. milton filed the suit last week. she was 15 two years ago when she went into cardiac arrest after tonsil surgery. she was declared brain-dead but her mother insisted on keeping her alive leading to a big legal battle making national headlines. she is on a ventilator in new jersey. tonight republican candidates for president will debate in las vegas. new polls show donald trump leading nationally but trailing cruz by 10 points in iowa. trump will be at center stage with cruz and ben carson on either side of him. the debate is the first since terrorism and national security became central issues. cruz has been focusing on them on the campaign trail. >> the enemy is radical islamic
5:39 am
terrorism. and it is trying to destroy our country and our way of life. >> lately cruz has taken pointed jabs at senator marco rubio who appears to be his biggest challenger to become the main alternative to trump. also tonight, new jersey governor chris christie will return to the main stage after garnering increasing support in new hampshire. well, today's the federal reserve begins a two-day policy meeting and it's widely expected to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. it's been a long time. for a look at the impact on nearly everyone we are joined by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. so why have rates been so low and for so long? >> reporter: we have been low since the financial crisis in the recession and during that period of time the feds lowered interest rates 10 different times over the course of 14 months. they ended up at 0 to .25% in december 2008. back then slashing rates was an
5:40 am
attempt to stimulate the economy. now 7 years later the economy is growing slowly but steadily at 2.25% annualized, unemployment is 5% so the fed believes now is the time to normalize policy. as you said it's over 9 years since the fed raised rates. 7 years at this level. probably a good time to start saying, let's get going. >> how will higher rates impact consumers? >> reporter: well, i feel so good because finally favors will be rewarded! you know that 0.001% you have been getting in your checking and savings? it's going to go up very slightly. savers are the winners in a rising interest rate environments. borrowers could see increased costs whether it's an adjustable rate mortgage, credit card or auto loan. remember that longer term fixed rate mortgages they are not linked to this exact rate that the fed controls. but they are also expected to rise at a slower pace. investors, i hate to tell you, we are entering uncharted and
5:41 am
choppy waters! historically stocks have dipped after the first increase. but they usually regain their upward momentum if the economy grows and inflation doesn't rise "too much." that all seems good but we have never been through this kind of periods where rates have been this low for this long during this "emergency" period. bond prices usually drop when interest rates rise. that doesn't mean sell all your bond funds. stick to your game plans. make them shorter. stick to high quality bonds. to navigate the fed actions go to >> hey, jill, when would the rate hike go into effect? >> immediately. so literally tomorrow. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: at 2:00 eastern time. they will start the mechanism to begin the process. it won't feel like anything seismic but it's going to be really interesting. janet yellen will have a press conference after. what she said could impact
5:42 am
markets. >> jill schlesinger, thank you. 5:41. a small dog attacked by a coyote and seriously injured while playing at a local park. next we'll talk about his unlikely hero. >> and a live look out at 880. there are some trouble spots this morning on the freeways. gianna will be back to let us know where they are. on his legendary quest jack went looking for a man. known simply as...the onion whisperer. the onion said... "you must prepare me three ways... " "...then put it all on a burger..." "...and make a commercial about it." and that's the legend of the cheddar onion buttery jack. crispy, grilled and caramelized-onion aioli. the cheddar onion buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family.
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5:44 on this tuesday. looking towards levi's stadium as you look at that stadium, we are 54 days away from super bowl 50 played in the santa clara valley and will be seen right here on kpix 5 on february 7. time is 5:44. it was a vicious attack in a san francisco park. a wild coyote seriously injured a woman's dachshund saturday morning at stern grove.
5:45 am
eva christiansen says the coyote had her dog jasmine in its mouth. jasmine was bleeding and clearly injured when another pet owner and her dog sprung into action. >> i see the woman and i screamed, the coyote's got your dog. and at that point, we're both standing there, like, what do we do? so i said to my dogs, mia, get the coyote! and she ran up the hill and confronted the coyote and the coyote dropped the dog and then mia came running back to me like it was rin tin tin on command. it was amazing! she is a hero. >> that's a good dog. but jasmine has neck injuries, puncture wounds. but only spent one day in the hospital. she is expected to recover. big changes may be coming to ridesharing services like uber and lyft that could enable workers to unionize. this week, the city of seattle is moving to allow uber drivers to unionize and in california, a new bill would allow on demand workers to get together and negotiate with their boss.
5:46 am
a union lawyer helped draft that bill. >> whatever they are driving towards it's the same outcome, resolving the power imbalances. the desire of the platforms like uber is to put them in a category of their own where they don't have any rights. >> mccracken says any tradition union path would not be practice because they are too numerous and diverse. today supervisors in san francisco will hold a final vote on a new bike yield law. it would allow cyclist to slowly roll through any ind section where there's a stop sign -- intersection where there's a stop sign. it requires police to make enforcement against rolling stops a low priority following protests from cyclists after officers at a park station implemented a crackdown. i don't agree with that. >> i don't either. >> as a cyclist, we have our kpix 5 cycling team, as well. one foot down at every stop sign at all times is our rule. >> what if you're a driver and someone comes through? >> you shouldn't be rolling
5:47 am
through. we're not allowed to as motorists. you shouldn't be allowed to as cyclists. ♪[ music ] . northbound 101 in petaluma we have reports of a vehicle fire now the fire is out. fire crews still blocking the number 3 lane. everyone got out of the car safely. but it may cause some time to mop up the mess so again the number 3 lane blocked north 101 past penngrove as you work your way there. expect delays elsewhere. westbound 580 your altamont pass commute sluggish. 22 minutes westbound to 680. we had an accident near the dublin interchange blocking lanes. it's been pushed over to the right shoulder so that should help as you connect to 680 this morning. and just east of there we are still seeing quite a few brake lights as you work your way out of tracy westbound coming away from mountain house slow conditions at least to the top of the altamont pass. westbound highway 4 coming off the antioch bridge look out for some slow-and-go conditions. you're going to see that pretty much as i make your way into the pittsburg area. once you get past that, okay
5:48 am
towards the eastshore freeway. benicia bridge, carquinez bridge look good. eastshore freeway slight delays towards the bay bridge. 21 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze westbound. of course once you get to the bridge very slow. metering lights are on, backed up to the maze at this point. taking a look at the nimitz freeway, north- and southbound so far not doing too badly here near the coliseum. we are seeing a few brake lights on that northbound side as you work your way through there but southbound looking okay. you will see brake lights into hayward. we'll check the san mateo bridge coming up. right now, let's check your forecast. 5:48. good morning, everybody. a quiet weather pattern is setting up with cool temperatures expected today through wednesday as a weak ridge of high pressure builds in. we have clear skies right now towards the bay bridge. temperatures wise we are in the 30s and 40s. not as chilly as it was just 24 hours ago and that's because we had some clouds lingering across the area overnight. those are now breaking up. and even though some of these winds relight, they are adding to a windchill factor when you have temperatures in the 40s in mountain view with the wind out of the west, feeling more like
5:49 am
38 degrees. that north wind at 7 in santa rosa, you couple that up with 34 degrees, makes it feel like 28. it feels like it is 31 degrees in napa. so today is a very brisk start to your day. same again tomorrow. and then we'll continue to have those winds whipping up out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. big changes in our forecast. not so much today. you can see that clear slot right there. that's a weak ridge of high pressure building into the bay area but watch our futurecast. in fact, the national weather service has issued a hazardous weather outlook and basically that's just suggesting that we do have some significant changes in our forecast. today clear, tomorrow clear, then we see increasing cloud cover for thursday. just a slight chance of some rain in the north bay as an area of low pressure nicks that northern portion of the bay area. we cloud up on friday. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. today in the 50s throughout the central valley in the teens up to 28 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. it will be dry until about friday night through the weekend snow in the forecast. we have sunshine and
5:50 am
temperatures under 60 degrees everywhere but feeling a bit on the chilly side due to that breeze. there is your wednesday. thursday mostly cloudy skies slight chance of rain showers. friday, rain arrives overnight through your saturday with an inch of rain. more rain sunday night through your monday. that's a look at your forecast. have a great day. there's system new movie out called "star wars" -- there's some new movie out called "star wars." >> what's it about? >> never heard of it. [ laughter ] >> the opening scene included several generations of actors, very exciting. hollywood boulevard was shut down for two full city blocks covered with carpet that was longer than that at the oscars. inside were familiar characters like r2d2, mark hamill and carrie fisher and some of the stars say they are just as excited as the fans. >> haven't seen it yet, right? >> i did. >> last time we talked you hadn't? >> i wasn't going to and then jj was like i really think you
5:51 am
should see it and i said okay and i saw it and couldn't speak for a day afterwards. >> "star wars: the force awakens" opens friday. an attempted kidnapping near a local elementary school. now police are asking for your help. more on who they are looking for next. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
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it is tuesday, 5:54 p.m. temperatures around 60 degrees all around the area. it will be sunny and bright but i'll tell you when rain will arrive straight ahead. and good morning, marin county, heads up, an accident northbound 101 at sir fran boulevard. sir francis drake but out of lanes. no delays 580 to the golden gate bridge. a failed kidnapping in albany has some neighbors worried. police say a man reportedly tried to forces a teenaged girl into his white pickup. the girl fought back. the mayor says it's a decision that saved her life. the suspect gave up and drove off and then the girl ran to a neighbor and called for help.
5:55 am
neighbors say it's a wake-up call. >> great fallacy that it will never happen in my neighborhood making people complacent. so people have to keep their ives open. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic man in his 40s about 5'8 with dark hair and a short beard. new study shows conflicting numbers on drunk driving in california. arrests are going down. san francisco with the lowest in the state with a 2.5 dui arrest per 1,000 licensed drivers. inyo county has the highest with 16.3. but while the number of people arrested is down fatalities are going up. almost 1700 deaths in 2013 were linked to drunken or drugged driving. plans to build a big crude oil terminal in contra costa county have been scrapped. wes-pac energy was going to modernize and reactivate an old oil storage and transfer terminal near downtown pittsburg. kpix 5 was the first to report on that plan almost two years ago. now. project manager has told reuters the economic don't make
5:56 am
sense since the price of oil has fallen so much. live in brentwood this morning, a family had a scary situation because of a gift. we'll tell you what it was in just a few minutes. >> reporter: and gilroy police responding to a domestic violence call between a man and woman ended up shooting the man dead. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat a suspect is dead... in a ce that began with reports of domestic viole good morning. it's tuesday, december 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:59. a suspect is dead in a case that began with reports of domestic violence in a home in gilroy. kiet do is live at the scene with the latest on this deadly police shooting. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. it's been 11 hours after this shooting and this is still an
6:00 am
active scene. in fact, we just saw a couple of detectives walk past the crime scene tape here. the csi teams also stayed overnight to gather evidence. they are done now pretty much. they are just waiting for daylight for picture taking of the crime scene. this all happened at 7 p.m. last night. gilroy police got a call of domestic violence on the fillboro drive. police describe it as a violent event. several officers arrived at the complex at roughly the same time and there was a confrontation with the suspect in the carport area. here's the gilroy police captain to describe what happened next. >> they are in a carport area. they met basically halfway between the parking lot and the apartment. some interaction occurred where the officer felt that needed to discharge his weapon. he fired at the suspect struck him and the suspect went to the ground. >> and the man died at the scene. when asked if the suspect was armed, police would only say they had to wait for the coroner to process the bo


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