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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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whose bodies were found in a storage unit. kpix 5's andria borba has the latest on a case that spans three northern california locations. >> reporter: this boarded up front door on fremont street in salinas is the center of an investigation of child abuse and murder half a state away. dressed in hazmat gear investigators searched the former apartment of tami joy huntsman and gonzalo curiel to try to find any clues. >> we have been there for some time and how long more we'll be there, i'm not quite sure. but, um, you know, we're trying to be as thorough as we can to help them out. this is obviously a very serious case, so we are trying to make sure that we're doing as much as we can. >> reporter: on sunday, officials in plumas county were tipped to a possible case of child neglect in quincy. they found a 9-year-old girl locked in an suv who only weighed 40 pounds, with a broken jaw, collarbone and fingers. the investigation turned three hours to a storage unit in
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redding where a body of a 3- year-old and 5-year-old were found. >> they were so young. they still had their whole lives ahead of them. >> reporter: on a "go fund me" page they are identified as delay to la delil ah h and shaun. >> i used to play around with their kids the twins. >> reporter: tami joy and gonzalo lived at the complex as recently as december 7 before moving to quincy. >> she stopped seeing them. >> reporter: salinas pd says there were two anonymous calls about possible child abuse in the past 6 months to the address. with four complaints made to social services.
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>> that initial tip was about the 9-year-old and investigators got a call about two other children involved in the case. huntsman is 39. gonzalo curiel is 17. he is being charged as an adult. this afternoon, san francisco's police union will address a controversial deadly shooting in the bayview. two weeks ago officers opened fire on mario woods as he was holding a kitchen knife. since then, residents have protested and woods' family has filed a federal lawsuit. today the president of the police officers association will make a public statement about the incident and its aftermath. following the uproar, chief greg suhr has established a new policy for what officers should do after they point a gun at a person. change was announced in an unpublicized bulletin last friday. now anytime an off-duty -- on duty, rather, police officer points a gun at someone it must be reported to the supervisor as a use of force incidents. officers previously did not have to take such measures.
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the shipping containers that washed off a ship outside the golden gate could pose a a threat to wildlife. a dozen 40-foot steel containers fell off the ship in rough seas on friday. officials with noaa says they can smother wildlife. they are trying to find the containers. i had to do work on the windshield this morning. >> it's the coldest morning so far this week. i feel it on the back of my neck. >> that's a ghost. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ laughter ] you're scaring me! it's dark outside! it's clear and cold. good morning, everyone. gosh, where did that come from? >> i don't know. >> it is currently right now clear skies looking out towards mineta international airport. in the distance, 54 days until super bowl 50 and you'll be able to see it right here on
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kpix 5 on february 7. look at the numbers. 33 degrees in santa rosa. 36 in livermore. 38 degrees in concord. today's temperatures in the 40s under 60 everywhere but boy when that wind blows, does it feel raw outside. temperatures shy of 60 everywhere. there's your numbers north of the golden gate bridge. high today only in the mid-50s in rohnert park. very early and already, a traffic alert. it's busy out there. eastbound 80 connector to westbound 580 in albany is completely shut down for a big rig accident carrying a load of cinderblocks that are now all over the freeway. there are several vehicles who have hit the debris in lanes and dragged it across the freeway so there's a decent amount of freeway closed through there so give yourself some extra time if you plan to use eastbound 80. if you are trying to connect over to 580, use central as an alternate to get you away from the delays so you won't hit
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them if you are connecting to 580. eastboundsweepers are on scene. more coming up. today the hayward police department is launching a new crime-fighting program called empowering your electronic security, or eyes. register your surveillance system and police will use it to investigate them for crime. hayward is among several cities to start the program. the republican debate last night until the new year. much of the forum focused on concerns about national security and terrorism. front-runner donald trump was criticized for his call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. temporarily. trump said he would extend that ban to refugees already here. >> if obama has brought some to this country, they are leaving. they're going. they're gone. >> it will push the muslim world, the arab world, away from us at a time when we need
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to reengage with them. he is a chaos candidate and he would be a chaos president. >> ted cruz is leading trump in two recent iowa polls got into it with marco rubio over immigration issues. the candidates also debated support for syrian leader bashar assad and the monitoring of cell phone records. >> the main subject was terrorism and national security providing an opening for candidates who could come across as strong and decisive. >> on that score, some came out better than others. of course. political analyst melissa caen joins us with more. hi. >> good morning. hi. >> was it fun for you? >> always. always. we knew this was going to be good because we knew that, um, american people are focused on the issue of terrorism and we have two hours where we get to talk about it. just last night. and as you said, the subject matter really lends itself to strong decisive bold candidates and to that end, of course, donald trump continues to do extremely well. ted cruz i think for regular
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republican voting public also did fairly well and chris christie came in with a strong performance in light of the fact that he wasn't even on the main stage -- >> he was on the b team the last debate. >> he was hanging on with, you know, bloody fingernails and now he came up and i think if anyone is going to make any moves in the polls, it might be a bit of a chris christie bump as a result of his performance. >> how bad jeb bush is he dead in the water? he needed to make a hit and he went after trump. did he get traction? >> he is in group shopping this idea of going against trump so he has been floating this in smaller groups of republicans and he went for it last night trying to bring it to donald trump. i think we have a clip. >> jeb said when they come across the southern border they come as an act of love. >> you said on september 30 that isis was not -- >> am i talking or are you talking jeb? >> i'm talking right know. >> you can go back. you're not talking. >> you interrupted me. are you going to apologize, jeb? >> no. [ laughter ]
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>> wow. >> you know, i'm a parent watching this, saying, kids, settle down. >> between these two, that happened quite a bit among all of them. >> aside from that, what are they saying? are they -- are they saying anything different? >> well, i think there were some specific differences between the candidates. the issues of whether bashar al- assad should stay in power, whether we should be more protectionist in sticking with our own issues and policies and not intervening all over the world. a lot of debate about whether, for example, libya was better off when it had a dictator or egypt, for example. and so this is an important policy distinction that was made last night. interestingly, it kind of devolved into these three separate debates, right? there was the cruz-rubio debate. there was the bush-trump debate. and also, a chris christie-rand paul back and forth that lasted for a couple of rounds. and i think we have a clip of
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rand paul making very pointed statements about christie. >> well, i think if you are in favor of world war iii, you have your candidate. >> twitter lit up after that. >> oh, my god, did it ever. >> what christie said prior to that was if any russian planes flew into syrian war space i would shoot them down. rand paul says that's too bombastic and antithetical to u.s. interests long term. so there was that sort of little skirmish going on between those two, as well. >> i must say, trump looked very presidential. more than any other debate. that's scary to say. >> there is a lot to talk about, about last night's debate so you're going to be back with us. >> that's true. i'll be back at 6:49. >> 6:49 on the nose. thank you. >> thank you so much. it is 5:09. >> it sure is.
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horrifying moments for passengers on board a plane that skidded off a runway. several people were injured. got an update on the condition and that's coming up next. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. we all have once again cold temperatures this morning. but we are going to track rain. i'll tell you when it expect it. >> traffic alert continues in albany. big rig accident lanes shut down on 80. more information coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recovering from minor injur after a passenger plane ski off a at nashville at least 8 people are recovering from minor injuries after a passenger plane skidded off a runway at nashville international airport. the southwest airlines flight had just arrived from houston yesterday when the boeing 737 went know a ditch. >> we landed and the next thing now we are getting off the road and i'm looking at the wing and it looked as if we're about to topple over and then we stopped in the ditch and then, i don't know, the fun part is at least i got to slide down the little slide. >> 133 passengers and 5 crew were on board. investigators are looking into what caused the accident. suspect believed to be behind a digital toy hack that exposed the data of millions of children has been arrested in the uk. in last month's siberiata,
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encrypted data, photos and names all released from 11.6 million v-tech accounts including some here in the u.s. the chinese toy company specializes in electronic learning tools for children including tablets and apps. health advocates say california is discriminating against low income latino patients. they filed a complaint yesterday with federal health and human services. the complaint says reimbursement rates from medi- cal are so low that doctors refuse to see patients nearly two-thirds of whom are latino. it says the state is not meeting its responsibility to provide equal access to healthcare. "covered california" has extended its deadline to 8 p.m. tomorrow for people to enroll for health insurance. the deadline for coverage that would start january 1, open enrollment is available through january 31 for coverage that begins on february or march to be done online or in person at an enrollment location. all right. gianna has a traffic alert. >> that's right. we have a lane completely shut down for a big rig accident as you work your way through
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albany this morning. eastbound 80 connector to westbound 580 completely closed. that big rig also carrying a lot of cinderblocks so that's now scattered all over the roadway there. sweepers are on scene. chp is saying 6:00 is the estimated time for lanes to open up through albany. this is east 80 connector to westbound 580. now, several vehicles have hit debris in the roadway. they are off to the right shoulder. so you have a lot of activity there on scene. in the meantime, as an alternate, use central. that gets you back on the 580 if you want to use that westbound across the richmond/san rafael bridge. in fact, if you plan to go eastbound 80, you can exit central to get back on 80 once you pass the delays there. so again, we'll keep you updated on that and bring you a live look at the scene in just a few minutes. elsewhere, so far no trouble spots at the bay bridge. we have a couple cars in the cash lanes but that's typical this time of the morning. metering lights are off and it's an easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. no delays across the span. 880 right now looks good later on though just a heads up warriors taking on the suns tip- off at 7:30 tonight at oracle
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so you're going to find some delays along the nimitz this evening. right now, outside of extra volume, traffic looks good. 238 to the maze only 16 minutes for your drive time. checking your drive time for the san mateo bridge no troubles. 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. peninsula looks good along 101 and the golden gate bridge off to a good start. a nice ride southbound 101, 580 into san francisco. let's take a look at the forecast. here's roberta. gianna, you know me well. i rarely complain about the cold, right? >> never. >> baby, it's cold outside! 5:16, let's take a look at our weather watchers and see who is reporting what. 28 degrees so says dave in napa and he also has to say that, um, cold, cold, cold, yeager that would be his dog right there, took a very quick visit outside this morning. so did my dog. took one step out and one step back in very quickly. 37 degrees now in loss al else to. that's steve. and steve says that it's bone
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dry and that's true. the relative humidity has been dropping in the past several days. you might feel that static cling in the atmosphere. very cold conditions, very dry and clear skies looking towards the bay bridge. 40s. everybody is in the 30s right now. santa rosa at 33. but when you couple in some of these winds, currently the wind speed in consumer report is out of the -- well, right now, south at 5 miles per hour. we have a wind chill that makes it feel like it's 32 degrees. winds increasing 10 to 25 miles per hour. we have unsettled weather to come. first off the leading edge of an area of low pressure well to the north of us, clouds increasing as the day progresses. partly cloudy wednesday. watch your futurecast. you see a little hint of some scattered light rain showers for thursday. and that's primarily north of the golden gate bridge. but wait! here comes friday. it will be mainly dry then we start to see a band of
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precipitation work its way in during the overnight hours. your saturday morning, you're going to hear the raindrops on the rooftops. and it will be a bit blustery for your saturday. it's up to 1.5" of rain expected in the wettest locations. 40s and 50s for afternoon highs in throughout the central valley. 28 degrees in the high sierra where currently it is 13 degrees. heavenly reports more snow this weekend -- in fact we're looking at least a foot and a half of snow in squaw valley over the weekend, as well. locally we are talking rain showers for our weekend but today it will be dry and it will be cool. temperatures under 60 degrees with that blustery afternoon wind. mostly cloudy on thursday. we do have rain arriving late friday. it will be a rainout saturday, another system sunday night. and we have rain in the forecast on monday. make it a great day. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, if you had to vote would you put pete rose in the baseball hall of fame? why the all-time hits leader got emotional yesterday two
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days after baseball's big announcement. straight ahead. >> in today's job market report, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger reports on how nonprofit groups play a role in the entire economy. reporter: this is the time of year that many people ramp up their charitable giving. and while you would likely have thought about how various nonprofits impact the groups they serve, you may never have stopped to think about how they impact the larger economy. nonprofits accounted for 11.4 million jobs in 2014. the most recent year figures are available from the bureau of labor statistics. that's a big chunk of private sector employment, 10.3%. these jobs grew steadily during the recession, and that growth is expected to continue. the bls predicts the hiring of social and community service managers will climb 21% between now and 2022. an aging population will boost the need for workers who assist the elderly. the bls also suggests that managers leading drug treatment programs will be in demand as illegal drug offenders are increasingly sent to treatment programs instead of jail. managers who lead social and community service groups in the bay area typically earn over $78,000. while anyone can volunteer to
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help a nonprofit, the employees heading these groups are generally expected to have a college degree. in some instances, a master's degree is preferred. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, chp has
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issued a "sig alert" eastbound 80 connector to westbound 580 completely shut down for a big rig accident. lots of concrete debris in the road. they are saying 6:00 until lanes re-open. if are trying to cut over to the richmond/san rafael bridge, use central as an alternate. golden state warriors head coach steve kerr plans to increase his workload during a home stand that starts this evening. kerr has been sidelined so far this season because of complications from back surgery. assistant luke walton has been filling in as the team started the season with an amazing 24-1 record. there's still no timetable for his full-fledged return to his job. good morning, everybody. the sharks were joking about asking the league to allow them to play all their games on the road. they are 11-5-1 away from san jose compared to just 4-9 at the s.a.p. center. sharks taking out their frustrations on the canadiens. marleau in front of the net.
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sharks lead 1-0. they are in charge when 18-year veteran zubrus scores his first goal as a san jose shark. 3-0. the sharkies win 3-1 and snap that losing streak. we're going streaking! >> a lot of streaking. it's been a season of streaks for san jose. they started the year 5-4. then lost three straight. then in november they went on a road trip 6-0. tonight's win -- last night's win snapped a six- game losing streak. pete rose's attempt to be reinstated was denied by commissioner rob manfred. rose was banned in 1989 for gambling as a manager. so he is not allowed to work in baseball now. we know that. but he can still gain entrance into the hall of fame. at a news conference yesterday, an emotional and contrite rose still holds out hope of a resolution. >> always look forward to being someday as friends of baseball. i want baseball and pete rose
5:25 am
to be friends. i got grandkids. [ pause ] >> they wanted their grandpa to -- to be associated with baseball. that's all. [ crying ] >> that's all he wants. but knowing the writers like i do, it will be a long road to hoe before pete rose ever gets into the baseball hall of fame. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, it's college basketball. georgia southern playing at duke. the blue devils take the three. maybe not. i'm going to go dunkin, boom! goes in baseline takes it up and throws it down. duke went on to beat the eagles 99-65 thanks in part to your play of the day. time now 5:25. more details unfolding out of gilroy after an officer shot and killed a domestic violence suspect. what the man's girlfriend is now saying about the entire incident. that's coming up next. >> and if you shopped at certain safeway stores within the past few months, you may want to check your bank
5:26 am
statement. we'll tell you why coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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services says they were awaf a problem.... but nothing was done two heche found dead in a storage unit and another in the hospital. child protective services were aware of the problem but nothing was done. a local sketch arty killed after an attack in san francisco. more on the official investigation and it may not be easy to close the case. >> how cold is it? it's so cold it's freezing! i'll show you exactly where. coming up a traffic alert in albany has access to the
5:30 am
richmond/san rafael bridge shut down. good morning, it's wednesday. december 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the discover are you of two dead children in a storage unit led to a child abuse investigation that stretches across northern california. kiet do has the latest from salinas. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here in salinas where salinas police are in a supporting role in this. since the two people arrested in this case moved out of salinas just a couple of days ago, this investigation starts from here on the central coaches and stretches into parts of northern california. >> reporter: the homes of tami joy huntsman and gonzalo curiel were searched for clues. >> we have been there for some time and how long more we'll be there, i'm not quite sure. but, um, you know, we're trying to be as thorough as we can to help them out. this is obviously a very serious case, so we are trying to make sure that we're doing as much as we can. >> reporter: on sunday, officials in plumas county were tipped to a possible case of child neglect in quincy. they found a 9-year-old girl
5:31 am
locked in an suv who only weighed 40 pounds, with a broken jaw, collarbone and fingers. by monday the investigation turned three hours west to a storage unit in redding, there the bodies of a 3-year-old and 5-year-old why found. >> they were so young. they still had their whole lives ahead of them. >> reporter: on a "go fund me" page they are identified as delilah and shaun. their mother was killed in a san bernardino county car wreck two years ago and the children were in the custody of their aunt tami joy. neighbors at this east salinas apartment complex say tami joy also has 12-year-old twins. >> when i'm wither, i met them and i used to play around with their kids, the twins. >> reporter: tami joy and gonzalo lived at the complex as recently as december 7 before moving to quincy. >> my mom would say that she would see the little kids and they would pick them up at school but after a while she
5:32 am
stopped seeing them. >> reporter: salinas police say there were two anonymous calls about possible child abuse in the past 6 months to the address. with four complaints made to social services . >> that's really sad. >> reporter: and those two people have now been charged with torture, mayhem and child abuse. by the way, the 17-year-old will face charges as an adult. bail is set at $1 million each. live in salinas, kiet do, kpix 5. a lot of questions still surround the death of a man shot by police in gilroy. police were called to an apartment complex on filbro drive around 7:00 on monday night. neighbors say a man was beating up his pregnant girlfriend. according to police, as an officer approached the suspect, there was a confrontation and the officer opened fire. >> from the time that he initially arrived at scene until shots fired were announced 90 seconds had elapsed. >> detectives say the officer thought the man had a weapon and now they are not so sure. they are going to look at images taken from the officer's
5:33 am
body camera. the dead man is 19-year-old hector alvarez. the girlfriend said he had his hands up and was complying with orders when he was shot. new this morning thieves may have grabbed data from credit card terminals at safeway stores including some in the bay area. anne makovec reports from castro valley where some of the data breaches happened. >> reporter: if you shopped at this safeway in castro valley or at stores in menlo park, you might want to check your bank statements. other locations could be affected, as well. this is all according to a security report published online and then picked up by the tech news website gizmodo. a safeway spokesman confirmed it is investigating debit card skimming attacks at stores in california and colorado. thieves targeted specific checkout lanes at some point gaining access to the credit card machines and installing a separate reader to copy a card's information and then
5:34 am
draining an owner's bank account. the thefts began in early september and often in these types of attacks, it is an inside job. but we haven't gotten any confirmation officially from safeway yet on this. we do have emails and calls out to them. we'll keep you posted. live in castro valley, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san francisco will not be getting a new jail. yesterday the board of supervisors voted down a plan to build a $240 million facility. they would have to help pay for replacement for the county jail number 4. but opponents of the plan including the d.a. say cities should invest in programs to reduce the jail population and move inmates in jail 4 to other jails. 5:34. still cold outside, roberta getting chills on the back of her neck. >> i am. >> heathen. >> it's a ghost! >> medieval term. >> i was just speaking with susan lee taylor on kcbs radio filing my radio report. she says you never complain about the cold. it is cold out this morning.
5:35 am
turned on the bun warmer. okay, the seat warmer in the car. [ laughter ] >> you may want to do the same thing. >> works both ways. >> hi, everybody! clear skies over the bay. look at the temperatures. it's cold everywhere near the body of water in san francisco. it's 45. otherwise, into the 30s. it is 40 degrees in oakland after dipping to 39 degrees last hour. and even though these winds appear very slight when you factor in an east-southeast wind at 8 miles per hour in oakland it feels like it's freezing outside. north wind at 5 in napa it feels like it's in the upper 20s. temperatures today this is how we're playing it out, 50s beaches, 50s peninsula. 54 san ramon. you see the theme here. everybody in the 50s. the winds will blow making it feel raw. rain, let's track it together coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. >> thanks, roberta. we have had our eye on this traffic alert all morning long. it's eastbound 80 connector to the westbound 80 richmond/san rafael bridge.
5:36 am
here's a live look at what's happening out there. you can see they have a hard closure set up. you cannot access the richmond/san rafael bridge right now from 80. that's because of a big rig and a box truck got tangled up. that big rig was carrying a load of cement and concrete. it's all over the road. they shut down that connector road to clear this out of lanes and jumping over to our maps we can show you on our sensors no delays along the eastshore freeway eastbound. that's the noncommute direction. if you plan to cut over to the richmond/san rafael, it will at least be closed for another half-hour. they are saying 6:00 until that connector road will be open. use central as an alternate. and again, the tow crews are on scene moving that big rig and box truck out of lanes. we are just waiting on caltrans sweepers to finish cleaning up. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. not too far from there, though, there is another accident westbound 580 right at bay view over to the ride shoulder. meted meet are on at the bay bridge. police are trying to find the suspect in a deadly beating
5:37 am
of a sketch artist. stewart jackson was attacked december 5. according to his brother, jackson was walking to a street fair when someone hit him in the head and crushed his skull. he died this past weekend at a local hospital. >> it's very tragic the way it's been described as how it happened. and the condition that he was left in. >> maybe we can try to get people who have some of his drawings and have a show of his drawings. i think that might be a special thing to do. i'm sure he would have loved that. >> investigators say this was a random unprovoked attack. the republican presidential hopefuls all got together for their last debate until after the holidays. last night's forum in las vegas focused on concerns about national security and terrorism. front-runner donald trump was criticized for his call to ban muslims temporarily from entering the u.s. trump said he would extend that ban to refugees already here. >> if obama has brought some to
5:38 am
this country, they are leaving. they're going. they're gone. >> it will push the muslim world, the arab world, away from us at a time when we need to reengage with them. he is a chaos candidate! he would be a chaos president! >> that was jeb bush and donald trump. ted cruz, who is leading trump in the two recent iowa polls, locked horns with marco rubio over immigration. >> as well as marco rubio did in this debate tonight, i think the immigration question is going to be a big problem for him in iowa. >> candidates also debated support for syrian leader bashar al-assad and the monitoring of cell phone records. that was in las vegas last night. of course, melissa caen is coming up in our 6:00 hour. i guess about 10 minutes to 7:00 we are going to discuss it a little bit more. >> yes. she has a lot to talk about. >> she does. well, today the financial world's attention is focused on the federal reserve and whether or not they are going to jack up our interest rates. >> jill wagner of joins us now
5:39 am
from new york. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. it is decision day for the fed. later today the fed is expected to raise interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. the fed lowered rates to help stimulate the economy. we are expecting about a .25% increase. but, um, only time will tell. bank stocks are higher ahead of that decision. the dow was up 156 yesterday. the nasdaq was up 43. and if you bought trader joe's triple ginger brew be careful there is a risk. the bottles could burst. trader joe's is recalling the drinks say the unopened glass bottles could crack. they will refund you when you return them, frank and michelle. >> all right. jill, we hear uber is testing a new way to rate drivers. >> reporter: yes. uber could be replacing stars with smiles. the company is testing emojis like thumbs up, thumbs down, smileys and sad faces to get
5:40 am
feedback on drivers instead of the current five-star rating system. some drivers complained that if the ratings fell below a certain number of stars, they were getting deactivated as drivers. so we'll see how it works out. >> we need someone to pay your light bill and get a little light on you there. >> is it looking dark? >> you're a little dark this morning. >> technical issues all morning here. sorry about that. >> you still look good. >> we kid you much. >> as long as you can hear me, i guess. >> we can. thank you, jill wagner of it is 5:40. thousands of students from l.a. county schools all heading back to class this morning. what investigators are saying about the hoax threat and how things should have been handled. >> let's take a live look out at the roads right now. this is a traffic alert. gianna has been talking about it all morning. i-80 on the 580. she will be back to tell us more about this traffic alert. ,,
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good morning. your time check is 5:42. we're looking towards levi's stadium where it is 53 days away until super bowl 50. the first two super bowls were not called the super bowl. they were known as the nfl/afl world championship game. you will be able to see the super bowl on kpix 5 on february 7 package thieves from the bay area -- theft, rather, on bay area porches on the rise in the holiday season. two san jose women decided to do something about it. liz and diana helped police nab a couple of suspects. one spotted a suspicious couple walking in the neighborhood. one she was empty-handed and the next getting into a car with a big box. the two alerted neighbors and one of the neighbors got an idea. >> he just said you want to go? he said, heck yeah. so he said come on.
5:44 am
all three of us went. >> off they end with. the three got in a car, trailed that suspect's vehicle all while speaking with a 911 disevery dispatcher on the phone and that led to the arrest. all schools in the l.a. county district will be open today. the fbi says a threat that closed them on tuesday was a hoax. an email threatened an attack with assault rifles and bombs hid then backpacks. the writer claimed he was part of a cell of, quote, 32 comrades willing to die and there was nothing you can do to stop it unquote. the l.a. police chief defended the decision to close all schools for a day. >> all of us make tough choices. all of us have the same goal in mind. we want to keep our kids safe. >> new york city received a similar email threat but unlike los angeles, it kept its schools open. the police commissioner there were clear signs of a hoax. >> the language in the email would lead us to believe that
5:45 am
this is not a jihadist initiative. for example, that, um, allah was not spelled with a capital a. that would be incredible to think that any jihadist would, um, not spell allah with a capital a. >> since the attacks in paris and san bernardino, police are being extra cautious. intelligence officials say it's harder now to discern which threats are and are not credible especially because of online propaganda from terror groups. experts say isis sends anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 tweets a day. investigators are still looking for the person who sent the emails. they were routed through a server in germany. the server's owner is cooperating with law enforcement. facebook is making changes to its real name policy to better serve all its members. it's testing new tools including new reporting process that requires users to explain why they are not reporting their real names on their facebook accounts. the policy change comes from criticism from transgender, native american and other people who choose not to use
5:46 am
their real names on their social network sites. there's major issues on the road this morning. >> busy. >> it is. if you try to access the richmond/san rafael bridge by way of the eastshore freeway it's tough. we had this traffic alert that started right around 4:00 this morning. here's a live look at the hard closure in place. it was a big rig and box truck that got tangled up. the big rig was carrying cinderblocks and concrete. it's all over the road. it's just the connector road that's blocked. we are seeing delays in both directions. you can use central as an alternate. if you plan to use the richmond/san rafael bridge this morning, use central as an alternate. exit off at 80 and that will get you right back on the bridge there. and you can cut across 580. they are hoping to wrap up the sweeping and clean-up at 6:00 so another 20 minutes on the
5:47 am
closure. we'll keep you updated through there. the rest of the bay area we are seeing our typical slow-and-go conditions especially at the bay bridge right now. 22 minutes off that eastshore freeway westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze but you are backed up into the maze. so we'll start seeing some delays off 580 as well westbound heading through there. northbound nimitz freeway not bad at the coliseum both directions looking good at least through this portion. southbound 880, you're going to see a few brakes lights around 238. that's where it starts to slow down this time of the morning. it stays slow towards the richmond or the san mateo bridges. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. over to the golden gate bridge we haven't had any problems out of marin county this morning. 101 through novato, san rafael looking good. southbound from 580 to san francisco, will take about 14 minutes for the drive time. san jose we are seeing a few brake lights northbound 101. looks like it's starting to fill in a bit as you work your way from 280 north there.
5:48 am
it eases up once you past that area towards 237 and it's clear all the way into the peninsula and no delays right now along 280. let's get a look at the forecast. here's roberta. our live weathercam are looking at mineta international airport. 38 degrees there, clear skies, southeast breeze at 3. good morning, everyone. it is cold out the door this morning. 45 in san francisco. and 40 in oakland. otherwise everyone is in the 30s. it's freezing in santa rosa. and then even though the winds are slight this morning, when you pick up a southeast wind at 5 in san francisco, that adds to that chill in the air. in fact, that east-southeast wind at 4 in pleasanton coupled with 34 degrees makes it feel like it's in the 20s at this hour. in order wind at 5 in napa makes it feel like 28 degrees out the door. brisk start to this hump day. winds north-northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon. it will be partly cloudy and unsettled weather to come. now, these clouds are all the leading edge of an area of low pressure that's just going to nick the northern portion of
5:49 am
the bay area beginning tomorrow. as the day wears on increasing cloud cover. here's your thursday morning about at this time. a little lie precipitation streaming across the northern portion of the bay area. that's the front. it whips across the area by the end of friday evening's commute. most of us should be asleep on saturday morning, showers then, and showers through saturday. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. right now we are in the teens going up to 28 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. we have 43 degrees tomorrow and we have snow over the weekend. get those chains ready. this morning, sun-up at 7:18. by the time it sets tonight, temperatures very cool. anywhere between 50 and lake berryessa to 54 in oakland and redwood city. 55 in mountain view. 56 degrees in san jose. we have rain friday night through saturday. more rain sunday in the evening, another system by monday. we are a series of storms working their way this way.
5:50 am
have a great day, everyone. thanks, ro. it's report card time. the national resources defense council released it grades for water conservation in the state. how we're doing on the scale. tell you all about it when we come back. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. come on sweetie. it's okay. and knowing right when my packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season.
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good morning. we have a series of storms working their way this way. first off becoming partly cloudy. cloudy skies a chance of a north bay shower on thursday. we will have rain arriving by friday night through our saturday a secondary system by sunday night into your monday. >> a traffic alert continues as you work your way through albany east 80 connector to westbound 580. still shut down. here's a live look at the scene. caltrans sweeping up concrete spilled on the roads. this is from an earlier big rig accident. again that connector closed. we'll keep you updated on when it opens. a new drought report card sees shortcomings in california's effort to cut back on water usage. the natural resources defense council says that we get a b: a new report warns of increasingly dire consequens of climate change at the to the world.
5:54 am
the american geophysical unn a new report warns of increasingly dire consequences of climate change at the top of the world. the american geophysical union says warming is happening more than twice as fast in the arctic than any westerlies. the team of 70 scientists from ten countries says the arctic ice itself is now in danger displacing wildlife and potentially leading to a drastic rise in sea levels. >> these observations collectively confirm a trend towards a thinner more vulnerable arctic sea ice cover. in the pacific arctic, herds are hauling out on land rather than on the ice. >> in greenland the ice sheet continues to lose mass. the team also says it's entirely possible that our children could see a day when there's no arctic ice at all during the summer. an embarrassing engineering fail is delaying the return of a high-speed ferry service for golden gate ferry riders. during a test run of the mendocino officials discovered the water jets were installed
5:55 am
incorrectly causing the ferry to propel backwards. the new jet were part of a $6 million overhaul. it will cost a half million dollars to make the correction. the hope is to have it back on the water by spring. syed farook may have new rules for bicyclists. the board of supervisors passed a rule for bicyclists to roll through stop signs. they must stop if there is a pedestrian or vehicle with the right of way. mayor lee may veto it. fans can enjoy the brights on the bay bridge this week. >> this is our custom software which is realtime control of the lights that can control the velocity acceleration mass and gravity and all sorts of things. >> the bay light artists is reprogramming the light sculpture ahead of its permanent unveil so for the next few nights you can actually watch art in the making. >> the process of creating the bay lights has been all about
5:56 am
being comfortable sharing the process and giving people a little glimpse of what it will be. so for the next few nights, i'll be here working on it and then i'll be back in january working on it extensively and finally on january 30th, we'll unveil it permanently. >> that unveiling will kick off the festivities leading up to super bowl 50, and you can watch the lights turn on live right here on kpix 5. >> there will be a couple of people in the bay area that week don't you think? maybe a couple million extra. a frightening landing for 133 passengers on board a southwest airlines jet when it goes off the runway into a ditch. >> authorities make a grim discovery inside the storage locker. the bodies of two young children. we'll update you on this case from salinas. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies,
5:57 am
make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat
6:00 am
a child abuse investigations un good morning. it's wednesday, december 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. a child abuse investigation is under way at three northern california locations after two children were found dead in a storage unit. kpix 5's kiet do is live in salinas with more. >> reporter: the team from salinas police department has spent the past couple of days on this case helping out with authorities from northern california. looks like they are wrapping up. as far as that apartment union goes it has been boarded up and doesn't, like, anybody will be in there anytime soon. the two people in the case are hunts hunt and gonzalo curiel. they moved out of this salinas apartment last week. tami joy huntsman and gonzalo curiel are arrested after a child abuse tip led authorities to quincy in plumas county. once in quincy, investigators found a nine years girl in bad shape. she was locked in this


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